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The Lord is flooding the earth with graces during these times in which evil abounds. So many graces are granted to children who ask him to come to their aid. He listens to every request. God always gives; he knows what is good for every person. No one is neglected. He gives constantly through his movement of love. My children, do not stop asking me. Heaven is by your side just as it was during the time of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Church is me, Jesus, and I have always been faithful in all I taught my apostles. Pray, do not stop praying.

God loves you.


YES, my brothers and my sisters, in Jesus I read every request for prayers. Oh, if only everybody could hear what he says! There would never be enough room on this website to enable you to hear the heartbeats of the Heart of Love. This would be like a sea of love between you and Him.

Read these words, it is the sea that returns to us the echo of our heart:


When fear agitates your heart,

enter into your home,

do not leave your refuge.

Outside, the storm rages on.

Have faith, Jesus is the mightiest one,

he reigns with his Father;
and know that his Father

is also your Father.

Sail, sail away

upon my peaceful sea of joy.

Sail, sail away

as I rock you upon my waves.

Sail, sail away,

and may the peace of the day flow within you.

Sail, sail away,

do not be afraid, I am within you.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Jesus has always asked his Church to live his Gospel. Letís live it by offering ourselves for all those we love. This is done every day through prayer.

Jesus: Through the teachings that I give to each of you, through my instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus, discover all that I have left you through my apostles. In these times, I am reminding you that my Word is still living; it is within you. My children, do not neglect my Gospel; the teachings I am giving you in these times are helping you to live it. Your sufferings will take on the flavour of love. Understand what I am expecting from each of you: prayer. Due to the bad choices of this world, you have lost faith in prayer. My children, my Mother begs you to pray within your hearts; that is when you will find peace. It is so difficult to live in peace in this world that lives only in fear! Dive into the teachings I give you through my instrument; you must be sons and daughters of the Yes. That Yes is the one I said to my Father. He led me to die out of love for you. Do not be afraid, death in Jesus is a healing and a liberation. Every request made through prayer is a cry from the heart that rises up towards Heaven. My Father takes it from my hands and he gives you what is good for you. Time belongs to my Father; only he knows the moment you will receive his blessings with a perfect love. Do not doubt your love; let me be the judge of your love; I love you so.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Every day is a day of faith in Jesus; judge for yourselves what enters you and ask yourselves if this is peace, joy and love. If it is not, then give it to Jesus for he is the only one who took everything within himself and brought it unto death. Whatever makes you suffer is against peace, love and joy, and it is Satan and his acolytes who are the tempters that wish you harm. You can refuse these attacks by rejecting them and by saying to Jesus: ďThank you, Jesus, for sending this temptation to the foot of your cross; thank you for healing any life movement that is unhealthy,Ē and, say thank you to Mother Mary for filling you with graces.This will lead you to discover your place in God. I pray the Lord to grant you what is good for your soul, your mind and your body. Jesus prays his Heavenly Father to grant you all that is good for you. Be assured that he desires only your happiness. Sister Lise was given to you by the choice of God of Love; she never stops forgetting herself on your behalf. It is through the power of the Holy Spirit that she is able to respond to you. Is she not associated to all those who pray and adore their God of love? And know that, more and more, your brothers and your sisters are allowing their love for you to emerge. Without asking for anything in return, they pray and they give of their time so that the Lordís teachings might be in your hands. They never stop thanking God for all they receive in the way of graces. This time is your preparation for what is to come, and so, keep your faith in your only God; he knows what is good for each of you.