Gathering of Love With God's Action in King City, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2008-02-02 - Part 2

♪♪♪  Hymn

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, Lord, for coming to fulfil them. Thank you, Lord, for turning them into instruments of love. Thank you, Lord.

We will take some time to share our thoughts with one another. How is this done? Well, you ask questions and the Holy Spirit of God places the answers within us. When my eyes are open, it’s the Holy Spirit who is answering you; when my eyes are closed, I hear Jesus and I will repeat.

God says that we are one Church and that we must nourish the Church. Therefore, the Church has nothing to do with your wanting to move to a new place – that’s up to you. If we want a husband because we’re widowed, well, that’s our choice. God wants to hear questions that nourish the Church. You will have questions inside you, and we, we will be nourished by what we’re going to hear. And now, it’s your turn.

Q. Is it important for us to fast more and more by not eating meat?

A. Jesus: My gentle little one, it is like the wind: the wind blows on you and when you feel the wind upon you, and the need to fast by not eating meat rises up within you, that is because this comes from the Holy Spirit; this does not come from your human will.

Children of love, God nourishes you from the inside. When the need to pray rises up within you and you begin to pray, this comes from God. You receive graces that turn you into little children, so little that you pray with your hearts. Leave all the room to God and God will guide you.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The need to fast, to go without eating meat must come from God. When this comes from God, we receive graces to go without eating meat. God transforms us slowly. How many among us have lost interest in shopping? This came from God and God continues to transform us. Thank you, Lord.

Q. Many say that this year will be particularly painful, that the entire earth will undergo chastisements. How can we be better prepared?

A. Jesus: Little beloved ones, the entire earth is experiencing its own sufferings: the entire earth is surrounded by polluted air, the entire earth lives in its waste matter, the entire earth is forced to face its illnesses, the entire earth drinks its fill of violence, the illnesses of the entire earth are being multiplied. Children of love, have you not managed to get through all this with God's graces? With God's graces, you will survive what is to come. What you are going to live, my children, is a year of graces. You who pray, you who ask for peace, you who trust in the sacraments, you shall witness wonderful things. All those who reject God, all those who remain worried, all those who reject the sacraments, all those who disobey my Pope, shall live their own consequences and the consequences of the world are great.

Children of love, be enveloped in the mantle of The Love, be enveloped in the mantle of the Life, of the Light. My Mother protects you; she envelops you in her love, she speaks to you of obedience to the Son. All those who are obedient obey my Father. Live your present in me and tomorrow shall appear to you as being my Father's Will. Do not be afraid, my children, my Father's justice is nothing but love. If you see events that bring suffering to children who are not part of the Church – I am the Church – keep your peace, and pray so that those children might receive the graces I grant to you for them. You are part of the Church, my children, just as they are part of the Church.

I, I am your God of love and I am coming to build my New Jerusalem with children of love.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, Lord.

Q. I have two questions. Should we be receiving communion in our hand? My second question is: Should we receive communion from a priest or a layperson, or does it matter which one it is?

A. Jesus: Children of love, I will speak to you about your soul. Your soul looks at its God, your soul adores its God. When it looks at its God, it is all radiant with love for its God: it bows down out of love, it makes itself so little, for it knows that it will receive The Love and God is looking at his soul for it belongs to him. He fills it with graces, he clothes it with his mantle of love so that it can be fully in love with its God that it is about to receive: nourishment of love, nourishment that leads it to discover its love for God, a gift that is always present, a God that looks upon what he wanted for himself, and the soul that looks at the One who wanted it for his own.

Little children of love, now I will speak about you. My children need me; they need the truth, they need this life nourishment that is my Body and my Blood. All children who want of me remain pure. When they go to Confession, they open up their interior to God. They know they are at the foot of the Cross in order to be flooded with graces, and the Blood of Christ flows over them showing them that God is Mercy, and their interior opens up to the graces that allow the child to see the presence itself of God in his life.

The child who receives through the sacrament of Penance remains humble, remains little, knowing that he is incapable of understanding The Love that will be given to him. The child feels so unworthy that he asks for graces, for graces from the Mother of God in order to be able to turn to his loving God. When he comes forward, he knows that he is before God, that he is before his Creator. He knows that he is before the greatest of miracles: God who comes in the form of bread and wine, becoming very little in order to be in the very presence of the one who is about to receive him. And the child who comes forward again and again, and who wants to do the Will of God, is so filled with love that he wants only to live according to the dictates of God's love: he gives of himself and God gives of himself, he receives God and he gives back to God. He is no longer himself, he is what God wants him to be: love.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Now, we are going to talk about what we, we know.

Every child who goes to Confession must be obedient to the Church. Our Holy Father wrote a document: Sacramentum Redemptionist. In this document, John Paul II told us that we could receive Jesus-Host in the hand or on the tongue. If we are children of God, we believe in the power of the Holy Spirit. When we are children of God, we accept what our Pope asks of us: to come forward with humility, with reverence before God, to open our soul to God, to always stand before God like a tiny child. If we open our mouth to present God's paten, if we are very little then we receive our God with the dignity God desires from us. If we have but a single thought that we are better than someone else, then we lose our dignity as children of God. In the eyes of God, we are all his children.

If a child comes forward and holds out his hand, his hand must be God's paten: it must be clean, it must serve God, it must acknowledge that it is receiving its Creator, and the child knows that he is humble and unworthy of holding out his hand. Therefore, the Holy Spirit purifies, he purifies the paten so that this paten may receive the ultimate God of love: eternal nourishment, eternal love. The person giving God of love is no longer himself, he is God, he has died in Christ, he is the Christ-Priest.

When it is impossible to offer what has been requested by God, the Bishop who takes care of us mandates a person who will receive his blessing so that this person’s hands may become the hands of Christ through the sacrament of Baptism, which has made us priests. Aren’t we the chosen race, the people of God? We belong to God, and therefore, it isn't we who are giving communion – we aren’t worthy of this. The Priest is the Christ-Priest. It isn't the human will, it isn't the man who is giving communion! No, he doesn’t possess the love necessary for this – it is God who gives himself. God himself is giving himself to us. The Eternal One gives himself to us to nourish us. He comes to put his Life in us, his Flesh, his Blood: no human being can do this, no one.

How great is God's love for us – so great that it takes what we are and renders it pure. Woe to those who are disobedient towards the Holy Spirit, for they will present themselves before their own justice. We must be pure in order to receive God and the one who has been blessed by the Bishop, the layman, must be pure. Be careful – we, we must be completely pure!

When we move towards a priest, we’re approaching God, and when we move towards God, we’re moving towards him (the priest). If the layman giving us the Host is mandated by the Bishop, we’re moving towards God's chosen one. Therefore, we must keep this thought in mind. If we move forward as children, then we’re receiving as children do; but if we come forward within our own will, we’re moving forward as a child who wants to manage his thoughts: we’re putting our own judgement ahead of us and it is with this that we approach God, and this will be shown to us.

Can you see why we must always ask Mother Mary to cover us with her protection? Only humble children can be protected from what they are. We are still constantly subjected to sin. It will always be like this as long as there is a single child within us who has said yes to sin. Therefore, let’s remain humble and little. We are sinners and it is the sinner who moves towards God with repentance and who has been enveloped in the mantle of the Light. Let’s not forget that we’re moving towards the Light and that we become light when we receive the Light.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Holy Spirit.

Q. Is it a good thing to give money directly to the poor?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: One day, God told a story.

One day, a tax collector was attacked by thieves; he was severely injured. One day, a Pharisee walked by him but he did not stop. Another man came along by the same path and he stopped; he took it upon himself to help the tax collector. After the story, God asked: “Which of these was a neighbour? Which of these helped his neighbour?” And so, it was acknowledged that it was the one who had helped the man lying on the ground and who had carried him on his shoulders. God does likewise for all children of the world.

There will always be people in our life who will need us, and when we turn our attention to them and we carry them, we will be love to our neighbour. Let’s not keep track of the who, the where and the how as there will always be someone in our life who has greater needs than someone else. Poverty can't always be calculated by how much money we have; we must give to those who have less than we have. What does it matter how he is dressed – it’s impossible to know what he has within him, it’s impossible to know who that person holding out his hand is. Who’s to say that it isn't an angel come to test us?

Let’s always be filled with love for our neighbour. Let’s love our Jesus of love – he is our neighbour. If there are those who take advantage of our heart, well, God will weigh our heart; our heart will be worth all those that have cheated the Heart of God. God is loving Justice: let’s love one another as brothers and sisters. Thank you, Lord.

Q. Lord, which are the gestures and actions that please you the most when we are before you, before the Blessed Sacrament?

A. Jesus: Humility, my gentle one, humility. The soul that looks upon its God and is inundated with the rays of God's love receives everything from its God through graces of humility, it is filled with its Beloved. The child of God who is before his God knows that he is so little that God looks upon him and inundates him with his graces of love and of peace, and all his being feels God's love. What is the child made of? Of love! Therefore, God recognizes what he is: love.

Only humility can return to God what he is: the child no longer exists, he is humility. He is the one who adores his God, who contemplates his God, who praises his God, who gives thanks to his God for having made him so little, so little, because he knows he is little before God and that God welcomes him in his Kingdom, his Heaven of love. There is a movement between the child and God: “Nourishment, Nourishment, Nourishment, come to me.” – “You are mine. Open yourself up to me. I fulfil you. You are so little and I am so great that I love to make myself very little for you, so that I can tell you ‘I love you.’ You are what I am: you in me, me in you to form but one.”

This, children of love, is what I expect from each of you: that you be children of God; and you can only be children of God through graces of humility: by recognizing that I am God and that you come from God.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Amen, Lord.

Q. My first question is: If a Catholic marries a non-Catholic, can both go to communion and to the sacrament of Penance? Second question: It says in the Bible that we should give one tenth of our revenue to God; do we have to follow this to the letter?

A. Jesus: The child who has received the sacrament of Baptism allows the Holy Spirit to envelop him. He discovers within himself the power of the Holy Spirit, the love of God, the love that wants to give God what he is. When he hears people speaking of God, his entire being reacts. This leads him to discover who he is: a child of God, a child of God who lives with a human will, and who lives in a flesh subjected to sin. When he discovers through the presence of the Holy Spirit that he is a sinner, that he offends God, he turns to what he has been taught: the sacrament of Reconciliation, a sacrament that heals, a sacrament that nourishes, a sacrament that enlightens, a sacrament that gives strength, that prepares him to receive God – the Almightiness. Everything is so beautiful within the child who moves towards the Eucharist that he is light. That light does not remain only in him – that light is God's light and it emerges, and when it emerges, it meets another and another and it gives: everything on the child’s path is inundated with the grace of God's presence.

In order to receive God of love, one must be in a state of love. To be in a state of love is to resemble God. The soul that is pure sees itself in God and God sees himself in that soul. There is so much love: love is always being given and love is given over and over again, and within this movement of love, God gives to those who are not yet part of this movement of light. When a man marries a woman they then form but one: the husband, the wife before God. When only one of them has received the sacrament of Baptism and the sacrament of Reconciliation so the soul may prepare to receive its God, then the child receives his God, he receives The Love, and as he is love, he shares this. Therefore, the husband and wife share the presence of God until the day when God calls the soul that has not yet been purified by the sacraments to become his spouse.

“O soul of love that has not yet tasted the splendour of your God, I am waiting for you, for your Betrothed has prepared your robe so that you may come to me and that we may celebrate our bonds of love together. You belong to me and I belong to you. You come from me and, from me, you receive everything. Soul of love, I love you. I gave myself up for you. I am waiting for you.”

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, Lord.

Q. If our Holy Father writes an ecumenical encyclical so that one day all Christians can come together before one tabernacle, will all Christians celebrate Easter at the same time in the near future?

A. Jesus: Time, my son of love, seems very long to you. Time in God is the present, and all has been accomplished. I give you graces of patience so that you might fulfil yourselves, so that you might be fully abandoned in my Will, so that you might be the work of God within God's work. You came on earth in order to present your works to God. Every thought, every gaze, every sound, every word, every movement, every feeling must be pure so that this can be presented to God. All those who fulfil themselves through God's work know they have not yet attained this perfection.

I come to speak in hearts to show you what your thoughts have accepted. I come to speak to you about your words, about your hearing, about your gazes. I come to show you your behaviour and your feelings so that you can give to me: the causes, choices and consequences of all that is part of your lives. Only I will restore you to your state of children of God in God's likeness. You emerged from me as perfect beings and I bring you back to me so you can go to my Father as perfect beings. When your hearts will beat to the rhythm of love, every child, and I do mean every child, shall have one and the same heart: the heart of the Church, the Heart of The Love, the One who presents to God the Father the beauty of God, the purity of God.

Children of love, be patient – I am transforming you every day. The more you give me the thoughts that have made you suffer, the more you learn to give me everything that comes from you and from those around you, and which has made everything that you are suffer, (the more) I take everything and purify it, I burn the evil away with my Fire of love, I burn everything that is imperfect so as to deliver you, to heal you, so that you can be radiant with the Glory of the Son. You belong to me; my Father gave you to me, the Son: it is up to me to take you to him like tiny little children. I love you, my children.

Q. Are we going to see the New Jerusalem soon?

A. Jesus: When you shut your eyes and you are at peace, you can feel it, my gentle one. To do this, children of love, you must give up your human will. It is necessary that your human will accept to be apart from you; therefore, you must give it to the One who took everything upon himself: the Blessed Lamb.

Children of love, there was a time when God's children placed themselves in God's hands in order to escape slavery. They agreed to take the blood of a lamb and mark the doorposts of their homes, carrying out the Will of God so that death might not come to their homes.

Children of love, you acknowledge that the chosen people of God agreed to this. They agreed to carry out the Will of God. Now, it is up to you to accept the Will of God, to give up your human will. In order to do this, mark the door of your homes with the Blood of The Love, which was shed upon the Cross out of love for you. The mind, my children, is something that opens and allows things to enter. Therefore, my children, if you accept, this means that you are accepting the cross upon your forehead so that the Scriptures might be accomplished.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: There are priests with us here who have agreed to mark God's children on the forehead with oil chosen by God, and this is being done because it is God who wills it and not the human will. There is only the Blessed Lamb who can do this: that is Jesus. Through the priest, we have the very presence of Christ. If you agree, you can come forward towards the one who is present.

And so, in compliance with the request of the people who opened the doors of this place to us, we must begin right away because we have to leave by four o’clock. Thank you.