Gathering of Love With God's Action in La Roche-sur-Yon, France,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus

2008-03-02 – Evening  Part 1

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Every one of us has much to learn. Every one of us has been an instrument in Satan's hands. We have moved forward through the darkness; we have given nourishment to our brothers and our sisters. That nourishment was not that of God. First of all, we have played a part in the act of nourishing ourselves with lies, with ingratitude towards our Father.

A very long time ago, God called his children to obedience. A very long time ago, God wanted his children to be determined to belong solely to him. A very long time ago, we said no to God. A very long time ago, our human will seduced us. First and foremost, it nourished us. Our human will turned us into beings who were unworthy of God: we thought only of sullying ourselves with what we had learned. What we had learned didn’t come from God but rather from the one who wants to destroy who we are.

God's love is beyond anything we are able to understand; God's love is beyond anything we are able to see. No human being is able to understand God's love. God doesn’t come to speak in hearts in order to maintain us in our own suffering – he uprooted the cause of our suffering; he even participated in taking on our suffering. But what we did to our Jesus of love we also did to his Father.

In the very beginning, men and women walked as masters in their human will. In the very beginning, men and women wanted to push away all that came from God with the certainty that what they were doing was good for them. And so, men invented cruelty, and if cruelty was invented, that’s because the human will listened, listened to the one who wanted to do us harm.

How is it that we children of God have turned our ears away from God, and have given our hearing over to Satan voluntarily? There's something inside us that redirects our hearing and this has turned us into beings who follow the masses, who follow the one who wants to show us a path; but that path, which is presented to us, is always what we are. That path is the one we are building; that path is not Jesus; that path is not the one that leads us to God's Kingdom. It’s as though we had built that path, and we can feel it, we can feel it in our flesh – it makes sure that we can feel it in order to draw us towards it more easily. It wants us to always remember it so it reveals itself, it reveals itself to us: it is our life.

We follow that path of life, we follow what we have chosen to live. Whatever is within us is there by our own choices. We who were immaculate, we who were immortal, have become beings who rejected the Father's love. And as our Father loves us, he refused to interrupt his movement of love, because if he had interrupted his movement of love in order to remove us from the choices we had made, the Father's love would not be making itself heard today, as we would all be immersed in our own choices. And those choices were what we were – they weren't God, they weren't love – they were known to us and we desired them.

God is too loving to stop this movement that we have started. It was necessary to follow this path that we had chosen, that we desired, and our Father looked upon us, he looked upon our choices, he looked at our rejection of his love. We have a God who keeps us alive, we have a God of love who loves us in and through his movement of love, not through our movement.

We don’t know what the Father's love for us is: he's the one who keeps us in his movement of love, and in and through that movement of love, we are still alive. We are constantly rejecting God, in his own movement of love, he who never stops giving what he is, he who never stops looking upon his own creatures, upon his own movement of love that has turned against him. He takes us all the way to the end of our path so that we may see what we are, and it’s as though we had agreed to be blindfolded to avoid seeing our path, to avoid having to study our faults, to avoid seeing what tomorrow will bring. We don’t want to know what tomorrow will bring in the way of consequences; we want to know what we can obtain for ourselves, we want to make sure that we find happiness – the kind of happiness that we want, the kind of happiness that we presented to ourselves.

And so God, God in his eternal movement of love, takes us, takes us with assurance to where we want to go. It’s as though he didn’t want us to get lost in this darkness; it’s as though he didn’t want us to disappear because of our choices, for it would have been easy for Satan to make us disappear and for us to no longer be in the Being of Love. Satan would have swept away all life, leading us to his eternal death. Despite our rejection of his love, our refusal to be his children faithful in all things, God has always placed before us that which is able to keep us alive.

Today, we look at one another and we say to ourselves: “Why is there so much rejection in the world? Why are we still here, in this life, ready to listen to someone else when we can't even listen to ourselves?” Because we aren’t even able to love ourselves, to say that we come from God as we are so filled with weaknesses when it comes to ourselves, to ourselves!

We want to save the world: save yourself! If you don’t save yourself, you cannot save the world, you cannot help God's children! We have become lost, we have led ourselves to this place of suffering and we want to save the world! We want happiness to be in everybody else’s heart: let’s put happiness in our own hearts first, and then the world will be saved. If we learn to love who we are, to forgive ourselves, to reject everything that comes from Satan in order to give ourselves to Jesus, to give ourselves fully to Jesus, then all those we carry within us will be in this movement of love.

Nothing will come from the outside, absolutely nothing. Everything will be inside us as it is from within that we said no to God, it is from within that we rejected love, it is from within that we became beings incapable of loving ourselves. If we aren’t loving towards ourselves, then we don’t feel loved by the Father. If we aren’t merciful towards ourselves, we don’t understand the sacrifice of the Son of God. If we aren’t loving towards what we are, we cannot move forward with God's gifts, for we are unaware of what God has placed within us, of that power that keeps us alive in spite of all the bad choices we have made.

Yes, we want to pray, but with what? With our flesh that is bruised by our own choices? We want to pray to Mary to ask her to pray for us but we do it so awkwardly; we are no longer able to pray. There is only Christ who is able to pray at present, who is able to convey to his Mother the prayer of children who accept The Love, and there is only one person who accepted The Love: that’s the Virgin Mary. She's the only one who knew she was a being of love for God; she was the only one who accepted the Father's love for her so that she could be what God the Father wanted her to be for him.

This is a movement of love: the Father, the Father who gives himself to the Son, and the Son who gives himself to the Father, forming the Third Person within that love, within eternity. Through the Trinity, the Mother of God was part of that movement. She was able to understand that movement because she herself was that movement, she herself entered that love without ever seeking anything other than that movement. She had been immersed in eternity by that movement, and at every instant, she savoured that presence she had within her: to be love for God. She knew that when she was within what she was – love – she was returning what she was to God. She didn’t refuse to give of herself, for she had everything she wanted. This movement was always present within her and it nourished her, it nourished her, it filled her with joy.

To us, this has been a movement of love that has always kept us in what we are, for the Father had seen his creatures. The Father had looked upon his love and as he was not receiving his love in return, therefore, no movement should have existed. But of course, the Mother was there, the Virgin Mary, She who was to bear the Son – thus returning that love to the Father – because Mary is within us, she is in our lives. She has always been within us just as we have always been within her. She always gave what she received. She was carrying us and because she was carrying us, she was giving us love, she was giving back her love.

And so, this movement has kept us where we are today, for the Father, the Father has always made sure to guide us with love, to where we are today. It’s as though we were tasting, tasting the Blood of Jesus, as though that little drop were in front of us. A single drop of his Blood would have been enough to save the world. We are that little drop of Blood, and so we must taste it, we must nourish ourselves with it, we must not be afraid, for that drop of Blood will turn us into children who are immortal, perfect, and that drop contains all our choices, absolutely all of them. We must agree to live every movement and to give it to Jesus, and this, from the moment Cain killed Abel.

And we will also return to the Father what we have chosen to live – the human will – that charming human will that we have cherished for so many, many years. Our human will is dangerous. Satan is so subtle, so full of malice. He will use what you are to further his plan. He's using his last weapons. Nothing must come from the human will because it was with the human will that he had us build our own paths: that’s what he used.

Jesus will turn us into beings, beings who will disappear. Jesus will show us everything that has distanced us from the Father. God is the Eternal Being and we come from the Eternal Being, we come from that Eternity, and because we come from that Eternity, it is through his movements that we will enter into his love, just like the Virgin Mary. She entered into The Love in Eternity and she tasted everything that was of the movement of The Love.

And so, we are going to taste it. But right now, we have to move forward by keeping ourselves in total surrender with great determination: everything for God. “You, God, you know what is good for us. Show us what must come from your Will and not from my will. Let me taste your Blood. Let me live your Passion, which is my passion, and then we will move forward, we will avoid the traps. We will have to walk again among scorpions, serpents, lizards, among those who frighten us; we will move forward amongst all those who will not want to give up their human will. They will throw us to the ground yet again.”

We mustn’t be deceived – Satan is still holding the reins and he is not giving up on those who are still with him. And the few who are still his, he knows very well how to use them. He's going to use the human will, the one that will remain inside us, underneath our yes – not beside our yes but underneath our yes. We say yes to The Love but he, he's there, whispering: “Turn to the right, turn to the left… Maybe it’s this, maybe it’s that… Oh, maybe this is right! No, that’s not right. Go away, get out of here, you’re taking up room.” He's going to do this. We’ll have the impression that “Oh, this is your Will, Lord? Is this what you want?” Watch out for the north wind – it knows how to turn hearts into ice, and when we’re in pain, that’s when we want someone to comfort us. And then, we’ll be comforted by our senses and our senses have always been our masters.

We will receive help through prayer, the sacraments, through the presence itself of Jesus in our lives, through the Mother of God who knows love, who understood love, who tasted love, who has always remained faithful to what she is. We will be in that movement of love, and we will learn slowly; we will learn to recognize the wounded child that we are; we will learn to acknowledge that we have been sinners. As we learn to acknowledge that we have been sinners, let’s not be mistaken – this includes everybody, this includes all that we are: the Church.

Jesus loved us. He took on human nature for us so that he could tell us that we belong to him, that we come from him, that we were created by his movement of love even before we came on earth. It was Jesus’ love that created us; it was Jesus’ love that turned us into children who are for his Father. He is The Love. God the Father gives his love and the Son gives what he receives from the Father. Therefore, we come from the Father and the Son received, and the Son gives to the Father. We come from God, we were created in God's likeness. This is the movement! No one can take this away from us. Satan wants to take this away from us. Before we came here, we were in Jesus. We were created from the Eternal Flesh itself. That Perfect, Immaculate Flesh made us what we are. What we are, we are so through Jesus. The flesh we’re seeing right now comes from the Perfect Flesh. Jesus gave what he is out of love for his Father.

We are love, the love of a God. We are the All of God. We are the Movement of God. Only the things that are visible have become so important to us. We have spent so much time looking at ourselves that we have become ugly, we who were the beauty of God. We wanted to think for ourselves, and so we became ignorant beings, incapable of seeing the invisible. Why are we incapable of seeing the invisible? Because we have spent too much time keeping our eyes fixed on what is external, and as a result, we have forged our own path. We have never been able to comprehend that love in and through everything around us because we have forged our own path. As long as we remain unaware regarding what we are, we will continue to be incapable of seeing what has been given to us.

The Divine Will is a movement of love. The Divine Will is everything we are: we are in the Divine Will, we come from the Divine Will. Therefore, as long as the human being remains unaware of what he is, he will continue to run around in circles, he will remain in his flesh century after century, always unable to understand that he deserves what he is.

A time of love is coming for us. God himself comes to teach us. God himself comes to speak, for these words don’t belong to us; they belong to God, they belong to the flesh of the Flesh, but his Flesh is what we are. If he takes this flesh and he speaks through his Flesh so that flesh may understand, that’s because God the Father wills it. It’s our Father of love who is coming to tell us how much he loves us, how important we are to him, and that it’s time for us to come home.

We have followed our own paths, walking along our path in the company of one and all. Today, we have machines that guide us: “Turn left. Turn right. At 400 meters, you will make a turn… you are very close, now” – this is what we are. We are told what to do: “You have arrived.” “Where am I, Lord?” “At the starting point, because you will have to go on because tomorrow you are going somewhere else; and you will have to rely on your own knowledge once again.” And we will always be tired.

God no longer wants this for us. God wants to take us into his eternal movement. There will no longer be any stops along the way. We will know when it will be time to look, praise, sing and dance for God, for all these things will be what we are. We will be God's hymn, God's praise; we will be everything God wants for us, for we are God's love.

How can we understand this? We have always cried out to God: “Come and save us. When are you coming? When is your return? Come on! We’re in pain.” And there it goes again – the flesh keeps on begging! It is fed up with this life: an eternal repetition! Oh, we are so rash as to use the word ‘eternal’ on earth – happy is he who does not use this word: he feels his pain less than others, that pain that follows him day after day, day after day. We created our own eternity on earth and it is so heavy, so long, so tiring, so painful. We are under the impression that we’ll never stop suffering, we’re under the impression that we’ll never come to know that happiness: this, this is what our eternity is all about.

God calls all his children, all his little ones, to be in his movement of purification. He has prepared us to be on the path of those who have been called so we can help them, and we don’t see this. He isn't going to reveal this to us but he will have us live it so we can taste that Blood, that drop of Blood whose entire benefits are savoured by our soul. But our flesh, it will suffer because of this. However, it will suffer with the graces that the soul dispenses to our flesh.

We will travel through the ages as there is no time in this movement. Time is for the being who suffers. We will move forward in Jesus and he will have us live what is in our flesh; even if it’s something from three thousand years before Jesus, we will live it by the power of God. This will make itself felt within us, for that drop of Blood will be a source of deliverance and of healing to us. The Blood of Jesus has all power over evil, for he brought all sins to eternal death. As a result, we will not be affected by this movement: eternal death. The more we move forward, the more the distance between us and eternal death will increase.

If God were to have us see the movement of eternal death, we would find this extremely difficult because we are very close to it, so close that seeing it would destroy us. We have reached the lowest point of the human being.

Remember what happened before the flood when human beings were no longer human: they were evil itself. God wanted to destroy evil. In order to destroy evil, it was necessary to make it rain for forty days and forty nights to remove evil from the earth, and evil was in children: his children. They no longer had life within them for they had given themselves over completely to Satan. They had agreed to live like beings devoted to demons, for whatever the demons gave them a taste of, they wanted it constantly. They loved evil, they nourished themselves with evil, and God saw this. Don’t you think that God, in his love, wanted to forgive those children? They were his creatures, but they didn’t want him because all they wanted was evil, as evil flowed in their veins.

God loves us. God wants us. He wants to take us to a world of love where evil will no longer affect us, and that world of love is not in our imagination – it’s there, it’s real. We need only look at ourselves and we will recognize that we are children of love. But the reason we seek the truth is that we don’t see, we don’t see what we are. We are incapable of looking at the Being of love with the confidence that everything has been accomplished.

Yes, everything has already been accomplished, but we’re so afraid, so afraid of tomorrow, so afraid that our children are becoming lost. You see, this is our life! We’re living what we are. We must truly be children of love, knowing what we are, in order to not be afraid of tomorrow and to say, “Yes, my brother, you will be love eternally; and you, my sister, your whole being will return to live once again in God's beauty; and this is your destiny.” How does one live these movements of love?

Tomorrow, we’ll go home. Tomorrow, we’ll go on our way and we’ll find ourselves alone, facing this world, and we will dive right back into our path in life. Will we be fully aware of who we are? When we achieve the knowledge that we are love: we will walk with others and we will know, we will know that it’s time for us to live this, that we are at the very beginning of the New World, the New Jerusalem. Everything is there for us. Everything has begun. Let’s stop searching – it’s right in front of our eyes.

Everything has been accomplished. This is the beginning of an era of love, of an earth of love. Everything is there. Did you think that this would be handed to us on a silver platter, already accomplished, instantaneously, as though we were used to receiving gifts, as though we had become used to forging our own paths? No, that isn't how it’s going to be – we deserve more than this. We want to taste victory over the evil that has seized us and God won't take that pleasure away from us. We will taste this, we will live this, we will remember these movements of purification. We are God's elect, God's chosen. There will be others who will come, for God will show them to us. We will recognize them from within and not with our eyes, which still do not show us who we are. Everything is there for us.

The Lord works wonders within us. We are all his wonders even if this seems impossible to us. When we look at ourselves, we are under the impression that: “Well, that’s impossible! Oh, come on! That’s just too good to be true!” And yet, let’s take a look at ourselves… Who is able to grant us a time of light if not God? Who is able to give us so much hope if not God? Is our God a God of illusions? Is our God a God who maintains us in something that would eventually make us say, “Right! That’s too good to be true!” No, our God is a God of truth, of light, a God of fire.

We are of the Light of the world. We come from the Light of the world and the light is bright. There are no shadows in God, there are no hidden recesses in God. Everything is for us. The more we give, give, give what time has brought us in the way of suffering, the more we will give all this and the more we will be able to see, for the Light will be upon us. We will not refuse that light, for we are made of God's light.

We’re the ones who, because of our poor choices, have interrupted movements of eternity. We ourselves have agreed to cut ourselves off from our own eternity: we ourselves. Therefore, we will have to relive those moments of eternity and give them to Jesus, so that he may purify movements that occurred in eternity, and so that everything may resume its course. The failings we have within us due to our poor choices must be purified by Jesus, who is the Alpha and the Omega, and everything will be reborn. He is the Resurrection, and therefore, he will resurrect us. It’s as though for every movement we give, we will taste our eternal life bit by bit. In the very beginning: “Oh, I don’t really feel anything, but the more I move forward and the more I touch it, the further I move forward and the more I become aware that I, I am eternal.”

What John searched for was what he was, always, always what he was. For the one who seeks God, seeks himself; the one who seeks to be only for God begins to no longer want to follow his path, but rather to give to God his whole itinerary, so that God, the Eternal One, may have him move forward in his eternal movement of life. We are a movement of eternal life and God will enable us to taste, see, understand. We will grab hold of our own eternal life and we will praise God, we will give thanks to God.

Yes, it’s true that there's a lot of suffering all around the world. Yes, it’s true that France is suffering, the Eldest Daughter of the Church is suffering, but God will remind her that all those who said yes have entered that movement of eternity. France had become lost in her own choices. France had tasted everything to do with the rejection of God. She was immersed in her own void. There she was, defending herself against her own sufferings until the day when God sent her his Church. And when Lazarus came here, he spoke; his words made the life that was in these hearts emerge. That life is in all French men and women. Despite those rejections, despite the French people’s rejection of all those graces, God preserved those graces: they’re here, they’re still here. The Mother of God often comes to visit her children. The Mother of God comes to bring hope to her children: “Do not worry, Mother is here.” Everything will soon be over; our tears are numbered. God recognizes his tiny little ones who, although they have followed their own paths, are now ready to be faithful to their yes.

The cross, the cross is love; it’s the love we have for our Father. When we accept the cross, we are accepting to show who we are to God the Father and the Father welcomes those crosses as his most precious good, for we are in the Cross, we form his Son's Cross, his Son who shed his Blood on the Cross. God looks after all this.

Mother Mary stays constantly by our side, and she watches over every one of us, and she says, “Courage. Do as God asks of you. Be obedient. Do not fall into Satan's traps any longer; he wants to make the Cross fall, he wants to uproot it from the earth to make it disappear.” The Mother of God helps us, and reminds us all the time that we are sinners, that we are in the Cross and that we, we should have been on the Cross – not in the Cross, but on the Cross.

We must remain on the Cross, wanting to live the Passion of Christ to the very end; carrying within ourselves all our brothers and sisters of the whole world who say no to God, loving them unconditionally; presenting ourselves, not hiding ourselves, but presenting ourselves as children of God, loving God's children; not looking at them from the top of the Cross, hiding and trying to influence them by saying, “You will be punished, you are against me.” No, God doesn’t want this. He has already been victorious over evil, he has already brought all sins to death. If a brother or a sister says no to God, spits in God's face, tears his limbs, whips him again, well, let’s say to ourselves, “I'm the one doing those things, for I am in him, I am in her. As long as I am in a flesh subjected to sin, I will remain where Jesus has always been and this will take place in and through that drop of Blood.” We’ll be there, ready to uproot evil with the help of graces, to prevent Satan from taking them to eternal death.

None of us will know who carries an unequivocal no to God: no one. We will not judge our brothers and our sisters. We will be like Jesus who prayed for those who tortured him. We will be like Jesus who loved those who were tearing out his beard. We will be like those who wanted to hurt his Mother by humiliating him. We will be like our Jesus of love: yes, we will trust in God the Father. If we lose our trust in God the Father for even a single moment, we will fall right back onto our path: we will continue to disregard ourselves over and over again.  

We come from the Father and the Father gave up his Son out of love for us. “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” God gave his life, the Father gave his Love. The Son was in the Father, the Father was in the Son and he gave everything that he is. God came to us. He gave himself to us. Therefore, we must give ourselves in turn, following in God's image. This is what he expects of us.

Are we ready to love those who make our children suffer? In the Gospel, Jesus has so often said to us, “Love your enemies.” Well, he wants us to live this, he wants us to live the Book of Genesis all the way to the Book of Revelation. Yes, we can see that we are living what is in the Book of Revelation. And so, if we are aware that we’re living what is in the Book of Revelation, then let’s live it to the fullest because Revelation had a beginning: the Book of Genesis. Therefore, let’s carry out the Will of God. We won't become incorruptible without knowing what has corrupted us. Such is the Will of God. Amen, Lord.