Gathering of Love With God's Action in Lawrence, Massachusetts,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus




The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: When God gathers his children together, he does it with great care; he calls his children from within like a very gentle breeze, for he knows that his children are not always listening.

God is all love for his children; gently, he takes steps with them so that they can be where God wants them to be.

Here you are with the Will of The Love; many children before you have also listened to God's voice.

God was calling them to be attentive to him, only to him, but other children have not always wanted to listen to their God because they didn’t have much room for their God in their hearts; they had given their hearts to other gods and this was rendering them incapable of behaving as children of God. 

God will gather his children together in order to speak to them directly in their hearts so that they can be attentive to him, so that they are able to go forward to where God wants them to be.

This time is a time in which all children must go forward to where God wants them to be.


Jesus: Children of love, I will enable you to go forward tonight, to where God wants you to be.

Listen to the Word of your God within you; your head, my children, cannot understand what I am telling you, for I am within you, I am your life, I am the one who enables you to see and understand through the power of the Holy Spirit because I do my Father's Will.

One day, my children, children came on earth through my Father's Will; they were living in their human will because they had the original sin within them; they had this suffering within them: the one of always having to choose between good and evil.

Evil was around them, evil was hounding them, evil wanted to reach them in their heart of hearts in order to silence the good within them, the good that comes from God, the good that is nourished by God; evil did not want those children to nourish themselves with that blessing of love, evil was attentive to Satan.

That movement is within you, that movement that is attentive to Satan.

You have received graces, my children, so that you could resist temptation but few go within themselves to draw on God's graces, for this world has taught them to live externally, to search for what could bring them well-being; but that well-being, my children, is not for you; it is made up of what is evil.

Evil does not want your well-being; evil has ensured that you turned to that well-disguised blessing so that you might always be tempted to do evil.

This nourishment is external to you, it is not inside you; it has to be external to you so that it can enter you and therefore be within you; it is necessary for you yourselves to agree, my children, to accept what is external, and when you accept what is external as being good and you welcome it, then this enters you.

My children, it is Satan who brings about this movement, the one of presenting you with that well-disguised sense of well-being; Satan is the being of darkness and he wants to affect you; since he has been able to harm God's children, Cain’s lineage along with God's children, Satan was also able to reach all other children, and today, you are still living in that movement.

Cain, when he was chased far away from Adam and Eve, left with his lineage; and then, far away, he was tempted by the demons, for the demons were drawing close to Cain’s descendants.

The demons wanted to seduce the women and the women allowed themselves to be seduced, for the demons had taken forms that, to the women, seemed different from the ones that were familiar to them.

They allowed themselves to be seduced by those forms, for the demons seemed human in appearance: they were tall, they were strong, they were skilful, for they had turned to the animals in order to transform what God had created into a species, a species that would be useful to them, enabling them to draw close to the human species.

The women were not suspicious and they had relations with that species, and this created children, and those children were not children of God, for they had accepted evil; they loved evil, they rejected all that came from God, they made up their own gods and they taught evil to man, and evil became nourishment to them.

They allowed themselves to fall into Satan's traps, so much so that Cain’s descendants were evil; they approached the descendants of Adam and Eve who were unable to defend themselves; with the passing of the years, and years, and years, and years, they also became evil, they had gods in their lives.

Noah remained faithful to God; he walked beneath the eyes of God; he was a righteous man, he had his family, and he spoke of God. What pain he had in his heart for he could see all that evil around him.

God came to speak with him; God told him what he had planned for those vile beings: the disappearance of those beings.

Noah listened to God and he did all God asked; then, when the ark was completed, the time came to enter it, for God brought the rain down upon the earth for 40 days and 40 nights in order to bring about the disappearance of that race.

One of Noah’s descendants had relations with a woman from Cain’s lineage; one of Noah's children had that child with him; he was very intelligent, he was able to make others love him without their knowing that he had evil within him.

When the flood was over, they went out onto the earth and Noah's descendants multiplied; the child, the child of evil was there; he grew up, he had children; one of them was so depraved that he showed evil to the children of the children of Noah's children: evil was multiplying.

He introduced them to idolatry; he brought with him knowledge that entered into them: darkness, the darkness that came from all that was against God; he was using darkness, using that power, for the darkness has power.

Then, he showed them how to use that power: he showed those children how to use stones; he also used statues as if they were gods: they were reproducing evil.

He was reproducing the demons that had seduced the women of Cain’s lineage, and the children became proud of what they knew, so proud that they wanted to become gods themselves.

The one who was showing them all this was the leader of those children; he wanted to strike out at God in order to show them that he was superior.

Children of my Will, the children wanted to confront God; they built the Tower of Babel in order to strike out at God and to make him disappear.

And God was watching those children, those beings who had evil within them, those children who had closed their hearts to God, and God brought about a movement for them: the confusion of tongues.

And so, those children began to speak in different languages; they were dizzy with what they were hearing, they were incapable of communicating with one another, so much so that they each went his own way, populating the earth with what they were: beings made of what they had wanted to be.

They who formed one people became little peoples of suffering; they left with the consequence of their choice before the sin of idolatry.

And from that time, the children on earth have been walking with that consequence; they carry within themselves all that knowledge that blinds them, that shows them that they are weak before God, that creates within them movements that are against them: bringing on their own suffering, not getting enough rest, the inability to understand the truth, remaining deaf to what is good for them, being cold when coming into contact with gentleness, being incapable of loving when love is in front of them, remaining in their solitude: consequences of a lack of love before Eternal God.

Those children are incapable of understanding God's Word on their own for they rejected their God, they are wanderers on earth.

The Word is from God, the Word is love; because they wanted to confront God, their words do not bear the language of love; when they speak of love, they are incapable of being what they are, for their words are, in themselves, the being.

I am the Word, I am The Love, my Word nourishes, my Word brings light; only God can heal what is within you because you bear that mark upon your flesh: idolatry, wanting to be superior to God.

Today, God's children are incapable of understanding God's infinite love because their flesh is suffering.

Spiritual life needs God, spiritual life belongs to God.

When I came on earth, I gave myself up in order to nourish your soul; gently, I drew close to you children, I spoke to you of God, I spoke to you of his love, I reminded the children of all my Father had done for them.

The laws my Father had given Moses were becoming a source of light to them more and more; they began to understand that God loved them just as they were because it was the Son who was speaking; the Word was in them through the Son and the Son was healing them.

My children, when Moses spoke, he spoke through God, for God had placed in Aaron’s heart the very presence of the Holy Spirit’s power.

Moses spoke, Moses offered, Moses enlightened, and the Holy Spirit enabled them to understand that anything from God was good for them. This is what Aaron represented: God's gentleness through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Moses was a loving father to them; to them, Moses was a being obedient to God; to them, Moses was a being from earth who could speak to God.

When they listened, they were listening to what God wanted them to hear; they were beginning to understand that God is God, and that the one who was listening to God was in the love of God, for God fulfilled, God gave.

When they would turn their eyes away towards gods, they could feel God's gaze, they could feel that God was asking for obedience, for their being was suffering, their being was suffering from not being fulfilled by God.

Understand, my children, that those children had been slaves to gods for 400 years: for 400 years, they had been treated as slaves, the gods were their masters, the gods were turning them into beings inferior to the children who were listening to their words.

Pharaoh and his subjects were against those who were listening to God; he held God's chosen children between his hands: he turned them into slaves to make them suffer, he asked them for what was very painful.

God was watching his children, those children who were suffering, those children who were asking to be freed: 400 years, my children, of listening to those children who were crying out to God, 400 years for God to send them Moses.

God made it rain 40 days and 40 nights in order to erase impurity from the surface of the earth: those children who were saved had listened to what was evil; idolatry was in their flesh. Consequently, the flesh knew idolatry for 400 years: the flesh had tasted the suffering of those gods, the flesh had been whipped, the flesh had been humiliated, the flesh knew that the gods were against them.

My children, it was necessary for the flesh to beg God; it was necessary, my children, for the flesh to know who God is; it was necessary for the flesh to accept that God liberate it. When God sent Moses, the flesh was ready to accept God, and they accepted to follow the one God had sent to them, and God saved his people.

God looked upon his people who entered the desert: those children had the dust of idolatry upon them: because they had the dust of idolatry, they remained there, where all is nothing but dust, where the dust brings suffering when the wind rises up, where there is no food, where there is no coolness.

God was showing them that he was God: he was nourishing them, he was giving them a loving drink; all was entering them and it was from the inside that they began to love God, to receive God, to allow themselves to be in God's hands in order to purify that flesh that was meant to know liberation.

When God's people left the desert, they had to wait four thousand years before the Son of God made himself known: four thousand years, my children, of waiting before the Son of God came to refresh them, before their flesh could be in God's gentleness.

All this was multiplying because sin was great, (and so) God sent his Son to reward those children: the ones who were waiting, waiting, waiting for the Messiah, came to be in the very presence of the Son of God; such was their reward.

God had chosen that time for them, God revealed himself to them, God came to speak to them, and they saw, and they followed in the footsteps of Christ: now man was ready to go forward to where he would come to know the Kingdom of God.

Children of love, when I came on earth, I took all the suffering of the world: I lived what you lived, I lived what men were going to live, and I will live what men shall live, for all has been accomplished.

All is there before you: I live your life, I make you aware of what is good for you.

I come to tell you, my children, that there are movements within you that you must give to me, for the demons have introduced you to idolatry, the demons have succeeded in taking what is against my Father, and making it enter within you.

There is only one God. So, today, my children, why are you attracted by power? How many among you, my children, are experiencing pain and seek a means of comfort? Children of love, do you not know that you carry all the children of the world?

When I speak to you, I speak to all children of the world: be sons and daughters of my will in Jesus.

You belong to Jesus; my Father gave you to me; I take all those you carry within you and I speak to you as if you were all the children of the world. This is why I say, my children, that you are attracted by power; do not try to figure out if this is individual or collective, this is present for all children of the world.

Children of love, you are so drawn by power: there are those who use stones to ease their pain; there are those who wear bracelets believing in their power to take away pain; there are those who wear necklaces around their necks because they believe in their power.

Men have told them that this was good and that this was not dangerous: do not believe this, this comes from a source of power; there cannot be two sources of power, my children – there is only my Father's power that can bring you complete healing.

If you believe in those powers, you are making a mistake; those powers do not heal, my children, they cheat, they take the pain and put it somewhere else: ther is a transfer of pain.  

You see, my children, how many have been deceived by this!

There are also birthstones; how many have been taken in by this game! Births, my children, are my Father's choice: it is about the little being that comes into the world through my Father's Will, and my Father has chosen an angel at the birth of the child.

The guardian angel is there to protect him; do you think that the birthstone becomes essential to that child? Do you think that this is good for his soul? Do you think that this is good for him as he grows older? The little child has nothing to do with that stone.

What then is this need if nothing more than having been told that there was a birthstone for this month or that month, thus giving the stones a name? This comes from gods, my children.

Even if you give this with simplicity, without wishing to do harm, you are allowing what goes with it to enter.

We no longer want to speak of demons because we no longer want to frighten: is this going to prevent Satan and the demons from affecting you, my children?

When you accept something, you accept what comes with it, even if it is invisible, and the suffering is multiplied just as suffering multiplied before Noah, after Noah, up to today.

Evil wants to turn you into its slaves for eternity.

I, I am a God of love; I come to speak to you in your heart; I am the Life, I am the Word, God is all you need.

I want to nourish you, my children; I gave you my Body, I gave you my Blood, I am all you need.

I am your joy, I am the Present moment that is most precious in your life; (what) could be more beautiful than to give your life to the one who is your friend?

Do not become attached to what is dead – death is Satan: stones are not living, metals are not living, what belongs to the earth must remain the earth’s – these things must not have power over you. How many children have fallen into this trap, and this is only a small part of what you do not know.

My children of love, listen to your God; I come to bring you light so that you may allow Jesus to liberate you: I am your Purifier, I am the one who comes to strip away evil from your flesh.

I come to burn your flesh with a fire of love so that you might understand that I love you; I come to repair, my children, the consequences of your choices in the face of sin.

Anything that repairs, heals and liberates: let yourselves be taken up by this movement of love – you are helping your brothers and your sisters of the entire world; they who have let themselves become deeply ensnared by those movements are incapable of hearing and of understanding, for this causes them too much suffering.

The night of darkness surrounds the earth, the night of darkness has entered your lives; those who have not allowed my Body and my Blood to nourish them, those who have not loved their God as being their universe are incapable of understanding: give yourselves, my children.

I work from the inside, not from the outside; this is why I have asked you to allow your God to take up all the room; your words, which would emerge from your human will, would do no more than make them suffer and chase them away.

I come to speak to you gently, and the more you accept these words, the more those who are within you allow themselves to be liberated: chains come undone and others weaken.

God's time is not your time; let your soul guide you.

Look at this place, my children, it is my home; all those who enter this dwelling enter my home.

Just as when Moses entered the sanctuary and I cast my light upon him, so I cast my light upon you when you enter here; I watch you, I envelop you in my strength so that you are able to give me your life, the lives of all those you carry within you.

My children, you need this strength to come forward towards me, for your flesh, your greatly wounded flesh, is suffering; do you know, my children, that your flesh feels incapable of loving its God as it would like to love him? It is suffering; this is why I envelop it in my strength.

The sacraments, my children, the sacraments are a garment of love for you; they envelop you, they make you pure, my children; the sacraments are a means for you to be before your God.

When you say yes to the sacraments, your soul bows down before God, it adores its God, it gives thanks to its God for so many blessings; your soul acknowledges that it is in God's hands, and it welcomes the blessings that God gives to it and, from within you, you receive.

This is why, my children, you need my priests so much; this is why, my children, you need them so much: the Christ-Priest.

You come to me and I go to you, I teach you to love me, I teach you to be humble and little before my greatness: you need me, I am everything to you, I am your God.

My children, give thanks to God for all the blessings you receive.

God has always taken care of you and God will always take care of you.

Allow yourselves to become aware of what God has placed within you by taking the rosary in your hand: the rosary, my children, is my Mother’s love for you.

My Mother’s love for you is a precious blessing: my Mother wants you in her Heart because I am the love of her Heart.

When you pray the rosary, my children, my Mother opens her Heart and you receive the graces that are necessary to your life, which protects you from idolatry.

Now, my children, she will open her eyes.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Tonight, the Lord God spoke to us about stones, and more specifically about birthstones.

He has spoken to us of many things since 2001.

It wasn’t that long ago that I learned that birthstones come from gods; why didn’t he talk to me about this earlier? Because it wasn’t time, I had to suffer to get to where I am today.

Why did I suffer? Because this suffering was before my eyes and then, in my flesh, I experienced suffering.

I didn’t go for birthstones, I didn’t like birthstones, but I didn’t know that we shouldn’t use them; that’s different.

One day, my oldest daughter who is an adult today, when she was very little, she received a cross; there was a birthstone on it and it came from her godmother, and so I, I thought that this was a good thing. She wore that cross, a birthstone had been placed on it: she began to experience, to experience movements – I learned of this only later.

When she was around ten years old, she could see things, she could see shadows, like an animal that could zip by very quickly, there, in a corner, or there. She used to say, “It was so fast, it would be there and then it was gone,” which was frightening her a lot. I had spoken to her of guardian angels, of her guardian angel, and she would often turn to her guardian angel.

She also told me that when she would enter a room, she had the impression that she could see a beast coming out of the dark; sometimes, when she would see the wallpaper in my bathroom, she could see the head emerging; she could hear a voice saying, “Why do you listen to your mother, don’t listen to her.”

And this was manifesting itself in her life; she would pray and pray, and she was scared.

It was several years (later) that I learned of this, it was in 1998 – all those years living with what she didn’t understand!

One day, she took that cross off and she gave it to her little daughter Kimilie, and she began having nightmares.

You see, last week, I learned this through Jesus, and so she agreed to remove that cross with that stone on it, and I buried it because I was coming here shortly, that same day.

I didn’t have the time to present this to my spiritual advisor, but I know, I now know why my daughter had those movements around her that she didn’t understand.

Prayer, prayer protects us; it was prayer that protected my child, it was prayer that protected my granddaughter, for Mother Mary has always been in our lives.

The human being is always in danger.

For some time now, the Lord has been speaking to us, speaking to us about what happened since Adam and Eve; first, he began slowly speaking to us about love; he spoke to us about our neighbour, about the love for our neighbour, he spoke to us about the Church, about his mystical Body.

We are part of Jesus’ mystical Body, we form one member – many members that form the Body of Jesus: one member.

When we agree to be a member in God's hands, Jesus seems to bind us to all other members of the Church and what he gives to one, he gives to the others.

It’s very difficult for us to understand God's action.

Why was it necessary to wait all those years before enabling us to understand the danger? We wouldn’t have wanted to hear it.

Would I have had the strength to remove the cross? I would have said, “Oh, come on, it’s a cross, that doesn’t apply to this!” I would have argued because my human will would have had too much power over me: God, it was necessary for him to show me that I was nothing without him.

He made me journey to where I would have never been able to go, he showed me that all came from him and nothing from me, which is what made me remove that cross, and he showed me that the cross is love, that the Cross of love is Christ, that the Cross of love is us, us in Jesus, and that to us, there is only The Love who is living: we need no one else besides Jesus.

When Jesus tells us something, we believe it; so, I believed what I had heard because this wasn’t coming from me; it would have been impossible because I didn’t know about that; therefore, I had that strength to believe in his love, and I obtained this from Jesus.

We have much to give Jesus and we must give it as tiny little children, without being afraid.

Jesus isn't coming to speak to us to show us that we have behaved badly: we are a movement that is the result of other movements.

In the very beginning, before Noah, there were movements, and those movements taught us impure movements: this doesn’t come from God's children, this comes from demons.

It’s true that they made choices in the face of temptation and they had to live with the consequences.

When Noah was saved from the flood, he had his descendants with him: his children and his children had children, but among them, there was one who wasn’t pure; he was inhabited by demons and it’s from him that idolatry persisted.

That being showed them how to turn to gods because he had that within himself, everything was within him; he would talk to them about astrology, about energy, about power; he knew how to use plants that could bring power; he spoke about how the human being had powers; all those who listened to him were falling into his traps, for that being was inhabited by demons.

But if we know all this, it’s because God knows we’re ready to hear what he's telling us; we have placed our soul in God's hands; through the sacraments, our soul has been nourished with God's graces, and so we went forward, we went forward.

But let’s not forget that our flesh has always had that knowledge, our flesh knows what idolatry is, our flesh knows what power is – power other than God's power – which leads us to listen to those who speak to us about what is against God, but God's child wants to know.

Jesus tells me, “My children are hungry, my children thirst for the truth.”

Why are we so hungry and thirsty for the truth? Because it’s our soul, our soul, the one that is nourished with God's graces, with the Body and the Blood of Jesus, that is thirsting to know, and it silences our human will because, you know, it takes effort for us to turn away from the television, to leave the warmth of our home.

How is it that there are so few of us whereas there should have been many of us? We’re at Church, we’re before the very Presence of God, and it isn't someone like Normande who told you to be here, it was God.

God spoke within you and you said yes, and he also spoke within others, but they have been incapable of saying no to their human will because their human will made them aware that it felt good to stay home, that there were other things to do: we have no merit in being here, only God deserves that merit.

What we heard tonight is good for those we carry within us; there will be other movements such as this one.

God is good to all his children; what he's preparing is beyond anything that we, we are able to understand; he's in the process of rendering our flesh pure.

The more we give what is in our flesh to Jesus, the more Jesus will take away what is evil; he will purify our flesh and it will suffer less, up to the moment when all will have been purified: what had been subjected to sin will no longer be so, what had come to know death will no longer know it.

Many will say, “Yes, but ever since he came, Jesus has been saying that his Father's Kingdom is coming on earth; Paul was waiting for this, all the apostles were waiting for this, all those who believed in the apostles, all those who believed in the disciples were waiting for God's Kingdom on earth to arrive the following day!”

But God's ‘tomorrow’ is in the eternal movement; when Jesus said that his Father's Kingdom was at your doors, he was right and he is right because everything was beginning and everything continues.

John saw, John wrote the Apocalypse: the Book of Revelation.

And behold God is speaking to us of what has been and what shall be; God is coming to us in our present time and he's taking us back to the time of Adam and Eve – it’s as if we were there. And so, when we give God everything we have in our flesh, then this is being accomplished.

From the first time that impurity occurs, our flesh, (at that moment) becomes permeated with it; and so, when we give impurity: “I give you, Jesus, this consequence because I am before the choices made in the face of sin,” at that moment, Jesus heals: he must have our consent, he wants us to live our choices.

Don’t forget that Eve was faced with a choice; it was up to Eve to say, “I do not listen to this temptation.” She didn’t say this, but she said yes to temptation: all was done with consent.

And when we, we live with cancer, we live with arthritis, diabetes, we live with migraines, we are living the consequences of choices made before sin; this is why Jesus wants our yes: make your choices.

And so, this is what God wants from us; we are in the movement of The Love.

Jesus is saying that he is fulfilling this child[1], he is enlightening her heart so that she may be in God's movement, in God's strength, for all that she gives to God: her suffering. Thank you, Lord.

What you have just heard is a healing from God; to whom is this addressed? To the child who has just left.

God never stops giving himself and he will always go on giving himself; the more we give the causes, choices and consequences, the more healings there will be.

Tonight, this was for us.

And now, if you wish, we will remain before Jesus and we will meditate upon this love.

Thank you, thank you, Lord.




[1] The Lord is giving graces to a person who must leave the hall.