Gathering of Love With God's Action in Le Pradet, France,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2008-02-22 – Afternoon – Part 2

Q. Adam did some stupid things, we’ve done some stupid things and we’re still doing stupid things. God forced him to work by the sweat of his brow. So why did he also send us the devil to tempt us to sin as well? We really didn’t need him around!

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Man had to undergo the same thing as the angels: “Show me that you love me. I gave you my love and my love is given freely. Do you want to love me freely? Do you want to love me as a child should love his father? I shall ask this of you. Obey me as a child should obey his father. I love you. I give you all you need so that you may avoid falling into temptation.”

Since God had shown him his work, since God had spoken to him in his heart, since God had given him intelligence, he said to him, “You have a right to everything around you. Go towards the tree of life, but do not go to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil for a great evil shall befall you.” Nothing was kept hidden from Adam and Eve; they were meant to behave as children of God. As far as Satan is concerned – Satan, fallen angel, jealous of the Son of God – he wanted to tempt God's children to show God that they were beings who were incapable of loving God for what he was.

Jesus: O man, you came on earth by the Will of my Father. I carried you within me, I showed you the path to follow, I gave my Will to your being. I, the Divine Will, I gave you the Divine Will. Nothing was hidden from you. Everything within you had full knowledge of God, but you needed to belong to me, you needed to be faithful to what I have done for you: I created you, I gave you everything. I showed my Father his splendour, I showed my Father his light, I showed my Father his love. The impure spirit came to tempt all those I carried within me in order to take light and love away from them. By coming to attack the children of God, he was attacking the One he had refused to adore.

All this came about because it was my Father's Will: my Father is love and I love my Father with the love of a child for a parent. My Father's children were meant to have that same love; they were meant to give what I give to my Father; they were meant to live with righteousness before my Father. All creation must be loyal to my Father in all things, loyal to his love. The angels are God's creatures: they were meant to be faithful to the end. They, the perfect ones, had one flaw – they were meant to know the Will of God and to bow down before God's love for them – however, one third of the angels refused to do this.

Would I refuse my children loyalty to The Love? Would I refuse my creatures the movement of love, the one that is able to remain standing before temptation, the one that says yes to The Love without limit? Every man and woman who says yes to The Love will be filled with wonder. If man and woman have said no to God, this was not final, my son, for God is love. All comes to an end only when there is a definitive refusal and this refusal has not been uttered within you, my son, nor has it been in many others, for my Father's Kingdom is full, my son, but it has not yet achieved its numbers.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, Lord.

Q. Therefore, Adam and Eve, through their refusal, knew what they were doing. It wasn’t simply a careless mistake, it was weakness.

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: But all this took place within Satan's movement of deception.

Q. Because Satan didn’t accept that the Word became incarnate and took on human nature in order to become, in effect, the king of the universe. In a way, Lucifer was led by his pride to reject the almightiness of the Son incarnate.

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Well, he tempted God's children with his pride, because by tempting God's children, he was tempting the Son of God made Man.

Q. (continued) Oh, really? And we find that Christ was tempted at the beginning of his public life: but if you’re the Son of God…?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: We were created in the likeness of the Son of God.

Q. As people are preparing for a sort of – well, not a rehabilitation – but a sort of rebirth of humanity, the civilization of love that has been proclaimed to us will, in part, take us back to something similar to Paradise.

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Son of God made Man will take us back to the place where everything began. Only the Son of God will take us back to the place we should never have left, only the Son of God! Through Adam's no, we came to know the human will. By the yes of the Son, we will recognize that we are children of the Divine Will, and therefore, we will be immersed in the Divine Will by the Son. No human will be able to accomplish this, none! Only the Son of God made Man.

The priest, movement of love, is in himself a movement that opens us to the Father's tenderness. When a man gives up his life as a man in order to die in Christ, he is giving up his human will: he therefore becomes the Christ-priest. The Christ-priest is none other than Jesus. But all has not yet been accomplished because the priest still has his human will within him. Through his yes, the priest is no longer man – he is the Christ-Priest, but by his human will he is still in his flesh, which is subjected to sin. God comes to remind his children of our blindness, our lack of comprehension towards this magnificent sacrament that is the sacrament of the Holy Orders.

We have the sacrament of Baptism that makes us priests but we aren’t the kind of priests whose function is ministerial. We are made priests by our Baptism – it is our duty to be witnesses of the Life of Christ; it is our duty to evangelize our brothers and our sisters. It is our Baptism that reminds us that we are God's chosen ones, that we are God's children, that we have the strength of the Holy Spirit and that we must move forward. But the priest! This sacrament, which nourishes us, is far greater: without the priest we cannot receive the sacrament of Baptism; without the priest, we cannot be nourished by the Body and by the Blood of Jesus; without the priest, we cannot receive the sacrament of Confession. Yes, we are able to receive graces, however, it rests solely upon Christ to do his Father's Will, and it is Christ who does his Father's Will, and we, we are in Christ to do the Father's Will. Therefore, the priest is no longer: he is Jesus.

It is our human will that has made us blind to Jesus’ teachings on earth: our human will has taken God's words and has analysed them with the inadequacy of its flesh. The human will wanted to take the place of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit said: “Because you wanted to be greater than I, then you shall live with your own answers, with your own discoveries, and you shall eat the fruit of these.” This is why the hearts of God's children have become dry; this is why the hearts of God's children have become hearts of stone, for the heart was not able to consume God's words with its soul, but was only able to do so with its mind, which was controlled by the human will.

Thank you, Lord.

Q. To be able to distinguish the Will of God from the human will we need discernment. For example, when we make a decision, we want to know whether we’re really listening to our human will or to the Will of God. Discernment isn't something that comes easily. How do we know when we’re in the Will of God?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Well, renounce your will – you’re no longer able to do this. The human will is like a tree, and the tree has dried up: it bears no fruit. The human will has made the human being suffer to the point of poisoning him. He is in complete confusion – his spirit no longer has the clarity of light, his spirit is in darkness, his spirit remembers: it remembers all the answers of the flesh. His hearing is no longer turned towards God – he has turned his ears towards earth. His eyes are no longer the eyes of love – his eyes are always searching, they search for the truth. Movements are no longer the movements of a child – they are the movements of a being who thinks he knows. The heart no longer beats to the beat of love – it beats only for the being, it no longer beats for the Church. The Church is the flesh of the flesh in Christ.

Once we reach the point of believing that we are part of the thoughts of all God's children and that a single thought nourishes all God's children: then let that thought be a source of nourishment; don’t let it be harmful to a single one of God's children. Who can claim that his mind is so pure that it doesn’t harm a single one of God's children? At this point in time, only God can say this – this is the point we have reached.

Oh! The human will wanted us to be in a state of utter confusion, for if you had the spirit of God, the eyes of God, the ears of God, the words of God, the movement of God, the heart of God, you would know: there would be a movement within you that is so beautiful, so pure, that everything that you are would nourish you, and those who listened to you would be quenched by your words. They would realise that they are so filled with love for themselves and that your love only serves to strengthen their love for themselves.

The Divine Will is the love of the Son for the Father, the Father for the Son in the Holy Spirit, for the Holy Spirit, with the Holy Spirit within the all of the Father and of the Son, and nothing you may say regarding this love can come from you.

Jesus: This is the Will of God, this is the love that God is producing in your heart at this moment. He is in the process of showing you what you hide from yourself: your love for yourself, a love that cradles and rocks you, a love that is always there and that says to you, “I am here, do not worry. It is up to me to take everything in my hands, and I take everything. If you fall, I will lift you up and I will show you. If you are no longer certain, do not fret, I am here: continue on your way. It is up to me to show you, it is up to me to have you feel my love, for everything about you is mine. Everything about you bears my Father's flavour, for I am the sap that flows in the vine and that nourishes its fruit. I am the Life.”

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Amen! Thank you, Lord.

Q. (Inaudible…) we have a soul that has always existed… the original sin. Is the purpose of our lives to … from the original sin so that we don’t pass it on to future generations?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The original sin is the consequence of disobedience. When a child is born, he's born with the human will, he's born with knowledge, and he must choose between good and evil. From the moment he is born, he must choose. Sin made itself known to Adam and Eve through Satan and the soul was wounded. The soul is wounded by that disobedience and all this will remain as such until the Son of God has purified everything with his fire of love. Through the sacrament of Baptism, the soul is purified: it has the grace of love and it has it for eternity. But the flesh, the flesh always wounds the soul. The flesh is there and it gazes at itself out of pride, it gazes at itself in its human will because the human will loves it when the flesh is placed first and foremost and is admired by the being who carries the soul within himself; and the soul, the soul that is so humble, suffers, suffers because of that pride.

We belong to God. You, you can't do anything for yourself and neither can anyone else. From one generation to the next, the soul has been in this movement and that is the reason the Son of God came on earth. He reminded all flesh that it bore one weakness – the knowledge of good and of evil – and he came to say, “Because I am the Perfect One, I am coming to show you how to be perfect, as my Father is perfect.” As a result, he gave us the sacrament of Baptism; he gave us all the sacraments and he gave us the grace that comes with them. We have everything we need to remain in a state of grace, but our flesh, it rejects this and it rejects it more and more. And now, our flesh no longer wants that grace. Only Jesus is able to restore that beauty to our flesh, and how joyful the soul will be! Because afterwards, the original sin will no longer exist – never again – because the refusal to God, which was brought unto death by the Son and which was uttered by all God's children, will no longer exist within any of God's children: the flesh of the Flesh.

Q. (Inaudible…) earthly existence, our future existence in Heaven, when everything will be over?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: There will never be an end because our existence on earth always has continuity. When we die, our soul continues on its journey – it is eternal. Our flesh is at rest, but when the flesh will become immortal, it will continue its progress towards its Father: it came from him and it will return to him after hearing just one call from him.

Q. That wasn’t really my question. As we’re moving towards the purification of mankind, that purification will, in a way, renew mankind. This renewal is really for an earthly civilization that has been purified and not simply reserved for what we call the Heavenly Jerusalem. That is what we say: “… thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven…” Is this going to happen on earth? That is my question.   

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Immortality! Jesus is telling us about a time when all God's children will live as beings of love. They will no longer know temptation, they will be in a flesh of love, a flesh that will no longer be subjected to sin. To be from a civilization of love one must be love, and to be love one must no longer know sin.

Q. We’re going to be a multitude of Christs?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: No, we won't be a multitude of Christs. We will be one Christ; we will be the eyes of Christ, the sight, the hearing, the words, the movements, the heart of Christ: we will be the Church.

Q. An all-encompassing Christ, a mystical Christ, brought about by…

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: When we hear about the return of Christ… oh, you know, we received a teaching at Plantagenet (and I don’t know if we brought the CDs with us…) and we learned that Christ never left – Christ, he never left: we left him, we ran away, we rejected him, we turned away from him. We ourselves accepted to no longer be where we should have been. And now, Jesus is telling us: “Come to the place where you should have always been: in your hearts.” So we’re the ones who are going home: the prodigal child.

Jesus speaks to his messengers using the word ‘return.’ He even carried this on his shoulders, saying that he was going to return in hearts when, in fact, he never left. Even then, we were unable to understand his eternal love. He was still carrying that movement on his shoulders because we were unable to understand; we were unable to grasp that we were the ones who had run away, that we were the ones who refused ourselves love. We ran away from the only place where we should have remained forever. When we finally learn to know ourselves as a child of God, we behave as a child of God; when we finally learn to love ourselves as a child of God, we love all God's children.

Today, who is able to say ‘I love all God's children’? Okay, you say you love all God's children? Well then, tell me – have you had even a single thought against Hitler? Have you had even a single thought against those who rape children? Have you had even a single thought against the one who’s throwing you out of your home, against the one who’s taking your husband away from you? Have you had even a single thought against those who accept to turn against Christ? Well, we have all had thoughts against these people. Therefore, we do not love with the Heart of Christ: we have fled our rightful place. We have the spirit of this world and the spirit of this world has been around since the disobedience. And so, now, Jesus is showing us: “Come back home.” This is the ‘return.’

Q. We want to go home, but we’re incapable of going home – he's the one who will come back for us.

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: That’s right! He takes care of everything! He takes care of everything and he carries us! He says to us, “Put your foot there. Be careful, not too far to the left, a little more to the right. Okay, move forward.” And he does this with love, with gentleness. He says, “Come, I will dry your tears because you will cry again: you will cry because your children will not follow you; you will cry because your priest, at church, does not consecrate as the Pope asks; you will cry again, but I am here. You will learn to forgive. My mercy will cover you and you will be merciful.” This is what he's teaching us.

We won't be fully purified if our heart is wounded. He has to heal our heart, and when he heals our heart, well, other hearts receive graces, and because hearts are receiving graces, they begin to change as well.

Q. At the speed that this is happening, it’s going to take another 3,000 years before they’ve all been changed.

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Lord is a lot faster than that. At this very moment, there are movements occurring on the face of the earth that we cannot see. We cannot see the work of the Lord. It is too great, too powerful, too luminous for us to see; we need to see with hearts of love. And a heart that is love finds that the purification is very short because it gives itself.

We give ourselves with love. We no longer calculate movements – we welcome them; we no longer look at others – we avoid them; we no longer open our mouths – we remain silent, because we know that the heart speaks. We no longer need to move: everything about us speaks. We no longer need to be afraid of our feelings: for our feelings are nourished by a love that heals. This is the purification that is taking place. At every fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a second, the purification is taking place, and the more yeses of surrender are uttered, the more the movement occurs over the face of the earth.

When the number of hearts required is attained, a number known to God, then all hearts will be taken up. It is necessary that the hearts that were chosen add up to that number set by the Father. And once the chosen hearts have been transformed, these hearts will have taken the hearts of children who are wounded, these hearts will have comforted hearts that are wounded, these hearts will have given strength to hearts that are afraid, that lack strength. These hearts will beat with so much love that when the moment arrives, other hearts will explode with love: they will be ready to see what they must give as the cause, choices and consequences of all their movements against God, against themselves and against their neighbour. And everything will be as the Son said to his Father when he was on the Cross: “All is accomplished.” When Christ said those words, the Heart of Christ was pierced with a sword, and that was the beginning for us – the Great Purification was beginning: our hearts were entering those hearts through the Heart of Mary.

And this is still happening today! We have reached the point where we can hear the power of God. So few believe and yet, beautiful things are happening. I wasn’t the kind of person who would have believed in things such as these: inside myself, I didn’t believe in this. I had to go to Medjugorje! And that’s why I went to Medjugorje, because I couldn’t believe that God could talk to me and enable me to discover so much suffering within the Church. When we hear people who pray saying that a certain priest is like this, that another priest is like that, when we hear about priests who are homosexual, and even about some who drink! – “No, that can't be. They’re saints!” That’s what my father and my mother always told me, and then, to believe in this… I said, “It isn't God who is talking to me.” And yet, I rejected that love! He was always talking about love! But no, it just wasn’t possible.

We know that Satan is subtle, don’t we? So I went to Medjugorje and I refused. It was there that I said, “Mother Mary, no, this isn't possible.” And since Jesus loves me, he won't hold this against me because he's The Love; he can't force me. And as I no longer believed that Jesus was talking to me – “I refuse to listen.” And so, I refused to listen. The words would come: I would reject them because I loved God and I know that God doesn’t need to speak inside me to tell me that he loves me – he had already given me proof of this in the past. I was still faithful to the commandments, I went to mass, and I prayed every night; that was enough for me. Then, I said, “This is what you have always shown me, this is what I will continue to do.”

But after I had completed the Way of the Cross, when I saw Vicka’s eyes: that’s when I saw Mary's eyes. I saw Mary's eyes and I no longer had doubts that I was hearing her Son's voice and I accepted it. But this didn’t take away the suffering I feel of always feeling unworthy of all this! It’s always, always there – it’s still there now! This is too big, too powerful: I just want to go home. Yes, I still say this! In fact, this summer, or rather in the fall, we had a gathering in Saint Anne-de-Beaupré at the same time as Cardinal Ouellet, who is the Archbishop of the Church in Canada. (There was a gathering for the Eucharistic Congress.)

In the Basilica, before mass, what happened was that Grandmother Saint Anne told me: “You will receive a gift just for you, Francine, and for The Girl of My Will in Jesus.” It is very rare that I, Francine, receive a gift. What happened next was that we were supposed to eat in the gymnasium – because it was a gathering for young people – and so we went to the gymnasium, but I went the wrong way. I climbed the stairs to the next floor with a person who was with me, and we had to go back down, but as we were going down the stairs, we met a group of men dressed in suits, who seemed quite important – maybe just a little bit! And people were saying, “Monsignor Ouellet!” And then someone said, “That’s Cardinal Ouellet.” Yes, that’s right! People said hello to him, and I said hello too. Then a woman said, “This is the Girl of My Will in Jesus!” Oh, my God! I wanted to hide, and I thought, “That won't mean anything to him – the Girl of My Will in Jesus.” And then, he held out his hand to me, and I shook his hand. Afterwards, he was quickly surrounded by people, you know. I went to eat at the back of the hall with the people who had accompanied me. I had just sat down and had just been given something to eat when someone came to tell me: “The Monsignor would like to see you.” “Yes, okay!” The others were pretty happy; they were laughing and they were very happy. But what was I going to say to him? Well, I didn’t really know what to do, you know. I sat down and he began to ask me questions. Throughout the entire meal, he asked me questions and I answered: I just answered his questions and said nothing more than what was necessary.

And he asked me all sorts of questions: how it all began, about my mother; he asked me if I had been to see the Bishop; he asked me – oh, Lord! – if I wanted to remarry. He asked me all kinds of questions – how this had come about – but not too many, just enough about what was happening, and that was because he had been given the four books! And he continued to ask questions which were mostly regarding what I was experiencing in the face of all this. And when the time came to end our conversation, he blessed Francine: he blessed me! So we stood up and then, it came out – I said, “You know, Monsignor Ouellet, sometimes I just want to go home.” He knew what I was talking about. So he put his hand on my arm and then he blessed me, the instrument: he blessed the instrument, he blessed the work. And he said something to me before he left: “Continue with your mission.”

And so, he too was sending me on this mission. This, this has sustained me greatly in what I need to do. Without graces from priests, we wouldn’t be able to go on; we, the mystics, cannot continue. We must always be obedient and remain in our rightful place. When God needs us, we go; but when God doesn’t need us, we go home and we say nothing: we do as he tells us. This is the reason that, when I go somewhere, it is only to repeat. This is very easy for me: I repeat. I learn nothing, but I repeat and that’s all there is to it. When it’s over, he says to me and to Nicole as well: “Girls, time to go home.” And we go home, and when we go home, well, we rest because we’re really tired. But every time there's a gathering, we receive a strength that comes from Heaven because we aren’t tired.

And so, now, it’s ten to six. Are you tired?

Q. Therefore, in today’s world and in the one that is to come, we still need to maintain our confidence for our children’s sake?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Oh, yes! We must keep that hope. Because when you abandon yourself, you automatically receive grace and you cannot keep that grace for yourself alone. I, I feel the effects of it. If I feel the effects of surrender, your children feel the effects of surrender. But the same is true for the opposite: if you worry, I feel it; and if you are in that movement, well, they feel that movement as well. Yes, this is the consequence. Ever since Adam and Eve, for man it’s always been about the consequences: we’re living the consequences. Cain caused us a great deal of suffering and so we live with the consequences of all that.

Listen carefully – if we go back to a time when there were many wars – well, God's people were at war with other people who had their own gods, and there were continuous battles. When they were in God, when they were faithful to God, trusted in God, they would win, they would win the battle.

Q. So, for Moses it was the same thing?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Oh, yes. However, when they failed God, then they lived the consequences. Remember the time when the people of the tribe of Judah were fighting – they were always winning, but they were losing men, men were dying. Why were the men from the tribe of Judah dying? Idols were found among the items the soldiers had plundered; they had brought them with them. And so, what the head of tribe did was to make an act of reparation to God because he knew that those men had lived the consequence of having turned away from God.

You see, this is what happens to our children. When we worry, we lack confidence in God, and therefore, we live the consequences of this and our children live the consequences of this, and this will lead them to live consequences of their own: “Mom doesn’t have faith in me, mom is worried; I'm doing my best.” The mother, seeing that her child is worried, is sad; she, she's living in a state of anxiety. But the child, the child is living that anxiety with his mother, he is experiencing his own worries, but he says, “No, I'm not worthy of my mom. Oh, I'm a good-for-nothing! Oh, I'm can't be the way I should be for her.” And so, he goes out onto the streets. “Hey! Do you want some drugs? Here.” “Oh, yeah! That’s good; now I can forget about that stuff.” He's going to take drugs: consequence that leads to another consequence and this multiplied from one year to the next.

You see, Jesus is coming to tell us how to give him our fears, our worries: “This is a consequence of your choices. You are the one who is deciding to not trust in me. If you do not trust in me, that is because you were faced with a temptation.” And along comes your neighbour who says to you, “Hey! That son of yours, he took drugs with my son.” Was it your neighbour who came over to tell you that or was it Satan who used her to get to you? It was Satan. As a result, you had to make a choice before the attitude of that woman, your neighbour. You had the choice, you had the choice to say: “Lord, I want nothing to do with these words. Look at how worried she is; I give you her anxiety. Take mine, as well, that is rising up inside me, Lord.”  This is also a consequence. I don’t want to make the wrong choice but she, she did: “I give you her choice.” You see: cause, choices and consequences.

This is what he wants to do with us. He wants to transform our hearts: “I am giving to you.” If we don’t give Jesus our consequences, our poor choices before sin, before temptation, they will remain with us because God wants us to be free – he doesn’t want to force us to do anything against our will. He gives us love so that we can behave well: “Give me what I have already taken to the Cross. I took all sins and I brought them unto death. I shed my Precious Blood over all your choices. I took all consequences and I presented them to my Father – Yes, Father; your Will, not my Will; your love. Father, I have accomplished all.” Therefore, we, as well, must fulfil ourselves. We will follow exactly the same path as the Son. This is the purification that has begun. We wanted it, didn’t we? Well, the purification is here, and it is happening with so much love.

Who would have thought, Father, that returning to an incorruptible flesh would have been accomplished with an ‘I give to you’? Movement of the Father and of the Son, movement of the Holy Spirit – “I give you love” and “I give you love” – the Father's love, which is constantly, constantly, constantly given, and which engenders the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit of love. The Father and the Son – movement – that love which forms the third Person. Those three Persons: one God, three Persons.

And we’re going to live this: “I give to you, Jesus; I give to you because I love you. You give to me because you love me. I give to you continuously. I give to you”: purification.

Q. But suffering is inevitable. The world is filled with suffering.

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: But when you give your suffering: you receive. You have allowed your suffering to enter you. Your consequences – they are sources of suffering. But in order to let those sufferings enter you, it was necessary for something inside you to be pushed aside. When you accepted hurtful words from someone, those words were entering you and they were pushing aside your peace: “There's no room for you here, get out!” And so, you were losing your peace. And you were replacing it with something else: “Get out – I'm giving you anxiety. Get out – I'm giving you anger. Get out – I'm giving you jealousy.”

When we give, there's something else that happens: we let Jesus transform us and we discover that we’re less and less jealous, that we’re less and less afraid, that we’re less and less angry. “Okay! I'm even beginning to like people who insult me!”

Q. That’s masochism. Human beings have turned that attitude into masochism.

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Involuntarily. It was evil that wanted this. We mutilated ourselves, we cut ourselves. It’s as though we had cut ourselves up into little pieces: I, who was whole, accepted that part of me come to feel anger; I, who was love, accepted that part of me come to feel hatred – I was mutilating myself.

Now, there's a transformation that is taking place. Jesus is coming to put a balm of love on our wounds. And when we let Jesus put a balm of love on our wounds, we allow ourselves to be transformed; it’s our flesh that is letting itself be transformed. One time, Jesus said, “You have allowed sin to wound you and render you ugly to such an extent that if you were to see your interior, you would die of fright.”

Q. When someone hurts us, we first go through a period of acceptance, not (inaudible…) anger, a period of anger, and then comes acceptance and after that, we offer it – and finally, we come to accept the other person as he is. But how do we reach the point of loving him?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: You’ve never been able to do this – why? Because you remembered. Your eyes are like a window, and as a result, that insult entered you. Your soul, it was aware of the pain associated with anger; your soul, it was giving you graces so that you were able to calm yourself. Your soul was telling you, “Offer it.” But the flesh was still suffering. You were incapable of loving the being that you had been in the beginning; why? Because you had felt anger: “I shouldn’t have been angry. I should have given everything to God right away.” And your flesh had just discovered another judgment you made against yourself. But when you give, when you give, then it’s instantaneous: you give Jesus your suffering – Jesus, he takes the evil away, he removes it completely. Then, with his fire of love, Jesus purifies the wound in your flesh, which remembered, and then there's healing, deliverance. Your flesh feels the effects of this – peace. And the more this happens, the more the wounds in your flesh are healed.

Our soul is healed by the graces of the sacraments, because Confession heals. While it was receiving communion, mmm, it felt peace. We were feeling all this, but we kept on stumbling, over and over and over again. Why? Because it wasn’t yet time. If Jesus had come to talk to us earlier about the Great Purification, we would have said no: “You think that I'm going to give you my human will? What am I supposed to do without my human will?” We weren't ready. Why? Because we hadn’t yet tasted the full effect of the consequences: we would have rebelled yet again. And that’s how God knew, how God the Father knew when that moment in eternity was to come – this is that time. It was necessary for us to through that.

Q. Is that moment coming soon?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: It has begun, Father! Rejoice, it has begun! The purification of the flesh has begun. The moment when one child says, “I give you the cause, choices and consequences for myself, for all those I carry in my flesh, from the first to the last,” – alleluia! – that’s when everything is being accomplished. It has begun, it has begun! Let’s not wait until tomorrow – the train has left and we got on that train. We are in Jesus. Jesus comes to speak in hearts and he began by sending us his Mother. That was the first sign of the end times: his Mother. She came to prepare us to open our hearts, and when we became part of her fiat, that was when we received – this was preparing us for yet another movement. All this is for our time.

Q. How do we reserve a seat on that train?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Oh! There's room for all the children whose names are written in the Book of Life, for all the children who were chosen by God. We had a friend who passed away, and there are many others, many… I would like to tell you about Marcel. Marcel was the person responsible for the website of the Girl of My Will in Jesus. It was Jesus himself who had chosen him. And so, this man worked in the Lord and he gave: the cause, choices and consequences, the cause, choices and consequences. As a result, he became a being filled with patience, but he had to use up every last bit of his patience, he had to use up every bit of his yes. And it has been said that some would not come to know the joy of living in a world of love on earth, but that they would come to know the meaning of the purification of the flesh. Marcel came to know this; he was given the choice of remaining on earth or of going to the place to which God was calling him.

Q. And he made a choice?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yes, he chose the best place of all! He left us, and in his passing, we realized that what he had to accomplish had been accomplished. When he gave the cause, choices and consequences of his thoughts, his gazes, his words, what he heard, his movements, his feelings, he did so constantly. This brought him such joy. Nicole can testify to this. This man passed away in peace and in joy, which was his purification for eternity. When he will take part in the movement of the resurrection of the flesh, then his flesh will joyfully be reunited with his soul. You see, this is the Will of God. Nothing has been overlooked. Everything is for our time.

I often say to the Lord: “Lord, if I have to live to the very end, up to the moment when the last person says his yes, when he gives everything to the Lord – cause, choices and consequences – alleluia! But if you call me, alleluia, I will come to you!” When we know about the Eternal Flesh, about God's movements, well, they apply to everything, don’t they? Love is love. But he also told me that as long as he needs me: “I will use you.”  

Q. Is the ultimate goal of life to work in a community with people who share the same vision as we do, that is to say, God's love, or is it to write as you do, and in fact, to travel the world preaching? Do you understand what I mean?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Some have been chosen and some will be chosen to go to their brothers and their sisters. That moment is chosen by God and only God prepares us to do this, and that moment is chosen solely by God. In these times, people have been gathering together to get that strength required to always be in a state of surrender. And so, they gather together as Mother asks. Mother Mary asks us to: form prayer groups in order to live surrender, in order to sustain all those who aren’t part of your group, that is to say, those who are walking around out there. This is an important mission.

The rosary is requested of us at every moment. This means that when we don’t pray our guardian angel prays. And we should be praying 24 hours a day. When we work, when we prepare a meal, our guardian angel can pray, and he really prays. Also, ask your guardian angel to say your yes to The Love. Ask your guardian angel to give: cause, choices and consequences. Say to your guardian angel: “Tell Jesus I love him.” Ask your guardian angel to present you before Jesus along with all other worshippers. Ask your guardian angel to have you attend all masses so that, at the offertory, you can offer your lives and the lives of those you carry within you, and this includes all the children of the world. Ask your guardian angel to pray for the souls in purgatory along with all the other guardian angels of all the children of the world, because the souls in purgatory never stop praying for the Great Purification. All the saints in Heaven, all the saints in Heaven are on earth. They’re with us during these times. This is the time of the Great Purification and they are constantly at work. This is a work of love: they intercede continuously on our behalf.

We must always be faithful to who we are. The Lord has put most of his effort into rectifying something that we have done so very often: judging our neighbour with our tongues. We are experts at this! And this is what he has been working on the most. To not speak against our brothers and our sisters – this applies to everybody. And he doesn’t say ‘so and so carries a definite no’ and ‘so and so carries a yes’; he doesn’t say this. He says, “Love as I love. It isn't up to you to know.” And he will do this to the very end. Therefore, this is how we must be, and this work is being carried out, and it’s wonderful! Wonderful? Yes, we’re still suffering but God sees to it that he gives us graces of peace, graces of love. He always sends us someone who says to us, “Leave that up to the Lord, give.” – “Okay, I gave.” – “Let’s give together.”

Q. We can see that, on earth, there are many races, many cultures, many religions. Are there religions whose goal is to find wisdom, like the Tibetan monks? Is this another facet of God, in view of the fact that there are so many races? Is this one of the ways that we can seek wisdom, because God is Wisdom, or is this only possible by following the path of the Catholic religion? Is there more than one way to find wisdom?

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Now, the Lord is going to tell us a story.

Jesus: One day, some children began to climb a mountain. They climbed and climbed. Some of them found that the mountainside was very steep. For some, it was difficult to keep on climbing as they were out of breath, and when they turned to look at the others, they saw that others were climbing effortlessly. Others felt their feet becoming numb as they had such difficulty finding a secure spot to place their feet. It felt as though their feet were always slipping and they were becoming tired because of the efforts this required. Others climbed; they climbed the mountain and they whistled as this was so easy for them. But when a gust of wind blew upon them, they stopped and they grabbed on to one another. ‘What is it that frightens me so?’ They were no longer whistling; they stood there listening for the wind. And when five minutes had gone by, they continued on their way, whistling. Others climbed and climbed; they seemed able to keep their eyes on the mountain’s peak without becoming discouraged. Others climbed and climbed, and when they put their hands on the rocks, they asked themselves, ‘Is this going to be solid enough?’ This made them feel uncertain regarding who they were. Their gestures had a tendency to be awkward.

All those children had one goal: to climb that mountain. All those children had a thirst to reach that peak. They all had a heart filled with suffering: they climbed and they climbed. Once they had reached the peak, they all sat down, they all looked at one another. And then, they asked, “Which one of us had the most courage?” No one answered. “Who was the most capable?” No one answered. “Which one of us had faith?” No one answered. “Which one showed the most initiative?” No one answered. And yet, they had all reached the peak. They all knew: they knew that every person there had needed something that someone else had not needed; but each person knew that what they had received had led him to the peak of the mountain, for they had the wisdom to know that they were people incapable of reaching the summit without the help of a higher power. Those children had recognized that there was someone greater than they. Those children knew that only God could lead them where they were.

Life, my loving son, is like this. Every child is born by my Father's choice. Every child must live his life with what he has received from my Father. Every child lives the consequences of his own choices before what presents itself to him. Every child lives the consequences of his choices before temptation, for the consequences of the one become the consequences of the other, and the consequences of that one become the consequences of everyone. They climbed together and they reached that peak together, and that peak represents the Will of God. Wherever they might be, that is what God has willed. No human being can arrive at the place where God wants him to be by his own efforts. God gave his beloved Son in order to teach the children of this world that he is God and that God is the Almighty. But God gazes upon his children as they are within the choices they have made, and God knows: God knows that children are tempted by Satan, God knows that children are living the consequences of the children who let Satan tempt them.

Wisdom does not belong to man; wisdom belongs to God. A child who says that he has received wisdom is a child who has not recognized that he comes from God, for no one receives wisdom only for himself. Every child receives wisdom, and through that wisdom, every child must recognize that he is the littlest of the little ones of this world: this is the wisdom of God. If a child remains at the bottom of the mountain, he is much more intelligent and much wiser than those who use their own means to climb the mountain, for that child knows that there is no need to make an effort. It is God who will take the child in his hand and who will lead him directly to the peak of the mountain. What wisdom that child possesses!

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God takes care of all his children. Many children claim to be where they should be and they believe that this is good for them. When we know that the only place that is good for us is in the heart of a child of God, very little in God's hands, then we know that we are doing God's Will. Let’s not turn our eyes towards those who want to climb the mountain by their own efforts because we are all on that mountain. If we had stayed at the bottom of the mountain like that child, we wouldn’t need the Great Purification. Amen.