Gathering of love With God’s Action in Lethbridge, Alberta

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus.




The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: My name is Francine Bériault and Nicole Sicotte (the English translator). Since 2001, something amazing has been happening in my life; now, I can say amazing, but if I go back to the time when this began, this was creating many doubts in my life.

In 2001, the first January, I heard Mary’s voice: while I was reciting my Rosary, my hands oozed oil, it was during the night that I heard Mary, when she asked me “Turn on the light.”

I turned on the light and she said to me: “Now, look at your hands.” My hands were covered in oil again and she said: “Now, do not doubt any longer.”

Every day, Mary would give me graces:

she would give me graces of humility;

she would give me graces of obedience.

For several months I had been having dreams, and those dreams were so real in my life! I didn’t understand what I was seeing, and she would explain everything I had seen and what I was seeing.

It was fifteen days later that I heard the voice of Jesus.

The voice of Jesus: is a gentle voice, it’s a voice that brings us peace.

Jesus speaks of love, Jesus speaks of love for one’s neighbour.

When I say that he speaks of love, it’s that he talks about his Father, he talks about him, he talks about the Trinity and he talks about his Mother.

When he talks about love for one’s neighbour: he talks about each one of us, of all the children of the earth, and this goes all the way back to Adam and Eve.

Jesus explained to me that inside us, we have all our brothers and our sisters of the whole world.

We carry the Church, because we are the Church.

Jesus is the Church, Jesus is the Almightiness: he IS.

And so, slowly, Jesus led me inside myself without requiring a single effort on my part.

He would ask me: “Give me your life, give me the lives of all those you carry within you.”

And I would say yes, and he would talk to me, he would teach me, and he would say that I was attending the school of The Love.

In the very beginning, I didn’t understand what Jesus was telling me.

I had to make drawings on paper to try to understand what he wanted to teach me.

He would say: “I am in you; you, you are in me and in you, is the world, because the world is in me and you are in each person.”

And so, I would draw a little man, and then I would draw a heart; that was Jesus: the Heart of Jesus, the Heart of the Church.

He would say: “In me you are.”

And then, I would draw another heart in the Heart.

He would say: “You carry all your brothers and your sisters within you.”

And so, I would draw; I would try to draw tiny, tiny hearts inside the heart: mine.

He would say: “Because you want to abandon yourself in me, because you want to give yourself within each tiny heart: I am, as I am in all the tiny hearts: you are therefore in all the tiny hearts.”

Then, he would talk to me about his Mystical Body.

He would say that we were all present, that we formed only one member.

That member was the heart, the very heart of the Church: which is love, which is the love of God the Son for God the Father.

We are the love of God the Father; we are in Jesus, Jesus contains us all.

Every one of us, we’re the Church.

We are a whole within the Church: even if only one member is in Jesus, he carries all his brothers and sisters of the whole world.

God says that we are one of his works

God has placed everything within each one of us.

Each person is complete.

God expects that we give ourselves for others

         to bring happiness,

         to bring hope,

         to bring faith.

Jesus is speaking in our hearts at this very moment.

We are the heart of the Church and what we’re hearing tonight, what we’re going to feel tonight,

it’s not only for us, but for all those we carry within us.

God is the Almightiness;

he cannot limit his love to a few: he is The Love.

He doesn’t cease giving himself and he will never cease giving himself.

All you’re hearing tonight came directly from your heart.

What you’re hearing, me, I’m hearing at the same time as you are.

All this is done through his Will: only through his Will.

Jesus says: “Children of love, you are the movement of love in life:

I am the Life, I am the Church; you are life and you are the Church.”

You look outside: you see a world that lives only for itself.

When you stop, when you want Jesus: Jesus takes what you are and he transforms you into a movement in his Church.

Jesus doesn’t only wait for you to be sitting here listening to what he has to say: he does it every moment of your life.

Jesus takes moments like this one to teach us the Word, to show us what we really are in our life.

To give yourselves: is to discover the true value of your life in this life on earth.

Your earthly life is of importance only if it devotes itself to spiritual life.

This means that if you take the time to stop, if you take the time to give yourselves completely to Jesus: your life on earth, that’s when it begins to take on importance.

When you give yourself for your neighbour, that’s when you’re proud of yourselves!

When you learn that your neighbour is happy to have received something from you, this develops something inside you, this doesn’t develop your pride; you discover that you’re worth something to your neighbour and it’s at that moment that your pride begins to disappear.

To give oneself is to discover that we’re truly children of God.

Each one of us must learn to give everything to Jesus so that he can take more of us.

            A time of love is coming;

            a time is coming when much of our daily lives will be revealed to us.

What is of the greatest value to us, if not to know what we are before God?

We may live an entire lifetime on earth but if it isn’t dedicated to God, it has no worth.

The one who doesn’t believe in God, that one is always in search of something.

If he doesn’t find it through self-worth, he will seek it through money:

         he’ll try to build;

         he’ll try to show himself that he’s able to do something because he needs to give himself worth;

         he wants to feel loved; he wants to know what happiness is, but as he doesn’t have God in his life, he buys his happiness;

         whoever doesn’t share his opinion isn’t part of his life;

         he puts up a barrier to whoever doesn’t think like him because he wants to convince himself that he can find happiness on earth:

         the child, in this way, finds that he’s happy among his brothers and his sisters only through material things.

The child who believes in God, he loves his neighbour.

         He loves his neighbour as he is;

         he learns to discover that he’s a brother/she’s a sister;

         he has no need to search, he has no need to show that he’s important: he knows he’s equal to that other person;

         he knows that happiness, it’s in Jesus;

         he tries to understand what he is in relation to others;

         he seeks inside himself for what might please God;

         he learns to give himself, to offer himself;

         he learns to not dominate, to not judge;

         he learns to develop his humility through graces;

         he learns to give everything:

         that one no longer searches because he knows that everything is inside himself.

What the Spirit of God is trying to explain to us tonight is that we have often been that other person.


God says: “Children of love, when you give yourselves, you must give yourselves completely in the name of love for your neighbour.

Since you know that you come from God, since you know that all your brothers and your sisters are around you because of God: you must give everything, you must offer everything.

Allow these words to enter you.

Allow yourselves to be enveloped by God’s power.

Allow graces to permeate your life.

You belong to God, you belong only to God.

Deep within you is the Presence: God speaks in your heart, God opens the heart, God wants to show you that you are God’s children.

It is within yourselves that you will find what you are seeking.

Your brother who is seeking happiness will find it only if he stops searching, but in order to stop searching, others must help him.

I am seeking children who abandon themselves.

            I am seeking children who want to die on behalf of their brothers and their sisters.

Discover the value of your life in Jesus: in the Church.

You are the chosen ones, you are my chosen ones.

Each one of you has been called by God.

This did not come from you, this came through the presence in the Presence: within you is Jesus; within you, you are.

When you are within yourselves, you are therefore in me, Jesus: you are in the Presence.

I want to teach you to no longer be of this world, but to be only mine.

My world is not of this world: it is nothing but love.

I carried within myself all my Father’s chosen ones.

All those who are inscribed in the Book of Life are in me.

            All is in the Christ.

            All is in the Life.

To know how to abandon oneself in life: is to pronounce one’s yes to Jesus.

To want to live in the Church: is to want to give oneself for all those who are in the Church.

He who declares he does not believe in Jesus: is he who has not tasted of the Presence.

I draw to me all those who belong to my Father.

Allow these words to flow through you, they take you where you cannot go of your own accord.

Only the Son can guide you within yourselves.

It is my graces that nourish your soul.

Your soul recognizes its God of love.

You must abandon yourselves completely in order to benefit from these graces.

Be like children who have faith in their God.

God nourishes his Church; God is present.

Is it not normal, my children, that I am able to touch your external lives since I have made my Dwelling in your interior? Your whole interior is in my Presence.

It is through the power, through the volition of my Father that you can hear these words.

These words belong to you since they emerge from your interior.

These instruments do nothing more than serve God, just as you, you do nothing more than serve God.

You love your God, you love your brothers and your sisters: learn to go forward, learn to take extra steps.

Your life must be a life of love on behalf of my Father.

This world needs role models, this world needs you: you are the children of the Light, you are the chosen ones for this time that is coming.

I am building my world of love with beings of light, pure beings, beings created only for love.

Abandon your human will into the hands of the Son of God;

         I want to take everything about you;

         I want to take everything that has made you suffer.

The movement of Life is inside you.

The children of this world, because they live based on what is external, are in the process of killing themselves: they slowly leave behind their life to obtain what cannot be life.

When we allow our life to emerge but we do not use it for love, life emerges and it can no longer penetrate the Light.

            The Light is inside you.

            The Light nourishes your life.

            The Light reveals what is good for each one of you.

Leave the light and you will not see your good deeds.

Leave the light and your good deeds will no longer be apparent to you, for your good deeds will become sterile.

You will learn to become very vain.

Is this not what your brothers and your sisters do when they are far from their spiritual lives?

Through my graces, you, my children, you have learned to remain close to the Light.

            I will teach you to dive into that Light.

            I will teach you to look at your brothers and your sisters (who are) filled with love for your eyes will see only love. 

            Your eyes will no longer see their faults, you will see the suffering that is part of their lives.

            You will understand that everything that hurts them is caused by sin, and sin causes God’s children to suffer.

When I died on the Cross, I took all sins and I carried unto death every sin.

Every child must acknowledge, among the things he does, if a certain thing is good or if a certain thing is wrong.

When he discovers that it is wrong, he must acknowledge his gesture so that he must be repentant.

He must perform an act of humility so that his gesture might be completely in the light, for when he confesses his sin, when he accepts absolution, his entire being is in the light.

He receives my Father’s graces.

He learns to give himself love.

He learns to give life to his life.

He allows peace to flow through himself, and when he is at peace: he feels joy.

But because of human will, children are incapable of remaining in that joy

because they always fall back into sin.

Why do children leave mass and judge their neighbour?

Why are children not capable of remaining pure?

It is because the trace of sin is within your flesh.

The soul received the sanctifying grace, the soul received nourishment from God;

but the flesh, it remembers sin and the flesh is weak because of this.

How many times have your eyes witnessed sin?

How many times have you heard and have allowed harmful words to penetrate you?

Your flesh remembers and it suffers: your flesh.

This is why you are incapable of remaining pure.

I am the Word, I am the Life, I am the Light; it is up to me to show you what is inside you.

I am speaking to bring you love;

I am speaking to bring you hope in an eternal life.

            Did I not speak like this before my apostles?

            Did I not speak like this every moment of your life?

You must be a pure word on behalf of yourselves.

To be a pure word:

         you must give everything to Jesus;

         it is necessary for the Word to purify you, so that you might abandon yourselves completely in Jesus;

         you must not be afraid to abandon yourselves, to give up your human will.

Man has been suffering for many, many years because of human will.

You were created by my Father for love; you were created by my Father in order to know happiness: you are the children of the Divine Will.

Before the sin of Adam and Eve, there was no evil in man, for my Father had not placed evil in man;

all was created in God’s image and God is perfect.

Adam and Eve were meant to remain pure;

they were meant to pass the test of The Love, for The Love wanted his children;

it was with a great freedom that Adam and Eve lived before the sin.

When they disobeyed God, evil entered Adam and Eve;

they came to know human will: they came to know the evil that was in human will.

And you, you are in human will;

you live in the very presence of evil and of good within yourselves;

this is why I told you that all those who will die in Christ will know eternal life.

All those who have died have had to face all they had done in their human will.

They saw all they had accomplished.

They heard all they had said on earth.

All the feelings they had felt were before them.

Each of them were before their lives and they were aware of their shortcomings towards God, and they themselves chose to go into the fire of purification, for they felt ashamed before so much love:

            all this because of human will;

            all this because they gave importance to their human will.

You, children of love, you who know that human will goes against you, I speak in your hearts so that you might understand what I have always said.

I gave my Life to my Father; give, you as well, your life.

Leave behind your earthly life in your body.

Come, through your earthly life, into my Life by leaving your human will in my hands.

            I will make you discover movements that dwell within you.

            I will make you discover all you have heard and that is imprinted upon your flesh.

            I will make actions buried within you re-emerged, actions that have been against The Love.  I will have gestures that were against The Love rise again within you.

You will learn, with my graces, all that have been against God, against yourselves and against your neighbour.

It is I who will do everything: not you.

I will take everything about you and I will envelop it with my graces of love.

            You will discover a strength inside yourselves.

            You will learn to pronounce yeses to Jesus.

            You will learn to discover forgiveness.

            You will love what you do.

God is not coming to change you, God is coming to improve what you are.

Before you came into this world, my Father placed everything within you;

since I am in you, since my Father has given me everything, you have inside yourselves everything my Father has given me.

You are children who were meant to give, you are children who were meant to love.

You were not made to judge; you were not made for violence: you were not made for evil.

Carry out, inside yourselves, that movement that is within you: which is to give your life, in the Church, in the Divine Will: you are with your brothers and your sisters.

When you will discover that you have committed actions such as cheating your life;

when you learn that you are people who have judged and who have wanted to hide this inside yourselves, is this not cheating your life?

This inhabits you and this makes you suffer.

How many have suffered and have had difficulty breathing?

They wanted to live another life: they have had difficulty breathing because of this.

To look at the lives of others and to want to live their lives was not requested by God.

This creates movements that should not be part of life, it is as if you had two types of breath.

God will heal your flesh;

God will take away your illnesses, and this will happen through God’s power,

and you will give yourselves for those you carry within yourselves because inside you many children have cheated their lives.

Each one must bear his own purification, but the more you will learn to give yourselves on behalf of your brothers and your sisters, the more your purification will take place in joy and peace, and they will receive graces.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit:

Try to understand what God wants to make you understand: to discover your life in the Church, and this, from the first person who was part of the Church to the last. Each movement that will take place inside you will be a grace for you and for the Church. You will discover peace, you will discover the joy of giving yourselves. Allow these movements to happen inside you, for God is living. God is making you aware of what you are on the inside.

What God wants to explain to us is: that we form a whole within the Church

As of today, we must give ourselves for others.

         We believe in the Church, we believe in the sacraments;

         we all have children, we all have brothers and sisters who, at some time, have moved away from the Church;

         each one of us also has brothers and sisters who don’t practise anymore, who renounce the Church, who are part of cults, who don’t believe in anything anymore,

         even one person in the Church who isn’t in God: he’s our brother, she’s our sister;

         if God uses us, if God gathers us together:

         it’s because we have a mission to accomplish within the Church.

How many of us, in our lives, have asked Jesus: “what am I supposed to do with my life?”

How many of us have watched television: when we saw disasters, we asked ourselves what we were going to do?

How many of us have watched people performing during a show, to collect money for cancer research, for example, and we asked ourselves how we could help?

All this is because Jesus put it inside of us.

We have this need inside to give ourselves for others because we’re love:

we’re all God’s children.

            Jesus came on earth and he spoke to us about his Father’s Kingdom;

            Jesus spoke to us about the Beatitudes, and we heard and we found it pleasant to hear those words:

            we have to do more than listen, we now have to live what Jesus wants for each one of us.

Each one of us has a duty: to live in the Church,

not only to look at the Church from the outside, but to live it on the inside.

For many years, we’ve been going to mass, we’ve been praying, we’ve been making novenas: this was external to us.

Now, Jesus says: “Come inside yourselves because you are the Church, because you must act in the Church.”

One single word given to Jesus within ourselves, on behalf of a single one of our brothers, becomes a word that bears fruit.

Since it’s given to Jesus: that word, since we believe that Jesus dwells in our interior,

then Jesus takes that word and he makes it his: it therefore becomes his own word;

and not only does he help that child who needs help, but he helps all the others because Jesus knows who needs help.

Jesus is the Church. Jesus is the Almighty and he is in all the children of the world

Jesus will use us.

Jesus will build his world of love just as he said he would.

Why does he talk to us right now inside our hearts, inside our lives?

Why did he wait all those years, he could have talked about this in the year 1400, in the year 1500?

            Because Jesus built his Church, because Jesus founded his Church with all God’s children;

            Jesus is the Head and we, we’re his members;

            each one of us, we complete one another: we’re the harmony.

From the first apostles, they heard Jesus’ words and they believed in the word of Jesus:

this formed the Church, this made the Church grow.

Jesus was the cornerstone and we, we’re in that stone;

there had to be a beginning to his Church.

All those who came before us prepared us to live what we’re living now.

They were called by God and they responded yes to God’s call.

The first Christians, the very first ones, suffered for us; they gave themselves and they went as far as death for each one of us.

All those who came afterwards and who believed in the Church, who believed in Jesus crucified, gave themselves for each one of us because they believed in Jesus, they believed in what he had done.

Now, we, we’ve gone forward in that movement of love.

Jesus is the Tree of life, we’re the fruits of that Tree.

It’s as if the fruits were ripe now.

Jesus is going to press each one of us so that we might produce the wine of Life.

Jesus shed his Blood over each of us in order to purify the being that we are.

His Blood was a pure liquid.

Now, he expects complete abandonment from each of us so that we might be a pure liquid, a wine of love that we will have to present to God the Father.

We are the fruits of The Love.

All those who came before us have had to work, have had to suffer, have had to give themselves, so that the vine might be continuously nourishing;

God’s graces had to rise up through the vine in order to reach the fruit;

and so, we’re the fruits and we have to give ourselves for all the brothers and sisters we carry within us.

Let’s believe in the living Church.

Jesus is going to use each one of us at this moment.

He’s going to, inside us, remove the consequences of sin.

Each child since Adam and Eve – we’re talking since Adam and Eve – who’s had thoughts against God and against himself and against his neighbour, has formed the Church.

Each person who’s performed actions has formed the Church.

            If those words, those actions were good: this dwells inside us;

            if those thoughts and those actions went against The Love: this dwells inside us,

            and so this has to be removed from inside us because this has wounded our flesh too greatly.

God says: “I shall purify your flesh, I shall remove from you the evil that has rooted itself within you, for this has wounded all God’s children and you are grappling with the evil within you.”

Each thought that will emerge from us and that will enter our minds and that won’t be love:

Jesus wants them.

He simply wants us to tell him: “Jesus, I don’t want any of this any longer, I give it to you; purify what’s inside me, it has made me suffer and it has made all my brothers and my sisters suffer.”

Jesus will expect this from each one of us.

It’s the same thing for our actions: without thinking about it, there are going to be actions that will enter our minds, and this will re-emerge without any effort on our part.

And Jesus simply expects a yes from us.

He wants us to give him that action, the consequence of sin, not only for us, but for all our brothers and our sisters.

This is what purification is all about.


Jesus says:

“Children of love, do not complicate your lives any longer: I am Life, I am the one who will take everything, just as I took all your sins.

“I know the offerings of your life.

“I want the consequences of all your bad thoughts, of all your bad deeds.

“You will learn to remain at peace.

“You will learn to allow yourselves to be taken up by the movement of purification, it is I who will do everything and not you; you, you must pronounce your yes.

“You must learn to remain as little children inside yourselves, who have faith only in God, not in the person that you are.

“Because you are still in your human will and, because of this, you can do nothing on your own, have faith in God, give yourselves like little children.”


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God says: “Now, take a moment to rest.” Thank you.


Jesus, you are The Love, you are the Power. You make your children travel in order to reach other children. You place the Word in our hearts so that we might be the Word. You no longer want us to be ourselves but you; so, take up all the room, do your Will in all things.

To keep God’s Word for oneself is like suffocating one’s life,

it’s preventing life from spreading its wings.

Often, we would like to live our life for ourselves, to remain in our own habits, to stay at home to avoid making efforts for others: this is what we’ve become over time.

We want to give ourselves, but the efforts are so small; sometimes, the Lord is forced to give us a push.

He knows when there’s a movement inside me that leads me to withdraw from what he’s expecting of me.

Without upsetting me, without really scolding me, he comes for me gently.

He takes me where I don’t want to go because I don’t know where he wants to take me.

The unknown scares us; we know something’s happening around us, we know something’s going to happen, but we can’t see it.

We know through the messages what’s going to happen, but we can’t manage to understand it

or, if we try to think about it, if we try to imagine it, the only result is:


         we ask ourselves if it’s really going to happen;

         and so, when we really start thinking like this: we don’t go forward, we stay where we are;

         and when we stay where we are, the first people to suffer are not others: it’s us.

Because there are others who are going forward!

There are others who, they, they abandon themselves, and then when they have a doubt, when they’re afraid: there are others who pick up the slack.

That’s because we’re not all alone, we’re the Church

 and Jesus knows when we’re afraid, he knows when we doubt.

Let’s not forget that it’s Jesus who is the Life, it’s Jesus who is the Power.

If he has the power to quiet the wind, to stop the storm, he’s capable of calming us, of coming to get us.

Sometimes, that’s what happens inside me; I know that Jesus talks to me, I know that the Trinity talks to me, but the fact is that I’m still in my human will.

I want to abandon myself in the Lord, I want to do it for all my brothers and my sisters, but there are times when I kind of miss my family.

Sometimes, I’d like to go back in time, I’d like to go back to my family the way it was before, but I know I can never do this because now I know.

He’s shown me things, he’s shown me movements, he’s made me feel movements; even if I were to go back in time, I wouldn’t be able to forget what I’d seen, so, I’m not the same person anymore.

And so, it doesn’t take much to make me go forward, a tiny movement from Jesus and whoops, I’m ready to do what he asks me.

In the beginning, Jesus had to repeat over and over and over again.

He talked to me enough to fill seven books and he said to me: “Even more than that, my daughter, more than that!” All that to lead me here, where I am today.

And do you know what made me go forward the most? It was the “I love you’s”.

Jesus wouldn’t stop telling me: “I love you, love me. I want you to love me, I want you to love me for those who do not tell me they love me.”

So, I would say: “Yes, I love you, Jesus,” but it wasn’t enough: he would show me children inside me.

I remember one day, he wanted to ask me something about abandonment and I could sense that it was about very deep abandonment, and so I got a little bit scared and I said: “Oh no, Jesus, not that!”

Then he showed me, he showed me tiny little children of two years old, three years old, who were suffering; their suffering was terrible; and so I didn’t hesitate to give my yes.

This is how they are, those who are inside us; I was moved by the two and three year old children.

That, that was in the very beginning; now, I’m moved by adults.

I’m moved by homosexuals, I’m moved by prostitutes, I’m moved by those who are unfaithful to the sacrament of Marriage, by children who leave their parents to live their lives as they please, because they’re all children.

Inside, they’re like two year olds, three year olds who, at that moment, have lost their sense of love.

When we’re born into this world, we’re love, we leave The Love, we’re so close to The Love,

it’s as we get older that we pull away from The Love.

How can we determine the moment when they completely broke away from The Love

in order to enter into suffering?

Today, adults have been suffering since they were very young, two years old, one year old, a few months, because Jesus speaks about them as if they were children, because Jesus loves them just as they are, because he sees them through his loving eyes, because he knows what’s been going on inside them since they were born.

Jesus teaches us to look at them with our eyes, but through our inner vision, and no longer with our external eyes, because when we look at them with our external eyes, what we see: are people like us.

Because we, we suffer, because we, we’ve experienced all kinds of suffering since our tender years, then we judge them based on what we, we are:

         I’ve suffered, now it’s their turn to suffer;

         I got through it, let them get through it;

         I’ve suffered and suffering and suffering doesn’t kill anyone;

         I know what crying is all about, let them cry now and it will make them stronger.

Sometimes our hearts are heavy, because we know they’re suffering:

because we’ve suffered too: our hearts felt heavy for ourselves too.

This is how we see our brothers and our sisters of the same age as ourselves, or older;

but when we look at a baby of a few months, when we look at a child of one year, of two years, of three years, of four years, then it’s a whole different matter to us: we don’t want them to go through what we went through.

How is it that we feel sorry for a child that is suffering and as soon as they’re eighteen years old, they’re adults, society doesn’t consider them as little children anymore?

That’s because our eyes have looked at this world and we’ve become part of this world: the little child that is inside us is no more.

We look at our neighbour through what we are on the outside and the little child inside us is crying, he’s crying over himself: this is every one of us.

Jesus speaks inside us so that we might stop crying over ourselves.

Jesus tells us: “Wake up! Go to the child who is crying inside you and teach him to love; he wants to be nourished with love.”

Inside us, we have everything we need in order to be love.

We were shown to seek love externally and when we didn’t find love, we went outside to be comforted.

We even went as far as stealing love that belonged to others in order to nourish ourselves.

As we get older, we seek a companion for some love and we ask him or her for love: we want to be loved.

The other can’t give us love since he hasn’t discovered the love inside himself.

As long as we don’t go inside ourselves to draw what is there for us, we won’t be love for ourselves.

There’s a source that flows inside us: it is nourished by Jesus and that’s where we must go.

We have to go inside ourselves.

It’s going to take some time before we’re able to nourish ourselves with the love that dwells inside us, since we’ve lacked nourishment for quite a few years;

and so, we’ll have to fill that need inside ourselves.

And so, God says: “Let love flow through you. Abandon yourselves. Even if there are movements around you, do not preoccupy yourselves with this because there will be more movements around you:

         You will have to block your ears to the outside world and preoccupy yourselves with what is happening inside you.

         You shall learn to have patience with yourselves.

         You shall learn to have forgiveness towards yourselves.”

God says that everything shall be granted to us inside ourselves.

In the beginning, when I started discovering Jesus’ love, inside me there were movements that would appear and that I wasn’t familiar with.

It was that I was accepting to give him my human will, and he was taking it every day and was making me discover the love inside myself.

And so, I slowly stopped demanding love from my husband; I would look at him, but in a different way.

As I was discovering my weakness inside myself, as I was discovering my lack of love inside myself, Jesus was teaching that he too had wounds inside himself, he too had a lack of love inside himself.

And so I couldn’t ask him for love anymore because the more I learned that I lacked love inside myself, and that I knew that he was experiencing the same thing, could I go searching for love and demanding love from him, while he was lacking himself?

So, by discovering this, I had just discovered wounds and Jesus was healing them for me.

You see, I didn’t know that there were so many wounds inside of me due to the lack of love that I had since I was born, but Jesus, him, he knew this.

So, when I would give him my human will, when I would give him my yes, he could act inside me.

Jesus loves God’s children and he respects who we are, he won’t force us.

Slowly, with “I love you’s”, he taught me to give him my “yeses”:

            he was fixing what was broken inside me;

            and so, I would look at my husband and I loved my husband, but in a different way:

            I loved him for what he was and no longer for what I wanted him to be.

            I was learning to love the being he was in all he represented to me:

            my husband, the being God had chosen for me, the father of my children, and the man he was.

            Now, I no longer demanded from him because I respected him as he was;

            I no longer loved him with my human will, but I loved him in Jesus,

and without making a single effort, he, he was watching all this and he too was returning that love to me.

When I discovered this, it was in January of 2001, and he died in March of 2001.

Those weeks I lived with my husband, throughout all the years we had, I never felt so much love as I felt during those moments: everything inside me was changing.

With my children too, I was changing. I loved my children, I even loved them too much! Because it was a love that was possessive, and I also wanted to control their lives because I didn’t want them to make the same mistakes as I had, because I had suffered from a lack of love: that lack of love was towards myself.

And so, slowly, with “I love you’s” from Jesus, I would look at my children differently,

and I would abandon them constantly to Jesus.

When we got married, Maurice and I, and we had children, do you know that we never had a babysitter?

Once, I remember, we went out together and we had our children babysat, and I missed them: and it was only one evening.

We would say, my husband and I: we live for our children; we love our children, but it was a love that was controlled by our human will.

When my children left home to get married, or left home to live farther away from my home, oh well, my husband and I we arranged it so that they didn’t move too far away.

We would do everything for them: we would do their renovations; we really wanted to be part of their lives, but not too much, just enough to have them very close to us: we were controlling them.

It was a possessive love and, today, I’m here very far away from my children: I can go away for weeks at a time without seeing them.

I continue to love them, but I have faith in God; I know that God is taking care of them.

He took away that worry I had over my children.

I know that when I go back home, they’ll be there where God wants them to be.

Can you see that my life has changed? That’s what God wants to do for each one of us.

He wants us to become complete beings with what we are.

We will only be complete the moment when we will be love for ourselves.

Jesus said: “Love one another as I have loved you.”

How can we love others if we don’t love ourselves?

God the Father is in the Son and the Son is in the Father.

Their love is so strong that they created the third Person: the Holy Spirit.

Isn’t this because they love each other?

God loves himself, so we have to be like God: we have to love ourselves.

Then, we’ll love our neighbour and we’ll help our neighbour, but not with our human will,

only with the Divine Will.

Jesus will change the face of the earth with love.

            The weapon that will be against hatred: is love.

            The weapon that will be against war: is love.

We want to change our governments, we want to change our way of regarding religion, but we do this with our human will.

So, if we continue doing this, we’ll always get the same result we have today: a world without faith, a world without love.

So, Jesus will build his world of love with children of love, it’s up to us to give him our yes every day and he’ll do the rest.

We have no need to worry for ourselves.

If we love ourselves, if we learn to discover that we’re love, then let’s become aware that we’ve brought forth children from our womb: those children belong to God; so, they’re beings of love just like us.

If we start on our own to love ourselves in Jesus, Jesus will do so with our children and this will take him less time than it took with us.

Remember that Jesus said that he began with the apostles, then he continued with the Christians,

after that he continued with the others all the way to us.

Now, it’s our turn on behalf of our children.

Then, let’s look back to the beginning of time until today: there are quite a few hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of years to consider.

All this, because the human will came between the Will of God and our will.

Jesus says: “Now, I no longer want your human will: give me your will; then, you shall see that in a short time I will change the face of the earth.”

If we listen to these words and if we believe in these words, it’s that we’ve already taken a step: the one of agreeing to have faith in him, to give him our human will.

Jesus says: “Now, you are going to talk about what is to come.”

You know that there are many messengers, you know that Jesus has been speaking for several years and that he’s been sending his Mother all over.

It's been more than twenty-five years that Mother Mary has been appearing.

In Medjugorge, now, Mother Mary opens hearts to lead us to the Heart of her Son.

Now, Jesus is saying: “Give up your place to the one who stole my Heart.”


The Virgin Mary: Children of love, you are here in the presence of the Will of God.

Learn, my children, that all has occurred through the Will of God.

            Each one of you must learn to abandon himself.

            Each one of you must consent to leaving his human will in the hands of my Son.

You are all called upon to give yourselves.

Give yourselves on behalf of your brothers, give yourselves on behalf of your sisters.

Open wide your interior to the graces that are granted to you.

These times have prepared you for the time that is to come.

A great movement will soon make itself seen and you shall see the glory of my Son.

You shall be before the Light and the Light shall take you.

Deep within you, there will be movements: you shall see your life.

Oh! children of love, listen to the voice of The Love’s appeal!

Make room for God's graces within you!

Be good to yourselves, be good to your brothers and your sisters.

There are among you children who will suffer, there are among you children who will know the end.

My Son, my beloved God of love, will live his Passion until the end out of love for you, for he will continue bearing all the children of the no until the end.

            Love my Son, worship my Child.

            Be humble before the greatness of God's love.

            Be obedient to the commandments of God the Father.

            Follow my Son’s teachings diligently, this is a life’s principle for you.

            Do not regard others through what you are.

My Son shall work within you to repair all your injustices.

The more room you allow him, the more you shall find peace within yourselves.

My children, your Mother is by your side; around you, many angels are in your presence; the saints in Heaven do not cease interceding on behalf of each of you.

Be humble, be little, you are all my little children; my Heart allowed itself to be pierced by a sword out of love for you.

The Mother of God is asking you to love one another.

Be patient, my children, for here comes the time you have been waiting for, but beforehand, there are movements which are unfamiliar to you which must occur, for my Son has prepared everything for you.

He is the Word and he carries out the Will of his Father.

Accept the graces from Heaven. They are for you and for those you carry within yourselves.

My children of love, receive the blessing from my priest, the one my Son has sent to you.

Graces of light shall be granted to you, many children shall be healed.

The grace of God is above all that which you can see and conceive.


Blessing from the priest.