Gathering of Love With God’s Action in Saint-Liguori, Québec

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus




Jesus : My children of love, God grants your human will a moment : a single moment, in eternity. This intimacy is an intimacy made possible through an instrument. This short moment, my children, is for you : it has been chosen in time. You are not here by accident. I, I say to you, through this instrument of love, that I, through my love, have seen and have prepared this moment.

I want to have you for myself, I want to fulfill you, I want to show you the importance of my love for you.

Your era, my children, has been chosen since all eternity to have the knowledge of God’s Will in the present time.

I taught my apostles my teachings; they contained my Father’s love.

These same teachings are always present; they have been inscribed within you for I am the Word.

The Word is life, the Word is presence; as you are present here, you are therefore in my Presence.

You live in me, I make you live.

For each moment of your life which takes place in the present :

it is I, the Life within you, it is I who bring you what you need, it is I who make you aware of what your body needs, so that you may journey daily with your brothers, with your sisters.

My children of love, I gave my apostles living words :

how you were meant to behave.

This is God’s presence within you, you are in God.

You have forgotten, for the most part, my words.

I say this because you carry your brothers and your sisters.

You, who are here, you have accepted, my children, to live in the Divine Will.

To live in the Divine Will is to renounce your human will to come and immerse yourselves in my action.

You all carry your brothers and your sisters and it is also for them that I speak;

I do not speak only for you who listen to this instrument with your human ears;

I speak and it is the Word that you are hearing.

The Word is living, it is active : it emerges from the Divine Will in order to give, to all the children of the earth, graces.

You are within the movement of love, you are active when you abandon yourselves to my Will.

You bring my words to all the children of the earth

you open your hearts,

you allow God to give graces of love to all his children.

This time, my children, is a time which is present.

You live in the present and this is part of eternity.

There is no past, no future in eternity for eternity IS.

You are in God, I am the Alpha and the Omega.

Everything in me is the Power.

I am my Father’s Anointed, your Father’s.

He gave me everything and I give you everything.

For those who answer yes, I release a flood of graces.

The very same flood of graces I gave from my cross : it is in the present time.

I do not cease allowing my Precious Blood to flow in order to purify you.

There are so many sins in this world and as long as there is a single sin,

I will let my Blood flow, my Purifying Blood.

I am coming, my children, very soon to show you the present. I am coming very soon to show you

that you are present : I, my children, I AM. Soon, I will show you that you have always been in me.

My children of love, within you there is a wonderful place where all is nothing but light, but joy, but happiness, but jubilation : this is Heaven, this is God’s home.

It is in each one of you, it is you, my children, who do not see it.

I have put this place within you so that I might dwell in your interior.

God in his almightiness, in his divine sight, saw men;

he saw how weak they were, those men who said no to obedience!

My children of love, when Adam was created, I placed my Presence within him.

God’s breath is within you : it is life.

Life is me, you could not live without God.

I placed within Adam a place of love so that God might dwell within his child.

I placed within him all graces so that he might blossom in God’s presence.

God, in love with his child, fulfilled him.

He gave him everything so that he could recognize himself as a child of God,

but God also wanted to obtain love from this child;

he had given his love, he also wanted for the child to give of himself.

For this, he requested his obedience.

What does he do, God’s child, the one who was supposed to love God?

He moved away from him to go and take what God had asked him not to take.

My children of love, you have, you as well, taken what he took : your human will.

I gave you love and I claim love from you.

I saw everything that was within you : I saw what this disobedience would do within each one of you,

and I gave love, my love, so that you might show my Father that you love him.

This is why, my children, I came among you to teach my apostles about my Father’s love so that you might respond to his appeal for love.

You have within you everything Adam received.

You have Heaven within you.

You must go within yourselves in order to allow God to take you so that you may blossom.

There is only I, his Son, who can transform you into what Adam was before the disobedience.

It is necessary to be obedient to my Word, to that Word that is within you.

All teachings are in the present.

Now, my loves, you must search deep inside yourselves so that you may recognize yourselves as you are at the present moment.

After the fall of you first parents, you have allowed so many errors to penetrate you, so many falsehoods!

You have become numbed by your errors, your falsehoods;

the devil has known how to manipulate you;

I, my loves, not a single moment have I left the place where I have fixed myself  : within you.

Only at the moment when I, your God, I will show you that you are in my presence, only then, will a decision have to be made :

the one of knowing if you still want to be in my presence.

My loves, there will not be other moments for you.

Throughout eternity, we have chosen the moment;

it shall be unique, as my Sacrifice on the Cross : it is unique.

When you will be in God’s presence, you will be in the presence of your life : the life within you;

I will ask you, at that moment, for love.

I who have given you everything, who have given you love, I will claim that love from you,

and it is only one word that will ensure that you will be in my Presence for eternity.

If that word is yes, you shall be called children of God,

but if that word is no, you shall no longer be in God’s presence,

and it will be you yourselves who will have made this choice.

Oh! my loves, my gentle beloved, hear my plea!

At every moment, I allow myself to be crucified on your behalf, my Blood flows for you.

I love you. I want to have you within myself, within my Life for eternity.

You must give me your life, you must give me the lives of all your brothers and of all your sisters that you carry within you.

O Word, spread the love, give the children graces that make them realize they are God’s children, teach them to recognize themselves as they are! The Life will help them become children of love.

O little beloved ones, you who are present here, know how much I love all those you carry!

There is no greater love than mine.

There is no word that you know of that can describe it, there is only my Mother who knows it.

Loves of my life, give me your lives.

        I want your lives for those :

        who give me nothing,

        who reject me,

        who blaspheme me,

        who throw stones at me,

        who pierce my Heart,

        who make it known to other children that I am not present within them.

I need you so much! I love you!

I shout out these words because they are not heard : they do nothing more than float by.

Little loves,

        I want you to be obedient to my teachings;

        I want you to known who you are, to know what sin has done inside you.

        You will discover, my loves : how much I love you, to which extent I know everything about you and how much I have sustained you despite all your faults;

        I want to bring you peace;

        I want to chase worries away from you : all that which fosters fear leads to passing judgement; all that which is violent brings you feelings of anxiety; it is important to know that, when you are resplendent, you are children of love made by God.

        I want to remove everything sin has brought about : you are from me, you are not children who are heedless, angry, judgmental, lying, violators; you are not killers of souls, you are children of God.

Look at this little baby (a baby present during the gathering), he is life, he is pure.

There is not a more beautiful baby than this one, for he is of me.

You are unique to me : You are all this little baby.

You are so precious to me!

Oh! allow yourselves to be caressed by me; allow yourselves to be rocked by my gentleness;

allow yourselves to be swept up by the wings of the Holy Spirit who wants to show you that you are so little, so light that with a single breath you fly towards my Father, my Heavenly Father.

My loves, God himself has chosen this instrument : she did not choose herself;

she did not even know why she was part of this world : she became so because she responded to obedience.

She went forward while bearing sin within herself : she experienced, just like you, shame, indignation.

she acknowledged herself as a sinner and, today, she knows that she must devote herself completely to me because, without me : she is nothing but sin.

I, I am, the Purity : she can therefore only be pure by living through me.

My children of love, to speak in God, through God,  with God, to forget one’s body, one’s thoughts, to forget one’s external life : it is necessary to say yes,

and it is that yes that makes it possible for me to be here in Words, she repeats what she hears

and, I, I make her body function because I will it so and because she has pronounced her yes.

These moments are for you and for all the children you carry.

I myself am coming to tell you that you are presently living moments of grace;

they are preparing you for my visual coming within each of you, within all the children you carry.

It has been said that you will see my Father’s kingdom. Whoever sees me, sees my Father

you will see the Son of the Father;

you will see, my children, the Word being accomplished for God is truth;

all that which comes from him is within you;

you cannot escape what is within you :

the Word is living, the Word is life.

Give God your life so that you may carry out his Will of love;

by wanting to live in the present, you accept my presence within you :

you will see, my children, the present being accomplished;

do not ask yourselves questions regarding the date : what a waste of time!

Be in the present moment;

take advantage of the graces and let those you carry profit from the graces I bestow;

when the time of the Great Purification arrives, my children of love : you will be ready.

I give graces of love to each one of you; through the presence of my priests, receive these graces. Amen.


Abbé André Chevalier : From almighty God, in his infinite mercy, from Jesus Christ, the obedient Son, the Spirit of Life, The Love in our lives, may they keep you forever in their peace; in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


All : Amen.


The Girl of my Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit : Many among you have received graces today. These graces are present because God wills it.

When he came to make himself heard within me, I didn’t believe this could happen to me. Me, among millions and millions, who was I, me? This doesn’t happen that easily. There were entire days spent asking myself questions : why me, Jesus?

And at the same time, a joy, a joy that lets itself develop inside us, in me, without my wanting to stop it,

at the same time that I was feeling unworthy, there was something inside me that was making me go forward : a grace that made me always say yes,

and I was suffering because I was asking myself : “Lord, is this pride?" : at the same time because it hurts to know that I feel like a chosen one.

I lived this alone, because I didn’t dare talk to anyone about it : it was quite painful, my husband was alive at that time;

I had good children; I didn’t understand what was happening to me, but I was welcoming all this;

also, I think I received a beautiful grace : of not thinking about the future;

it was as if I was letting myself flow moment by moment into what was happening around me, into what I didn’t understand.

That voice that was talking inside me, that seemed to mingle with my thoughts;

sometimes and, not just sometimes, I would say to myself : “Ah! it’s my imagination”;

and then the voice would say to me : “It’s me. I’m the one who’s talking to you, listen” : and then there were “I love you’s”.

It didn’t happen as easily as this, he was always asking me to abandon myself,

and Mother Mary would say : “Be obedient”;

despite my doubts, I did everything I was being told;

that voice that was talking inside me, I listened to it, always in spite of my doubt;

I continued listening, because all I was hearing : they were words of love;

there was nothing wrong with doing what they were telling me because they were words of : “I love you. Give yourself. Look how beautiful he is, he is mine that child.”

(Before my husband's death) And then when he would say : “Look at your husband. I am in him.”

Ah! I had a lot to develop, to give up, to abandon myself because I would argue with my husband a lot.

that was a sort of my character since I was very young, even quite young, then, it was…,

I remember because at my house, they used to say that I was pig-headed :  I always wanted to be right;

and so, this went on with my husband; but my husband was like me, he would argue as much as me;

but it was never in a mean way, you know, it was, for example, if I said : “Oh! this is what I paid…” (he) “Well no, that’s not what you paid, you paid this much…”(I) “No, that’s not it”;

and then, I would have fun, not really have fun, but I would show him the proof : “look, I have the receipts, here, look, I’m right.”

Back then, that was my life, not my whole life but, still!

this brought about moments of conflict with my husband, yes, not in a mean way, but there were moments when I didn’t want to talk to him;

Phew! it would last maybe a few minutes,

but the Lord, he would say to me : “Look at him, tell him you love him”

ah! I couldn’t not obey the voice inside me;

I always had my human side that stopped me from letting go,

but I was obedient to the voice : and so, I would go do it;

I would say : “I love you” and sometimes he would say : “Go kiss him”;

Ah! my God! that, that was after an argument, of all things : and so, I would go.

And so, how could I wonder if the voice inside me was coming from something evil?

I couldn’t, and so during really difficult moments, I said to myself : “Well! If I’m the one who’s doing it, it can’t be bad”; but, then, I started thinking : “Oh! what if  it’s a trick!” but I’m writing what the voice is telling me and yet…

what he was making me write, they were things that I didn’t even know about;

but in moments of doubt, all that would come to me was : “Ah! what if I deceive my brothers and my sisters, what if this is coming from me!”

this, this made me suffer the most : it was to deceive you!

It was very hard, I was begging Jesus to take away the voice inside me,

and then, then, he would console me through graces :

I would feel beautiful joys inside me;

and so I was, like this; all of a sudden : I was completely calm, completely at peace inside myself : then, I didn’t worry anymore.

And so, I think, God was allowing those moments to purify me of all my sins,

and I have committed many, like all children, because we are in our human will.

You know, today, they say there are no more sins. You are going to be surprised : in the fourth volume, when he talks about what we will see inside ourselves, believe me that we should allow ourselves to be taken up by his graces right now in order to allow ourselves be purified.

Today, I continue without having that pain inside myself;

I no longer doubt that voice I hear because what I write :

I myself don’t believe that I would be capable of it and I don’t believe that Monique, either, would be capable of it and the people around me either;

maybe there are some, I don’t know, it’s not even up to me to know whether or not;

no, I’m talking about what I, I know;

I don’t know much, but I know that what I hear inside myself, that's so wonderful!

It’s love, love, love! It’s forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness! It’s mercy!

It’s wonderful, you know, what I’m living

and I think that for Monique as well, it’s wonderful what we are living together;

the writings are teaching us to know ourselves in our heart of hearts;

this goes inside us to get : the unknown;

we don’t know why we act a certain way, he, he shows us why, but in such a simple way!

"Ah! yes Lord, it’s true, this is how we are" : when God corrects us, it’s not in the same way we do it.

 (Someone asks what this is like.) : ah! wonderful sentence structures, words we can’t even think of and words we all know because they’re words that are, after all, in the dictionary!

Do you know that, sometimes, he uses words that don’t even exist?

But he has so much pity for me that, sometimes, he will get a word for me that I know and then, he uses it;

because, sometimes, he says such things, I say : “Ah! Lord, that doesn’t even exist!”

and he gives us the whole explanation in our own words.

And so, God loves us and it’s of such simplicity, God’s love! There’s nothing complicated about it!

I’m not saying that the theologians haven’t found the truth, they are truthful : the theologians;

they explain Jesus’ teachings with their knowledge, that’s nice!

but me, I couldn’t manage to understand them;

and so, I imagine God must have had pity on me and he also had pity on certain people who are like me;

and so, that’s why he picked someone who is simple,

and I’m not the only one, you know!

God also talks to me about his other messengers : we each have a mission;

we all have a different mission, but we have the same mission :

it’s his Word.

There are not two of them. It’s always the same message : to take us towards his Father,

and so, he uses all kinds of ways to say this.

Each one of us, we have to welcome these messages, here, with our heart, not with our mind :

not by saying : “Me, I prefer this one. I prefer that one. Ah! Hey him!"

No, you have to let yourself flow into the Holy Spirit, you have to let him take you;

it is they who will know if what we are going to understand : it's going to be for us;

it’s not for us to know if what we’re reading : this is for us or this is not for us.

Who are we to know if something should please us or should not please us?

It is up to God!

If we say our yes to God : well, we have to leave all that room for him!

We have to know that a yes is a complete abandonment.

If, he, he wants to give us feelings of joy while we read : “Thank you, Lord!”

and if we don’t get any : “Thank you, Lord!”

it doesn’t really matter because he, he knows what we need to draw from reading a text;

but also, we have to discover, and this is something that’s very important : to no longer judge our neighbour but to love him;

if he’s wrong, we give him to God :

He is present. He is powerful.

Do you know what it can do when we say : “Lord, I give him to you”?

We no longer think about him, we no longer correct him, we no longer judge him : and well, we learn to love God;

just think that God lives in each one of us;

and when, one single time, we say a little word against a single one among us : well, we hurt Jesus!

we’re not loving him at that moment!

Him, he continues loving us,

but it’s as if we had just said to him : “I don’t love you, Jesus” : but, he still continues loving us.

Before all this I didn’t know how to love my neighbour, not at all!

I didn’t even know how to love my husband, how to love my children!

I, who used to say : “I love you, Maurice”, now that he’s in Heaven, that he’s with me : and well, now we learn how to say loving words to each other, but real loving words!

and so, can you imagine when we will be completely love,

how wonderful it will be when we will live, on earth, as children of God?

  Sometimes, I say : “Lord, are you coming?

Is it really true, Lord, that we’re going to live those moments?”

And then, he says : “You don’t believe?

Don’t you know that I love you, that I died on the Cross

Do you believe in that?”

“Oh yes! Lord, I believe in it.”

I thank you and this thank you does not come from me, but from Jesus;

what is wonderful today, is that :  when I talk, I know that it’s not the other me, the old me, who is talking, it’s the one who let herself be transformed by Jesus, the one who learned to talk, who also learned to abandon herself :

"Thank you, Love, for letting your little daughter talk to her brothers and her sisters";

I would never have known these wonderful moments without you,

because when we learn to love one another, to give ourselves to one another :

that’s when Jesus allows himself to be discovered;

and so, without you, I would never have discovered Jesus.


Thank you very much.