Gathering of Love With God's Action in Longueuil, Quebec,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus




The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Since the beginning of the world, God the Son has always been present with each one of us; he brings us the Father's joy, he brings us hope for an eternal life.

By dying in him, we learn to live; we learn to give ourselves; we learn to keep the love, the love that we received from the moment the first person received God's breath.

In each one of us, we have the promise of an eternal love, of an eternal peace, of an eternal joy.

Each one of us carries inside him: the Church.

It's our duty to give ourselves for the greater Glory of God the Father; in order to understand what he expects of us, we must give our life to Jesus.

By giving our life to Jesus, we choose the Church, we choose loyalty to the Church.

God gave us his Being: the Being of his Being, so that we could understand his Will.

To give up everything we know is to live in the knowledge of God.

God's Spirit stirs above us; it cannot enter our being unless we, we agree to die in God's Spirit: we must die in Jesus, we must give up the human spirit to be able to enter the Divine Spirit.

Everything is in God, nothing belongs to us; God opens up the paths and his paths lead us to him.

On earth, we have choices to make; those choices, we have to make them only in God; if we make choices with our human will, we walk along the road of man, and this leads us towards results of our own making.

But if we choose God's choices, which are the sacraments, prayer, sacrifices, we choose God's path: God's path is to lead us to death, death to oneself, in order to know eternal life.

We will only know eternal life if we die in Jesus; only then will we know eternal life.

Now, God is saying: “Close your eyes.”


Jesus: In each one of you, God speaks; in each one of you, you have received grace; grace accompanies you, it leads you to where humans cannot enter the Light.

The Light is within you, the Light is calling you; it leads you towards eternal happiness, a happiness that you can experience as of this moment.

There, where the Light is: you are, for I am the Light: I came so that you could enter the Light, so that you could understand my Father's Will.

I am the Church; I came to establish my Church so that you could enter the Light.

Each child places his yes at the foot of the Light and it is the Light who takes that yes and makes it enter.

When you agree to abandon everything about yourself, how the Light makes you go forward and how much the Light makes you understand!

Yes, I shall show you your place, in the same way that I was with John Paul II, as he is with me.

All has been fulfilled.

He came through my Father's choice and he carried out, in Christ, my Father's Will: for him, everything was nothing but joy.

He came to know suffering, he came to know what abandonment is; God took from around him his loved ones, and he became stronger.

He gave, he agreed to offer to God his loved ones who were part of his life, so that he might be completely devoted to God.

At that moment, he was becoming mine; he was no longer himself, but he was agreeing to being what I wanted of him.

He was like the star that shone throughout your times of darkness: you fixed your eyes upon that star, and God was making that star go forward; he was guiding you; he was leading you to where God wanted you to be; and you walked while your eyes were fixed upon that star: a star of love, of abandonment, of renunciation, of sacrifice.

He was created as a role model for you; he was, he is for you: the Church.

I am the Church and he was the leader of the Church, and he is the leader of the Church, he guides you; he is always by your side, my children: have faith in the Word of God.

God gazed upon his servant and God glorified his servant; it was necessary for all this to be so that you could understand the Scriptures.

A man came into this world; he said yes unconditionally; he accepted everything; he placed his feet in the footsteps of Christ and his steps became the footsteps of Christ; he took everything upon himself; he accepted everything; he never judged; he prayed; he was merciful, forgiving all those who were judging him, who were slandering him, who were insulting him: he was in the joy of Christ, for all was nothing but joy in his heart, for he never stopped giving thanks to God for having made him like this.

O Grace, you rendered John Paul humble, my chosen one, my second, the greatest of the great, so that he might be humble, so that he might be little in the face of the mission that the Eternal One was entrusting to him.

And you, the sheltered ones, and you, the members, you are the chosen ones so that you might follow his example, so that you might be role models for the entire world.

You are the chosen ones because God has willed it; you are the members because God has willed it; you have been and you are: remain as such in peace.

Rejoice for having been witness to the Father's love for the Pope, and soon another Pope will be leader of the Church; he will be in God's love, his mercy shall be upon him: he shall guide his steps.

Children of love, pray, sacrifice yourselves, offer yourselves:

prayer is power, prayer will sanctify the entire earth.

Keeping the faith is keeping your eyes open; keeping hope alive is wanting to hear God's Will; remaining keeping love alive is to silence your human will and dying in Jesus: all is in God.

Remain at peace and you will help your brothers and your sisters; be love and all that is of God shall cover the earth and shall repel the forces of darkness, for the forces of darkness will attack, they will want to envelop the Church; they will want to kill the Pope, for the forces of darkness do not want a guide; they do not want you to be under the power of the star that leads you towards the New Earth.

Be humble, be little, there shall reside the strength of the Church.

Be true, believe in the Good News, believe in me, Jesus; I came and I am.

I am the one who is the Good Shepherd, I place shepherds among you so that you can follow them, so that you can be together in peace.

Go forward in peace, be true; do not be afraid; do not look around you, for when you see fear, fear dominates you; it causes you to commit gestures against yourselves, against the Church, against your brothers and your sisters.

Yes, there is suffering; yes, there are graces; yes, there are sacrifices and there is abundance; be in that abundance for, soon, there shall be great sufferings.

How will you, you who do not listen, be able to sustain the weaker ones? Be strong, be true, remain humble, obedient to the Church: I am the Church.

My Word is within you; I am the Word: imprint the Word within yourselves; keep my Father's commandments: all has been given on your behalf.

John Paul II believed; John Paul II was in the truth to the very end, holding firm; therefore, he is the star in the heavens for you: fix your eyes upon the heavens for the heavens do not betray God's children.

Be completely love in me, Jesus, only in me; to give up the human will is to immerse yourselves in the Divinity of Christ; remain in me and do not leave me. Amen.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: These days have been days of light, days of mercy.

God has spoken of mercy before the burial of the body of our Blessed Father: he was a Father to us, it was as if he surrounded us.

John Paul II, with his pain, said to us: “I suffered, but I accomplished what I had to accomplish.” And it's our life that we saw in John Paul II.

God wanted for all to be fulfilled.

He sent us many messages, warning us that if we only listened to human will, we would become lost, we would die, but not die in Jesus, but die of pain.

When we allow ourselves to be nourished by fear, we suffer and we make others suffer: this is what he warned us about in certain messages, but God had sent us his Mother and she told us: “All will depend upon prayers.” And John Paul II was under the protection of prayer.

We prayed, we said yes continuously and all this bore fruit: John Paul II, he's like the fruit from the tree.

Remember when he (Jesus) passed by the fig tree, there wasn’t a single fruit; he said, “Cut the tree down.”

So the owner said “Leave it a little longer.” And he said, “Yes.” And then John Paul II came along.

It was necessary for one fruit to grow on the tree for others to be able to grow, John Paul II was that fruit: the Scriptures were fulfilled.

It's not a human spirit that can speak like this, but the Spirit of God.

The Spirit of God lets us know what we must know, the moment when the Will of God wants to make us understand: this doesn’t belong to us, but how great it feels to move forward while letting ourselves be guided by the star: the star that leads us towards our birth.

We have to follow that star once again, but in peace: that peace is inside us through Jesus.

The moment when we receive Jesus: we receive peace; the moment when we let ourselves become immersed in his Precious Blood: we allow ourselves to be purified by Jesus; everything is for us; we have to keep ourselves in that peace.

The night before the death of John Paul II, right at the end of the meeting, Jesus was announcing a movement to us that was beginning: a movement of love for the Church, a movement of revelation.

We didn’t understand, us, when we heard this, but we gave everything to God and we abandoned ourselves.

And so the Blessed Virgin, during the Rosary, towards the end, appeared to me on the inside; she made me understand that I had to make a detour from the route I had to take to reach Edmonton; by following my original plans, I would return to civilization; (and) I would have witnessed everything that was going on in the world through the media, and God showed me his Will.

The Mother of God told me to go (another way): she presented herself, she opened her arms wide, and with one arm she showed me the way that I was to follow and she said to me “Go.” Then, I knew that I had to go through the Rockies, which would take me away from civilization.

An entire day in the mountains (Rockies)!

And so, then, I heard speak about strength, I heard speak about love, about protection, about peace.

God made me understand that man can’t move mountains, only God can: I saw mountains falling; so, I turned my eyes away (my eyes were glued to this sight); (a few hours later), he reprimanded me and he said to me: “I shall make the human will crumble.”

Then, in that moment, I understood that when God gives us messages, we have to leave everything up to God; our soul must open itself up to God's messages and our human will must allow itself to be enveloped by God's power: this is what he was showing me.

So, when we arrived, very late, the first thing that was announced to us: was John Paul II’s death.

They had the television on and I glanced at it; right away, he (Jesus) said to me: “Go, and do not do that.” So, I went to my room and I received a message from the Lord; and, after, I got up (because I was on my knees) and (I went to join them); out of respect, they turned the television off.

But in the moment that I had looked at it and in the time that it took to go to my room, I felt an emotion inside of me, with my human will: “Oh! What’s going to happen?”  So, there was something rising up inside me: a doubt, an emptiness, a powerlessness before everything we were living on earth.

Then, God took us: we went to pray; there was a little chapel, images of the Blessed Virgin (and) we lit a candle and God spoke to us, and he reprimanded us: “Why this fear?” I am the Church, the Church is powerful, the Church is nothing but love.

I am the Good Shepherd; it is up to me to guide you, it is up to me to make of you my Father's promised ones.

Remain at peace, follow the path I have laid out for you; do not lose the peace within you through your thoughts, through your fears; your human will is against you, it is against the Church.

Be little before the greatness of God; God (the Son) carries out the Will of God (the Father), so follow in God's footsteps.

Remain simple, remain in the truth, for fear distances you from the truth; fear places you in a state of instability in which you live along with confusion: return to me, receive graces.»

And so God talked to us, taught us like this for fifteen minutes, and after we felt joy that rose up (inside us), and we worshipped, we sang for our Blessed Father the Pope: we thanked the Church.

It was in that peace that we went to bed and it was an incredible peace.

Then, the next day, it was Sunday.

During mass and the Offertory, Jesus always asks me: “Give me your life, give me the lives of all my children.” And then, my eyes looked inside myself towards Heaven and then, I saw John Paul II.

He was so beautiful, he was radiant and so peaceful, and he was smiling at us.

He was all white, I couldn’t see his feet; on his garment there was a golden colour, but not too much, it was mostly white.

He was very beautiful and he spoke, and he said: “I am still the leader of the Church. I am your shepherd. I am always with you, I protect you.” He said: “Pray for the Church and be obedient to the Church.” He was reminding us that he wanted us to be obedient, as he had always asked us to be; his voice was gentle, his voice was firm.

After, he said: “Obey the Good Shepherd.”

The Good Shepherd, that’s Jesus who’s the Head of the Church: we owe obedience to Jesus in all things: that’s what the Church is.

And then after, we all received a blessing, because when I received the blessing, my knees sort of gave out: I fell down, like a movement I couldn’t control.

Then, I made my sign of the cross in the name of all brothers and sisters; this was showing me that it wasn’t (only) for me, but the entire Church.

During Communion, I saw Jesus, and Jesus said to me: “Now, all children who bear a yes within them are ready to pronounce their yes to God.” That, that was the first time he was saying this to us.

And I saw Jesus in Heaven, he filled Heaven up completely, and he opened his arms: all were like children, there were thousands, and thousands, and thousands, and thousands, who were all there; they had their hands raised and after, in contemplation, they all came before Jesus and his arms enfolded them, it was as if he was showing me that there wasn’t even one that was missing: he possessed that power to enfold all God's children inside himself; and we all went up and we formed one heart, and then it stopped.

So God says that we, we have to be calm, at peace; after, I had many visions (like these).

We must understand that only those who will remain at peace will benefit from the Church’s graces; those who lose their peace can't help their brothers and their sisters.

We have to remain at peace so that the Church can be strong: we’re members of the Church.

If the members of the Church remain fearful, doubtful, uncertain in their faith, if we stumble, we let Jesus carry the Cross alone.

Yes, the Church will come to know a great movement of love but, before that can be fully realized, it will undergo more trials.

So God says to us: “Go forward like John Paul II went forward, he was and is the role model.”

He said this to us: “There are only the children of the yes, who are at peace, who will help other children of the yes who are ready to pronounce their yes; but this must happen without tremendous suffering.”

Yes, we have suffering; yes, we have husbands who don't practise; yes, we’re sick; yes, we carry children who don't go to mass; yes, we hear cursing, our Church, our Bishop, our Cardinal are ridiculed.

You know, I travel these days and they say that in Quebec we're lousy role models, and they pray for us;

because what they hear is that so many people in Quebec don’t go to Church; they hear about those those who write in newspapers and who ridicule our Blessed Father and our Cardinal.

Us, the Quebecois, we carry our brothers and our sisters of Quebec and we have to support them;

we have to associate ourselves to the entire Church because, at this moment, we're the worst ones on earth.

Here, we're lousy role models; but we have a role model: John Paul II.

Let’s take refuge under the wings of John Paul II; let’s do what he agreed to do: John Paul II, they ridiculed him to the very end.

Even today we heard words saying: “Oh well, we’ll be free now, we’ll be able to get what we wanted.”

There are some who say this, and we don't need to listen to that; as soon as you hear that: offer it; don't try to feed human curiosity, but let’s offer it.

He, John Paul II, he did it; do you think he listened to everything? He would begin to pray, he would take his rosary and he prayed for them: and so we have to pray for them.

They, down there, they sustain us; we're not all alone.

You see, we could have said: “But who do they think they are? Us, we pray, we're not that bad. Some of us pray!” No, this isn't the right attitude; we have to accept that we've been a province that hasn’t been loyal in all things, to God.

What does it matter if we're the smallest number to have maintained loyalty to the Church, that’s not what counts: it's accepting everything, it's being humble, that’s what God is expecting from us.

God will give us graces up to the moment when we, we’ll be able to accept them.

Because he had faith in his sacrifice, he had confidence in us; we have to accept to consider ourselves as children who need graces: “Thank you, thank you, because you have always taken care of us, Father.”

This is what we have to do and accept.

And he showed me great winds, such violent winds that everything in their path couldn’t resist: it would crumble; and he showed me a person who was forced to hold onto a lamppost, because everything was being blown away and he couldn’t even stand up any longer; God said to me: “This is fear. You must not be afraid.”

And he also showed me people who were going about their days in peace; they were in the presence of all this, but they were as if protected in a house and they were calm: this house represents the Church.

We have to remain calm.

There will be a lot of violence in the way of words, in the way of changes, but this, it's not up to us to understand what this means, but we have to maintain our being in graces: our entire being, our soul and our body.

Our worldly spirit, we have to leave it to God, because it's the only way to help the Church and to do what the Blessed Virgin has asked us.

To pray with the heart is to keep our peace, it's to have faith in her Son like tiny little children.

This is what she’s asking, Mother Mary; this is what we must do.

We have to sustain the Church; we have to sustain the Pope who’s to come; we mustn’t anticipate that “This is going to be the bad Pope!”

Who are we to say that? Isn't it our human will that wants this? Isn't it the evil inside us that wants this? So, let’s not maintain ourselves in human will.

The world: this is what it wants, but the world in God: this is the Will of God the Father and not the will of men.

So, let’s praise God for all he's taught us today: John Paul II is with us, he’s in Heaven.

Mother Mary protected him to the very end; because without this, he would have suffered terribly; Jesus says: “much more than what he suffered”; all is in God.

Today, we also had a role model through a member (of the Church): the woman who died in suffering due to cancer: she accepted God's graces.

She believed for a moment that she was going to be cured of cancer, but she gave to God, she accepted everything, gave everything: there are others who will come to know sanctification through pain, but with all of God's graces.

We also have to accept the suffering of the Church with God's graces.

Do you believe that the one who is to come will be able to calm agitated minds? They wanted our John Paul II to issue laws accepting marriage among priests, the contraceptive pill, accepting abortion: do you believe that those people will back down? They too will want to obtain acceptance for the world’s mistakes.

They’re all God's children; they’re suffering, but human will has gained the upper hand and it's human will that will do battle inside them: and so we’ll maintain our peace, our confidence, and this will sustain the one who is to come.

Let’s have faith in the Church.

Let’s not try to understand, this will depend on love, on prayer, on sacrifices.

Mother Mary says: “Sacrifices, sacrifices, sacrifices.” So we have to go into the Heart of Mary and give thanks for all we have just heard.

By going to the very Heart of Mary, by singing a song of love like John Paul II loved to hear: the song that rises up to Heaven.

Thank you, Lord Jesus.