Launch of Volume 1

Gathering of Love With God’s Action In Longueuil (Quebec)

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus




The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit :  I am in the presence of my God of love. He tells me that I belong to him and that you belong to him.


God the Father :  My children of love, it is I, your God, who speak through this child, to speak to you, to address you, so that you may know that I am in you, that I live in each one of you.

I am not a ghost, I am not a God made of paper, I am alive, I am in you, my children.

Look at yourselves :  you get up each morning after a night of agitated sleep, and you realize that each morning, in your mirror, there you are, my children.

I am in you; if you are there, present in front of that reflection, it is because I, I willed it so.

It is I who have chosen you to be here on this earth.

It is not you, my children, who are the authors of this through your intimate relations :

it is I, The Love, through the relations of two beings of love, who sees to it that you, you are two children who love each other and who bring a being of love into this world;

it is through me, it is through the power of my Volition that this child comes to life.

I am the God of The Love, I am the Life.

To you, all life is a token of my presence within you.

Realize who you are, from where you come!

You may try as you might, my children, to function in this world that teaches you how to behave;

when you are in disagreement with yourselves, or with your neighbour, the fact still remains that you come from me, and are not products of a world of science.

This modernism in which you live makes you forget the essential elements of your existence.

You were born, my children, to come to your Father :

the one who created you, the one who loved you, so much so as to give his own Child : his Son of love.

Yes, my children, I am God the Father, I am present here with you, I am in the process of making you hear my Will :  the one of making you realize that you come from me.

Take, my children, this token of love that let you know that you are of me and that it is towards me that you will come one day.

I will show you my love for each one of you.

I will say to each of you “You, to whom I have given my breath, come to me, come closer, your place is here with me.”

Although many in this world deny my presence within themselves, they are my children; it is I who have chosen them.

I want them all in me, I want to give them my eternal love, I want them to be in me, eternally happy, as you should have been.

From the moment I formed Adam, my son of my creation, my holy love, I gave him a part of myself, I gave him my breath of love, so that he might have life inside him.

And you, my children, who are children of the breath of my love, to me you are the same children who issued from my holy child of love.

You issued from a generation of love, and you refuse to acknowledge from whom you come, why you are here.

What is the purpose of your knowledge, my children, if you do not even know that you come from me?

And it is because of your habits of wanting to take yourselves for little gods that you do not realize that you live independently from the Being of love who created you, who gave you everything, who offered you everything so that you might be in love.

You want to live of your freedom;

you want to reach a goal : the one of succeeding in life,

so that you can say to yourselves one day : “Here I am at the pinnacle of my life, with all I have amassed.”

I want to show you, my children, that your material gains, that your wallets, are not the pinnacle of your life.

It is you who count!

It is you, my children, who must consider your life, the one that will be eternal,

it will not end on the day your heart will stop beating : your life, my children, does not die!

But, inside you there is an act of love which you must consider :

the one of choosing the life you want for eternity.

It is your yes to The Love that will ensure that you will come to know an eternal happiness or,

my children, an unhappiness that will turn you into beings who are independent of the Love.

Yes, my children of love, go ahead and think that your world is too evolved, too high-performance in all it has invented in order to show that it is better than me, The Love, nevertheless, hell still exists.

You are afraid for some people among you to speak about this reality.

You may avoid uttering the words, but it exists.

It is not on this earth, it has its own place, there where all is nothing but suffering.

My children, I, your Father, I speak to you as a loving Father.

Can a father leave his child in ignorance by allowing him to live his life, without showing him the danger he is risking if he behaves badly?

A father is not like this.

I am your Father of love, I love you.

I want to take care of each of you.

To live in ignorance is to walk on a wire above a chasm.

Yes, my children, I love you too much, I want to take you in my arms, I want to say to you “I love you. Come, come learn that Papa loves you, that he wants you with him for eternity.”

But you, little children of love, are you ready to listen to these loving words which I place within you each day?

Not for a single moment do I leave you;

not for a single moment do I leave you without taking care of each one of you.

It is you who ignore me, it is you who do not want to listen to my voice that cries out inside of you.

You numb yourselves with your daily routines.

        It is normal to work;

        it is also normal to have pleasure with your friends;

        it is normal to eat food, to rest after a day’s work.

        Is it normal, my children, to be unaware that I, your Father, have seen to it that you were given eyes to see beauty, ears to hear my songs of love, hands to look after your daily tasks, and legs, my children, to take you to those you love?

You are unaware that everything comes from me. It is I who provide you with what you eat, it is I who give you food to satisfy your hunger.

I take care of each of you, it is you who do not take care of yourselves.

You do not even grant me a single moment of your day to tell me “Thank you, loving Papa, because you, you know what is best for me. I have not always been worthy of what you expect of me.”

“You forget me because you are too absorbed with yourself;

I, your loving Papa, I love you as you are;

I know all your faults;

I also know your hidden gentleness, your reserved surges of love, your words that do not emerge because you do not know if they will be accepted by your neighbour;

I know you are afraid of the future;

I know you want to succeed at all costs, even to the detriment of your inner life;

But I, I see to it that my surges of love are placed within you so that you might see that you are my child.

Even if you forget me during your day, I am always there, close to you :  I have never left you.”

It is for you, my children, this language of love and it is for all those you carry, at this moment, inside yourselves. I am the Life, I am Living; life is within you, and each of you carries all my children. They are your brothers and they are your sisters, and at this moment, I go through you to speak to them.

Even if, my children, you do not realize that you are carrying out an act of love at this moment, you are in this movement of love; my love is emerging from you to go towards my children, for I am in you, I live in you. I am the Sower who sows love.

It is true, my children, that inside you : 

there are some who will take this seed and give it to the birds;

there are also some who will take it for granted, and will forget about it;

there are some who will accept this seed, they will take it for themselves and will neglect to make it multiply, they will carry on with their lives while not taking notice of those who will say to them “What are you doing, you are praying? Why? What purpose does it serve you? You are wasting your breath, it does not even exist. They are just stories, they made it up to manipulate us. Look around you, everything is moving, alive. Come on, forget all that, come and have fun with us. Praying is too boring, it is too dull and it is good for old people, not for us and even old people do not do it anymore, so do not waste your time praying.”

There you have it, my children, and I am not telling you how many of those children are doing harm, and yet, they know love is in God, even if they believe God is severe, they are aware that he gave his Son because he loves!

And so, those children who hear those comments lose their faith :  they no longer believe that God wants to save them; they take themselves for children who are free to do as they please; sexuality is a way of life to them; money has become essential to their happiness;

they have so much knowledge inside themselves that they have no need to come to their God of Love to obtain favours;

they have lost their faith.

My children, this is your world, I am speaking of those who live in this century. There is no longer any love in those you carry and some among you do not even know that they have within them this loving force that can make their lives more pleasant. My children, to awaken it, it is necessary to become aware that you have love inside you.

Love is for you, for all those you carry, for behold the Sower is coming to sow his earth.

This seed will be like an ear of wheat that will rise up towards Heaven.

There will be a breeze that will ensure that it will not dry out.

There will be water to irrigate it, it will be water from the Source of love that comes from my Son.

These roots, my children, will be strong, deep, for I will nourish them with my love.

That ear of wheat will be the joy of all who will gaze at it.

Love will strengthen its stalk.

It will be from me, God of love.

My children, I am speaking about you, about each one of you :  that seed, it is you! You will be in my New Earth :  beautiful like a new bride, all radiant for her Spouse, and her days shall be eternal.

My children of love, this time is for each one of you. Realize that you are my chosen ones, the children of God, the children of The Love. I announced through the voice of The Love, my Son, who came to tell you :  “When the time when all shall be nothing but love arrives, I will create wonders in each of my chosen children. There will be happiness within them, for those children shall be God’s elect.”

My Son of love has made you aware of my Will; now, my children, the choice is yours :  whether or not you wish to allow The Love to nourish you.

If you, my children, are not ready to renounce your sins,

I, God of mercy, I beg you, ask me for the necessary graces to help you;

it is I, The Love, who will help you.

I do not want to condemn you : you are so ignorant regarding whom you come from,  I want to give you graces that will help you become aware that you are love.

For all those who have pronounced their yes of love, I want you, my children, to ask me to fill you with graces of love for all those you carry within yourselves :  for those little children, there will be love.

You have this loving duty towards those you have inside you!

Do not be miserly with your requests; ask me, my children, ask me for graces on their behalf.

You, little children of The Love, whom I love to fulfil,

Be submitted to my Will by not neglecting to give yourselves graces of love in abundance, by asking me each day :  “Papa of love, I know that my day will be filled with daily chores, but I take this moment to ask you to fill me with graces of love and see to it that I may use them well; you know how little I am, how incapable I am on my own, but you, you are the Creator, you who made me, you know me, you know all that suits me, and so I abandon myself in your hands. Thank you, Papa of love.”

You, my holy sons of love, my holy priests, my “I”, I ask you, through my power, through the Will of my Being, to fulfil yourselves through your mission of love.

You have my Seed of love in your hands;

When you consecrate the bread of life, when you consecrate the wine of life, you cause my Son to come into your hands in order to offer him as nourishment to my children;

this Nourishment is the one that will turn my children :  into an ear of love that will be planted in my New Earth.

My sons, my holy sons, you have this power in your hands.

Give my children the love that I, your Father, the Power, the Eternal One, grant to you.

It is I who give you my Son, give The Love to my children.

My holy sons, through the Omnipotence, in the name of The Love, I place this audience (God’s children) in your hands, so that they might receive graces of love in abundance so that they may know that I love them. Amen.