Gathering of Love With Godís Action in Longueuil, Quebec,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus




The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Through what each one of us represent for our brothers and our sisters, God has illuminated them today; we are little lights within the Light of the world; God himself makes each of us shine so that we can be worthy of the Father.

The Father sent his Son on earth for us in order to sanctify the being that we are; Jesus, by taking everything that we are within him, sanctified the being that we are.

God the Father expects us to be lights for our brothers and our sisters, because he has put the Light inside us: his Son is inside us.

We live in the presence of the Light and because the Presence manifests himself to us, we become light.

For many, many years, the human being has received the Body, has received the Blood of the Son of God; he is light, but he has walked like a blind man, he has behaved like a being who was deaf to everything God had placed within him; the human being is incomplete because he doesnít recognize himself as he really is on the inside.

We are the light within the Light; we have to behave as such every day of our lives; we have to be simple, not complex; since the Light came to us with simplicity, we must behave as such with regards to ourselves.

We complicate our own lives, we ask ourselves constantly if we are what God expects from us; when we ask ourselves these questions, there we are, interrogating ourselves: since this comes from us, we remain blind and deaf.

God expects us to leave him all the room so that the Light can shine; so, letís behave like this: letís be simple through what he places inside us.

When he talks to us, letís behave simply; when he lets us hear the power of The Love inside ourselves, letís behave as simple beings: letís not complicate our lives.

During these times of graces, we receive a lot; we have all been chosen to be lights within the Light, but few have responded to this call; those who have responded to this call must behave as simple beings. God did not call us to become vain over what we are hearing, nor to become people who constantly ask themselves questions.

We must do as Samuel did when he was called: ďHere I am.Ē This is how we must be, simple in the way we are.

Inner life belongs to God, we belong to God: letís leave him all the room; when he says to us, ďI love you,Ē we welcome this for ourselves and for those who are within us.

The Wind is everywhere in our external life: everywhere around us is the Wind of The Love, this is the Holy Spirit; we donít see him, we donít feel him, but heís there; we canít hold him in our hands, but heís there: Heís the one whoís holding us.

If he wants to make a movement, he makes us feel it externally; we must welcome it, we must live simply through this movement willed by God.

If this happens inside us, if inside we hear, ďI love you,Ē this is the movement thatís making itself felt within us; then, we must be within that movement because God is giving us love, heís enveloping us with love, heís making us understand love, not only for ourselves, for those who are within us.

We are light, we are members of the Church, we are alive: we are active only when we give all the room to God; this is abandonment.

He never stops repeating this to us, abandonment: ďAbandon yourselves So, if we want to be what Jesus expects us to be, what the Holy Spirit expects us to be, what God the Father expects us to be, we must behave as simple beings, with abandonment.

Allow God to do as he wishes with us; letís not expect anything from ourselves, but expect everything from God: this is what God expects from us: he is gathering his flock.

He will gather together all his beings of light, soon, he will shut the gate; he has opened the doors: the doors, that's our interior, that's inside us, he has opened them up; God the Father has opened the doors and heís calling the children of the Light to come inside.

Heís going to shut the doors: those who will have come inside will be at peace, they will all be in abandonment because they left all the room to God and God will show them what they have become: light, and all will be done in peace, in joy.

Those who have been called and who have stayed outside, they will have to live what we, weíre going to live; they will see the Light, but because they didnít enter when God called them, they will have to live this as they are: if they are in fear, they will suffer because of fear.

God will have to show them what has frightened them, and they will suffer (because of) what they will see; but God will comfort them with his love, he will give them graces, he will let them see what we, we enabled them to have through our yes, and when they will discover themselves without fear, they will go forward: their whole interior will become light, they will enter into that light.

How can they enter into the Light since they donít even know that they are light? This is why God will bring us all together now; this is a movement that is beginning, we will go within ourselves: the gathering is taking place.

When all those who responded to Godís call, who were prepared to go within themselves (will be), the doors shall be shut and all shall begin.

The moment when this shall be belongs to the Father, and doesnít belong to us; but what he has just revealed to us comes from the Father, because itís time.

Many hear, many see, many feel, many have accepted to go within, to pray within, to abandon themselves, they have allowed themselves to be nourished by Godís love.

The others are inside us, not on the outside; what we received that enables us to go within ourselves, the moment when we entered into abandonment, they received it too, but they donít know it; when the moment arrives, they will be faced with the facts and everything God expects from them will be accomplished.

Theyíre the ones who chose, it was their own choice, just like it was our own choice to become abandoned, but they didnít want to be abandoned, they resisted this call due to their human will, they remained in this world, on the outside. This, God will show it to them and they will have to leave it all behind.

What they accepted to bear with their human will shall fall, they will enter into themselves through the power of the Holy Spirit: all this is for us, all this was prepared by God the Father.

We must continue doing as God the Father asks: abandonment; letís not search for answers for what we see, for what we hear, letís leave that up to God.

The answers will come from God; weíre not the Light, weíre lights within the Light, so we have to leave all the room to God; the answers will come when this will be revealed to us by God himself.

Many hear, they hear words that come from Heaven telling them: ďPrepare yourselves, there will be violence; prepare yourselves, there will be a great event that will come and shake the earth, many will be afraid, violence will increase, there will be those who will want to raise a hand to you.Ē

When we will hear this, letís continue to remain at peace; letís not interpret these words because they come from Heaven, theyíre not human; we must preserve our peace; havenít we been prepared for abandonment? Weíre in Godís hands.

The Mother of God the Son has prepared us to enter into her Son in order to leave him the place of honour; these words belong to Heaven, not to us.

Every second, we must live the present moment in the Light; we must not search for interpretations to all this, but letís remain at peace: letís pray for this.

Letís thank Heaven for revealing to us what is to come, for when we, we will see what is, we will have been prepared with Heavenís graces.

Many believe that there will be physical violence: why these questions? Why try to know what Heaven is preparing for us? If we have to live movements that will be physical for us, we will have the graces.

Think of David: David was prepared to face a warrior; he wasnít prepared by having a sword in his hand, he wasnít prepared by wearing a suit of armour, he was prepared with Godís graces.

This is what God is doing with us at this moment, so letís not ask ourselves questions and letís be simple, letís welcome this.

And if God wants us to repeat the messages to our brothers and to our sisters, letís do it with simplicity, without uttering any word of our own, any thought of our own, any action of our own nor any feeling of our own.

Letís leave all this up to God, because God, he knows the moment when this will happen and how this will happen, us, we donít know this.

Itís to prepare us that these words are made known to us and itís also so that we abandon ourselves into his hands: the more we abandon ourselves, the more those who are inside us abandon themselves.

We have to start with ourselves if we want our brothers and our sisters, who wonít be inside the doors to experience abandonment; this is what God expects of us.

Many receive messages, there will be many more; this is to prepare us for what is to come, so, letís be abandonment, letís be love, letís be living members within the Church.

The living members within the Church leave room to the Head, a living member within the Church lives in harmony with all the other members; and so, this is what God expects of us: live as simple beings, abandoned in the hands of God, dying in Christ, then, letís live this, letís be prayerful.

The Holy Virgin has been asking us to be prayerful for many years; she knew what was going to be requested of us: abandonment.

Prayer is to abandon oneself in Godís hands; to pray with oneís heart is to place our heart in Godís hands, to place our life in Godís hands, thatís to pray in him.

Letís allow Mary to pray, sheís the one who prays, sheís the one who intercedes on our behalf; we ask her this at every ďHail Mary,Ē and so, letís live what weíre asking of Mary: to pray for us, weíre all sinners.

So, who is the Chosen One, who is the Perfect One? Thatís Mary; then, letís continue praying, may we be beings of love, little children in the hands of The Love; letís receive graces, and after receiving graces, let's sing a prayer to Mary because Mary is expecting a prayer from us, along with a song for Christ.


Father Provencher: Well, thank you very much, Lord. The Lord is pleased with us. And may Almighty God bless you: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.