Launch of Volume 2

Gathering of Love with God’s Action in Longueuil, Québec

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus




The Girl of my Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit : God grants love to his children : he is The Love. The gestures we make come from God and it is to you that he wants to give these gestures of love.

I am an instrument. I am a voice within God.

God is our All, he wants to teach us how to love.

God speaks in me, he wants me to remain silent on your behalf : he wants to take up all the room.

I grant God a complete yes for my entire life, I grant God a complete yes for all those I carry within me.


Jesus : God is the Life, I am the only Master of life :

        each one of you, my children, is life through me;

        The breath, which is within you, brings you the Breath of God;

        everything within you is in God :

        you are in me, through me you live.

 My children of love, let the Life flow through you.

Take the Life within you, seize my Presence, a living Presence, a Presence that makes you conscious that you, you are alive.

The Love is in each one of you to teach you :

        who you are,

        why, my children, you must live each day. There is a spark that alights within you : it is the light.

        The light is life,

        it is warmth,

        it lights the way,

        it fills everything with its abundant presence.

        Turn to your right, turn to your left, whether you look towards the front or turn your heads towards the back : there is light.

I, my children : I AM. I am the Light of your lives.

I light up your interior so that you may know who you are.

From your birth on this earth, you have been living with your shadows, you have been living with your fears, with your uncertainties. You develop doubts within yourselves, my loves;

doubts, my children, that prevent you from being what you are : beings of light.

You are alive!

You were made to live only in the Light.!

You do not do, my children, what you must do;

you doubt who you are :

you come from God, you must abandon yourselves in the Light.

It is I alone, my loves, who will light up your external lives.

Your life, my children, inside you, must abandon itself in me,

and must live only of me,

and must learn to savour my Presence so that your external life may be in the Light,

not for you, but for those around you,

for if you are inside yourselves in me : in the Light,

those who will be around you will see that you are in the Light;

they will not sense fear, doubt, uncertainty within you;

they will feel confident,

for you will foster around you what you are inside yourselves.

Oh! my children of love, I am coming to help you :

        understand yourselves,

        to make of you beings of light

        so that you may give yourselves to your brothers and your sisters.

My beings of love, God is living.

Every day, he brings you your bread of life.

Every day, when you wake up in the morning,

I place graces of light within you :

these graces help you to fulfill yourselves.

Do you know that without my graces you would not be able to function?

You need me, you need the Light to live as beings of love.

Love is part of your lives.

The Love, it is I. The Light, it is I. I am the All of your being.

You have no need to ask yourselves questions regarding what you should and should not accomplish :

abandon yourselves, offer yourselves.

When during the day an obstacle presents itself : you feel incapable of overcoming it!

if you go forward alone, believing that you can overcome this obstacle on your own :

my children, you will suffer!

you will develop pride inside yourselves :

you will develop inside yourselves, my children, habits of doing everything without your God.

Look, how many children do you know who live without me, who do not want to overcome life’s obstacles by abandoning themselves in God?

They become selfish children, self-centred : everything revolves around them.

They want nothing to do with me and they want nothing to do with their neighbour,

for, if they refuse me : they are refusing each one of you;

for I, I am The Love : I am in each one of you;

if they refuse me, they are refusing you : they cannot develop love within themselves.

The Love, it is I,

one must begin with me;

one must abandon oneself in God,

live only for God, with God in his love.

It is I who nourish you each morning;

I give you my graces so that you may function in a world where they have forgotten that they must live in me.

My beings of love, you are around God : present.

I carry you within me : it is I who keep you alive, it is I who nourish your lives.

I come to bring you, my children, a bread : a bread of love,

it was given by my Father to a chosen nation : the people of Israel.

God, my Father, gave nourishment to this nation :

this nourishment is his Will : his Will of love.

Through Moses, they received this nourishment;

they received laws of love :

these laws of love nourished them;

he showed them how to behave as worthy children : as children of God.

They were meant to behave by abandoning themselves with confidence in God :

they were supposed to follow laws, to behave as worthy children along with their brothers and their sisters.

They journeyed throughout their lives respecting these laws of love;

although their human weaknesses made them suffer greatly :

        they experienced suffering,

        they experienced illnesses,

        they interrupted the graces of love from my Father :

        they were meant to recognize themselves as worthy of my Father.

It was through sacrifices, through men of law who recalled them to order, that they were supposed to repent,

and then, God would shower them with his graces.

My Father nourished this nation with his laws of love,

but human pride saw to it that they passed from my Father’s laws to laws derived from their prohibitions :

they wanted to follow the laws, but with their own way of seeing things, with their way of thinking :

they became people among whom love did not flow.

God, in his eternal love, created The Love, his Love.

He gave everything he had and the Light came into this world to bring them love :

the Love reminded them of the commandments,

the Love taught them who God the Father was,

the Love showed them how to love one another,

and The Love gave himself.

When these people refused to look at the Light :

they saw their will

and the Light allowed himself to be covered by shadows :

        He took all sins upon himself

        he took within himself all doubts, fears, worries

        he took what was most ugly

        he forgot nothing, all sins have been in him

        he wanted to take everything so that you, you may be in the Light,

and God the Father, in his eternal love, caused the Light to shine forth

and the Light enveloped all children.

He is The Love, he is the Hope of your lives;

you must, my children, go towards the light, where love is.

My children, among you, there are many children who live in darkness;

you, you have accepted to go forward in the light,

to abandon yourselves in the Light :

you agree to nourish yourselves.

I, God, the Son of God, I am coming to remind you that God is always nourishment,

that he never ceases to give and to give to you.

Among you, I take children, beings of light;

I cover them with my power

so that they may abandon themselves,

so that they may give,

so that they may disappear in the Light,

so that I may take up all the room :

they become, for you, instruments of love.

They are no longer within themselves, they are in Christ :

        they allow themselves to be nourished with love, with my graces;

        they allow themselves to be nourished with my graces of light so that I may reach my children who are not in the Light;

        I instruct them on my Father’s laws of love,

        I remind them of my teachings of love.

Oh! children of love, who have journeyed in your shadows, I am coming to make you see who you are in your heart of hearts.

Your habits, I know them;

your sufferings that you bring about yourselves, I know where they come from

and, my children, I will talk to you about them;

listen, let me tell you :

Oh! you, you  who know yourself so little, do you want to learn to know yourself, to know who you are, so that you give yourself to the Life, to the Life that is within you?

You are in the process of dying, you are in the process of poisoning yourself with your human will.

I want to make you discover how precious you are in my eyes, how much you should love yourself!

I have so much love for you!»

I want to make you see who you are,

and it is through love that I will make you discover your faults,

it is through love that I will show you from where your faults come,

and it is with love that I will say to you :

"Do not remain like this for, very soon, you will have to answer for your behaviour to your Father, the one who has chosen you.

Oh! you whom I love so much, I am the Light and the Light wants to make you see your interior : you will find yourself in these writings. You will see that with me, you will be able to give yourself the opportunity to discover love : your interior.

I love you and it is for you that I speak, for you in particular.”

I live in each one of you and these words inscribe themselves in each child of the entire world.

My children of love, I am coming to bring you bread : your daily bread;

you live in a world that does not want to be nourished by God,

but you who accept this nourishment, share it, share it with those you carry within you.

When you will read these lines of love and will recognize yourselves, do not forget that the one who is close to you also needs to recognize himself;

if you abandon him to me, he will receive what I shall give to you :

I give a bread of love, it is a bread from Heaven;

it is for you and for all those you carry.

I am The Love, The Love loves to give, give yourselves.

It is I, my loves, who will help you to give yourselves,

and you will see that this will be done with my graces of love, in a loving abandonment;

this transformation has begun for you :

you have welcomed my graces of love.

Your yes to The Love has made of you beings of light;

let yourselves be taken up in this movement of love,

I am everything within you, for you. I give myself to you : give yourselves.

I love you, my gentle loves.

God accomplishes his work, it is the work of the Father and it shall be eternal.

Through the almightiness of The Love, I bestow a gift of graces of light within you;

take, my children, distribute this to my children, to those you carry.

Your yes is important!

I am a God of love, I respect who you are, I can force no one;

but when a child of love gives his yes, I, I fulfill him,

and when a child of light gives his yes for his brothers and his sisters, I fulfill him : I multiply his gift,

for he becomes a gift of love for his brothers and his sisters.

Only God has the power to fulfill : receive, my loves.


The Girl of my Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit : Through almighty God, he grants me a voice, it is at God’s service. And before giving to you, my brothers and my sisters, what God is expecting, God wants to fulfill you through a blessing from his consecrated son.


Father Clément : And now, I will give you the blessing, as if it were my first blessing after my ordination. Then, my God, I was so filled with fervour, and the Lord truly responded to our requests. And so I would like to have that same fervour so that one and all may take with him or her, the graces received here today, and that will continue for the rest of your lives, the lives of each one of you.


And so : May almighty God bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


ALL : Amen!