Gathering of Love With God's Action in Maisonnette, New Brunswick,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-09-21 – Part 2


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Lord, he gives us freedom in our life; he doesn’t come to turn us into beings of his Will if we, we don’t live in joy in him - he transforms us, he wants us to be beings of love, which is what we are.

He wants to build a world of love, Jesus, a world in which we will know that we have only one God, that there aren't two of them and that he's in us. He's coming to transform us; he isn't coming to direct our life like an authoritarian God; he takes us with what we are.

When we will live on earth with all our brothers and our sisters as beings of love for God, for ourselves, for all our brothers and our sisters of the whole world – because this is what we are called to do – we will do so in our loving freedom in God, because when we accept to be the cross, we accept freedom.

At this very moment, when we accept the cross, that is to say when we accept our sufferings, our illnesses, our old age, we’re living the cross; we’re living our cross, and Jesus, he takes our cross, and he fills us with graces.

We are joyful to know that yes, I have arthritis, but this is what God wants; he's helping my life to become loving, because if he took away my arthritis, the movement that, twenty years ago, caused my arthritis today, wouldn’t have been purified, wouldn’t be able to taste grace.

We must understand that what we are today through our suffering, is the consequence of what we were in the past: us, faced with a choice. This, this is what we’re living today.

Our cross, which we accepted, is a cross that liberates us, liberates us from what turned us into a being who has arthritis.

When we accept all this, when we give: “I give you my arthritis, I give you the consequences that I'm not aware of, I give you the choices made when faced with sin because all my suffering, it comes from sin, not from love.” Love is freedom, love doesn’t cost anything, love is giving, love heals, love is respectful, love opens our eyes wide to everything that is beautiful; this is what love is all about.

Love enables me to become like a movement that gives itself continuously to God, in order to live my eternity on earth as in Heaven; this is what love is all about. And so, if I have arthritis, this is because of sin, it isn't because of love.

Sin, it destroys; sin cheats; sin deceives, sin leads to anger, sin makes us gluttonous, abusive; sin tries to destroy us, to dominate us; sin has power, sin is vain; sin leads me to believe that I can, me, choose what could heal me; sin, it leads me to cheat, for when we turn to something that isn't the grace of God, this cheats me; sin wants my death, wants to imprison me, wants slavery, wants to kill me over and over again; this is what sin is all about.

When I experience all these movements, I get arthritis, a headache, allergies, diabetes, bad thoughts, stress; I get illnesses that destroy me: cancer; it leads me to experience all that is impurity; and then, I'm open to all that bacteria and those viruses: I'm poisoning myself with everything sin has led me to discover, everything that sin has me experience. That’s it! This is why we’re sick.

There's only love that will heal us, liberate us. Love is the cross. We have said, “Don’t talk to me about the cross. I want nothing to do with the cross. I don’t want to suffer. I refuse to say that I have to carry the cross today. I want nothing to do with those things.”

And so, if this is the way it is, then, tell me, where does your headache come from if it isn't from your cross that is without Jesus? Your diabetes, it’s the cross without Jesus; your cancer, it’s the cross without Jesus; your AIDS, it’s the cross without Jesus; your sexuality, which is abusive, it’s your cross without Jesus; your lies, they’re your cross without Jesus; your stealing, it’s your cross without Jesus; your adultery, it’s your cross without Jesus.

You see, all this isn't suffering! This is slavery: we’re slaves to our own suffering, which is caused by sin.

A cross of love is a cross that liberates; a cross of love, it’s Jesus. So, when we accept what we are and we give it to Jesus, Jesus enables us to discover, enables us to discover the love of the cross.

Therefore, we give, we give the cross to Jesus: “I give you my cross, it’s heavy for me. I don’t know the consequences of my illness. I no longer remember the choices I made before sin. Were they my choices or were they the choices of my mother, my father, my grandfather, my grandmother? Were they my uncle’s, my aunt’s choices? Were they Cain’s choices? Were they the choices of all those who went with Cain? I don’t know, Lord, so I give you my cross; take everything: the causes, choices and consequences. Your yoke is so light, so give it to me.”

Then, Jesus gives us grace and this, and this is so good! Not only can we endure our arthritis, our headache, our stomach-ache, but we’re accepting to give all those who are living the same thing as us. We bear the cross of our children, we bear the cross of our husband or our wife, we bear the cross of our brothers whom we don’t even know: we’re accepting, and the more we do this, the more we’re filled with peace. The more we do this, the more we are love for ourselves.

Did you know that there have been saints who gave themselves out of love for God, wanting to convert their brothers and their sisters?

There have been… I think it was Saint Bernard who was roasted, right? No, it was Saint Lawrence who was burned.


Audience:  ...the one who offered to take the place of the father of a family?


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: No, that was Maximilian Kolbe; but the one I'm talking about, they had tied him up and they were burning him. And then, all of a sudden, he said, “I'm already done on that side; turn me over.”

Now, isn't that what grace is? It’s incredible, isn't it? Now, that’s love for your neighbour, that’s carrying the cross, that’s freedom; he had been liberated of all suffering, he had been liberated of consequences, he had been liberated of fear; he had that unconditional love that was nourishing him.

This, this is God! When he says, “Give me your cross and carry the cross of your brothers and sisters,” this is so filled with love that, in absolutely every way, it’s no longer we who are living, it’s Christ who’s living. This is what he wants us to be today.

We cry over our children who no longer go to mass, we cry over a child who comes to tell us he's left his wife and his children to live his precious freedom; we cry over this, it hurts us so much.

And so, we must give this; by always giving this to Jesus, there are consequences that are healed, there are choices that are purified and there is evil that is stripped away from us.

These movements belong only to Jesus, but they’re part of our life as well; as much as Jesus is part of our inner life, then they also are a part of our life.

We’re living a movement of love, which is presently occurring on the entire surface of the earth. Do you think that the Holy Spirit who comes to speak in hearts, to show us that, inside us, we have thoughts that are against us, does this to make us suffer? No, he's coming to show us that we must give this to Jesus in order to live in that unconditional love.

We will continue in this movement of love up to when the last person, up to when the last person will be completely in his movement of love. All this belongs to Jesus.

We’re the pioneers of a world of love. Yes, a New World is in the process of being built; it has begun, it isn't on its way, it has already begun and we’re part of it.

We’re part of a world of love that will cover the surface of the earth and that will reach everyone else, because we won't be able to hold back that love that is us; it will emerge from us, it will nourish the thirst for love that they need.

So, in his surge of love, we will leave all the room to the One who wants to speak in hearts.


Jesus: Children of my Will, all that you are, you are so by my Father's power; all that God does with you is a movement that renders you righteous, that renders you acceptable to yourselves.

What you are, my children, you must be so for yourselves before being so for those you love, for those you do not know.

I transform your wounded hearts into hearts of love for yourselves, I am teaching you to live your own mercy; my mercy, my children, has enveloped you, you have all been in this movement of love.

How many of you, my children, have not been able to forgive yourselves because you were not aware that you were in this movement? A child who cannot look at himself without crying, a child who cannot listen to what others say he is, a child who is incapable of telling himself, ‘I love myself,’ is a child who is not in his mercy.

Let yourselves dive into your love, let yourselves be swept up by what you are so that you can learn to discover the perfect being that you are within.

When you will discover these movements of love – because there are many, my children – every time you have a thought against your neighbour, it will be against yourselves that you will have had that thought; every time that you have said a word to your neighbour that did not bear love, that word was against you; it is such for every movement, for every feeling.

Children of love, what you will discover and what you have already begun to discover, will enable you to become aware of your love: you will discover the peace in your interior, you will discover that you are loved by me, your God of love, and this will bring you joy; you will slowly learn to be patient with yourselves, to be gentle with yourselves – this will develop humility within you, this will develop purity within you. Everything will appear to you as movements enabling you to go forward into a world which you have never considered entering.

You shall be with your brothers and your sisters who are living this movement, and the more this occurs, minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day, month after month, you will allow yourselves to dive into peace; a great peace will permeate you, joy will become part of your daily life; you will stumble again but your peace will lift you up, your joy will bring you confidence.

You will walk together, you will know that you are not alone, you will seek out children like yourselves. These children, my children, are every one of you; you will gather together to pray.

A person who is alone shall have a presence: my Mother's, and the angels will slowly enable you to become aware that others are around you, and you will gather together.

God's movement is in your life; you cannot move away from it; let me take you into this movement of love so that you can understand that God's movement is an eternal movement.

Come forward, my children, come forward, for The Love has breathed upon you. A breath of the Holy Spirit has enabled you to enter within yourselves, a breath has enabled you to become aware that all the children of the world dwell in your interior, and others feel the effects of whatever you do.

You cannot live the lives of others, but you can help others to live their unconditional love through the graces you allow to enter your life on their behalf. You are the Church, you are movements of love.

You, the chosen ones, you who learn that your soul is in a pure state through the graces of the sacraments, how great will be the joy of discovering that your flesh is in the process of discovering what your soul discovered through the sacrament of Baptism, through the sacrament of Confirmation, through the sacraments of the Eucharist, of Forgiveness, of Marriage, of the Holy Orders, and that dignified sacrament of Extreme Unction, for this sacrament is a great gift to my Father's children.

Every one of you is going forward in my world of love; now, you no longer look back, you look ahead, for your hope is within you.

Most of you here are aware that God speaks through messengers; you have learned to keep yourselves in God's graces, you have learned to receive Jesus-Eucharist in your interior in purity.

Children of my Will, all this has taught you to continue this movement of love, to be prayer for yourselves and for those you carry within you.

My children, be assured of my graces; my children, be assured of my Mother's protection – she spreads her mantle of love over you, she envelops you in my mantle of strength, and she protects you from Satan's attacks.

You are children of the Light, you have all been chosen to live in these times of darkness.

Children of love, there are so many graces being granted to you; graces are much more numerous, my children, than Satan's attacks, but due to your ignorance regarding your unconditional love, you do not see and do not hear the fire of the Holy Spirit in your life.

I give thanks to my Father for what you have just heard.

Children of love, together, be a “Glory Be”, all together.

Come, my children, recite together the “Glory Be” to my Father: Glory be to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit; as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be. Amen.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The wisdom of God is to take us as we are, without trying to ask us for what we’re not able to give.

Every time the Holy Spirit gathers us together to form but one heart, that heart beats to the rhythm of the Church; we know the Church needs every one of us – we’re all members of the Church, we all need each other.

And so, as we all need each other, we know that there are those who pray more than others, so let’s lean on them; we also know that there are people who practice adoration, so let’s unite with them; we know that there's a mass every fraction of a fraction of a second, so let’s attend that mass by the almightiness of the Holy Spirit; we have guardian angels and so it’s up to them to take us there.

We have a spiritual life – let’s not neglect it. A spiritual life is invisible, it’s in God's hands. So, let’s leave everything in God's hands, but we have to ask for this; God won't do it if we don’t ask. If we’re here today, that’s because we were able to say yes, he never would have forced us.

We had to say yes to the Heart of Mary; it’s our Mother of love who opened our hearts so we could go into her Heart, and she led us to the Heart of her Son, and the Heart of her Son is the Church.

So, we’re agreeing to leave our life in the very heart of the Church that beats to the rhythm of all hearts; but among hearts, there are those in so much pain, that are so wounded!

So, this is why the Holy Spirit gathers us together, why God gathers us together – in order to help those hearts beat, beat. It’s as if we were bringing a breath, with oxygen in that breath, so that heart can go on beating, trusting in God, because that heart, very often, no longer wants to even hear about Jesus.

That heart renounces its own movement: it wants nothing to do with Baptism; that heart no longer wants to know what it means to love, it is vengeful; but it’s a heart in pain, it’s a heart that needs us, it’s a heart that speaks through its movements – a movement that panics, a movement that doesn’t know what point it has reached.

And so Jesus, he, he wants us to carry out a movement of love for our brothers and our sisters; he wants us to let God teach us what makes us panic and to give it: “I give you this; I haven't understood why I reacted that way, but I give it to you: the causes, choices and consequences.”

There's a person here who lived something similar today and this isn't a coincidence; she had to live this in order to bear witness to us that afterwards she was at peace and in joy.

Monique, are you feeling peace and joy within you at this moment? Come here with me, Monique.

The Lord, he knew how strong she was and so he asked her for something more than he asked of us.


Monique: Oh, yes; you were supposed to arrive by four o’clock and so, around three o’clock, I called and there was no answer, and Théo wasn’t answering his phone either; I thought it was very strange that she wasn’t calling me.

So, I waited, and waited, and then, at ten to four, I decided to go to the corner, as planned, to meet Francine and to bring her here. I waited until four twenty; no one showed up and I came back here.

And I waited, waited for the phone to ring, and then I started to get all worked up inside.

Hey, I had gone to a great deal of trouble, and I was expecting to be alone with Francine for a little while, to have supper with her; I had something to tell her and now, I would no longer be able to.

The visitors were about to arrive – was I going to be ready? The supper was in the oven; what if she calls, and there's the supper, and it burns while I'm at the corner – what am I going to do then? Then, from one thing to another, it boiled over and I became furious.

How come they did this after they promised to be here at four o’clock, and they’re not even here? And then, I became very disappointed and angry on the inside. Hey! I thought, “This is going to ruin my whole evening, I won't even be there to receive the guests when they arrive.” Everything was turned upside down.

Well then, when I got in the car with Francine, I thought, “Yes, even if you’re The Girl of My Will in Jesus, I can't lie to you; I'm not happy, I'm not in a good mood.” And then, I began to tell her about all of it.

Then, all of a sudden, well, she made me understand, she made me understand certain things.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: We heard a word – which one was it?


Monique: I can't even remember anymore.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Apostasy.


Monique: Apostasy! Yes, that’s true.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: It was three times.


Monique: You, you heard it, but I didn’t hear it.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: But I repeated it to you.


Monique: You see, I have a hard head! Then, all of a sudden, I thought, “Forgive me, Jesus, they didn’t want to hurt me; I don’t know what happened during the day.” Oh, yes! And then, on top of that, she had told me that they were late – when you called at the very end – she said, “We’re late because Father Richard went to say mass.” Well, I thought, “They had all day! If I had been in their place, I would have asked in the morning, and we would have been free for the afternoon!”

You see, I was organizing your things, and I, without knowing what was going on over there. Well then, finally, I have to tell you how I got all those negative thoughts that I had – I had made up a scenario, and in the end, I realized: “No, no one wanted to hurt me, no one wanted to hurt my feelings, I'm the one who thought that, you know.”


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you. The Lord, he says that he had her live this to show her what our brothers and sisters are feeling: because they’re living in apostasy, they’re panicking. They don’t know what’s going on, they would like to dot all the i’s, they would like their lives to be nicely organized because they’re suffering.

As they’re unaware due to what the world of today has shown them, they’re in a great deal of pain, anger. So, through that anger, they see their own solutions: “Why is this happening like this instead of happening like that?”

Therefore, he's enabling us to understand: “If you hadn't lived that, how could you have understood the pain of my children who reject me?”

This is what he says: “You, those who pray, you have me, you accept my graces, you are not alone; but they, they feel so alone. In their moment of panic, they look for solutions: ‘This is God's fault. I don’t believe in that anymore, I don’t want to hear about it anymore. It’s all lies, all of it; they wanted to manipulate us.’”

You see, it was necessary for Monique to live this for tonight; now, she's filled with peace and love.


Monique: Especially when I saw the people arriving.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: So, you see how they’re going to feel when they’ll see that every one of us, we’ll turn to them with happiness, with joy? You see, they’re going to feel peace and joy. And so, we have to do what God tells us to do: continue praying.


A person in the audience: There was someone who didn’t want me to meet you; I was faced with all sorts of obstacles. There was someone who was working really hard so that I wouldn’t come here.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: These consequences, they’re our life; these consequences show us that we must always trust in God.

(All) movements are movements that lead us to make choices when faced with a situation; if the choices are granted to God, God acts; but if those choices are nourished by our mind: a mind that calculates, a mind that panics, a mind that tries to control, a mind that is used to: “All right, this, this is okay, this, this is okay, this, this is okay…. ” It’s as if there were movements that are going on, that go on and on, and that lead us to try, to try to find out where I'm going with all this, what I'm going to do with all this.

But then, the Lord, he's always there to tell us: “I am your presence. I am your life. You are having trouble eating because you cannot find your dentures? Well, I will help you; I will help you to discover that before you needed dentures, you knew how to eat.”

It’s as if, then, the Lord says to us: “Well then, where was I when you forgot your keys in the car? Well, I was always there, so have faith. Even before you knew that your keys were in the car and that you were going to have problems, I knew before you did, so I am taking care of you.”

To have more faith in God than in ourselves is to discover that love that dwells inside us. And this is how it is in our life, in our daily life; we must have faith in what we are on the inside and not on the outside, because when we act by using all our confidence, which is always based on what we are externally, then we become discouraged; this prevents us from taking a step, this prevents us from taking another one; but when we trust in God more, he's the one who leads us: “All right, then this is what I’ll do. Ah! Well, look at that! Ah! Well, this is what I'm going to do!”

But he's always there ahead of us, and so he opens, and he opens, and he opens: consequently, he turns what is bad into something good, and what is painful, he turns it into a balm of love. This is our life, this is how our life is.

And sometimes, we imagine that, well, our child, our child discovers that he's been abandoned, abandoned by his friends; he's crying and we’re there, “Okay, I give this; then I’ll pray over this, I’ll pray over this.” It comes back, “I’ll pray over this.” And we discover that, because of this, he's just discovered that he had an “Our Father” in his heart. He starts saying the “Our Father” too, and yet, without that pain, he wouldn’t have discovered that he still knew the “Our Father” in his heart.

Us, we don’t see any of this; we move forward and we imagine that this is a catastrophe, right? The Lord takes care of all this.

It will take as many years as necessary for our child to come back to mass, but let’s have faith that he will come back; sometimes it can take thirty years.

A father has always prayed for his child and one day, the father dies, and he's never seen his son at mass; but the son comes back, he goes to see his father, he says, “Dad, dad, I love you,” and then, he attends mass and after that, he never misses a mass, never, never.

So, you see, God, he's our God of love, we must trust in God.

Saint Monique really prayed for Augustine; she simply wanted him to come to mass. He became a Doctor of the Church, of the Law, of the Church; this, this is God's love, this is the power of the Holy Spirit.

To be completely love, to allow oneself to be enveloped in that love is to discover that we’re alive, not only for a time on earth – eighty-nine years, it continues after that, ninety-one years, it continues after that, there is no end; we go on, and on, and on; this is our life.

Because the father, he, he had never stopped praying; he became even stronger once he went over to the other side; he passed from the visible to the invisible and so he was able to pray twice as much: his son returned to mass. This is what it means to live in God, this is our life, let’s not be afraid.

John Paul II said so: “Let’s not be afraid.” Let’s trust, let’s trust in our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, our good pope that Heaven has chosen for us.

There isn't a single pope who wasn’t chosen for us; it’s true that there have been some popes who… Oh, they weren't…! This led us to where we are today.

Let’s leave to God what belongs to God; we have the priests we deserve, we have the brothers and nuns we deserve, we have our brothers and our sisters of the whole world that we deserve.

So, let’s love each other, let’s love each other as brothers, let’s love each other as sisters, let’s love each other unconditionally and we’ll have everything we need by our side: a holy Church, a Catholic Church, a pure Church, a Church that is Jesus.

There aren't two Churches, there's one Church. Yes, there are several religions, just as there are many children, but there is only one Church, the one of Jesus, the one of God, of the Son of God made Man, out of love for us. Amen.

Thank you, Lord.