Gathering of Love With God's Action in Malakoff, France,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2008-02-29 – Evening – Part 2

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: All right, if someone would like to start… you'll see, the questions will rise up inside you.

Q. I would like you to tell us about the three days of darkness.

A. Jesus: There is The Love. The Love came and The Love placed his presence where men and women did not want it. The Love is in the hearts of all God's children. The Love is the One who gave himself up so that all hearts might be in the movement of the Will of God.

When that moment willed by God the Father arrives, the Holy Spirit will cover this earth. A great movement will hover over the face of the earth and every life will come to a stop so that it may be obedient to the Divine Will: “Human will, you shall learn to no longer run the life of God's child. Human will, you shall no longer manipulate, you shall obey the Divine Will.” The child will realize that he is under the power of God. He will enter within and there, where he will be, he will have control over nothing. God will cover him with his love. You will be flooded by this love; his justice will be filled with this love.

None of you, children of love, is able to understand what will happen. You are only able to grasp the general idea of it. Everything will happen by the Will of God and whatever you become you will become so through God, in obedience to the movement of the Light.

These three days, little children of love, you will live them within you. Young children will fall asleep. Every child who will have reached the age of reason will live this movement. There will be children who will live this joyfully; there will be children who will live this with a sense of astonishment; there will be children who will live this fearfully; there will be children who will live this with the utmost hatred. God's justice will take its course. When everything has begun, nothing will stop it, and when everything is over, all will have been accomplished.

Every thought that has been in every child’s life will appear before every child. Whether it was a good thought, whether it was a bad thought, everything will be part of the movement so that all may be equal before God. This means that every child will live this within himself, with himself, through God's loving justice, but you will all live this together, at the same time. My Father's time is not your time. Time is granted to you so that you are able to live this movement of love with God's graces of love. Help your brothers and your sisters so that this might be a movement of love for them.

Those who carry a yes, little children of love, are ready to say it out loud. Such is the Will of God. But among them there are children who would suffer greatly if this were to happen now. Behold the greatness of God's love! You who love your children, think of the love of my Father, he who wants his children. He wants you to be in love with him because he is in love with each one of you. Be loving towards your brothers and your sisters, be in love with them. You who are called to live the events, the instant you hear about them, be children who are obedient to my Father's love, be good towards yourselves. What you are going to live, children of love, are movements of love.

Grace is granted to you in these times. What you are hearing is willed by God. Children are being prepared by God in order to reach the children who do not want to take part in this time of love. What will happen tomorrow will not be revealed to you, but you are aware of the main points of what will happen. Everything is for you to know in the moment when it will happen. Live your present – this is a grace for you. Live in all your brothers and your sisters so that everything might be accomplished in a movement of love. Remain at peace, for what you are living at present is important for them. Turn to the sacraments as Satan will do anything to take away your peace. Satan will trouble those who pray most by injecting pride into their choices.

Be careful, my children, for Satan and his demons are around you. If, at present, the grace of being able to see the darkness were to be granted to you, you would die of fright. The angels are by your side to help you. The saints are with you and they intercede on your behalf.

Have no fear, children of love, these days are blessed days. They lead you to live what you must live. Be persistent in giving God your sufferings. Allow God's graces to enter you through your yes and leave to God what is God's. What I am doing, I am doing so out of love. Only I will lead you to your resurrection. I shall have you taste my Glory. Children of love, now go in the peace of God.

Q. Inaudible.

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: What God is having us live in these times is for tomorrow. Today is the present. What we have just received tonight will help us tomorrow, and whatever we are tomorrow will help us, once again, for the day after that. Let’s carry our cross. We will walk the same path as Jesus. He won't have us avoid the Passion. You look outside and you know that there's suffering. A suffering that is accepted is a suffering of love; a suffering given to God is a suffering that grants us graces for God delivers us, God comes to heal our flesh. He comes to remove the evil from our lives.

Our souls are in the hands of the priests. Don’t you think that the priests, who have been attacked in the past several years, haven’t suffered? Satan has persecuted priests and we, we saw nothing. We have neglected our rosary; our neglect saw to it that they remained trapped by the power of their human will. The ministerial priesthood is pure. It is not possible to cause a priest to fall, it is not possible to cause Jesus to fall, but it is possible to cause the human will to fall. It was the human will in the priest that was attacked by Satan and it was the human will in the priest that we have caused to fall. They need us just as we need them, but by the sacrament of Holy Orders, by their ministry, they nourish us.

Jesus himself, through them, nourishes us with his Body and his Blood: we receive sanctifying graces. All this is essential to our souls. We need the graces from our soul for our flesh. We are in a flesh that is subjected to sin; we are in a mortal flesh whereas it should have always been immortal. We need the Church. We need the Head of the Church, the active members and the members. We are its members. We must turn to those who constantly show us how to be active. We have someone who prays for us – Benedict XVI – just as John Paul II prayed for us and just as all the other popes prayed for us.

Let’s not look at the human will that has made the Church suffer. Yes, there have been popes who have made the Church suffer. Was it the pope or human will? If it was human will, then we just need to take a look at ourselves. We are the consequence of what we have accepted: sins. All this came about because we have loved our human will. Jesus said, “If I had asked for your human will a few years ago, not that long ago, you would have said no.” We weren't ready to give him our human will. We are now because we have tasted the bitterness at the bottom of the barrel, which makes us dizzy, which stings. Yes, we have tasted it and we can see that it didn’t make us happy. It was necessary for us to live these movements.

Now, it’s time. A time in eternity has been granted to us and we will live it to the very end with Heaven's graces. Yes, we will love our enemies; we will even love the freemasons, because beneath all this there's a child, a child calling out “Who is going to save me?,” a soul that is begging, a soul that is in agony: “Is someone going to help me? I don’t want to know eternal death, for I belong to my gentle and adorable Jesus.” Do you think that they don’t have a soul like we have a soul? They have a soul just like us. They had a father, they had a mother just like us; they had a grandfather, a grandmother just like us; they had grandparents, they had great-grandparents. Were their great-grandparents freemasons? The flesh of the flesh belonged to God. They have the same flesh as we do. Therefore, let’s pray for them, pray.

Satan wants them. Don’t let Satan to take what is ours. It’s our flesh that will… we’re going to be separated from what belongs to us. When a child of God goes to hell and he himself chooses to go to hell, did you know that we are cut off from a movement of love? Because of him, we are deprived of love. As the number of our brothers and sisters who fall into hell increases, the more we are deprived of what is rightfully ours: a perfect body, a body that contains God's all. We are a whole.

The end of the world will come about when we will be whole. Therefore, let’s see to it that as few as possible go to hell – otherwise, we’ll be here a long time. Let’s pray, let’s trust in God. And let’s live out our days of light with God, in preparation to live those three days of darkness. Amen, Lord.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Is there another question?

Q. After those three days of darkness, there will be no more sin, we’ll be delivered from sin. Freedom will always exist for whatever is positive or good, and at different levels according to different people. We won't be like remote-controlled robots; we’ll be free but we’ll always be positive, and each individual will behave according to and in proportion to his or her positive will. We won't necessarily be equal in this but we will all be united. However, each person will be fully immersed in the Will of God, each with his freedom and according to his particular level of harmony with others, of course. There will be no more sin and we won't be robots. There will always be freedom, free will.

A. The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: We have been controlled solely by our own choices. We have always been free, always. We’re the ones who made choices, but the moment we made the wrong choice someone was there to take over for us: Satan. When all this will be over, we will still live on earth for some time with the Dominator, but we will have a heart of flesh, we will know that there's only one God. Evil will no longer affect us, for it will no longer be within us. Satan can only reach us through what is inside us.

Yes, Lord.

A few years ago, the Lord showed me something. He showed me children who were having fun together by making bad choices, refusing to listen to what God expected of them: they wanted their pleasure. And so, there were several children in a room like this one, and they were having fun. Then, I saw a sarcophagus. They put a person into it and they closed the sarcophagus, and then, God had me see what was happening inside the sarcophagus. I could see the mark from here to here (indicates the location on her body with her hands). It was the tip of a serpent’s tail and it went all the way to here, underneath the skin. It was raised and I could also see the colour: it was a dark green that was almost black, more black than green. It had become imprinted underneath his skin.

I also saw marks appearing. There were marks all over him, here, there, all over him, like this; some appeared twice. It was the being in the sarcophagus who was receiving those marks and there were many of them, and the longer this went on, the more there were. So much so that at a certain point, when they opened the sarcophagus and the person emerged from the sarcophagus, then I saw, I saw those marks. There were so many of them! And I could see those marks, but they, those who were there… I said, “But Lord, don’t they see anything?” And then, he woke me up. But then, I said, “Lord, what did you show me?” “I showed you Satan's mark; I showed you the marks that children have made by allowing Satan to tempt them.”

Those marks are inside us and there are many, many, many of them. The fallen angels can see them. It’s a language they have. It’s as though they knew that this person or that one has a weakness for theft, that this one or that one has a weakness for telling lies. We have those marks within us. Everybody has those marks, but some have more than others or they are much more pronounced. As a result, they use God's children against God's children.

If someone is a liar, he has that mark within him. He meets another person who lies, and then, something happens inside him: “I can't stand him. I don’t feel good.” We recognize that there's suffering inside us and Satan and the demons can use this. They can use a person who has stolen and make him approach another person to incite him to steal. It isn't that the person actually says to the other, “You can steal” – no, no – he just uses him to set the scene.

If that person takes the other to a store after having tempted him into wanting a pair of shoes, Satan will use that person to lead the other where he wants to take him: two marks – theft in the first and theft in the second – and theft enables Satan to use the first person to weaken the other without his knowing it, and Satan uses him to weaken the other’s resolve to refuse. As a result, he can now easily incite him to steal.

And it’s like this with everything he does: God's children against God's children. Whatever is within us and has become lodged within us, from Adam and Eve up to the last person: he uses it. He can use everything within us. This is what it means to be subjected to sin.

We are subjected to sin; we are no longer able to refuse temptation. We go to Communion and on the way back to our seat – “Ah, he's walking too slowly” – a thought has just appeared, just one thought! We have just received Jesus! We should be patient but we can't be; why? We have a mark inside us and it has just been awakened; Satan awakens it for us. We aren’t able to refuse this, and so, it comes out: he used another person in front of us, because that person was tempted to walk more slowly because he has a limp. He limps because he had an accident and that accident was caused because of his drinking.

Satan is quite subtle. He takes his time. His evil intelligence is beyond anything we can imagine. He has made his plans and he will continue as long as there is one last person remaining who bears a mark inside him. The more we allow ourselves to be purified, the more those marks will diminish, and the more those marks diminish, the harder the demons will have to search for them.

We become purified by saying yes to God; we become purified by saying, “I give you my impatience. I give you all those who are like me: impatient. Whatever has made me like this – impatient – I give it to you.” Three movements: the cause – the sin; the choice – yes or no, I'm tempted, it’s up to me to choose; the consequence – my impatience. When we give this to God, to our Jesus who is the Purifier, what he does is: he removes the evil, and with his fire of love, he purifies and he delivers us. And this is for just one movement. We will give tirelessly – the cause, choices and consequences – as God will see to all this. Let’s say that yes, which is ours because we are God's children.

When something that was hidden inside us rises up to the surface, this is willed by God: “I remember that, one day, I went to the grocery store and I took money from the cash register while the clerk had his back turned.” And so, I give this to God: “I give you this movement; I give you the choice I made; I give you the cause; I was tempted by Satan.” The Holy Spirit will show us all these things. Slowly, we will enter this movement, we will hear and others will help us. Now that the movement has begun, it will not stop. We will live as peaceful children.

Mother Mary has prepared us. The Queen of Peace has prepared our heart of stone to become a heart that opens up to grace. Mother Mary takes us by the hand. Let’s not be afraid of what we are going to discover – this is the most beautiful movement we will ever experience: the purification. There will never be another like this one: it is unique. The purification of the flesh will take place only once. It will lead into its movement of love all those who will come to know the joy of entering a body in possession of all the graces of purification.

As for the souls in purgatory, at the moment of the resurrection of the flesh, the soul will unite with its body, and then another movement of love will take place, as they have already said their yes. All those graces that we obtain! All this will happen, for they will have to live their purification of the flesh, but with love, because they have said yes. All this will happen for the souls in Heaven as well. The souls in Heaven do not yet have their bodies. Their bodies are at rest, but, oh, how they help us today! The souls in purgatory intercede on our behalf so that we might live this purification, and the heavenly souls are with us because they want to do God's Will. We are all called to live as children of God, as children of the Divine Will. Amen, Lord. Thank you, Lord.

And now, why don’t we stand and sing the song printed on the sheets we received: a song of praise! Thank you, Lord.

♪♪♪: Hymn.

Testimonial by the Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you very much. There aren’t many here who know who I am, right? I come from Québec, from Canada. Nicole, over there, comes from Manitoba. She came to live in Québec after getting married. And so, I'm a mother; I have three children and I'm a grandmother to five grandchildren. You can sit down now.

Hearing the voice of Mary came about after a time of preparation, because, a few years prior to that, I was experiencing things I couldn’t explain. And, you know, you don’t ask too many questions, right? There were visions: oh, they’re just dreams! My husband used to say, “You’re not watching television anymore.” And so you don’t really know why you’re seeing things. You see things when your eyes are open and you don’t know why. You smell things: in 1999, I began to smell roses. Throughout all this – “Okay, Lord. Thank you, Lord.” I knew nothing about messengers; there are messages being received all over the world. I didn’t know that the Mother of God was appearing. I knew about Lourdes, I knew about Fatima; there were saints – Saint Therese of Lisieux – but I knew nothing about the rest of it. I knew nothing about theology. The Gospel – I leave that to the priests because it’s too complicated for me. And so, throughout all this, I lived in ignorance. The Lord wanted it this way.

At present, the Lord also keeps me in complete ignorance: I don’t read the messages, I don’t watch television, I don’t listen to the radio; I'm constantly with the Lord, constantly. Every once in a while, yes, he allows me to go see my children, but I'm often with him. My children have often said to me, “Mom, we lost you when we lost dad.” In 2001, my husband died on March 4th, after Mary had visited me – on January 1, 2001 – and fifteen days later, it was Jesus who came to speak inside me. And so, he taught me – Mother gave me graces so that I could always be obedient. He never gave me the reason regarding what I had to do: he was teaching me to surrender every day. If he had told me the reason, I would have said no; I would have said, “Oh, no, Lord. This isn't for me.”

I worked in a daycare for 28 years: in the beginning for other people, then in the pre-school at a CLSC (local health services), and then, in my home. That’s all I have ever done – take care of children. But before that I was a hairdresser, but you know, after getting married we choose our children. And that’s how it was – I raised my children through other children. And afterwards, we, my husband and I, worked constantly in renovation – that is to say, we would buy apartments that needed to be renovated in order to make them habitable. And after more than 20 years of this, I was becoming quite knowledgeable regarding renovation! And in the end, when my husband lost his job, we bought a building with seven apartments, which was condemned by the city; and all this came about because we had run out of money, we had lost everything.

When I began, I said, “Lord, not a pencil: a hammer, but not a pencil! What do you want to do with me, Lord?” I didn’t know what prayer groups were. I didn’t even know what it meant to be in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament. I went to mass every Sunday. I prayed before going to bed. I would ask the Holy Spirit to increase my faith as well as that of my children. I didn’t ask for much out of life – to die and to appear before God – that was all I wanted.

And so, in 1998, I went and stood before Mary and I said, “Mother Mary, I give you my life. I want my husband to go to Heaven as well as my son.” My husband had been refusing to come to mass with me for several months, only a few months. And my son, at the age of 18, no longer wanted to come to mass. He used to say, “Mom, I pray; keep me in your thoughts when you go to mass, because mass is boring to me.” And so, I would bring him in my heart, but the heart of a mother…! We’re afraid for our children. So, I gave my life. I really thought she was going to ‘take’ my life, and I didn’t think this was how it was going to happen! And they took my whole life. They turned it upside down from A to Z, and now, I live from Z to A. And so, I don’t really, really know what tomorrow holds for me but it isn't up to me to know.

What you heard tonight – I am no more aware of it than you are: I hear it and I repeat it. But as for me, I will receive the recordings, which are available to you as well, and then, I will listen to what was said so that I too can live this movement of love. We are at the school of The Love and this is for the whole earth.

You know, today I went to Paris, to the Rue du Bac. And I went there to go to mass. Oh, but Mother Mary was waiting for me! And so, I went to ask her for a grace. That’s what it says at the bottom of the altar: “Ask.” So, I asked for it – well, I wasn’t the one who asked her, it was Jesus who asked for me – I hear the voice – and the voice said, “Mary, give me your gaze so that I can see my brothers and sisters as you see them. Give me your love so that I can love you as you want me to love you, and to love your Son as you love him.”

Then, I went to sit down because we were told that mass was about to begin. And then the tears came. Oh! Did I ever cry! And I cried out, “But what's wrong, Mother? Why are you making me cry like this?” At that point, I wasn’t able to follow the mass: “Mother!” And then, all that pain, all that pain, it rose up inside me, and then I understood. I understood that I didn’t want to talk about those who were together and weren’t married – because I pray for them, I give myself on their behalf, I know that God loves them – and he wanted me to go talk about it. What was I going to say? I don’t know anything. I know that I'm not the one speaking, but the fact is that there are things I would rather keep to myself because I don’t want to hurt my brothers and my sisters.

When I see people coming to me and who say, “I have been living in sin for thirty years,” I feel like crying with them. I want to hug them so hard and say, “It’s not your fault, it’s Satan's fault. You’re like me. If I have sinned, how many sins have we all committed collectively! We did this together.” I carry this inside me so much of the time. She wanted me to go talk about this in front of my brothers and my sisters. I said, “Oh, but this is going to hurt them!” But Mother Mary, she wanted me to do this: “Give yourself.”

After I had received Jesus of love… because I didn’t want to go to Communion as I felt like such a sinner – how could I present myself before my Jesus while I know that I carry adultery inside myself, that I'm like them? You cannot separate yourself from them, especially when you’ve been hearing the voice of God for seven years, he who cares for them, who cries over them, who wants them.

So then I said, “How can I receive Jesus now?” So I waited, but Mother Mary didn’t answer me, not right away. I thought that I would never receive Jesus again, never again, as long as there was still one last person left who hadn’t said yes to God. “Ah,” I said, “yes, Mother Mary, I'm ready to live this for you, out of love for your Son.” Then, she told me quietly to do the Will of God – he didn’t answer me. During that minute that went by while I waited, watching the others going to Communion and asking myself, “Was yesterday the last time I received my Jesus of love?” he was waiting, and I waited.

Everybody else was going to Communion, up to the moment when I heard Jesus: “Listen to my Mother.” And it was after this that she said to me, “Go.” And then I went. When I received Jesus, a great joy filled me. Then I was ready; I was ready because I had understood that it isn't only through prayer that we must act. We must see them through their suffering – it’s true. We have to pray with them, but we must also tell them that Jesus loves them, and that we aren’t the ones who are going to comfort them, in and through what we are, so that they can move forward towards the Light. We don’t know which ones are married and which ones aren’t: how many have received the sacrament of Marriage and that marriage was never a real one!

When a young girl is beaten, raped, and the father says, “You’re going to marry him,” because she's pregnant, and after fifteen years, she's still being beaten and raped by the one she married – she married her rapist – are we in a position to judge? God knows. Only God knows, and therefore, let us love unconditionally: this is what God expects of us.

You see, we’re all the same. I'm just like you. He came for me, and he brought me up here in front, right? Well, he's going to come for all of you because I won't be the only one when the moment arrives. All those who will have lived in this love: do you know how many times they will want to hear about their God of love? Oh, all the time! We will talk about the things we know today. We won't be above them, but we will tell them how loving God was towards them. They will know this but they will want to hear it.

We are attending the school of The Love; we are the fruit that has grown on a vine that had many thorns. Today, Jesus is coming to remove the shoots so that we can produce a good wine because we will have allowed others to have a taste of who we are. He has begun; this is the time when he is preparing his wine. Therefore, let’s allow him to press us in the winepress; we will produce a good wine filled with love. Alleluia, Lord.