Gathering of Love With God's Action in Malpeque, PEI

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-09-28 – Part 1


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Jesus is in the process of building a world of love. He talks about the purification of the flesh, he talks about signs from Heaven, of a sign that will appear, he talks about how we’ll be happy without material possessions, about how illnesses will no longer exist.

Jesus says: “There will no longer be any attachments; I am coming to change hearts of stone into hearts of flesh.”

Jesus speaks in hearts to teach us to give up this world; remember that in the Gospel, Jesus said, “I am not of this world.”

Jesus was in his Father; everything that he was on earth came from what his Father wanted him to be: a God made Man out of love for us, a God who became visible to us.

And so, in order for him to be visible, he had to become matter; we can't see a spirit and spirits are all around us.

Pure spirits are in God, angels are in God – they’re around us.

If God, in the fullness of his power, wanted it, he would enable us to see the angels that are here; if we don’t see pure spirits, that’s because our flesh doesn’t deserve to.

We, because of our thoughts, because of our eyes, our ears, our mouth, our hands and our heart, we have always been part of what was against love.

God is The Love, God is a pure Spirit; God is a movement, he's always in motion; he has every power, he's everywhere, he knows everything; God need only to will it and all is done.

The angels are different; the angels were made to serve God, to praise God, to adore God, to contemplate God; they love doing this because God is Beauty, and he is light.

The light, it is gentleness, it is love, and when they are before God, the light is reflected upon them and then, they are in Beauty, they are in the Intelligence, they are in the Power: they are full of admiration.

And so, God, Movement that gives itself, Movement that is always before them: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, who give themselves – they are love – and the angels are before this movement.

They are full of admiration before all they see; all they see makes them so beautiful, they nourish themselves with what they see: Intelligence, Knowledge and Power are before them and they taste of it. Therefore, to serve God is happiness!

The Son of God made Man then became matter; they were able to see the Matter, it emerged on its own from God.

God contains all things and therefore matter is in God. And so God, through his will, need only to will it and already the Son of God made Man is before him.

When the angels saw the Son of God, Matter, some looked and saw. And they said, “That, that is inferior to us.” They refused to praise, adore and contemplate; the Son of God made Man was before them and they refused to adore the Son of God made Man.

There was an angel of great beauty, he was by God's side; we would say that he was his right-hand man; his name was Lucibel/Lucifer. When he refused to adore God, the Light – we spoke earlier of God's light – he had just refused the light that is reflected upon the angels.

(An angel is a spirit that must adore, contemplate and praise God; it is perfect through God. If an angel refuses – even the short amount of time required for us to lift our eyelids would already be too long – to remain in a movement of love, it’s as though he himself is cutting off that movement. However, as an angel is made to serve and to contemplate, he must serve and contemplate.)

And so, he contemplated himself, he turned everything towards himself. He who was there to serve, to contemplate, to adore, was now becoming an angel full of pride: “I shall contemplate myself, admire myself; I can do anything; I possess all intelligence, I possess all power; I know how to control, dominate, deceive, lie, cause suffering.” Everything that is evil became his nourishment; he was Pride.

Pride is what is against God's children.

When Jesus, the Son of God made Man, stood before them, we were in Jesus, he was the Perfect Matter, he encompassed all matter.

The universe was in Jesus, everything contained in the universe was in Jesus, the earth and all its contents was in Jesus, because God, pure Spirit, had made matter.

Jesus was the Perfect Matter, and he was so through God; Jesus is the Matter, matter was in God: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit – the Trinity.

God, the Trinity, encompasses everything, absolutely everything; he is the Alpha and the Omega, there is no beginning and no end within God.

Jesus, Jesus, our God of love, well, he's the Son of God made Man; therefore, he is the Alpha and the Omega, he is omnipresent, he is omnipotent; there is no time within Jesus, power is in Jesus, because, through the Father, he holds everything that the Father is, that the Son is, because the Father gave everything to his Son.

When he came on earth, he had everything; when he came on earth, we were with him, in him; from the first man to the last to be created, all were in Jesus, in the pure Matter, the Eternal Flesh.

When God created Adam, he created him from matter and that matter was in the Son of God made Man; because he is Perfection, he is everything that is matter and that allows itself to be seen.

When Jesus entered Mary’s womb by the power of the Holy Spirit, he enveloped Mary so she could be in the Perfect Matter. It was the Holy Spirit who, through his power, enveloped Mary so that she – she was the one who had to receive the Matter and not the contrary – so that she could bear the Matter, but the Matter was perfect before Mary.

Mother Mary was enveloped in the Light and the Light turned her into a vessel of love, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, she received the Light and the Mother of the Light entered the Light.

She tasted everything that the Son encompassed; she was in the very presence of the ultimate Flesh; she adored her God, she adored the Perfect Matter, the Eternal Flesh. She lived all this by the power of the Holy Spirit.

We were in the Perfect Flesh, therefore, Mother Mary bore all of us; that’s why we say: “Our Mother in Heaven and on earth.”

We are the children of The Love, we are the children of God the Father; because of the original sin, our flesh, our flesh, which was once pure, became impurity.

Jesus never knew impurity; he is the Eternal Flesh, the Purity of the Flesh; he always obeyed his Father.

But Adam, who had received the flesh and breath of God within him, came to know impurity of the flesh, and we, we know that impurity because of the first child on earth.

God comes to speak in our hearts so we can understand who we are, why we’re here on earth and to whom we must turn.

We are from the Eternal Flesh; God gave us everything we need to turn to him. We received intelligence from God, we have the love of God enabling us to move all our limbs, we received freedom from God, but within a wounded flesh.

We must always choose: “Am I going to do good or am I going to follow my own desire and do evil? If I listen to my soul, then there's no doubt that I’ll be doing good, but if I want to please my flesh…” then, then I fall into evil because I'm inclined to do what Adam and Eve did: wanting to take ourselves for God, wanting to use what God has given us to raise ourselves to the same rank as God, wanting to understand what God understands, wanting to claim powers in order to be equal to God the Son made Man.

Try to stop and understand what the Eternal Flesh is by using what we are – we’ll never manage because our spirit has known impurity, our eyes have seen impurity, our ears have heard impurity, we have used our words to spread impurity, our movements have served impurity, our feelings have become impure.

How can we, with this flesh, understand the Eternal Flesh? Impurity cannot speak about Purity, but Purity can speak about impurity.

Therefore, God is the only one who can speak about us so as to teach us to love him, and, in order to learn to love God, we have to listen to him. He's the only one who can talk to us without hurting our feelings because he gave up his Life for us, he shed his Blood out of love for us.

None of us have been able to do this, none of us can help our neighbour like Jesus can help our neighbour, none of us can bring good to our neighbour, none of us. Even if we want to serve our mother, without Jesus we won't be able to; only Jesus can do this.

How does he do this? He puts movements of love within us, he gives himself: he gives what he is.

Since God the Father, God the Son never stop giving, God gives himself continuously; he gives himself and the Son receives, and the Son gives. This is a continuous movement, which is constantly in motion, and which forms the third Person: the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, if I wanted to give you love of my own accord, to give you something like power to heal you, I wouldn’t be able to do this because I am not The Love.

It’s Jesus who is The Love, it’s Jesus who receives everything from the Father, who gives, who nourishes, who gives again and who creates a movement: from me to you, from you to me, continuously.

I'm doing nothing more than give my yes, and when you want to give your yes to Jesus, not to me, to Jesus, then you’re giving: you give effortlessly because Jesus does everything for you.

Who are we? We are the flesh of Jesus, we are the movement of God and everything that is within us belongs to God.

We must be abandon, and abandon doesn’t even belong to us, it belongs to Jesus.

Jesus said, “To be abandon is to live the Book of Genesis all the way to the Book of Revelation.” Therefore, it is to live what God wanted from the beginning of the world to the end of the world; this is abandon.

Only Jesus can enable us to live this abandon, and to live abandon is to taste The Love, it’s to be in the movement of God the Father.

Jesus explains all these movements to bring us love so we can leave this world behind.

If we don’t understand who we are, we don’t leave this world behind, and this world, it’s the spirit of Satan.

The spirit of Satan is: I look at myself, I know, I control, I defend myself, I manage on my own, I can help you, I have the power, I will teach it to you, and you will use it, and you will pay the consequences – this is our life.

God, he's the Movement of love: “I give to you, I take your life and I give you my Life; to bring you happiness, I take within myself anything that makes you suffer.

I am your Gentleness, I am your Bread of life; it is up to me to nourish you, it is up to me to bring you eternal life of endless happiness; it will be up to you to decide if you want me.

Because you come from me, I want you to be as I am; it is up to me to reveal your freedom to you, it is up to you to say yes to your freedom.

One day, everything you may want will be given to you because you will no longer have your human will, you will be perfect as my Father is perfect.”

Well, we’re going to take a little break, okay? Let’s take a short ten minute break.