Gathering of Love With God's Action in Malpeque, PEI,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-09-28 – Part 2


Jesus: The voice of the Lord is a voice of love. When God hears your words, when God puts love within you, they become words that are interesting to all those who are listening to you.

Little children of love, I come to speak in your heart, I come to take everything about of you to present it to my Father.

I am the Word of life; I am in your life to enable you to understand what you are living at present: I am gathering your hearts together to form but one heart.

It is up to me to turn your words into interesting words; it is up to me to take everything you are to turn it into a nourishment of love for those who hunger for love.

Today, the children of this world do not know what love is; all the children of this world are seeking excitement.

What is leading my Father's children to becoming bored? What is leading my Father's children to being unsatisfied with who they are? This comes from being unaware of their interior.

Children of love, you have been drawn by the outside world, a deceptive world, a controlling world. All the things that are drawing you – they are loud sounds, they are movements that make your senses quiver.

Anything that is loud, my children, and anything that makes your heart beat faster exhausts you; you are incapable of understanding the reality of your life. Reality, my children, is to be in your interior for yourselves.

Let me tell you a story.

“One day, a little girl left in search of a nice stone; as she walked along the side of the road, she looked down at the ground. She wanted to find a stone that was different from others, she wanted it to be very soft and of a nice colour! And so, her eyes searched.

Suddenly, she noticed a tiny stone; it was all white. She bent down and picked up the stone, and with her finger, she stroked the stone. She said, ‘Oh! It’s like me; it’s tiny and soft.’ Then, she put the stone in her pocket and went on her way.

She stopped suddenly because she noticed a stone that was different from the others: ‘How is this stone different? It’s square, it’s rough and black; is it really a stone?’ She bent down and picked up the stone to look at its shape.

Suddenly, the stone rose up in the sky, it was spinning. The little girl looked at the stone and she was fascinated by everything she was seeing. The stone began to twirl and then, fell to the ground. So, the little girl took the stone, held it very tightly in her hands and then buried it in her other pocket; she didn’t want to put it with her little white, soft stone.

Then, she went on her way. Every once in a while, she would put her hand in her pocket to touch the little white stone; it felt so good to rub this stone.

But it seemed as if the black stone wanted to move, and so, she stopped, put her hand in her pocket, and looked at the stone in her hand. The stone seemed to be getting bigger: ‘Why is it bigger?’ Then, she put it back in her pocket and went on her way; she put her hand back into the pocket where the square stone was and she took it out again to verify if it was bigger, but no, it wasn’t any bigger, and so she put it back in her pocket and went on her way.

She forgot more and more about the little white stone in her pocket; she thought about the square stone and she said to herself, ‘What does it have to show me today?’ She took it in her hands and looked at every side; she noticed that there was a little hole on one side; then, she looked very deeply into the little hole – there seemed to be something deep inside it: everything she was was in that little hole, for all she was thinking about was the depth of that little hole.

She placed all her attention on that stone, she wanted to hear, she wanted to see what was deep inside it; she reached the point of forgetting about her life, for at that moment, she was so focused on the depth of that hole that what she was ceased to exist for a moment.

And then, she pulled herself together and shook herself: ‘Come on! What just happened to me? I don’t even remember how much time I stopped to look through that little hole!’ She put her rock in her pocket and went on her way.  

Suddenly, she began to think, ‘Oh, it’s true, I have my little white stone in my pocket; I’ll check to make sure it’s still there.’ As she put her hand in her pocket, the other stone became heavy.

And so, she stopped and turned her attention to that big stone, because the square stone had become very big, so much so that it had torn her pocket. Consequently, she decided to carry it in her hands.

She kept walking and walking, but all she could see was the big stone, and she said, ‘What are you doing in my life, what have you got to show me?’ Inside herself, something was telling her, ‘You belong to me, I'm the one who shows you nice things, I'm the one who tells you what you must do; you see, I prevented you from turning to your little insignificant stone.’

Then, it said to her, ‘Throw it away.’ The little girl said, ‘Oh, come on! What’s happening to me, what am I going to do?’ Then, she looked at the square stone that seemed very alive, for she had learned to become attached to that stone, and without realizing what she was doing, she got rid of the tiny white stone and went on her way. And the black stone grew bigger and bigger and the little girl always carried with her that stone, which was taking up a lot of room in her life.

The little girl grew, grew and grew, and the stone was still there; now, everything she did, she did it because the stone wanted her to do it. She had noticed that others also carried a stone like hers.

Every person wanted his own stone, every person only had eyes for his or her stone; whatever the stone decided, they did it; every person was so used to that stone that they didn’t realize that the stone had taken over their lives.

One day, the little girl turned into an old woman; as she sat in her chair, she always had that stone with her. She looked at the stone and said to herself, ‘What have you done with me?’ and the stone rose up and a being appeared, a being of darkness, who said to her, ‘I am the spirit of the world, I have shown you how to speak, I have shown you how to dress, I have shown you what to eat, I have shown you how to have fun, and today, you are alone; you are alone because you left the little white stone behind.’

The woman understood all this; she thought about the little stone: ‘Will I ever find that little bit of gentleness again?’ Suddenly, there was a knock at the door; a person all in white stood before the woman. He was holding a tiny stone in his hand and he presented it to her: ‘Here is your stone; it is your life in God and I am your angel, I am the one God wanted for you; your desires are God's desires and I am at God's service; I am presenting to you what you have requested of God.’”

You see, little children of love, throughout your lives you have dragged around a very heavy stone; you believed you were happy with things of this world, and this world has weighed down your lives up to the point of making you forget your gentleness towards yourselves.

You are made of love, you are made of my love. Because you asked to know the truth, because you cried out to Heaven to bring you light, the Light has come to you.

Now is the time, my children, to leave behind your human will in order to know the Light; my Father has prepared this time for each one of you.

Little children of love, let the light enter you: it is truth, it is your life in God. I will show you, my children, what this world wanted to do to you.

Satan is the spirit of this world; he has imprisoned you in his movement: darkness. He has made you enter places you should not have entered, he has made you see what was against you, he has made you hear what was against your lives as children of God, and your words have become words against yourselves, which has caused you to carry out movements against your lives, lives that need love, my love, and your heart has suffered because of this.

Today, little children of love, you are suffering from a lack of love; I am coming to speak in your hearts to tell you: “Do not be afraid, trust in your God; I know what is good for you; I, I am the Son of God, I became man for God because my Father loves you.

I who am, I who was, I who shall be, I will take everything that you are; everything that has been in your lives has been in my present. I am the one who knows your life; I am the one who will turn you into beings of love, and you will be, eternally, beings who will live this movement of love, an unconditional love for my Father, for yourselves and for your neighbour.

Love, my children, heals everything! Therefore, let me heal you, let me free you of your chains.

I speak with the Will of my Father, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, you are able to understand Heaven’s loving plans for you.

My Father's Creation must be obedient; I, I was obedient until my death. Therefore, my children, are you ready to be obedient until the death of your human will, to then be resurrected in the Divine Will? I want to enable you to taste of my Glory. You will become children of love in my Glory when my Father chooses to have you taste of it.”


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Every movement we live on earth is a movement of love; it’s up to God to lead us where he wants us.

This moment will lead to other moments; wherever he sends his instruments, that is where he will speak, and that is when we will receive over and over again.

We are the Church, we are all living members.

The Church is living, the Church is active; Jesus is the Church and we belong to him, therefore, we are alive through him.

Look at our Church and look at ourselves!

What God wants to do with us is to turn us into instruments between his hands, because he wants all of us; he knows every member of his Church and he wants them all obedient to his Father's Will.

And so, for tonight, we will end here: such is his Will.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord.


Are there any questions regarding this evening?


Q.  Do the angels have a will, free will?


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The angels are spirits, pure spirits, and they were made to serve, adore and contemplate God, and they’re here, by our side, to serve us.

They don’t have a will like ours; they’re movements of love and everything they are is in God.

The angels are God's volition and when God says something, they’re there and everything is done instantly.

We have angels, we must use them: we don’t use them. We must use our angels – God put them by our side so they can serve us. Imagine, we have pure spirits by our side to serve us!

But don’t ask them to serve for the purposes of evil, oh, no! They serve God, they adore, they praise God; and so, everything that God is is love.

Therefore, we, we must use our angels for love – so, let’s do it: we worry about our children, then let’s send our angels to meet their angels; they will do this to protect them.

And so, you see, this is what God wants us to do. He places his love in our hands and it’s up to us to use his love through our yes.

Do you know that when we have a good thought, God, he knew about it even before we had that thought, and that he's the one who does everything to enable us to say it aloud? Everything is movement of love. If we did something that was wrong, well, Jesus has the power to turn into something good.

Jesus doesn’t want us to judge ourselves; if he left us in our own hands, we would destroy ourselves, we would say, “I can't do this, I'm this or I'm that, I'm not worth loving.” We would crush ourselves.

But Jesus, he's so loving that he takes everything about us that is not right, and then, he makes it right. Jesus is much less severe towards our children than we are towards our children.

There are those who cry; they cry because their child is homosexual, they bar their door to him, they become angry with him. Jesus says, “Open the door to him and take him in your arms, tell him you love him.” Jesus doesn’t love sin, he loves the sinner; he's the one who will change his heart.

Did you know that Mother Mary draws to her the children who are the most sick, and she heals them with the graces of love she receives from God? And God wants to do the same with us; we aren't able to heal our children, but God, yes – let’s make room for him!

Let’s learn to love unconditionally; let’s stop closing our hearts, we’re the ones shutting the doors. Jesus, he wants us to open the doors, it’s with love that he will transform this world.

All those… there are several here who have seen the movie, “The Passion”; from the beginning to the end it is love, it is love, it is love. I saw it too, he allowed it; he doesn’t want me to watch television, to read, he doesn’t want me to carry out those movements at all, but he allowed me to go see that movie!

When he was being whipped, wasn’t it hard to watch at that point? And he said, “Stop crying.” He said, “See my love, what you are seeing is love.”

At that moment, I stopped completely and I know that it didn’t come from me because, you’ve seen it, it’s impossible to remain joyful while seeing that, and yet, that’s what I felt the moment I said yes.

Only God was able to change one movement into another in the space of a few… not even a few minutes, because it was done as soon as I said yes.

And so, this is what he will do in our lives for our children; we have to say yes and leave room for Jesus, we must have faith in our prayers.

We pray, we pray for our children; we worry, we worry about our children: “Jesus, take care of them, take care of them, Jesus, but, my goodness, am I ever tired… I worry, I ask myself if this is really true.”

What the Holy Spirit is doing with Nicole, he will do it for each one of us; he will know to remind us of whatever we need to remember the moment we will be standing in front of them.

Thank you, Nicole, and thank you for the lovely evening; thank you, Lord, thank you, Mother Mary, thank you, thank you.