Gathering of Love With God's Action in Markham, Ontario,
Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus  

 2008-02-03 – Part 1

 The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The grace of the Lord wants to make of us children who acknowledge that they come from God. When we acknowledge that we come from God, something stirs inside us: it’s our soul. Our soul is inclined to open our interior to the grace of God. Only our soul is able to spread grace within us so that our flesh can respond to the grace of God.

If we look at our flesh, our poor flesh, it doesn’t often listen to the grace that comes from God through the soul. Our flesh has a strong tendency to listen to our human will. Our flesh has the habit of believing that all external things bear grace. When we have a tendency to think that vitamins will bring us the grace of good health, we stray from God's path. Our flesh comes from God, it doesn’t come from what men think it is. We can try to teach mankind what the flesh is made of, but when this is done without God they will find only what God wants to show them, and those who will try to go further will discover what Satan wants to show them.

We are God's children; only God can instruct God's children. God takes care of what belongs to him, but if we step away from God's beauty we discover what our eyes want to see; and we will see people who are proud, for we will see only what is external; we won't enter within ourselves, we will remain on the surface. If we look at the sea, we see only what is on the surface of the water, but there are ways to go underwater, and there, we will see, we will see what is in the water. Will this allow us to discover what the sea contains? We will only see what our eyes want to see and what our eyes are able to see. Everything that comes from the sea is like a form of nourishment – it’s as though the sea needs what is within it in order to truly be what it is. The inside and the outside form a whole, and therefore, the sea is a whole.

How does this compare to us? What we have inside us and what appears on the outside forms a whole. Man is able to understand this, but what makes up all that is internal and external can only be revealed if the Holy Spirit wills it. And so, if we leave all the room to God, he enables us through his graces to see and to understand what is essential. And God does this in the present moment, and God does this for our soul in order to nourish our spiritual life so that our spiritual life can spread throughout our being, enabling us to taste our life on earth.

Our life on earth is something we can see, something we can taste, it’s something we can offer. Everything we do is a gift offered to God. We are the work of God and we must produce works that can be given. And so, we do this with what he has given us: he gave us flesh and he wants us to be flesh. If we use what we are without using God's graces, we use what he gave us but we can't give him the work, for God doesn’t want something that is impure. God is Purity, God is Immaculate, and therefore, everything he wants to receive must be as he is.

And so, if we consider all that we are, we wouldn’t be able to give anything to God because the work that we are is imperfect. Only God is perfect, and so we must go through the One who was sent to us. The One who was sent to us became flesh in Mary's womb out of love for us. When we hear, “He became flesh in Mary's womb,” it was he who entered Mary's womb. Are we able to separate God the Son from the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is in the Son and the Son is in the Holy Spirit: one God. Therefore, God came and entered Mary: Eternal Life entered Mary and Eternal Life took shape; the Eternal Flesh formed in Mary's womb, it stirred within Mary's womb so that we would be able to see the Eternal Flesh.

Jesus is the Eternal Flesh, he is the Immortal Flesh, he is the Alpha and the Omega; there is no beginning and there is no end: God is God. When Jesus said, “Yes, Father,” he was carrying out the Will of his Father. Through that yes, he was entering Mary's womb and that yes was the one of the Father. How was Mother Mary able to say yes? It was necessary for her to be aware of the yes. She, she knew the Will of God, she was immersed in the Will of God. Mary was willed by God from the beginning of time: the only child worthy to be aware of the yes before the Yes came on earth. Mother Mary is not the Yes, but the Yes enveloped Mary and the Yes nourished her. The Yes is the Will of the Father. God does not contain any refusals within him – he is The Love. He is the love that is given, that is given at all times, at all times – movement of love: I am nourished.

God the Father who engenders his Son, The Love who sees his Love, The Love who is sufficient unto himself, The Love who enters into himself, who knows himself – The Love is yes: behold the Will. The Will is yes, God is a yes. The yes is love; it doesn’t emerge, it is internal; everything converges around what the yes is, every movement revolves around the yes: the yes draws us to it, the yes nourishes, it takes, it seizes, for love nourishes itself. Mother Mary was nourished by this movement of love. We were all nourished by this movement of love.

When God, in his eternal love, carried all his creation, we existed. Let’s remember the words of Jesus: “Before you came into being, you existed.” Therefore, before we were conceived in our mother’s womb on earth, we existed, and we were, therefore, in God. The Son of God made Man took every movement and presented it to his Father. Mary was, and we were, that movement of love before the Father. How is it that she's the only one who kept her purity? We were in Jesus too. How is it that we have no’s inside us? Obedience, humility: the Mother of God was the humblest of all. God, in his eternal movement, knew all creation. God, in his movement of love, was in all his creations. God knew everything and he knew all of us. He is the Alpha and the Omega, and therefore, he knows the present. He is the Present and the Present is in all times. God was not created, he is.

But we, we are created. We were created in eternal time and this movement is in us, it is part of our eternal life, and as it is part of our eternal life, everything that is within us has been within us for all time. Everything that is created by God is perfect – we are perfect. Every one of us must enter into a movement: the movement of obedience – “Yes, love; yes, I am movement of love. Yes, God my Creator, I come from you and I give myself to you. Your love, I recognize it; your love, I live it.” Therefore, we are the yes to The Love: we must be obedient. But, in his eternal movement of love, how does God receive? He loves to receive and so he gives. He created all creatures; in all creatures, he put everything they needed so they would be able to give. We have within us everything we need in order to give, and therefore, we have the yes: your Will. My yes: I give who I am because I belong to you. The offering that we are comes from God and it must be returned to God. In order for this movement to exist we must first be an offering ourselves.

By creating the universe and its contents, by creating the earth and its contents, a movement made itself known to creatures, for we existed before everything else that was created and that is not in God's image. All that we are is above everything else God created, for everything he created is for us, so that we can be an offering of love. He put this offering of love in everything he contains, and therefore, we are here and everything he contains is for us. God did not place us before temptation while saying, “I am giving you something but you must prefer me.” God is love; God doesn’t do this to his creatures. He wants us to taste his love, he wants to take us in his hands and say, “This is for you: I love you.” This is the reason God has given us everything thus enabling us to see his beauty.

When we look at the stars, when we look at the planets, when we look at everything above our heads, we see God's love, we see God who never stops saying to us: “I love you.” When we who are on earth see everything around us, well, this is an ‘I love you’: “I am giving what I am to you. I, I am The Love. Here: take and eat. Live my Life, be in my Life because my Will is love. It belongs to you. My Will is a gift. I am not forcing you in any way – I am having you taste my love, I am having you see my love and I am having you enter all my movements.” This is nothing more than a yes.

This is God who loves us, and we’re part of all this – we are a yes. Therefore, we must give to God what belongs to God: “I give you everything because I am the all that comes from you; everything around me is part of what I am for you. Therefore, I love you more than I love myself because what I am is from you. How can I prefer myself over you? I do not exist if you do not exist! Because I am, I know you.” This is what we are: the will within his Will, yes within the Yes, and we, along with Mary, were a yes to God.

When Satan tempted Eve, she was in the yes; she had received what every child had received, what Mary had received. Everything was there, everything was complete. The yes had to be a continuous yes, nourishment that allows The Love, the Divine Will, to nourish it: I allow God to taste me and God gives to me constantly. But she was tempted; she was tempted with the desire to know what existed beyond the yes. She who could see the Will of God all around her, had just heard a no, because Satan was a no; he bore none of the yes within him. The sound Satan makes is the sound of a no and his ears were always tuned to that movement. The moment her ears heard, she became aware that a no existed. She could have moved away from it because God had given her everything she needed to move away, but she opened herself up to it, she opened something within herself that was completely new to her: her eyes opened to something new and what she saw was something unknown to her – an inert movement, something that is inactive, that doesn’t move, that is just there, that presents itself.

Eve was movement of life, she was a yes, and therefore, she was filled with movement. She looked at something that had no movement and everything she had once been became an inert movement. She, who was a movement filled with movement, could have stepped away, she could have refused to enter that movement. Because of the mind, because of the eyes, this movement became seductive, and what she felt became something that captivated her: pride. Yes, the pride that was before her was leading her into its movement: the desire to know. And so, in and through what she was, she went in search of Adam.

And Adam should have said to her, “Creature, turn to God, obey God! Contemplate the beauty, savour the presence of God,” but he took a look as well. He took a look at something he had never seen before, something that captivates, something that seduces, and so he too let himself be tempted by that unfamiliar beauty. He who had obtained all knowledge through God had something he had never seen before; and he entered that movement, and the moment he entered that movement, he became aware of a no, and because he became aware of that no, he came to know his human will. Here was a will that was placing itself in front of the Divine Will, a will that wanted to know what the Divine Will knew, and, in that moment, the Divine Will, The Love, the Yes and its movement that gives, respected what was presenting itself.

The Love was aware of his creature’s rejection and all this became known to the flesh that was to come on earth. How is it that Mary wasn’t part of that rejection even though she was to come on earth? That’s because Mary was keeping her love for God; her humility enveloped the being that she was. God knew who we would become: no’s to God, children who love their human will, children who love matter more than their interior. Mary always had that unconditional love for God, and so God nourished his child, God fulfilled her. The yes was enveloped in this movement of love – I give and I receive, I give and I receive – Mother Mary constantly, constantly gave to God what she was receiving.

And God also knew other children: God also knew that there were children in their human will, wounded by their human will, who would answer his call. Every one of them was wounded to a different degree: God knew all his creatures – every one of them had received graces from God. God knew that a certain person would answer his call and so he nourished him with his graces of love. And God knew all his children and every child received the nourishment of the Divine Will.

How come we know about Noah, who was the only one who answered yes to God as soon as he heard his call? Because he was nourished by the Divine Will. So God, in his eternal movement, nourished his child and the moment in which graces rose to the surface, his being would come to know his yes. That yes came through in spite of his human will, and Noah said yes, and so did his wife and children. God knew his children and he nourished the yes: the call, obedience.

And Abraham, didn’t he go as far as wanting to sacrifice his son Isaac out of love for God? He wanted to give the flesh of the flesh to the Creator. Why him and not another? Because he answered yes to God's call; because he answered God's call, he was in that yes that had been prepared from the beginning of time and has been so throughout the ages. This is the reason it is written: “My Father's chosen are inscribed in the Book of Life.” All our names have been written down. God knows our names; he can call us by our names because he knows us: he has known us for all time. He has taken care of his work: we are the work of God, we are the yes of God and he's coming for his children.

We’re living in a time of revelation, we’re living in a time of graces. Why us and not others? That’s because this is part of eternity: time – movement that presents itself, obedience that makes itself known to us and that, from within us, constantly brings to the surface: God's graces. We are God's graces: when we answer yes to God, everything makes itself known. We therefore become instruments of love to God; to God we become his work, and this enables us to present what we are to God.

Jesus: Come and present to your God what I have placed within you. I have nourished your life with my Life. I know you; you can hide nothing from me. Do not lower your head, lift up your eyes towards me, look at me because I am your God. Listen to me when I speak to you, for what I am having you hear comes from your interior, which I have prepared for you. What you are is what I expect you to be. Do not turn your eyes away when you discover your sins; do not turn your eyes away when you see what you have accepted. Continue to listen to your God even though you see the consequences in which you are living, for I am coming to find you to take you where I want you to go, for you came into being for me and you must live for me.

I shall teach you to become once again the child that you are. You will learn about your sins, your choices and your consequences from me. I shall dry your eyes, I shall open you to my call by having you hear words of love, which, to you, will be nothing but hope, but faith in everything I want you to learn, for what you are has always been. You come from me. It is not because you were born on earth that you can say you come from earth. You came from me; you came on earth to reveal who you are to yourself.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: When we turn our eyes towards our brother, towards our sister, we see ourselves, we see what we are. Through our pain, through our differences of opinion, through our gestures that wound, we look at one another. I look at my sister, I look at my brother, and I see myself. I see my flesh that has multiplied because I was flesh in Jesus, I formed part of the love in Jesus, and Jesus nourished me constantly.

Today, I see what I have become and I know that God has always taken care of me despite my self-destruction, because, in my human will, I consented to destroy myself. The moment my flesh entered an inert movement I went without nourishment, but because my brother and my sister were receiving nourishment, I was being nourished. You see, every one of us is important: my brother is my life, my sister is my life because they have agreed to give me the love that came from grace through the soul – and the soul can only receive from God.

We are the Church, we are Jesus, we form the Body of Jesus, we need one another. How many years we have spent destroying ourselves! Every time we had just one thought against our neighbour we were part of that inert movement, we uttered a ‘no’: no to my love, no to my nourishment, no to what I am – child of God, the flesh of the Eternal Flesh that lives only of love. Remove just one ounce of love from ourselves and we are not complete, we lack love, and when we lack love, we have a tendency to bring on our own suffering, we have a tendency to have thoughts against our neighbour, and our hearing has a tendency to comfort us, to comfort us in and through what we are.

As we’re in pain, we listen to that pain and we remain in pain. Why do we listen to pain? Because when we listen to someone who is talking to us about love, it awakens something inside us, it awakens the thought I had against my neighbour – this makes me suffer. I'm not ready to listen to my mind. The thought I had, which was wrong, comes back up to the surface and I don’t want to listen. I will go listen to those who might be able to comfort me, someone who was once like me, who will also say to me: “I was once like you. See, I talk against my neighbour too, I'm suffering too, and so, we can comfort each other. You’re no worse than I am. Me, I'm just like you, and between the two of us, we’re not that bad – so let’s move forward together.”

This is what we did: one will that meets another will, two wills that move forward together within what they are: the human will. When we meet the Divine Will, then there's something that is awakened inside us, then I start to listen, my ears are no longer tuned in to what is on the outside but to what is on the inside: I recognize obedience, I recognize that there's someone who is superior to me, I recognize that there's someone who loves me, I recognize mercy, and therefore, I allow myself to be healed. Who can be like this? The Divine Will, God, Jesus, the Power, the Unconditional Love who heals, who comes to wipe out impure thoughts, and who cleanses.

When Jesus came on earth, he came to talk to us about healing, he came to talk to us about deliverance, and we can only find healing and deliverance in the movements of the Divine Will. Who healed and delivered on earth? Jesus. Jesus delivered, Jesus healed the sick. Remember what he said to the paralytic: “Your sins are forgiven.” Remember that the others who heard said, “Only God can heal, forgive. Who is he?” They had not recognized God. What they were seeing was a flesh like theirs. The man they were seeing resembled them, and on the surface he was like them, and God showed them what they were on the surface. And then he said, “Rise, take up your bed and walk.” The paralytic rose, he walked: here was flesh recognizing a flesh that was ill and whose health was being restored.

This bewildered them: a living movement had just been revealed to them. There was only God who was able to give life to an inert movement. Because of human will, men and women weren't able to see their interior, weren't able to understand that God was within them, weren't able to grasp unconditional love for the sinner. Why weren't they able to understand that unconditional love? Because the ‘no’ had suffocated the ‘yes.’

Only God has the power to heal and to deliver – no human will can do this. The Son of God made Man is the Divine Will, he is God, he is the Movement of life, he is Eternal Life. This is the reason why some of those who were with Jesus entered within themselves; this event had the effect of drawing love to them. Within them, The Love was taking hold of them – they let him draw near.

The interior is life. We are within ourselves when we recognize love: the love of God, living love, the love that heals, the love that liberates. When we turn towards movements of life, we allow ourselves to be healed and liberated. Confession is a movement of love, Confession is a living movement: it heals, it liberates. Only God can carry out this movement: the Divine Will. The human will is incapable of doing this – because it is a no to God, it cannot do this. If the human will is able to keep us alive before God, that’s because the love inside us is being sustained by those who have always said yes. And who was it that always held us in a love that was alive within us, despite the fact that we were in the presence of the no? Mary, the Mother of God.

Mary has always kept us focused on her Son's yes because she was a child of the Divine Will. Through Adam and Eve, she came to know her human will but she never used it. She was nourished by the Divine Will: an unconditional yes that went as far as giving up the Flesh of her flesh, her beloved Son, her adorable God, for us. Do you think that such a perfect love was able to ensure that we continued to be love? Yes, because she is the Mother of God, she is the unconditional yes in our created flesh.

We were all created. Mary was created, but the Mother of God kept us in our yes, a yes always turned towards God, however, the no that we are has always made who we are suffer. God wants to speak to us in our hearts so that we can understand who we are. If the Mother of God had us remain in that yes to God, can you see now how important we are to ourselves and to others? If my yes is committed to God, if every one of our yeses is committed to God, together we will follow the path God expects us to follow: to have thoughts only for him, to have eyes only for him, to have ears only for him, to have words only for him, to carry out movements only for him, to have hearts that beat only out of love for him.

We will succeed in doing this together. The more our yeses are part of this movement of love, the more God will destroy the no’s we have inside us: our flesh will be healed, the flesh will be liberated. For this to happen, the soul must be pure, our soul must be kept in sanctifying grace; we must turn to the sacrament of love, of healing, of deliverance for our soul, so that our flesh can be obedient to God's call and can obey God unconditionally with the help of his graces. We shouldn’t try to maintain our thoughts in the movement of obedience without God's graces – we won't succeed. We need Heaven's graces, we need graces for what we are on the outside.

Our interior will bring to the surface what we require to be yeses for those we love. We love our children, we love our grandchildren, we love our husband even if he doesn’t agree to say the rosary, we love our wife even if our wife doesn’t want the cross in her kitchen, we love our children even if our children are homosexual, we love our grandchildren even if our grandchildren take drugs, we love our brothers and our sisters even if they support wars: they’re our flesh, we are their flesh. If God loves our children, our husband, our wife, our brothers and our sisters unconditionally, he put that love inside us so we could behave as children of God.

There is one God – he is our Creator, and he is in us. Don’t go chasing after someone who is saying, “I am God.” He is in us and when he is in the sacrament of the Eucharist, that’s because he has made himself little in order to be our nourishment, nourishment of eternal life. He is everything that we are: nourishment to our brothers and our sisters. They are in us as we are in them. We nourish ourselves with the Body and the Blood of Jesus; he is part of our flesh because we are in his Flesh.

You see, God, in his simplicity, took simple children to nourish us with his word, with his light, with his truth. The twelve apostles are his little ones, as were the ones who came before them: think of Noah, Abraham, Moses, and we could go on and on. We are little ones and because we are little ones, he uses what we are to remind every one of us that we all have a place within him. He is our refuge of love, he is our rock. We can lean on him as he is the only one who can give us the strength to say our yes through our suffering, for we need God's strength in order to take a look at ourselves.

When we discover that we have spoken against our husband and that we must give this to God, we need to have God's strength to avoid doing the same thing again. When we see our shame, we need God's strength in order to not hide from what we’ve done. And we have done a lot of things!

It’s true that when we turn to the priest, we open our interior to graces so that Jesus, in the priest, can forgive us. Yes, we do this, but when our flesh brings this back up to the surface: “What? I did that? I looked at another man besides my husband? I desired him? How many times? Once? Oh, that’s not too bad! Twenty times! What? I've been doing this for a whole month. Lord, I'm always telling you, ‘I give you the cause, choices and consequences’ but it’s the same thing over and over again. This is making me suffer. I'm ashamed of myself. When is this going to stop?” The Lord just answered, “When there is no longer a single person within you who will have had these bad thoughts.”

You can see how much we need God's strength because God wouldn’t say to us: “It is not because of thoughts that come from you that you are suffering.” He wouldn’t say to us: “It is because of the lady who lives next door.” He wouldn’t say to us: “It is because of your aunt who lived one hundred years ago.” He wouldn’t reveal this to us. He says: “Carry the cross of your brothers and of your sisters. Love unconditionally.” We need God's strength and we also need to get some rest. Thank you, Lord.