Gathering of Love With God's Action in Mc Leods, New Brunswick,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus  


2007-09-17 - Part 2


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The presence of God, it always manifests itself in those moments when we least expect it.

Jesus loves to watch us; he also loves to remain silent because in those moments, we seek him, and the more we seek Jesus, the more we discover prayer.

Prayer is very important in our life. The Holy Virgin asks us to never be without our rosary.

In Canada, we need all rosaries – not that other countries don’t need it – but Canada has received the cross and Canada has let the cross fall; but that cross, Jesus took care to place it in our hearts.

We can say anything we like, do anything we like, that cross will never be removed from us. Even if people have removed the cross from schools, even if they want to remove the cross from courthouses, our presence will always be there, and as we have the cross within us, the cross will always be there.

The Lord is filled with love for each of us; he comes to speak in our hearts, his voice resonates in all our hearts, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, our hearts form but one heart that hears the voice, because this is the Will of God, this isn't our will.


Jesus: Every one of you is in my Father; every one of you has been chosen: the Will of my Father is to turn you into children who allow themselves to be transformed.

The child belongs to my Father: what you are, my children, must serve my Father's Glory; you are all gathered together to form a light, my light.

If today I speak in your hearts, that is because I have prepared your hearts; if tomorrow I still speak in your hearts, that is because such is my Father's Will.

What God is asking you, my children, is to be true towards yourselves, is to not dwell on your thoughts, for what you are thinking is not purity; let go of all that, let my Father's Will take you.

You who have lived in a world in which they think for you, in which you have been given nourishment to make you think like this world, you must leave yourselves in the hands of the Light so you can understand that the movement of purification is for your world.

I gave myself to you out of love; I taught you, through my priests, how to give yourselves; through them, I spoke to you of love; you have heard their words, but you haven’t all understood that the Son of God took everything on your behalf.

Your slightest thoughts, I took them within myself; all you have heard and have accepted, I took it within myself; the same is true for your words, for your actions and your feelings; all this with the aim that you accomplish yourselves as my Father wills.

I am Man-God; you, you are not Man-God; you are made up of what you are: impure thoughts, impure looks, impure sounds, movements, impure feelings.

The good has been mixed in with the bad: when you take a glass of water and you put one drop of poison in it, the entire glass is contaminated; you cannot find that drop in that glass, it has blended with the water.

I am the Power, I am the Purity.

I know your slightest thoughts, your slightest movements that have made you impure. It is up to me to remove all this, it is up to me to turn you into my Father's children, in his likeness. Your soul belongs to my Father, your flesh belongs to my Father, everything about you belongs to my Father.

You are free children: my Father has always looked upon you as a God of love – he nourished you with his free will, he showed you how to go forward in your free will by giving me to you.

But you have not behaved as free children, you have often refused the Son, the Purity: a Being who does not judge, who sees evil but forgives, a Being who listens to evil and who goes towards evil to speak to them of love.

My Word is nothing but justice, nothing but love; your words have not always been love.

Everything I have done, I have done it out of love for my Father; your movements, my children, have not always been done out of love for my Father. I know all this; nothing about you is unknown to me, and so it is I who will take everything since I have already taken everything.

In your free will, you have a yes and you have a no that you have often used; but I am speaking to you of your yes, of your yes to God.

To give me impure thoughts is to say, “Yes, Jesus.” In that moment, I fill you with my presence, I give you love, I cleanse all your thoughts, for what you are giving me, I have already purified it. And so, this goes through a fire of love and God returns to you what you have given him in all its beauty.

A movement that is given calls other movements, for you cannot count all the times you have had impure thoughts; I know them, for I am the Perfection. The more you give me, the more I give back to you, the more I make you pure, and peace enters your life firmly.

Do not worry about tomorrow – tomorrow belongs to my Father. Walk upon this earth knowing that I take what has made you suffer; do what I am asking you, you will live the results of it.

Yes, there will still be thoughts that will make you suffer, but you will feel the need within you to give this to Jesus, for by the power of the Holy Spirit a light will enlighten you; this will remind you of these words.

One does not forget the good, my children, when one suffers. One does not reject the light when one is afraid of the dark. This is why I am telling you that you will go forward in my world of love.

Have I not told you that a time shall come when there will be only children of love, my Father's chosen, and that one day, Satan will come to tempt them, and that, by my breath of love, I would annihilate him? Then, no matter where you are, he will never again be able to return to tempt you.

I am preparing my children, my Father's chosen, to live in love, knowing that Jesus is their only God.

I am the Son of God the Father and my Father is in me, the Holy Spirit is in me; live in me and you shall have everything. Do this, my children, for time is going forward; for you, time is a movement that shows you the way.

I came on earth and I am here, within you, to speak to you of my Father's Will; through the power of the Holy Spirit, you hear my Father's Will; what you are is a movement in my Father's Will: all is being accomplished.

My children of love, there was a time when children cried out to God; they wanted to be saved from slavery, they wanted to know freedom because they had been free in the past. They despaired of never seeing the day when they would be saved by the Chosen One, for they knew that there would be a man who would come to deliver them; that man was among them.

Moses was chosen by God to bring back the children enslaved by evil; they were slaves to evil due to human will, for the Pharaoh wanted nothing to do with God. His will was followed by all men, his will was definite, he treated the people of God as he desired for his will was above men.

Moses would speak through God's Will; Moses would act through God's Will, for everything God placed around Moses, Moses accepted. He did not walk as his will desired, but as the Will of God desired.

In the beginning, he was rejected by the people of God, but he walked as God desired.

In his obedience, he was a star for the people of God that led them away from that nation, for everything that was from the Will of God resonated in him like a light emerging from the darkness that brings goodness. This entered them, this warmed their interior and gave them hope.

You see, my children, is this people not like you? Am I not the Light of the world? I am coming into your world of darkness to enable you to leave this world, this world that holds you under its domination.

The human will dominates you; the human will wants your ruin, for it has tasted power and power wants to dominate you.

Power wants to show you that you yourselves have freedom and it wants you to use it against yourselves.

It lures you by showing you that you have everything inside you to bring you happiness.

Power shows you that you have power within you, that you are in the light and that this light is controlled by your thoughts.

It leads you to discover that you have within you light and darkness, and that when you give to the light, that when you enable that light to emerge, you are above the darkness, and that the darkness cannot affect you – consequently, this divides you: light and darkness battle each other, they avoid each other, they push each other, they each go in a different direction, the light towards the light that reaches a level of life above what we are internally: all this is power, manipulation.

What does not get along cannot be united; what is not united cannot be unity before God: when one is not unity before God, one is not light, one is nothing.

This world teaches you lies, this world manipulates God's children, for it has placed its trust in Satan. This power dominates and it takes away; it does not give love, it controls.

God is love, God respects, God is freedom, God gives, God does not demand, God wants his children to be pure. When there is evil, what he does is ask the child to give that evil; when the child consents, God fills him with his peace and his love, and the child becomes very little through his trust in God: in that moment, the child knows that God is taking care of him.

Has this world, my children, spoken to you like this? This world shows you what is not from God.

You are made of God's life, for within you is the breath of God, there is spiritual life that is from God; the soul belongs to God; it is called upon to be the spouse of God, for you are children of God.

You have received a flesh; that flesh is matter, it is nourished by the graces the soul receives.

The children of this world no longer want to speak like this; they refuse the very presence of Jesus in their life, for this forces them to question themselves.

The child who behaves well, the child who turns to the sacraments, leaves his soul in God's hands so it can be pure, and God takes care of the flesh.

If the flesh is sick, God takes care of it; if the child must journey with his cross, God takes care of him, for this enables him to avoid hell: to be in suffering and to live in grace is to live in God's mercy.

Therefore, the child who knows all this is not afraid of hell, is not afraid of Purgatory, because he knows that God is taking care of his soul, for he knows that God wants him for himself for eternity.

This world does not speak to you like this; this world is a liar, this world is deceiving you.

These words, my children, are to enable you to understand grace; God is giving graces at this very moment for yourselves and for those you carry within you.

It is up to me to take you to my world of love; it is up to me to bring you out of this slavery; it is up to me to nourish you with my Blood and with my Water of life – I am always with you.

Little children of love, leave your human will in God's hands; always think that I, I am your life. Is my Life not worth more than your life on earth? My Life does not stop, but your life on earth, it must stop in order to sleep so it can be in the movement of my Father's justice.

Little children of love, let yourselves be taken; I, I want to give to you my sign of love; I want to mark your flesh with my cross of love; I want to make a sign on your flesh so that it can remember that it belongs to me, so that your will submits itself to my Will.

To submit your will in God's hands is to bow down before my Father's Will, it is to say to my Father, “Your Will, only your Will”, it is to give up experiencing what comes from the human will.

You do not know, my children, which thoughts must be given to me, but I know. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, you feel within you what is mine, that I take and that I tear away from you, and I purify. Anything that is impure becomes movement of purification, and so, you become clear.

The more you do this, the more the poison is condensed into a tiny drop, and then, when that tiny drop reveals itself, Jesus rips it out, annihilates it with his fire of love, and then, you become like pure water.

Anyone can drink of your water: your words are pure, your gaze is pure, your hearing is pure, people are no longer wary of you, they trust in what you are.

Let me turn you into children of love on behalf of your brothers and your sisters; let me mark you with my sign of love on the forehead.

My cross, my children, becomes a victorious cross to you; you accept to take part in God's victory within your soul and within your flesh.

Little children of love, look carefully, this movement tonight is for you.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Tonight, we have the very presence of Jesus with us; when there's a priest, there's the very presence of Jesus among us. We can see Jesus, we can look into his eyes because he's present: this is the Purity.

The priest is the purity of Jesus, he's the truth, he's the way; we’re not making a mistake when we turn to the priest.

But be careful – there is always his human will, and this makes him our brother. However, through the sacrament of the Holy Orders, he's Christ; he's the only one who can mark us as children of God on the forehead; no one else can do this.

And so, tonight, Heaven has given us a grace. Jesus is among us and every one of us, we have the choice to come forward towards Jesus to give our yes – let’s not forget that we have this freedom.

God has never forced us and he will never force us; it’s the child who must come forward to receive the cross on the forehead. This is done out of love; we must come forward out of love: believe, believe that Jesus loves us as we are.

And so, we will accept this time, this time given by the Church.

We cannot come forward without bringing our children, without bringing our brothers and our sisters, so they can obtain graces, graces of light. They too, one day, will come forward and they will know that Jesus has always taken care of them through the chosen ones.

And now, the Lord is saying, “Now, I want you to get up and give your place to the being of love, of light, who has given his life,” out of love for us.