Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus.




The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God wants to fill our hearts tonight with graces of light, graces that will teach us not to judge, but to give; to not try to understand, but to abandon ourselves in God's hands.

Each one of us has been chosen by God the Father; if we’re present here, it's God's Will that wants us to be together.

When we leave all the room to God in our lives, God takes each one of us, he makes us go forward on the path that leads us to him.

When I started to give myself completely to God, my entire being was giving itself to Jesus without my being aware of it.

My desire was to do God's Will; it's what we all want to do: we want to do God's Will;

but when we want to fulfill ourselves through our human will, we put up a barrier to God's love;

it's with wounds that we want to love God.

And so God came to show me that I shouldn’t place my human will first.

I prayed all my life, it was taught to me by my parents who were Catholic.

I received a Catholic education, from a scholastic point of view, and I have brothers and sisters, who, they also tried to follow religion.

Like everybody else, as we got older, our eyes turned very much towards this world.

We continued loving God, but we discovered an outside world that attracted us a lot.

And so this led me to wanting things; like everybody else, I wanted to have in my life: a husband.

For some, it's different; bachelors, they wanted to find happiness in God, but it was the same need as ours: it was to find God's love through their human will.

And so God was watching each one of us with our needs, and God wants what we, we want: so, he made us go forward in life.

And along my path, I met a young man, I married him, I had three children;

after thirty-two years, my life took a different turn, not because it came from me, but because he, God, he came to get me.

During all those years, I had wanted to love God with my human will, and in the year 2001, God spoke to me, he asked me if I wanted to give him my will: my life.

When I answered yes to Jesus, he had already prepared me to say yes; that yes didn’t come from me, he’s the one who put it inside me and who nourished it.

He made me discover what I had already lived throughout my life: he had shown me what was going to happen.

I had many visions, and I didn’t know they were visions; it's when he started to talk to me that he told me;

he would  explain to me what I had seen, and the Holy Spirit would make me relive the I had had.

Everything I had seen in the past, for me, it was forgotten, I wasn’t thinking about it anymore, but he would remind me about it, and I would relive it as if it were that same night I had experienced it.

He would say: “You need not think, allow me, give me your yes and I do everything for you.”

And so, everything would come to me; I would write down what he would say and everything he would talk about, I had already seen it.

All this because Jesus, he’s the Present; Jesus has the power to take us back to where he, he wants us because Jesus, he's the Alpha and the Omega.

There’s no time in God, because he IS.

Us, with our human will, we come and we go.

So Jesus came to talk to us in our hearts: what he did with me, he’s doing it with each one of you.

Because, since the end of 2001, he’s been sending me to my brothers and my sisters, and it all happens through the power of the Holy Spirit, for I can hear the voice of Jesus, and not because this comes from me, but because this is willed by God the Father: we’re all children of God.

With a completely sincere yes we can be in God's hands, and, in the Will of God the Father,

hear the voice of God inside ourselves.

We’re all inhabited by God.

We’ve turned our eyes towards the world, and the world has held us focused on the outside world.

The moment when Adam disobeyed God, the Divine Will withdrew in order to leave all the room to human will;

but God is within us, God dwells within us since we’re his children.

The moment when Jesus placed himself upon the Altar, his entire Being was reaching out to God the Father; he said: “I want to do your Will, only your Will, all for you, Father.”

God the Son, God the Father, God the Holy Spirit is waiting for each one of us to say the same phrase.

And so, this is why he speaks directly in our hearts tonight;

what’s happening at this very moment: is the Will of God the Father; inside us, God is talking to us.

He has given birth to movements of abandonment within us, so that we might be like tiny little children.

When Jesus spoke to Nicodemus, he said to him: “You must recognize the signs from Heaven, you must abandon the spirit of man in order to know the Spirit of God. Look!”

“How can I do this, will I have to be born again? Can I reenter my mother’s womb once again? “

.God was saying: “Die in your human will and come to me: I am the Life.”

When Jesus died on the Cross, when Jesus gave himself, he was showing all God's children that he had to die in human will in order to offer himself to God, in order to penetrate The Love, in order to taste The Love.

Everything is inside us.

When God speaks, he opens up graces of abandonment inside us so that we can leave our human will, so that we can listen with our interior and not with our exterior, for when we listen with human logic, everything remains external: nothing enters within spiritual life.

For this to happen, we have to say “Yes, I want this,” and that yes must be addressed only to God, not to any human, not to the person who is asking you for it, but to God who is in the person.

The voice can only nourish the one who listens to it: if that voice is human, it contributes nothing; but if the voice is in the Will of God, if the voice no longer belongs to the person, it's because God is fulfilling his Will.

God is asking you to abandon yourselves in him, in the Church: Jesus is the Church, and we’re the members of the Church.

Jesus is asking that you allow his Father's Will to flow through each one of you.

The Will of his Father is in you, where his Son is, where the Father is: every child must listen to the Father in order to be the promised child.


God the Father: I have observed your lives: I have sent my Son so that you might be saved from death.

You have lived on this earth as free children.

            Freedom can only exist if I, I grant it to you.

            Freedom, to you, is like a mantle that covers you, so that you might understand my Will.

My Will is above all you can conceive: the Will of God cannot be heard unless I, I give you graces through my Son.

A great cloud of dust is upon you.

That dust, it is you, my children, who have placed it there, it is not your Father in Heaven;

I created you perfect, I created you in my likeness: the image of the Father is (the image) of the Son, and the Son is the image of the Father.

Within each one of you, you bear hindrances: you place your human will before my Will and you do not listen to what God the Father tells you.

My Will is nothing but sweetness, my Will is nothing but gentleness; due to your stubbornness to want to do your will, you force God to raise his voice, you force God to place your deeds and actions before you.

My voice resonates within you.

Oh! children of my Church, why do speak against my children?

Why do my children set themselves against children?

Why make of yourselves beings who are susceptible to all that is evil?

You see evil, and yet you do not curb your actions, your words, that lead you towards that evil.

Children of love, I shall soon show you all you have done, all you have conceived with what you believed was good.

Why did you say that this is good, that this is reasonable, while this was against The Love?

I gave you commandments, I gave you nourishment: these commandments are laws of love.

The Love is a movement that envelops all action; thus, all that is, is love: all my words have been love and are love.

I did not give commandments to crush my children, but to help children, for human will was an obstacle to their journey towards me.

Each commandment is a breath of love, for they issued from my Being in order to be seen.

Every child who regards my commandments receives graces from me so that he might live them.

God's commandments are sweetness, they are a call to rectification.

I gave my Word so that you might correct yourselves.

Every word given by God is sweetness, for I observed your actions, I saw how my children suffered because of their will: I did not want them to die because of their will.

The commandments are a life’s nourishment, training (to obtain) eternal life: be in the movement of Life, be in eternity by dying in my Son, for the one who wants to live must learn to die.

My voice is eternal, my voice is love: to listen to the voice of one’s God is to live as a being of love.

God speaks in order to be heard.

In your heart of hearts there is a child, and that child knows God the Father, that child knows the laws of God the Father;

and so he addresses God the Father and he says: “O Eternal Father, look at what I have become because of my human will: I have destroyed the entire treasure you gave me:

I studied your commandments, Father; I wanted to live your commandments, Father;

Father, now I hear sounds around me, let me live my life as a free child: I am leaving my interior, Father, to choose this world.”

And the child leaves and looks all around him, and he is seduced: everything he has within him, he wastes it.

The Word of God the Father becomes to him a hindrance to his freedom.

He therefore casts aside his thoughts of God the Father in order to seek pleasure, in order to seek comfort, in order to seek love with his freedom: a calculated love, a judgemental love, a controlling love: and the child finds that he is happy within what he has found.

But the sun began to hide itself, for even though he looked and looked, he could no longer see it; he could no longer hear the sound of the wind that called out to him to return to God the Father: and so he shut off his interior so as to no longer hear.

He no longer wanted to see that sun, that light, he preferred the night for there he found the tranquility of the senses;

so the child became to himself a being of suffering: he was discovering that on his own, he could not be happy.

Oh! child, do you not see that this world has seen to it that you have forgotten yourself?

You have forgotten who you are, you do not know from where you come, and you do not know towards whom you must go, for you no longer remember your Father.

In the distance, there is a light and it shines for you; you must acknowledge yourself as you are, for that light is the night-light that reminds you that God the Father is waiting for you.

            Why are you delaying your abandonment?

            Why are you making the being that you are suffer?

            Do you not know that it is within yourself that you must be?

            Can you not see that this world cannot give you happiness?

            Leave this darkness, leave this excitement that is nothing but evil.

God gave you love, you must come to me, I will make you discover the love of God's Word.

Within you I placed my Word; there are, within you, God's commandments: come, I am calling you.

You who are there, you who are before me, draw closer to your Father.

Listen, I love you as you are, I know your reservations, your reservations are towards yourself, not towards other children, for you bear the world within you, you bear within you those I created.

I am your Father, I am their Father, all children are my creatures.

When you left your interior and when you saw the outside world, you suffered because of your own choices.

The thoughts you had, it was you who controlled them, it was not your neighbour.

Every feeling that you have within yourself, it was you who nourished it, it was you who agreed to retain it, not your neighbour.

The pain you are experiencing was caused by your own lack of love: this did not come from your neighbour.

When you look at your neighbour and when you see that he does not behave well towards me, is it not because you are caught up in your lack of love?

If you judge, you are judging yourself; if you stray from The Love, it is that you have moved away from The Love.

This is why you notice those who are far from God because you yourself have known this.

Each child must be before his light: a single one who judges a single one of my children: judges himself.

God's commandments are immutable: they are righteous, they are pure, they are wise and they are love.

There is not one commandment that makes my children suffer; they were given to you so that you might observe the Father's love for his children.

The Father spoke with force, for I knew of your resentment towards yourself.

You are love, you are a child of love, you must have faith in the Word of the Father.

You realized that I was speaking about the prodigal child: you are my child, I am calling you to have mercy towards yourself.

You must learn to discover my love for you; you are the one I created, you are the child of my volition.

You must love as I love your brothers and your sisters; they also moved far away from home, and I always keep watch so that they may return home.

You who are now close to your Father, love who you are, learn to love with my love.

Your Brother came for you, your Brother spoke to you, your Brother gave himself for you: your Brother is the Being of my Being, The Love of my love, the Light of your days.

He gave his Life for you, he shed his Blood for you, he took all your faults that developed because of your sins; your sins, he brought them unto death, and your faults, he enveloped them in his Will up until the moment when you would give him your will.

You must abandon everything.

Come to me and you will learn to love your brothers and your sisters; you will welcome inside yourself your brothers and your sisters, as I have welcomed you.

Open your door, outside there are prostitutes, homosexuals, divorced people, children who have left the Church, who no longer believe in their Brother; there are so many children who are suffering: they are your brothers and your sisters.

This is why I asked you to learn the commandments, my commandments, so that you might love them as I love you.

When they see their lives, they judge themselves according to my commandments, so that they might discover their actions, so that they might judge themselves with my love and my loving justice, for I want them pure, I want them to clothe themselves with the garment of purity, as I want you to be pure as I am pure.

Acknowledge the being that you are: you are my child, you are my chosen one: The Love is before you.

My Son, my only divine Child, the Light of my Light, came to you to bring you back home: so give, give without expecting in return, I, I want you.

Each one of you must acknowledge this word, each one of you must bear your brothers and your sisters.

You have heard and you have understood.

Love your God with all your strength, love your God with all your mind, love your God with all your soul, for God will ask you to give yourselves for the sake of love.

To love God is to love one’s neighbour as he is, with what I have given him, but that he did not want.

The one who loves his neighbour, loves him with what he is, for what I have given him is still within him.

This is why I am asking you to love unconditionally.

I, I am the Father and it is up to me to welcome the child that I call to me.

With my loving Justice, I will envelop him with my love so that he can forgive himself.

Take a look at your own human will and you will see that you are all that child: therefore, to love your neighbour is to love yourselves.

The human will cannot grasp the Will of the Father but, through my Son, you can understand the Will of the Father, because my Son came on earth to speak to you about me.

Do what is to be done, while being in my Son, and all that is will appear as love to you.

You will open up your interior to the call of God’s Will: the one of loving unconditionally.

The wind blows and it comes to you to remind you that you are all in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Paraclete came on earth and he opened your mind,

so that you might understand my commandments,

so that you might live my Son’s teachings.

Be the child who responds to the call enveloped in the power of the Holy Spirit, immersed in the graces of the Divine Will in order to accomplish all things, through my Son, in my Son, for my greater Glory.

Through my chosen one, receive a blessing. Amen.


Blessing from the priest.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God the Father teaches us himself to give ourselves with his love; he speaks so that we can understand his Will; he himself placed laws of love inside us.

At the same moment when Moses received the commandments from God the Father, the Will of God was establishing itself upon earth; every child was learning the Will of the Father, so that we can direct ourselves towards him: this happened with the Father's love for each one of us.

Time to God is a time for love, be it during Moses’ time or be it during our own time, there’s no difference to God the Father; isn’t he called the Eternal One?

And so when God the Father gave his Word on earth, we all received the Word of God the Father on earth, it was a movement of love for us, for his children.

Us, we read God's commandments and we remember: we remember that we have to study them, we remember that we have to follow them;

and that, that’s our human will.

How many of us, if we said: “What’s the sixth commandment of God?” Oh! we would stutter.

That’s because we try to learn God's commandments with our human will.

And if we said: “Oh! I don't remember,” there’s a kind of shame in front of others who are listening to us, because we should know them: and that’s our human will.

You see, we don't love ourselves, we take ourselves for children who haven’t learned what they should have learned;

but he, God the Father, he’s in us through the Son, and he knows us, he knows we don't know the sixth commandment,

he takes care of us and he gives us graces on a daily basis because he loves us.

Those commandments are not human rules: it's a movement of love, it's an eternal movement.

Even before we were born into this world, God the Father had seen all we were going to do;he came to show himself to Moses in order to give us the Word: which was within him.

Since the commandments emerged from God, this was a movement of love from him directed at us.

It's as if he was putting before us what we, we were: what we were in the face of love; what we were in the face of goodness: he was reminding us that we were constantly his.

But he would say to us: “Because you are in your human will, because you are far from me, you forget what you are, you forget that God, your Father, expects love from you;

therefore, as you must move away from me, and that I know that you will do so, then keep these words in mind for your journey;

when you will suffer, when you will not know if I love you, then go through your baggage and look at what I have given you because wherever you go, my Word shall be:

            you shall not forget that your Father loves you with all his Heart, with all his strength, with all his Spirit, for my Life is within you: see how much I love you!

and all you will say to me, I shall imprint it upon my Heart, and you shall remember what you promised me, for you are mine and I am your Father;

and during those moments of love, you shall remember me so that you may grant me one single day of your life, only to me: love me; in your moments of solitude, I will always be there,

and the day when you will forget me, you will know that I have always been there because when your father shall be by your side, when your mother shall be by your side, and you call him dad, and her mom, it will be as if you were calling me because I will always be: a father, a mother to you: I, I love you unconditionally;

and when you will commit bad deeds against your neighbour;

when you will be forced to go and steal in order to eat;

when you will believe that no one loves you and you want to take what belongs to your neighbour;

when you will envy your neighbour while I will have given you everything;

when you will believe that you have a right to be loved, but you will force others to love you;

and when you will have love and you will not respect love;

so discouraged that you will want to kill;

so discouraged that you will even want to take your own life:

I will always be there, for when you will see your life, I will show you my love.

I will say to you: “I love you because you are my child; and every day I have always followed your gaze, I have always followed your actions, so that you may return to me.

My commandments are love, my commandments are tenderness, they are not there to judge, to crush you, they are there to show you that I love you.

You have understood nothing of your Father's love, this is why the day when you will see your life, you will have to give me everything, you will have to purify your entire being.

Everything that has made your flesh suffer, everything that has led you far from my love shall have to be purified, for my love is pure, and I want to attach my love to your being so that you might be light in my Light,

for you were created in my image, and all that is impure in your life will be no longer, for I shall show you the love that loves unconditionally.”

This is what the commandments of God are about, God's love.

But because of our human will, we haven’t understood, and God knew this, so he sent us his Son.

He came to talk to us about the Father's love, and all of Jesus’ teachings remind us of God's commandments.

The Son’s teachings are words of love, words of comfort, words of mercy: they remind us of God's entire movement on our behalf.

Jesus came to talk to us about the Father's love, he came to talk to us about our neighbour’s love.

We have to remember that everything we are that is good: that’s God, that’s God the Father; everything that isn’t good, that’s our human will that has accepted that, and this was coming from evil.

If evil has rooted itself inside us, that’s because it's we ourselves who have said yes, because we’re part of Adam’s yes in the face of evil.

He was the first one in the Book of Life and we, we’re the descendants of Adam and Eve; we bear the trace of the rejection of God inside us but, through Jesus, we’ve been cleansed of that sin.

Our soul has seen the light, our soul has felt the presence of God, but due to human will, it's as if we had a cloud of dust over us.

We have suffocated the being of light that we are and, today, we can barely see the little light, the little night-light that’s inside us.

Jesus is inside each one of us.

How great his love is to use human beings as instruments to speak.

He came himself to speak, he shouldn’t have had to use people like us to help others because everything has been said;

we were meant to go forward with Jesus’ teachings like children of light, like the apostles were.

The Holy Spirit came down upon the apostles and the disciples, they taught us everything Jesus had said on earth;

but, us, we turned our gaze away towards an outside world that seduced us; but Jesus’ words are still within us because Jesus is within us: he’s the Word.

He gave us his Body, he gave us his Blood; we receive it within ourselves: he’s a constant source of Nourishment in our life; so Jesus’ teaching is inside us.

Just like God's commandments are imprinted inside us, just like Jesus’ teachings are inside us!

But our human will is grappling with this world.

We’re the ones who’ve chosen this: we had God's commandments, we had Jesus’ teachings.

Over time, we started to say “no” all the time.

We wanted to live our lives freely, we wanted to know pleasure, we wanted to know comfort, we wanted to know the pleasures of the senses too; and so, to achieve our goals, we have cast the Church aside, the Church that is Jesus; we have opened our ears to the world, we have had eyes only for this world: and so, we’ve turned ourselves into beings that are unsuitable to be in Jesus’ presence within us.

But Jesus is in us, he’s living in us, and he always continues talking to us; he had to use impure children: we’re impure.

How much he must love us to take people who don’t even deserve to utter the name of Jesus!

He takes our will and he purifies it; he makes us go forward in his Father's volition with gentleness and, slowly, we learn to give our yeses.

He uses each one of us, tonight, for others: we are the Church, we are Jesus.

Inside us, we bear all our brothers and our sisters of the whole world, so that they can receive graces of strength the moment when they will see their life played out before them.

The words we’re hearing right now, they’re our life; you have agreed to open your hearts to the Father's call.

We’ve become instruments between his hands because all these words, we knew them, for Jesus has turned on a light inside us;

he’s shown us that we loved ourselves, because if we didn’t love ourselves, we would have already left.

Who could witness a part of his life without suffering?

Who could hear words that hurt our heart and remain present?

Isn’t it because God has placed inside us graces of abandonment, graces of love for ourselves?

He teaches us to love ourselves, he teaches us to give ourselves on behalf of others, because if we want to help others, it's because beforehand, we learned to love ourselves;

but we only love ourselves a tiny little bit: but that little bit, it's him, Jesus, who holds it in his hands and who presents it to his Father in order to teach us to give ourselves, like Jesus gave himself.

We’re the members of the Church: we’re in a Church that’s suffering, but suffering is necessary for each one of us, because Jesus, he had to become flesh to come to us.

As he became flesh to come to us, he agreed to live as a human being for us; as he was the Son of God, he took on all our human will and he lived it.

Jesus, he’s the Alpha and the Omega, he's the Word.

He accomplishes every movement, he agreed to accomplish movements that weren’t in his nature because he was perfect.

He had received everything from the Father, but his yes was unconditional, and his Father wanted all his children;

he gave him all that issued from his love, through his Son's flesh, so that he might accomplish the Father's Will.

God the Father hasn’t left us for a single moment, so the Father didn’t leave his Son for a single moment: he sustained his Son just like he has sustained us.

The love of God the Father for each one of us is enormous because he has observed all this through his Son.

His forgiveness was love itself, his forgiveness was within his Son; he had given everything to his Son and he was ready to do anything for his Son.

When he saw his Son, the Being of his Being, the Light of his Light, suffer, he watched his Child and he felt pity towards his Child.

Try to imagine that every living being on earth, from the first to the last, who feels paternal love for his children, and the woman who feels maternal love for herchildren, that love came from God the Father:

and it's with that love, above all that we can imagine, that he was watching his Child.

Us, we try to understand this with what we are; it's only a tiny part of what we can understand, but we can have pity because we know paternal or maternal love; by carrying out this loving gesture, he was showing us how to be love for him; it was as if he was accepting that we take part in his love for his Son.

All this, we’ll understand it when we’ll be before the Light, before our life.

We’ll understand that God has loved beyond what we’re capable of understanding.

God reminds us of all this so that we can love who we are.

Understand that all these words are aimed at us, so that we too can learn to love ourselves and so that we can learn to love our brothers and our sisters.

Remember that Jesus said: “It is easy to love when someone loves us in return”: it's easy to give oneself when someone accepts what we’re giving him,

but how hard it is to love when someone looks away when we look at him, how hard it is to love when we’re insulted!

It's also that much harder to love those that don’t follow God's commandments, because inside us, this reminds us of our own wounds: of not loving our neighbour as he is; and so, to protect ourselves from ourselves, we judge our neighbour, we’re incapable of looking at ourselves as we are on the inside.

Why? Because we suffer too much due to our human will.

It's our human will that scorns us, that whips us,

because our human will knows the rebellious child that left the Father.

Since the rebellious child is wounded because of his own behaviour, since the rebellious child is ashamed because of his behaviour, he tries to punish himself, he says he's not worthy of The Love and he doesn’t want comfort because he wants to suffer due to what he's done;

and so, he judges: he judges his life according to what he sees and he angers easily when the suffering is too great; what he doesn’t understand is that he has before him all that is impure; because he's far from the Father, because he's far from The Love, he judges himself harshly, and he judges his neighbour harshly, while inside him God's love is protecting him against himself.

God the Father constantly gives us graces so that we can regard certain persons with love.

            When we look at a child, when we see that he's innocent, this gives us joy.

            When we look at a teenager who respects his parents, this encourages us.

            When we see adulterers and they return to good behaviour, this gives us hope.

If we see all this, this comes from God, this doesn’t come from us for, inside us, there’s always that rebellious child who’s there; it's that at that moment, it's as if God was rocking us, it's as if at that moment the rebellious child is all alone and he hears:

he hears God's words that were inscribed since Moses’ movement.

God's commandments are the Word and it makes itself heard within each of us, and it reminds us that God the Father takes care of us: without our knowing it, we feel joy;

it's as if we were lifting our head out of the cloud of dust to breathe, but very quickly, for because of our human will, we sink back into our dust;

so, we try to go forward with an emptiness inside us:

like the child who seeks the way to go and see God the Father while holding his head high, but since he’s grappling with his human will that hurts him inside, he remembers everything he’s done and shame comes back to haunt him.

But God the Father always keeps watch, he reminds us of the commandments.

Sometimes, we resist going to Confession; sometimes, we resist going to our neighbour and doing a good deed; sometimes, we resist against the love of someone who wants to give us some because we feel we don't deserve it: we want to give, but we don't want to receive.

But Jesus keeps watch.

He, he gave himself, he learned The Love’s words from his Father, because the Father is in the Son and the Son is in the Father and the Father gives everything to the Son,

and he tells us:  “Do not be afraid, I am here, I came and I spoke to you, I came and I comforted you, I came and I showed you hope, I came and I said to you: come.”

These words are always inside us, and they draw us, even if sometimes the rebellious child that we are, we don't grasp Jesus’ words:

they dwell inside us, they’re part of our life.

This is why at this very moment, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we hear the words of The Love.

Each word, it's God who wants it; it's in his Will that this takes place.

He's enveloped the will that I am and Nicole, and he made a movement of love with it for others; and he called you so that you could come home, so that you could be a loving sound for your brothers and your sisters.

Since they’re too stunned because of this world and they can’t hear, then he says: “I will go and cry out for love from inside my children, by going through your hearts.”

You’re all love, we’re all love: we’re the Church, we’re the members of the Church; the Church is Jesus and Jesus is The Love.

His love went as far as making us discover our weaknesses with his entire Being,

the Being that is in the Father.

The Father came tonight to talk to us through the power of the Holy Spirit; we’ve heard the words, for Jesus is within us and the Father is within us.

We wouldn’t have been able to hear the Father's voice without the presence of Jesus inside us, because we can’t go to the Father unless we go through the Son.

We had to give our yes to Jesus, and Jesus took what we are: us, the rebellious ones;

because as long as we will have a single sin inside, we’ll be rebellious; and the sins are numerous inside us because we bear all our brothers and our sisters of the entire world, and how many sins are being committed at this very moment!

How great is a sin when we refuse God's grace!

But since the Light is inside each one of us, since we agree to enter into the Light, since we agree to being instruments for our brothers and our sisters:

grace enters us, and grace will be upon them because each child has to ask forgiveness for his sins;

but the child who has left home, the child who is destroying his treasure, which is God's graces, needs graces; it's up to us to allow him to receive some:

            we have to learn to share;

            we have to learn to give ourselves;

            we have to learn to forget ourselves and to offer ourselves for, we, we know that we’re ready to enter the Father's house.

Us, we know that God is calling us, for we’ve heard his voice.

We know that he takes care of us, but we mustn’t forget our brothers and our sisters who are hungry, who thirst for God's love, for God's presence.

We too will have our baggage to leave behind; we too will have to clean out our suitcases in order to seek God's commandments, to observe them and to love them, to understand them with the Son’s Will, and no longer with our human will, so that we may savour what God the Father wants to give us.

But how can we do this? There’s only the Son who will teach us to open up our suitcases.

With the presence of Mary, we’ll let go of whatever isn’t useful in our lives.

Mary has seen what we’ve put in our life, and Mother Mary, like any good mother, will help us pack a good suitcase because Mother has been enveloped by the presence of the Trinity, she’s been immersed in an ocean of love and she wants to give us many graces.

These graces are from The Love: graces of humility, graces of obedience, graces of purity, of chastity, graces of patience, of perseverance, of tolerance, graces of compassion, for we’re going to need them for ourselves, and with these graces we’ll be able to help our brothers and our sisters, we’ll be an example for our brothers and our sisters.

We can no longer be a role model with our human will, for our brothers and our sisters are no longer capable of looking at us because what they see is what they are: children who are in pain, children who suffer due to their human will; and so, what we need to present to them now is our interior and not our exterior anymore; and so God will take up all the room in our life, and everything that will emerge from us will bear the mark of The Love, of Jesus’ teachings.

We’ll be the Word, not a human word, but a word of love, a true word, a pure word, a word of light.

The child that we are will be in the hands of the Father because it's the Son who will have placed us in the Father's hands, and Mother Mary will envelop us in her mantle because we’ll still have to give ourselves.

There will be much suffering inside us, because we’ll take part in the suffering of our brothers and of our sisters; but with God's graces we’ll remain at peace and joyful.

Since Mother Mary was standing at the foot of the Cross, she saw all her Son's suffering, and her Son's suffering was our suffering, and she accepted everything.

It's as if Mother Mary were asking us to be like her: to love our brothers and our sisters with her maternal presence, to remain standing by God for the sake of our love for God the Father.

The reward, it's not up to us to know what it will be.

He, God the Father will know how to distribute his graces, and the merits must come only from God, and as God is the Master of all graces, and as God is the Justice of love, he will know how to give us what we, we deserve;

but let’s remember the Father when he received his Child: he dressed him in a new coat, he placed a ring upon his finger, he killed a calf to celebrate the return of his son: so, it will be the same for us, for we’re all rebellious children.

Let’s render to God what is God's, he’ll take care of us for eternity with what we are, but in our purity, for we’re pure children through Jesus.

And now, God is saying:

“Children of love, how great is my love for you! You need so much gentleness and attention! Go and rest.”


 The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Jesus has just said: “Jesus himself will speak.”


Jesus: You have heard my Father's Will, you have heard the Will of God's Spirit: all is in God for you.

Welcome the words of The Love so that you may better understand the Father's Will; allow to enter into you what my Father expects of you.

Help one another, love one another; there are movements within you that make you aware of what you are.

Due to your human will, you have difficulty understanding, and God wants to take a few steps with you; in order to take a few steps together, we must be together.

Therefore, speak to me, ask me for light: what I am expecting of you, is a sharing of love for those you carry within you.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: So, Jesus, what he's just expressed and what he wants, is if you have questions regarding what has been said:

he wants to answer them; he's also making room for the Holy Spirit to speak.

So, in each one of us sometimes, we have questions we want to ask, but God asks that these questions not be personal; let’s remain in the spirit of the Church for our brothers and our sisters.


Q: Tonight, it was said that we bear inside us all our brothers and our sisters as well as their sins. It seems to me that at one point it was also said that we could also take that sin to the sacrament of forgiveness: can you explain this?


A: Jesus: The Spirit of God is in all the children of the world.

From the first child, God has placed his breath of life in him: so, the Spirit of God dwells within all children.

The soul belongs to God, the soul comes from God, and it is in the Spirit of God, it is nourished by God's graces.

The soul must always be pure to welcome God's graces.

The soul lives in a body; the body is an envelope for the soul, but because of the sin of disobedience, the human will knows good and evil.

Sin is known to all God's children and, because of sin, the human being suffers: suffering is an obstacle to God's graces.

When a child suffers, he does not abandon himself in God, he tries to comfort himself, he seeks means to recover his peace because suffering is the consequence of sin and, today, the children of this world are suffering.

Jesus came on earth, he became flesh and he came to know all suffering; he gave his life so that your life might be without suffering: Jesus bore all the sins of the world and brought them unto death.

Jesus founded his Church, he is the cornerstone.

Jesus is the Head of the Church and all those who are in the Church have formed the Church.

The apostles were the first, others followed.

The priests are the active members of the Church:

the priest is no longer himself, he is the Christ through his priesthood; he renounces what he is to be the Christ-priest, he is in the Church: all priests are in the Church, from Peter up until today;

and all the members are God's children, they are in Jesus: therefore, the Church, it is each one of you.

            If only one member suffers, then all the other members suffer.

            If only one commits a sin, and that sin bears consequences, then the Church suffers.

Do you see why I am asking you to give yourselves? Within you, your soul nourishes itself with God's graces.

When you agree to give yourselves out of love for God, when you agree to give your life to Jesus: you give each member a part of your life, and each life that is in the Church receives your life.

This is why certain children who commit sins, who do not go to Confession and remain in their suffering, need you: God uses each member to help each member.

You are a whole in God's whole.

To give God your life is to give your life for all your brothers and your sisters.

When you are in the process of purification and you agree to relinquish to God all you have done, God envelops all you have done in his Will:

he, he is the Almightiness, he is aware of your consent, he purifies you with a fire of love.

What you are incapable of doing, he does it for Jesus is the Church:

I am The Love, I am the fire of The Love: it is up to me to take your life and to purify it.

Your life, which you agree to give to your brothers and your sisters, is therefore within them, they receive graces; this gives them strength to get through their sufferings.

Every person will have to live his purification.

You cannot take on the sin of another and bear it as if it were your own, but you can offer it to God and God will bestow graces of love,

graces of peace within you, and the graces of peace and of love within you will spread so that they as well will receive them.

God is a God of love: justice will be meted out.

As you have all sinned, my Body, like my Church, has known suffering because of you, as my Body has shed its Blood to the last drop, I am asking you to do the same: give the life of your life to God, for your life is my Life;

I am the one who is within you and who holds your life so that you can go forward towards my Father.

Allow these life-giving words to flow through you, they lead you where you are not capable of going: to the love for one’s neighbour.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Now, God is saying: “There is a movement, a movement of love that has begun. The soul has received from it's God the power of purification, the soul receives sanctifying graces: it has the strength, it has the power to give itself to God, it only has faith in God.”

But the human will has faith in the flesh and, because of this, the flesh suffers: the flesh is grappling with evil, it has to let itself be purified;

but each child has to agree to let Jesus purify the flesh; so Jesus wants to open your interior with the power of The Love.

When Jesus died on the Cross, the Cross was a sign of love for us.

It brought us the Father's promise, which was to lead us to the Kingdom.

Jesus went through the Cross, we have to go through the Cross; but the Cross will be for us a Glorious Cross.

Jesus was glorified by the Father, we’ll be glorified in the Son.

As Jesus is the Light, he wants us to be light.

A time of love is coming for us when we’ll have to accept that Jesus makes of us beings of light destined for glory, the Father's glory.

For this, it's necessary to die in Jesus, it's necessary to follow the path he’s shown us, and the path he’s shown us is inside us.

We have to enter inside ourselves: that’s where the path leading to the New Earth is.

To go to the New Earth, we have to be worthy of it, we have to be pure.

God says: “I shall purify all that was created by my Father; God's children must come to dwell in Jesus in order to be protected from what is coming, because the earth will have to be purified: all that was created by man out of pride will have to disappear.”

And so, this is why he talks to us about signs: we’ll have to let ourselves be marked with the sign of God's children so that the Scriptures may be fulfilled.

Jesus has asked that we be marked with a cross on the forehead to show to all those who would look at us that we’re God's chosen ones.

All those who are marked by this sign will recognize each other, and nature will respect God's choice and the angels will know to protect those who have been chosen, and the angels will have to ward off those who have not been marked from those who have been marked.

All this will happen through God's power, the moment when God the Father wills it so, and not in the moment of our choosing.

The Church has told us to prepare ourselves for the moment when we will have to present ourselves before God: the Church has always told us to keep watch, for maybe this is the last day we’ll live on earth.

Now Jesus says: “Prepare yourselves for what is to come, knowing that it has already begun.

Time belongs only to my Father; this does not belong to you, but live your present knowing that God is taking care of you.

            Do not try to calculate with your human will, you will only become lost;

            do not try to understand the signs from Heaven, this will only serve to harm you;

but welcome this like a child and you shall see my Father's Kingdom, for I am my Father's Kingdom, I am my Father's Joy, I am my Father's Will, and you will do my Father's Will on earth as those who do so in Heaven, in his Kingdom, before my Father's Countenance.

This is why I am asking my chosen ones to mark you on the forehead.

It is of your own free will to choose, it is the only right that is yours, the one of either saying ‘yes’ or of saying ‘no’. “


Thank you.