You Are Living This Time for Me, Your God


I have given you my Body and I ask you this: you, what have you done with my Body? You who pray, you who have said your yes, you who have accepted to be the last so the weak may be in my graces, I shall show you all you have granted to me. Is this really what you expect of me: that I show you every moment of your yes? Is this what you want, my children?


You are so weak before temptation! Satan prompts you to judge, to condemn, to give your opinion of your neighbour. All those words emerging from your body do not come from me – they come from you. Your body is your responsibility. You must bite your tongue when, in your words, there is a lack of love. Correct your behaviour and carry out your duty as children of God. 


I expect you to give me: causes, choices and consequences. From you, I expect: your refusals before temptation. I expect you to give me thanks: thanks for sending it to the foot of the cross. Did I not send evil into hell? Therefore, do an act of faith and I shall free you, and I shall heal your movements of life, which are sick because of the bad choices you made before the Tempter, who is Satan. He uses fallen angels against you. I alone shall heal you as I healed Mary Magdalene.


I also expect you to say thank you to my Mother, for she gives you graces. She also expects that you venerate her in thanksgiving for the many graces she has given you, and which are necessary to you so that you might continue to carry out your duty as children of God. Once I see that you are sincere, I uproot the evil from your flesh and I burn your imperfections with my fire of love, and there are so many of them. And tell me that you love me by saying thank you. By using simple words, it is up to me to show you what you must say to me. This is not the time for grand achievements nor for complicated words, but rather for simplicity.


The spirit of God is gentle and loving. How can you say to yourselves: I am a source of blessings to my brothers and to my sisters, when, in fact, you remain in a state of laziness. Laziness is a sin. When you remain in a state of apathy while knowing that you must say these words to help yourselves and to help your neighbour, it is because you are being faced with the temptation of sloth. You must react and not avert your eyes from what you are living.


Did I not come face to face with this trap when some of my apostles, seeing that I was tired, told me not to enter one village or another because of the crowds? Do not do what some have done: they did not follow Christ out of fear, out of laziness in the face of this responsibility. Even if this must be done often, do it. There is so much to gain from this: yeses for the greater glory of my Father. You find that saying these words is redundant, that it takes too much time to say them? My children, your time is precious; stop using it for a spirit that is void of life: the spirit of this world. Walk away from this world or this world will eliminate you.


I came on earth to teach you the Word of God and the Word of God is to love one another as brothers and as sisters. What are you doing? The time has come when all of you must take a look at your flesh that is suffering. If you are suffering, then this is because of your choices. You ask for prayers for one person or another but you do not do what you must to eradicate evil from the flesh. Satan is the sole author of suffering. The demons and the Demon are evil – the cause of suffering – and I am the only God, the only Saviour who will send them to the foot of the cross. You live your consequences every day and you are the judges of your consequences.


In the Our Father – “lead us not into temptation”…temptation is part of your daily lives because of your bad choices. It is not enough to say these words of the Our Father to be out of evil’s reach; you must also live them.


My apostles were afraid, they were tempted. It was when the Paraclete came down upon them that they received the light to understand my words. Afterwards, they had to live my words. Remember Peter who did not want to be seen with the uncircumcised: Paul reminded him that he had to live the words of Christ, and Peter became aware of his attitude towards his brothers and his sisters. Every judgment comes from the self. If Peter had not consented to see and to understand, Paul's words would have made no sense to him. It was because Peter gave his yes when the Paraclete gave him the light regarding my teachings that he was able to judge that he was far from the words of Christ.


It is from you that your judgment emerges; it is from you, you who belong to me, that emerges that which condemns you. Will you blame me for your sufferings? Thoughts, gazes, the things you hear, words, actions and feelings – these come from you. If you continue to not carry out your duty as children of God, your suffering will increase. Yes, your suffering will be equal to what you are. You have given me your yes, you have agreed to be the last, and you live as though everything were owed to you. Every day, within yourselves, you will see and feel more and more what you are in body: this is the illumination of the consciences that continues. Will you go and hide? Wherever you go your body will follow you.


I am speaking to tell you: my children, pay attention – these hours are being granted to you so that you may be love on the inside. Do not wait until tomorrow, for tomorrow will reveal to you what you are today.


I send you my words through my instrument chosen by the Divine Will. Do not reject them; they are for you, you who are my members. I am the Church – one holy catholic and apostolic – and all those who believe in me are in me for the greater glory of my Father.



Jesus, King of the universe