Gathering of Love With God's Action in Métabetchouan, Québec,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus




Jesus: I am with each one of you; my children of love, it is we, the Divine Will, who have wanted you to be present.

This child is obedient to God, she does as we ask of her.

She hears within her the voice of the Divine Will, she cannot perceive what we expect of her.

She no longer possesses her human will, she gave her life to God and God took it.

Remember, my children, how many saints gave their lives to God while forgetting themselves out of love for their neighbour!

It is not because, my loves, you live in the year 2003 that God is no longer active, he is the Present: time is only for humans, God is omnipresent.

God is the Truth, God is the Life, and the Life is movement: it cannot cease.

The Life nourishes you: this is because we have willed it.

Each one of you has a loving choice within him: it is up to you to say yes or to say no to God's call, but God knows each one of you, he has nourished your yes with graces of love.

What seems inexplicable to you about this child resides with us, do not try to penetrate God's action; whosoever tries to understand becomes lost in his reasoning, he misses out on grace.

God does not stop loving his children, God does not stop pouring graces into you: I go through the sacraments.

My priests, my chosen ones, are my work; I chose my apostles, I chose my disciples, and I chose all my priests.

Not a single one became a priest without our having showered him with our graces.

Divine life is within each one of you, it needs its God

and it is through consecrated hands that you receive graces.

My loves, God is the Almightiness; if this child has given herself, it is because we have nourished her with our graces.

This cannot come from her; we knew her yes even before she existed; we chose her even before she came to be in her mother’s womb: be witnesses to God's action.

Only the hearts that say yes to God's choice receive graces of love;

only the hearts that allow themselves to be enveloped by the action of the Holy Spirit see the light.

The light, my children, is within you, it cannot be on the outside: I am the Light and the Light dwells within you.

If you seek, through your human reasoning, what this can accomplish around you, you will lose what is most precious within you: God's graces.

One does not, my children, try to analyse God's love: it is immutable, it is within each of you.

My loves, God is speaking for you; he speaks for each one of you because you belong to him.

You belong to me: I gave myself out of love for you.

Is God going to stop telling you, “I love you?” Who among you, today, opened the Gospel? Who among you was in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament? Who among you stopped to go within himself to speak to God? The children of this world have forgotten that God is the Presence.

Is God going to stop telling you that he loves you because of this? We are The Love and if we see our children neglecting love:

we run towards you to nourish you with our love.

Oh! My children, I gave myself, my gesture is love: this movement has not stopped; it will not stop as long as there is one single child who is not love: this is definite.

I cry out in your hearts.

How many of my children live in a desert where there is no love? He thinks he is all alone in this world, he lives while being certain that he is master of his life: he does not perceive his loneliness.

I, who am in him, I nourish him through my children of the Light: without me, he would be completely destroyed.

My children, this world of indifference to my love is dying without my children of the Light.

Without you, my beloved in the Divine Will, these children could have no hope in life.

Within them is The Love who nourishes them with his Life.

Even if these children refuse my Presence, I cannot leave them; I am Jesus, I am the one who allowed himself to be crucified on the Cross of love.

This time is a time of love, a time of graces.

Even if you see around you children who have lost the faith, tell yourselves, my loves, that God, through the children of the Light, nourishes them in order to preserve the little love they have left.

Where there is love, there is life, there is hope for happiness.

Oh! My gentle loves, this movement is within you, you carry my children, you carry within you God's chosen children!

It is only when they will refuse The Love that will present himself to them that love will disappear from them.

Before this happens, God lets it be known to his children that he is living, that he is present.

My churches, my loves, are almost empty, for my priests are alone: they cry out to me, they ask me how to bring God's flock back to the fold.

My priests suffer because of this situation, for the children of this world are no longer interested in going to Mass, in receiving the sacraments.

Some of them no longer baptize their children, whereas they have been baptized: they no longer see the importance of this sacrament.

I have heard your cries, I have heard your loving requests; I myself have presented your offerings to my Father.

This is why God lets it be known, through instruments of love, that he is within you, that his Church is living, that his Church is and shall be eternal.

My children, I will not stop speaking inside this child: she will present herself wherever I, I shall send her, for I know the children who want to hear that God is living, that God is active.

My Mother appears in several places; she speaks to my little ones, who have agreed to give their lives, to offer their lives to God on behalf of their brothers and their sisters: she showers them with graces, and these children, who forget about themselves, are witness to the action of the Divine Will.

They bring back my Mother’s words: words of love, words of encouragement, words of good conduct, words of obedience, words of humility, words of sacrifice.

My beloved, God is the Will: he shall not cease.

I instruct my children because my words bear graces.

Human words do not bear graces; they nourish only those who wish to take pride in them.

Those children, who speak in their human will, making other children believe that they speak in God, give nothing: you receive nothing.

Only God can give you graces of love, can make you feel his presence.

My children, these times are deceiving; certain children present themselves to you saying that they are in God's presence and you, children of the Light, you listen to those words; but God is present, God is active: he places the light within you.

You, you know how to recognize what comes from God because this does not come from you, it comes from the very presence of God within you:

this movement is from the Divine Will.

Mes enfants, Dieu vous fait savoir que vous êtes des enfants de la Lumière : vous êtes attirés par la Lumière.

Vous portez en vous vos frères et vos sœurs; vous devez vous donner à Dieu et Dieu seul agit : il vous transforme.

Ces mouvements ne peuvent venir de vous, ils viennent de Dieu.

These times were predicted to you by my apostles: “When there shall be prophets, there shall also be false prophets, beware, be careful!”

My loves, you must go within, there is the truth.

What you are hearing comes from me, from God's presence, and it is for this reason that you feel love within yourselves: no human can stop a movement which comes from God, and God stops any movement which comes from a human.

God reveals the truth to my children: one cannot put the light beneath a bushel: the light shines, it reveals itself.

During these times of trouble,

those who approach the light feel the warmth because it is living.

My children, God is letting you know that you are children of the Light: you are drawn by the Light.

You carry within you your brothers and your sisters; you must give yourselves to God and God alone acts: he transforms you.

These movements cannot come from you, they come from God.

When you receive Jesus Host, I enter you and your entire being is in my Presence.

It is not I who am in your presence, it is you who are in my Presence: it is I who create this movement of love.

It is your acceptance to come to my priest, your consent that has made of you a child of the yes: you are all daughters, you are all sons of the Yes.

All those who say yes to God, God fulfills them with his blessings.

He cannot stop himself from acting, God is the Presence: I create within you movements that transform you.

Slowly, I help you discover yourselves as you truly are: children made to love, made to give, made to share.

I have said to you: “Love one another as I love you.”

My loves, without me you could not love.

Before loving your neighbour, you must learn to love yourselves, and only God's presence can teach you who you are.

God has chosen you so that you could be love: there is not one child on earth who came to be without my Father willing it so.

You are all chosen ones, you are all my loves.

My love for you is so great, it covers you with its power, it makes you discover the splendour of your interior.

When you begin to discover who you are, only then do you begin to understand the reason for you life on earth.

You came into this world to go towards my Father, to live in happiness, to have eternal life: this is why, my children, you are on earth.

God is The Love, God gives love: he cannot prevent himself from giving, he wants you to know love.

The Love has formed children of love in order to take delight in love, and the children of love must

acknowledge that they are children of The Love, in order to return to The Love what he has placed within them.

Yes, my loves, you came to give love to my Father, but to give love it is necessary to know that you are God's children: this is the true reason you are on earth.

You were not born on earth with a void within you, you are movements of love.

It is God who wills it so: my Father; my Father has given you all you need to move forward towards him; he gave his Son to nourish your love: I am the Source of your life.

I am the Bread of life. “Whoever comes to me and eats my Body and drinks my Blood obtains life.”

I am in my Father and my Father is in me, and you, when you go to my priest, you are agreeing to come to me: it is I who take you, I have you within me.

It is necessary to die in me in order to journey towards my Father: this is the truth.

Did I not teach this to my apostles?

My loves, I use this instrument to remind you of what I told my apostles.

I am not coming to speak to you about new things: all has been said.

I am the Movement of love, I am the Present and as you live in 2003: God is present, God is reminding you of your shortcomings towards your neighbour, God is reminding you of your shortcomings towards yourselves, and God is reminding you of your shortcomings towards my Father.

Am I, The Love, going to remain silent? I cannot, I thirst for you!

From the Cross, I cried out: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Through these words, I asked my Father to forgive your lack of love.

My children, I thirst: give me your lives.

I am the Life: I want to nourish your life with my Life.

I have everything within me, my Father has given me everything; come and draw from God's presence what I wish to give you: my graces of love.

Be good to yourselves: do not refuse yourselves love.

I cry out in the desert of my children and they do not hear.

You, my beloved, who have answered: give me love, give me yeses; those yeses, utter them in the Divine Will.

When you say yes in the Divine Will, you bear all the yeses of your brothers and your sisters: I, I fulfill you; I shall multiply hundredfold your movement of love: that movement shall be great.

I am with each one of you in order to tell you:

“Love, you are mine, you belong to God; I placed my Breath of life within you so that you might recognize that you are love.

That Breath of life emerged from my interior; today it wants you to understand the true worth of your life: your life belongs to God.

I cannot force you to understand these loving words; you must allow yourself to enter within yourself through my words.

See within yourself how much God wants to give you love: only you can accept.

I love you because you are you; when you came into this world, I loved you in your humanity.

I wanted you to be yourself, I wanted to make of you a being that was free to choose.

I took you in my arms and I held you firmly against my Heart because I knew that when you would emerge from your mother’s womb you would be in a world that has forgotten God.

I placed myself within you, I made myself very little, so little, and I took care of you.

Others took you in their arms and gave you what they could give you: love, but since they themselves were lacking love, they were only able to give you what they knew, and I, I was inside you and was nourishing you because you were thirsty for my love.

With the years, you also developed rejections towards me because they forgot to tell you that I was there, inside you, that I loved you, that I accepted you as you were; they forgot to take you to my priests so that you could receive the sacraments to nourish your soul.

Today, I came to speak for you through this child because I never stopped loving you, not for a single moment.

I gave myself on your behalf: I want you to be happy.

Look around you, happiness is being replaced with material things; I, I want to give you true happiness: it is immense, it is so great, it is for eternity!

I love you. Do not forget these words; I place them inside you, and in the Divine Will, every child you carry, one day, shall hear these words.

I want to thank you for your abandonment, thank you because you want God to make of you a child who wants to love his brothers and his sisters.

You are everything to me, I have wanted to give you everything and I want this moment to be inscribed in your Book of Life.

You shall be present with me and when I open your book, I will show you what this movement has produced within you.”

My children of love, God is the Will, because he cannot leave his children on their own: he is the Will.

God can, for each of you, see to it that you are accepting.

But God is so loving, he is gentleness; it is up to you alone to ask for graces of light so that you yourselves might be free to accept this movement of love.

I am within you, I love you deeply.

Let it be known, my children, to those who are willing to hear you, that God speaks.

And to those who do not want to listen, keep this in your hearts and give them to me; I, I will pour graces of light into them so that they as well may benefit from graces.

When God speaks, God nourishes.

I have not needed to, my children, distribute bread and fish, I have nourished you with my Word.

I multiply my graces: the Divine Will is master of its Will.

Rejoice! Be joyful! God has seen to it that your coming here has born fruit.

You will see within yourselves to which extent God is active.

When we accept that God transform, God can no longer stop himself.

What has begun is in the Divine Will.

Loves, I love you.

Loves, love one another.

Carry your brothers and your sisters.

My Church, it is you; you are members of my Church.

Nourish yourselves from the very source of my love, for every one of you, for every person you carry within you.

The content of my love is you.

I love you, my treasures.

God of Love is showering you with an abundance of graces; he is asking his priests to come and perform this movement of love.



The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Mother Mary is asking me to be obedient; she wants me to bear witness to God's action in me.

She says that when we give what God gives, this bears fruit, because if I keep for myself what her Son gives me, this would be like the servant who received one talent: he buried it, it didn’t bear fruit.

When God lets us know that he’s love to us, when God makes each of us feel his Presence, when God makes us see the Trinity inside us, when God makes us see Mary inside us:

we have to bear witness, we have to talk about it.

For several years, - oh! it hasn’t been that long but to me, it seems as if it’s been forever – since 2001, my life changed, my life took a different turn from what I knew.

He placed his hand on my heart: that’s the Divine Will.

I didn’t notice it; I said yes without knowing where this would lead me; I didn’t know, me, that I had been chosen; but I did know one thing: that I needed love.

You know, when you’re thirteen children at home, I used to say, “Oh! I need attention, I need love from mom, from dad;” mom was always sick and my father, he was always working: he worked “shifts”; and so, I had that thirst for love, here, inside of me: I was always searching for it.

So, I grew up like all the other children with a need to be loved: for someone to love me.

So, as a child, I was fragile; I wasn’t healthy as my mother used to say.

At two years old, imagine, she called the doctor; and the doctor says, “She’s depressed, she cries all the time, send her outdoors.”

Oh! My poor sister Simone! She couldn’t send me outside all alone at two years old; my sister was three years old so she would send us outside.

Her, she would stay with her face stuck to the window because she didn’t want to play outside, and me, I loved playing outside.

But I was always fairly fragile; my mother was overprotective, and the others, they used to say, “Everybody knows it, you protect her.”

But it wasn’t always to my advantage because I remember when I wanted to play baseball, around eleven years old, well I would come home with a sore back: oh! well then, that was the end of that sport for me!

Everything was with aim of protecting me, but me, I wanted lots of love.

I remember once – oh! my God! I have to tell you about this! – I had learned a poem at school, and it was Mother’s Day, oh! I had rehearsed and rehearsed!

And mom wasn’t well; so, I presented myself in front of her, I curtsied, just like they taught us at school, then I recited my poem; at the end, my mother cried so much but I was scolded because I had made my mother cry!

Do you know what? That was because my father too was lacking love, he was searching for it too.

He wanted some love too; and so he saw his wife crying, ‘his love crying’ and he wanted to protect her, right? It wasn’t because he didn’t love me, it was because he was looking for love inside himself.

We all sort of behave like this; we do stuff thinking we’re doing the right thing, but we’re hurting our neighbour without realizing it, because inside us: we’re looking for love.

Afterwards, I grew up with wounds; I went through adolescence like everyone else: ‘trying to define myself.’

Dad was very strict, but he had to be, he had eight girls, five boys, and, above all, my uncle had died: he had five girls, and my father was appointed their guardian.

So, then, when something would happen in Montreal, mom would say to us, “Careful girls, your dad went to settle something in Montreal, so watch yourselves!” Ah! Watch ourselves… we wouldn’t go out, we wouldn’t do anything; so, there!

But, at the slightest thing, dad he would raise his voice, we just had to look at his eyes and we listened.

But the young girl that I was at fourteen, fifteen, grew up; she still had that need to be loved. So I rebelled, not against my father’s authority: oh! my goodness! no one could stand up to my father; but inside me, all alone in there, there was rebelling going on, like a teenager: so, I grew up looking for love.

I was eighteen years old, I had never gone out with boys, I met my husband.

He was a young man who came from a family of eleven children as well, and his mother was a widow.

When I arrived in that family, I had never seen so much love!

A woman alone with eleven children: she had devoted her life to her children.

There was so much love that I used to say: that’s how I'm going to love.

When children would arrive, she would pinch their cheeks and she would kiss them.

There were so many hugs, so many nice things that for me, I was fascinated to see all this, it was so beautiful!

It wasn’t because my mother hadn’t loved me, nor my father, but they had wounds, them, you know, huge wounds.

And yet, my mother-in-law… Ah! She had her own share too!

Her husband… I can hear her saying: “Let my husband eat the roots of his dandelions in peace!” This means, “Don’t speak against my husband!”

My mother-in-law suffered a lot; she lived her life during the fifties, the sixties; when a man leaves a woman alone, the children suffer, because society is very unforgiving, eh, to these people.

But my mother-in-law had a faith,

a faith that was so great: she respected her husband; you can believe that we have a lot to learn, eh? He was her husband, she respected him, she was faithful to him, even if he wasn’t to her; and she, she prayed for him.

She educated her children to have respect for their father: that’s not easy to do, eh? Today, we could learn a thing or two from her: to pray for one’s husband, even if he's unfaithful.

When he would come home, the door was wide open because he was her husband.

Me, I saw but never knew my father-in-law, but I saw my mother-in-law and I saw a lot of love in that woman, and it was God's graces that were nourishing her.

There was only God who could turn my mother-in-law into such a loving being.

But I always had that need to love inside of me, and my husband loved me, and I loved my husband, but that thirst to love was always inside me.

I craved it, and craved it; I was like a bird: with an open beak because it wants to eat all the time.

Ah! Poor Maurice, how many times would I say to him: “I want you to tell me such and such, now; I want you to tell me that my dress is nice; look, I cleaned the house today.”

When he would come home, I would have liked to receive huge compliments: “The house is clean, you’re a terrific wife!”

He was tired; him, all he would say was “hi” and I would ask him, “How was it today?” And then, he would answer, “Oh! I’m tired and I’m going to bed later.”

He would always nap before supper; so, I would retain my thirst.

I did love my husband, but I needed the graces from the sacrament of Marriage, and so did he because we were two beings who wanted to be right.

And that, that was me and him: when he used to say that Québec was below Trois-Rivières and if, I, I would say the Québec was above Trois-Rivières, we could talk about it for an hour at a time: those were our conversations.

There was nothing mean about it, but we would argue a lot; so much so that my children used to say, “Ah! You never quit arguing!”

So, my husband used to answer, “What else do you want us to do, we wouldn’t have anything else to say, that’s what we love about each other!”

And so, that’s how we loved each other.

That’s how he was and I was like that too, until the year 2000.

I had started going to Marmora, I had begun discovering the Divine Will and then, I would do everything in Jesus: “Jesus, sweep the floor,” Jesus would do the dishes; when I worked, I would do it in Jesus: everything was done in Jesus, everything!

So, when I prayed for one of my children, whoops! there was something inside me saying: “If my child suffered like this, there must have been others who must have been suffering like this.” And so, I would take all the other children and then, I would pray for them.

The Lord was transforming me, I wasn’t aware of it, you know.

And so, my love also underwent a change in my life. 

Now, God was fulfilling me, I was giving yeses; I had begun learning to give yeses, and those yeses, them, they were beginning to turn me into a child who was giving everything to Jesus, absolutely everything.

And when my husband would begin arguing with me, well, I would say, “I give him to you, Lord,” and I would remain silent, I no longer argued.

Ah, it didn’t happen as easily as that, it took a lot of effort.

Because Marie-Josée had also told me – a young friend, imagine, she's only twenty something years old – “When St. Theresa would drop a pin on the ground, she would pick it up, and it was an action for Jesus, a loving action.”

So, can you imagine that if she did things out of love for Jesus, I also wanted to, out of love for Jesus, carry out actions in the Divine Will: I would say my rosary.

I had a mirror in front of me; when I would do the dishes the mirror would show me my cross – a cross from Dozulé with Mary – that I had put in a corner and I would pray to it.

And then, I would pray in the Divine Will, and without really realizing it I knew when it was time to say a “Glory Be”.

There was something telling me that it was time and so I would do it.

Can you imagine, once, I said, “I’m going to see if it’s just a coincidence.” So, after every prayer, my eyes would rest upon a door, and when the time came to say the “Glory Be,” I counted the doors, and they added up to ten.

Without my realizing it, my angel was telling me when it was time to say a “Glory Be.”

So, imagine that my days weren’t just one rosary, I was up to two rosaries, I was up to three rosaries, up to the point that my husband said to me: “Ah! You don’t have to pray that much, the Lord doesn’t ask for that many!”

I had that need: to pray, to pray; it gave me so much joy!

Because I also had visions, I had sensations of warmth: it would give me feelings of warmth on the inside; I had so much joy, and then my eyes were crying: imagine, I was crying and I was joyful.

That, that was like the icing on the cake; you know like when you taste something, you don’t want to stop, but it brought me joy, and so I would do it.

But with time, love grew inside me: love for my brothers and my sisters, the love for my husband had become pure.

That love: I had already heard that when we grow old, it’s not the same kind of love anymore as when we’re young, it’s a wise love: the love is more beautiful; and so I had reached that point!

I was fifty years old, bah, fifty-two, okay: I had discovered the wisdom of love; it was a pure love in God: I would look at my husband and I loved him because he was himself.

I had learned to no longer ask him for love; I had learned to no longer expect compliments from my husband: I loved him because he was my husband.

That was because I was fulfilled inside myself; I had reached the point where I had so much love inside myself: it was nourishing me so I didn’t need to ask my husband for love anymore, I had so much love that I wanted to please him.

When I would cook, it was to make him happy; ah! I used to do it before but now it was without expecting anything in return from him; I loved him because he was Maurice, because he was my husband: I gave to him out of love.

And then, my children, it was the same! Ah! I loved my children!

You know, when they were young, I used to say: “I’m the most selfish person on earth. I love my children, and I’m going to give them so much love that when I’ll be old: I’ll be sure to receive some in return.”

So, imagine, that’s how I raised my children: “I’m going to give them love” because I had always had that constant need for love.

When I saw my mother-in-law, eh, who gave love, well then I said, “Am I ever going to love them;” then, it was love and more love: I loved my children, I suffocated them with my love.

So, when I would talk to them about God's love, then, they would say, “Oh no! She’s going to bore us to death again.” So, out of love, to make me happy, they didn’t dare say no.

They would come to the house, but always resigned to hear mommy talk about the good Lord because I was going to Marmora, I would pray and pray, so what else did I have to talk about? About God.

Hey! I had become aware of the charismatic movement: now, everything was new, everything was wonderful, eh? So now I would talk some more about the testimonials I had heard: it was always about the good Lord!

I also had Mother Mary who used to appear: ah! I talked to them often about the good Lord!

But then, I began having visions and I would invite them to the house: “I have something to tell you.”

My husband, him, he was in the living room because he used to say, “What’s happening to you, keep it to yourself, I’m very happy for you! That, that’s your business, me, I have my own business!”

And I used to bug him often: “We’re going to recite the rosary together.” “Oh no! You, you pray over there, me, I’ll pray over here and don’t count on it, I’ll never say the rosary with you...” and today, he recites it with me, my husband.

And my children, always out of politeness, would come to listen to mom.

And I remember, it was the vision I had about the little lamb: that vision, I received it while I was awake.

Imagine, it was three o’clock in the morning, I had opened my eyes; I shut my eyes: I could see like a sort of television in front of me, it was just like a television that was turned on; it was happening in front of me, and I had fibromyalgia!

Fibromyalgia, you can’t stay without moving because it hurts: you know, the back of your neck hurts, your heels hurt, and so after a few minutes, you always have to roll over.

Three hours without rolling over, three hours without moving because when that vision ended, it was six o’clock: I thought it had lasted a few minutes.

Boy, I wanted to tell my children about that, eh! So when they arrived at the house, I told them about it, but peacefully, because inside me there was something that was changing without my realizing it.

But I remember it; today, my daughters tell me: “Do you remember, mommy? Were we ever anxious for you to stop talking because we were saying to ourselves, ‘Come on, this can’t be true! No way!’

And, at the same time, there was something that was forcing us to listen, we didn’t know what it was; we wanted to, and then we didn’t want to anymore; then, we would say to ourselves, ‘Boy! She has a lot of influence over us!’”

Because they could see very well that something was going on, but it was scaring them a little bit, and my youngest, she would say, “Oh! That’s beautiful, mommy!”

But she would say to herself, “If she thinks I’m going to start praying like she prays, I can’t handle it.”

Because they knew that I was reciting rosaries; they were afraid of that.

And that’s when they began looking at what I was doing: when my husband died, I was receiving messages and I was writing.

And after that – I was alone with my husband, but then since my husband was gone, they would take care of me – so when they were at home, they would see the texts, I was writing non-stop; there was one page, whoops! – I had my blank sheets beside me – one more, after that, another. They would say: “Oh! My God! Her, the one who’s not capable of writing one line properly, she’s writing non-stop.” And the most surprising of all, was that it all made sense!” And then they would say, “That’s not mom, she can’t write, she can’t speak properly, without mixing everything up.”

They would say, “You always start by the end, the end is in the middle. Mom, you always confused us. Then, when we would read this, it would follow, it made sense: it was coherent.”

Everything I was writing: well, then they really saw that it was from the Lord because it wasn’t mom who could do that.

But I hadn’t convinced my son yet, eh? He wasn’t ready yet.

Ah! He used to say, “Mom, obey!” But him, no, not yet: “You know, mom, I can’t go to Mass,” he says, “take me.”

But last year, I wrote passages in English.

I can’t read English, I can’t understand English and I can’t speak English; I know nothing, and my children would laugh at me so much when I would try to say a word, it became such a habit to tease me, that I became like a duck; it was like water off a duck’s back, it had no effect on me: so, it didn’t bother me.

But when he noticed that there were paragraphs in English, that’s when my son changed: he believed.

He said, “I can’t have any doubts that mom, she’s writing because she’s hearing, because that, that’s not her!”

That, that was the good Lord.

And I’m not telling you that my family believes: they always run away from me; I scare them.

My mother prays for me, but she can’t handle it, she's eighty-five years old: can you imagine, a woman of eighty-five, she learns that her daughter hears voices inside her.

Ah! She can’t, she doesn’t have the strength to handle it; she has so much faith, my mom, that she said, “Ah! My God! I’m going to pray for her!”

But she knows that something’s going on; I said to her, “Mom, I’m going to Lac St. Jean,” that’s all I said; she replied, “You’ve become like your sister Rita.”

My sister Rita, first of all, my sister Rita, she wanted to become a nun but her health wouldn’t allow it; so, she lived her life in chastity, poverty, and obedience.

She always wore a black skirt, a white blouse with a little black coat, and a black scarf, the cross and Mother Mary, a huge medal like this on her chest because she wanted to bear witness that she belonged only to Jesus.

And mom begins to suspect that I’m going to talk about Jesus to other people, and I believe that the good Lord is in the process of showing her his Will without her knowing it.

And me, my life now is to obey God and to do what he asks me.

Mother Mary always tells me to be obedient, like she did before.

At this very moment, the words I’m saying to you come to me unintentionally, without thinking about it, while being calm.

He says, “This is because it’s him.” I don’t have to make any effort; he knows, God, what’s good for each one of us.

Every time I present myself, God makes his Will known; he makes me hear what he wants to tell you because he knows all your interior, because he knows what you want to hear, because he loves you, because he loves me.

Like tonight, I don’t need to… you know, this means that I can’t know the contents of what I have said.

It’s impossible, because when I hear the voice that speaks: they’re words that come and I don’t know the next word; so, if I’m not abandoned, if I’m not attentive and obedient, I couldn’t repeat the words he says to me.

One day, in the Holy Spirit, he explained to me: “It is like a person who drives a van, he holds the steering wheel, but there is no road and every time he goes forward, a part of the road forms itself.”

That’s the same thing that happens inside me: every word leads to another word without my knowing what it is: I hear it and I repeat it.

That’s why at the end of the evening, I say to the people who are with me. “What was it like tonight?” - because I can’t know.

It’s like when he spoke to me in English; imagine, I don’t know the word he wanted to say, and he said words as if to show me that I had to obey without understanding.

When we write and we understand the language, that’s one thing, but when we write and we don’t know what we’re writing, we write it badly, as we hear it, that’s not easy!

And for the people who corrected it, they didn’t change the meaning, God had told them through me: “Do not change a thing, you correct the mistakes.”

In the end, I said: “Does it mean anything?” They replied, “Yes, it’s like a baby talking!” And even some people found that it made them laugh; they were saying: “We had the impression you were sitting in a highchair, they really weren’t words…” but, that’s how it is.

When book three was published, those paragraphs were in there; God explained to the person that she had to correct without changing anything, but it still had to be legible to you, so God said, “I wanted to show obedience to that child and I also wanted to show you my Will because she did not know what she was writing: she showed through this that she was listening. These words are not against one’s neighbour or against the Church.”

Ah! My God! When he said that, I got the shivers; imagine, it’s true, I didn’t know what I was writing! It didn’t speak against one’s neighbour, or against his Church, and it didn’t contradict the Gospel: now, that’s God's doing!

“You go forward, and you go where I tell you to go,” but always taking care of me;

this is what he expects from each of us: obedience to his Will.

He leads us to his love: we have always been in his love, but he has respected our human will.

Our will has veered off in many directions with everything we’ve learned, everything that has been imposed upon us too, because no one asked us for permission to show certain programs on television, nor on the radio.

They slowly bewitched us with nice little programs, really nice ones!

Like “Le Survenant” (The Outlander), like “Bobino” (children’s show): all those things, they were really innocent, but when we look at what’s happening today: now, that’s impurity.

Television, that’s violence; it’s not good for us and yet, today, if we say that television isn’t good: people jump, that’s not acceptable: “You see something wrong with everything!” It’s as if they can’t see anything anymore.

My two daughters, they’ve changed, you know; they can’t watch television as much anymore; they don’t know what’s going on anymore because they say, “My goodness, there’s so much violence!”

Because when it’s been a few months that you haven’t watched television and then you watch television, then you notice that there’s violence, and yet, they used to watch television before; it was there two years ago:  the violence, but it took a different turn:

those are God's graces, it’s God who does that.

And today, it’s the same thing for music; they used to listen to music while cooking, while working, but because of the writings, they have become careful of what they would listen to; they realized that when they listened to music, they would forget about Jesus who was inside them, so they wouldn’t offer their day when they were experiencing difficulty.

Because my daughter has a daycare in a family setting, and when she was exhausted, tired, she would say that she would forget to ask the Blessed Virgin to come and help her, because she had adopted the habit of putting on a little music, very low, to calm the children, and that, for her, it provided another sound over the sound of children, but that’s when she realized that she was giving the children bad habits;

she was forgetting to ask Mother Mary for graces to help her with her work.

Today, she no longer listens to music, unless she's really careful.

She made a choice and it’s rare that she listens to music while working, and the television is turned off; this, there's only Jesus who could have accomplished this, it wasn’t me.

It wasn’t me who talked to them about television; it wasn’t me who talked to them about the radio, about music: it was Jesus’ writings, because they read them.

They found that Jesus was love, that he wasn’t a punishing God who was watching from above, and who was then going to say to them: “Ah! You did something wrong!”

No, they learned that Jesus came to show them that he was love.

And my children go to Confession regularly; they receive Jesus Love with a piety that they never thought they never imagined because they’ve always gone to Mass.

At eighteen years old, my son, him, he decided to say no, but my daughters have always followed the Mass but, today, it’s with the heart.

They say, “Mom, it’s not the same anymore, today we go to Mass because we have a need, we have a need for Jesus’ graces.” They feel completely enveloped by Jesus when they go to Mass: they receive very beautiful graces as they go through their week.

And if she's really tired, well, she finds her strength; do you know where? In the sacrament of Penance.

Who ever would have thought that through the sacrament of Penance she would find graces of fortitude!

Jesus is in the process of transforming us.

I bear witness because if this happened to my children, this also happened to other children: I have heard testimonials.

Hey! Do you know what we did? We offered them, we didn’t do anything more: we trusted in God; that’s what we did, and they (our children) watched us: we’ve been witnesses of God's love, and that’s what our children want:

they don’t want to listen to us, they want to watch us.

For example, like my youngest daughter, she would see mommy arguing with daddy; when she used to say, “Ah! You’re always arguing…” well, that’s because she was keeping an eye on us, because she was watching us!

But it’s the same thing that they’re doing when we, we change, and we act as God expects us to: they watch us,

and without noticing it, they’re influenced by our behaviour.

The Lord, he said, “When two people live together, they rub off on each other.”

We become similar to the other: it’s as if we were influenced by the other; so, our children, who see us, are influenced by us.

But he said something even more beautiful, he said this: “I have been with each of you since your birth; I live in each of you in the presence of your interior. If you do not go within yourselves to love yourselves: how will you be able to show those you love that you are love? Any child who does not accept my Presence within him, refuses to give himself to my Presence: therefore, he cannot be influenced by my love.”

So when we accept God's presence, we allow ourselves to be influenced by God's love: we begin to resemble God.

God gives us his love, we, in turn, become love.

God dwells in us, he’s the Person who’s closest to us.

That’s God, it’s not our children, that’s God.

God wants us to become like him; God wants to turn us into love so that we, in turn, can turn our brothers, our sisters, into love. 

But we know that our brothers and our sisters, in the first place: that’s our husband, our children next, then our brothers, our sisters, our relatives; and then it keeps growing because that’s who our neighbour is.

God wants to make us live his love so that we can give, so that we can become love.

He succeeded with me, he's capable of succeeding with everybody.

You know, when I was young, I had a favourite saying, even later on, all the time, I’ve always been like this, I used to say, “If someone else can do it, I can do it too.” That was my human will. Today I say, “If I’m able to do nothing, then everybody is able to do nothing.”

We have to leave everything up to God, God is love.

“Jesus of love, I have obeyed you, I was afraid this afternoon, I heard words around me that said that you were just an inspiration, that it couldn’t be true, Jesus, that you speak within me.”

I can testify before you that it is true, that they’re not inspirations; what I did earlier, all those words that were inside me - that was true; it was God's voice: God dwells in us.

“If it wasn’t God's voice, well, Jesus of love, make me die right this minute!”

Because I do it for the sake of love, I do it because Jesus put love inside me for my brothers and my sisters.

I want to give of myself because he asks me to do so.

We’re all brothers and sisters.

Before me, there were the apostles and I’m not worthy of pronouncing their names, most of them gave up their lives for us, they died.

Imagine that they agreed to die, not a natural death, it was a martyr’s death, and I didn’t know that Saint John died of old age; it was Colette who told me because I didn’t know these things.

Other people also died as martyrs.

Even today there are priests who die for the sake of love: they’re also martyrs, and me, I'm not like them; I'm a person like you: I'm no different than you.

I have given you what Jesus said in the beginning; this is what Mother Mary told me: “Give what my Son gives you; bear witness!” Well, I bore witness.

Jesus is living within us, Jesus talks to us, Jesus talks to us about love; he says beautiful things to us.

You’ve heard those beautiful things and I, I know that I'm not capable of doing this every day and of presenting myself in public either.

I don’t even have a good memory; how can you expect me to learn a text by heart? But I accept.

Colette said, “Even if you present yourself and only one person allows God's action to enter him, that’s because he made himself very little.” When we accept to become very little, to become nothing, that’s what Jesus wants.

That’s what I do: I accept to be nothing for those who are my brothers and my sisters.

I offer these movements of love to God, I want to give God what I do in order to save souls, and God is witness to what I want to give him.

You know, little things – the Holy Spirit said so – they become huge.

Like Saint Theresa, when she used to pick her pin up from the ground, it was a very simple gesture, and yet, to God it was huge.

And so I, I give you what Jesus of love wants to give me: his words of love.

Thank you.