Gathering of Love with God’s Action at Métabetchouan, Quebec,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus




Jesus : My children, these words you are about to hear will imprint themselves onto your hearts. These words, my children, will be graces for you; they will make you receptive to the love of your being. You will become, my children, channels that will go towards my other children. It is I, God of love, who put these words within you. I am the God of power, I am within you, it is through me that you are alive.

I have all power, my children, over life and death.

My children of love, I am Jesus of love, I am Life everlasting;

this life is within you, it is the presence of the Love.

When, my children, you learn that the Life is within you, this is because you have hope within you.

You want to live here, now, in order to continue in a future life.

My children of love, today is the present, tomorrow is the future.

What you are living at this moment is what you are, here : now.

You want to live for tomorrow :

        by neglecting your present,

        by not taking care of yourselves,

        by occupying yourselves with what tomorrow will be,

and you neglect what you are doing, at the moment you are thinking about tomorrow.

Life, my children :

        is the very moment in which you are looking,

        the very moment in which you are hearing,

        the very moment in which you are learning to love yourselves.

All that is present is life.

If you neglect to nourish what is now, my children,  how do you want tomorrow to be a good day?  It will be a result of your negligence.

You will reap, my children, what you have sown the previous day;

so, you will find yourselves with a life that has no meaning.

You are afraid of tomorrow, while doing nothing for the present moment.

Go, my children, go about your work while neglecting to prepare your body;

if you neglect it, as the day goes on, by not giving it adequate food, adequate sleep with peaceful thoughts, my children, and by having frightening emotions, how will you do your work the following day?

You will find yourselves without strength, you will be distracted, you will be incapable of carrying out your day’s work adequately : you will be disappointed in yourselves and you will ask yourselves why this work is so tiresome.

You will become discouraged, you will find that life is joyless, you will become exhausted just thinking of your work which makes your life intolerable.

You will not, my children, be able to give yourselves inner joy;

you will not be able to give those around you a smile, for you will be exhausted because you have not prepared yourselves.

My children of love, this is your daily life!

You do not cease thinking about tomorrow, about calculating your future, about making plans without thinking about your present life.

My children of love, if you do not live your life in the present moment you will not find happiness.

I am the Life. I am within you, it is I who nourish your life,

and it is I, my loves, who ensure that you are present, alive.

What’s the use, my children, of wanting to live while not being present within your being?

You will have nothing to give yourselves and others, for God is within you and also within others.

My children of the Love, bring love to yourselves by gathering your thoughts.

It doesn’t take such a long time to take a moment out of your entire day to say that you are alive, to say to Jesus :

“Jesus of love, I love you. I want to love myself today. I want to know happiness today. I want to be in joy today. I want to appreciate what God the Father wants to give me. I want to be attentive to your word. Give me what is necessary so that the present day may be in my life.”

My children of the Love, Jesus loves you.

He wants to take you in his arms.

He wants you to be happy from this moment on.

He wants to nourish you.

He wants to pour into you : graces of love,

graces that will make you discover that at this very moment, in which you are living,

you are alive, you are active.

You can obtain results so that later you may profit from them.

If you do not do this now there can be no results and you will be disappointed, my children.

My loves, it is I who nourish your life :  I am the Life. I am the Presence.

I do not live solely for the future.

Tonight when you approached the sacred Host, you received the Life within you,

the living Jesus, the Jesus who gives himself, the Jesus who offers himself, here, now, for you.

It is at the very instant in which you take me, my children, that I place the Life within you.

I nourish the life of the Life within you. It is not for tomorrow, it is for this very moment.

I am present within you, I melt within you.

You are no longer yourselves, my children, when you come and approach the sacred Host; it is I who give myself, I enter into you and turn myself into me.

This Food, my children, spreads throughout your whole being :

you become life in God.

My children of love, it is at this very moment that I give myself to you and you, my children, where are you?

Are you one of those who receive the Life within them, in their being, while their head is not there?

You want to receive me but you are thinking about something else.

You have left your seat to come towards me : you take me

and, my children, as soon as you are back in your seat,

        I search for the one who has just received me,

        I search for eyes that no longer look at me,

        I search for the tenderness of your heart that has just opened up.

These surges of humility have already disappeared and I find myself alone most of the time because you are thinking about later;

you are incapable of living in the present, here, now.

Here, now, look at your conversations, my children!

Most of the time, you talk about what yesterday has been and what tomorrow will be, and you do not talk about the present.

Your life, my children, is escaping you!

you let it flow like water from a faucet. There is a glass to catch it, the water fills the glass, it overflows the glass, and gushes into the sewers, and the water is lost in a black hole.

My children of love, if you do not live your present now, this very day, at every instant :

your life will pass you by.

What is present today and what you have neglected : it will be no more

and you will have lost, my children, all the graces you should have benefited from :

        graces of love,

        graces of joy,

        graces that transform you into beings of love so that you may attain happiness, an endless happiness.

Oh! my children of love, do you not know that you must let yourselves be taken by the Love!

I, Jesus, I know what is good for you.

If, my children, you continue your prayer with the conviction that Jesus is here, present, you taste this joy of being present with me, Jesus, with the Love : with the one who created you.

This is joy, my children : you learn to open your heart to someone who lives within you, who loves you, and who wants your well-being and you learn, my children, to develop inwardly this joy of being present with God, with yourselves.

Do you realize, my children, that you will learn to live your own life by yourselves, not at the expense of someone who is by your side, or will be tomorrow? It is within you, at this very moment.

Is it not wonderful, my children, to taste love itself at this very moment which you are living?

I am the Love.

The Love wants to give you the most beautiful part of yourselves so that you may develop into beings of goodness, into joyful children who want to taste life, real life : the one that is present now,

and  you will see, my children, that the present second will be nourishment for the following second.

Your breakfast in the morning, my children, you will live it, you will savour it because you will be present,

and you will not be thinking about what you will be doing in a few days.

Oh! how many are eating breakfast and are already thinking about supper! And this, my children, exhausts you.

You must live in the present moment, you must savour it.

And when the time to leave for work has arrived,

ah well, my children, do not worry about what you will produce during the day, around eleven o’clock, around noon; do not worry about whether your day will be up to your boss’s standards

or if your productivity will meet the expectations you have thought of for the end of the day :

live the present moment.

Leave your house while looking around you, breathing, looking at my sky, and savouring the sounds of my creatures reaching your ears.

How many of you, my children, leave in a rush and go back because you have forgotten your lunch! You do not live in the present, my children.

Once you have climbed into your car, you turn on the radio and listen to the news telling you about what has already happened yesterday,

or they pester you with commercials that make you think about nice vacations you could offer yourself,

or they want to urge you to buy products that will make you aware of how nice comfort will be.

My children, you live with that which does not exist and you forget, at the very same time, to be with yourselves or with the person who is with you.

By saying to yourself “I love you”, by saying : “Ah! it feels great to be with you!! now, at this very moment, I am savouring this moment, I am at the wheel of my car and it is I who am driving it in Jesus”.

Do not forget, my children, that I create your action.

If you want to drive your car all alone, well then, you alone are taking the risk of having someone hit you!

I, I want to take care of you. My children, I am present in your life, it is I who am, and it is I who am with you, living life. Doesn’t it feel wonderful to lean on someone who is stronger than you?

Oh! my children of love, do not think about your budget, about what you can buy yourselves with the surplus;

my children, you risk not seeing the other driver who missed his stop.

Be present, go forward in love, in joy.

Allow yourselves to discover that you are with Jesus of Love and with your guardian angel as well :

you will appreciate the person you are with.

Taste this intimacy of love that comes with love and friendship.

It feels so good, my children, sometimes, to remain silent while savouring the company of the person beside you.

You forget, my children, that just being with someone is pleasant.

It is not necessary to fill the interior of your car with useless noise.

Savour the silence : the feeling of being in good company.

And when, my children, you arrive at work with your fellow workers, at school, do not try to give yourself importance by wanting to be someone else.

How many among you, my children, are in a state of silence and nevertheless, you do not respect your interior; you say to yourselves : “ah! my God, what will she think? Ah! I am so boring, no conversation; I don’t feel like talking today.” But you do not listen to your inner voice, you want to appear as someone else!

So you please others, but you are neglecting your inner self.

My children of love, it is necessary to nourish your inner self before being capable of giving.

In these moments, ask me for graces : “Jesus, you know me, you know I don’t feel like it today : I don’t feel capable of smiling, but go ahead of me, I will hide within you. I have confidence that another who will look at me, if he sees you before me, well, he will have sympathy for me”.

Then, my children, you will not think about neglecting who you are because you will discover that it feels good to be at ease with yourselves.

You will not think about losing a friendship. It is the present that counts, my children.

If you are presently at ease with yourself, another who finds himself at your side will feel it.

In the beginning, he will observe as well, but he will discover your peace, your calm, and this will reassure him.

He will not have lost your friendship because he will have seen that you continue to love him in your silence :

and your peacefulness will help him be himself as well.

My children, if at work there are problems :

        either with your machines, or your schedule, or there are problems due to others,

        if you live your presence here, now, you will accept what will happen by making an effort to accomplish your work,

        by asking me for help, saying : “Jesus, I give you what is happening now; it’s not as I would like it to be, but I cannot do otherwise. Give me the strength, Jesus, to do my work as it should be done. I want to put my effort into it, here, now, to please myself. I do not want to neglect my neighbour, others must not get into trouble because of me. Give me inner peace, Jesus, and I will do what must be done, here, now.”

        And, my children, you will see that your productivity will be much higher because you will live here, now, without thinking about the results at the end of the day, or about your boss who will arrive cursing the result.

        If you work under the tension of fear for what will happen in a couple of hours : the present hour, my children, will not be up to the standards you want to achieve because your head will not be present.

My children of love, all must be accomplished in Jesus in the present. My children of love, love yourselves.

How many children do not live for themselves; they live for the past, they live for the future, and they forget that everything is in the present.

It is the Life who begs you, my children, to live your life.

At the end of this day, my children, if you notice that the result is not as you want it to be,

when the moment will arrive, you will have the strength, my children, to live your present moment.

Once the eight hours have gone by, you will have kept within you the joy of being alive.

There will certainly be fatigue due to your day of work, but it will be a good fatigue, not an exhausting day :

you will not experience bitterness over not having accomplished what you wanted to do,

for you will know that, you, you will have reached your potential and you will be proud of yourselves.

And if your boss, or your friends, or those who have placed demands upon you are not happy,

well then, you, you can say what you will : “I have lived my life with Jesus, by myself and by giving myself love”.

Then, you will have lived, my children, a life of love within your life time.

When you will arrive home, well, my children, it will be in the joy of reuniting with those you love!

It is for them that you accepted to leave the house.

You will learn, my children, to give happiness to yourselves, without worrying.

And if you arrive home full of joy, those who are around you who will not have lived their day in the present,

        they will look at you and will learn from you

        for, each day, my children, you will develop happiness and inner joy

        this will develop within them

        and they, as well, will profit from it.

        My children, you will be an example for them

        and if they talk to you about what tomorrow will be, and if they talk about projects that have not taken place,

        then, my children of love, you will answer them : “You, do you love me?”

        and if they do not know what to answer, or if their “yes” is quite hesitant

        then, you will answer : “I love you because you are you, because you give me joy; at this moment, you fill my life”.

You will discover, my children, how to avoid taking on their problem over the future and making it your own.


Oh! my children of love, you have complicated your lives, you did not see this darkness coming, this darkness that surrounds you,

this darkness that does not even exist and that you have manufactured with your fear, with your anguish over what tomorrow will be.

You wander about, my children, like dead people.

How can you say that you are alive when you are not present?

My children of love, you live thinking about the headache you will get if you eat too fast.

You go as far as calculating in advance if you will be able to perform such and such a task with your fragile health.

You bring on your own illnesses.

You give nothing to God,

you do not live in the love God has for you : ask God to help you.

Give thanks to God, my children, when you are at rest.

You do not cease thinking about the pain you could have or with which you live,

and you never thank God for the life he gives you at every moment : you do not stop criticizing.

You have learned, my children, to not look at what God has done for you.

        He makes the rain fall on your fields and the harvest is now on your table;

        he gives you his sun so that your flowers may bloom and to give you inner strength.

        Do you know, my children, that the sun is important to your life? It is necessary to your health.

        My children of love, I have filled the waterways with nourishment : they give you what your body needs.

        I protect you, my children, against the cold that could harm you,

        and I see to it that you have shade when you are in the overly arid heat,

        and you do not thank God.

You think of your illnesses instead.

These illnesses, my children of love, are the negligence of not living in the present, of not living your present life.

You are afraid of not having enough food;

you are afraid, my children, of not taking advantage of nice weather;

you are afraid of not having the means of taking care of yourselves.

You live in fear and this fear is created by your ignorance of what tomorrow will be; you are not living in the present.

Life is within you.

My children of love, Jesus is with you tonight, Jesus is present within you, he is talking to you through this instrument : he is living.

I am living, my children, in each of you : at every moment I act, within you, if you ask me.

Why come towards me and ask me : “Jesus of love, I would like you to find me a job so that I can buy myself a house. Jesus of love, when will you heal me, I am sick? Jesus of love, I would like you to take care of my children who no longer come to see me”.

You see, my children, these are requests regarding what is to come and you are not living in the present.

If, my children, you learn to love yourselves, you will say to Jesus of love : “Jesus, you are living within me, you are living within me at this very moment. Give me that strength, Jesus, to abandon myself within you, at this very moment, give me the grace to live this second with you”

and you will see, my children, that joy will be within you.

You will live with Jesus, you will know that I am living within you and that I am taking care of you.

And if I take care of you, my children, and you realize it,

you will no longer be afraid for your children, for you will know that I am living within them as well, that I am acting within them at present,

it is you who will show them that they are living, that Jesus is there.

He is there, he wants to live the present with your children.

And if, my children, you have an illness which makes you suffer : ask me for graces of strength at this very moment.

I will pour my power into you : my power of love, and you will live with me.

You will find inner peace and calm knowing that I am there, that I am present in your life, here, now.

My children, you will feel alive and your illness will lose its importance to you for,

I, I will place within you hope, faith in my Father’s power.

And, my children, he who is worried about tomorrow, about what he wants to offer himself, :

well, I will place my action in him : he will come into me and I, I will take care of him.

It is I, my children, God, it is I who will act : it will be my Father’s Will. : He takes care of you;

abandon yourselves in the Will of God.

Live in the Divine Will.

Stop, my children, doing your human will, it does not know how to appreciate the present.

Come live in Jesus, for Jesus, with Jesus here, present.

Oh! my children of love, my loving Father has left in your hearts, through me, a gentle prayer and this prayer, my children, is the "Our Father".

You are not living the "Our Father" my children : you recite it, but you do not understand it.

Remember these words :

“Our Father : you, loving Father, you who love me, I feel loved by you because you want me to call you Father, my Father.

"How wonderful is your name, Father : It is great, it is powerful. You are the Father of all the children of the earth and you are the Father of Jesus, you are my Father. May your name, loving Father, be honoured from age to age by all the children of the earth; you who created all things, I am your child and you, my Father, you want me to call you like this! Thank you, loving Father!

“Oh! thy kingdom come : thy kingdom of love, thy kingdom of peace : your entire kingdom is love. You want to give me the Life, your Son’s Life, out of love : I do not, Father, want to hope for anything more. I want, loving Father, to live in joy, in your kingdom where I will worry about nothing for you want to give me everything : your own kingdom, on earth, here, where I live, now, this very day, as those who live in Heaven. “Loving Father, I love you!

 "May your loving Will be done : I give you my will, Father, because yours is wonderful; you know what is good for me because you are my Father.

“Oh! loving Father, today I offer you everything : I want, loving Father, to give you everything : my work. I want to give you all that will be given to me today : I present it to you. Everything that is in me is hurting me today, but I give it to you, I know you will take care of me. Nourish me, loving Father, nourish me with your love. I want to live in you.

 “Oh! Father, I know that I am a child who has not always been deserving of your love; teach me, loving Father, to accept your forgiveness :  How many times, loving Father, you have forgiven me and I, I did not even forgive myself. I ask for your forgiveness because you love me more than I love myself. You, who are so merciful, you gave your Son for me.

"I as well, want to be like you : I want to forgive those who offended me today, here, now, because I do not want to have pain within me which will prevent me from living my life with you, with those whom I love; but you know how I am, so, pour into me that which can help me, I give you everything.

“Oh! loving Father, surround me with your protection, for my weakness sometimes has a tendency to veer towards human will : As I will do what is not your Will, then, help me loving Father, I want to live solely for you.

"And if there are some who want to harm me, well then, I know that you are there : I know that you take care of me, that you want their well-being as well;

"So, I give them to you along with myself.”

You see, my children of love, this is your day that has just presented itself to your Father, and this prayer is there for your day : it is nourishment.

Learn, my children, to be present within, to live within yourselves.

I, I am the Son of God. I have shown this prayer to my apostles so that all the children of the earth may profit from this daily manna of love.

You must nourish your lives at every moment, my children.

Learning to love yourselves : it is learning to live in the present.

What tomorrow will be : only my Father knows and he knows what is good for each of you; so, have confidence in him, give yourselves to your Father, love yourselves.

I am in your presence.

Here, now, nourish yourselves, my children, with Jesus within you.

Through your silence, I place within you, my children, graces that will nourish your interior : your life here, now.

Savour, my children, this instant with me, Jesus of love,

with Life Everlasting

        that has no end,

        that is full of joy,

        where everything sparkles,

        where the breeze is a caress,

        where the heat warms inner love.

I am the Light of your lives, I am the Way that leads to my Father.

I am in love with you : be in love with the Life who is present with each of you.

The Love gives himself, my children, at every moment.

It is a movement of love that cannot stop, and if you are not present, to whom do you want me to give it?

I am waiting for you to come see me so that you may be present with your life.

Do not leave me all alone, I want to live the life of your life, here, now, at every moment of your life.

I love you, my children :

God does not cease repeating his love for you.

He humiliates himself for you.

He begs you : love yourselves, love me, Jesus. I love you.

Remain in the present, my children, remain in the present by coming towards me.

I have so much joy to give you, I have so much love!

My children of love, receive graces from God through the blessings of my holy priests. They will help you go within yourselves. Amen.

Jesus has dictated the corrections to be made to his instrument of love. All that has been written was wanted by us, the Divine Will.