Gathering of Love With God's Action in Mississauga, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus  



The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The grace of the Lord wants to flow over all the world’s children. What the Lord wishes to bestow upon us, he wishes to bestow upon all those who are on earth.

Our God is a God of love, our God is a God of abundance. He never ceases to fulfil us: he gives us his Flesh, he gives us his Blood in order to show us that he is fully ours and that we are fully his. What we are, we are so for God. When God created his children, God created his love because we are God's love.

God is coming to fulfil his children in these times when his children have forgotten him, in these times when children no longer know that God loves them, in these times when we are thirsting for the truth, in these times when we need God's light to move forward in this darkness. We are loved by God and God wants to take each one of us and lead us to the place where we must be: within ourselves, where Jesus is, where his Presence is.

Tonight, God has come for each one of us in order to give us his Presence. When we received the Body of Jesus, when we tasted his Blood, who among us truly felt Jesus’ presence within himself? Who among us tasted his Blood by giving himself up fully to this movement of love? How many among us would have given up everything to be in the very presence of this movement of love? We are able to feel this outwardly, but only through what we are: children who are seeking, children who have not found the presence itself of their God in their lives. When we’re walking along the street, God walks with us; when we’re eating, well, God eats with us; when we’re resting, God rests with us – and yet, we don’t feel him but he's there, he's part of our lives. On the outside, we’re constantly, constantly searching: “Where’s Jesus? Why doesn’t Jesus talk to me?” We feel this way because we are too external.

When God came on earth, he talked to his apostles, and for three years his apostles heard God speaking to them. They found that it was pleasant to listen to him but nothing was entering them. They weren't able to grasp the depth of his words, and it wasn’t because they didn’t want to, for they used to say to one another: “You, did you understand? Did you understand what he meant by that?” And Jesus would hear what they were saying, and Jesus would give them his full attention by telling them stories to help them understand his message. By listening to stories, they managed to understand what God was expecting of them. God was showing them how to love themselves, how to love their neighbour. God was also teaching them who their Father was: the greatest Movement of love of all. He would tell them that they were God's children; he would talk to them about the Kingdom and that they had the Kingdom with them – Jesus was the Kingdom – but they weren't able to enter that Kingdom, they weren't able to understand what God's Kingdom was because they were like us: external.

We are people who live only of what is external. We have a thirst to enter within but we don’t know how to do this: “Show us how, Lord!” Well, the Lord comes and slowly shows us how to enter into his love: let’s enter his love – then we can enter within ourselves; understand God's message and already a door has just opened, and then God comes for us: “Enter. I shall show you your life, I shall show you my love and I shall teach you to love me; I shall teach you to open your eyes, I shall teach you to listen to me; I shall teach you to understand my movement of love, and then you will grab hold of your life, you will understand the depth of my Father's love for you.” Then we will taste love. This is the reason that the Lord speaks in our hearts.

Why are there so many messengers in these times? All over the world, God is coming to speak in hearts. Why now and not 40, 50, or 100 years ago? Because now we’re ready to hear. We have understood that the external world has not provided us with the love we wanted in our lives. It was necessary for us to see what was in front of us, the things we had accepted: idolatry. We have accepted idolatry; we have replaced God with everything that is external.

From the beginning of time, man has searched for God. From the beginning of time, man has tried to find God on the outside: he looked up at the sky, he thought the sun, the moon and the stars were God. He turned his eyes towards the animals and he thought that maybe the animals’ strength came from God, going as far as allowing his own senses to deceive him and believing that, to man, certain animals were gods. He also considered everything that was around him: the work of men that became a precious possession to man, a possession so precious that he became obsessed with his works. He held his works lovingly in his hands so as not to forget them; he brought them with him wherever he went, to the point of neglecting himself. Man neglected himself in favour of his works, and his works became the masters of mankind. When works become more important than men, they become gods. This has led us to where we are today: with the passing of one year after another, and another, and another, we have finally replaced God.

But there was something that remained inside us: love, the love that nourishes, the love that always desires what is most beautiful for mankind – “I want love, I want to give love.” But how can we give ourselves love and be love if we are ignorant? All the gods we have accepted have rendered us blind and deaf. By rendering us blind and deaf, we were never able to see who we were: children of God, created by God, chosen by God, loved by God unconditionally. How were we able to move forward from one year to the next without really living that love which God was giving to us, an unconditional love? How many years have we heard God saying, “I love you; come to me, you who cry”?

The children who are crying are children who are suffering. If we’re suffering, that’s because we have made poor choices. Those poor choices were made before temptations; and who is the tempter? It is Satan – and into the lives of all God's children, he has introduced: sin. And so, this is the reason we are wounded; this is the reason tears flow from our eyes; and how our heart is flooded with those tears, flooded with so many tears that it is drowning, it is dying, it has reached a point where it no longer believes in love, in unconditional love. Let’s turn our eyes to the Cross: Jesus is on the Cross out of love for us. The Cross is saying: “I love you. Come to me. I draw you to me so that I can speak to you through your heart, so that it may stop crying and believe in my love”: this is the Cross.

God shows us his love at every moment. When we see even one person crying, well, we’re seeing a person in need of the Cross, and Jesus is asking us to look at that person and to love who he or she is, to love the child of God, the child who is crying because of poor choices made before sin, but nevertheless a child saved by love. When we see our children crying, when we see our grandchildren crying, when we see our husband or our wife crying, our mother, our father, well, we’re seeing Jesus, we’re seeing Jesus on the Cross, we’re seeing Jesus’ love, we’re seeing what Jesus has done for them: he sustained them, he kept them alive despite Satan's temptations; because it is Satan who wants to destroy them, and it is God who sustains them and who says to them, “Stop crying. I am here. I love you. I am taking care of you.”

And so, we have to do the same thing when we see our children crying, when we see those who are crying: “I am here. Jesus is here. You are in him just as I am in you. You’re crying and so I am giving you to Jesus. Your wounds, I know nothing about them; your choices, I know nothing about them; all the temptations that have led you to this point and have made you cry, I know nothing about them, but Jesus knows them and Jesus loves you. And, well, he has taught me to love you; he has taught me to trust that he takes care of you; he has taught me to love the cross. You know, to me you are a cross – a cross of love, a cross that has conquered evil, a cross that is filled with faith in the love of God our Father.” You see, now when we look at those who are crying, we say, “Jesus, you’re showing me your love, and therefore, you’re teaching me to love unconditionally, to no longer judge, to no longer worry, and to give everything to you.” The cross is a movement of love, of obedience.

When God the Father sent his Son, well, his Son knew that he had to obey his Father. He, the Son, knew that he had to bear all sins. Therefore, his Flesh had to accept all sins in order to bear all sins. The Flesh of the Son of God is a perfect flesh; the Flesh of the Son of God is immaculate. When Jesus presented himself to his Father and to the angels, he was all love, all radiant. He was the Light and God was seeing his Love standing before him; standing before him, he saw what he himself was: the Father saw the Son, saw his Love. Didn’t Jesus tell us in the Gospel: “Whoever sees me sees the Father”? Well, when Jesus presented himself, when he became visible to the angels, he stood before The Love, and The Love was before The Love – the Father seeing his Child and the Child seeing the Father, forming but one: the Flesh of Jesus, a perfect flesh revealing itself to his Father.

When Jesus was sent on earth, he said yes: unconditional love. He was accepting to take all flesh within himself because he knew everything: he had seen everything, he knew all his Flesh – we are the flesh of the Flesh. If today we’re able to see our flesh, that’s because God gave us his sight. If today we’re able to hear the voice of another flesh, that’s because God gave us the power of speech – his Flesh. If we’re able to hear, if we’re able to think, if we’re able to move about, if we’re able to feel that need to hear, to give of ourselves, that’s because we have received everything from the Flesh and our flesh is made up of all these things. We come from the Eternal Flesh.

Before becoming what we are today, we were perfect flesh. Before our flesh became subjected to sin, our flesh was obedient to the Flesh: it nourished itself of love. The Flesh of Jesus is love, he is The Love. And so, The Love gave love, and we received that love and we returned that love; and when God received what belonged to him, he would return love. Therefore, our flesh was constantly in a movement of love. We were created for love; we were created to receive and to give what we receive. Can we prevent our eyes from seeing? Try it: prevent your eyes from seeing. Open your eyes and shut your eyes, and you still see: you see what is around you, you see what is inside you. We are a gift of love. God put light all around us, God put light within us, for God is the Light. Jesus, Immortal Flesh, gave us immortality. The Light is eternal, and therefore, we are eternal.

God gives us eternity, light that never ceases to nourish us, and we return to the Light what the Light has given to us. We are love, we are movement of love. This is why we love to receive love; and even those who hurt us, we still want them to love us because this dwells within us. We are made of this movement; God created us with this movement: the word. Jesus is the Word, and therefore, the Word has given us the word with a small ‘w’. God of Movement has created us as movement: we are incapable of being inactive. Even if we are in a state of contemplation, we are still in motion. God gives love, I give the love he gives to me. God looks at me and I contemplate God. We are movement, we are what God is. This is why we who live with all this idolatry around us, with everything Satan wanted to introduce into our lives to render us inactive, we are never motionless.

Satan is an inert movement, Satan is nothingness, Satan is in the darkness, he nourishes himself of darkness; and all that is darkness gives nothing because it is nothingness. Satan is nothingness: he is empty, he does not give; he tries to be what God is and so he's always in a void. He becomes lost in the void; he's incapable of retaining anything, he's incapable of holding on to something in order to keep it for himself. He doesn’t have the ability to hold, to keep anything, as even the wind is movement whereas he is not. Satan is a being of darkness. He was driven into the darkness and when he was driven into the darkness, he vanished and became a being that is nothingness.

You see, we are movement of love. But he tries to show us that if we’re fully centred on ourselves, if we live only for ourselves, we will be void of life (in God). How can we be if we are not part of the Being? How can we be if we don’t enter the Being? Who is God? Remember, in the Old Testament, when Moses said, “If they ask your name, what shall I say?” Well, God answered, “I AM”: Being, Presence. To be: is to be present, it is to be true to oneself, to be light, to be splendour, to be everything. To be is to be everything, it is to enter into the Movement; therefore, we are movement. When we are in Jesus, we are in the Present. To be in the Present is to be in the Movement.

Satan is nothing; Satan is not movement, for he contains nothing. He is alone with himself, for himself. Although he brought a multitude of angels with him, they became nothingness just like him. They live only for themselves within their nothingness; therefore, they give nothing, they can neither hold nor retain anything. We can only hold and retain that which comes from the Present, and that is God. Therefore, the demons are nothingness, they are nothing. A demon wants nothing to do with another demon. They feed on hatred: when we hate someone, we want nothing to do with that person. Hatred destroys: they are constantly destroying. But as they are spirits, they cannot cease to exist – such is the power of God. Who created them? It was God, and what God creates, he creates with his love and his love is eternal – but they wanted nothing to do with his love. They rejected the Light, the Splendour, the Movement, for the angels were created to serve, contemplate, adore, worship: they serve God continuously. But as they refused, they became a 'self'; therefore, those who are without God are nothing, they are nothingness, void of movement.

And so, can you see why Satan does whatever he can to lure God's children with things that are against God? How are they able to lure God's children? They can't; it’s impossible to lure God's children because we are a whole, we are love, we were made to love, we were made to receive and to give back what we receive. We are movement of love: we are always, always present for we come from God.

God carried us within him and he still carries us; we are the flesh of the Flesh.

But when Satan, the demons, have us taste things that don’t come from God, things that are against God, that’s when they introduce something to us, that’s when we begin to allow that which is nothing to draw near to us: that darkness, that void, we have just accepted it. And so, as the years go by, we begin to give in to the seduction of nothingness, of that which is not life, of that which is not present in God. When we accept in our lives what is against God, we’re accepting to live with what is dead. Therefore, that which is dead becomes something that is important to us, and as it becomes important to us, then we turn our eyes away from God towards what is dead.

God created us with free will, and so, he doesn’t force us to use the eyesight which he gave us only for him: “I love you unconditionally. Take what I give to you and use it for love. Love me.” However, with our human will we have two choices to make: for God or for myself? When we look towards ourselves, we are no longer in the Presence, we are no longer in God, we enter into our 'self', we begin to exist within a movement that is selfish: “I take what is yours, God, and I use it for myself.” And so, with our eyes, we see what we have accepted in our lives: along with what God gave us, we accepted what was nothingness. Anything that isn't useful to our soul, anything that doesn’t help us to love God is worth nothing in our lives: it is useless to us. But if we become attached to these things we become separated from ourselves, we move away from what we are: we are the ones who cut ourselves off.

When the evil angels refused to adore the Son of God made Man, they refused to see the Light, they refused the Light that was reflected upon them. And in that moment, because they were refusing the Light, towards whom did they turn? Towards themselves. Therefore, they became darkness in that moment, because if we suddenly turn off the lights in this room, we will be in darkness. And that is what they did: they who were pure spirits became impure in a single instant. The angels are spirits; they knew what love was because, to them, light is love. They tasted love, love was reflected upon them; it was love that gave them their splendour, their intelligence. Everything they knew came from God's light: a movement of love that went on, and on, and on, and on.

To be close to God, admire God, contemplate God – they had all this: they were the ones who made the choice; intelligence chose to say no to God. When we agree to become attached to nothingness, we do so while we are in God's love – involuntarily, through Satan's temptations, we say yes to something that has the ability to kill us. But God, he's watching us; God sustains us with his love: “I give myself up for your sake. I never stop giving myself for your sake. I sustain you in the midst of this danger so that nothingness may not envelop you.” We are captured by God's love; we are movement. As long as there is a single movement within us, no matter how tiny it is that movement is powerful; even if it is as tiny as a grain of sand, that grain of sand is powerful: God maintains us constantly in his movement of life.

That’s why, today, when we look around we ask ourselves why we’re still alive in spite of all the times we have offended God the Father: we have denied his Son, we have constantly failed to keep the Ten Commandments of God, we have constantly turned against God's love, against ourselves, against our neighbour.

God loves us unconditionally. We are made of God's love and we do not love ourselves; we do not love ourselves because we are the cause of our own suffering, we never stop beating ourselves up, we never stop poisoning ourselves, and God sustains us. We ourselves have consented to polluting everything around us, and what we have polluted is our food, and God sustains us. He teaches us to say grace: “I shall bless that which may harm you because I love you.” God's love is unconditional; he comes to speak directly in our hearts. All the words we are hearing at present belong to us, and by the power of the Holy Spirit we hear them. Only God has the power to gather together flesh in order to create one movement of presence. That’s what is happening at this moment – our heart that cries, our heart that thirsts for the truth is letting itself be heard: we all need to know that God is taking care of our children, of our grandchildren, of those we love. That is why God speaks in our hearts.

At this moment, every one of us is movement of love, we’re serving The Love: what we’re doing tonight, we are doing so out of love for those we love. Every one of us recites the rosary, we come to mass, we turn to the sacraments, we don’t want to take part in idolatry, we want to love our brother, our sister unconditionally. Why is he telling us all these things? That’s because he loves us, because he loves our flesh, our flesh that belongs to him and that contains all the world’s children. Our flesh is alive. Did you think that all these things we do were things of the past? No, our flesh is alive, our mind is alive; our eyes, our ears, our tongue, our movements, our heartbeat, they’re all alive! And so, because they are alive, we contain all flesh: the whole world is inside us. You, are you capable of separating yourselves from God? Separate yourselves from God and you will fall to the ground: God sustains us, and therefore, we are in God.

Take a look at everything here – it’s nothing but the presence of God. Where does light come from? From man! And who gave man the intelligence to take water, turn it into energy through movement to create a source of light? God: the Nourishment, the Intelligence, the Spirit of God. Look at everything around us: everything comes from God's creation – even that plastic comes from the Creator. Nothing comes from man because God created matter and man can do nothing more than use what has already been created to make a chair. Therefore, we are in God. Everything around us is God – the contents of God – and what he has put within us is his creation. Everything around us here is within us. The Light is within us, we are light. If we are able to close our eyes, to be in a state of contemplation and to see, that’s because there is light within us.

Now, let’s look at our flesh: what is our flesh made of? Water and matter that comes from the earth; all that derives from chromosomes, all that is matter is in us. Therefore, you will find water everywhere, everywhere, everywhere you go; you will find matter, you will find cells: you will find all these things in creation. Yes, we are minerals, we need minerals, we have creation inside us, we have God inside us. The contents of creation are in God, and God contains all things. He does not separate himself from what he is – he is the All. And so, we are in God, we are movement, we are alive, and therefore, we have all our brothers and sisters of the whole world inside us. Are those who came before us within us as well? As Jesus is the Present he is the Alpha and the Omega, he is God; therefore, everything that is in God is present – past, present and future: Eternal Flesh, Immortal Flesh. And so, everything around us, everything within us is alive. As a result, all those who are within us benefit from everything we’re hearing, from these movements of life.

When Jesus was carrying his cross, he said, “I am creating a new earth.” And so, we, we are the cross: we carry all the sufferings of the world, we carry all the hopes of the world, we carry all those who have love in themselves and not a single one is missing. And so, they’re also receiving what we’re receiving in this moment, and this isn't true only for this moment in time – it’s for all time: past, present and future. Whatever we have done in the past is part of their lives, whatever we do now is part of their lives, and what we will become will be part of their lives. We are in them and they are in us: we are the movement of the present. God has the power to maintain us within what we are. Whenever he reveals to us something from our past or enables us feel it, it becomes part of the present. If we uttered a single word against God, and God has us relive it in his present, and we then give it to God – “God, I give this to you out of love; this belongs to you” – God, who brought that word unto death, takes it and it becomes a word that has been repaired. God has already made reparation for that word, but we, did we give that word to him? We never gave it to him.

And so, the time is coming when God will want us to return to him whatever has made us cry, whatever has hardened our hearts. He wants us to become once again what we are: we are always the present but we carry our past with us because our flesh hasn’t forgotten. This is why God gathers people like us together – to lead us to discover his unconditional love so that we can be in him always. When we are in Jesus, we are in the Refuge, and the one who can say that he is in the Refuge is protected: he has nothing more to fear, he knows that God takes care of him, he allows God's peace to envelop him, and it is love that nourishes him. He is no longer afraid to go without food for he knows that God will provide what he needs; he is no longer afraid to go without water for he knows that God is the Living Water. Yes, God is our nourishment – he will nourish us – we are living flesh, we are movement, we are present, and therefore, all members will be in the Refuge. No flesh will go without its portion. God nourishes his children because we, we know that a time of great suffering is coming.

Have you noticed what nice weather we’re having? Have you noticed how unbalanced things are – little birds that should come looking for food only in the month of March are already here in the month of January? Well, have no fear – God knew about this. God has already prepared everything. God sends us messengers nourished by his love to speak in our hearts, so that we can allow ourselves to be nourished by God's grace. We need this nourishment in order to be able to appreciate the nourishment our flesh will require. To allow oneself to be nourished by God's grace is to enter into abundance. When we are in abundance, well, we’re able to exercise moderation when using what is external to nourish our flesh: God, through his almightiness, through his strength, will nourish our senses.

When he, Satan, came with his evil angels to possess animals so that these possessed animals could draw near to humans, and he subsequently had humans develop what lay dormant within them in order to control their senses, he developed intense needs within us by controlling our senses resulting in our becoming enslaved by our senses: children who are enslaved by their senses are not able to control their hunger, children who are enslaved by their senses are not able to control their fears – everything becomes catastrophic to them. This is the reason God showers us with his graces – to nourish us with his abundance of life. And so, when the days of famine will be here, we will know to listen to our interior rather than to our senses. As a result, we will need very little to feed ourselves.

You know, when people are afraid, they are people who are often a bundle of nerves: they tend to stay awake, they’re unable to rest – and the more they are unable to rest and they stay awake: the more easily they will feel the cold. However, as we will be filled with God's graces, as we will be at peace, sleep will come to us more easily, we will be able to contemplate more easily, we will live of God's love, and so, we won't need to be afraid of the cold: God will keep us warm. The warmth will come from the inside out, which is something we have never been able to experience.

Who is able to see what wonderful things are inside us unless God reveals them to us! Everything has been prepared. We will live through these days of tribulations with God's graces! Let’s not be afraid – everything has already been accomplished. We’re the last ones left to climb onto the raft, because don’t think that the Lord has prepared a huge ocean liner for us! God is a simple God and he came on earth in Mary's arms, the humble Mary, who accepted to give birth in a stable. Do you think that this is going to change? He has shown us the path we must follow. On earth, his father was a carpenter, and this means: “You shall fulfil your destiny. Joseph fulfilled his destiny: fulfil yours.”

Do you think that the angels will come down to build houses for us? They will be by our side, they will help us, but we are going to fulfil our destinies – we aren’t going to get everything on a platter!

God says: “All those who follow me will walk where I have walked. My passion, my children, my passion – movement of love for you, movement that teaches you to move forward, to no longer be within yourselves but rather to be in me, to be entirely love for your brothers and your sisters, to not fear tomorrow but rather to trust in my Father – allows you to be enveloped by the power of the Holy Spirit, who leads you to places where you, you are not able to go, and has you feel within yourselves the splendour of God, your God who came as a simple being.

Children of love, it is as simple beings that you must live these days of graces; it is as beings who are God's children that you must fulfil your destinies. My Father's world is a world of love made up of his creatures; you are children created with my Father's love. You have my Father's breath within you. You have a spiritual life, children of love, and it is through spiritual life, my children, that you will understand what you are about to live. A world filled with suffering will disappear. Time is marching forward, my children. Look all around you: all is being accomplished. All you have heard through the messengers chosen by the Divine Will is being accomplished. You were warned of these times.

John, my children, the apostle John spoke. He was the first to see and to hear so that you, you might be little as he was little: the apostle of heart; John was my apostle of heart, you are my apostles of heart – I have chosen every one of you. I have taken your hearts, my children, and I have presented them to my Father. There is not a single one among you that was not chosen by my Father. When I presented your hearts to my Father, he welcomed my offering. This is the reason, children of love, that you hear the Will of my Father, because it is my Father's desire that you should hear. I am the Will of my Father. My Father is in me and I am in him, and I give to you: you receive by the power of the Holy Spirit, and by the power of the Holy Spirit you give, you give to your brothers and to your sisters that which you receive. You are the Flesh of God. I nourish the being that you are. Through my love, through my nourishment, you give nourishment to those who are within you. Every flesh within you receives, and when that flesh receives, there is movement of love: you receive what I give to you.

Children of love, let me tell you a story.  “One day, three little children left in search of a pearl. They each took a bag with them. The first one had a pencil in his bag. Everything created by that pencil represented what was most beautiful to him: it produced the smell of flowers, it produced the colours of creation, it produced the sounds of worship. Everything that pencil contained was a treasure to him. The second child had a sheet of paper; that was all he had in his bag. He liked to look at that sheet of paper that was all white, all pure, all immaculate, for whenever he looked at that paper, he knew who he was: a child who wanted to learn everything, a child who wanted that paper to be what he was – ready to let God teach him. The third one had a star. His bag consisted of that star: that star had four points. Each point represented one of the cardinal points: north, south, east and west. They represented what he desired: to be out in the world, his desire to live for the world, his desire to bring satisfaction to the world through everything that he was on the inside.

Each one of them wanted the pearl, and so they went on their way – the first one with the pencil, the second with his paper, and the third with his star. The first one used his senses to find the location of the pearl. Everything he did was done because it came from his senses, for he had learned to recognize God's volition. When he smelled an odour of love, he knew that he was on the right path. Whenever he would see the splendour of light, he knew that everything he was seeing bore the colours of God. And so, he moved forward.

The second one? The second one would look at his sheet of paper and would always think about what he was: a child of God, a child who wanted to be pure like his sheet of paper. Therefore, he listened to what he was: a child of God. Everything was being written in his book, for that sheet of paper was in front of him. God was guiding that child and he moved forward; he knew that God was taking care to inscribe his life on that sheet of paper by giving him the graces to always remain pure. And so, he would move forward; he moved forward along the path of life.

The third one? The third one held his star in his hand. When the point indicating the south would light up, telling him to go in that direction, he knew that God was there to guide him. He would raise his eyes towards the sky and he trusted in Heaven – everything was written there, in Heaven. At night, when he would see a light glowing in the north, then he looked towards Heaven and he thanked Heaven, for he had that peace within himself. He had no fear, for Heaven guided him wherever he went: day and night, God was there.

And so, there they were, all three of them wanting that pearl, and all three trusted in what God had placed in their lives: one child helped another, and the other child helped another, and the other child helped the others; they lacked nothing. Each one was learning to give of himself; to them, this was like a form of nourishment that they received at every moment. They trusted in the child that they were, for they now knew they were no longer three, but rather that they formed one, up to the day when they stopped and looked at one another. And they said, “You are the Star, you are Purity, you are Harmony: you are everything I need.” And each child realized that he had the same words within himself. Now they were able to see; they could see what they had found: love, unconditional love, love that does not rob another, love that is giving, love that is not demanding, love that is offered – each child was unconditional love to the others. They were all the world’s treasures: they were the splendour of God, the beauty of God, the infinite presence of God. They now knew that wherever they might be, that was where eternity was.”

Children of love, this is your life. You are all together and every one of you has within him what the other needs. I come to speak in your hearts to enable you to discover the treasure that you are. Leave time up to me, my children – it does not belong to you – I, I am the Almightiness. Take a look at yourselves, my children: in a short time, you have become children who want to do only my Will. If I compare this to what you once were, this was just as fast as any of your jets, my children. It is up to me to transform you; it is up to me to turn you into children of the light; it is up to me to turn you into children who will never stop giving of themselves out of love for those you love. I am coming to build my world of love with you, my children, and Satan has been defeated. Therefore, do not be afraid, he is nothing and you, you are fully within me.

Now, my children, I shall turn you into obedient children by asking each one of you if you accept to bear my cross upon your flesh, so that your flesh might be obedient to my Passion: it is up to me to bring you where you are not able to go. I am the Blessed Lamb; I am the one who opened the Book of Life. And so, my children, do you want me to mark you foreheads with my sign of love – my Cross? You have been saved by the Cross, my children, for I, I am The Love, the Blessed Lamb who offered up his Life on your behalf.