Gathering of Love With God's Action in Moncton, New Brunswick,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-09-24 – Part 1


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Is everything okay?


Nicole: Yes.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit:  You'll have to speak louder.


Nicole: Can everyone hear me?


Audience: Louder!


Nicole: Louder!!


Audience: Yes!


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: This is what the Lord wants to do inside us – he wants to speak, he wants to speak very loudly because he says that we have understood nothing.

God wants us all to love him and he will use any means possible.

It’s to him that we belong, it isn't to this world; we belong to God the Father, we come from God the Father and we will return to God the Father.

What we hear from this world belongs solely to this world, but what comes from God belongs to God. We must understand that the entire Gospel was meant for us, the Gospel is our life in God; nothing will change what we are before God, and it’s up to us to realize this.

It is we who must turn our eyes to God, it is we who must have ears only for God; he, God, is ensuring that he show us what we must see and what we must hear in our world.

We have spent much time looking at our world, we have spent much time listening to our world: this world that is afraid, this world that doubts, this world that doesn’t believe.

Ever since we have been hearing about the world, that is to say, since the Old Testament, we have been able to observe a world that is fighting for the truth; we have also observed a world that believes it knows the truth: it is no different than ours.

We, after thousands of years, believe we have the truth; we use the word 'we' because we believed in what we were.

We’re children who have lost our identity as children of God: the child of God wants only God, he wants to hear only about God, for he thirsts for God.

We don’t thirst for this world, we don’t hunger for this world. What we have done is simply look for what we were missing.

We have looked at a world that wanted to bring us knowledge that would comfort us for not having found the truth; by searching and searching in books, we fell into Satan's traps.

Satan has manipulated our world just as he manipulated the world before us.

In the past, God's children let themselves get caught up in idolatry; as there had been idolatry, there was impurity in their way of thinking, of listening, in their way of speaking, in their behaviour, and what they were feeling was the fruit of what they were accepting: they were afraid, they were afraid of the past. They were living in fear and they were afraid of the future; all this was because they were like those they were idolizing.

There have always been men and women who gave themselves to Satan; there have always been men and women who looked at those men and women because they were waiting: “Who’s going to nourish me, who’s going to give me something to drink? Why am I so hungry on the inside? Who’s going to bring me what I need to be happy on earth?” All this brought on many sufferings, many deficiencies.

All this was because they weren't listening to their interior; they were children of God and they didn’t consider themselves as children of God; they were searching for what they were internally.

Eve was a child of God; she had no need to know what God knew, she needed only welcome what God was giving to her. Adam received everything from God, Adam was fulfilled by God; he didn’t need to look at what she, the woman, wanted to know. They were meant to receive everything solely from God, but they turned to what they wanted to know.

And so, their own knowledge turned against them: wanting to know, of their own accord, what was good, and wanting to know, of their own accord, what was bad, became a source of suffering to them.

God wanted to fulfill them in the present, at every moment: they would have never known hunger, they would have never known thirst, because at every moment, they would have been fulfilled by the Divine Will.


Jesus: I am teaching you that you are a child of God; I am teaching you that you are in me and what I am, I present it to you, for you come from me and you are in me. My eternal Presence is for you.

Come forward and come to me, for what I want for you is all that is in me; eternity will fulfill you, you will lack nothing for what I am is within you.

You are from me, the Eternal One, the movement is you through me; all knowledge has been acquired for you, for you were created by me, and the Life is within you and the Life is perfect. All that the Life is is before you, nothing is hidden from you; eat and drink of my Life, it is for you.

May your birth be your eternal life, may your presence be the flavour of God, may your eternity be your present: this is what God wants for you.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Man hasn’t grasped this movement of love, and yet, he had tasted it.

Why didn’t he stay in this movement? That’s because he was seduced by knowledge.

When knowledge comes from man: it seduces, it creates distance, it becomes cold, knowledge itself brings its own nourishment.

The knowledge that comes from man doesn’t bear graces, the knowledge that comes from man cannot make man happy; it separates him from what he is. It’s as if the exterior can no longer understand the interior.

The interior, that’s us in God, it’s God's life for us, but when we’re on the outside and we like being on the outside, we lose sight of Heaven’s treasures, our interior is completely shaken by all that is entering it.

This takes up a lot of room inside us, up to the point of making us forget who we are, from whom we are, and why we’re here. All this makes us blind and deaf, we ourselves consented to all this.

We idolize our life; we’re like those who neglected God in order to look at themselves, to love their knowledge, to savour, of their own accord, their own life, to elevate themselves above God's creation: “It’s up to me to learn why I'm here, it’s up to me to learn where I want to go, it’s up to me to bring to others what is good and what I know, it’s up to me to control what I want and what I don’t want, to use anything around me as if I can understand matter; all I can see, all I can manipulate, and any result from any of this becomes my work.”

Isn't this idolatry? Isn't this putting oneself up on a pedestal? This turns them into beings who are above God's children.

Those who elevate themselves above God's children, elevate themselves above those who give themselves to God so as to become their master, to seize their interior. This, this goes against the lives of God's children and when we go against the lives of God's children, we’re against God: we don’t respect what God is, for God placed his life in the children of God.

Every one of us has God's breath, the same breath he breathed into Adam is in each one of us: if we don’t respect this, then we don’t respect the breath of God.

You see, today we’re grappling with idolatry, we have even tasted this unknowingly.

Not one of us wanted to idolize anyone other than our God of love, but we agreed to nourish ourselves with that impure nourishment, we agreed to drink that impurity and today we’re suffering, we’re suffering because we doubt that our God can do everything for us.

God created this world, God created everything around us, and we’re suffering because we’re afraid of what is to come, of what is happening around us and of what has already happened.

In the past, they destroyed God's temples, war was waged against God's children; today, our churches are being emptied, impure things are being shown to us, God's children, and we suffer, we suffer because of our lack of faith.

Did David lack faith? He fought against a giant! Others who were with him were warriors; they didn’t want to fight a giant because they were afraid; they knew they would fail.

Why did they doubt their strength? Why were they afraid of being killed by Goliath? Because they had eaten and they drank of the world’s impurity.

Today, we see someone fighting and we’re afraid to put ourselves in the same situation: “What are they going to say? They’re going to push me away, they’re going to say that I'm one of those enlightened ones!”

What then is the difference between those who were with David and us? There's one: when they saw David triumph over Goliath, they boasted over his victory. Us, we don’t boast over our victory – not yet!

We see the priests going forth and we have trouble following them; we’re afraid to talk about it too much at home.

God is telling us that we must go forward, we must give him this impurity, we must remove our idols from our homes. If we keep our little idols in our homes, they will have an influence over us.

Do you think that David left idols standing where he fought? No, he knocked them down and he worshiped God; he loved God completely. And so, we, we must be Davids.

David was a child of God just as we are children of God. Would God have given more to David than he gave to us, we who are children of God? No, we have what David had.

Whether we’re mothers of a family, whether we’re fathers of a family, teenagers, we’re children of God; we have the breath of God within us – it wasn’t diluted because this is 2007 – the breath of God encompasses all power.

So, even if they try to remove the cross from public places, even if they try to remove the cross from our homes, they will never be able to take away the cross within us, for the cross is our spiritual life.

Oh! They can also take our earthly life, but our spiritual life belongs to God, our eternal life belongs to God. What joy it is to know that they will never be able to shake our faith!

But this faith, it must also be reinforced; this faith must be unshakeable. For it to be unshakeable, we must discover what caused our faith to become so weak. This is why the Holy Spirit gathers us together.

The Holy Spirit is God! He’s the third Person, he's the Power! There's only one God, and it’s that God who gathers us together in these times to feed us, to give us that drink of love, and when we feel love within us, we can taste and we can eat: we can taste the lives of all those who are in God, we can drink the love that is in all God's children – this, this is our nourishment.

We are the breath of God to one another.

When we look at just one of our brothers, then we taste our life; we are life in Jesus and he, Jesus, knows what we need. He comes to bring us what has always been in our life: a true presence, an eternal presence.

If we’re hearing these words, that’s because Jesus is in us; without Jesus, we would be incapable of speaking, of hearing, of seeing, incapable of moving; Jesus is the Word, Jesus is the Father's will.

And so, Jesus is what we are: the Movement, living Matter, the Matter that is loved, the Matter that knows it is loved, pure Matter. We’re in Jesus made Man, we belong to the eternal Matter, which is Jesus.

Jesus was the first one to be presented to the angels; Jesus, Eternal Matter, in all his beauty, was presented to the angels, to the pure spirits, and the pure spirits recognized the Pure Matter. They, who were pure spirits, were before a movement: God's Will.

God need only want something for it to be; and so, God the Father wanted us to see his Son, and by his simple volition, God the Son came forth.

God contains all; he has within him matter, and so, he saw his Son: God the Son wasn’t created, he was engendered; he has before himself what he is. God, The Love, has his love in front of himself, he sees himself, and the Son gives his Father what he is.

When God wanted his Son made Man, it was only necessary for him to want it, and so Jesus came to be, through pure matter, Man-God.

And all that was matter was in Jesus and the universe was created; everything in the universe was created: we, in that moment, we were all in Jesus.

We’re made of matter, we’re made of the pure matter of Jesus; before we came to be in our mother’s womb on earth, we were in Jesus.

You see, God, in the fullness of his volition chose each one of us; even before we were here on earth, we were in Jesus.

We owe everything to Jesus, everything to God the Father, everything to God the Holy Spirit, for we come from God. Even if a single child is born on earth, he was in Jesus beforehand.

Like that tiny little child who is in his mother’s womb, well, your child was in Jesus before he was in you. How can you help loving that child who had been chosen from the beginning to be within you!

And we, we will be with the one who was in Jesus; when he is born, then we’ll be together again.  

How can we be afraid of what is coming? We need not be afraid, everything has already been accomplished.

God knew what we were going to live, but he put his presence within us.

God knew everything; he knew we were going to idolize, but can God prevent himself from loving? He's The Love, he gives his love and he receives his love, he returns his love: this is God.

This is what God is to us – he's the same to us as what he is to himself: God the Father who sees himself in God the Son, God the Son who sees himself in God the Father; God the Father, God the Son who love each other, who see God the Holy Spirit; God who gives and gives again, who receives and who constantly gives that never-ending movement.

God is The Love, God doesn’t need anyone else but himself: one God. God is not three Gods, he's one God.

God is so loving that he sees himself; he sees himself – this is his Son – he's seeing himself.

God, movement of love, perfect movement, never stops letting his love emerge from him; he looks at his love and he takes his love back, and then, his love is before him because he loves what he is: God in all of his All, God who doesn’t need anyone and who is everything.

God loved us so much that he gave us his all; when he says that he gave us his all, it’s as if he multiplied his all.

When we look at one another, we see God's all, and because you look at me, you see God's all. Therefore, you need me just as I need you, because you are God's all and I am God's all. You are in me as I am in you, you have the love of God that I need and I have the love of God that you need: we’re God's love.

We cannot separate ourselves from God's love – we are God's love. If I separate myself from you, I die, I die of love.

Every one of us, we need love from God; if we deprive ourselves of the love of even one person, then we lack nourishment.

You see, we are one in God, we all need one another; this is what it means to be God's all.

But Satan, he doesn’t want us to love one another. Satan does anything he can to separate us; Satan does anything, he's the Divider. He sows dissension in our life; he wants our eternal death; he knows that we can't make love disappear; love will have eternal life or eternal death, but can we cause to disappear what is from God within the all of what he is? That’s impossible.

When Lucifer refused to adore the Son of God made Man, he was the one who separated himself. He needed the Light in order to be an angel of light, but the moment he refused to adore God, the Light separated from him, and because the Light separated from him, all that he was came to rest upon him.

As he was no longer light, and he was darkness, all darkness became Satan himself; and as he was in darkness, he became a fallen angel, but he was a spirit and because he was a spirit, he wasn’t able to disappear: what God created, he creates.

And so, he went far from the light, to where all is nothing but darkness, to where darkness cannot see the light, cannot feel the light because this goes against what he is, and the darkness feeds the darkness.

The darkness is evil and it feeds on evil, and all that is evil divides, all that is evil is constantly destroying.

Imagine eternity spent in destruction? You destroy and destroy continuously.

This is what the fallen angels do amongst themselves; they’re incapable of being as one because only love can be as one. This is why he wants us to separate, he wants to separate us from one another.

And so, for this, it was necessary for him to show us something – this knowledge: is this good or is this evil? You see, I'm always asking myself questions, I stop, I have to think it over.

The moment human beings don’t leave God any room so that God himself can say what is good and what is evil, then we enter, we enter into our human will with what we are: weak beings, beings who have the knowledge of good and evil within them, but with their own ideas.

Because since Adam and Eve, we have allowed thoughts to enter us; this entered us through what we heard; what entered us through our eyes is within us. All this turns us into weak beings and it is with this that we try to figure out: “Is this good or is this evil?” Our flesh is always suffering.

God is saying, “Now, take a moment to rest.”