Gathering of Love With God's Action in Moncton, New Brunswick,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-09-23 – Part 2


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Lord doesn’t take away our discomfort – he gives us the strength to go on.

This is the same thing for each one of us: we hear the Will of God, we read messages from Heaven, and God lets us live in what we are.

It is slowly that God will show us what has entered us and gives us discomfort.

God wants us for himself; he won't take away what we, we have inside us; he’ll show us what is inside us so he can shower us with his mercy.

When we will be in his Father's Kingdom, we will see and feel all the wonders of his mercy; he loves us too much, Jesus of love, to deprive us of these movements.

When we see a young person who is taking drugs, we lack courage; we pray to God, we want him to come back to normal. What we don’t see is the love God has for that child. What we’re unable to perceive is that God is taking care of that child although he's incapable of sensing his presence.

God respects his child all the way to the end, but he enables him to understand that he must make good choices. He will let him go, and he will live his own choices, but God will put people in his life who will help him.

God will always remain by his side, and even if we, we don’t perceive this, it’s happening.

God says, “If my children prayed with abandonment for these little children, with trust in his graces, I would take up more room in the lives of those people who are praying so that graces could abound and flow all the way to that child.”

We have a God who is filled with love and he respects who we are.

He respects the young man, the young girl who use drugs because he knows the sufferings of the people who are around them, and he knows that that young man and young girl are suffering because of those people, because their hearts are as if linked to one another; it’s as if one were supporting the other.

The mother who cries needs her child to understand her, and the child, likewise, needs his mother to understand him, but their choices are not the same, their consequences are not the same, but both carry in their flesh the suffering of everything that led them where they are today.

And so, God wants to show both abandonment; he wants to develop within them their yes to God.

God will always be by their side to sustain them in the darkest moments of their lives.

Despite the cries, despite the fears, they will live with the graces God will grant to them; this will enable them to journey in their lives up to the moment when they will be completely in the yes. If they don’t realize that they are in the yes, this is because they have other sources of suffering in their lives.

We must understand that every one of us has choices to make before our consequences in order to go where God is waiting for us.

God, he has the power to take what is evil and to turn it into what is good: he will open up a spring of love in the most afflicted heart, and the most afflicted will give to the other.

How can we understand this? How does one regard a child who is taking drugs and is thinking of suicide? How does one regard the mother who never stops crying, who never stops despairing, who notices that her child is stealing from her?

God will put hope in the child’s heart because in the blackest moments of his life, he will want to pull through, for he isn't proud of himself.

And well, in those moments, God will act: he will grant him graces of strength, and the mother will receive; and then, because the mother will have received, there will be a moment when she will be able to breathe – she will meet someone who has gone through the same thing, she will meet a professional in these matters who will guide her. God will keep watch, will keep watch to ensure that she is in the light.

Time, it belongs to God; all this will take place according to the level of abandonment of both persons.

We are the Church. When we pray, we pray not only for a certain person, but we pray for all members.

Prayer is a movement that trusts in God; this brings graces to all members, not only to the people taking drugs and to their mothers or fathers, but to all members.

How is it that we, we who are not experiencing this in our lives, who don’t have this situation in our families, have this need to pray for those people? Because a little boy, a little girl, cried out to God, and this came to vibrate within us and it made us pray.

You see, we’re all together, we form one movement of love in Jesus. We must stop despairing, we must stop complaining, we must act through prayer.

The person who is affected by cancer and who cries because of what he has just discovered, doesn’t bring love to himself; he's draining himself of his strength, he's doing the opposite of what he is on the inside. He needs peace, he needs love, he needs to know that God is in his life in order to help him.

A person who has cancer and who gives himself to Jesus is carrying out the Will of the Father; some heal and others don’t heal, but both have that joy of carrying out the Will of the Father.

Fear is not for God's children; it creates a sort of gulf between children: it’s as if we were separated. We look at the gulf, and whoops, we step backwards; we have to cross that gulf but we don’t have what we need to do it.

I look at my neighbour, but what I look at before looking at my neighbour is the void between him and me, which prevents me from asking him for help through prayer so that I can remove that separation.

We need each other, we need to taste his heart in order to form but one heart: the heart of the Church.

If we, we are suffering, well, we need other people who pray with faith; we don’t need people who are, like us, fearful; we must allow God's graces to flow among us.

We are linked to one another just as the child is linked to his mother; the mother who wants to help her child, she does it with her guts, and so we have to do the same thing for our neighbour. Didn’t Jesus say: “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for those one loves”?

This is what happiness is, this is our mission on earth; we have the mission of being together out of love for God.

A person who loves to love himself, to be love, learns that others are also love and that this movement is part of their own life. And so, we’re not afraid to travel the earth, we trust that God is everywhere and that there's hope everywhere.

Now, the Lord, he's saying, “I shall tell you a story. One day, some children left to discover the moon.

Before leaving, they studied; before leaving, they gathered all they needed; they had verified, before leaving, that all was ready for that long trip.

And so, they entered, they entered a space ship; they felt safe for all the green lights were on, and then, in the blink of an eye, they were all gone.

One watched through the window; he saw that everything was black and that it was so huge. Another looked, and he, he saw some lights – he could see that those lights were numerous.

Another took a look and what he saw was a globe; it was all blue, it seemed to shimmer, and at the same time, it seemed to be in the shadows.

The one who was looking through the window and was seeing that everything was black, said, “Oh! Show me.”

The second one said, “Are they brighter than all the stars?” Then, the other one said to him, “My friend, there's only one.”

Then, he said, “And yet, why is there only one globe that is partly light and at the same time is partly shadow? I prefer to look at the stars because they’re all bright and there are many of them.”

The one who was at the window, and who was looking outside where everything was black, said, “Why are we discussing this? I can't see anything, and this is how I keep my peace.”

And so, the other two looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders; then, they said, “What are you going to talk about when you return to earth?” So, the other one said, “I will talk about the immensity, I will talk about abandonment; a being who finds himself in this immensity trusts in the One who created the immensity.

The one who created this depth knows what is in all things because he can reach everything, he can reach what we cannot see, what we cannot understand, because he is the Power; have you noticed this power?” And the other two looked at each other and said, “What power?”

“But the one that holds the stars in place, the one that holds that blue globe up in the air.”

Then, the two others said, “Who told you there's a power?” The other one said, “It is because there is something that has just appeared: a great light.”

The others had not seen anything; they had not seen the great light; the one who had seen the great light said, “That is because you did not look through the right window!” And then, he invited his two friends to look through the window he was looking through.

So, the three looked: they saw a light; the light was coming forward and it was encompassing all that was black, and all that was black was becoming light through that light: the three were fascinated.

No one was thinking about the stars or the blue globe anymore, for they had before them the most beautiful thing of all: the light that permeates everything, the light that seems to swallow everything.

Everything was in an eternal movement because all that was black had no beginning and no end, and the light, it had swallowed, covered and filled all that had no beginning and no end.

And so, that light was the Power.

Those three friends landed on the moon; they understood, they understood that they were very little; they understood that the Power had allowed them to go where they were, because the Power possessed all power over that immensity.

What they discovered was more than what had been planned in their project; they discovered what the Power wanted them to discover; nothing came from them; the Power had turned them into children who had seen and understood.

Little children of love, your life is like this.

You are in a world in which one learns, one wants, and when your will is equal to what you are, you discuss your knowledge amongst yourselves and you place yourselves in states of anxiety, wondering if you are there at the right moment with what you know.

The power of God enables you to know, my children, that all will come when God wills it.

The coming of the Power into your world is up to my Father, the coming of the Power to your interior is up to my Father; every one of you will have to become as little as those who were in that space ship.

My little children, that space ship, is it not your will? Your gazes, are they not of your own choosing? Your words, are they not your sufferings? Abandonment, abandonment is all around you, this is part of your life; you must realize that you are in me, Jesus.

I am the one who is the Almightiness; if you walk upon this earth, it is because I accept that you walk in me; if you breathe this air, it is because I accept that you breathe my love.

You are in Jesus, but you see nothing and you hear nothing; you are too caught up in your own space ship and then, it leads you to always go further.

The time will come when I will stop your will: you will discover your God within you; within you, I will give birth to needs of abandonment, to needs for trust, and all those who will be with you, in you, will know that I am in them for them, because I will have turned you into instruments of love, because I will have made of you my chosen ones who will speak to my chosen ones: I gather together your hearts to speak to all hearts.

I, I am the Light of the world; I am coming to speak in your hearts by the almightiness of God.

You are in God. It is God who is your life, it is not this world. Do not have faith in this external world any longer; it has imprisoned you in a space ship, my children, and this world wants to make you see what it wants you to see, and what you are seeing, you believe to be part of your own knowledge.

This knowledge, my children, is knowledge from this world and is not your knowledge; you are being shown what you must learn.

I, I am coming to speak through my almightiness in order to speak to you about what you are, to teach you to recognize that you are love and that you have the freedom to live for eternity.

Leave up to the Light what you, you cannot understand.

I will enable you to live, my children, on earth and you will recognize that you are very little, loved by God for the greater Glory of God.

Now, my little children of love, rejoice; the graces you have received have helped those who are suffering to understand that they live on earth for God.

If today they do not realize it, one day there will be someone who will say to them: “Look, look at your life; come, I will show you. What I see: is God's beauty – this is for you. Together, together we will walk upon an earth of love.”

In the meantime, my children, begin walking upon my earth of love.

You are in me, I am the one who is your God, I am the one who created this earth; I shall show you how to see through my eyes, I shall show you how to listen to the voice of your God so that all can be in the fullness of its accomplishment.

What has begun, my beloved, is for you, and what will be continued will still be for you and for all those you love.

I am the Light, the one that envelops you in order to show you that you are light to the children who are in darkness.

If you believed in a blue globe that was partly light and that was partly shadow, then believe that you are light and that you live among those who are thirsty for the light, because what they know is but a shadow of their life.

Be a source of nourishment.

Go, go in the peace of God, to where you are: in your interior.

When you walk and you live within yourselves, do you know, my children, that you walk safely upon my earth of love? This enables you to go forward among this world of darkness.

Do not stop, they need light.

I love you. Love me.”


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: What God has given us today is a moment in eternity, and eternity never stops.

These moments will continue, they will multiply. Like us, when we carry out a movement, it doesn’t stop – it bears consequences. And so, you see, this movement of love will bear consequences.

Let’s be completely love for ourselves, for those we love.

And so, let’s give ourselves this moment of rest; some need to go home to eat. Thank you.

Thank you, Lord, thank you, Mary.