Gathering of Love With God's Action in Moncton, New Brunswick,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-09-24 – Part 2


Jesus: Faith is God's work.

What you are, you are so through the Will of my Father; to welcome the very presence of Christ is to welcome you own presence.

Render unto my Father the things that are my Father's; you belong to my Father, so give yourselves, give yourselves without counting.

What you are living at present is the Will of God.

You are all instruments of love; I know every one of you, I know your yes, I know your questions, I know your needs of love for your God.

When you discover that Jesus is present in your life, you discover that I am turning you into children for those who are hungry, for those who are thirsty. When you learn to pray, my children, you are opening your interior to graces. When you agree to be in the presence of instruments, you leave your interior open to graces and what you receive is for all the children of the world.

I am building my world of love; I am bringing you with me; you walk with me on earth. Even though you are sitting, my children, you are walking with me, you are not inactive children.

It is only those who believe they are strong before their own struggles, believing they are alone, who remain in one place. They do not go forward, these children; they believe they are evolving in a world in order to contribute what this world expects – new ideas, new words, new ways of behaving – and that responds to this world’s expectations. All this is false; they are not going forward, they are remaining in the same place: they are paralyzing their lives.

God's thought is eternal; it is a movement of love that brings nourishment.

The children of this world who claim to be able to nourish children with words that do not bear my Father's grace, are not giving nourishment, they are poisoning the lives of those who need nourishment.

I come to speak in hearts; I come to bring comfort. To all those who have had faith in my Word: my Word is living, my Word is active.

I am the Will of my Father and all those who believe in me live in eternal life. Did I not say that all those who would believe in the Son, would live for eternity?

I came on earth and I presented myself as the Son of God; I spoke to them of my Father; I spoke to them of the Son of God. All those who followed me wanted to hear the Word, the Word that brought healing, the Word that liberated them: they listened and they hoped.

When I was in the hands of those who no longer wanted to hear the Word speak, I accepted my Father's Will; they put me on the cross, they imposed their will on me.

They wanted to silence the Word: by inserting those nails, my children, they believed they could interrupt the Word, but my Father's Will enabled a Blood of love to flow from my hands and to spread over them; my Blood brought the Word to all those who were meant to be in the Word.

Through my Precious Blood, my apostles were able to speak; they held out their hands, they welcomed the power of the Holy Spirit, they healed, they liberated, they understood that the Word was in them, that they had been chosen to heal and to liberate God's children from the tyranny of men who wanted to separate God's children.

All those who listened to evil wanted to separate, they themselves wanted to be the only word; what they had come to know was pride. The men of today must recognize that they are under the power of my Word.

All priests who believe in me, who want to be only in me, who give up their human will, have everything they need to heal and liberate. They are no longer themselves; they are the Christ-Priest, they are the nourishment that God's children need; they give to drink to all those who thirst for the truth.

Today, my children, you need this: just like the children who followed the apostles, they were no longer seeing the man, they were seeing the very presence of Christ among them. They allowed themselves to be comforted, they allowed themselves to be enveloped by the Light.

Today, this is still present. The priest is me and when I speak, I always speak on behalf of my Father: the child must learn to recognize that God the Father is waiting for him.

You belong to my Father; my Father gave you to me and I taught my apostles to turn themselves into children who welcome children: their arms are open, they welcome my Father's children; their hands are the hands of Christ, from their hands flows the Blood of Christ.

That Blood is powerful; it is the Blood of God made Man for you; all that I am, I give it to you: come to eat and drink from the very source of my love.

When the priest holds out his hand and he presents it to you, he is presenting my Blood to you; the child of God who is very little can feel the presence of my Blood upon him.

Children of love, have faith in my Blood, have faith that my priest is me, that he possesses all power.

Oh! Children of little faith, believe in my Word; my Word is living, my Word is truth – can I then contradict myself? The Word has been uttered and the Word will be eternal.

This world has deceived you, my children; do not believe in this world any longer; what they are trying to do to you is to turn you into children who believe only in this world; this world cannot heal you, this world cannot liberate you.

My Blood, my Blood flows over you; it envelops you and it takes you in order to purify every impurity in your flesh; I have taught you, my children, to come to me, to come draw from the very source of my Heart.

My Heart has welcomed you and my Heart has returned the beauty of your soul to you. Every sacrament, my children, is a source that shows you the beauty of your soul. You need this to understand these words, you need this in order to be attentive to what you are on the inside, my children.

I love you, I want to nourish you with my love; it flows from my Heart to go towards you; come and dive into me, the sacraments are for you – it is so important to understand this.

My children, you run around everywhere to obtain solace! When you have pain in your limbs, it is your soul, my children, that is making you realize you need solace, but the first place you must turn to is the place God has prepared for you: close to the Son.

When you come close to me, I welcome you, I speak to you of my mercy, I speak to you about yourselves, I warn you of Satan's traps, I remind you that you must always behave well before my Father; I tell you all this through my priest.

You are hearing my Word at this very moment, and you are listening to all this by the power of the Holy Spirit; these words go straight to your heart because you know that what you are hearing is not from the human being; these words can only be repeated if God wills it.

No child, through is suffering, can heal another child; no child in his human will can understand another child in his own human will, for the child who is in his human will is suffering, and the child who hears another child, who is also in his human will, perceives his human will and so he rejects what he hears because he recognizes his own suffering in the child who is speaking.

If I speak through a child of suffering, it is to enable you to understand, my children, that you have reached the point of no longer believing in my priests; you are confused, my children, you are confused! You are no longer able to see my presence.

What you are seeing is yourselves; you see yourselves in the suffering of the child who is speaking because you are not within yourselves, you are listening with your exterior. Only the child who is in the very presence of Jesus can perceive my presence.

When you are in a state of grace, when you turn to my sacraments, your soul receives graces, and your soul helps you to remain within yourselves so that you may benefit from what my priest is giving you.

I am the one who gives you what you need, I am the one who heals you, I am the one who liberates you; so few believe in this, so few turn to my priests to obtain healing of their flesh.

Children of love, you must become, once again, the child worthy of my Father.

How many children listened to my apostles? How many children followed my disciples and were healed? Their souls welcomed graces and their flesh healed.

Today, my children, why are you so afflicted with illness? Because you lack faith in me, the Christ-Priest; my children, I come to bring light to your life.

You pray, my children, but you pray with your sufferings: go, go to my priests, who have faith in what they are, and you will obtain healing and liberation.

I come to bring this world movements of love; I come to bring to your world, to your times, my children, movements that will enable you to understand that you are the ones my Father has chosen to live in my world of love.

Go forth all together by taking with you all those who do not believe in me, who do not believe in my priests, in my priests who give themselves to serve.

I came to serve and my priests are there to serve you; all those who are in God's service are in the service of God's all.

Eat, my children, and drink, for the time to reap is here, it is harvest time.

Rejoice! This is the time of love when you will all dance and sing for God because you will be healed and liberated.

My children, you are the first, but you will not be the last; believe in this announcement, it is truth and it is free, my children! I love you.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: What we’re living is a time of love; we’re surrounded by graces. At this very moment, we’re in the grace of God, we have with us what God wants for us.

God wants to bless us, God wants to bring us light.

He wants us to acknowledge that we are all in the light of God so we can go forward; he wants us to give up what we, we have believed in: our human will.

We have believed in our human will, and now, we must leave all this to God and believe only in his Divine Will.

God wants to bring about a movement of love. He did so yesterday: he blessed us – rather he blessed our flesh – he placed a cross on our forehead, a cross that reminds us that our human will must be obedient to God's Will.

This is why God wants to renew this movement of love for those who received it yesterday, and he wants to give it, for the first time, to those who didn’t receive it.

God explained to us that the children of God must receive the sign of God's children to show God's all that he belongs only to God: we belong to God, we don’t belong to this world.

This world wants to mark us with its mark, saying: “You belong to us and we have the right to instruct you as we see fit,” up to the point of making us believe they can heal us with everything that isn't from God.

This is false; we must refuse this mark; if we accept this way of thinking, we’re accepting the mark of Satan. This means that if we agree to allow falsehoods to enter us, then we’re receiving the mark of Satan.

All those who believe in anything that comes from energy outside God, all those who believe in what goes against God – like believing in stones, believing in metals that can heal through power other than God's power – those who continue to love material possessions more than themselves, these people, these people are being marked by the sign of the Beast.

Satan is very subtle; he won't come knocking on our door to say, “Hey, do you want to be marked by my sign?” He does it deceitfully and his mark, believe me, is all around us.

But when we allow ourselves to be marked by the priest, we’re allowing Jesus to mark us. We believe in his Word, we believe in his Presence, and so, he, he knows what to do with our flesh, he knows how to take care of it, he knows the moment when it will be necessary to remove all illness. If he did so in a single moment, did you know that, among our children, some would lack graces?

We must accept the cross so that our children can receive the cross; we’re talking about the cross of love, the healing cross, the liberating cross, the cross that enables us to go forward towards the Kingdom of God the Father – that’s the one we want; a cross without Jesus is a heavy cross.

When we have the cross in Jesus, through Jesus, with Jesus, it’s light because he's the one carrying it; but we, when we accept all this, we’re accepting to carry the crosses of our children, of our grandchildren, of our brothers and of our sisters.

When all this takes place in Jesus, with Jesus, for the greater glory of God the Father, it becomes a source of joy to us and peace permeates us.

And so, all this is for our times.

He, Jesus, he doesn’t come to mark us deceitfully – he comes and asks for our permission: “Would you allow me to approach you, to place my sign of love on your forehead? I want you all to recognize that you are loved by me.”

Jesus wants us to look at one another and say, “Ah! You’re loved by Jesus just as I am loved by Jesus! So, this forms a unit: we are God's All.”

And so, tonight, we have a gift from Heaven: we have with us the Christ-Priest, we have with us the very presence of our Jesus, who wants to place that sign of love on our foreheads.

Those who have received it like to receive it again for all those we carry within us. Those who haven't received it will be able to receive it, and those who want to receive it for those they carry within them, will be able to receive it again.

We are thirsty and we are hungry; so, if we’re thirsty and hungry, it’s time to eat and drink of the graces of God.

Now, we will take this time of love willed by Heaven.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: We have received much; God will never stop giving us so much.

Sometimes, when the two movements: from the Holy Spirit and the movement of Jesus’ action come to an end, we take the time for questions and answers.

People ask a question that isn't of a personal nature, such as, “Am I going to be healed of my stomach ulcer?” We leave this up to God the Father.

But there are those who ask questions about things they didn’t understand and the Holy Spirit will answer, or Jesus, I don’t know which. And now, we can take a few minutes to do this.

And if you ask a question, we’ll have to repeat it in order to tape it.

Yes, Father?


Q.  I find it interesting that God reveals his love to us so generously, and at the same time, we have much difficulty accepting it; maybe because we’re afraid to ask him for more!


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: We have a lot of difficulty accepting God's graces.

God speaks to us a lot, gives us many graces, light, but at the same time, we take a step backwards.

God gives us a lot and we welcome this in our heart, but, in our heart, we don’t know what to do with this; we’re afraid that he will ask us for too much.


The Holy Spirit: The Spirit of God is in each one of God's children.

When God asks, God gives graces; God prepares the child to open his heart and to welcome graces, and God prepares the child to live the graces. What the child receives, he receives it through the Will of God along with everything he received from birth; what he was not able to benefit from, he, God, has kept it.

It is like a good refrigerator: God opens the door and he puts food inside it and this goes on from year to year. And when the person is hungry, he opens the refrigerator, he eats the food and the food gives him what he needs to be healthy; and as he is healthy, he can run a marathon with no pain in his knees, having faith that he will gain well-being.

He did not even ask himself whether he had eaten enough: he runs his marathon, for the more he runs, the more food there is inside him to nourish him.

This comes from the sugar produced by his muscles. So, am I not capable of doing as much with my graces? All this has been within you for so long! What scares you, my children, is what you do not know.

I also give you graces of faith so that you can be completely abandoned in my hands, and the more you go forward in this abandonment, the more you discover that God is present and that he is the one who takes what is the most painful.

Do not be afraid; my grace is eternal, you will not be without it, my children!


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, Lord.


Q.  Yesterday, you talked about a space ship… there was cloud… I didn’t understand everything the Lord told us yesterday in his story.


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yesterday, the Lord told us a story.

Three men left to conquer the moon; the space ship they were in left the earth.

The space ship represents our human will, the space ship imprisons the human being.

The human being needs to feel free; when he's imprisoned by his human will, he sees but he doesn’t understand.

The one who was watching from the window and who was seeing what the universe held, was watching and was fascinated by that universe; it was as if he had understood abandonment.

The other two who were talking, who were looking… there was one was looking at the stars: he was contemplating what had already been created. The other one, who was looking at the blue globe and who saw light and shadows, was looking at the earth: he was becoming attached to what he was, he was becoming more attached to matter than to God's child.

The one who was looking at the universe was learning to abandon himself; he was, nevertheless, in the space ship, which was taking him wherever it wanted to take him; (throughout) his entire trip, he had to have faith no matter where he was.

The other two, who were always asking themselves questions, believed they possessed their own knowledge, saying to each other: “Well, look, I like the stars much more.” Therefore, they were making conversation with what they themselves were seeing – this was external to them. The other one, who saw that huge darkness, he was seized by his interior, and as he was abandoned to what he was seeing, then the Holy Spirit permeated him: this, this is our life.

When we look and we don’t understand what we’re seeing but we give this to God, the Holy Spirit enables us to understand what is in front of us.

And yet, what was he seeing? He was seeing darkness, he wasn’t seeing anything but he was so abandoned that he understood without seeing; consequently, he was amazed.

Then, the Holy Spirit showed him what the Holy Spirit wanted him to see, always with the aim of transforming him in order to be the child of God that he was. This is why he saw the light.

The light revealed itself to him, and then he understood that he himself was light; he couldn’t see the light at first because he didn’t know he was light; when he abandoned himself, the light presented itself, and then, he recognized that he was from the Light.

Afterwards, he was ready; it was as if he evangelized the other two, but not with his words but rather with the light, and the others understood, they stopped asking themselves questions.

They too saw the light and when they landed on the moon, then they knew that it wasn’t through their will but that it was the Divine Will who had led them there.

This is what God spoke about yesterday. It’s the Divine Will who will lead us to discover who we are; it isn't human will, our knowledge or our learning that lead us to discover what we can't see – by using these, we will always be blind and vain.

God loves us and God himself comes to speak to us so we can be light, a little light in his Light; always the all within the All.

Thank you, Holy Spirit.


Q.  Jesus or the Holy Spirit spoke about children – that we shouldn’t worry about our children, but I'm a little afraid.


A.  Jesus: What God has placed in every one of God's children, he placed in all children.

What you are seeing is the Will of God, what you are hearing is the Will of God.

Every one of you sees children of God and you are all called to be instruments on their behalf.

When you pray for your children, you are opening up a movement of love within yourselves to welcome God's graces, so you can be completely abandoned, so you can be light, very little in God's hands.

Children of love, did you hear the story of the space ship and the three children? The one, who abandoned himself so as to be light, was able to make the other two understand that they themselves were light.

All this was done through the power of the Holy Spirit; it was necessary for the one who was looking to abandon himself and to leave all the room to God.

And so, I am asking every one of you who has children, who loves God's children, all those who want to serve God's children, to be abandonment, to be in God's hands so that God can turn you into instruments of love, into beings of peace, of joy, so that those you love can see God's action.

I am beginning with you, my children; I want to teach you to be abandonment, to live in God's peace.

They need to see, they need to understand that God is present, that God is not a myth: God is life, their life.

You who bring children into this world – they know they emerged from your womb, they know you received the seed of life, which produced what they are, but they need to see that you believe in God, that you accept God's graces, they need to feel the truth close to them.

Be truth; you yourselves, be movement of God's love for them; let me turn you into beings of love, into beings of peace; they need to believe in something real.

Because of everything they have heard, because of everything they have seen, they have lost, they have lost the truth that was in front of them, for all they see around them is nothing but lies, nothing but complaining, crying.

They need the truth so they can dive into it; they need joy so they can believe that they can live in joy. And so, I am beginning with you so they can see and believe.

Be my artisans of love and of peace with my graces; I will show you slowly to accept everything from me.

I am the Light of the world, and so, be in my light in order to be light to them.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, Lord.

So, we’ll thank the Lord and we will ask the priest to bless us in order to be able to give thanks to God for what we have just heard and seen; we can't do this without the priest’s graces.