Gathering of Love with God’s Action in Montreal (Quebec)

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus




Jesus : God wants to show you his involvement with each one of you; through this child of love, I will speak to you about yourselves.

All is within you. My children; come to the place where I am : inside yourselves, in the depths of your being, there is the presence of the Trinity.

I am Jesus of Love, I am in my Father, I am in the Holy Spirit : we are in you.

Each one of you is in the presence of the Trinity : you are in the Life.

You believe, my children, that every day your life belongs to you : it is God’s, it is ours.

God the Father placed his breath of life within Adam, and that breath of life is the source of your life :

this life is within you.

This world, my children, has forgotten that it is alive.

If you function without knowing your place, you cannot know who you are among your brothers and your sisters :

you wander about without knowing where you truly are.

The life within you is there, present, you are here present at this very moment in which you are hearing me : this is where your life is.

If, my children, you function lost in thoughts concerning yourselves : concerning what you must do, what you must accomplish, and if you, my children, are not inside yourselves, in my presence : you live like children apart from your lives.

You cannot function with my graces, you do so according to your own human will,

and all you reap is what you, you have done on your own.

My loves, I am announcing a time, a time of preparation for when you will journey inwardly.

You will soon go within yourselves, in the presence of God.

This time is a time of grace for you :

it teaches you how to discover, to find yourselves so that the moment when you will be present inside yourselves might be a loving moment, a moment of intimacy with your God.

God is present inside you, he creates wonders but you, my children, throughout your day, your thoughts are turned towards what is external.

You see with your eyes all that is around you; you hear with your ears the conversations taking place on the outside; you communicate with your brothers and your sisters

but what emerges from you, my children, are banal words, without any true depth.


My loves, I will, I, almighty God, show you that inside you :

there is gentleness, there is love that wants to be discovered so that you might see with my eyes, hear with my ears, not with yours;

I want to give you my Life : he one that is inside you.

Yes, I want to take your life and make it mine : to make you discover the true value of your life.

Despite this incredulous world, you, my children, I want to make of you witnesses of my presence within you, of your presence within you : in this way, you will be able to share my love with your brothers and your sisters.


I gave myself for each one of you by carrying all your sins unto death so that you might all be purified.

My Precious Blood flowed over you, it purified you of your sins.

It is up to you to acknowledge that you are children who want to be purified.

You alone have the freedom to say yes to my loving gesture;

I can force no one among you to become children of love for you and your neighbour by being alive.

Yes, I am the Life : whosoever enters into me, whosoever gives up his life,  in me obtains life.


If you live according to what is external to you, you live with the superficial, not with what is inside you.

There is love inside you : this is what wants to emerge from you.

You must allow God to transform you through his graces of love,

they are inside you, these graces : they have been placed there by me.

I am the Source of Living Water : whoever comes to drink of my Water no longer needs to go outside himself in search of water that is not the essence of  purity.

Whoever needs nourishment : must go within himself to come and take my Body.

My children, I am the Eucharist.

When you come to present yourselves at the holy table : as you did, my children, a short time ago, when you came to receive my Body, my Body which placed itself within you,

it is necessary to go within in order to come and obtain that Nourishment : my Life.

When you close your eyes, when you abandon yourselves, I, The Love, I take you :

it is I who give you my Nourishment.

I nourish you with my Life so that you may have, you, this Nourishment which will nourish your inner life;

you will discover to which extent you are love, to which extent you are love on behalf of your brothers and your sisters.


This time is a time of grace, it is a time of discovery of your inner life.

It will be impossible for the one who has tasted this loving moment to see his life without seeing it through my eyes, to hear without my sounds of love;

you will look at your brothers and your sisters and you will love them,

because inside you will be this Nourishment which will nourish you from the inside,

deep within you are my graces :

these graces are a source of light for you.

They show you your brothers and your sisters as they are,

not as you, you see them with your external eyes,

but with my own eyes, with the eyes of The Love.

You will discover their weaknesses;

you will discover that they are in a state of nonacceptance before their love that is within them;

you will no longer learn to judge them;

you will learn to love them as they are,

for you will know, you, that there is life inside them and that life must be nourished with life in God.


My loves, I am making you discover the splendour of your inner life.

The power of your inner life : it is inside you this power.

Whoever goes within to draw from his interior, goes to draw graces that will help him function in this cold, loveless world. There will be a strength inside you that will make you go forward,

despite that indifference you will encounter each day, despite that lack of love,

for, inside you, you will be nourished by your interior;

you will have no need to search externally for fulfilment,

for you will know that it is inside yourselves that you will draw what you need to function in this world that is not yet love.

My children, you are in the process of allowing yourselves to be transformed by my graces

in order to become children of the Divine Will.

You will learn through me, and not through yourselves, how to live your life in God.

It is I and only I who will transform you into children of the Divine Will  :

through your yes, your sincere yes, your yes that is given with abandonment.

Everything inside you will allow itself to be transformed.

It is not on the outside that this will begin :

it is in the depths of your being, with my graces;

now, at this very moment, inside you, this transformation is happening.

When you say yes, God acts on your behalf;

he makes you understand that you must abandon yourselves in him :

he is The Love and not you.

You will become love through The Love;

your actions will be accomplished in a movement of love :

this will be the movement of the Word.

The Word is the Father’s action, he is the one who created everything.

My children, all your eyes see did not come from men, but from God’s love.

If man has wanted to take over what belongs to God,

soon he will know that all he has done : was nourished by God’s love,

and everything within him that was once pride, lasciviousness, coldness towards God’s love,

through my graces he will discover himself as he truly is,

and I, The Love, I will cover him to show him that I gave him love to clothe himself, to shelter himself, to feed himself, and not only to him,

but to his brothers and his sisters.

Everything is a movement of love.

It is man, my children, who has given birth to the egoism of wanting to appropriate what I have given him.

All that has been done was done with what we gave him,

and you, my children of love, who learn through your God that all your brothers and your sisters have accomplished comes from me, you see, you will no longer be able to judge them as selfish  beings,

for you will know that what they have done comes from me.

You will learn to say :

“Thank you, Lord, for all you have given him because this comes from you,

and I, I have benefited from your love because today I ate, I have clothing to wea,

and I know that tonight I will sleep in a home which was built by your love.”

A new world is opening up inside you.

This discovery comes from your interior : it comes from God, from God’s love.

My children, it is slowly that you will advance towards my New Earth;

it is according to your pace that you will allow yourselves to be transformed by my graces of love,

for I know each one of you : I am aware of your speed!

There are some of you, here, who would like me to act quickly;

they are eager to be transformed by my graces into children of the Divine Will.

These children of love are in such a hurry that they rush ahead of me : they want to create goodness around them;

and so, they use their own means while saying to Jesus :

“Listen, Jesus, you promise us nice things. We want to taste those things, but you are not quick enough.

Fulfill me, enter into me, transform me.”

These children of love forget their weaknesses, they forget that there are shortcomings within them;

if I, my children, were to transform them at the speed of lightening, their purification would make them suffer so much : they would be incapable of withstanding the pain

You see, it is for this reason that I will transform you according to the pace of your interior and not at the pace of your exterior,

for you live according to your world and you reason according to your world.

I am the Gentleness, the Patience.

Look, it has been more than 2000 years that I have been nailed to this Cross :

every day, people blaspheme me, people strike me, they say that I am a God who does not know his time.

My children of love, I know each one of you, I know all those who are in you.

Yes, my time is a time of love, it is a time of graces for you.

I want to have you with me, inside you, in gentleness, in tenderness.

I am The Love, I know your needs, I want from each of you a yes of abandonment, a yes void of your human will.

Place it within yourselves, say : “Jesus of love, I place my yes within you,”

and do not worry any longer now that you have pronounced your yes;

live your life in the present moment knowing that I will take care of you.

Have I not taken care of you since your birth into this world, since the birth of your parents, since the birth of your grandparents?

        Have I not taken care of you since humanity has been on earth?

        Every day, I have warmed you with my sunshine,

        I have brightened your nights with my moon,

        I have guided you with my stars,

        I created seasons to nourish you,

        for my nature needs me and she knows it;

        it is necessary for you to learn that not a single instant have I not fulfilled you with my love.

It is living, my love, it is around you and you, you are love, you are the love inside you.

Let what is inside you emerge : love.

You are all called here to become children of the Divine Will, children of the Light.

You must allow God, through your consent, to transform you, as I desire it.

Look at this child, she has pronounced her yes in a yes of abandonment;

she did not know this when she cried out to my Father, asking him :                   

“Father, send your Son, come, we cannot suffer anymore, we are in so much pain; look at each one of us, we no longer know how to behave amongst ourselves.”

My children of love, this child pronounced a yes without analyzing it, without knowing what this would do to her life.

It was in complete abandonment that she uttered this yes, and we, we transformed her.

She allowed herself to be transformed without making use of her human will.

Every day, I poured into this instrument of love graces of love, of abandonment, of light.

Her need to pray, to give of herself made of her a child of abandonment.

She was like a tiny baby who lets himself be picked up without asking for anything : she acted without understanding.

Every day, she offered her days out of love to Triune God.

These graces made her understand that she was in the presence of her guardian angel,

and this did not come from her, but from us;

our graces made her understand the need to pray for her brothers and her sisters of the entire world and this did not come from her, but from us;

she allowed herself to be transformed without knowing we were preparing her;

it was with abandonment that she was offering herself every day.

I placed upon her path children who made her discover God’s action,

and she, she discovered how good it was to see God with God’s eyes;

her hands became hands of love, for she gave up doing her work of her own accord;

she gave them to Jesus without really understanding her gesture.

All she knew was that inside her there was something that was pushing her to say : “Jesus, do everything, take everything”, and her life was allowing itself to be transformed,

for she lived inside herself : she had discovered her interior through my graces.

We enveloped her with our movement of love :

she became a child of the Divine Will,

not of her own accord, through the Trinity, through the movement of the Divinity.

And you, my children, you who are here, you are all called to live in the Divine Will :

to place your human will in my Life, in me, Jesus, who died on the Cross to carry all your shortcomings unto death so that you may be resurrected.

Behold your life, behold your interior! This movement is love.

When I came among you, through Mary’s yes, I was accomplishing my Father’s Will of love :

to take you within myself so that you might become once again God’s children, children of love.

You emerged from The Love and it is towards The Love that you must go,

and it is I who will take you there, not you, not this instrument, but me, inside her.

You, you will be in me and it is I who will guide you to the Promised Land.

My Father announced to Abraham : “From you shall issue descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky.”

My children of love, shine during these times of darkness, be children of light, carry all your brothers and your sisters within you.

Through your yes to The Love, I pour into them graces of love and abandonment so that they may recognize themselves, they as well, as children of the Divine Will.

Oh! my children of love, I am not repeating myself.

Each time you hear God telling you : “I love you, I want you within me” :

it is a transformation that is happening inside you, it is a movement of love.

You are no longer what you were a second ago,

you are in motion, you are the life in my Life : you are alive.

Not believing in my words is to not believe that you are alive, because life : it is to be alive;

it is not to remain in one place asking yourselves questions whether this is true or not : it is to abandon oneself in Jesus.

Life, it is I, the movement of The Love.

My Mother speaks to you, she is preparing you to see her Son in glory within yourselves, she pours graces of light into you.

You will shine, my children, for your brothers and your sisters who do not go within themselves to discover love.

Be attentive to your interior, there where the Trinity is, there where my Mother is, she stays close to us, inside you;

be beings of love, of abandonment.

Everything must be abandonment in the Divine Will : this is willed by us on your behalf, out of love for each one of you.

I am the Life, you, you are the life in the Life : it is my Father’s breath that is inside you.

Be children of love for yourselves and for those you carry within you.

That day is coming! Allow yourselves to be transformed by me, by the very Love of the Father.

Children of love, God pours graces into you. Through the consecrated hands of his priests, he wants to shower graces upon each one of you. Amen.

Note : Three priests are present; they respond to Jesus’ request by blessing the audience.