Launch of Volume 1

Gathering of Love With God’s Action in Montreal, Quebec,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus




Jesus : My children of love, I am speaking to each one of you. I am The Love who lives in you. I am the Power of your being. I give myself to each one of you so that you might become me, so that you might become children of God.

I want, my children, to speak to you, within each of you in particular. To your God, you are children who are unique. You were conceived out of love for The Love in order to be united to The Love : a unit of love. Love, my children, is to give oneself; love is all in all things. When each one of you learns to know who he is, what he can offer, his whole interior becomes joyful.

There is joy in those who give themselves, in those who offer themselves.

If you keep for yourselves that which is most important to give, you are not happy.

To keep a treasure for oneself is to not consent to showing others the most beautiful part of oneself.

To give one’s neighbour a look, a smile, a word of comfort, a service, is to show one’s treasure : to not judge one’s neighbour, to not show that he is not as you, you would like him to be.

To not consent to loving him with his faults, my children,

is to not develop that treasure within yourselves.

To live on earth while not loving one’s neighbour, this, it is not to be wished upon anyone.

And yet, how many among you are in this state?

Your conversations, my children, for the most part, are words into which you introduce your neighbour.

You are children who have difficulty remaining silent before another who has just spoken against one of your brothers or one of your sisters.

Oh! at first, you want to restrain yourselves, for you are aware that what he is saying is not always nice, and without realizing it, you begin to take part in his game,

and you both do yourselves harm.

It is not to the person of whom you are speaking that you cause harm :  it is to yourselves

for, inside you, you carry that person,

he is inside you : and so, it is against yourselves that you are speaking.

Oh! my children of love, know how to love yourselves,

know how to recognize that you are God’s children.

I, who live in each of you, I am The Love, I am the Father, I am the Son, I am the Holy Spirit.

The Love lives in you, I am your substance, and The Love contains all of you, for you are all a part of my Being.

I gave my breath of love to each one of you, it gives you life; it is inside you.

My children, these times are so important! You must become aware that each gesture you make, each word you say, is a movement of love for yourselves which increases your inner treasure, for, my children, when I will be before you, I will ask you to show me your treasure, and all those who will not have accumulated movements of love will not be able to show me a treasure.

You will have to justify yourselves regarding your gesture and it is you yourselves, my children, who will justify yourselves, and not I!

I, I will place love within you :  my love,

and it is with my love, my children, that you will justify yourselves.

And this is why I am here, in this instrument of love, to warn you to prepare for my holy coming within yourselves : me, The Love, you will see me.

My children, you have so little time left!

Love yourselves, love your neighbour, do good things around you.

Mary, your Mother, travels the entire earth asking you to love one another;

she is asking for your prayers.

Prayers, my children, are a gift of the self, they are a conversation with The Love.

When you pray and you ask her “Mother, pray for us poor sinners,” this prayer, my children, is a prayer for yourselves, for your brothers, for your sisters;

you are asking her for graces that help you become children of love.

Mary, your gentle Mother, knows your hearts, she knows each one of you,

she pours graces of abandonment into each of you, graces of love, so that you might be in my Will, so that you might become children of love.

To live as children of God is to live in me, it is to do everything in me;

it is to take a gesture and to offer it to me, and for you, that gesture becomes a loving gesture that bears fruits.


My children, I am not asking you to go convert children who categorically refuse to listen to you.

I know your world and I know that those children are not ready to listen to you : they would reject you.

What I am asking you, my children :

        is to pray for them,

        to offer me that gesture,

that loving gesture so that they as well may learn to love themselves, learn to love their neighbour,

for when I will present myself within them, they as well, my children, will judge themselves, will judge themselves with my love,

and if they have received nothing, they will fall into horrible pain,

and those children who have not received a loving strength, a strength of abandonment, will emerge from this purification having refused love, for they will not have received the graces of knowing that they are loved by God.


You see, my children, go to a supermarket, go to the shelves to take an appealing, very pretty object; you may look at it all you like but if you do not know what it is for, you will put it back on the shelf and turn away. That object, my children, could have filled those days of boredom when it is raining outside, but he saw nothing, did not know anything about the usefulness of that object : and so, he turns away.

And so,  my children, you may try with all your might to show what love is to someone, but if this person does not know that he is love inside himself, that the life inside of him is eternal : he cannot make his decision, for he does not know how to love; he has known nothing but materialism, nothing but earthly pleasures; he does not know how to give himself, he does not know how to offer himself : no one has shown him how.

You, my children, who learn how to give yourselves, who learn how to offer yourselves, it is through my graces that you learn this, it is not of your own accord!

Love comes from me, The Love is me.

You could not, my children, be here tonight, if I, your God, had not given you my Life, my love.

I shower you with my bounty :

        It is I, the Spirit of love, who ensures that you are children who know how to appreciate what is good, what is just.

        It is I, the Spirit of love, who places within you the desire to go to your neighbour, to give yourselves a sense of well-being.

        Without me, my children, you would be nothing more than beings who are ignorant of who they are.

Through my graces, I fulfill you, I cover you in order to allow you to discover yourselves, at your pace, while respecting who you are, without forcing you, my children.

I love you too much, I do not want to upset you, for, you see, when we take someone and we force him to follow an unfamiliar path, there is a risk that he will find this too difficult along the way, for your path, my children, is filled with obstacles, with traps.

You live in a world in which everything is centred on the external self.

You see, I who know each of you, if you have the need to rest :

        be it because you have experienced an event that prevents you from going forward,

        be it because of your work,

        be it because someone has given you bad news,

        be it because of an illness,

        be it because of a death,

        I, I cover you with my love; I place graces within you to give you the strength to understand that this event is not against you.

It is an obstacle in your life because you, my children, you are in a world that has refused to live in the Divine Will.

You live solely of your human will, which is weak.

The human will, my children, has a tendency to want to listen to my enemy, who incites you to judge yourselves.

When a child does not accept the obstacles he encounters, it is because he does not know that he is in the power of my love;

and so, he relies only on his own strengths and his strengths, my children, cannot weather these obstacles. He becomes embittered, tired, exhausted; he wants this to stop;

and so, he looks for any means to find a sense of well-being that is no longer within him : on his own, he cannot do this,

it is I who am with him. I, the Spirit of love : I pour my loving strength into him;

I give him my power so that he might start over, so that he might know that I love him;

and so, that child returns to his path and continues on his way.

You see, my children, I have been with you since your birth.

I am with you on earth to show you that you are God’s children : that you are The Love’s chosen ones.

You must, my children, let yourselves discover that you are God’s children, : children of my Being.

Everything within you is love. You have within you, my children, us, the Power.

Come and draw that strength from inside yourselves.

My children of love, I do not have a magic recipe to give you, you need only simply say : “O God of love, you are in me, I know that you are there. I give you everything about myself. I give you my life, all I have. I want to abandon myself. Do as you wish, for you love me and I have faith in you.”


Behold, my children, this is what you must do and this, my children, is not only once a week :

every time doubts regarding what you are present themselves to you, doubts regarding your neighbour, and you see that this is bothering you, go within, enter within yourselves, that’s where I am!

You have this power inside of you, do not remain on your path without coming to draw upon these strengths.

I fulfill you with my love.

Ah! my children, this time is so important for you and for those you carry inside of you!

This time of love is for you.

You must realize that around you there is so much misery, hatred, violence!

Violence, my children, reigns;

it is not present only when there is war;

it is not only, my children, present in gestures that take away life or harm the body.

Violence, my children, is when we prevent the Life from nourishing us.

When you prevent love from pouring into you, you prevent your soul, my children, from being nourished.

This nourishment feeds your interior so that you might be love.

And if you are not love, my children, you have a tendency to commit gestures of violence against yourselves by refusing love to yourselves! Yes, my children, when you emit a single judgement against your neighbour :

you have just refused yourselves love

and, this gesture is against you.

I have told you that the greatest commandment is “to love God with all your soul, with all your heart, with all your strength, with all your mind,” and I have told you, my children “love your neighbour, as I have loved you.”

My children, I am you!

I carry you, my children,

you are in me and I, I am in you;

you cannot separate me from you.

I, your God, I gave myself to you out of love, in love, and it is this love that is asking you tonight to become aware that you are present inside yourselves along with all your brothers and your sisters,

and that each time, my children, that you perform a gesture against your neighbour, it is against yourselves that you perform it; you are therefore, committing an act of violence against yourselves.

I am completely love, my children, I speak to you because I want you with me for eternity.

I want you to be happy in an endless happiness.

Love The Love,

be good to yourselves;

in turn, your neighbour will receive the love that will emerge from you to go towards him,

and when I will present myself to him, since he has received graces from you, it is with those graces that he will look at me and that I, I will look at him,

and I will ask him “Do you love me, you who are love?”

and he, my children, who will see himself in his love that you, you gave him through your consent, he will not be able to refuse love to The Love.

You see, my children, love calls out to love, it cannot refuse itself love it is what you are made of.

I am the Omnipotence of your being and I leave a message within each one of you for those you carry : “You, you who live in the being of my children, you in particular, who do not know you are love, I am coming soon to ask you if you love me. Through these beings who abandon themselves, I will place graces within you so that you might know that you, you are love.”

Each child, here, tonight, carries this message, and when I will present myself to that child who does not know he is love, this message will form within him, it will be accompanied by your gift of love : your yes to The Love.

I, The Love, I love you. I, The Love, I want you, I thirst for my children, I do not want to lose a single one.

You, my sons of love, you, my holy sons, you have distributed The Love among my children; you have given me to each one of them so that their being might receive my Being. I am asking you, my holy sons of love, to make a gift of yourselves, to be beings of light who brighten this time of darkness. Be vigilant, for the Master of darkness wants to prevent my children from receiving me. Through your consecrated hands, through the power of my All, I ask you, my holy priests, to bless each of my children here tonight, and through the power of The Love, I ask you to bless all the children they carry. Amen, my children of love.