Gathering of Love With God's Action in Nashua, New Hampshire,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-05-19 – Part 1


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Every time God gathers his children together, he does it with his love; he takes care of each one of us as if we were the most treasured possession.

He has always done this; since Adam and Eve, God has always taken care of his children.

He opens our hearts so that we form one heart: a heart that gives itself, a heart that encompasses all the children of the world.

At every gathering of love, God wants to nourish his children; he wants to gather them together so they can understand the value of their lives on earth.

We look at the world of today and we shake our heads; we look at the moral decay of the world, for what we see is a world without faith, a world that judges its brothers and its sisters, a world that caters to the strongest, a world that teaches us to no longer be ourselves.

All this is in front of our eyes, and all this is inside us.

When we perceive the outside world, then this means that we’re aware of this world; if this world is familiar to us, that’s because we carry it inside us: we are only discovering what we know.

God wants us to go even further than that: God wants us to discover the greatness of his power despite these sufferings.

How can we, who have lived with suffering, say: greatness? This is because God has kept us alive while we were contemplating death.

Every day we see children dying; every day we see that children are going to die; we don’t see the other side, that is to say, after death.

Our own death is painful, painful because we don’t know what will happen after death; if we suffer like this, it’s because we carry fear within ourselves, the fear of discovering what is going to happen.

Why are we so afraid of what will happen after death? That’s because we lack faith in God's mercy, we lack faith in the Father's tenderness: we have learned to have faith only in ourselves.

To have faith in oneself is to lack love.

How can you have faith in yourselves when you carry so much pain? God tells us to have faith in him and not in ourselves.

Why does this world tell us “Have faith in yourself”? We have learned this from childhood because our parents also learned this from their parents.

 “Have faith in yourself and you will go far; have faith in your knowledge, this will bring you many things; if you want to go forward, then take a look at what you are; have confidence in yourself”: these words are ingrained in us.

This has taught us to have faith in what we are; we are children wounded by sin and we are told to have faith in ourselves.

Let’s take a look at ourselves – there isn't a single person here who hasn’t committed sins: we have judged our neighbour, we have stolen… Oh! Stolen the love of our neighbour: “Love me, I want to be loved.”

You see, we were asking for our neighbour’s love, we were demanding it; love is free of charge, love is free, it is given.

On the inside, we have been beings that were wounded and we go on being wounded because we’re afraid and we doubt, and it’s in that child that we must have faith.

What good can emerge from us? Nothing.

What is good within us is our yes to God; only this is good, and so God will enable it to grow.

God wants us to understand the value of our yes to God: the one that isn't afraid, the one that doesn’t hesitate to trust in God. And for this to happen, God takes us back to the past.

Only God can bring about this movement because God is the Divine Will, God is the Alpha and the Omega; the past, present and future (are) in God.

All is accomplished in God; it is up to him alone to bring us to where he desires so that we can fulfill ourselves.

The Holy Spirit is asking me to shut my eyes.


Holy Spirit: Within you, there is a light; within you, there is a place where God wants to take you.

Every one of you is inhabited by the Will of God and the Will of God is almighty.

It takes you back to a time, to a time when there was a man, a man who had given his soul to the devil, a man who was living in the knowledge that came from the devil: he had escaped the flood.

There he was, contemplating his darkness; he loved to contemplate himself in that movement, and so, at night he would withdraw so that no one could be witness to his behaviour.

He would speak to the devil as he would speak to a friend, and the devil promised him prosperity throughout the ages; the demon promised him power through the stars; the demon promised him that he would never be obliterated by the stars; the demon promised him that he would always be the strongest by using the power of stones; the demon promised him that, through the use of plants, he would never be forgotten in the minds of men: he promised to place this power at the very core of man.

The devil was promising all this on condition that he do all the devil wished him to do, and the man promised, for his heart was evil: within him flowed the blood of unfaithfulness.

He had reached the age where Satan was able to use him: all his knowledge had come from Satan, he was instructed day and night.

Satan turned him into a being in his service: his words were bewitching, his gestures were skilful, and he prospered, for wherever he went, people would follow him; wherever he presented himself, people only wanted to listen to what he was saying: he claimed to be on their side whereas he was against them, the children of God.

He showed them what he had learned from Satan: they listened to him, they admired him: he managed to make those children forget that they should have been devoted to God.

He showed them that when they used plants, they could become oblivious of their being.

He enabled them see faces and those faces were ugly, but they had power, the power to change their lives, the power to bring luck into their lives: he explained to them what it meant to have luck, he explained to them what it meant to be able to control the future.

He was teaching them to listen to the needs of others in order to control them, for he had gathered his followers around himself so that they could go and show this to others, for he wanted to extend his power as far as he could imagine.

That diabolical being was cruel; he was teaching them how to use weapons, for he had taught them how to make weapons.

He had taught them to make offerings to the demon; the demon had assumed the shape of different gods: the head of an animal on the body of a man, the body of an animal with the head of a man – these became familiar to them.

Among those figures were beings they had never seen before; this fascinated them. He put in their minds that those beings were beings of power, that they must make offerings to them in order to gain from them, and the children listened, and they made offerings.

Consequently, they learned to idolize, they learned to become beings independent of God, they learned to be gods themselves: they adorned themselves with precious stones.

To them, those jewels were adornments indicating to others that they were gods, and God's children were turning to them, making offerings to them.

They became like little slaves in order to obtain what they were asking: all this was the work of Satan.

The one who was leading them was gaining more and more knowledge of evil; he showed them how to kill children: they cut them open and they offered them up.

He was evil incarnate for what he was offering were children.

The world became more and more incapable of seeing reason: there was killing for pleasure, there was rape, there was stealing for gain, all was being done openly. The power (of evil) was so great that it was no longer possible to find a single soul that was faithful to God.

God could see and God was watching those children, and God said, “Those children do not deserve to live; I shall make them disappear from the surface of the earth,” for all was nothing but desolation.

Then came illnesses, wars, divisions; he clouded their minds so that they were unable to form a people.

Then came a righteous man, who emerged from that unfaithful people, and he was named Abraham, for God loved his child; he brought his tribe with him.

God favoured him, he was growing and he was developing; he was not like the being of darkness – he was righteous, he was light: this man was a man of justice.

God looked upon him, and God loved him, and God wanted from him the flesh of his flesh; and so he went to Abraham and he gave him prosperity.

He gave him all power over the land: all he saw was his, all that was to come from him was granted to him by God, for he became God's promise to future generations.

Abraham had a child, he gave thanks to God; his heart swelled with joy and God came to speak to him: “Give me the flesh of your flesh, come and offer me your love, show me that you are faithful to me.”

Abraham accepted, and because Abraham accepted, God rewarded him: “From generation to generation you shall receive, from your God, the love of your God; you shall be called father of love on this earth, for what shall emerge from you will be from you to God, for I shall populate the earth with your descendants,” and the earth was populated with faithful children, and the earth was witness to the children from one generation to the next generation.

Those children had memories of suffering within them because they had been witness to ugliness, because they came from Abraham: Abraham had seen and heard.

Abraham had turned his eyes towards God and not towards that ugliness; Abraham had always been faithful to God; he had turned his eyes away from the gods, and his descendants remembered, for everything within their flesh bore the mark of suffering, and they went forward, they went forward.

The children had undergone the test of love, it was their duty to be faithful; they had to support one another as if they were one family, but evil was within them.

And so, they were unfaithful to their brothers, for they wanted to kill Joseph, and God brought them, brought them to where there were gods so that they could stand before what they bore in their flesh, and their flesh cried out, their flesh cried out for forgiveness, their flesh wanted to acknowledge that there was only one God, and God brought them out of that slavery.

God gave them all they needed to be faithful to one God until the day when the much-awaited Chosen One would arrive.

The Son of God came into this world, he enabled them to know the Father's love, he permeated their hearts with the ten commandments, he made of them the Church, he made of them the promise to enter a New Earth where all would be nothing but perfection: the Kingdom of God on earth as in Heaven.

Children of love, look at what you have become: today, the earth is surrounded by darkness because children have opened a door to the devil: they listened to their flesh rather than listen to their hearts, which carried my Father's ten commandments; they listened to this world that was engraving in their minds all that was past and had made God's children suffer, leading them to destroy themselves.

Today, this world is reliving cruelty, but they are living it in their flesh: they are struggling with all that was known to that being of darkness.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Lord God wants us to know that we are living under the power of the Antichrist.

The Antichrist is all around us, he reveals himself and he is making people love and adore him.

Any power that is not from God is from Satan.

We have accepted that which was impure in our homes, we have accepted impurity in the flesh, we have accepted impurity of the spirit, we have accepted idolatry: we have agreed to accept what turns us into beasts because we’re no longer afraid of beasts.

How is it that we see animals with human shapes and we’re not surprised? Because our flesh knows this: the being that listened to Satan, the being that had given himself to Satan had seen those images.

Satan was revealing himself to him, was revealing those demons, and he knew them. He was learning to give them names: it was as if Satan were doing (with him) what God had done with Adam. He wanted to turn that being into a being of perdition for generations yet to come.

Today, we read the horoscope: did you realize that the horoscope is made up of those creatures; it’s their names that we consult, it’s their names that we have given to our birthday as if it were under their influence? This comes from that vile being that gave his soul to Satan.

This is around us to such an extent that today we no longer pray to liberate those who are struggling with those things.

For they aren’t human – they’re spirits: they have power, the power to lead us to perdition.

How many have read those horoscopes and have deliberately chosen to follow what was written there: we moved, we got a new job, we invested money because of what we had read.

The evil spirits were making us take steps in our life; this has entered us so much that we wanted to hurt ourselves.

We are reproducing the same movements that were carried out in those days: we rob our neighbour and we make excuses.

This is done with subtlety for Satan’s intelligence has seen to it.

When we steal from the insurance company, we’re harming our neighbour, we’re harming ourselves; this is stealing and we want to rid ourselves of our guilt, and we’re surprised when someone steals our husband or our wife.

You see, we’re no better than they were – we didn’t realize this – because back then, there were children like us who had once been children of God, who had faith.

Since they were Noah’s descendants, they remembered having been saved from the flood; and so, what then is the difference between them and us, we who know that we were saved by the Cross of Christ? We are reliving the same movement that has already occurred.

Remember that the Spirit of God said, “They would cut open the wombs of the mothers and they would take the child in order to make an offering to the gods.”

We’re still doing the same thing: we do abortions and our leaders, the ones who should protect us, aren’t saying no; they want to make laws saying that this is permitted.

All this is Satan’s work it’s all the same! He wants to kill life.

Today, he still wants to kill life; he kills the flesh of our flesh: he's killing us; by affecting our flesh, he will affect our soul – this is in front of us.

God, if he's speaking to us like this, it’s so that we can see what he's doing.

This has spread over the surface of the planet, this darkness is everywhere.

If he isn't killing our children, then he's poisoning them, he's leading them to suicide, for they know how to use plants that kill.

It was Satan who showed them how to use plants that poison the mind; he knew, that man of darkness, all the recipes to make drugs; this comes from Satan.

Today, this is everywhere; whatever man wants to introduce in order to kill is being sold, and we buy, we buy what poisons our lives, because if this is in our lives, it’s because we, we have done nothing to stop it.

Do you think that Satan is more powerful than God? God is powerful, God is the All.

He gave Abraham all he needed to prosper; his flock was so huge, so huge! When he would leave, he would choose his land so as to enable his flock to graze.

Who gave prosperity to Abraham if not God? Why are we afraid of not having what we need? God has always taken care of his children, and today, we doubt that he will take care of us.

We place our trust in a power and that power, it will take away all our trust, the trust that it enabled us to develop for ourselves.

We have seen to it that the human being has confidence in himself; by developing his self-confidence, this was making him fragile, fragile through his needs: I need to eat, I need to have a home, and I need to feed myself and clothe myself. And this has gone much farther than this: I need comfort.

And so, the world gave us electricity, gave us heat; the world also gave us the means to travel faster, comfortably seated in cars; all this to bring us comfort.

Did God need this in order to give us comfort? He had given everything to Abraham and Abraham was growing, growing in joy, in the trust in his God and not in confidence in himself, because he waited for many years before having his son.

He trusted in God, not in himself, not in the virile man that he was! He was giving everything to his God and this was bringing him joy and all those people were joyful, they lacked nothing: they were fed, clothed, housed; they formed one family.

Today, we rely on someone, on the one who will take care of us, on the one who showed us that we had to gain control of ourselves, on the one who told us, “Work for me, I will pay you well,” on the one who brought us food in abundance: “Have no fear, I am able to get more elsewhere, at better prices, on the condition that you deserve it: vote for me.”

You see, we have trusted in the human being and not in God and we’re paying the price, because it was Satan who led us here and not God.

God gave us men, men who were supposed to take care of us, men whose eyes were turned to God, for Abraham’s children were loyal to God: they were showing their descendants that God was the Almighty; they would gather together and they would talk of God; the children respected their parents just as the parents were learning to respect the children because they were aware of the value of the family: everything was done with trust in God.

Why did man abandon this? Why did man prefer to have a leader who was supposed to guide them? Why did man want to have kings and to become a slave to those kings, for they were forced to give much for little in return? They preferred to have little and to have a king because within themselves was the suffering of the children who had idolized.

They had idolized gods, they had idolized animals that had human shapes, and all this was within them: they were going forth into a trap, and they allowed themselves to be deceived.

God looked upon those children, and God said, “So be it.” God continued watching them, he continued giving them love by sending his Word among them, for some men were, before the Face of God, instruments of love.

Those prophets were speaking of God, of faithfulness to God; they were reminding them that they had God's ten commandments in their hearts; they were telling them that God was calling on them to give up idolatry.

Therefore, this reminds us that there has always been idolatry; this indicates to us that we live with idolatry because he's still sending instruments.

He speaks directly in hearts in order for us to keep our faith – a very fragile faith, but a faith that still exists: we are the children of the Promise, we are the children of the generation of the generation of Abraham’s generation.

God said that we would enter an earth where honey flowed, and when God says something, it’s accomplished; he wants us to realize that we have to let go of our idols because we have many of them.

The first idol – isn't it to love our house more than its worth? What is a house worth? We determine a price according to value of the size of the rooms. Who determined these prices? It’s those who want to own much, it’s those who want to control others, it’s those who want us to give them what we own, even the sweat of our brow: our house has become an offering in their hands.

We have committed idolatry: loving our house above our spiritual life.

How many of God's children prefer to work on their houses rather than not working at all on Sunday? How many children prefer cleaning the inside of their house rather than visiting their parents? How many children are afraid that strangers, neighbours enter their homes, and go as far as buying a firearm: killing the flesh of his flesh, for our neighbour is our brother.

We have Adam and Eve as parents: we don’t come from animals, we come from human beings, and God created Adam, God created Eve and he created us, for the flesh of the flesh multiplied.

So, if we’re afraid that someone will come and claim our house for his own, the price to pay is to take from him that right he is claiming for himself: “If you come and take my house, I will kill you.”

You see, we have turned our home into an idol, and if we were to go to our homes, we would see that there are many idols in it: our telephone is important to us, our television is important to us, good food is important to us – our favourite meals at the expense of our health.

How is it that we stuff ourselves beyond what is good for us? What put all this excessiveness within us? We eat, we eat and we get indigestion; I have diabetes, but I eat, eat, eat and eat; I have high blood pressure, I eat, eat, eat and eat; ah! I'm getting fat, I eat, eat, eat and eat.

Who else could have put this inside except Satan? He's the one who developed these needs, he's the one who put a black screen in our homes: “Ah, I need to watch the news! Ah, a good movie! My eyes are all swollen but I'm going to go on watching television; I’m working in one hour, two hours, that’s okay, I have time to watch my show.” And we leave all stressed out, and we don’t see the car that’s coming, and we have an accident.

Who saw to it that we have this lack of peace within us? It was Satan – he's the one who maintains us in those needs that are against us.

And the phone, that instrument that communicates with our neighbour: “You promised you were coming – what are you doing? You’re late.”

I use the phone to give my point of view to my neighbour; I pick up the phone because I want to make a complaint; this goes against us, and we do it anyway.

The phone is a sort of power: “I know what is right and I'm going to tell others about it.” This doesn’t give us the time to think in order to calm down – it’s not between the chair and the telephone that we’re going to learn and find peace again.

Who saw to it that we had a tool enabling us to show our suffering to our neighbour? Who teaches us to be impolite? It’s Satan; God doesn’t want this.

God is love; God isn't telling us these things in order to tell us: “Tomorrow, you will throw out your television, your telephone, and you will leave your house.”

God isn't like this, but he wants to enlighten us, he wants us to be able to make our own choices.

Because Satan, he couldn’t care less about our choices – with subtlety, he compels us to do all sorts of things: this has been in our life and we were not aware of the harm we were doing to ourselves.

God gives us teachings so that we are able to face what we are.

“Look at what is in your flesh. Why are you so preoccupied with material things? Let me fulfill you; but you impose pain upon yourselves due to the things you consider important; these things are meant to serve you but it is you who are the servant: this is idolatry.

You put your faith in this world and you no longer have faith in God, and your illness is part of your life. Death surrounds you, and you see nothing: this is the consequence of your choices before sin, for it is a sin to idolize.”

We never saw that this was idolatry – we forgot God's greatest commandment: “Love your God with all your soul, with all your strength, with all your mind, with all your heart.

Trust in me, give me your soul, it belongs to me; give up your heart to me – I shall fill it with my waves of love; give up your mind to me and take my Spirit of love; my strength is yours, you are so little, place yourself in my hands.”

This is what it means to love God but we have done none of this. We have loved our life with all our strength, our life of pain, our life that causes those we love to suffer, for we have, with our heart, harmed those we love: our words have been words that controlled, that dominated. We have not listened to our neighbour, for our mind was too preoccupied with this world. Our love has been a calculating love, we have not loved our neighbour, we have not loved ourselves; isn't the second commandment similar to the first?

This is our life; we must correct ourselves and give to God what is God's.

We have to go back to the starting line: “You gave me my human will because I asked for it; I wanted to learn, I wanted to know.

Now that I have experienced all this, my life is very sad, so come and take back my human will. Since you have followed me all these years, it must be because I am important to you.

You took the Divine Will away from me because I didn’t deserve it, but I know now that I deserve it... oh, not on my own merit but through your Son!

And so, give me your Divine Will, I want it; nourish me, take what I am, I want to be in your image.

All those years not believing that I could be perfect like you; I cheated myself – that’s because Satan cheated me.

Today, I know that it was him and that it wasn’t the child of God that I am, so, take me, I am yours.”

These are words that belong to us. These words, I have just heard them by the power of the Holy Spirit; they are from every one of us: this is us. And so, let’s give thanks to God for what we have just heard.

Let’s all stand together, let’s hold one another by the hand, and tell our Father that we are his children.

May not even one of us be separated from the Father's divine love.

Is everyone holding someone else’s hand? Are there some people in the back who aren’t holding hands with the person in front of them? God is patient, so we will wait.

Take someone’s hand, Laurianne, so that we can form one movement: the Heart of God.

Who are we to pray, it is God who will pray; he's our God, he's our Father of love, and so, let’s behave like little children because we are children.

For you, Father, in your Son: “Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come; thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen!”

♪♪♪: Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! (repeat)

Thank you, Lord!

I love you.

And now, we’ll take a few moments and later, if you wish, there are many who would like to ask the Holy Spirit questions.