Gathering of Love With God's Action in Nashua, New Hampshire,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2008-05-14 Ė Part 2


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: We will begin right away, if you wish. Now, weíll try to go over what we experienced earlier.


Q.  Is there a time limit when we realize that, ten minutes ago, we had a thought against ourselves, or one day, or a week ago Ė can we still give it to God?


A.  Jesus: All that is given to me, I receive it. I have been waiting for so many, many, many years! It is through the almightiness of the Holy Spirit that you will remember, and it is through the power of the Holy Spirit that you will give to me. I come to speak in your hearts so you may become aware of what you have lived. Do not worry regarding the way in which you will give it to me; what is important is what you will live before my Father. Many children within you will receive. There will be healings, my children, there will be liberations. The more you give me the sufferings in your life and those of the ones you carry within you, the more Satan will lose ground: he will lose his hold over my Father's children.

Do not try to understand what you will live, but rather live it. Be like tiny little children who have just been born. Consider this as being completely new to your lives and let God act. This is just the beginning, my children, but God knows what is good for you. Everything that you will give to me, my children of love, will take as much time as is necessary. What is the most important thing for you and for me? It is that yes which you will give to me: ďI give you the cause of my suffering; I no longer want this in my life. I give you the causes, choices and consequences; help me.Ē

Therefore, my children, I shall accomplish works for you. That which you should have always given to my Father, I shall do it for you.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: So, the Lord won't complicate our life; heíll continue doing what he has already begun. For some time now, we have been hearing quite a bit about God's actions, we see wonderful things happening around us. Well, Jesus says that we are God's wonder; so, he will continue to show us again and again. Whatever is within us and and resurfaces, we will always continue giving it to him.

When we saw something around us that displeased us, we began saying, ďI give you the cause, choices and consequences.Ē Now, he's putting a mantle of love on our shoulders, and so, we will give him what he wants: the cause, choices and consequences. But we learned something a while ago: the more he shows us, the more he wants and the more he has us enter into something we have never experienced before. And so, there's no need to be afraid, he takes care of us. Thank you, Lord.


Q.  What does it mean when you say that the purification of the flesh is going to help those who come after us? Does this mean they will suffer less?


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The more we will be in movements of love for ourselves, the more we will be an example for others. The more we give God our fears, our worries, our anxieties, the more we will also be transformed.

Imagine a person who has lived in fear his entire life and then, slowly, he begins to refuse that fear in his life. Now, he begins to look at what he is with different eyes, and he sees others differently because he's beginning to no longer be fearful. Therefore, he's letting himself be transformed. And his eyes will be in harmony with his hearing: he will no longer hear the words of others in the same way; therefore, his words will no longer be the same and his movements will also be transformed.

A person who is afraid sometimes moves too quickly or he doesnít move quickly enough, and his movements are uncertain. A person who is afraid is always thinking about what he's going to do before making a move. And so, imagine what it will be like when heíll be less and less afraid in his life: his heart will beat much more slowly with love for him; his heart will beat at God's rhythm. It will beat out of love for his children, but with peace in his heart. And so, donít you think his health will feel the benefits of this? Yes, there will also be movements of love in his health: he will be less nervous, his heart will be healthier and even his digestion; his nervous system will also feel the effects of this.

We are made of God's Flesh. If weíre so sick today, thatís because everything that has entered us made us sick.  

Jesus told us that weíre sick and this is due to the consequences of sin. How come weíre still sick? We donít stop going to Confession, we go to Communion, and weíre still sick? Itís our flesh, our flesh that bears the consequences. The more we will be witnesses of peace to those around us, the more they will feel the effects of this.

We are the Church. And the Church is united: the communion of Saints. And it doesnít seem like it but we are saints! Jesus, he arranges for us to always be in the truth. He's the one who told us this and so itís up to us to believe in it. This is what he's in the process of doing and this is what is going to happen. He said, ďA new world is being builtĒ, and did you know that he said this while he was carrying his Cross? So, itís up to us to follow his path of life. Thank you, Lord.


Q.  I can understand what was said in the first part; we heard about how everything we allow to enter us can make us sick and that illness can be a consequence of sin. But how are we supposed to understand that innocent little children, who haven't sinned, are born sick, and also, when you said that the parents can be the cause of homosexual children and they discover that theyíre responsible for their children becoming homosexual? I have more trouble accepting this. Are you speaking in the sense of, for example, a family having received a fate, or something like that?


A.  Jesus: Every human being comes from my Father's choice. Every human being in my Flesh is perfect. When a human being is chosen, he is chosen because it is my Father who wills it, and so, the human being who is created is in the movement of life. When a tiny little child is born and he is born with an illness, it is his flesh that is sick and not his soul; his soul bears the original sin, but his soul belongs to God. After Baptism, his soul is pure; it receives graces from God and it gives strength to the flesh. If the child is born with a sick flesh, this is because he bears in his flesh the consequences of all the flesh that came before this flesh.

Adam was the first to be created. Eve was then created with part of Adam. Adam and Eve had children; those children brought children into the world. Adam was not meant to know human will. This was the first wound to the soul and because she disobeyed, the flesh of woman came to know suffering in childbirth. Because Adam was not obedient to his Creator, he had to work the earth to feed himself. When his child, Cain, committed the sin of killing his brother, the flesh was struck with great pain. The lineage of Cain lived in suffering: rejection of God, theft, seduction, falsehoods. The flesh became bruised. The children who were being born were in great suffering due to everything the flesh knew: it remembered.

The children of today have the flesh of the flesh, of the flesh, of the flesh. Just like you, my child, you have the flesh of the flesh, of the flesh, of the flesh, of the flesh, of the flesh, of the flesh. Your flesh remembers sin; it is suffering. If certain children are born with AIDS, if children are born with diabetes, if children are born with deformities, this is the flesh bearing the consequence. The child is a child of God. The flesh suffers because of the consequences of the sins of the world. The child has no fate Ė he is bearing the consequence.

God loves his children; he gives graces so his children might always be in God's grace, so they are able to pursue their journey towards his Kingdom. God wants his children; he asks his children to pray, to be good, to remain righteous before God, but men and women do not want to and children continue to bear the consequences of these refusals.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God didnít want for us to bring disabled children into the world. Weíre living the consequences of all those who have rejected God. Weíre living with the consequences of what we have done. A child who comes into the world and who is love isn't homosexual. If he becomes so, thatís because he bears consequences. But those children belong to God Ė this is not what he wanted for them. Just like the child who is born with AIDS Ė he didnít want this. Itís as if all the children of the earth were bearing this consequence.

And God comes to instruct us. From one century to the next, God has always instructed his children so they could avoid living in these consequences. There are so many words from God that have revealed God's love for us. We cannot doubt God's love: this is something we donít want. If today we suffer so much, thatís because itís in our flesh, and we shout, and we cry, we donít want to live in this suffering anymore.

This is why Jesus comes to speak in hearts Ė so we can understand whatís happening in our life, and we want to help those who will come after us. Itís as if we were pioneers of a new world that is coming. We have to learn, we have to learn to go forward as he wants us to. We each have a part to play, but every part is in relation to others. We cannot do this alone.

If today, we go to a place and we live there as saints without preoccupying ourselves with others, nothing will happen. What weíre doing tonight, weíre doing it for everybody. God is also speaking to us about this.

The flesh doesnít belong to one person; the flesh belongs to the Flesh, and the Flesh is Jesus made Man. This is the Flesh and we, we are in the Flesh. We are tiny little wholes, and we gather together during these times to give a purpose to our flesh. Amen.


Q.  What I understand about purification is that we can say no to sin and to Satan, and say yes to God's Will.


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The purification of the flesh: is to say no to Satan; itís to give up our human will; itís to want to do God's Will; itís to carry our brothers and our sisters of the entire world; itís to accept that we are sinners; itís to learn to love the sinner; itís to learn to give sins; itís to learn to let ourselves be comforted; itís to learn to abandon oneself, to leave room for God; itís to accept to suffer out of love, especially when we know that our child has cancer, especially when we know that our child is separated from his wife, that weíre prevented from taking care of our grandchildren; itís especially when we know that weíre powerless and that God can do anything; itís to accept to cry, but with hope; itís to love the one who turned against our child; itís to help our daughterís rapist; itís to pray for the souls in purgatory, even if we donít know if all those souls deserve it; itís to accept to become instruments of love, to give up our life, to no longer want to live like this world, even if they tell us tomorrow that everything will be taken away from us Ė we will thank God because we will know he's taking care of us; itís to know that God is always, always, always, and always there; itís to accept to go where God wants us to be: whether itís to remain on earth to live in a world of love or to go to Heaven to be with our Dad of love because this is what we also want.

You know, when we hear about the purification of the flesh, about immortality, when we hear that there will no longer be illnesses, tears, wars, we have to be ready to do anything to achieve this, ready to do anything, up to the point of not experiencing it because this is what God has chosen. This, this is purification: everything for God, and to believe, believe, believe, believe.


Q.  Will we receive a sign for the coming of Jesus? And, we are going to see everything in our soul, the good and the bad, during the purification, we are going to see everything, like a huge sign, before he comes?


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: We won't see Jesus externally; weíll see Jesus inside ourselves because we will be within ourselves.

Jesus, he has spoken to us about a sign of love, and he said that many of us would see this sign of love. He also said that there will be those who will believe, and there will be those who won't believe. He also said that when that sign appears, there will be many healings, but he also said there will be much suffering because some will rebel against this. Yes, there will be a sign of love in the sky; this will occur when God wills it, but he's preparing us during these times so we can live this with love. He wants to purify our flesh. The more we let Jesus purify our flesh, the more that sign of love will be wonderful to us. And so letís enter into these movements, which he's enabling us to live.

With every teaching we live, we slowly discover that Jesus is having us enter into all this. Itís as if he wanted us to see an aspect of what our life is like so we can better appreciate what weíre going to experience. And when he tells us that he wants to enable us to see an aspect of our life, it won't be for you alone, it will be for everybody. Our life is the life of all our brothers and our sisters. We aren't even able to realize what is happening inside us in this moment. He wants us to help everybody. Therefore, what is happening inside us has an effect elsewhere: this is the movement. It changes the surface of the earth; itís as if the movements we are living right now, in this moment, have a connection to everything thatís going to happen: ďI keep only what is good for me. I show others what is necessary. I learn to recognize what must be seen. I agree to be his instrument so I can understand that what is mine is theirs, for everything that is theirs is returns to me.Ē The movement of life is to give and to receive in order to give again.

This is what we have done tonight: we gave of ourselves, we received through others that which we were meant to receive. This is the movement: life that reaches out to others and others who bring it back to us. We are movement of life. Amen. Alleluia.


Q.  Would it be right to say that the world is changing? You said that the world is changing, but it isn't changing for the better, but rather for the worst. Is this why the Lord wants us to beÖ He wants to purify our flesh and our soul, so we can help them live during these times, which will be difficult?


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: We cannot change but we can transform. Satan is taking movements of life during these times, many movements. He has always taken them, but he's frantic now. But it has been said, ďWherever evil abounds, grace abounds even more.Ē Alleluia.