Gathering of Love With God's Action in Nashua, New Hampshire,

Through his Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus



2007-05-19 – Part 2


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God of love wants to nourish us, he wants to grant us graces.

Is there someone who would like to ask a question?


Q.  When the Lord spoke last night about the women who had relations with the fallen spirits, does this reality still exist in our generation?


R.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: There are weak beings, there are beings that are incapable of being satisfied because they have been wounded so often; they have a need, a very strong need to experience sensations, and when those sensations are not directed towards God, then this opens doors, doors to spirits; and when they are in a semi-conscious state, between sleep and wakefulness, the spirit comes to invade them, and they feel as if they were having intercourse, and this makes them suffer greatly.

There are also children who have given themselves to Satan; voluntarily, they have given their soul to Satan. And so, those children are inhabited by Satan, and they have sexual intercourse with partners who ask them to do impure things.

There are male children and there are also female children who are like beasts; they behave as beings that are inferior to what they are, and this is throughout this world.

This is why the Mother of God is asking you to pray; she is asking you to be humble, she is asking you to ask for the grace of chastity.

The grace of chastity, to you, is a grace for your thoughts, for your heart. Thus, your senses will be under the grace of God; to you, they will be the joy of behaving as children of God before God.

All that the grace of chastity can bring you, my children, is pure love, love that is free of charge, love that is respectful, love that is faithful to God.

Keep this in your heart and meditate upon it, my children.


Q.  Can you speak about the dangers of Reiki and yoga?


R.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: They are movements that go against the children of God; they lead to letting out what is inside them.

Children of love, in your flesh, there are impure movements, and these movements have brought powers; these powers are not from God – they come from gods, and the gods have Satan as their master.

When a child devotes himself to methods such as Reiki or yoga, they are agreeing to have a master above them, they are agreeing to do what the masters asks, becoming slaves in his hands.

Those who practice Reiki with the desire to help their neighbour are opening a passage to those powers. They are incapable of understanding what is going on, for they don’t see Satan’s power. What they do know is that they feel: an inner energy that emerges from them and moves around them.

When that energy enters a child who is near them, their two energies meet and those two energies create an explosion, causing what is impure to appear within the child, teaching him to desire that impurity, to turn to that impurity, and thus, always seeking to go further.

This child (who is learning Reiki), not understanding what he's doing, becomes bitter, unhappy; he is incapable of seeing the good he has within himself; he constantly seeks satisfaction through means that are not from God; he reaches the point of doubting God; he tries to argue against God's Word; his limbs become like a weight that no longer contains heat, for he seeks warmth externally so as to allow it to enter him.

The teacher becomes essential in his life for the child relies on him; the child gives a part of himself and the other (the teacher), without realizing it, is incapable of understanding what he holds in his hands – and so, what he does is push him (the child) aside, and what is pushed aside, Satan takes: those two beings become beings incapable of understanding what they’re doing.

They have a tendency to often become depressed, they believe they’re always right and when others contradict them: they become angry, they try to crush them, always wanting to be right. They are selfish and vain beings; piety becomes a burden to them, responsibility towards their neighbour becomes meaningless to them, money becomes fascinating: this is Satan's work.

Yoga is a movement that brings power to the being who gives himself over into Satan's hands; movement that seeks out what is within him, movement that brings from one second to the next, from one second to the next, an inner strength that pushes the child out of himself in order to take up all the room: the control takes place from within, that control that is in the flesh.

To the child, spiritual life is something that is harmful, for his thoughts are directed towards his core and everything revolves around him, and he becomes lost in this movement up to the point where he himself wants to be God.


Jesus: Children of love, what pain the children of this world inflict upon themselves!

Within you, there are movements of love, you are alive, you belong to God, you belong to the Supreme Being; what has entered you, you must give it to God, and you must not use it.

That being of darkness that gave himself to Satan showed children how to be gods.

When he was present before Satan, rays of light could be seen, rays that crossed one another, rays of light that entered his head from above, entering into his being to become lodged there so as to have power over the being that he was.

He had given his life to Satan; his flesh knew Satan's presence, Satan's power: a spirit filled with evil was in his flesh, a spirit of power, a spirit of domination, a spirit that brings evil.

Children of love, God is asking you to be tiny little children; there is so much pain within you, you are incapable on your own of understanding what evil has done within you.

God does not allow him to have power over you; you are not inhabited by Satan, my children, but your flesh knows this power.

This power has been within you from generation to generation because certain children have said yes, but God is the most powerful, God brought evil unto death, God was victorious over all power.

No human being will deliver you from this evil – only the Purifier, the Christ of love: Jesus Christ.

I am the One who is and I am the One who shall be.

My light is within you, I am the Light of the world; anything that is darkness cannot withstand the light.

I come to strip away evil, my children; you must give it to me like tiny little children.

This is why I come to speak in your heart – so that you can give this to me like a tiny little child, without pride.

Knowledge does not come from you, it comes from God; what you are hearing, my children, no human being can say this to you, for no human being knows, only God knows.

I come to show you that you are my Father's children; I come to show you that my Father has always taken care of you despite your stubbornness; all has already been accomplished.

I want you to live your passion: look at the cross, my children, the cross is a sign of love, the cross is your life; your life is made up of your sufferings and Jesus knows those sufferings, and I want everything, I want to heal you.

I will purify your life with my fire of love so that no trace of evil remains within you: all is being accomplished, my children.

Pray for your brothers and your sisters who practice Reiki; love those who show you how to do yoga, for I shall strip away from them what they believe in; they will see that God is the only one who can bring them joy and peace.

Look, my children, at those who practice these methods – they are not at peace, they are not joyful; they dominate, they always want to be the ones who are right.

This does not come from God.

There are so many sects that are flourishing, my children; they are my tiny little children who are searching for themselves, searching, and they do not find – why? Because they are letting out that which is sick from within themselves, and what is sick and emerges from them goes towards others, and others accept this as if it were meant for them.

All this, my children, is a lot for you for tonight.


Q.  I find that exercise is something that brings me a lot of calmness; is this something that God disapproves of, is doing exercise vain?


R.  Jesus: One day, a tiny little boy left in search of himself.

On the way, he sees a tree; and so, he goes to that tree and in a single leap he manages to grab hold of the branch, and in a single movement, he flips over and there he is sitting on the branch.

Then, he looks down and says, “Oh! I'm pretty good!” Then, he looks at the branch above his head and says, “Let’s see what I can do.” In a single movement, he stretches out his arm and grabs hold of the branch above his head; raising his other arm, he takes hold of it.

Then, he feels his muscles stretch, he concentrates and he lifts himself up. Oh! How strong he feels! Then, he decides to throw himself forward while extending his legs out in front of him, and using his arms, he swings to gain momentum and there he is on the second branch.

Then, he looks up at the third branch; he says, “I'm going to grab it and I’ll do the same flips,” and there he is on the third branch.

He looks at the fourth branch and grabs it. Oh! That time, he felt pain and he let go very quickly, but then he realized right away that the branch would not have been able to support his weight, and he found himself back on the third one.

His pain had made it impossible for him to bear his weight; carefully, he climbed back down to the second, and then onto the first, and then put both feet on the ground.

He lifts his head, he looks at the tree, and he found that the tree was tall; he knew all this now; he knew that he had been able to climb high, but he also knew that the higher he climbed, the more dangerous it became for him.

He was learning that he had to work on being cautious, for although the first branch was big, the fourth one was very small.

Am I the one who is too heavy or is it the branch that is too small? And so, he shrugged his shoulders and said to himself, “It’s not important! It’s up to me to take what is good for me.”

That day, he had learned, he had learned that it was good to be cautious; he knew that he was able, but he also knew that it was possible to abuse this ability.

Anything that is good, my son, you feel it within yourself; anything that is abusive, God has also placed within you as something you needed to avoid.

God places within you what you need to be good to yourself.

This is how life is: the more you are good to yourself, the more good emerges from you for others.

God gives to you so that, in turn, you can give, but if you do not give yourself what is good, then you will not give what is good to your neighbour.

God will not be able to nourish you with his graces, for this will go against you. In this way, God will show you that it is good to slow down, for he will enable you to feel the stiffness in your body.


Q.  You often speak of the purification; can you talk about whether we will have to go through the purification before the chastisement and the great warning?


R.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Lord has just said to me, “Here I am on my cross and there you are on your cross – so, leave the Cross to me.”

We are all called to the purification and it has already begun.

What we are hearing is to enable us to allow ourselves to be liberated, purified by Jesus; what we’re doing is for all those we carry within us.

The purification is a movement of purity, of light, of love; therefore, there cannot be love without light, and the light can be nothing but purity.

So, what we are is a movement within the movement: “I have sinned, I need purification; because I made choices before sin, then the light shows me: the light shows me that what is within me has been there from generation to generation, and that this can only be in the movement of love by bringing all my brothers and sisters.

The purification is a movement of the Church; no human being can say, “I have been purified,” for he places himself outside the Church: it’s together that we go forward and it’s together that we are being purified.

When God said to Adam and Eve, “Go and multiply,” it was the flesh of the flesh that multiplied, and so, this is every one of us.

When man has been impure, it was the flesh of the flesh that felt this. And so, every one of us carries what others are carrying – the flesh of the flesh bears impurity: this is what purification is.

As for the Great Purification – the Great Purification will take place for all children of the world: he will come to show his love to all children of the world.

Those who carry a yes will say yes to God because they will have received graces and strength from God in order to be able to pronounce it, and this, this will happen through our yeses: yes, I give you the cause, choices and consequences.

God will show his power to the children who carry a no to God; he will reveal to them all they have rejected: the flesh will feel God's love, the flesh will feel everything that it agreed to live in selfishness, and the flesh will cry out, it will cry out its no painfully, and this will be eternal because they will have said, “No, I refuse,” and this, since the beginning.

Let’s understand what God has just told us: the no has been uttered from the beginning, and the no gave birth to other no’s, and that no multiplied, and that no nourished itself with its own no. It has never accepted God's graces, it has never tasted the Body and the Blood of Christ because it has always vomited them for God did not allow it to taste them. While this was emerging from it, this hurt its entrails for its entrails did not deserve God's tenderness.

God takes care of his children of the yes, and he will do so until the very end, the very end.

When all this will have been accomplished, there will be a great chastisement: the surface of the earth will open and swallow impurity; anything that had been against God will no longer exist; the earth will allow itself to be purified and all will begin anew.

We will be a chosen people, a people of love that will acknowledge that there is only one God; our soul, our flesh will rejoice because God will dwell in them.

Today, we cannot rejoice, for when we receive Jesus, when we receive the Body and Blood of Jesus, we’re incapable of feeling that love, of feeling that warmth, of being in contact with The Love, with Eternity; this movement is so loving that our entire being forms but one with Christ: this is impossible for us because of our flesh.

But God, God has been waiting for this moment for such a long time, he has prepared everything for this, and so, we must have faith in him, he knows what he's doing.

Thank you, Lord.


Q.  You spoke of birthstones last night; can you elaborate on the message you were trying to give?


R.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Do you remember the being of darkness? When the Holy Spirit said that he communicated with and he was giving himself to Satan?

Satan enabled him to see that power existed; he was showing him the means to obtain souls, how to deceive the children of God in order to lead them to idolatry.

Today, us, we have birthstones; we wear them and we give them to our children without knowing where they come from.

How come we buy things without knowing where they come from? It’s as if we were numb, bewitched.

Birthstones have a power because we have given them power, a power from the gods.

If we take lifeless matter and we believe in what it is because we have given it a purpose, well then, we take what comes with it.

Any movement that is not of God does not bear graces, and what doesn’t bear graces but we believe in is destructive.

When we buy a birthstone, there's a purpose to this: we like the colour, it reminds us of a birthday, it reminds us that there is a sort of link between the stone and the gesture we would like to make – we are voluntarily giving life to lifeless matter. And so, it takes shape, it becomes alive within our life, it permeates our life, it kills our life and it attacks those we love: Satan is like this.

This is Satan's work; he has led us to wanting to believe in gods; us, we accepted this innocently but we’re paying the price.

Try to eat a meal that you are allergic to: we eat it innocently, but we have reactions to it, and in the long run, the consequences bring about more and more, and more reactions that could even lead to death; and so, these stones are like this.

For any stone that we have believed in, then we have believed in what Satan expected of us: to be at his mercy, to want to control our life.

We don’t need this, this comes from Satan. We must not wear this upon our person, our children must not wear these things.

We will have to pray; you won't be able to bombard them by saying, “You’re wearing satanic stones.” They’re going to treat us like crackpots and so we will have to ask Mother Mary – the rosary! It’s the rosary that brings us graces: let’s keep our peace.

We will have a great need of priests, for you know, there have been consequences from wearing those stones: we’re sick, our children are sick: this is part of their illnesses.

The Spirit of God doesn’t tell us that this is the cause of all illnesses, but many illnesses are caused by this.

When a boat has a hole in it, then the water begins to rise and it takes a certain amount of time before we see it disappear under water; and so, it’s as if we had made a hole in the hull and the water is slowly rising.

Birthstones don’t come from God; this belongs to gods, to Satan.

There are also other stones: there are stones that we use for energy, there are also bracelets that we wear to ward off arthritis.

Does God need stones to heal us? The answer is in the Gospel.

Jesus told us to live the Gospel, to believe in his Word; the apostles warned us: “Do not stray away from Christ; if you stray away from Christ, you will become lost, you will become like those who have distanced themselves from Christ.”

Jesus healed, Jesus worked miracles, and Jesus is our only source of graces; we must rely solely on the Son of God.

He sent us the Paraclete so that we could be in the light; let’s not consent to remain in the darkness – there is only God who can heal us.

We, if we have endured our arthritis, well then, alleluia! We will offer our sufferings in order to obtain graces for those we love.

You see, when we feel a sort of benefit from those stones, because there is a benefit that is deceiving – it is nothing more than a transference: we attribute our well-being to that and not to God.

We think, “Ah, did I put it on today? Oh no, I forgot.” You see, we reach the point where we only have faith in those bracelets, those necklaces, only in those stones, those insoles.

All this has been in our lives to separate us from God, and this has been so for such a long time.

We’re no more intelligent than those other people because they were much closer to Adam and Eve than we are; it wasn’t our parents who were the very source of perfection before the original sin.

Can you see that we’re far from them in comparison to those who were from Abraham’s time? And yet, they were deceived.

Those who became slaves in the hands of the Egyptians were Hebrew; by constantly being with children who believed in gods, well, they also came to believe in gods.

Because during the time that it took Moses to climb the mountain to receive God's ten commandments, they were making a golden calf. And so us, we need Mary, we need the rosary in order to stop stumbling.

We will have to remove our little crosses with birthstones on them, the memories that we’ve had since we were eighteen years old, fifteen years old; yes, because that little ring with our birthstone is in our drawer, in our jewellery box.

Jesus slowly gives us strength because when we know that this comes from Satan, we don’t really want it anymore, do we? But still, we have our children, there aren’t many of us who are hearing this.

How many times are we going to go shopping and we’ll see someone wearing a ring: “Oops! She's got a birthstone.” So, make sure you don’t say anything against them for you will fall into Satan's trap: the one of judging the ignorance of our sister or our brother.

If we know this today it’s because the Spirit of God willed it and we know this so we can help: we will give what we see in the future to Jesus, who is on the Cross; he knew this before we did, he waited until today to reveal it to us.

And so, let’s behave as children of God until the end.

Now, he has just said thank you and go to bed.