Gathering of Love With God's Action in Nashua, New Hampshire,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus




The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Every one of us needs an adjustment; we have learned to adapt; in this world, we have learned to act with what it gives to us so that we can adapt.

This hasn’t been love for us, for when we learn through our own means to give ourselves love, there are no graces from God; it’s God who gives us love because God is love.

God gave us everything we needed so that we could be loving towards one another, but the world of today has taught us to make use of what it wants to give us, and through what it has given us, we have learned to no longer love one another.

What is love? Love is to look at oneself and to discover Jesus; love is to discover that we are all children of God.

It’s when we look at someone that we discover that we are love. If we look at our neighbour and ask ourselves questions, then we’re the ones who have lost something: we have lost our heart of a child, we have lost the need to abandon ourselves in the hands of God the Father.

We’re made of what he has given us: his love; when we look at ourselves, we must see that we are in him.

How is it that we, who are living in these times, do not see that we are in God? What is it that has made our eyes stray so far? We are strangers to ourselves, we look at ourselves and we don’t see ourselves.

The world of today has made us blind, the world of today has led us to becoming lost; yes, we have become lost internally, and without Jesus, we won’t be able to find our way back.

Jesus came on earth, he spoke to us about his Father – this is the path we must follow.

It was necessary for the Son of God to come on earth to speak to us about his Father because before this, men were searching for God and were not finding him; they behaved as children who could not find their way: they gave in to practices that distanced them from the light.

They had heard speak of God through the prophets, but what they heard was painful to them because they were walking on earth as blind men; they couldn’t find the path leading to God. And yet, they had God within themselves, they had the breath of God within themselves, they had received God's love since Adam and Eve were made of God's love.

The first parents had God's love within them.

Let’s take a look at ourselves: we will see, once again, that we are in God only if we know that Adam and Eve were our parents.

Today we make war, today we behave as strangers towards one another; we have difficulty sharing; we took what he gave us and we believed that this was ours. What did we receive? We received what belonged to God.

We each took a parcel of land, we built our home in order to raise a family, we behaved as good neighbours but all the while we were looking at the other, saying, “You may come over only if I invite you.”

If we own a parcel of land, this is because it was God who willed it; if we have our own home, this is because it was God who willed it so that we could return to him what belongs to him: everything belongs to God, to our Father.

We have only one Father and he is God the Father; when this enters deeply into our heart, we discover that we are brother and sister; but we have difficulty regarding each other as brother and sister because our heart has hardened, there is stone in our heart.

We have agreed to turn our life into a life void of love; it’s true that we want to share with those we love, but those we love, they must not take up too much room.

We are not yet love enough to give everything we own to those we love; we will be so when we will leave to go to the place where we must go.

When God the Father will decide to come get us, we’ll have no choice but to go; it’s at that moment that we’ll leave behind what we have acquired on earth.

Jesus, when he came, he spoke to us about love, he spoke to us about sharing. He said to us, “Love one another as I love you.”

Jesus loved us to the point of giving his Life up for us: “There is no greater love than to give one’s life for those one loves.” We know this, but how come we aren’t living it? Is it because our heart hasn’t understood this message of love? And yet, it’s so simple, but we say, “It’s very difficult to accomplish this.”

This is because of our heart, our heart that is as hard as stone; when we have a heart as hard as stone, we have trouble leaving our heart in God's hands.

We’re not the ones who are going to transform our heart – it belongs to God: our heart doesn’t belong to us. We have taken for granted that this heart was under our control: our heart is not under our control. The only thing that belongs to us is ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

When Adam and Eve went towards knowledge, they left the Divine Will; the Divine Will withdrew from them; they entered into their human will.

When they were in the Divine Will, everything was granted to them; everything they looked at was nothing but love: they could see God's beauty, they could see God's greatness, for wherever their gaze fell, they could see what God had granted to them out of love.

When they came to know their human will, their eyes became blind; they knew that what was on earth was from the Creator but they could no longer see how good it was to admire God's work with God's heart.

They now had a heart that was aware of what was good and what was evil; they therefore had to stop in order to discern whether what they were choosing was good. This was something that had to be apparent to them: they were aware of the good they were doing.

And so, they therefore had to behave as children of God before the Face of God, but they could no longer see God, for this had been taken from them. Now, God, to them, was an invisible Being: God was God, the Present.

Since that time, the children of God have been searching for God; since that time, the hearts of the children of God have lost that aspect: the one of innocence, the one that loves unconditionally.

God comes to speak in hearts: we are the Church, we are all gathered together tonight, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, we form but one heart so as to leave it in God's hands, and through his Will, through the Divine Will, we hear within ourselves what God wants us to know.

These words belong to you, they nourish your interior.

We are live beings, we are beings of God, we are not beings of this world: a world of suffering, a non-believing world, a world that seeks only to satisfy itself. We belong to God, we belong only to God.

We came on earth to accomplish works in order to journey towards God; do with your life as you wish, but it will always come to an end, for life on earth is meant only for carrying out works in order to journey towards God the Father.

If you are here tonight, this is because it is God who willed it and not you.

How do we separate what we want from what God wants? This would be as if you wanted to separate flesh from blood: this is impossible, we form a whole. Notwithstanding the number of children on earth, we are all one in Christ.

When Christ came on earth, he came for all his Father's children, he came for each one of us. It doesn’t matter what language we speak, it doesn’t matter what we are: to God, we are his children, we are one nation, we are one people – God's people.

If today we have different ideas, this is because these are ideas of this world and not ideas of God.

God the Father gave us his Son out of love for himself: we are important to him.

This world wants God to disappear from our life; this world is a world that hasn’t understood God's language; it lost its reason the moment God separated languages.

The moment when we wanted to offend God, God separated men because God wanted to show them who he was.

Look at where we are right now: we come from Adam and Eve, our parents, and we look at one another as if we were strangers.

We have to relearn to love one another; and in order to relearn to love one another, we have to know who we are, we have to learn to know that God loves us unconditionally.

Jesus is building his world of love with his Father's children; he isn't going to build his world of love by going to get one person here, another there, and by trying to say: “Okay, you, this is your place, and you, that is your place.” No, he's going to gather his people together; wherever they are, Jesus will go and get them to bring them together and take them to Jerusalem.

We are living a time of love, we are living a time of graces.

Jesus comes to speak in hearts in order to turn hearts of stone into hearts of flesh; he is coming to say, within all our hearts, how much we mean to him.

I am shutting my eyes as he is asking me to do.


Jesus: Children of love, each one of you is here, with everyone else, because the Will of God has brought you together.

This world has led you to where you are today, and what you are today is not what my Father expects of you.

I know your hearts, I know your wounds, I know how much you have cried over yourselves.

How many times, my children, have you cried over your flesh, a flesh that knows sin, a flesh that remembers sin, a flesh that suffers due to all that it is.

Your soul, my children, belongs to God; it is God's chosen one, it belongs to me, it comes from my Father. I took care to give it graces, I nourished it with my Life, I nourished it with my Flesh, I nourished it with my Blood so that it need never die for lack of love.

You are dying for lack of love, my children; your flesh cries out because it is in pain; it wants to be in God's hands but your human will’s lack of understanding, my children, is such that it cannot comprehend the value of the soul’s presence within the body.

The human will gives a place of such importance to the flesh, for it wants to reign within your life; human will is proud, proud of the power it has over you.

My children, I am speaking of your human will as something that exists in your life – it is the one that controls your spirit. Your human spirit, my children, is no longer under the control of your spirituality. Your human will, my children, has taught you to have the spirit of this world.

Slowly, the spirit of man has become harsh towards what you are: children of God. Your human will has taught you to no longer be yourselves, and because you are no longer yourselves, you live in great pain.

My children, I am speaking about love but I cannot remain silent regarding what you have accepted.

The world of today lives only for itself; it has cast aside my Father's commandments. It knows my words, the ones of the Gospel, but it interprets them as it wishes.

You, my children, are you like this? Have you respected my Father's commandments? Have you loved them? Have you understood the love he has for you? If so, then you have therefore appreciated everything he has given you.

But I know your heart, I know your suffering; you have been unable to understand the greatness of his commandments; my Father's commandments are love, they nourish your heart.

They teach you to see with my eyes; they teach you to be yourselves through what you are; they teach you, on behalf of those you love – your brothers and your sisters of the entire world – to be a movement of love; they teach you to nourish yourselves, to nourish yourselves with my Life: infinite are the graces granted by my Father's commandments.

My children, this world has not been like this.

The children of this world no longer learn to be love for themselves, for my Father's commandments are too heavy due to all this world has made known to you.

My children, how can you love the Son's Word if you do not appreciate my Father's commandments? How can you want to live the Gospel if you do not live your life according to my Father's commandments? My Father's commandments are nourishment, they are graces for you, they nourish the being that you are, but your heart is so hard!

I, the Purifier, am coming to turn you into children of light; I am coming for the ones who respond to God's call.

I nourish you from the inside; within you, I bring about movements that only God can bring about; I have no need of your human will.

What I expect from you is a yes, a loving yes; I want a yes like that little child whose mother is gently rocking him; I want you to be very little. In this way, my children, I can transform your heart of stone into a heart of flesh.

I want to reach all my Father's children; I am preparing what you, you are awaiting: an earth where there will no longer be wars, an earth where there will no longer be tears, an earth where all my Father's children will have food in abundance, for that nourishment will be nothing but love.

My children, believe in this, for these are my words which were written in the Gospel through the power of the Holy Spirit.

All is from God; nothing that comes from humans is grace.

The apostles, the disciples, were under the power of the Holy Spirit, and it is the Holy Spirit who has enabled you to know what you know today.

Oh! My children, today there are so many children who are incapable of seeing and understanding; an unhealthy nourishment has entered them, it has poisoned faith and faith is no more; man has become proud of what he has learned and what he has learned has led him far from the truth.

I am the Way, I am the Life; whoever follows me has eternal life; through my graces, through my Will, I shall heal you, I shall liberate you.

I want your words that make you suffer, I want all you have heard and that has made you cry, I want all you have watched and that has hurt you, hurt you because your heart has been in movements that were contrary to my Father's Will, thus causing you to carry out gestures that were against you, against your neighbour, against my Father.

This has turned you into beings incapable of loving; I want your feelings, all your feelings that are contrary to love.

All this, my children, has entered you because you have made choices; it is your human will that caused you to make choices; these choices were made because there were temptations.

Just as Satan tempted Eve, you have been tempted by Satan and you have been unable to say no to Satan, because before you, my children, others did as you did, because before you, others did, and repeated over and over again what was wrong, and that wrong, my children, has existed since the first great sin against one’s neighbour, which is the one committed by Cain.

Cry, my children, but cry over your past, and when you stop crying, rejoice, for God will take your present, he will cleanse all you will give him in that very moment, and this will heal and liberate, will heal a wounded flesh; this will turn you into children who let themselves be transformed by God; all will be from God and not from man.

My children, I gave you sacraments, I nourished your soul; do not neglect your soul, it hungers for love, it hungers for me; I nourish it with my Life; it recognizes the action of its God.

It is very important, my children, that you continue saying your Rosary; through the Rosary, meditate, my children, meditate my Mother’s life, the life of the Son of God, your life.

You cannot separate yourselves from my Mother’s life and from my Life, for I came on your behalf, and my Mother said yes on your behalf, my children; she said an unconditional yes out of love, she accepted the Saviour in her womb.

I was carrying all of you, my children! I did not separate myself from you when I entered Mary’s womb; I am God, I am the Almightiness, I am the All, and so the Virgin Mary welcomed God in her womb: she welcomed you.

Beloved of my life, I am claiming your yes; I am in love with you, I am in love with your brothers and with your sisters; I am coming to change the face of the earth by taking the children who want me.

There are children who carry a yes and who refuse the Son of God; will I therefore withdraw myself from them? Was not my action, the one that saved you from eternal death, for them as well? A time of love is meant for them just as a time of love is meant for you: this is the time of the purification of the flesh.

I want to purify your flesh of the consequences of sin, I want to make your flesh strong before temptation, so that it may learn to recognize that it is of God and that all it has accepted for itself must solely be for God.

A flesh must not flatter itself, for it is in this moment that it separates from the soul, it is in this moment that it neglects God's graces and the being that does not live on God's graces dies, it poisons itself with Satan's venom.

My children of love, this time is a reminder to you that you are all the same; I am asking you to love one another as I love you.

Take this seriously, for the time of the Great Purification is at your door when corruptible bodies shall become incorruptible; each one of you will be taken by the power of the Holy Spirit from wherever you are.

It is the Holy Spirit who has all power over human will; when the moment arrives, the human will will have to obey unconditionally.

This is why, my children, I am coming to speak in your hearts, because I love you; I want you to be attentive to me, I want to teach you to love my Father's commandments, I want to teach you to read the Gospel like a child, with my eyes, with the Heart of The Love, so that you may be as one in the Church.

I am the Head of the Church, I am the Church.

It is true, my children, that there are several religions because it is your will that has chosen this!

Today, there are many sects: it is because of suffering that this is so. So many choices were made and those choices have been bad choices due to sin, and this has led to disagreement; human lack of reason has brought about division.

Remember the Tower of Babel, my children: this is how you are behaving as you are still under that influence. It was Satan who saw to it that man build the Tower of Babel to offend God; by doing so, they themselves wanted to be gods.

Today, we seek God; there are human beings who, through their own power, gather children together to show them that they, they are capable of deciding for themselves, and this leads to derision, madness upon madness.

My children, only God knows what is good for you.

The time has come to gather the people together to form only one nation, a time when there will no longer be different languages, when there will be only one heart beating in the Heart of Christ.

You are those hearts, my children, you are my Church, the one I came to found on earth, the one that is perfect, the one that behaves well before my Father, the one that my Father calls “the Holy Jerusalem”.

You are, my children, the ones I have chosen, for you are inscribed in the Book of Life.

I am the One who is, who has been and ever shall be; I am Unity, I am Perfection, for I am God.

Instruments that you are, instruments between my Father's hands: no human on earth can gather together my Father's children. My Father's plan of love can be understood by no human will, for it is imperfect, it bears within itself good and evil, and evil is imperfect.

It is up to me to make you perfect as my Father is perfect, turning you into children of the Divine Will.

You see, my children, there will be no child using his human will in my land of love; my Father's love will be in the hearts of all children.

There will be only one song that will rise all the way up to my Father: the alleluia, the hymn of love, of praise to my Father.

Thanks to my Father, all is being accomplished.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Every one of us, we’re all children of God; we all have a human will, but this human will, we must put it in Mary’s hands.

Every morning, give your human will to Mary; she herself will bring it to the foot of the Divine Will’s throne; the Divine Will will nourish us, will nourish us with its Will, it will nourish our soul.

Don’t think that this is going to happen all at once – we’ll have to give many movements to Jesus. He’s preparing us for this, he has started preparing us for this and he will continue: all comes from God.

God is simple, he's gentle of Heart, he leads us step by step to what he has already done: Jesus lived his Passion; he wants us to live our passion.

But Jesus, he said, “Give me your yoke; I will give you my yoke, for it is light.” The more we give our sufferings to Jesus, the more this will lighten our burden: our burden is our flesh; a flesh that bears the consequences of Adam and Eve’s children is heavy to carry.

We bear the consequences of choices made in the face of sin, going all the way back to the first sin, and there are many; if we look at this with our human will, we will be discouraged. And so, Jesus, he says, “This is not your business, it is my business.”

When I began, when he asked me for my human will, I would give him my human will but I didn’t understand what he wanted to do with it.

But every day, I would hear the voice of Jesus and he was saying to me, “Give me your life, give me the lives of all those you carry”; so, I would give them to him, but without asking questions.

When I would find this heavy, I would say to him, “But Jesus, I'm way too small for all this”, because every time I would give him my human will, he would give me something in return: he would give me his love. But the more he gave me his love, the more I was able to see; the more I was able to see, the more I began to understand; and so, I was beginning to understand what it meant to love, I was beginning to understand what it meant to forget oneself for those we love.

Since I have my human will and since I experience physical suffering – because he would explain this to me – then I would say, “But this is way too much, Lord.” And he would say, “Give, give me everything and leave everything in my hands.”

And I would hear Mary saying, “Abandon yourself to my Son.” And that’s all I did; all the rest is up to God.

I began understanding things that I had never thought of; it was as if everything was becoming clear without my having to study; and I loved this!

I was beginning to read the Bible, and between the lines of the Bible, it was as if movements were taking place, and I was able to understand things.

But when I was with my children, with my brothers, my sisters, oh, there was quite a bit of suffering because my flesh was remembering! It remembered suffering, it remembered having been disappointed, angry, doubtful, complaining.

So, I would give this: “Oh! I give this to you, Lord, I give this to you, Lord.” But over time, he taught me other things; he taught me, “Give me the consequences, give me the choices, give me the cause of your suffering.”

Oh! It didn’t happen all that easily because even if I was trying to do so, I didn’t really understand what he meant by this, but the teachings he was giving, like tonight, were becoming nourishment to me. When later I would listen to what I had repeated, then I would understand certain things.

Today, when I listen again to the teachings of 2001, or 2003, 2004, I say, “How come I hadn't understood what he said?” Then, he would say to me, “You are too little, you had not understood. Today you are still little but you abandon yourself.” He says, “I have healed and I have liberated, let yourself be healed and liberated some more.”

Jesus speaks through what I am: I am only a microphone. On the inside, I hear words and when my eyes are open, like right now, the words emerge; I don’t need to use my mind; it’s like a wind from inside that is pushing something out and it gives me a great peace.

I know that God uses me and I give him my yes, I'm not afraid; even if right now, he were to no longer nourish me with his Word, I wouldn’t be afraid because I will have accomplished what he asks of me.

To me, the present has become a moment in his Will.

Jesus is Eternal Life and Jesus enables me and enables us to live in his eternal Life; and so, if in his eternal Life there is a moment of silence for me, well then, thank you, Lord; and if, in his eternal Life, he wants me to be part of a movement with all the others, well then, thank you, Lord.

We’re not important to ourselves, we’re important only to God because all comes from him and not from us.

It’s true that we have the breath of God within us but we are not masters of that breath – it belongs to God; so, we belong to God and may he do as he wishes with us.

In these times, he speaks of the New Age a lot, of Satan's power.

If tonight he took you into his Heart and he rocked you, this is because we received healings yesterday; he spoke a little more strongly yesterday.

Jesus knows what you want to hear but above all, he knows what is good for each one of us.

And so, there's a moment that God wants to reserve for us but first, I will ask if the moment has arrived for the priest to allow me to talk about the blessing: “May I, Father?”

Many have heard speak of the sign of the Beast; we’re afraid of the sign of the Beast, right? Did you know that many are aware of the sign of the Beast? The sign of the Beast is anything that turns us into children against God, it’s anything that makes our flesh behave in a manner that goes against God, it’s anything that indicates to our neighbour that we are behaving in a manner that goes against God, it’s anything that is detrimental to our flesh and to the flesh of our neighbour in order to satisfy evil.

This is a sign of evil, and a sign that is evil is a sign that comes from Satan; many children, without realizing it, consent to having their flesh marked by evil.

But God is so loving! God, when he wants us to acknowledge that we’re God's children, he asks us for permission; he won't do this against our will, he will ask us for our yes.

God has always been like this.

Many say, “Why does God let others do bad things?” We have a God of love and our God is a free God; he gave his breath of life and it is in us.

He wants children who are free; and so, it’s as free children that we must present ourselves before God, so that each and every one of us might be models of love.


Jesus: Children of my Will, there was a time when children were prisoners; there was a time when God said, “Mark the door with the blood a lamb, and when the Angel of death passes, you shall be protected.”

Today, my children, your flesh must belong to God, it must be lovingly marked with a sign that saved the world: the Cross.

My children, do you want the Cross to be upon your flesh? Do you want God to show you his power? Christ is the One who will mark your flesh; Christ is the Redeemer.

Nothing on earth possesses God's power, only God does.

The priest is the Christ-Priest; I AM is with you.

My children, leave your flesh in God's hands; it is up to you to decide, for you are free, my children, to choose.

Take this moment, a very short moment during which you must say your yes to Jesus, and all those who will decide to do so will come to me, I who am the Christ-Priest, and when the Cross shall be upon your forehead, a light will suffuse you, which will prepare you for what is to come.

My children, this is from God; you cannot see me, isn't this so? I am God.

You have faith in God? Have faith in that light, your flesh will recognize the hand of God.

I love you, my children.