Gathering of Love With God's Action in Nashua, New Hampshire,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus




The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: What we’re going to hear tonight is our hearts. If the Lord allows us to hear what he wants us to hear, this is because it is his Will. He answers our prayer requests. You have agreed to meet here and because you have agreed to meet here, you will hear your heart.

We are all instruments of love, Nicole and I, just as you are as well; we all need to help one another. If we cannot manage to understand this movement of love, we will always continue searching for ourselves, we will always continue watching our children who function in a world of suffering.

We want the best for our children. In our hearts, we have: love. We want our children to live with this love. If we have a need for our children to live in this love, that’s because there are many wounds inside us: we want to protect our children, we want to lead them to a place where there is no danger.

The people of today’s society are preoccupied with their children’s future. They want them to get a good education in order to have a future. We who have gone forward, who have grey and white hair, we have realized that we haven't achieved happiness, and therefore, we want our children to have what we, we have not had.

Jesus has spoken to us about happiness and we trust in Jesus. We want our children to know what we, we should have known in Jesus. How is it possible that after 2000 years, children who still haven't achieved happiness continue to trust in someone who told them that one day they would come to know happiness? For 2000 years Jesus has been telling us that there would be happiness on earth: love in the hearts of God's children.

What we have in our hearts is the hope of love. We haven't yet touched that pure love, but we hope to: we hope to see it in the eyes of the one we married, we hope to see it in the eyes of our children, our grandchildren. It’s as if we were seeing something that is accessible to us but that we haven't yet touched. 

When we’re part of a couple, a young couple, we’re in love. We look into the eyes of the other and whoops, our heart flutters inside us; this is when we have the impression that we’re touching happiness. But as time goes by, and goes by some more, we notice that there are flaws. We want it to last, we want it to be strong this happiness, and so, we see to it that whatever could hurt these two hearts, which form but one heart, be kept away. Then, we try to take care of the other’s heart: we envelop it, we cuddle it, with the aim of always preserving that love for oneself. The other also does the same thing. And so, we take care of the other’s heart. When we notice that the heart of the other is sad, we have the impression that we didn’t live up to our promise: “I promise to make you happy.” It’s as if we had failed love. Then we hang on even more to the other’s heart. And we try to control: we control emotions.

We can't control the heart of another. Since God didn’t control our heart, he didn’t give us what was necessary to control another person’s heart. Therefore, if there is control over the heart of another, that’s because we got this from somewhere else: we tried to find the way of keeping that heart united to ours by searching the eyes of mom and dad, of my uncle or my aunt, or a friend. The only thing we succeeded in doing was to capture words, to capture gestures in order to make them part of our daily life. How many times have we heard, “We have to talk”? When we talk, we let our suffering emerge: “Understand my suffering, I’ll help you to change and to understand me, and then, I will do the same.” How can we help if we don’t know that our heart is fragile before love?

No one can know our heart like God knows our heart. Our heart belongs to the Heart of Jesus. Our heart is often comforted by the Heart of Mother Mary. Our heart belongs to them. It is Mother Mary who will take the hearts of couples and bring them to her Son. When she brings the hearts of couples, she also brings the hearts of children.

When two hearts join to form but one heart and this has multiplied – that is to say, they have one, two, three, four children – Mother watches over all these hearts. She speaks softly in our heart so we may come to know peace. How do we live in this peace? How can we be prayerful? The couple doesn’t always have the time to pray, to take out their rosaries: they work 9 to 5, and between one 9 to 5 and the next, they have to get ready, make meals, run errands and do chores. Mother Mary wants us to turn our life into a prayer. She wants us to be able to understand that the actions we carry out must constantly be her Son's. Mother Mary knows we have feelings of fear within us, feelings of anger, of envy; despite all this, she wants us to carry out our actions in her Son because Mother Mary has more faith in her Son than in us. She knows that the actions, which we will carry out and which will sometimes make us suffer, if they are done in her Son, they will always be in graces.

The Son of God will envelop our movements of pain, our actions of pain, in his Life. He is the Movement, it isn't us; he is the Word, and we, we are in him. Therefore, if we make sure we are always in him, there will always be graces in our life. In the most painful moments of our life, grace will always be there to sustain us. It’s as if our movements were linked to one another. The husband and the wife are joined together by Jesus, and then, the father, the mother and the child are joined together by Jesus.

Us, we are mortal; we don’t see the invisible; we’re surrounded by all that is invisible. If we were celestial beings, we would see movements between me and you, we would see movements that never stop giving. My eyes that look into your eyes and your eyes that look into my eyes – this is a movement and it moves. It isn't because it’s invisible that it isn't there. Life is something that is constantly in motion.

What is dead doesn’t move, what is dead breaks down, what is dead decomposes, what is dead has no effect in its movement: to give and to receive. There is no movement in death. Let’s take a look at our black hair: our black hair, it’s alive; there's a root and at the base of the root, there's a gland, and in that gland is the sebum – this provides all that is part of the hair’s texture: suppleness, softness, colour – this is a movement, it’s always in the process of working.

When we age, the gland stops producing sebum and the more it slows down the production of sebum, the more the hair begins to show the effects of this: it loses its suppleness, its softness, it loses its colour, it becomes coarse and dry, we have trouble managing it. It is that the life within us needs to feel that it is in its element. When it is in its element, it gives, it can't help giving. We don’t see this and yet, it’s there, it’s part of our life, we don’t ask ourselves any questions. And this is how it is for all the movements of our life; whether it’s for our skin, whether it’s for our vital organs, it’s the same thing. When we consider this, we’re considering something that is visible, but what is invisible is even more important.

The movement of life: the Creator/the child: the Creator who gives life, the Creator who never stops giving the child what he needs – graces. This, this is part of our life. It’s invisible but it’s so important. Stop this movement of life and we no longer have to take care of our hair, of our skin and our vital organs because they don’t exist anymore.

We need life in God; we need to understand what is happening among us; we need to understand God/child, but we, we need to understand what is happening among us. God gives us his Life; us, we receive it and we return his Life to him. Well, me, I receive life and because I receive life, I give you what is within me in order to show you that you are alive with me. What I receive from God, I give it to you, and what you receive from God is important to me because you give it to me.

We are life; we aren't one life – we are life. On the inside, we’re made up of all the children of the world. God put everything he created in Adam. Everything God gave to Adam, and from which he took a portion to create woman, well, it is also in the woman in its entirety: nothing is missing in the woman. Now, think of the children they had: they received what their parents had received, and so those children were whole. When we bring a child into this world, we look at him, he's tiny and we say, “Hey, this is a human being, he's whole, he's like us. One day, he too will bring children into this world.”

A seed of life entered the egg and it formed a complete being, and yet, a sperm is so small that we can't even see it with our eyes! God explained to us that it is man who carries life. He carries it through God. When he introduces life into the womb of the mother, life enters her nest and then, life has all it needs to take form in order to one day see what we are: the life of the man entered the life of the woman, and then, we see who we are. A child who comes into the world, when we look at him, we’re seeing ourselves. This is why we are so attached to our children.

God wants to make us realize that we have that same life within each one of us; God wants to make us realize that, in a movement of love in our mother’s womb, we have been a true movement, a living movement: this is the movement of life. There aren't two movements of life, there's only one movement of life – it is God: God is giving himself.

When we say, “Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary; by the power of the Holy Spirit, Mary received life,” well, Mary received the Life, she received the One who became flesh: the Blood of Jesus entered Mary, it introduced itself into her womb. Who is the Word? Jesus is the Word. Who became flesh? Who presented himself before God the Father? Who became visible to the angels? Not Adam, not Mary: it was Jesus made Man. The invisible became visible.

And so, we have life within us; when we women receive life within us, we’re receiving God's movement within us: which is what he bore. Everything that is in the woman’s womb is life and whatever is life comes from God. In order for us to see the life of God, there has to be flesh; therefore, the invisible became visible: it is Jesus who becomes present. We come from Jesus, we come from the flesh of the Perfect, Immaculate, Eternal Flesh; therefore, we are life.

Jesus wants us to learn to love ourselves because when we look at ourselves, we’re looking at a whole that comes from God. This is God the Almighty and we are a whole of the Almighty. We must understand that we owe everything to God, and that we must always turn to him when we need to understand who we are. We must also turn to Jesus in order to understand who our children are. We must understand that if we form a couple, we owe this to Jesus. We must understand that everything that has been against us must be given to Jesus: we owe him everything.

Jesus came to make reparation for all our movements that were contaminated by sin. This is what he spoke about last night. He told us that every movement of life is within us and that this comes from him, and that it is we who consented to give what he has given us to what is impure.

When we’re a close couple, there's a movement between the man and the woman. There's a continuous movement of life: I give to you, you give to me; I receive, I give back to you. This belongs to God, but we’re also free do to with it as we please. God doesn’t force us to always give him everything even though this is what he wants. We received life and we received free will because life equals freedom, but we haven't used our free will with love.

When a couple begins to want to control the heart of the other, it gives away its free will – it gives its free will to the one who wants to control. Satan is a spirit we don’t see; he's a spirit of darkness; he's a controlling, dominating, angry, selfish, deceitful spirit: he is dead. Whatever is dead has no life, it doesn’t have a nice smell, it isn't pleasant: it hurts. It’s a thing that is nothingness, it possesses no life.

He told us yesterday that he takes movements that we, we agree to give to Satan so he can poison them. Therefore, the couple that forms but one through the movement – I give to you, I give to you, you give back to me, I receive and I give back to you – when they reach the point of no longer having faith in the couple, that’s because they gave a movement of life to something that is inert. The moment the couple began to doubt and entered into doubt, that doubt, it was Satan who put it there. If, in that moment, the couple were to say, “We don’t want this, we refuse to enter into this,” the poison wouldn’t enter the couple, there wouldn’t be any doubt between the man and woman because life, life would have taken care of it. Life is ours because it was given to us. We must prevent this from happening. Life must react immediately: “We don’t need this between us. We are together before God and we love each other. We have to refuse what is happening between us.” And this should be the dialogue of a couple. God takes everything.

We don’t want to enter into this movement that will imprison our couple and our children. We received a heart and that heart speaks. Let’s stop smothering our heart. It isn't someone who’s a stranger to us who will help us. Often, we’re a couple and we want to solve our problems by going to see other people. All they can do is show us that we’re suffering. Yes, it’s true that we’re suffering – they can only analyze the visible. They cannot analyze the invisible, they aren't celestial beings, they aren't God. God has the power to know hearts because God, he can see the invisible. He knows the moment when temptation came along, the divider.

Love is a movement that is simple. Love isn't complicated: it’s to give everything to God, it’s to accept everything from God. When we bring a child into the world and we look at who he is, we’re seeing ourselves: our heart speaks, we are joyful. We want to kiss the child so hard that we say to ourselves: “Wow! I’d better be careful not to crush him.” This movement is invisible and yet, it’s alive, we can feel it.

What is it that prevents us from realizing that there's a poison infiltrating itself into this movement of love: everything in our thoughts, everything we have heard and that has entered us, all the words I have said and that turned against me, all the actions I did and that I saw and accepted, all those feelings that have been part of my life and that I held onto. And this didn’t start the day we were born; Jesus told us: this goes all the way back to the first one who received flesh from the Flesh of Jesus and who didn’t love his Creator unconditionally.

But Jesus, he wants us to understand that we must stop moping around, feeling sorry for ourselves. When we feel sorry for ourselves, we accuse others. This is what Cain did. Cain, through his pain, accused his brother. He could have said, “I don’t want to enter into that, into that movement of jealousy. You are the Creator, and so I give this to you, this feeling.” He didn’t do so. This led us to where we are today.

But with great simplicity, Jesus comes to speak in our hearts so we can understand what is happening in our life. He wants us to be able to give all our suffering to Jesus. It’s true that it’s easy to say, “Jesus, I just told a lie; I don’t want to lie anymore, eradicate this from me. You, you are aware of the cause of my lie, you are aware of my choices. I chose to lie earlier, and now, I'm living the consequences.” It’s so easy but at the same time, we say to ourselves: “Oh, come on, is this going to change anything in my life?” Yes, it’s going to change something: it will begin to liberate us, to heal us.

Remember earlier, when we spoke about the hair and the sebum? If there was a loss in this movement of life, that’s because it was poisoned by: worrying, lying, abuse, lack of love. The rejection of God caused us to constantly, constantly, constantly over-activate this gland that it became weak. Who is the Creator of hair? Who said, “Oh! Not a single hair will fall from his head unless I will it”? Well, this belongs to God. If we give God our worries, the ones that made our hair turn white, that made it fall out until we became bald, then he will take back all our impurities. He has the power to make our hair grow back and to restore its strength. Only God can do this.

When we’ll have such conviction, then we’ll heal and be liberated. We’ll stop hurting ourselves. Couples will begin to be movements of love, lasting and solid, so that children might see what marriage is really about.

Jesus told us so in the Bible – Jesus, he doesn’t lie: “What God has joined together let no man put asunder.” And if he said this it was because it’s possible, isn't it, to live as a happy couple. We no longer have to wait until we’re 60, 70 or 80 years old to say, “Yup! I put up with you and it was worth it.” Every day will be a day of joy and of happiness.

Now that we can say this depends on us, are we going to take the trouble to say, “Hey, Jesus, I'm going to give you what hurts”? What have we got to lose: love, life? We have more love and we know that we’ll all end up in the same place – before our judgement. Yes, we say that it’s the only justice that exists: “Rich or poor, we’ll all end up in the same place having to face our life.” And so, let’s give God what he wants: our life.

Let’s live our Bible. The Word of God, let’s live it, let’s enter into it: “Is this true, Jesus? Then I’ll try your recipe.” We’ve been waiting for this for more than 7000 years! Let’s not wait; we have enough examples to know that we haven't followed the right path and made the right choices. What Jesus is showing us is a recipe of love.

Yesterday, he spoke to us about fear. The day before yesterday, he spoke to us about the movement: the current that separates the Creator from the child. Yesterday, and the day before yesterday, he spoke to us about the mantle of the pain of love. Because when we realize that we’re jealous, and that we suffer because of this, and we say to Jesus, “Yup, I give this to you, Jesus; I'm ready to give you the cause, choices and consequences,” it isn't easy because it hurts. We’re still going to keep an eye on our neighbour who tried to seduce our wife: that jealousy will still eat away, eat away, and eat away at our life. Can you imagine how many times a day it will have to be given to him? “I won't enter into this jealousy; I give you the cause, the choices and consequences; I don’t want to experience this.” It will be necessary to do this in order to follow God's recipe.

If we don’t do this, what will happen? The same thing will happen to us that happened to our parents, our great-grandparents, our great-great-grandparents, who lived in that jealousy. Ah! It’s true, we could say, “But me, I live in Alaska; I don’t even have a neighbour.” Well, you have a flesh and your flesh knows that it’s suffering. The invisible is always there; life is always in motion. Everywhere we go, no matter what the situation might be, if we’re alive then there's an invisible movement that connects us to everybody else, and this, this will never change.

We all have a need for love, and that need must be in its movement of healing and of liberation. As long as we still hear about violence, about war, about insurrections, about drugs, about homosexuality, about theft, then we know that we have to give the sufferings that are part of our life. If I notice that I'm afraid, well, I'm going to give this: “I don’t want this fear anymore.” Well, my fear that I no longer want, that I give to Jesus, it will help the jealousy of my brother, of my sister: it is my movement of life that reaches out to connect itself to his movement of life. And who will benefit from this? We will, and our children, and our grandchildren.

Every time we do this, well, let’s look at our child and let’s say, “I'm doing this for you because when I do this for you, I'm doing this for mommy and daddy as well. We’re going to live a life of love. Today, mommy is all grown up and daddy is all grown up, but you, you are so little that I have to take care of you.” We who are grandparents, we have to say the exact same thing.

We’re either united or we aren't. We either want to live a lifetime or we want to live life. This is what God wanted us to hear tonight. Every one of us is slowly going forward. So let’s go forward on solid ground and not on quicksand.

If the Holy Spirit wants us to hear our wounded heart and wants us to grasp the general idea of this, alleluia! The general idea, he’ll manage with this because he's showing us how to give everything. He knows we have no memory, and so, let him take this as well. This memory, let’s give it to God! Memory is a movement of life. If it isn't able to retain everything, well, Jesus will have to make reparation for this! But in this movement of reparation, there's the Creator/child, and it moves, and then, everything is accomplished.