Gathering of Love With God's Action in Newmarket, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus  



2007-10-18 - Part 1


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: So, if we take the time to give ourselves some attention, how much more does God want to do so for every one of us.

From the first man, God has always taken care of his children; from the first woman, God has always surrounded his children in his gentleness. Not for a single instant in our lives has God not looked upon us; not for a single instant in our lives has God not turned his full attention to every one of us. What God has done for each of us, he does so for every one of our children, for our grandchildren, for all those we love.

This time is a time of graces, this time is a time that many would have liked to live. Whether we read the Old Testament, whether we read the New Testament, God has prepared us for this time, for he has spoken through the mouths of his prophets. The Son of God himself came to teach us the Word of his Father.                                                                                                     

God the Father himself chooses his children. Tonight you were all chosen by God the Father, just like the instrument that I am, just like Nicole and the instrument that she is. It was God who willed this.

In our lives, we’ve always done what we were able to do, thinking that this came from our willingness, but God was looking upon our willingness and was nourishing it with his Will in order to lead us to where we are today.

Several years ago, before 2001, my life was very simple. I was married, I had three children, and I was a person who functioned like everybody else, without thinking that God had future plans for me.

When God looks upon his children, he knows in advance what they’re going to do, he's aware of the yes that knows to let itself be taken up by the Will of God. Therefore, he places all these movements in front of us so they can lead us where he wants to lead us.

When I found out that Mother Mary was present in my life – and this was in a very tangible way through her smell of roses – this caused me to leave this world.

It’s Mother Mary who teaches us to follow the path of God the Son; she slowly brings us around. Yes, it’s the Mother of God who holds her hand out to us, and she teaches us to put our hand in her hand; she teaches us to prefer her Son to ourselves, to our own children, and she does so through the graces that the Trinity wants to grant to us.

She taught me to open my heart, she taught me to give up anything that was useless.

In my life, the need to pray was very strong in ’98, ’99, 2000. In 2001, Mother Mary came to make herself heard within me, and after that, she would teach me, she would teach me at night and during the day. And a little while later, no more than fifteen days later, my guardian angel told me his name – I heard his voice and I still hear his voice – it’s always a reminder to be obedient to God.

In that same week, when I heard the voice of Amystica, my guardian angel, then I heard the voice of Jesus. He came to me like a teacher because he would talk to me day and night! He was teaching me about love. And when he would have me write, it was as if I were at school. But he isn't like the teachers we’re used to… he would say, “Don’t worry about mistakes.” He wanted to teach my heart and not my head; he leaves it up to others to correct the mistakes, but he, he corrects our life.

He was teaching me to behave properly towards my husband; he was also teaching me to behave as a mother towards my children. He was doing this by giving me graces of patience, graces of love; he would tell me to love them through his love. He was teaching me to have faith in God the Father because Mother Mary had asked me, “Surrender your children to me.”

It took at least two years for this to be truly accomplished and even at that! Because on the eve of March 4, 2001, I was asked for abandon, abandon, abandon, and I was saying ‘yes, yes, yes’ all the time, but the aim of this was for me to give my yes. The following day, my husband died of a heart attack. I lived that moment with my children in peace and in joy.

And a few months later, she said to me, “I want you to surrender your children to me completely,” and that, that took place on Mount Krizevac, in Medjugorje. But at that moment, I didn’t say yes right away; I stopped to think. I was crying, I was saying, “Ah, you can't ask me for this, Mother?” And she would ask again, “Give me your children completely.” After what I had gone through with my husband, you know, I had to think about it. I said, “Oh, my goodness, I'm going to lose my children, I'm going to live alone.” And then, afterwards, I said yes and my children are still with me.

Mother Mary teaches us abandon, obedience, an absolute obedience to the Will of God; all this was for the purpose of preparing me for what I had to live. She was teaching me to give up human will completely.

God gave me many teachings on human will so that I could become fully immersed in the Divine Will.

The Divine Will is a movement of love: he comes for his children, he doesn’t come along to force his children to become children of the Divine Will. We need to know what we’re letting go of in order to dive fully into the Will of God.

When Satan tempted Eve he tempted her with deceit. He didn’t tell her what would happen when she came to know her human will. He was very careful to keep from teaching her what it meant to live in human will. He lured her with a movement so that she might dive into it.

Satan is the 'self', the 'self' that turns everything towards itself, and he wanted the human being to know his 'self', which allowed him to gain access to his soul. When Adam saw Eve in her 'self', he didn’t see her as being fully abandoned to the Divine Will, but he let himself dive into the 'self', and once he became immersed in that 'self', he accepted his human will. Consequently, the Divine Will respected his choice.

We, we who live in our 'self' – “I choose what is good, I don’t choose what is bad” – the fact remains that it’s always our 'self' that is before us. This 'self' is like a sword, it’s double-edged: “I separate the graces and I keep the ones that please me.” This was done from the very beginning: man and woman learned to manage the good that was within them. God never left his children, God taught his children; he showed them what to use to clothe themselves, he showed them how to cultivate the earth, how to use everything around them. God followed his children, God was always in their presence.

Cain offered his best harvests; Abel offered all the best in whatever he undertook. He, Abel, offered God his beauty, he offered all the best to God – that’s because God had shown him, God had shown him that movement. This didn’t come from Abel – God was placing within Abel that movement of offering the most beautiful of all things, and he chose the purest of all.

Cain had also been instructed; Cain also knew what God expected of him.

Both had made their decisions: Abel always decided to offer the best to his God. He did this through his human will – “Yes, everything for God, I give to you what you give to me.”

Cain also made his decision: “I keep the best for myself and to you, God, I give what, to me, is still good” – the 'self' that was ruling Cain’s heart.

Therefore, it was easy for Satan to provoke Cain to kill Abel; it was Cain who decided, it was Cain who wanted to choose all this; he was faced with temptation but he was the one choosing.

When we’re faced with choices, we have the 'self' before us: “Do I forget about myself for the sake of my children? Do I forget about myself for the sake of my husband? Do I want to abandon myself like the Mother of God the Son abandoned herself? Do I want to belong fully to God rather than belong fully to myself? Do my children belong to God rather than to me? Do I trust in myself or do I trust in God?”

All this is as though we were putting our 'self' ahead of us and we were saying, “You choose.” Therefore, we’re leaving room for a 'self'. Well, that 'self' is also called human will: you have the power to run your life, you have enough knowledge to know what is good for you and what is bad for you.

But why do we have that choice within us, which comes along and takes up room in our life? It’s as though that choice were a living thing, it’s as though that choice were imposing itself in our life. Let’s try to enter into the power of God to understand what God wants to make us understand.

There was a time when Adam and Eve lived in Paradise, where all was nothing but perfection. Adam looked at all creation and admired that creation: to Adam, creation was life, and to creation, Adam was life. To Adam, creation was God's language, was God's gaze, God's hearing, God's word, God's movement, and God's heart.

To Adam, everything was movement of the Divine Will. Creation, creation – movement of God – responded to Adam: creation allowed itself to be heard, creation allowed itself to be seen, creation brought joy to Adam. Adam didn’t have to ask, he just received everything, and Adam didn’t hold back – he gave everything.

Therefore, creation granted the love of God to Adam and Adam granted the love of God to creation: love that gives of itself, love that never stops giving of itself. Why? Because Adam, Adam came from the earth, Adam was formed with matter from the earth. Adam had also received breath from God, life from God, and matter comes from God, the breath of life comes from God.

Before all this came to be, there was God: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Everything was in God, and therefore, matter was in God, but matter had not yet revealed itself. The spirit of God was everywhere, everywhere.

And God had created pure spirits – the angels – and the angels served God, adored God, and God let himself be admired by the angels. The Light was reflected upon the angels and the angels were immersed in beauty: God that gives of himself, the angels receiving and giving back to God what belongs to God.

When the time came, God said, “Let there be Light.” And the Light came to be: the Son of God, Man God, came to be. For who is the Light of the world if not God the Son made Man? God had only to desire it and everything came to be. In that moment, matter took on an appearance, for Jesus made Man stood before them, the Eternal Flesh stood before them.

God had before him all that was within him; the All of God stood before God: the Perfect Matter, the Eternal Flesh. All that God wills, he wills it solely by his Will. The All of God is in the Son. Therefore, the universe was in the Son and everything the universe contained was in the Son. Matter didn’t exist before the Perfect Matter: Jesus, Man God, is the Alpha and the Omega.

Before we were here, we existed. We’re matter, and therefore, we come from the Perfect, Eternal Matter.

Jesus, Man God, is eternal, he is Eternal Life. Doesn’t it say in the Gospel, “Whoever believes in Jesus believes in Eternal Life”? It’s as if we were saying, “Whoever believes that he comes from Jesus believes that he is eternal.” We have flesh – we have it through the Eternal Flesh. We owe everything to God, absolutely everything to God.

When the earth was created, it was created by the Will of God; all that is in the Man God, in the Matter, in the Eternal Flesh, is present. There isn't anything we can see that doesn’t come from Jesus: everything comes from Jesus – be it the stars, be it the planets, be it the earth and all it contains – it’s in Jesus.

God said, “Here is my beloved Son in whom I am well-pleased.” He was saying by this, “All that is in me is in my Son, all that belongs to me belongs to my Son.” Therefore, we belong to God the Father, we belong to God the Son. We cannot separate ourselves from what we are, we belong to all that comes from the Eternal Flesh.

Creation belongs to the Eternal Matter, in Jesus. That’s why when Adam would look at creation, he was looking at God's love for him. That’s why when creation was with Adam, in communication with Adam, it was in communication with The Love.

The breeze that caressed Adam, the warmth that surrounded Adam, were movements from God. And so, Adam was living this and Eve was also living this because God had taken a part of Adam and he had used it to create Eve: Adam from Jesus, Eve from Adam, who comes from Jesus. You see, there's only one flesh.

When Adam came to know Eve, they had children. It was the same flesh that multiplied – there weren't three of them, there was only one. Therefore, everything that Adam’s children lived through the flesh, well, Jesus lived it in his Flesh.

We should have always been in that movement of love, but Jesus, a God of love, a God of freedom, a God who is respectful, a God who loves unconditionally, had given everything to his Father – an unconditional yes: “Everything for you, Father, only for you, Father.”

Adam and Eve should also have known this movement: “Do anything you wish, Father; everything for you, Father. I am in your Will and I don’t want to leave your Will. I want to know your Will because it knows me. When there is something that I don’t know it nourishes me so that I might know everything. My mind is in motion because your mind sets it in motion, and I discover eternity. I immerse myself in that love because your Divine Will immerses me in it.”

But it was necessary to experience this: an utter yes, an absolute yes. Then, along came the Tempter; he wanted God's children to know what he had come to know.

Let's go back to all the angels who were before the Light of the world, who took the shape of a man. As long as the angels, the pure spirits, were in adoration before God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, everything was a movement of adoration to them, a movement of service. But when they saw the Eternal Flesh, when they saw the Matter revealing itself before their eyes, then certain angels experienced a movement: “What? Adore the Flesh?” And they refused.

Lucibel/Lucifer didn’t want to adore the Flesh, he the pure spirit, he who was close to God, he upon whom the Light was reflected and who had the Light upon him, and who was the one that certain angels simply turned to in order to admire the light of God, claimed to be too important to adore the Matter, the Eternal Flesh. In that moment, he made his decision – he refused to adore the Light of the world.  

Therefore, as the light was not reflected upon him, he became darkness; he, a spirit of light, became a spirit of the darkness; he, who was in God’s movement – intelligence of love – became intelligence of evil, and the angels who were part of that movement also went into the darkness. They had to be aware, aware of all this in order to give their absolute yes to God, but they refused to do so.

This test, which is what we call it today, had to be presented to the angels as a movement of love and not as a challenge: God who was showing his power, God who was showing his all, God who was showing his love by being what he wanted to be – Eternal Flesh, Eternal Matter.

The angels who refused to view that perfect love as a perfect movement of eternity no longer had the right to look upon Beauty through their ugliness. Beauty stood before them and they refused to adore Beauty, and so, they became ugliness.

Jesus who gives himself out of love, Jesus who never stops saying his yes to God the Father was nourishing all the angels, but the ones who refused didn’t allow that gift of love to nourish them, and so they became the rejection of God. From that moment on, they would be nourished by hatred alone: they became the opposite of love.

Adam had to undergo this test – the test of the yes to The Love, an absolute yes through what had been created: the matter that owes everything to the Eternal Matter. He who was now flesh was meant to be flesh solely for the Eternal Flesh, not for himself. He had to acknowledge this, he had to be before God’s love with his absolute yes: “All for you, God. I acknowledge that I come from you and that all must go through you.” But he was faced with temptation and he made a decision: “I want to know what God knows; I want to decide for myself what is good and what is evil so that I can show you, God of love, that I love you.”

In that moment, he put his ego before God. He carried out the same movement as Satan and the fallen angels had, but the difference was that the angels knew everything they were refusing. They were aware of the consequences and they dove right into those consequences.

But Adam and Eve weren't aware of this, for in the moment when they became aware of it, they regretted what Satan and his evil angels had failed to do. The angels swore that they would destroy anything that comes from the Eternal Flesh, for hatred was nourishing hatred: they were hatred.

But Adam and Eve weren't hatred – they were love. They came to know evil in their flesh. They were sorry because love was within them, the breath of God was within them. They remembered everything God had done for them, but they had to leave all that behind. They left in tears and God said to them that he would come, the Messiah, the One who would liberate them from that suffering.

He's saying that this moment in time is willed by God for us, in order to make us aware of what our flesh carries within it. We won’t enter the Divine Will without knowledge: we will have to be aware of everything the flesh has accepted.

Through the grace of the sacraments, our soul is inundated with love, but the flesh doesn’t yet acknowledge that it is in graces as it doesn’t deserve them.

It will be necessary for us to be aware of everything that the flesh has come to know as a result of the human will’s choices so that we may be worthy of entering a world of love, because Jesus is in the process of preparing us to live with all God’s children in his world of love: his eternal earth in his Eternal Flesh.

Jesus is the New Earth; he has everything within him. He isn't going to give us another earth – he already has one and it is within him.

Jesus has just told me, “Now, my children, go and rest a while.”

Thank you, Lord.