Gathering of Love With God's Action in Newmarket, Ontario

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus



2007-10-18 - Part 2


Mother Mary: Every step that God places before you is a step that has you discover his Will.

Children of my Son's Will, know how to recognize Heaven's grace, which is revealing itself to you. Look at this place, my children. Here is a little girl who accepted the very presence of Heaven in her life. Are you ready, my children, to do the same for your interior? Are you ready to give your life on behalf of my adorable Son? He is your God. Everything within you is the Will of God when you abandon yourselves to my Son.

Little children of love, these times are being presented to you; these times will require much surrender on your part. This is why you are hearing these words, which emerge from your interior.

When you allow yourselves to surrender to the Divine Will, there is healing, my children. Heaven wants to free you of your chains. You must agree to take a look at your life that has turned you into children who live only for this world. I have prepared you to pray with the heart and I shall continue to do so, my children, so that you might bear the sign of love within you.

The sign of love is the cross, is freedom. When you agree to be children of freedom, you agree to belong to my Son. To belong to my Son is to trust in him; it is to become little children who allow the light of God to envelop them: the light of God reveals what is in your lives to you.

It is true, my children, that when you are together you pray the Mother of God to grant you graces for yourselves and for those you love.

The Mother of God will ask you for even more: I shall teach you to give up everything this world has introduced into your lives, for when you will be faced with the great tribulations, you will have to be protected, protected from what the world wanted you to know.

This world has introduced so many useless things to you. It is by giving all this up that you will be protected from Satan's temptations. How can you recognize that you are surrounded by useless things? It is by realizing that you lose your peace when you are told that you no longer have the right to one object or another. It is also by realizing that you lose your peace when you are told that you no longer have the right to do one thing or another. It is also by realizing that you lose your peace when you are told that you no longer have the right to say one word or another.

All that which comes from God enables you to remain at peace; all that which comes from God enables you to remain joyful.

When you are deprived of one item or another and you remain at peace, and this fills you with joy, you are aware that God's grace is always with you, you are aware that all things external to you are no longer important to you, that the joy of living for my Son is more important than whatever is around you.

When you are deprived of one movement or another and this does not take away your peace or your joy, you know that you are fulfilled by Heaven, you know that my Son is part of your life and that he is the one who carries out movements, you no longer allow the spirit of this world to affect you. The world is no longer able to affect your life – it belongs to God and you are joyful that your life belongs to God.

My children, it is important to recognize that this time is a time of renunciation of this world. If the children of this world are suffering, it is because they are overly attached to what this world desired for them.

It is important, little children, to be attentive to the teachings that my Son has you hear. You are instructed through your interior. At this very moment, my children, I am placing within you graces that will touch parts of you that you, you are not able to reach. Allow the power of God to envelop you. You are tiny little children, you who hear the Will of God.

Your little heart has united with all other little hearts to form but one heart: the Heart of The Love. The heart, my children, is matter, is the important matter of your flesh. Through your heart you are able to feel love: the soul receives graces of love and the soul nourishes your heart, and your entire being feels love because your heart no longer exists – it becomes the one of Jesus, my Son.

It is I, your Mother, who brought you together. I placed the need to know within you, I placed the need to give yourselves love within you. All was being accomplished without your being able to feel the movements of this.

You live in my Son, you are in the movement of eternal Life. Little children, do you want me to tell you a story? Is this what you really want, my children? I do not hear you.


All: Yes.


Mother Mary: All right, little children, make sure that you are comfortable, your Mother is here.

“One day, three little children went in search of a treasure. They asked themselves where that treasure might be hidden because adults had told them that, one day, a treasure had been hidden away.

They had heard those words and the idea occurred to them to go in search of that treasure. They were very little to be embarking on such an adventure but when they would look at one another, they felt strong. Whenever they would lose that strength, it was because they were looking ahead and seeing unfamiliar things, and then, their imagination would lead them to see movements. And that was when they began to be frightened.

And so, fear would make them hear sounds, and those sounds made their hearts beat with terror, and, at that point, they would stop and press up against one another seeking comfort. And when they felt the closeness of one another, then they were able to hear a heart beating; that heartbeat reassured them. They would say to themselves, “Oh! It isn’t only our hearts that are beating too fast!” And then, they would hear a little giggle escaping from them. And then, they would go on their way and continue their journey.

Along the way, they met an adult. Because they had told this person about their adventure, he spoke to them of someone who knew where the treasure was. Their hearts were filled with joy, just like tiny children who trust in adults.

And so, they followed this person who led them to the other person who knew. Once there, they went towards that person who was sitting on a rock. When they had drawn near, they looked into his eyes: his eyes were the colour of the ocean, his words bore the gentleness of the breeze, his movements carried the strength of the rock.

They had found, they had found what they had been looking for: they had found the beauty that reveals everything that is hidden; they had found the sound leading them wherever adventure was to be found, adventure that would lead them to all that is beautiful.

They knew they could count on that person without ever being afraid. So much strength, so much love emanated from that person that they never wanted to become separated from that person, for he had them see all the beauty of colours, he had them hear the most beautiful of sounds, which cannot be heard nor imagined. They had the impression that they were touching the sky while, at the same time, being everywhere within the world. The most beautiful of all things was before them for they had found the treasure of life.

They, who were so small, had understood, had understood that God had the greatest of treasures for them: life that reveals itself at every fraction of every second.

They were fulfilled at every fraction of every second, and therefore, they were happy, filled with peace and with joy. They knew now that they were in possession of that treasure for that Person was Eternal Life, the One who had them discover that they were the most beautiful of the world’s treasures.

They began to look at themselves; they began to discover themselves. Every moment had them discover that they also had eyes the colour of the ocean; every word had them discover that they were that love, which makes itself heard. When they were together, then they knew they had the strength that comes to the aide of others, that every movement was a movement of eternity.”

Little children of love, your life is like this – you are searching for a treasure. As long as you are not guided by your guardian angel, who leads you to my Son by going through the Mother of God, you will always listen to those who do not bring you love. This is why, my children, you must enter within yourselves to hear my Son. It is my Son who teaches you, it is my Son who shows you that you are God's treasures.

When you enter within yourselves, then you enter the movement of light. In that moment, your eyes open to the truth and you are ready to listen to God's love for you. You are no longer afraid, you know that God is your strength, you are ready to let the power of God heal and liberate you. In those moments, my children, you discover the treasures that are hidden within you: forgiveness, forgiveness, my children, that multiplies.

My Son's mercy brings you healing and liberation. And then, the wounds in your flesh begin to disappear and this allows the beauty of your flesh to be seen, my children. And through this, you are able to regard your brother and your sister as treasures, for they are part of your flesh. They are so important to you, my children, they are all treasures in your life.

My children, it must not be otherwise for if it were so, you would be filled with the fear of not being able to attain eternal life.

It is Satan, my children, who wants to keep you in fear. He wants to show you that you cannot be in eternal life – do not believe this, my children, he is the Liar.

Always be ready to listen to my Son. It is I who lead you to the call of The Love so that you might always be in the present moment – the past belongs to God and the future belongs to God. You must always be ready to live in the present – that is where you discover the treasures of your life.

These times are important, my children – The Love is leading you to purification. You must always be ready to pray: a look, a word and a movement given to my Son become a prayer. It is my Son who purifies your sight; it is my Son who purifies your words; it is my Son who purifies your movements.

A treasure, my children, is something that needs to be discovered – if you have a chest in front of you and you do not open it, it will always be just a chest. But if you consent to open it and you reveal what is inside it, then you are able to discover, then you are able to see and to offer, to offer what is inside it to the author of the treasure – and to whatever is inside it that has lost its beauty, he restores its beauty to it.  

You see, little children, everything must be given to God. This is what it means to open the treasure chest of your lives – it is to accept to be healed and to be liberated by the yes to Jesus, and then, he liberates and he heals, and you become, once again, what is most beautiful to God: the world’s most beautiful treasure.

You will have to carry out movements, my children, because my Son knows that your life is a treasure chest filled with things that do not come from him. The Holy Spirit will open your treasure chest; you will have to give my Son all the things that do not come from him: thoughts, gazes, hearing, words, actions and feelings. This will not come from your 'self', my children, this will come from the Divine Will. Do not worry about how this will take place – Heaven has already prepared everything for you – leave in God's hands that which belongs to God.

Little children of love, Mother will now leave her little instruments in the hands of God's Spirit.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: What God is bringing about for each one of us is a movement of love that will keep us in his movement and not in the movement of human beings.

What we’re experiencing is willed by Heaven and Heaven does so with simplicity. It gathers together all the world's children through the little hearts that we are, and this is done according to God's wishes.

We are the blessed of Heaven, just like all those around us are the blessed of Heaven, but they haven’t reached the point we have reached. Therefore, we must give ourselves so that God may bring them to him, and this is done as determined by God and not by us. Nothing will be as we humans think it will be. All will be done internally; nothing will be done externally.

These days, we see the signs out there; their purpose is to remind us that we’re living in a time of graces, their purpose is to keep us in God's Will.

This world has brought us suffering and it will bring us more suffering, but Heaven is manifesting itself – it is even more powerful than anything we see. Heaven doesn’t show us these things so we can admire its power – it doesn’t need to do that. God knows his power – he does this to show us: “Little children, do not be afraid. I am here. Have faith and all shall be accomplished.”

And so, Heaven slowly shows us how to behave in the present moment; it keeps us in prayer, it shows us all the movements that can be a prayer, but it also says to us, “Peace and joy.”

If we lose our peace and joy, our movements will be movements that won’t be useful to the purification. Only those who are peaceful and joyful will be able to be completely at God's service. But this, this doesn’t belong to us yet, it belongs to God. It’s up to God to keep us in peace and in joy.

But, you know, we do have that double-edged sword – we must always say, “Yes, here I am” – as long as we are not completely liberated, we’ll always have that double-edged sword in our lives: the human will.

And the purpose of the rosary is: to always keep us in a yes, Mary's yes, Jesus’ yes, and the yes is freedom, and freedom is the cross. 

We must be the cross of love, we must be a luminous cross for those we love around us. If they see a cross that is heavy, if they see a cross that is in control, they won’t want anything to do with that cross – they want a cross that will guide them on their journey.

And so, the only cross we know is the Cross of love, the luminous Cross – Jesus. It’s up to him to use our eyes, it’s up to him to use our sounds of love – he knows how to use these but we don’t, not quite yet.

Jesus wants to mark our flesh with obedience – as long as our flesh doesn’t bear our cross upon it, we won’t be fully obedient, fully abandoned.

Do you remember the Hebrews? The Hebrews had to give their full surrender, to place their trust in God because death would come to all those who were in their human will. To protect themselves, they had to take the blood of a lamb and do as God asked – they had to take the blood of that lamb and mark the doorposts of their homes, and they did so as a sign of obedience: “Yes, your Will.” And so, they were inside their homes and they allowed God to act.

So we have to do the same thing – we have to let the cross mark our flesh, and we must go home and leave everything to God: “Your Will, not my will.” This is what God wants from us – a sign of love.

For our soul, we have received the sacraments, signs of love from Jesus for all souls. When a child is baptized, well, he receives grace, the grace of liberation. Therefore, those who are within him feel the effects of this. And so, he wants to do the same thing for our flesh – when only one person allows his flesh to be marked by the sign of The Love, well, the flesh of others will feel the effects of this.

But who is able to do this if not Jesus himself – Jesus the Christ-Priest, Jesus who is in all his priests, and who draws near to us, and who wants to envelop us in his Light, his Will? We have with us today a being who consecrated himself fully to the Will of God – in him, with him, and through him, all is accomplished.

Jesus is present with us, present through his priest; therefore his power is with us.

Oil is something that comes to us from Heaven, it is an instrument; it is nothing more than an instrument, a movement that we are able to see. But what could be more important than the Christ-Priest who marks us with a sign of love? But the human will – it is flesh.

The human will has stirred within the flesh and the flesh is always in motion before us but, as it is a prisoner of the human will, it must now give it up.

We must make our human will understand that it must lose its grip on the flesh, and the human will must acknowledge that it is not the master of the flesh: the flesh belongs to God, it doesn’t belong to the human will.

God has blessed the flesh and the human will must bow down. This is why the priest, Jesus himself, blesses the flesh with oil.

When God speaks, he speaks with his power; when God acts, he acts through his power for he is the Power. The priest is in Jesus, Jesus is in the priest: this is God's power. There can be no healing or liberation without Jesus.

What we’re going to receive, we will receive from Jesus himself, and no human being can do this – this isn’t done by the human will within the priest, it is done through his priestly ministry – and, to us, this represents the power of God.

And so, he has just said, “Now, give up your place to my chosen son.” He has just said, “It is I, the Eternal One, who have just spoken.”

Thank you, Lord.