Gathering of Love With God's Action in North Bay, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-10-17 – Part 1


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: What the Lord wants to do is… he wants to put graces of healing and of liberation in our heart. These graces of liberation and of healing aren't only for us – they’re for all the children of the world, all those who are inscribed in the Book of Life.

God is a God of love, God is a God of freedom. He has always respected his children.

Since Adam and Eve, God has always looked upon his children and he has always loved them. God has also looked upon those who were fighting his people, and yet, God kept them alive because God is the Life.

Every child who came on earth came by the Will of God. Even if those children were behaving against him, they had the breath of the Life within them, and the breath of the Life is the breath of God.

When Adam received the breath of the Life, he received life within the shape he had received from God, and it was a part of Adam that was taken to create Eve. Therefore, it was Adam’s flesh that was multiplied. And when Adam met Eve, the same flesh as Adam, which Eve had received, was multiplied, and all this resulted in God's people, God's children, multiplying on earth. They all had the same flesh; it was the one Adam had received through God's creation on earth. Therefore, us, we have the same flesh; we’re all from the flesh that was chosen by God the Father: the movement of life is God's movement.

God the Father engendered his Son, his Son looked at his Father and his Father saw his Love – the Son and the Father, and the Father and the Son – an eternal love, a love so deep that it is the Holy Spirit: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, eternal movement of love that never stops giving of itself. So, Adam before Eve, Eve before Adam, who never stopped seeing God's love for them, when they looked at their children they saw that same love which they had been seeing.

What is painful is that they came to know disobedience to God. Without that disobedience, Adam and Eve would have always seen themselves as God's only love, and Adam and Eve’s children would also have seen themselves as being God's only love.

Without the disobedience, we would have seen ourselves as God's only love, just like Adam and Eve: a love that dwells within us, a love that gives of itself, a love that sees itself, a love that multiplies; this love belongs to God, it doesn’t belong to us, it was given to us through the Will of God; we all have that same love within us and this hasn’t changed in spite of the disobedience.

What has changed children is the disobedience. This has resulted in their having their own thoughts, their own sight, their own hearing, their own speech, as well as their own actions and feelings. All this separated them from God's love. They claimed that which belonged to God as their own. They who owed everything to God were now aware of the human will, which makes its own decisions.

The human will took possession of the movement of love. Everything within us is movement; therefore, without God's love, we’re movements that are always searching for themselves: we’re searching for love. And then, when we don’t find love, there we are, always asking ourselves questions: “Where is the love, what is love, who will love me?” All this entered us when the human will made itself known to us.

Yes, we’re human beings; yes, we can see, we can think, listen, speak, act, and have feelings, but we’re matter, we aren't spirit; we were made of a flesh that received life – the soul.

When we aren't attentive to our soul, we’re attentive to a flesh that allows itself to be imprisoned by all movements. It’s the soul that receives graces from God and nourishes the being that we are. When we don’t take care of our soul by saying, “Yes, Father; yes, Jesus; yes, Holy Spirit,” then we deprive our soul of the nourishment essential to our movements.

The Will of God is making all this known to us at this time because we must learn who we are, where we come from, and why we’re on earth, and under which conditions we live on earth. If we don’t learn all this, we will continue to suffer.

God uses the instruments that we are, here, today; every one of us has given his heart to God so that he may use it on behalf of all the world’s children. The power of God extends beyond these walls.

Understand that, at this very moment, the Holy Spirit is speaking in our hearts so we can hear what we’re hearing through the instrument that I am; and what we’re hearing comes from God, it doesn’t come from human will.

We are all called to serve God and not to serve ourselves. To serve God is to serve God's love, and God's love is in all movements: if we see, this is willed by God; if we hear, this is willed by God; if we’re able to speak, that’s because God wills it; therefore, he's using what we are for the Church.

The moment when everything was created, that moment was brought about so that love could be given to us: love was there from the very beginning, everything was meant to be pure, everything was meant to be in the Divine Will, but because of temptation, we came to know the human will. We’re the ones who caused the human will to leave the Divine Will. The Divine Will was supposed to cover all God's children and to nourish God's children without their having to ask; they were meant to know everything, everything was supposed to be a movement of love.

The Divine Will wanted all this for us but the human being, who had been created, had to be worthy of all this; he had to prefer this to all that he was, he had to prefer this to the creation that he saw, that he heard, and in particular, he had to prefer God to himself, he had to love God above all else, above any movement.

When God allowed Lucifer – Satan – who was now a fallen angel, to tempt his creations, God wanted his children to prefer God to themselves.

We have a God of love, we have a God of freedom, and therefore, he didn’t want his children to be prisoners to his love; he wanted his creatures to be in contemplation, in adoration, at God's service, so that the adoration, the service, might be an eternal movement of love: the love that gives of itself, the love that gives back, the love that gives and the love that gives again, God who gives life to his creatures and his creatures who give back life in order to receive life once again.

Everything around Adam and Eve was life: the light was life, creation, the trees, the birds; the beauty of everything surrounding them was life – this was God's love for them! They had no need to ask, all was there for them; they were a harmony of love. But God wanted to give them even more! He wanted them to comprehend an absolute love, a love without flaws, a powerful love, a love that desires only God for eternity.

That’s why God accepted the temptation, which was to come from the Tempter. This would enable him to give them even more. It wasn’t meant to place them in danger; God didn’t want to place them in danger; God is too loving to do that. He wanted to give them a movement of such knowledge that nothing they had already known could have compared to it. They had received everything in order to avoid falling into temptation.

God wants us to know all this so we can understand what happened, because the same thing will be asked of us: an absolute love will be asked of us, a love that wants only God and not ourselves.

Man and woman came to know love: a selfish love, a controlling love, a demanding love, a love that seeks. This love has suffocated us, this love brought us to where we are today.

God wants to enable us to see what we’ve been experiencing since the first sin, which resulted in our experiencing temptation within our flesh. The first temptation felt in our flesh – wanting to know what God knew, wanting to control what God knew in order to be able to talk to God.

Adam and Eve didn’t want to be superior to God; they wanted to know what God knew in order to have a conversation on equal terms. Wanting to know what God knew was a temptation.

They had received everything from God. God was teaching them but they wanted to know, wanted to know what God knew in order to be at his level, and so they took themselves for gods, and since that time, human beings have been taking themselves for gods.

With what God gave us, we want to learn, we want to go forward, we want to know what tomorrow will bring. We have eyes, ears; we can see, think, speak, carry out actions, have feelings, and with all these, we take ourselves for God. We want to know what tomorrow will bring to our children and our grandchildren. We don’t claim to be gods, but we still want to know what God knows in order to be reassured. Isn't it Satan who keeps us in our weakness? By using many tricks, Satan keeps us in knowledge that goes against us.

We want to know what tomorrow will bring, and Jesus, in the Gospel he told us, “Leave to my Father what is my Father's. Look at the birds – they neither sow nor reap, and yet, they eat every day. Look at the flower – it is clothed in such beauty that even the greatest of kings is not clothed like one of these.” And yet, its beauty is beyond anything that we humans are able to create.

Tomorrow belongs to God; it is God who takes care of his creation, it isn't us. If the seasons have gone by, if the seasons have always let God clothe them, that’s because the seasons trust in God. Did you know that all of creation is in the movement of the Will of God? This is beyond anything that we human beings are able to understand – creation is obedient to the movement of life.

We who claim to be superior to creation, we who claim to be filled with knowledge, we always worry about what will become of us, about how we will clothe ourselves, and about what we’re going to eat tomorrow. These worries are the consequences of our choices; we’re the ones who have chosen this.

God is coming to show us, with his love, that he is God and that we, we’re his creatures. We want to enter a world of love – we will enter a world of love when we will have understood what love is, when we will have understood what God has done for us, when we will have accepted all God has done for us. When we will give thanks to God for all God has conceived for us, we will enter a world of love with what we are. Many of those within us will travel the same path as ours, for this is what God is doing with them.

He chooses the little ones who accept to give up their lives, their lives as men, their lives as women, to live in the Divine Will and to no longer live in their human will, and this is done slowly, at God's rhythm. God is the one who knows what is good for us, God is the one who comes to speak in our interior. God knows his little souls and he will continue to speak to his little souls; we all belong to him, we belong to him.

Some hear by inspiration, others hear by interior locution, others let themselves be swept up by the movement of his Will, feeling, out of love, that need to give of themselves through prayer. This is like a movement that we’re unable to control but that is nevertheless there. This takes up our entire being and God acts.

This movement is the movement of the Will of God, of the Divine Will: the interior that calls out and the child who says, “Yes, here I am.” It wasn’t his mind that answered, it was his heart; it’s his heart that learned, through Mary's love, to answer yes to his call.

The Virgin Mary calls upon all God's children to go to his Heart. The Virgin Mary teaches little children to listen with their hearts, and she herself leads the little hearts to the Heart of Jesus; and those hearts attend the school of The Love until they no longer possess their own hearts – they have the Heart of Jesus in their hearts. Then, it’s the Heart of Jesus that beats, it’s the Heart of Jesus that makes itself known, it’s the Heart of Jesus that gives itself, it’s the Heart of Jesus that offers itself, and God the Father accomplishes his Will.

All these words are in our heart. It’s the Will of God the Father that wants us to be here like very simple children. Numbers don’t matter to God, it’s the hearts that give themselves, that only want to do the Will of God and that don’t want to beat for this world.

Yes, the hearts of the chosen children are the hearts that beat for God and that don’t beat to the rhythm of this world. And this is done out of love for God, and God wants all his children, all his children who carry a yes within themselves. We must leave this up to God; God knows what is good for us, God is the one who knows what we need to hear when we need to hear it.

And God will continue to have us hear his Will in order to nourish our hearts. Hearts of stone will become hearts of love, for there is only God who can change hearts of stone into hearts of flesh, and this is happening all over the world.

Despite what we might hear and despite what we might see, God is acting inside us. The hardest of hearts that carries a yes within it, well, it will explode when God will have put within it what it needs to answer his call. There are hearts that are covered in more layers than others but God won't neglect them. He knows what has hardened those hearts, he knows what has caused those layers to build up. This is why he uses certain hearts to go out in search of other hearts, so that they too can go out in search of other hearts, going as far as reaching out to the hardest of hearts.

Mother Mary has always trusted in her Son. We who are her children, we must trust in Mother Mary; she is a model of love to us, a model of trust. Therefore, we must always have our rosary beads in our hands so as to always be attentive to her.

We must also always keep in our hearts the thought that others hear our prayer, because when there are one, two people praying, Jesus is in their midst: this is a movement of life that reaches out to all other movements of life. Such is the Church – it is the movement of life.

Thank you.