Gathering of Love With God's Action in North Chelmsford, Massachusetts,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2008-05-16 - Part 1


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Can you hear us in the back? Okay. The Lord wants us to be… is it too loud, is there an echo? So if we enter within ourselves with as much assurance as we have externally, we would receive, we would receive graces of healing and of liberation. What we’re going to do tonight is abandonment. The Holy Spirit is the only one who can enable us to hear our interior. Therefore, let’s be instruments of love for our brothers and our sisters of the world: let’s give up our interior to God.

God wants to use his children in order to help those who don’t want to be instruments in God's hands. It is God who is the Vine-grower, it isn't the shoots; therefore, we must put ourselves in the hands of the One who knows us. If we look at what we have become, we’ll notice that we haven't understood God's loving plan for each one of us. When we came into this world, it was God who chose us and he knew we were coming into a world of suffering, he knew we were going to be at the mercy of others. We were born into families of suffering. Take a look at our mother, take a look at our father – they too were chosen to come on earth into a world of suffering.

What we see around us is God's power. Stop looking at the suffering outside and look at God's power: we will discover a God who has taken care of us despite all the things we refused him; we will discover his tenderness, we will discover his patience.

If today we’re gathered here to hear what is happening within us, that’s because there's faith inside us. Without faith, without the Father's tenderness, we wouldn’t be here; he's the one who nourishes us through his Son. We should believe in what we say: “Give us this day our daily bread…” Therefore, if we turn to God the Father so he can nourish us daily, that’s because there's something inside us that is sincere. If there's something inside us that to us seems to be true, that’s because we have also seen what was true externally.

Since a few days, the Lord has been sending us, Nicole and me, to speak about what rises up within us by the power of the Holy Spirit: these are movements of love. The Holy Spirit enables us to hear what is within you and this generates the teachings you are hearing.

We have heard about movements of life that have been contaminated by the movements we agreed to give to Satan. Yes, we have left movements in Satan's hands; however, we also have pure movements within us that haven't been contaminated. Yes, we have idolized unwillingly; however, we have also willingly wanted to love God with all our strength. We have wanted to love our children with all our heart, we did what was best in order to raise our children, but what was best was what we were able to give them. God wants to show us that there are actions inside us that we must carry out for our children. Every day, God the Father nourishes us; every day, we receive from the Father, through the Son, graces that show us we have worth.

Even though our children reject us, even though our grandchildren think that grandmother and grandfather are strange, there's something inside them that always connects them to love. Even if sometimes our teenager says, “I hate you”, we know he doesn’t hate us, and this is because he's putting his feelings first, before his heart, and we know the day will come when he will understand that he still loves mom and dad.

What is it that ensures that this feeling remain despite the fury, despite the anger? It’s that inside us, there's that nourishment which comes from the Father, and do whatever you wish, you aren't able to remove it from yourselves: it’s part of us. Even those who say, “I don’t believe in God, I don’t believe he exists”, that love is still inside them. God put his love into every child he chose to come on earth, and it is with this that we walk on earth, it is with this that we speak, that we see.

Even if we took our eyesight, which comes from God, and we used it to look at scenes of obscenity, God was taking care of that eyesight. That eyesight belongs to God, it is ours through God. The first time we looked at a scene of obscenity, God could have made us blind. If he gave us sight, he's able to take it from us whenever he wishes. It’s the same thing for speech: we used speech and we spoke against God, we spoke against ourselves and against our neighbour. The first time we said, “Mom, you’re not nice; dad, I can't stand you”, oh, he could have made us mute – he has done this in the past. Remember the father of John the Baptist – in an instant, he was no longer able to speak, but God restored his ability to speak.

We have a God who has all power over us, and so, imagine when we doubt God – there we are, praying, “I'm sick and you don’t heal me”: we’re judging our God. We want him to do our will, and despite all this, God continues to make our heart beat. He could stop it, he has this power. He put his love inside us because he loves us and he wants us to use his love so we can present our life to him. He wants us to go forward in this sick world because he has faith in us. He knows that through our suffering, we will get through this world of suffering and that we will show others that God loves us.

We do this every day: think of all the times we see those we love and we encourage them, we encourage them to go forward, to not think of destroying themselves. In that moment, we’re no longer even thinking of our own suffering, we’re putting the suffering of others before ours. We have lost a child and we go comfort a mother who has just lost her child; we have lost a husband and we hug a person who has just lost her husband; we have a child who has cancer, and we understand and help a person whose child has cancer; we were once an alcoholic, we lost everything – our house, wife and children – and we go help those who are alcoholics; we’ve been to prison and we go speak to a youngster, “Be careful because you might go to prison.” It’s as if suffering were enabling us to go where others aren't able to go. What is this courage that enables us to forget ourselves in favour of others? This is love.

In our life, we have carried out actions, movements that have made us sick. When we’re afraid to go to bed at night because we believe we’re going to have nightmares, this is what being sick is. When we’re afraid to answer the telephone after seeing the name on call-display, and we know that person is our child who has just lost her husband, well, our movement of love is sick: we no longer have any strength, we’re at the end of our rope. When we take a look at ourselves and we feel that our life is at the lowest point possible, this is what being sick is because suicide is an illness, despair is an illness: these are movements of life which have been contaminated by sin.

Sin doesn’t belong to us; sin is Satan, sin is evil. We are not evil; we are children of God, we were chosen by God the Father to be in this world. Yes, we’re sick, but we’re not bad people, we’re not evil. We are children of love, but children of love who need to turn to God the Father, children of love who need to believe they are saved by the Son, children of love who need to know what dwells within them, children of love who need to understand that what they’re doing is something that entered their flesh.

When we go see the doctor and he says to us, “You have cancer,” then we say, “I know what I have; I know why I'm so weak.” God comes to speak in our hearts to show us that we are sick. He comes to tell us that if we’re egotistical, envious, abusive, that’s because we’re sick. You wouldn’t go to the doctor if you didn’t think you were sick. God says, “Believe you are sick because I say that you are. If you judge your neighbour, if you think that I do not act in your life, then you are in need of healing.” We need God now more than ever; we need to understand what we have done in our life, we need to understand what we neglected to do in our life, we need to understand our life in God.

For years, we’ve been living in the world; we’re not part of an imaginary or deceitful world because we aren't made of the imaginary, we’re made of truth. We are true children, we aren't made of mistakes; and so, why are we struggling with mistakes in our life? That’s because we accepted this; we accepted lies as the truth. We’re lying to ourselves. When we say to ourselves, “I'm incapable of loving”, we’re lying to ourselves. Why do we have such thoughts? The Liar ensured that this entered us, and so we entered into the lies. We who were children of God, children of truth, it’s as if we gave Satan part of our life and he made lies enter our life. Therefore, to us, lies became a part of life.

It’s wrong to believe this; lies are not a part of life, lies are a part of death. Those who use this movement of death do so because they want to: they choose it. Why do they choose to be in a movement of death? Because they’re unaware. They’re unaware of the harm they cause themselves, they’re unaware of the harm they cause those they love, and so they think they can help themselves and help others by not telling the truth.  

Lying doesn’t nourish life, lying contains no movement of love, lying doesn’t bring people together, lying has no warmth, lying doesn’t bring joy, lying contains no peace; it is a movement of death, it is a movement of darkness. When we enter into this movement, we have nothing to receive and we have nothing to give.

What is love? Love is a movement: the Father and the Son who give, you in me, me in you, movement of love that never stops and is the Holy Spirit – the Light, the Light that reveals itself always, the Light that never stops giving of itself. There are no shadows in the Light, there is only truth.

Jesus, when he came on earth, he said, “It hates lying.” There were no lies within Jesus because Jesus is the Truth. How come we have used lies in our life? We have even said, “Ah! I don’t know! I didn’t tell the truth, it would have hurt him too much.” We have even noticed that a person had gained weight and we didn’t tell the truth; we said, “Of course not, you haven't gained any weight,” and yet, the scale was right there, and our eyes are as good as any scale.

Lies are inside us because one day, a person was tempted. Temptation is Satan: the darkness, nothingness, anything that is inert, cold, joyless and without peace. Death is Satan: the Liar. He cannot give us lies if we, we don’t accept them. In order for our flesh to come to know lies, it was necessary for this to enter our flesh. Therefore, someone had to give a movement of truth to Satan and Satan added his movement of death, his lie, anything that is not life. And then, this entered life and caused a movement of truth to become sick. We still had our movement of truth, but it was contaminated; now it was impure, and we used that movement. We were faced with something, we knew the truth but we didn’t want to say it: we wanted to obtain something that was alive, and so we took our movement of truth contaminated by lies, and we used it, and so what we were saying wasn’t the whole truth, it was contaminated by lies.                

But if we take a look at a contaminated movement, it still has life. We cannot extinguish life – life, it belongs to God – except if we say no at the moment of our last judgement, the judgement that takes place when we die on earth, then we refuse life. On earth, and as long as our no at our last judgement isn't absolute, there is life. Even if that movement is contaminated and impure, there is life. But whatever is impure, whatever is contaminated makes us sick – it isn't pure – it enters our eyes, our thoughts, our words, our ears, our actions, our feelings. With what we are, we carry out movements of life, impure ones, but then we live the consequences of these: we fall into anger, into disappointment, into jealousy, we make ourselves suffer and we make others suffer; and someone who suffers is someone who gets sick.

Lies have led us to illness, lies have led us up to earthly death, lies have led us to shortening our life on earth. Why are children born and when they’re barely five years old, they die? Our impure movements contributed to shortening the life of a child. That child needed truth, that child needed love, that child needed confidence, that child needed help in order to be protected from illness, from accidents, and he didn’t receive what was his right to receive.

You see, we’re all God's children; we’re all connected to one another because we have life within us, and this life is the same life that flows in every one of us. Every one of us has God's love within him, and it is the same love that flows in every one of us. As long as we are not told what we have done, we will suffer and we will continue to be sick. God is in the process of teaching us and this isn't to satisfy our curiosity. We received life and we received a yes. We received the right to say yes to God, but, at the same time, we also received a no because of human will. We were created for the yes; we weren't created in order to discover a no. Yes: this is goodness, this is everything that is peaceful, this is everything that is joy, this is everything that is pure. It is: “Your Will, Father, your love, Father. What I am is yours and what you are, you give to me. I am nothing but I am everything through you. You give me everything out of love, and therefore, I give you everything out of love.” This is the Divine Will, the Will of God. We are of God, we are made of everything that is God. We didn’t need evil, we didn’t need to know what would one day become evil.

When Satan tempted Eve in order to affect life: Adam, Adam and Eve had no knowledge of evil; they had no need to be aware of evil; they were life, they belonged completely to God – everything God had, he would give to his children. Satan did whatever he could to tempt Eve. Eve, who owed obedience to God, who should have only been in God's light, was a pure movement of life. But an impure movement: nothingness, a nullity, a void drew close to Eve: temptation. That temptation, she responded to it.

When she went to Adam, who was life, she was in temptation and she wanted Adam to be in temptation as well. The movement of life was before temptation; the first to have received the movement of life was before temptation. If he had said, “I refuse. I want God, not you”, Eve would have obeyed Adam, she would have obeyed the truth. Therefore, temptation would not have become known to the movement of life. Eve, Eve had received part of life in order to be created. If Adam had remained in that unconditional love for God the Father, he would never have known his human will, life would never have become impure – never. Eve would have been obedient to life because Eve was not aware of temptation through the flesh; she would have been obedient, truthful, in the light, but this struck them, struck the life that was Adam.

It was Adam who received the breath of God. When Adam received the breath of God, he received God's love. In order to be created, Eve received part of life. No one present could have been here without part of Adam’s life. It isn't the woman who gives life to the egg, it is man, but she's the one who receives it and she's the one who takes care of it. Adam is the life of God's Life. God is the Life and Adam received life from the Life. If today our life is contaminated, that’s because our flesh bears the consequences of life. When Adam understood what he had done, he asked God for forgiveness, he regretted his disobedience, he always walked with his head turned towards God, and Eve as well, because they knew, they knew they had disobeyed God, they had responded to temptation.

When Cain was tempted, it was the flesh, the flesh that answered yes to evil. Cain’s thoughts were living, were in the movement of life. He had to always look towards God, he had to always ask for God's help, to have faith in God. It was the same for his words, and the same for his hearing; it was as if his entire being of life was meant to respond to God's request.

When Adam and Eve were in Paradise, everything was natural within them, everything was effortless, everything was there, it was within them; they were continuously connected to that movement between God and them; but due to disobedience, now their entire being and their flesh had to be turned towards God: it was necessary that they not forget this.

Why was Abel offering the best of his flock to his God of love? That’s because he was grateful for what God was giving him. He was aware of this gratefulness because he knew that he had to be an obedient child of God. This would have come naturally if there had not been disobedience. This movement between the Creator and the child would always have been there, but now, he was aware that he owed everything to his God, that he had to offer the best to his God and this required an effort from him.

Well, it was the same thing for Cain: he was supposed to offer the best of his harvest, but, there he was, letting Satan, the impure spirits, tempt him. He, the movement of life, had just given: he himself was choosing to give a movement of life to death. And so, death entered that movement of life and contaminated it. Cain could have said, “I refuse, I will not enter into this temptation.” He had that right, he knew his God of love, he knew he had been created by God, but he didn’t do so. Therefore, a movement came to contaminate another movement: the movement of jealousy had been contaminated, maintaining another movement of vengeance, of anger.

Satan didn’t dwell in Cain, but Satan, who has no movement because he is inert, who is darkness, who is nothingness, took whatever moved and then, he would use it. It was necessary for him to approach Cain; he had to turn to something that was movement of life: life. And then, he contaminated a movement of love; that movement of love became a movement of jealousy, of anger, of vengeance. Despite all this, all those contaminated movements, he still had the strength to say no. Evil was before him and he knew it; then he killed his brother. He even tried to hide this from God, but God wanted Cain to realize what he had done: “What have you done with your brother?” God knew he had killed his brother, but he wanted Cain to know what he had done: “What have you done with your brother?” Do you think God wanted to crush Cain because of his sin? He wanted him to realize that he had done something wrong to life, his Life. He wanted him to be able to come back to him.

He will do the same for us: he wants us to understand everything we have accepted in our life; he wants to show this to us, and it isn't with the intention of crushing us – he wants us to be able to give him everything that makes us suffer, and this is what he wanted to do for Cain. When he asked Cain, “Where is your brother, what have you done?” Cain defended himself, and God was saying these words to him in order to enable his movement of life to emerge from him. God wanted to hear his son, he wanted to hear his creation say to him, “I hurt my brother, forgive me,” but he didn’t do this, he defended himself.

Lying came to strike him: the mark he received represented unfaithfulness to God, lying to God. One doesn’t lie to God because God knows everything, God sees everything. And so, he wants us to see our life, he wants us to know what our life is, he wants us to be what he is, he wants us to be truth. God sees all, and so he wants us to see him. God knows everything – he wants us to know this. By seeing and by knowing, we will be able to give him what Cain should have given him: his wound, his weakness.

This is what he expects of each one of us. He sent us his Son out of love and his Son showed us how to turn to the sacraments in order to take care of our soul. He gave us his Son so we could eat his Flesh and drink his Blood – the Life – so we could taste his Life, so we could fall in love with the Life, so we could desire only the Life. How could we have wanted life without tasting the Life? How could we have wanted to love life without loving God, who is the Life? It was necessary for Jesus to come and show us that the Life is The Love, that what we are is life. How can we want the Life if we don’t taste it? How can we thirst for the Life if we don’t drink from the source of the Life? This is why we have the Eucharist, this is why we eat and drink of The Love. This is what Jesus wanted in the very beginning: that we love his Father, that we know his Father, that we see his Father. Those who saw Jesus saw the Father and tasted the joy of being loved by the Father. All this was to lead us to where we are today. If we hadn't learned to love the Life, to adore the Life, to want the Life, today we wouldn’t have this need to know who we are.

It is to Jesus that we owe our desire to know what happened in our life. It is through the yes of Mother Mary, the Immaculate Virgin, that we are able to go to the Son, to the Life. Heaven comes to speak in our hearts because we are linked to one another. We are life, you are my life, I am your life and we are life, and the Life is God. At this very moment, the Holy Spirit is linking us to one another, the Holy Spirit is enabling us to hear our life.

Earlier, at the fifth decade of the rosary, Jesus said, “Abandon yourself. God will speak in their hearts. You will know nothing before uttering the words, for you are just as impure as they are. You must know your life just as they will know their lives: you will carry out the same movement as they will, you will learn to give yourself on behalf of others, like the alcoholic who wants to help another alcoholic, like someone who beat his children wants to help another who beat his children.”

We all have things to learn from God and not from human will. We must, all of us, give God all our movements contaminated by evil. What Cain should have done, we, we are doing it at present: we’re learning to open up our interior and to look at it without hiding ourselves; we’re learning to not accuse our brothers and our sisters, but rather to love, to love who we are. It was Satan who did all he could to keep us in ignorance; by contaminating our life, our movements of life, he keeps us in his power.

The 20th century has been a century that brought us to the depths of our sufferings. Ever since the first sin, men have been suffering and women have been suffering, but they kept their heads above water to avoid drowning in their troubles. But since the 20th century, we have sunk to the bottom: we’re drowning in our tears, we’re suffocating ourselves with our lies, we’re becoming completely paralyzed because of our actions, which were only meant for ourselves – we have become the ‘self’, we are little gods, we are the cause of the suffering of all our brothers and sisters of the whole world.

Involuntarily, we have made our children suffer; this is because the 'self' has become the world’s poison. We have looked at our children so many times and have not understood their suffering. We saw that they were committing sins but we lacked mercy. We haven't been merciful towards ourselves, so how could we be merciful towards our children? We refused to look at what we had done, at what our parents had done.

What we have done is to lack love towards ourselves. We have never realized that we didn’t love ourselves enough. We have to learn to love ourselves in order to see ourselves as sinners who need only God and no one else other than God. What we have given ourselves is everything that was unnecessary: we live in a world of knowledge; we live in a world of consumption; we live in a world of power, of domination, of vengeance; we live in a world of anger; we live in a world that is desperation. This is what we are: we are desperate.

Where there is love, there is no desperation; where there is love, there is only life, and so let’s leave it up to God to teach us that we are nothing but love, let’s leave it up to God to teach us that we are nothing but hope. God will show us how much he loves us just as he has been doing so for some time. Everywhere in the world, the Mother of God appears; everywhere in the world, we see instruments of God who speak, not in their name but rather in God's name; they have agreed to no longer use their human will.

During these times, Heaven speaks to us and Heaven is nothing other than God. We have much to learn even though they are teaching us even more. As many times as we have sick movements within us, this is how many times we will have to learn. How many times have we listened to the Gospel? And how many times have we needed to listen to the Gospel again, knowing that we’re always learning? We need nothing more than the Word of God, we need nothing more than this.

What we’re learning tonight is exactly what Jesus told us in the Gospel. When Jesus came on earth, he came to speak to us about his Father, he came to speak to us about us. What he's doing today, he has always done so and he will continue to do so because we need to learn, and learn, and learn. What hard heads we have! And what nerves of steel we have to put with ourselves!

And now, we will take a moment to rest, and afterwards, if you wish and if it isn't too late for some people, you can ask some questions and they will be answered.