Gathering of Love With God's Action in North Chelmsford, Massachusetts,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2008-05-16 - Part 2


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Now, if you wish, we will begin the second part. We said earlier that we would share our thoughts: you ask questions and the Spirit of God answers.


Q.  Is it possible to go back to the example of the five year-old child who died because of his parents’ sins?


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The child didn’t die because of his parents’ sins. When a five year-old child dies, it’s as if the child dies because of the consequences of all sins. Every child who was created, willed by God the Father, wasn’t meant to know death. Death came because of the existence of sin. Death is a consequence of choices made before sin.

Adam and Eve were not meant to know sins, none of God's children were meant to know death. Death is a consequence of evil. Evil has affected us because we weren't able to say no to Satan: to temptation. Temptation took a movement of life and it poisoned a movement of life, which is the reason why, now, every child comes to know earthly death.

Every child of God chooses whether he wants eternal life or eternal death. When a child dies on earth, he doesn’t come before his judgement just yet – there's still a short moment left during which he must choose. There's a difference! Between death on earth, which means that the body is at rest, and the soul, which is the one that appears before its judgement – which one is life, the soul or the flesh? The soul is life and it gives life to the flesh; so this means that the tiny little child is living the consequences of having lacked graces. Do you remember earlier? Every child of God is joy and peace; he receives tenderness from the Father, patience, protection and love: every child of God needs this.

We are all connected to one another. We have life; therefore, the Life nourishes life. When we’re all together in joy and when there's peace, there's no disagreement in a gathering, there's communication. It’s as if joy had infected everybody: there's an effervescence. There's joy and happiness in the room. This is because our spirit has the spirit of everyone else; our eyes look at others and we’re all the same. Therefore, our words, the words we say, every one of us, we speak the same language! And our gestures are under the influence of this entire movement of life, and so are our feelings – we have joy, we communicate love; life is filled with joy, and so, together, we are careful not to hurt anyone; therefore, we protect everyone. If people were like this all over the world, there would be sharing, respect, purity, obedience to God, trust in God. This is what would ensure that we had trust amongst ourselves, joy amongst ourselves, happiness. No one would want to be above others; there would be happiness among us.

But this isn't how we are. When we find ourselves back in the spirit of the world, we find ourselves caught up once again in hatred, envy, jealousy and anger. All these feelings, and there are others, make us sick. Someone who is sick is someone who isn't able to give what he is: life. Consequently, we don’t take care of ourselves; outwardly, we tend to be liars, jealous, hypocrites, disappointed; we lack trust in God. We pray but we don’t believe 100% that God will answer our prayers, and so we find ourselves in danger. We don’t protect God's treasure because Satan is stealing our movements of life; he's poisoning them. This is why we become ill, this is why there's death, and this applies to people of any age.

Let’s take a look at what we’ve become: we’re sad when a five year-old child dies and we say that, for a person who’s 90 years old, it’s normal. We have become children who consider the consequence of sin as natural. Which is sadder – watching a five year-old child or an old person die? The five year-old child will judge himself before The Love, but he will see himself as love; he will say yes because he's pure. If he was baptized, he will go directly to the Kingdom of God. If he has the original sin, there will be a priest to baptize him in the Holy Spirit and then he will go directly to the Kingdom of God. But the 90 year-old person will look at his life, he will judge himself in the face of all his actions, and what sadness when he judges himself unworthy of going to the Kingdom of God the Father! He will have to go through the purification. All this is the consequence of temptation: our bad choices before sin.

To God, there's no difference whether he's five or 90 years old; this is his child, either one is just as precious to God the Father. We look at this from the outside: this one represents youth and beauty, and the other old age in a steady decline, but not to God: each one is his creature. Therefore, we need to give ourselves, we need to let God teach us so we can have the Heart of God. To have the Heart of God is to have the Heart of The Love, an unconditional love, and an unconditional love has no age.

Let’s not be sad in the face of death, but let’s trust that God will do everything so that person might be in his Kingdom. God is in love with his children, he takes care of them, he gave his Child for us. Let’s be joyful because a life on earth, oh, it is so short! But eternity… eternity spent savouring the gaze of The Love, hearing the words of The Love, seeing the flesh of the Flesh, and being happy for eternity, forever and ever.  

One day, I had the joy of experiencing something wonderful. In 2001, I lost my husband. A few months later, I would live a wonderful moment with him. God said to me, “Shut your eyes.” I was sort of lying down and my back was towards my cupboards, and I could feel the sun on my face. Then, inside me everything became filled with so much light, so much light. I was in a place, I don’t know where, but it was wonderful! God's light was in front of me: all I could see was the immensity of that light. And beside me was my husband. My husband was alive and I was alive: I was living a moment in eternity. And what I felt, I have never felt before; it was happiness, the happiness of being with a being that God had enabled me to know – my husband – because I was before God. What I was seeing was the presence of God in my life, with him, for eternity.

This is unknown to us here on earth. It’s a perfect happiness, and it’s as though our entire being was in harmony with what is before us – it cannot be explained. So, let’s rejoice because one day we will live in perfect happiness with the beings God wanted for us. Happiness exists and it is eternal. On earth, we haven't yet experienced this happiness.

One day, Jesus told us that we would come to know happiness on earth. If this is for us, thank you, Lord, but if this is for those who will come after us, the children of our children, thank you, Lord. What is important is to be where God wants us to be and when God wants us to be there.

Never forget that we’re here on earth for God the Father. God won't deprive us of his presence. Even those who will come to know an immortal body, at a certain point in time willed by God, they will have to come before God and be in his Kingdom. This is why we are created.

Pray for those who leave us, they need us. The little five year-old child who is pure, he intercedes on our behalf so we can pray for the 90 year-old person who is going to die.

Thank you, Lord.


Q.  If the 90 year-old person who dies had learned what the Lord is now teaching us to give – cause, choices and consequences – would he have presented himself before God the Father in the same state of purity as the five year-old child, and it wouldn’t have been necessary for him to go to Purgatory?


A.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: All those who have begun the purification of the flesh know they must keep themselves in a state of grace: they love to receive the Body and the Blood of Jesus. All those who have begun to let themselves be purified by Jesus, the Flesh, won’t need to go to Purgatory, but there's something that has already begun for them – the joy of living the resurrection of the flesh along with the purification of the flesh, which has already been accomplished.

There are some who have completed their purification of the flesh but who must sustain others in order for them to continue their purification of the flesh. The purification of the flesh will be completed the moment when the last child says his total yes: “I give up my human will, I want to live only through Jesus.” When the resurrection of the flesh takes place, that child of God will be joyful to see his flesh completely purified.

The saints who are in Heaven and who left their flesh, which is at rest, their flesh hasn’t been purified yet. At this very moment, they’re with us to help us live the purification of the flesh, because when we accept to give God an impure movement and we say “cause, choices and consequences” for ourselves and for all those we carry within ourselves, this contributes to their flesh receiving purification as well.

We are life and the movement of life cannot neglect any life, and it’s the same thing for the souls in Purgatory. The souls in Purgatory intercede and pray for us so we can live the purification of the flesh. We help one another: life helps life. The flesh belongs to God and when we love God, we want to give back to God everything that belongs to him.

We must believe that we’re all together to live this unique moment. What has begun is the purification of the flesh and there won't be a second one; there will be only one movement: the purification of the flesh.

God waited until we were ready. If this had come earlier we would have said no; we loved our human will too much. It was necessary for us to realize that our human will, with its yes or its no, has led us where we are today.

Don’t forget that Adam and Eve wanted to take themselves for little gods, and little gods are beings who believe they are like God and that they are able to converse with him. And so, we had to learn: to learn that we can do nothing and God can do anything; we had to learn that our human will has always been against us; we had to learn to love the earth, but not more than ourselves. To love ourselves more than the earth is to want to journey towards God the Father with joy. It will be necessary for us to learn to want only what God wants to give us and this, he will do it slowly. It doesn’t matter whether or not we have hair, it doesn’t matter whether we leave this world at five years old or at 90 years old, it doesn’t matter whether we leave with two legs or one leg, it doesn’t matter whether we look like Clark Gable or we look like a leper – whatever we are, we are so through our interior – this is what we need to learn. When we give everything to God, that’s when we receive everything. So let’s not be afraid to give him what is important to us: our dear flesh.

Let’s love our God unconditionally, let’s love our children up to the point of giving them to him knowing they’re much better off with him than with us. We haven't quite reached that point yet: we would like to give them, but once he has taken them, we still grieve for them. But God will help us to give him our sick movements. Amen.


Q.  For three years I have been going through some very difficult things: there's a part of me that believes everything will end, but on the other hand, sometimes I'm so overwhelmed by the weight of all this that I don’t know what to do.


A.  God the Father: When life entered you, it showed you that you belonged to the Life. When you breathed this air, the air of this world, you slowly forgot, you slowly forgot who I am: you learned to look at this world, you learned to become attached to this world, you fell in love with what you were seeing.

Child of love, what you are is life within the Life. You are my child, you belong to no one else but me. I take care of every life that belongs to me. Every child who is born is my Life. If even one child is suffering, I go quickly to comfort him; if even one causes suffering to another, I go quickly to comfort them; if even one lacks faith in me, I go quickly to hold him; if there are others who do not believe in me, I go quickly to cover them with my protection. I am a pure Spirit, I take care of all those I love.

Discouragement comes from suffering. The fear of never knowing happiness, the fear that others might never know happiness comes from suffering. I gave my Life: my Son came upon the Cross to show you to me, saying, “Father, here I am. I trust in you. I know you love them because you gave me up and I went all the way to the end. My love is yours and your love is mine.”

How, little children, can you understand this language? You are so wounded. Let me rock you with my words of love, let me show you the light so you may walk in the light, let me cover you with my peace so you may be children of hope. I will teach you to reject suffering by giving it to my Son, I will teach you to speak with confidence.

The flesh is mine; the soul, the soul speaks the language of love. Your tongue, my children of love, is against you, but when you give me a part of your life, I hear what your tongue wants to give to me. Do you believe that your tongue is not a movement of life? It is a sound of love; it comes to speak in my ear; it comes to say to me, “I am your child, take care of me,” and then, I hear and my Word makes itself heard; I flood the soul with my graces of love and of patience so the flesh may continue its journey on earth.

Be courageous, my children. I give you my strength. Be an image of love for those who need to know that God has conquered evil. Be my soldiers of love, for evil has been conquered. You are my little chosen ones for this time of love. I have chosen you so you may be instruments of love to those you love. You are all ready for what is to come.

You have often asked me, “When will come the time when we will live in your Will, when we will see that God exists, when we will hear your Will?” Behold, it is here. Therefore, go forth, my children, and have faith.


Jesus: Do not keep track of time; time is too precious for this. You will go forth among those who cry, among those who hurt themselves: you will give to me, you will learn to keep your peace, you will learn to increase your faith, you will learn to love unconditionally, you will learn to be my children of the Divine Will. At this very moment, my little beloved ones, you are pioneers in my world of love: I am teaching you to build with my words of love, with the Heart of The Love. My Mother is asking you to consecrate yourselves to her Heart. She has brought your heart into the Heart of Jesus and it has disappeared into the Heart of Jesus. It is the Heart of The Love that beats within you, my children. Therefore, have faith; all has been accomplished. It is together, my children, that I enable you to go forward, and I am teaching you to take with you all those who have fallen to the ground beneath the weight of their suffering. Now, go forth with them, for me, your God of love.

I love you, my children. Such is my Will.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: What we’re living, we’re living it for God, so let’s live it all the way to the end. Thank you, Lord.


Q.  Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations, we give our anger, our fear, what is causing us anxiety; we give, we give and we give, but peace doesn’t return. What should we do to bring peace back?


Jesus: When I was on earth, I looked at my Father's children: suffering was etched on their faces. They learned to trust in the One they followed. They looked at the One on the Cross who had promised them the Kingdom of God on earth. In the very beginning, they were afraid, they cried, they hid themselves, they waited, and my Father sent them strength, and they emerged in order to preach, to heal, liberate, and this took place without ever stopping.

Today, priests confess, priests administer (the sacraments); they are always there, listening to sins and they forgive ceaselessly, ceaselessly, and they do not stop for they know the love of the Mercy. Every child must live this. Every child must give his suffering, must give his choices before suffering, for it is caused by sin. As long as there is suffering in this world, the flesh will cry out, “I have had enough, I cannot endure this any longer,” and the flesh will begin to ask God, over and over again, “Help me because I feel that I am worn out.” Whenever a child has given a movement of life to temptation, and that temptation entered life to poison it, every flesh will have to remember why it is suffering.

This means, my children, that you will feel pain in your flesh. The more you give the cause, choices and consequences, the more that pain will become, to you, the joy of giving yourselves. Yes, you will feel discouraged; yes, yes, you will feel pain because your flesh is permeated with it, but the more you give to me, the more your flesh will receive healing, the more you will be freed of temptation.

You will help those who are weighed down. When your children will approach you and will make you suffer, and you will feel that your interior is in great pain, you will give the cause, choices and consequences for yourselves and for those who are within you. Remember that you are life and that life is within you, and that no life is missing within you; you cannot separate yourselves from your brothers nor from your sisters. The more you give, the more your pain will be changed into a pain of love, of joy and of peace.

When Satan will want to attack your own children, he will collide with peace; he will not be able to get through and the flesh of your children will begin to feel the effects of grace: your grace of peace. Do you believe, little children of love, that this is not worth the trouble? Then give, my children. Give as many times as there have been words uttered against God, against you and against your neighbour, and this, from the beginning, when the first word against The Love was uttered. Now, count the looks, if you are able to, that have not been love. You see, little children of love, you are pioneers and when you are the first, it is very demanding to uproot trees that have been there for thousands of years: the roots are so deep! But nothing is impossible to God and anything is possible to children who trust in God. Amen, my children of love.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: And so, we will end here. Alleluia! Thank you, Lord.