This page contains information that does not necessarily concern activities directly linked to the Girl of My Will in Jesus. It is an additional tool for the diffusion of God's word. It provides a way to announce events or other means that can aid others in coming to know, to love and to serve God. 


It is here that you might, for example, find information regarding pilgrimages, prayer gatherings, books, videocassettes, etc.







It is in a spirit of love for ourselves and for all the children of the world

 that we must learn to eat well, to nourish ourselves well.

Spelt, a cereal that has kept its nutritional value in spite of the changes

that the other cereals have undergone, has been protected by God.

Let us go there to draw strength; we will also discover reliable

 friends in the vegetables, fruits, meats and plants that God

 recommends to us through Saint Hildegard.


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