Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus




Jesus:             All is in the Will of God, all must be accomplished in God's love.

In the presence of the Holy Spirit, this child speaks in God.

It is we, the Divine Will, who have chosen her for this time: this time of love, this time of graces.

Everything must be only for God.

You, my children, you are the work of God; God accomplishes his work within you when you give him your life;

life in God is to discover your presence in the Life.

This world in which you live is very far from acknowledging itself as it really is: it must live in order to acknowledge that it is alive; if it lives only of its human will: it can only perceive what it is externally, not what is inside it.

Life is in each one of you, life in God is full of life.

When you live your life while acknowledging that you are only children of this world: you declare that you are children who are not alive.

Only God is the Life, life is within each of you; life: it moves, it loves, it shares, it gives, it offers itself,

life, for God, in God, with God: such is the movement of life.

When you see a child and that child is looking at you, if your eyes are met with life: you will see in that child his tenderness, his gentleness; you will discover in that child the presence of his life.

When your eyes look at a child who claims to be master of himself, your eyes are met only with eyes that are shut off from life: he is nothing more than words, than movements that are external to him, he cannot give what he has inside him because he has shut his door, therefore, he cannot discover the true worth of his life in God.

God is the Creator; he created all living things: all that which is love comes from God.

Look around, when you watch a man building a house, you are seeing motions produced by him, but they are motions nourished by the inner Life which he has within him: he cannot produce works of his own accord.

God gave intelligence: intelligence comes from God, comes from The Love.

I am The Love, I nourish each of you.

Human intelligence is uncertain!

If a child claims to be intelligent while he refuses to acknowledge that he is in God: he draws from within himself what God has given him in order to be able to produce external movements, but those movements are viewed only by himself:

they do not produce movements of love, he bestows his own reward upon himself.

But when a woman cooks at home and she gives to God everything she has done: that woman acknowledges that she is very little, she knows how to offer her work to God, for she knows that God has placed the knowledge within her so that she can give what she has made to those she loves: she lives within herself, she takes from within herself the love God placed there.

Around her, when her children taste that meal made with love, she does not need a reward, externally, congratulating her for the meal, for she knows that God loves her, that God fulfills her; she looks at her children through God's eyes: it is the Life that she draws out from within herself.

How can one not give this woman what she gives: it is for this reason that the children compliment the mother for what they have just eaten. 

My children of love, men produce works; they must acknowledge that they are in God, they must give to God all they have produced, for everything comes from God: every work on earth was created with God's intelligence.

Just like the woman, she must acknowledge that she is in God, she must give God what she has produced.

Man and woman are creatures of The Love.

I created Adam and Eve, I created each one of you.

When man joins with woman, a movement of love is produced: a union of love; they form but one: this is a movement of love and love produces its fruit.

You are, my children, those fruits.

You are God's fruits; and so, when you perform actions: you reproduce God's work.

All is of me, the Creator: I am in my Father, I am in the Holy Spirit.

Jesus of Love is the All: you, you are in me.

When you come to nourish yourselves with my Body and my Blood, I nourish you with my love, with the Father's love, with the Holy Spirit’s love:

you form a whole within my All, you complete God's work.

God gave each of you his breath of love, and when you accept to live in God, you accept to give yourselves in the movement of God's work: and so, any work created by man or woman is a continuation of God's work.

Look around you, you will see only God's power:

all that was made by man and by woman comes from God's love.

I am the Word, I accomplish my Father's Will.

When you accept to offer me all your actions, you accept that I cover you with my Presence; and so, your actions become my actions: I offer to God the Father your actions, which are my action.

God the Father has given me everything, he placed all his blessings within me, and you who accept to die in me, to live in me: you benefit from all my Father has given me.

You as well are in the Father's movement of love because you are in me.

All must be accomplished for the sake of my Father's love, he gave you his Life: his breath of life is in each one of you.

I was given up to death in order to purify you, to purify all your actions so that you could be freed from impurities.

By bringing your impure gestures unto death, I gave my Father actions of love.

Only the Son could return to the Father all that belongs to him.

You see, my children of love, when you perform actions against The Love, I, the beloved Son of the Father, I take your actions within myself, and, through my sacrifice on the Cross, I purify your actions: my Precious Blood flows over you, all that you do, all your words, all that you think, all that you see, if these bear impurities, I, I take everything, for I took everything.

I lived your life, I am almighty: everything is movement within me.

Do you see why you must come to die in me? You must live your life in Christ: to die in Christ so that your actions might be purified.

By accepting, my children, to give yourselves to me, I show you the path to follow.

I am the Light, I guide you towards your repentance.

I instituted the sacraments: I saw to it that you were shown my Father's love.

By instituting the sacraments, I was accomplishing my Father's Will,

I, the Word, I, the love of God the Father.

Every action I carried out on earth shows you God's love, my Father's love for you.

It is up to you to come and draw from my movements of love: your purification.

They are gestures of love, gestures made by God the Son to tell you that: Child of love, I love you, give me your life, give me your actions, give me your thoughts, give me your gaze, give me everything about yourself.

I do not want you to be a slave, I respect who you are; I want to give you what my Father gave me, I want you to be in the light so that you might find the way towards everlasting life.

That life is inside you, it belongs to you, for God gave you his breath of Life.

It is up to you to decide if you want to benefit from my Presence within you; I, I want you with what you are: I am the one who will purify your actions.

When you will do tasks such as construction, if you do them in me, you will be giving my Father every one of your actions; they will be like prayers for you, they will be graces, they will make you discover: how precious you are, how good God is for you; you will see that there will be love inside you that will show you how to take care of yourself, to discover that all you do must be done for The Love.

You know, you are love, you belong to my Father!

I took your actions and I purified them.

I gave you light and it is up to you to know if you want to carry out your actions in the light, for you know, my beloved, that when you carry out actions on your own without being in the light: you are hurting yourself, and then your life suffers: you demand too much of yourself, you do not listen to your body when it is tired, over the years you develop illnesses, impatience, and fatigue; and so, you hurt yourself, and you are also hurting those you love, and those you do not know and who are around you, and also those you carry within you, for you cannot see how precious you are, for your human will is but external to you.

Give me your life, I want it in me in order to bring you eternal happiness.

And you, my little beloved of love, you who have accepted to live your life in God, you discover that God can bring you love: the love that comes from the Father, the love that comes from him: he is Father, he is Mother.

There is a movement within you: a movement of creation, and only God can nourish this movement.

Allow yourself to be taken by God, I want to bring you happiness; it is not good for you, my beloved, to acknowledge that you are only in yourself, for you cannot nourish, with my Father's graces, the child: the one you will carry, that you have carried, and that you will carry: everything is movement of love.

Do not be afraid, God is gentleness, he is tenderness; all your actions shall be blessed by God.

You are movement of love: allow yourself to be taken by The Love.

Every child here is a movement of love, every child is God's work, every action that you perform produces graces within you: they are given to you for yourselves and for those you carry.

My loves, all these words that have been pronounced have been in you, and they are for you and for those you carry within you.

The children of this world are dying, are dying for love, they do not see my Presence within them.

You who agree to come and hear God, God speaks for you, he also speaks for those who are within you: he wants to nourish all his children.

These words, my children, have been for you in your all:

you are a movement of love, you are in God's All.

Do you see the life within you? You are a movement of love in God's movement of love.

There can be no interruption in love: love is eternal, it is, love is your life in my Life.

Allow yourselves to be taken up by this movement, and when you will perform your actions,

tell yourselves that your actions produce graces for all those you carry within you.

You see, my children, when you do good deeds, you who carry within you all those who carry out actions,

you are linked through movements, and this does not stop.

Since Adam and Eve, life is; since my arrival on earth, life has been speaking to you; it tells you that you are in God's presence: you are a whole.

You can only stop yourselves if, at the moment of your judgement, there is a no:

only then will there be an end to life.

My loves, I am speaking in the present tense because within you there are children of love who have pronounced their yes: they are in your presence, and those who have been since Adam and who have refused The Love,

those children are no longer within you: they refused the Life.

You are in the movement of the Divine Will.

You carry within you all the children of the world: since the creation, and you carry the children who will come after my “visual coming” within you.

My children of love, God sent his Son on earth to teach you about his love, to teach you about his movement of life.           

I am coming soon to show you the light within you, to show you the love of God the Father.

You will all be in the presence of the Light.

You will see your works, all that you have accomplished, you will see your movements of love; and when, the ones  who will have given their yes, those children of the Light will recognize that they are in The Love’s movement : they will acknowledge themselves; they will look into the eyes of their brothers and their sisters, and they will discover the presence of God: they will be in that movement of love, but those who will have refused, by uttering a no, The Love will withdraw from them and you, children of the Light, when you will gaze upon them,

you will know that God was not able to leave his love within them.

My children of love, you are in the movement; you must give yourselves for all those you carry within you.

All actions that are given to God, are actions that help those you carry to pronounce their yes to The Love.

You must give yourselves to God.

You have begun your own purification, you are in the movement of The Love.

There will come a time when every child shall see within him all he has accomplished, and it is through the movement of The Love that he will judge himself.

God will place his love within him so that he may judge: if what he has produced bears fruits.

God is merciful, he recognizes his children.

The one who, at this very moment, performs actions without giving them to God, while within him there is gentleness, kindness: it is God himself who nourishes him, for he knows his yes, and through you, my children of the Light, through your yeses, he has received graces that will help him pronounce his yes, for he will have to accept his purification just like you, today, you accept to let yourselves be purified by God.

You see the light, you agree to live among your brothers and your sisters who do not have the gaze of God

but, you, you have the gaze of God, you see into the very depth of their beings.

God is so loving, he knows all the children who will pronounce their yes.

And so, my children of love, I am asking you, you, the children of the Light: do not judge my children, do not judge your own children!

The consequences of their actions, which they do not give to God, are their lot; you, do not judge them, for you do not know what I produce within them, through you: keep your love, keep your peace, keep your joy, do not become troubled, give them to me, offer me their life; at the Offertory, offer your children, offer their actions, bring everything to the altar: the altar is my Altar!

I am the blessed Lamb who shed his Blood to purify every action.

And so, my children, give me your actions, give me the actions of those you love, and, in the Divine Will: I will show you how to give the actions of your brothers and your sisters that you have been carrying within you since the beginning of Adam, for many children are suffering in Purgatory: they have accepted their purification.

You see, you shall be rewarded: all your actions shall bear fruits and I will show you those fruits.

Be love! I speak for some of yours, I speak for all those you carry within you.

Be the light of the world, my light within me.

This time of darkness will fade away, for you, the children of the Light, will shine; and when the light of God shines: all is radiant, all glows with purity: I will chase away the darkness from this earth; there will be nothing but beauty around you; never again will you know shadows; never again will you know darkness; never again will you know the cold; for the Light is light, is radiant, is warmth.

God is The Love! You, you are love, you are children of God.

Look at your movements, they are forming in God: you are allowing yourselves to be transformed by God.

Oh! my children, if you could see what happens in my children when you, you pronounce your yes, when you agree to give me your actions!

How great your reward shall be!

God is love, God is infinite: your eternity shall be nothing but joy, but happiness!

There shall be only harmony of love, in love, through The Love.

I will show you my Father's Will, which is to have you within him for eternity.

You are my Father's blessed ones, my Father's chosen ones for this time of love: a time of graces.

Allow yourselves to be transformed, for there will come a time when I will send you my children who will have a thirst to know the Life within them, for they will have seen The Love: they will be dying of thirst for love.

Allow yourselves to be transformed, I am the movement of The Love.

Come die in me, I am the Life, I am the Light, I guide your steps: I am the Way.

My loves, I will lead you to my New Earth: it will be beautiful, radiant, it will glow on its own.

I love you, my loves; give, give your life to God: it belongs to him.

Through The Love, God fulfills his children, he gave you sons who gave themselves out of love and,

through them, receive my surges of love.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God wants me to bear witness to his action in my life because when we talk about our daily life, we talk about what God does inside us.

The actions we carry out each day, they’re God's actions.

Before I became aware of it, I would do things, but I wasn’t aware of God's presence.

I lived my life like each one of you: we did it, with what our parents had given us, every day.

I did my best with my life, and I also did things I shouldn’t have done.

We have lots of anger, we try not to think about it too much, but when we’re in God: then, well, everything is revealed to us!

Before, I knew that what I had done was wrong, let’s say: the day before, maybe a week, I wouldn’t go too far back in the past, it was too heavy for my shoulders,

but with God, it’s different; he makes us relive our actions.

Today, I realize that when he talks to me, he talks to me much more about my good deeds than my bad deeds:

it’s really different!

That’s not how I would think if it were up to me.

Today, he talks to me about good deeds, of what I’ve done.

This week I thought: “What am I going to say at Confession?” Because he makes me go to Confession often, you know!

If I present myself four to five times a week, like in Lac Saint-Jean, it was every day; then I would finish at midnight, I would pray until one o’clock, and whoops! at seven, I was awake: he would make me go to Confession, and so I would present myself around one o’clock; so, this week, I was thinking: “What am I going to say?” But you know, in my head… so I starting thinking about the past, but he began explaining to me that when we do bad things and we go to Confession, they’re erased for him, but he said: “It is you who do not forgive yourself, learn to forgive yourself because I have forgiven you, so do not prevent my graces from nourishing you.”

This is abandonment, once again, these are actions of love;

he’s actually teaching us to discover who we really are, but our good side!

When I do my bad deeds, he passes through my conscience: I was in front of the Holy Face and I was praying, but I got into the habit of saying: - I always hear Jesus, that’s been with me constantly now for two years, it’s become my life – “Lord, you pray”. And so, I hear the prayer in Jesus, but it was my soul!

My soul began talking about my actions, up to the moment when it said to me: “You did this thing;” it had been an hour that I had spoken and said something that wasn’t right; me, I didn’t think it was such a bad thing, but my soul, it wants me to be so pure that it slowly… because it’s nourished by the good Lord, it said to me, gently: that what I had done wasn’t right towards myself and towards those I love inside of me; so I accepted everything it was telling me, through prayer, up until the moment when it said to me: “Now, go to Confession”.

So, this is really a way to purify us.

Jesus makes us understand our actions, but with gentleness.

If we cause harm, he will find the way to make us discover the bad deeds we carried out, and that’s when we have to listen.

Not for a single moment of our lives did God leave us in our sin without coming to our rescue, not a single moment: be it through an event, through a person, maybe through a thought, through our conscience that revealed it to us, through our guardian angel.

God does not stop nourishing us for a single moment, but we have to stop in order to see it.

How can we stop so we can see it, if we’re not capable of realizing that we’ve done something?

Well, he says: “That is when you take a break and I take advantage of that moment;” so, I say to Jesus: “Yes, but when I’m really busy, Jesus, what do you do?” He says that, through the work we do, sometimes, there are little breaks that we ourselves provoke.

I’ll give you an example: I was working – because I’m seeing all these things inside of me, at this moment -  I was working in construction; I was doing renovations, and when I was in the demolition stage, sometimes I wasn’t very good with my hammer, I would hit my thumb, and the others had set an example for me but I won't repeat what they would say, they were really mad, extremely mad, those things would hurt me; so, when I would hit my own thumb, so that I wouldn’t say the same things as they would, I wouldn’t say a word; over time, I began saying: “I offer it to you;” and yet, he hadn't even started talking to me!

You know, that’s how he works!

God will use moments like these to make us go forward.

Like in the kitchen, how many times have we banged our knee, our elbow, or something else!

You’ll see, if we stopped to think just a little bit, in our life, I think that there are times when we haven’t said a word: this has happened to us!

And if we were too angry, if we forgot to give it to God, he waited until we were rested to make us think about it, so that we might become aware of what we had done; this is why it happens that we have trouble falling asleep at night: we’re thinking about our day.

This is a grace!

It’s a grace also for those who don’t give everything to God during the day; so before going to bed, it’s a way to think over all our actions and, believe me, sleep doesn’t come as easily!

How many among us need ten minutes sometimes, half an hour, one hour, because we were thinking!

We knew we were going to work the next morning: “My God, I have to sleep, I have to get up tomorrow morning!”

And yet, we can’t empty our minds!

That’s because during the day: we haven’t given anything to God, we haven’t given him any room, so we’ve accumulated actions for ourselves; through our human will, and so, when evening comes and we’re resting, the body that hasn’t given itself to God doesn’t know how to rest, so it continues being active:

since our body is active, our soul takes advantage of this moment of alertness.

It’s not easy to know if it’s God, really, who wants this or if it’s our fatigue: take it as you wish, but know that your soul is alive; it is making you think about your actions: how many times have we perhaps scolded one of our children, wrongly, and at night, before going to bed, we thought about it, or maybe a word we said to our husband or maybe one word too many at work.

That’s our conscience, that God's presence.

You see, we’re always in God, we’re God's children: we don’t acknowledge that we’re God's children, but he knows that we belong to him.

Our human will: we think we’re capable of managing it, that’s not true!

God has pity on us, he makes us understand his love through our actions, through what we’ve seen in our life, with our friends, even if, today, in Quebec, we’re beating all the records: in abortions, in divorces, in suicides.

You know, vices are very much in the spotlight.

We were born on blessed ground: Quebec was built by saints; you know, even those that are not named;

the first settlers were saints, even if we don’t know all the names, for when we reach Heaven, we’re all saints!

So this means that Quebec was built by saints,

but we’ve forgotten this, but God hasn’t forgotten it.

We carry roots within us, even if we don’t feel like going to mass, even if there’s no longer any reason to not recite the rosary as a family, even if we don’t respect Sundays, well! there are people inside us, they’re there!

They’re our parents, our grandparents, our great-grandparents, they were born in Quebec,

and in (from) the early days: they sustain us.

You know, when I talk to you like this, I'm learning the same thing as you are at the same time as you because these words come to me on their own, I don’t know what I'm going to say: so I discover along with you how much God has taken care of us, how much he loves us!

It’s wonderful to live in God, and I discover it every day, and I never stop discovering God's action.

I tell myself: Lord, you have said everything. No, every movement is alive!

I've been writing down teachings since January of 2001 and, from January of 2001, I wrote until May of 2002 approximately, and now, the Lord, he's going back to his teachings; since 2002, he's been shedding more light, with more details:

it’s a movement of love.

And so, if it happens, in a text, that there's a sentence that I return to, well, not me, it’s the Lord who takes me to it, he’ll say it again in a different way because he's always in a movement of love, and if I happen to look at that same sentence the next day, if I told you that he would add to it or that he would change it somehow, always, always, always; so, sometimes, I have said: “Oh, Lord, this is too much, eh? You have a lot to say! I know that you can change all this again.”

If I had to review everything he's written since 2001 and I let him go inside me – I always let him go… : he would change everything again, but always preserving the same message!

But it’s because of the evolution of the world, the transformation of the world:

we’re in Jesus, we’re a movement of love.

And so, when God writes, he carries all these movements of love; he doesn’t stop moving, giving graces: and so, we too go forward, we’re a movement of love.

The writings are living, it’s something special to discover God's word, because when they would explain the Gospel: “I am the Word; the Gospel, it’s the Word; the Gospel, it’s alive;” ‘Yes, Lord!’ but me, I couldn’t understand this!

Now, I know that it’s living because God is living, God is a movement;

so when he wrote his Gospels, it didn’t stop there, they went on.

When he says: “Love one another as I love you,” can you see that this sentence is a movement of life?

When a child is born, do you think that this sentence is the same pronounced before his birth now that we have one more brother or sister with us?

Can you see how this movement is always part of love? It never stops!

It’s wonderful to live in Jesus: and eternity will always be like this!

Eternity has already started!

When we accept to die in Jesus, we begin our eternity that same moment: it’s not when we die!

I used to think that when we died: we would begin to live out our eternity; no, because God the Father gave us his Life: his breath of life; it’s alive, it’s a movement: so life is inside us.

That life: we have to earn it; that’s why we have to give ourselves to Jesus: we have to live in Jesus.

When we live with our human will, we live with good and we live with evil: so our life, which is eternal, suffers because of this!

We hurt our life!

When we do bad deeds, we say: “Us, we have freedom;” we hurt our eternal life; we hurt it, but God, since he is the Life inside us: he gives us graces so we can nourish it; that’s why he instituted the sacraments: to nourish our life:

to nourish his Life because our life is his, it belongs to him.

Only our yes or our no belong to us: nothing, nothing else; not our gazes, nothing belongs to us!

And so, when we do a bad deed, we have to give it to him because he carried it on the Cross; he shed his Blood so that we can purify this deed, but through our yes:

it’s only through our yes!

If we don’t give it to him, God will leave us free, he will always give us some way to make us understand:

“Give it to me, your deed”, and it’s by respecting who we are because Jesus is a movement of love.

We’re free, it’s our freedom, that’s the real one!

It’s not the one we imagined, many years ago, saying: “I do what I want because I'm free:” that, that's not freedom, that was slavery between the hands of the Seducer.

You see, our human will lives side by side with good and with evil; when we say to ourselves: “I do as I please, I'm free”: we reject God, and if we reject God: we say yes to the other one.

Our life doesn’t belong to us, it isn’t ours, there's only a yes or a no that belongs to us, nothing else!

If we say no to God, then God lets us go!

What do we do with our life? It doesn’t even belong to us!

We’ve just said to him: Lord, I don’t give you my life: so the other one is going to take it!

Satan, he's going to take it! If we don’t give it to God, the other one will use it!

We have to be careful!

It’s true that we didn’t know this; I didn’t know this, at least God knew that I didn’t know this, so he took care of me.

You see, that's what God's love is about!

Because he knows each one of us, he knows our whole interior, for we carry all our brothers and our sisters since Adam and Eve; everything that has made us impatient, angry, that has made us judgemental:

he, he knows where it comes from, us: we don’t!

That's what we need to understand in his writings.

The most beautiful word is his Gospel! That, that's his writing, that’s his Word, there aren’t two of them.

He has such pity on us!

He stirs people so that they abandon themselves, so that they give their yes.

Nothing comes from us, absolutely nothing, but he, he knows: “Okay, her, she is more willing, she is easier,” he knows our yes before we’re born; so, as he knows everything, as he's within the movements of love, he knows that we’ll accept, through yeses, these movements of love,

so, he makes himself heard in order to shed light on these teachings, in his own time!

He has chosen all his workers, he has chosen his time; because, believe me, I would have liked for the New Earth to arrive before my husband’s death!

When I began to learn that Jesus was going to show himself in all children, I didn’t know this as well as I do today; but I knew that there was the Cross of love!

When I learned this, the first time, I began yelling from the back of the bus: “I want that tape!” There were two of us, it just came out.

Come on, I who was in the back, I yelled out in the bus: “I want that tape!”

That wasn’t like me, not at all! It came out very strongly!

But when I listened to it… Ah! My goodness, I really wished it had happened before my husband had died because I had plans: my human will!

I could see myself, walking with my hand in his; it’s going to be wonderful with the children!

But this isn’t what the Lord has chosen, he's chosen his time for all the children of earth!

And so, he gives beautiful teachings of love, they’re reminders, they’re nothing new.

Just as he brings about all sorts of events, of words, of people around us to lead us to saying our yes, he made his voice heard inside of me.

I wrote and those books detail our interior.

The first one: it’s a movement, getting to know who we are in the Trinity, ah! it was wonderful!

Although at first I didn’t understand; now, I understand what he says: the writings tell about what is hidden in the deepest part of ourselves; why we get angry; why we argue; why we judge; why we must use gentle words when we speak; what is discernment? what is the infilling of the Holy Spirit? what is happening around us? He talks to us about reincarnation; he talks to us about all subjects that I myself don’t know about: like conversing with a soul, that I heard, about drugs:

all this, it’s to teach, to show those around us what they’re living,

not to judge them, but to show them how much he loves them!

They’re his children, they’re wounded children, so he explains the reason in their heart of hearts.

This is what’s going to happen with the writings, in volumes 2 and in 3, and in 4, there's another movement that is introduced: the purification, and all these writings must also bring another thing: 15 days ago I received words of love from Jesus inside myself:

he made me understand his suffering!

When a child goes to Communion in a state of sin and he receives Jesus: I saw Jesus, inside myself, everything was black, it was really black! I could see Jesus crawling, he was saying: “Follow, my daughter,” I followed him, behind; we were on our knees, on all fours, sometimes we crawled, sometimes, it was as if there were thorns protruding from a circle: and then I knew!

He made me understand that inside he suffers in different ways: his suffering on the Cross continues inside him.

I was asking myself: “Why all this?” “Yes,” – she said to me, Mother Mary – “wear the cloak of pain.”

I said: “Yes, Mother Mary.”

And then, he also told me that some children in Quebec are going to suffer internally: a very great pain, and other children on earth will help them.

These are children who are dying of hunger, these are children who don’t even have clothes to put on their backs, these are children who sleep on the streets, but with nothing.

You know, when you sleep on the street and there isn’t a coat to cover yourself, not even a sweater: nothing, well, those children have no more tears inside them, they can’t even drink as much as they would like: they’re dying, those children, and they pray, they have one faith in God and they’re the ones who will help us.

They’re the children in countries like Haiti; those children are children of God.

You know, they have faith, they have a treasure: they’re not hungry like us!

Our soul is dying, it’s dying because it doesn’t have God's nourishment.

So, he said: “My daughter, part of the profits from all you do will go to them, because I shall acknowledge your actions.”

Then I knew that he had told me, in the beginning, that a portion: one third of the profits, was to go to the poor, another was to go towards the printing, the other portion was for all expenses; but Jesus, he put something else in our hearts: he put love for our neighbour: so much love for our neighbour, that we haven’t yet taken a single penny for expenses.

We don’t want to take one penny so that we can give more, because they need us;

we need them, we need his children!

They will pray for our brothers and our sisters in Canada who are dying.

Us, we’re going to help them, ah! it’s such a little thing what we have to do, it’s not much, you know, but God will multiply it, I'm sure of it, in his own way because God is love.

So, you can see that God uses any means to save us,

to nourish our soul in his own way, delicately, with much love!

We have only to say yes, to remain silent for a short time during the day to study our actions, to give them to him: to Jesus; when we’re really busy, you know, just a tiny moment or when we’re really tired during the day: ah! Lord, I give you everything, I give you my work, I give you those who are around me, my impatience.

This tiny little bit, Jesus will take it all, you know, because everything belongs to him!

And so, I thank our Jesus of love, I thank Mother Mary, Mary is always by her Son’s side.

When Jesus will show himself within us in all his glory, we shall see God the Father, for whoever sees the Son, sees God the Father, whoever sees God the Father, sees the Son, sees the Holy Spirit and he said: “You shall see my Mother, my Mother shall be at my side.”

Do you see how spectacular this is going to be!

At this moment, our Mother is spreading her mantle over the entire surface of the earth to protect us.

“Yes, Lord,” today, he wants you to know what he has written. Even if I send an e-mail to someone, I'm not the one who’s doing it; even if I just have to write a thank you, it’s not me; he does not want this!

And so, today, when he sent a note, he said: “Gather together in love, when you carry out God's work during the corrections, pray God, remain at peace, obey my Will, renounce your human will because Satan, at night, sows doubt: he wants to stop my writings, and he has conceived a plan to stop them, but my Mother Mary is here.”

And you know, he has no power against Mother Mary, absolutely none;

and so I had no fear whatsoever!

When I wrote it, it didn’t take away the peace I had inside myself, nor the joy, because I know that God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit is the Divine Will: he loves us too much!

What has begun, started with Adam and Eve, because he said: “I shall send you a Saviour”: he sent him to us;

Jesus said: “I shall send you the Holy Spirit,” he sent him to us; he said: “My Father's Kingdom shall come,” “Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven:” that's in the Our Father, and when Jesus says something: he does it.

There's no need to worry!

And now, I thank you very much, I thank all those you carry within you because we’re one large family!

When we speak in God, when the Holy Spirit puts words inside us, it’s not only for us, it’s for those we carry; and so, today, we’re one large family, we’re with all our brothers and our sisters of the whole world: at this very moment, we’re in this movement of love: there, now I say thank you.

I say thank you to all my brothers and my sisters of the whole world, and it’s along with Jesus, in Mary, in love, that I say it to you.


Jesus:              My children of love, God has uttered these words within each one of you;

they are in union with The Love and The Love says to you: “I love you.”


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, Lord.