Gathering of Love With God’s Action in Otterburn Park, Quebec,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus




The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit : I repeat these words, they are words of love. These words belong to you, they come from God. Tonight he wants to give you evidence of his action, he is in each one of us :

God is life.


The Trinity : I speak through this child. She has consented to becoming an instrument of love on your behalf :

I myself prepared this child before you were all part of this world.

I am the Trinity of Love : within us, all is power.

Through us, we fulfill ourselves.

We have no need of others : WE ARE. We are POWER. We are the Divine Will.

My loves, within you there is the Divine Will;

        you live through us. You breathe because of love.

        your eyes were made in order to perceive movements of love;

        your ears were conceived to capture sounds of love;

        you did not come into this world to live with errors : you are perfect through us;

        you must come to us in order to discover your perfection;

        without us, you go on living without the knowledge of what you are.

You can go on searching or reading books that inform you,

but it is from inside yourselves that you must learn to give : to give your lives to us, the Divine Will.

The people of this world came to inhabit the earth through us;

I, God of love, I created its entire contents.

it was all meant to belong to you.

Everything that is in this world at the present time is in your image, not in the image of God of love.

Within me, all was purity, splendour!

There was balance : all was harmony,

but this world :

        wants to live in its human will by denying to live inwardly;

        it wants to live only with what is on the outside while forgetting what is on the inside;

        it wants to perceive colours, shapes through its own will;

        it wants to hear sounds of its own accord;

        it wants to create its works with its human will while forgetting the treasures it has inside.

We, the Trinity of Love, we have placed life within each one of you.

The life that flows within you comes from us, The Love.

You are beings of love.

Oh! my children, through this child you often hear about love, this is because I am The Love within her;

it is I who speak through her in order to reach you, to let you know who you are;

you are all instruments of love, if this is what you want!

If you want the Life to take you, you must, my loves, abandon yourselves, let everything go.

Your human will has led you to chaos :

this is what lives around you.

This world is filled with violence :

it no longer wants to love its neighbour,

it no longer wants to give up what it has built,

it has turned my contents into a selfish world where there is nothing but ugliness.

Your perspiration rises all the way up to us : you work with heaviness.

These weights are so heavy that you perspire under their weight for, within you,

there is your human will which has taken up all the room of the Divine Will.

You must get a hold of yourselves, you must learn like children, little children, how to live in God.

I am coming to change the face of your world;

I am coming to bring you what you should have had before the disobedience of your first parents :


        love in its pure state, without any faults,

        love that gives, that offers, that abandons itself, that is not demanding.

        Love, it comes from me.

        I am, I, the perfect God of Love.

        My love is perfect, it bears no faults.

This, my children, is how I want you to be, beneath your mass of faults.

Your impurity prevents you from discovering the perfect being that you are :

in me, only in me, will you become so.


Jesus : I am the Son of God, the one who gives himself to you, the one who offers himself to each one of you in order to take you.

When, my children, you approach me in the holy Eucharist, I am within you :

I make you go forward;

it is I within you who go forward;

this movement is a movement of love that I have placed within you;

no one could go towards God unless I had placed love within him :

it is The Love who calls love,

and it is The Love who gives himself through the hands of the priest,

those hands are mine :

it is I who give myself to you;

when you, you take me, I who am within you :

I take myself and I take each of you in order to make you mine, so that you may be beings of love.

This is a movement that nourishes you, that teaches you who you are.

You must recognize yourselves as you really are : children of God, children made in order to love, made in order to give. Since I gave myself to you, give yourselves, give yourselves to The Love;

I will transform you into perfect beings :

it is I who will see to it that you renounce your human will.

Very soon, my children, all will be only as I, I want it to be.

You will be divine beings through me :

it is I, God, who will divinize you.

Oh! my children, you may ask again and again : “Why are we not so since the time you have been taking us within you during Communion?”

My children, it is because you yourselves must renounce your human will; you must place it upon the paten

so that through my priest, I, the Son of God, I might present your human will to my Father.

I myself took your sins, I nullified them unto death.

I offered everything to my Father out of love for you;

you, now, you must accept to renounce your human will :

to live only for God, to breathe only for God, to see only for God, to hear only for God and to give only for God.

You must take your life and give it to God,

and I, I will fulfill it with my blessings :

I will nourish it with my Life.

My Life is grace for you. Through the sacrament of the Eucharist :

I give myself to you; through the host, I AM.

God is living within you, he gives himself to you in order to shower you with his graces.

Your soul recognizes its God;

it bows down before the celestial Beauty;

it recognizes his Divinity,

for your soul is divine, and it is your soul that keeps you alive.

My loves, without your soul, you would not be alive;

life : it is the soul,

your body is nothing more than matter;

but I, God, in my love, I created your body with earth;

I breathed a breath of love into the nostrils of my son Adam : that breath, it is life : it is my love.

God’s life, it is in each one of you.

My life is divine : it is your divine life that allows you to live out your earthly life.

Your are alive solely through me;

you must, my loves, learn that I only desire your well being;

I am asking you to renounce your life which, at present, is dying;

it is no longer in the movement of love;

your earthly life has wandered into a cold loveless world;

if you are alive :

it is because I will it for I want you all in me;

I gave myself out of love for each one of you so that you may be in my Life, within your life :

your life of love, the one that is within you, the one that knows how to discover

the true value of what is best for you.

I know that very soon each one of you will have to make a decision :

the one of completely renouncing your human will.

Yes, my loves, although you may want to live in God, for God, with God, at this moment :

your human will is holding you back;

you are still attached to your material goods

your houses,

your cars,

your hectic lives,

those sounds coming out of your televisions, your radio :

All this, my children, is part of your human will,

and, even though you had thought of giving me everything, if at this very moment, my children, I were to ask you :

“Are you ready to give up everything you have for me, only for me, and to do as my son Francis did?

Yes, like my son, Francis of Assisi?

Would you be ready, my children, to divest yourselves and to go forward towards your God without the things you have accumulated in your lives?”

Oh! my children, it is only with my graces that you will achieve this.

I have seen your world and this world, my children, is very materialistic!

and it is with my graces that they will have to renounce everything they have accumulated, out of love for me, your God,

and you, my children of love, do not be afraid, I will help you.

My Mother, my gentle Mother of love, will cover you with her maternal mantle.

Leave your hearts open,

let her tenderness penetrate it.

Mother of love, ô you who pronounced your fiat, to reach the furthest depths of this world :

you gave yourself, Mother of Love, with humility, with littleness.

Ô most gentle Mother, most worthy of the favours of the Holy Trinity, here are your children.


Mary :

I am the Mother of The Love. I am in your presence, my children.

God takes this child. He causes her to disappear so that she may be in the Divine Will. She is with you at this moment in your interior and you, you are with all my children.


I am the Mother of The Love.

I dwell in my Son’s Heart.

My Son’s Heart is in each one of you.

He is The Love, and you, my children, you are in him.

I, I am in each one of you :

I pray for you, I intercede on your behalf so that you may be ready.

My children, I, the Mother of the Divine Will, I make myself present before you in order to give you loving advice.

You are all free to accept your Mother’s advice,

and you must also know that God respects your free willl

it is up to you to pronounce your yes when he will present himself within you.

You see, this time is a time of grace;

it prepares you for the coming of my Son in Glory within you;

this time, it has been prepared for you;

it has been granted to you because my Son knows each one among you :

he knows that some hesitate,

that some are afraid,

that some do not want to give up all they have accumulated.

I, your Mother who loves you, I keep myself within you in order to help you undertake that step you must make :

it is with me that you will renounce everything you have around you

and that was made with your human will.

It was not wrong to live in order to have a home,

it was not wrong to live with the desire to obtain what was necessary to feed yourselves,

but, because of your human will, you sometimes did so with pride, wanting to demonstrate that you were capable of obtaining that home through your own means.

How many of you, my children, do prepare your meals wanting to introduce exotic ingredients, seeking to please your eyes?

You see, all this is covetousness.

I, your Mother, I will help you become very little, humble :

it is I, with the graces that the Trinity bestows upon me, who will help you.

I am present in several places, my children.

This world truly needs me to remind it that it must pray to avoid falling into Satan’s claws,

for, my children, when the moment of the Great Purification will arrive :

he will be crazed, he will want to destroy you.

Do not be afraid, I am there with you in prayer.

My children of love, say your prayers well, as the little children do;

do not ask yourselves if you are doing this the way God wants it to be done : abandon yourselves, make yourselves little :

I am the one who will help you.

Be humble!

I am your Mother and a mother knows how to take care of her children.

Do go to mass on Sunday, this day of the week is so important;

do not do as some people who prefer to prepare themselves to run errands;

here, in your country, there is a lot of shopping on Sunday :

do not follow that crowd, stay with your Mother.

Do not forget, my children, the sacrament of Penance :

it keeps you pure;

this will be very important for you;

I cannot, my children, prevent you from carrying out your human will,

but I am asking you, every day, to take one little step and to give it to my Son :

go through me, you will see that it will be easier.

I love you tenderly, my children!

Be vigilant for your soul’s enemy seeks your ruin.

There are so many graces for you, my children;

come into my Heart of a Mother, come and draw from it that source of love : this will help you.

Pray for your brothers and your sisters, give yourselves for them, they need you so much!

I, the Mother of The Love, I love you and I ask the one (the priest) who has the power to bring graces down upon you to bless you.

Go in peace, my children.


The Girl of my Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit :


In love, God accomplishes his Will. God is present : he reveals to his children how good it feels to abandon oneself in his love! We will bow down in adoration before the one who will shower us with his graces of love.