Gathering of Love With God's Action in Pepperell, Massachusetts,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus





The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Within each of us, there's a place where God wants us to be; within each of us, there is love: that’s where God wants us to be.

God put his breath of love inside us so we could always be in his presence.

We recognize that we are with God when we have love inside us; we recognize that we are love when we feel love for our neighbour.

When we feel love for ourselves and we have something against our neighbour, there are wounds that are making themselves known to us; and, as there are wounds that are making themselves known to us, this prevents us from being what we are: we become beings who care about appearances, we become false beings.

God comes to speak to us in our hearts to remind us of who we are.

The voice of God is a voice that shows us: who we are, what we are.

Who are we? Children of God. What are we? What we have become through our choices.

Because of our choices, we no longer know who we are, we think we are complete beings.

How can we be complete if we carry shortcomings towards love within us? These shortcomings towards love, if they appeared within us that’s because someone put them inside us; and if something was put inside us, then that’s because we said yes.

Our soul is from God; God created our flesh as a temple for our soul.

God didn’t give everyone the key to enter within us; we had to make the choice of opening our interior to give others access.

There are movements within us that don’t belong to us, and that’s what we live with.

Therefore, Jesus is coming to speak in our hearts; the Holy Spirit opens a passage within us, and because we give our consent, we can hear, we can hear God's Will.

As we belong to God, God shows us that his Will is the only nourishment that is necessary to our interior; God is the one who put the breath of life in us.

Consequently, our soul recognizes its God, our soul loves to nourish itself with God's love because it knows that it comes from God; our soul belongs to nobody else but God. This is why we must always be faithful to God.

If we are unfaithful to our God, then our soul no longer recognizes what it is; our soul becomes lost in this world in which we live because it doesn’t recognize the face of God.

Within each of us is our God of love; we were created in God's likeness, but when we are far from God, we no longer resemble God. It’s as if our features took on the form of the unfamiliar that is within us and that we accepted, and everything turns against us.

God is so loving towards us that he himself comes to place lights within us; we recognize God's light because it comes from God; this is within us. To search out a light that is external to us brings us nothing because that light doesn’t nourish; everything happens inside us.

The light is God's attraction to us, and ours to God. Therefore, we must allow ourselves to be enveloped by that light, it must emerge from us so as to be in our presence externally, and then, at that moment, we begin to see and to understand.

How many years have we been searching? We searched in books for what would enable us understand God's love, and this led us to the knowledge of errors because the child could not achieve understanding, the child that we are was not able to see, he was a stranger to himself.

How could he see and understand? Try as he might to search all the books, he understood nothing.

The only book that can bring us light is the Word of God, written by the power of the Holy Spirit; it’s the Holy Spirit who enables us to see and understand, and that book is the Gospel, it is the Bible.

God put this book of love within us, it’s part of our life. When Jesus left to go to his Father, he gave us the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit enables us to see and to understand what is within us, what has been placed within us.

And so, when we take the Bible in our hands, we recognize who we are; we are drawn to that book of love because it belongs to us; it’s our life that is inscribed in that book and our spiritual life recognizes this.

Why is it that when we took that book of love in our hands, we didn’t see who we were? Because we’re strangers, we have accepted what did not come from this book.

Jesus came on earth to bear witness to the Light, for the Light is God. Jesus guided us in God's footsteps to show us who we were: whoever believes in Jesus believes in the Life, believes in his life, a life of love, a life made up of God's works.

God gave us all his works.

When God created the earth, he gave us everything he had created. When God created man from earth, he breathed himself into man: his breath of Life.

And so, the flesh received from God all that was from the earth; spiritual life received life from God, God's unconditional love: supreme Being, eternal Being, Being of love. We have this within us.

Today, we have difficulty being thankful for everything God has given us; we don’t take the time to give thanks to God for what he gives us.

Today, if we have a place to live, this comes from God: everything in our homes comes from God, all we eat comes from God, and all that is good and makes us pleasant towards our neighbour comes from God.

How is it that we live in fear, afraid of tomorrow? How is it that, as we grow older, our hair turns white, we have trouble walking, and that today, children are born sick, and even though they don’t have white hair, they have trouble walking? This is because we have agreed to open our interior to what was not from God, and our flesh wasn’t able to be faithful to what it is: unity of love with all God's children, in control of all God has given, thankful for all it receives in order to adore one God.

Our flesh is unfaithful to what it is, and God looks upon this flesh, and God doesn’t see his child who inhabits this flesh.

We must return to the place where we should be: in our interior – in order to become acquainted with our soul.

Who is our soul? Why was our soul given to us? How come we don’t take care of our soul? Our soul comes from God, it must be nourished by God's graces, and God's graces come from God alone.

Give your soul what is not God's grace and it becomes poisoned, and then what can it give to you? What you give to it.

It would like to give you its splendour, it would like to give you its faithfulness to God, but we poison it, and we accuse God of not granting us what we’re expecting from him.

God, he's faithful to us, but us, we aren’t faithful to what we are: we have cheated, we have stolen, we have raped, we have cheated the being that we are: we have shown it that it was capable of carrying out movements in order to gain material possessions, which enable the flesh to function.

How many of us have turned to what is forbidden by God? We have idolized, we have idolized material possessions.

The priests, the priests, who are the Christ-Priest, talk to us about this. Why do we go on idolizing material possessions? How come we go on making our soul suffer? We go to confession to receive sanctifying graces, and once we’re out in the world again, we turn back to idolatry.

That’s because what is not from God is in our flesh.

With our eyes, we agree to allow what is against God, against ourselves, to enter us. We have only to take a moment to look inwardly to see what is within us.


Mother Mary: Shut your eyes, my children, go within yourselves, and let your Mother of love guide: your life.

You have received much from my Son, and today, my children, you are incapable of recognizing his Sacrifice.

My children, there is wickedness within you; this wickedness is in your flesh; this is why God wants you to give him this wickedness.

How difficult it is for you to give this to my Son! This is because you walk about in a world in which there is deceit, the truth is not wanted, people circumvent in order to avoid going towards the light.

It is easier for the child to go where he will not be contradicted, but what does not contradict the child is not necessarily good for him.

My children, when you give your little child an abundance of chocolate, he does not feel well; he reaches the point of not being able to eat any more because he feels like vomiting.

What was good in the beginning became something very unpleasant to him. This is because the parent did not want to displease his child, and because he did not want to displease his child, he gave him what he wanted in order to avoid his cries.

You see, my children, this is what you do: you want to go to places that are not good for you in this world, a world that is nothing but vanity, this world that has gained power over you.

You are prisoners, my children, of this world because, from year to year, children have allowed evil to draw near believing that evil would bring them joys.

The evil of gluttony, of pleasure, the evil of consumption, of medications: this drug, my children, is not for you; all these abuses, my children, are against you.

If today you are prisoners of this, it is because there was a beginning.

In the past, my children, before the flood, there were children who tasted evil; they enabled their flesh to taste this, silencing the soul that wanted God.

The child of God, who wanted to be faithful, was no longer able to recognize himself; he began to idolize, to taste what was impure, so much so that he became a being incapable of loving who he was. He was bringing suffering upon himself by going towards all that was against him; he turned to animals for pleasure: he became what he loved.

And God saw that the children were no longer faithful to him: he caused these children to disappear.

When Noah was saved, he brought along one of those children without realizing it, and that child became a disaster for you, my children, for his flesh was in that impurity: he loved evil, he was giving himself over to: Evil.

Children of love, let God's light enter within you so that you may leave all the room to God.

When you hear words that open a door to you and that cause you to enter into the darkness, you must ask God for lights, you must turn to God's Will.

My children, there have been many teachings these past few days; these teachings will become available to you soon; they will teach you about the things this vile being successfully caused to enter within you through the power of the devil.

You must go forward in God's light in order to be protected from the Impious One, for your flesh, my children, remembers; it remembers having loved evil.

Idolatry, my children, is in your flesh; this has taught you to love yourselves above God; you must allow yourselves to be immersed in this light.

My Son, your Jesus of love, the One who took all your impurity – he brought it unto death so you could be saved.

My little children, these teachings are nourishment for you; they teach you to look at your inner life; they teach you to discover the birth of your suffering.

You have often sought comfort in books written by men; no one, my children, I say no one other than God can bring you what is necessary to heal you; only my Son, the Beloved Son of God the Father, can bring you healing.

Don’t let yourselves be taken in by idolatry any longer; there are so many gods around you and they are the devil – he wants your soul, he wants you to go on living in impurity.

A child who rejects impurity, who turns to the sacraments, who allows himself to be nourished by the Flesh and the Blood of God the Son, wants the truth, wants to see and hear what only God wants him to learn. He seeks nothing that comes from himself for he knows that God is above all things.

This child slowly draws close to the light and the light seizes him; then, he is ready to hear and to understand.

My little children, do not place your suffering before you; rather, turn to the truth; the light is upon you.

The more you learn to know what has entered within you, the more you receive graces of healing and of liberation: slowly your flesh allows itself to be healed, the purification of your flesh begins, and your suffering begins to diminish.

You must learn to develop your trust in God, a blind trust in the Will of God, and to want none other than your God. Thus, you will accept all that God wants you to know, for all shall come from within you; nothing shall come from the outside, my children.

God is within you, God is calling upon you to remain within yourselves so all may be accomplished.

Children of love, you have heard that Satan's traps have led you to the forbidden: such as consulting seers, my children; such as card-reading, my children; turning to numerology, my children; turning to astrology; trying to find what the future holds for you; using a form of energy, my children; learning the solution to your problems through people who use that energy. Turning to gurus is to turn to sorcerers; doing yoga, my children, is to open your interior to sorcerers; sorcerers are the devil, my children. Wearing magnets that you think have the power to heal, to give comfort, is to separate yourselves from God's graces, it is to give your trust to a lifeless matter that nevertheless has diabolical power. To enjoy receiving birthstones, my children, is not good for you; these are stones that are offered to the devil and recall to mind the gods; this is not for you.

My children, how many words you hear that lead you towards your death – this is not for you.

My children, you must learn to acknowledge that you are very little.

I am the humble Mary; I expected nothing from this world. I was seeing all there was around me and I was allowing God to fulfil me; God was taking care of me; I was asking nothing for myself, God was fulfilling his little daughter for I knew that God loved me.

His love, I could feel it within myself, he was nourishing me: all was nothing but beauty within me, my interior was my home.

Children of love, you must learn to enter within yourselves. Your home is a place of love; that is where your God lives. He has made of you and of your flesh a temple of love, and that temple is for you.

When you learn to receive only God, you are fulfilled.

Little children, within you is your life, your life with God, for God, in God; all is there, my children.

If you are blind, if you do not understand, this is because what is against you is within you: you are being rejected on behalf of the external world.

What is within you prevents you from being within yourselves; you are being shown that your place is on the outside, and this makes you suffer.

You must make your decision, my children: to choose my Son. You must no longer choose this world; this world is under Satan's rule; this world has nothing to give to you.

In the very beginning, God gave you all that was good, for in the very beginning, Adam and Eve were alive, and all was granted to them: they are your parents, my children; you must believe in this.

Believe in the Bible, my children; it is the light of God, it is the Word of God; there is only the Holy Spirit who could have made this book of love about your life.

How can you know, my children, that you have the right Bible in your hands? The Holy Spirit will enable you to read it from within yourselves; you shall understand from within that God loves you.

All the words are nothing but love, all the words are nothing but loyalty, obedience to the Supreme; all the words lead you to the discovery of God's unconditional love.

Love for your neighbour, my children, is inscribed in this book; it is made up of nothing but love; it leads you to discover your eternal life.

There is nothing annoying in this book; when you are within yourselves, you recognize God's love for you. This book is made up of faithfulness to God.

So, my children, you must be faithful to yourselves in order to be connected to the faithfulness of this book.

How can you be faithful, my children? By rejecting anything that is not inscribed in the book of love, by distancing yourselves from anything that is against God.

It is necessary to be love, my children, in order to carry out this movement: love God above all else, love yourselves as God loves you, love your neighbour as God loves you. All must be nothing but love when you read this book of love. Have a single thought against God, have a single thought against the children of God – I am a child of God, my children – whoever rejects his brother, his sister, is not a child of God. You have just become aware of this within you. The one who carries out the Will of God is part of God's family.

This feeling of love, my children, must always be present in your lives. It is this feeling that enables you to understand God's love, God's Word.

The Holy Spirit is God and he covers you; he enables what is within you to burst forth and everything becomes so real to you: then you are in the truth.

You see, my children, all was created only for you; believe in what you are hearing for I speak of you.

Now, my children, take a short moment and give thanks to God for what you have just heard.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: When we want to please God, there we are thinking about it… we don’t want to lose anything that comes from God, we want to be nourished by God's graces, and so it’s a good thing to make sure that this comes from God: at every instant, we must take a short moment in our life to determine if we are in God's grace.

Let’s start at the beginning of our day: I get up and then, I stop: “Ah! Do I really need to get up or can I stay in bed?” But there's something inside me saying, “Ah! I have to get up; I have my children; oh, I have my work!” This is how God gives us the grace to understand that it is good to get up.

But then, I notice that I'm dizzy, so I lie down and put my head back on the pillow. “What is it that you want, Lord? Do you want me to get up or stay in bed?” And then we discover, “Oh, I'm tired today. I've been sick, I have a bad cold, I’ll stay in bed.” This movement took place in God because I trusted that God knew what was good for me.

I didn’t rely on myself; I stopped, and in an instant, I entered within, I made room for God in my life.

And I go on with my day: “Ah! I decided to get up because my children were waiting for breakfast; I also decided to go to work because my boss, he's waiting for me; or I decided to stay in bed because I have a fever.” And so, we do what we need to do during the day.

With God's graces, we prepare ourselves to do what we need to do, and consequently, we have just opened a passage: “God, go before me, I will follow you.”

So, at that moment, our children arrive and they want to eat right away, and I have the patience, I have the patience to give them food even though they’re not always in the mood to wait. “I'm hungry; how come you didn’t make my oatmeal, mom? Hurry up, my friends are waiting for me, I have to go to school!” And so it begins, and we keep our peace, we don’t emerge from our interior.

And well, we’re helping our children with their day: because we accepted God's graces, our children receive as well. To our children, we become a light and our children, as well, receive graces so they can fulfil themselves throughout the day.

It won't be easy for them to get through the day but they will have received graces through our yes to God; they’re the flesh of our flesh, and so they receive graces from God.

But let’s take a look at the opposite – if I had reacted right away to their impatience, to their demands, they would have received nothing from me; God would not have come through to nourish because, even if I gave myself that morning, he would have stopped his action for my children. He would have said, “You need me, you need to find your peace; let me nourish you with my graces so you can be light for your children.” You see, God wanted to reach our children, but because of our lack of abandonment, we prevented God from going through us to reach them.

God is love; he won't force doors to open; he won't break down walls by force; he will place graces of love within us so that we can be love for ourselves. By being love for ourselves, love will emerge from us so that our plan of action can be loving.

You see, everything will come from God and not from us.

Today we use energy to create a plan of action: we consult persons who develop knowledge within us, we turn to books that bring us knowledge, we want to allow energy to emerge from us in order to send it to our children.

None of this bears graces; none of this is love; all of this is from Satan: we’re going to send evil to our children because they’re the first ones that are going to be affected by this movement that goes against God.

When we use what comes from Satan, Satan will attack us; with hypocrisy, he will turn this against us by making us say that we want to help those we love: this will lead us to believe in what we have just learned, for what we wanted was to learn, to learn what could help us, help those we love.

As we will have used what is disloyal to God, we will have opened a passage, a passage for Satan, and he's the one who will come through, and he's the one who will go to our children: the flesh of our flesh.

He will ensure that he harms them, that he discourages them, that he puts them in situations of impurity. They will not have learned how to use energy but they will be under the influence of that energy, which will make them sick, which will make them weak before sin. They will be incapable of understanding what is happening to them; they will begin to no longer trust in their parents; they will begin to turn against their neighbour. They will begin to gather through their pain, to frequent people like themselves, those who nourish themselves with pain, and together, they will try to forget what they are, and Satan will put what will kill them on their path.

He will begin by making them lose love, faith, love towards themselves. Thus, he will hold life in his hands, a life that wants God but that doesn’t know where God is. He will make them feel bitterness: “I don’t know if God loves me and I'm not worth it.” He will try by any means to show them how to destroy themselves, going as far as suicide: all this comes from Satan.

We must be careful of what we do, us, the parents.

God comes to speak to us in our hearts so we can be in the light; our eyes must be fixed on God; we must only have faith in God, only seek God's commandments.

To want to be like God the Son is… is what we must be: children of God, only for God, savouring everything God gives us through graces.

We seek knowledge outside of God's commandments; we seek knowledge outside the Bible: the Word of God is grace to us.

How is it that the world of today possesses knowledge that is not of God? God, from the beginning, warned us about evil angels, about idolatry.

To offer to God what is God's is to offer our life; to offer to God what isn't alive is not what God expects of us.

We want to please God and we offer God lifeless matter; we believe we are pleasing God by asking him: “Please bless my stone”; this is against God. “Bless what I am studying – it’s astrology”; this is against God. “Bless what goes against my neighbour because you want this, God, for you wrote it in your Bible; he's the enemy – he took my child away, he killed my child.”

You see, there are people who ask for blessings for their own decisions because they believed that God was on their side.

Anything that is not love is against God; we must be true to ourselves.

How is it that we have thoughts against The Love? That’s because what we do not want is in our flesh.

Long ago, there were children who offered gods sacrifices in order to obtain power, to obtain prosperity, and this is in us; this is what leads us towards knowledge that goes against God, towards power, the power to help without going through God: using energy is not of God.

What we have just heard is like a circle: there is no starting point, it revolves constantly, constantly, constantly; it prevents us from stopping. 

There is no way to understand and to realize what is happening around us. Why? Because evil is within us, the evil that runs our life, the evil that leads us to what goes against God.

We must trust in God, but we trust in ourselves. If we trust in ourselves, that’s because there's a power within us and that power has lodged itself in our flesh, a flesh that suffers.

Our great-grandparents were subjected to sin; our great-grandparents had faith in God; they prayed, our grandparents. They knew that when they would go to work, it was God who was giving them strength because they had faith in the Church; they trusted the priests: when the priest would speak, it was important to them.

Today, we no longer have faith in the priests; we have observed their weaknesses and we have suffered greatly, and the more we observed their weaknesses, the more this caused the suffering in our flesh to emerge, and the more our suffering became evident to us, the more we nourished it, which provided Satan with a sphere of influence, which caused what was within us to emerge.

Let’s understand that, to us, when the priests were guides in our lives, our soul had room, our spiritual life was very important to us, we wanted to go to God, we believed in Heaven.

Today, we have doubts regarding Heaven; today, we judge God; we say that God doesn’t listen to us; we say that God is a God who is angry with us because we see the floods, we see the fire that destroys, and we say, “God, you allow this to happen?” Why are we like this? It’s because we have lacked faith in the priests.

Satan enabled us to see sin; why have we seen so much sin? It’s because we have lacked humility; we took ourselves for children who were important, and important children no longer pray.

We turn to books, we turn to knowledge, and we interpret what is before us according to what we are.

We interpreted the Bible, the Scriptures, with what we are, and today, we live in confusion, we’re incapable of grasping the truth, and so we become lost.

We must relearn to have faith in priests; to have faith in priests is to have faith in what they are before God.

We must pray for the man that he is because he is also made of flesh, and his flesh is subjected to sin, just as we, we are subjected to sin.

We have thrown stones at them, and we have made them fall.

Remember that Jesus said, “If you are without sin, throw the first stone.” We have forgotten these words.

We have difficulty living the Gospel; we have lapidated the priests, and as we have lapidated the man that he is, we have lost sight of God's presence before our eyes.

To us, God's presence is grace.

God nourishes us with his Body and with his Blood; stop nourishing yourselves with the Body and Blood of Jesus and you will die. Where will we seek the Life if we do not turn to the Life?

So, we must be faithful to God, we must love the being that we are by loving God more than ourselves.

If today, God speaks to us about his love, about loyalty to what we are, it’s because he wants us to be able to realize the greatness of what we’re living today.

There has never been a time such as the one in which we are living and there will never be another like it.

We live in a world in which sin abounds, but we also live in a world in which God's grace overflows: we have Heaven with us, Heaven comes to speak to us; the words we are hearing are from the power of the Holy Spirit.

Every one of us forms but one presence and this presence is before God, and it becomes living.

The words we’re hearing are our life, and the Holy Spirit is the only one who can enable us to understand this; we are in God's movement, and we’re not the only ones here: God is speaking to his children all over the world, for he wants to gather his flock.

He wants his flock to be before him, he wants to make but one flock: a flock of love that wants to be nourished only by God.

God says that soon there will no longer be children who carry a no to God; soon there will be only children who know that there is but one God, and they will want to be nourished only by God's graces.

There will no longer be any doubts within us; we will be in God's light; to us, the Holy Spirit will always be light, knowledge, truth, nourishment; we will be our own source of nourishment in God, we will no longer make mistakes.

When our children will leave to go where God wishes, we will know that they are in God's graces, but from now on, we must stop to go within to draw God's graces so as to enable them to receive.

Yes, it’s true that they live in a world of suffering; yes, it’s true that they are grappling with all that is satanic, but let’s begin with ourselves: let’s begin by wanting to be nourished only by love, by God's graces so as to always preserve our peace.

 “I trust in you, God. I know you take care of me. Thus, my children will obtain graces that come from you and not from what is not from you; that is to say, from my worries, from my fears, from what is impure, unfaithful. I know that to them, you are their God, their Father, their Brother, their Love.” We must begin with ourselves.

We cry over our children, we cry over our grandchildren, and we don’t stop to think of why they’re suffering: we have evil within us, and evil wants to use us against our children.

We must leave all the room to God during these times in order to go where God wants us to be.

We see that the earth is suffering greatly, and so, let’s have faith in God, for he is the one who will restore the earth to what it was before we made it suffer.

If the earth doesn’t give us what we, we want it to give us, that’s because it’s tasting blood, the blood of the unfaithful; it’s tasting the blood of God's children, the innocent of God.

God is love and God wants us in his movement; let’s leave all the room for him.

Pray, pray the rosary. Mother Mary will enable us to understand what we need to do throughout our day.

We must have faith in God. What is left if we don’t have God? There's nothing left; we ruined everything he placed before us: his graces of love, his graces that were so necessary to us because we have become blind and deaf.

And so, let’s leave room for him; he's the one who will open our eyes, not us; he's the one who will see to it that we understand and not us, for we are at the point of no return.

God comes for us from within. Therefore, let’s say, “Yes, here I am.” And this must happen every day: “I give you my life, I give you the lives of all those I carry within me.” And so, we will stop and we will go on being what we are at this very moment.

If we are here, listening to God's Will, it’s because God is present. He's present at every moment of our life: whether it’s now, or in an hour. To God, there's us with him and so, let’s be faithful to what we are in him. Amen.

Thank you, Lord.