Gathering of Love With God's Action in Plantagenet, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-10-06 – Morning 


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: We will, every one of us, enter within ourselves. So, the Lord wants to take us to where we, we aren't able to go.

Our human spirit has been manipulated, our human spirit has made us understand what the human spirit intended us to understand, and this isn't what God expects of us.

God is Love, God is Power, God is the Light; all that comes from God is within his All. We are in God's All, we are life, life in God. Our soul belongs to God, our soul is the almightiness of what we, we are: without our soul, we are nothing.

We received a soul so that we could be alive, so that we could understand where we come from, why we’re here and where we must go, because spiritual life has no end: it comes, it comes from God.

God is a pure Spirit; he has no beginning, he has no end. We, through the Son, through the Eternal Flesh, through the Perfect Matter, we are in Jesus.

We will come to know no end if we are in Jesus; a life of love is a life that never stops stirring in Jesus. A life without love is a death, is an eternal death for without love there is no life, there's death, and as our life is spiritual, it cannot be extinguished and, therefore, is eternal. If we don’t choose Jesus, we choose death: that which is empty, which holds nothing.

We have received many teachings; ever since the Lord has been speaking in hearts, he has been nourishing hearts. We might think, “Oh, I've been hearing him for quite a while!” No, Jesus has always spoken.

Matter is present in the Matter; we are living matter in the Eternal Matter.

When Jesus became Matter by the Will of his Father, then he appeared before God in the Flesh: God the Son in the Eternal Flesh, Pure Matter, Perfect Matter.

The flesh is matter, therefore, Jesus, the Eternal Flesh, was Matter, Matter that bore no flaw; perfection itself was in Jesus, and we were in Jesus. We are matter; therefore, we come from the Pure Matter: Jesus, the perfect Being, the Being of the Father for us.

God so loved the world that he gave his Son out of love for us.

God knew his Son, God loved his Son, God gave everything to his Son so he could bear witness to The Love: God the Father in God the Son, God the Son in God the Father within the all of the Holy Spirit – three Persons: one God.

The moment when the Father willed that his Son become Flesh, he needed only to will it and everything was: the Son of God made Man stood before his Father.

All that was in the Son was nothing but beauty, was nothing but perfection: all was nothing but love. All that made up the Body of Christ was perfect, there was nothing that was impure. Therefore, we who are matter, who are eternal life in Jesus, we were once perfect, we were once pure, we were once immaculate. We knew nothing other than love, we were in The Love, we were made of love.

Jesus stood before his Father as the perfect Beauty; and so we, we are perfect beauty because we were in Jesus: what once was is still so today.

Let’s take a look at ourselves – aren't we matter? We are made of the Perfect Matter. Without the Perfect Matter, we wouldn’t even be here – no one on earth would be here – the universe wouldn’t exist, everything the universe contains wouldn’t exist, and therefore, the earth wouldn’t exist and everything the earth contains wouldn’t exist, for everything was in Jesus. The Perfect Matter was Jesus, therefore, all that was matter, all that was visible, was in Jesus: God, Pure Spirit, was before all that was invisible.

The angels could see God because they had been created by God. The angels, pure spirits from God, saw God, contemplated God, adored God, praised God, served God; they were spirits, they were before the Beauty, the Splendour, the Immaculate Presence, and so everything was in a movement of love.

The angels were in that movement of love; they were allowing themselves to be nourished by Purity, by all that was perfect; the Perfect Spirit was nourishing them, they were receiving the infinite beauty of God freely.

How can one enter that infinite beauty? How can one touch that infinite beauty? How can one achieve that infinite beauty? They weren't able to – it was the Infinite Beauty that came to them and they nourished themselves with that infinite beauty.

Whatever God granted to them was the splendour of God, the knowledge of God; they were nourished by all this; the angels, the pure spirits, were nourished by the infinite splendour of God. The immensity of God was known to the pure angels; they became fused to that movement, they were spirits within the Pure Spirit.

All that God was to them, they were so to God, for they couldn’t help contemplating God's beauty, for they were in God's beauty. All this shimmered before them and they were filled with the wonder of it. They were contemplating eternity! Eternity was before them because they were pure spirits. Everything was known to them; there was no movement to stop that movement of perfection.

What we are hearing is but the measure of what we, we are able to accept; all we are hearing is love, God's love for beings of matter made of the Matter of the Son of God made Man for The Love.

God takes us where he wants us to be, out of love, so that we might be completely attentive to him and not to ourselves; what we are hearing is for him, to return to him what he gives to us: which is love.

God, at this very moment, is filling us with his love, is placing us before his love, is having us enter his love with our matter, our weak matter, our impure matter.

God's love has the flavour of perfection, therefore, he takes each one of us and all those who are in us, so as to enable us to enter his embracing movement, his healing movement, his liberating movement, his movement that brings us graces, so that we might understand that whatever comes from him is movement that never stops giving, giving and giving, without holding anything back for ourselves, for we cannot keep what belongs to God, we cannot keep what has been put in continuous motion to instruct us, to make us understand that intelligence comes from God, and that intelligence is nourished by the Intelligence and not by us.

It is the Intelligence who heals who we are, it is the Intelligence who leads us where we must be, it is the Intelligence who enables us to see and who enables us to understand that the Almighty is before us, that the Almighty envelops us and leads us to learn what is good for us, little beings of matter, little beings of matter who need to understand that God is all love, and all this through prayer.

Praying from the heart leads us to appear before God as God wants us to be: little, little, little in God's hands, where we must always be, to never leave the hand of God.

To see and to love: God looks upon us and God loves us; we, in the hand of God, look at God and we love him. And then, God never stops granting us the Eternal Presence: a presence that is timeless, a presence that is, to us, a movement of love, a movement we cannot control, a movement that doesn’t stop us, a movement that always leads us to his love.

Matter belongs to God and it recognizes the Eternal Matter when it holds nothing back, when it is a gift, when it is love.

When we prayed, we prayed with the heart: God himself came to take us, God himself came to show us, God himself came to give to us.

God took who we were because we sang out the yes: we were in the very heart of Mary's fiat. We entered Mary's Heart and we were placed in the Heart of the Son by Mary herself, the Heart of the Son: Perfect Matter, Immaculate Matter, Matter that comes from the Father.

The Heart of the Son is the Heart of the Father, is the Heart of The Love, is the Heart that opens up constantly, and that gives, and that never stops giving its mercy, Heart that takes all hearts that thirst for God, that hunger for God, hunger for the immensity – the love of God – without analyzing, without seeking to identify oneself, but to be there, before the Eternal Love.

The Heart of Jesus is the eternal love of the Father for us. The Heart of Jesus is a movement that never stops granting us what we need for our matter: matter that needs its God of love, matter that thirsts, matter that now understands that without the Eternal Matter it will come to know eternal death.

“O Heart that has opened up, you welcome our hearts. We are fully within your heart. We cannot separate ourselves from our matter, for the matter of a single one of us is a whole, and you want our hearts. You want to take this mass of our flesh, which is so heavy, which has very, very, very much wanted to know, to analyze, and which has tried so hard to understand what was not visible.

O Heart of love, you welcome these hearts through the very Heart of the One who allowed a sword to pierce her Heart. Through that wound, she took all hearts, forming but one heart, which was meant to understand that it belonged to the Eternal Heart, to the Perfect Heart, to the Heart of The Love.

You come to enter within us so that we might understand your eternal movement: movement of love, movement of light, movement that calls upon us always to utter our yes – the yes of a child.

Eternal Heart, through this movement, we adore you, we prostrate ourselves, because you are the Eternal Earth, you are the Eternal Matter, you encompass all things.

Through the beat of your Heart, you show us that we are alive through you; you give birth to love in our lives: movement that reminds us that we are children of God, that we are chosen by God to journey towards God.

There is nothing beyond you that is comparable, for comparison does not exist; nothing has ever been your equal, for the Pure Matter is you, and beyond you, matter no longer exists.

You are Perfection and you welcome the matter that wounded your Heart.

O Heart of infinite kindness, of infinite love, receive our request to make of us, through your Heart, children equal to your love. We have disappeared within your Heart; we take your Heart as the movement of our breathing, our gaze, our hearing, our speech; movement that has us move forward to the deepest part of you, so that we might always be in the movement of God's splendour.

O Eternal Heart, we choose to die in your Heart by placing in Mary's Heart this heart in need of healing and liberation. A single heart that is in this movement of love brings all other hearts along with it, for it gives itself out of love for all those who have beat to its rhythm, a rhythm that was meant to guide them in their suffering.

O Eternal Heart, be the only one to hear us, loving Heart Beat of the Eternal Father.”

The movements within us are the movements of Jesus; there is not one single movement that is not the one of Jesus. Jesus took all our movements within himself; whether they were movements of love or movements against The Love, they are his, for Jesus of love suffered the Passion on our behalf.

The Eternal Flesh consented to carry our flesh, the Eternal Flesh consented to take everything, absolutely everything: thoughts, gazes, words, hearing, actions, feelings that were against his own Flesh. He consented to take all, knowing that his Flesh would suffer, knowing that his Pure Flesh would feel impurity in the tiniest of its cells.

Nothing in Jesus, absolutely nothing in Jesus was spared, for he said yes, he said yes to his Father; he who had received from his Father eternal flesh, beauty, perfection, the splendour of gentleness, of loyalty, of obedience, came to know disloyalty, disobedience, hatred, indifference, anger, laziness, gluttony, envy, impurity. He came to know everything! This caused everything that he was, absolutely everything, to suffer.

Nothing within us is comparable to this, nothing, for we cannot understand the Perfect Matter: matter that gives itself, matter that wants to present itself to the Creator as Perfect Matter, for Jesus didn’t want his Father to receive the matter that was an impure matter.

Understand that Jesus, Jesus wanted to present to his Father who he was: a God of love, a perfect God made Man. Would he have been able to present his imperfect body, his mutilated body, to his Father? He loved his Father, he loved his Father to the point of accepting everything in order to give his love to his Father.

The Father gave his love to his Son made Man and the Son of God made Man wanted to give his love to his Father. Given that everything belonged to the Father, he was returning to his Father that which belonged to him. Therefore, we, we were of the Father, and so, he took everything, absolutely everything, in order to render matter perfect, in order to render matter immaculate.

God the Son is so loving! Understand that everything that he was, to God, was his movement, was perfection, therefore, he neglected nothing on our behalf, on behalf of the matter of the Perfect Matter.

We come from Jesus, and so, everything about us was purified, absolutely everything.

When God said, “All is accomplished,” well, all was accomplished, he forgot nothing.

Our life on earth, which has been imperfect from the first – Adam – and will be so up to the last, has been in the perfection of Jesus, for when he said to his Father, “All is accomplished,” all was accomplished.

That movement cannot be repeated because everything is already in perfection – this is indisputable – everything is there.

This is why we hear the power of the Holy Spirit speaking in our flesh, for our flesh is in the movement of purification; Jesus takes us into the movement of purification so we can be in the accomplishment, the accomplishment that is.

How is it possible for us to not be in that accomplishment if the accomplishment has already taken place? Through the power of the Holy Spirit, all is done in Jesus; it’s the Holy Spirit who gathers us together, it’s the Holy Spirit, The Love, who enables us to hear what is in our flesh.

Our flesh is the very Heart of Jesus that speaks, it’s the Heart of The Love that enables us to grasp what our flesh is in Jesus; what we’re hearing at this very moment is the movement of purification in the Heart of Jesus.

We are the Heart of Jesus. We have died to ourselves because the moment we said, “Yes, I no longer want my human will, I accept to die in Jesus,” Jesus was taking our yes and enabling us to understand, for he, Jesus, was holding it, holding it within himself.

He is our life, he is our breath, he is our sight, he is our hearing, our speech, our movements, he is what we are in The Love, and he has us feel this, he has us live this – we’re living it at this very moment.

These words belong to him, they don’t belong to us; they are the words of Christ, who cried out to his Father, “Father, I accomplish what you have asked of me; you are my All and I present my All to you; I live in my All, my All is living, Father; we are here for you, I give you what is yours” – movement that gives endlessly.

We are the light within the Light, we live in Jesus, and Jesus takes what we are to present it to us: to the entire world.

What we are at this very moment is the beat of the Heart of Jesus, which is the beat of the Heart of all hearts that exist on earth; there can only be one Heart beat and it is the Heart of Jesus – there are not two of them, there is but one Heart – Perfect Matter – and it is the one of Jesus.

Everything we are is such a tiny, tiny part of the Heart of Jesus. How can we separate ourselves from that Heart? We cannot, we cannot separate ourselves from the Heart of Jesus because our heart is the very Heart of Jesus. When he speaks, when he gives love, he gives love to his Heart; but we are such a tiny part of his Heart, so tiny that we aren't even able to see it with our eyes? We would need a microscope to see that tiny heart and even then, would the microscope be strong enough for this? And this is our heart!

We cannot separate ourselves from matter – we are matter. Is matter matter or isn't it? Therefore, we are matter in the Matter; if we are matter that’s because it was necessary for matter to exist. We can't say that there's a table over that is matter without it being matter, and Matter is Jesus: Pure Matter, Matter that encompasses all things.

And so, everything that is before us and that we see, well, it’s matter. Yes, it’s matter; even if we need a microscope, well, we’re going to see matter.

Whatever is living is in Jesus, the Living Matter, and whatever is inert matter, like rock, is in Jesus; there couldn’t be a rock if matter didn’t exist. Jesus existed before all visible things; all that is visible, Jesus existed before it, and when the universe came to be, well, it emerged from the Pure Matter.

How can we understand God, Jesus, who came on earth? The apostles said so, they saw him, and there are also documents written by the Romans where we can read: “There was a great prophet and that prophet was Jesus of Nazareth, the son of a carpenter.” Well then, it has been written.

How could it be that a man walks upon the earth with us, when the universe emerged from him, and all it contains, the earth and all it contains? He was the Man God, he wasn’t just a man, he was the Man God.

Jesus, if he had wanted to, could have done anything he wanted with what was before him, and with all those who weren't before him, but who had been created; he could have picked them up, given them a shake, and put them back in their place: “Did you understand? I am God!” He had that power; he had the power to stop any movement, to ask the sun to stop giving warmth, and then, the earth would have been covered in ice: he had that power.

But Jesus, he could see his flesh before him, he could see the living matter, which was he himself, before him. How could he have shaken them? He was so loving that he wanted only to cradle them, he didn’t want to make them cold by extinguishing the sun, he wanted to warm them with his love, with his own light. He wanted the flesh, which was standing in front of him, to taste everything that was within him because he was standing in front of himself.

Love that gives itself: love gives and The Love gives back, love gives and The Love gives back – movement that never stops moving, movement, eternity, which was before him. He was the Man God, he is the Man God.

All this is for us: Movement, Movement that gives itself, Movement that wants to show us his love.

It is Jesus, at this very moment, through the power of the Holy Spirit, who is speaking to hearts and the Heart speaks; our hearts speak, our hearts, which are the Heart of Jesus, speak so as to give love. We give love to who we are because we need it; our matter needs to be healed and liberated, our matter is in all those who are on earth, whether they’re in here or out there, they are matter.

“You, you are complete in me: thought, sight, hearing, speech, movement, feeling; you are in my All and I am in your all, just as you are in me and I am in you.”

We cannot say, “As for me, I don’t agree with you.” No, I cannot separate myself from matter; matter is movement: speech, speech is movement.

We need our matter to hear, so that words can emerge; we need thoughts so that our speech might be active; we need our hearing so that our speech might be active – harmony; we need our heart so that our speech might be in a movement of understanding – movement of harmony; we need our movements so that our speech might be truthful, might be real, might be concrete: movement that gives itself, movement of harmony, a whole from God – love that gives, love that never stops giving, love that receives, love that never stops presenting itself, that gives.

You see, we give ourselves love, we are movements of love.

When one of us is in our brother, then, at that moment, we are all in our brother, so his gaze, his speech, his hearing, his thoughts, his heart, his movements are in harmony: harmony that comes to show us love, harmony that comes to give us love, harmony that comes to nourish us with love, harmony that comes to show us that we’re alive – harmony that receives and harmony that gives, for we all give.

This movement, which we nourish: we give it to our brother. As much as our eyes, our speech, our hearing, our thoughts, our heart, our movements give themselves to one another out of love, then we, as well, do exactly, exactly the same thing.

We are all in a movement of love; we cannot separate ourselves from this movement of love, for this movement of love is a whole. We complete one another; we are the living matter that always imparts to the Eternal Matter that we are attentive to him, that we are obedient, that we are in the yes.

Matter, movement of love, movement that comes from the Eternal Matter, has received, has received life, has received the soul: spiritual life, life of love, life that tastes everything that is invisible before God. It allows itself to be contemplated by God, it allows itself to be nourished by God, it allows itself to be taken up by God and to be made beautiful by God; it is in a movement of eternity.

The soul is life in God, love itself in its purest form.

The Life breathed and life is, life contemplates, life never stops saying yes. Life is to always be before his nourishment, before his light, his beauty, his intelligence, his gift of love.

Our soul is a gift of love, it is always before God, just like the angels, pure spirits, are always before God, always. Even if they’re by our side on a mission, they’re always before God, they always adore God, they always contemplate God, for they were created to contemplate and to serve God. If they were granted to us by the Will of God, it was to serve us, to serve life, to serve love; our soul comes from God, it is life, it isn't matter.

Gather all the world’s knowledge, along with everything they wanted to learn through God's intelligence to serve their own knowledge, they will never be able to see the soul, they will never figure out where life comes from, because what they will find won't correspond to what they know – they need to see matter in order to show a result, a tangible piece of knowledge. But the soul, they cannot analyze it, they cannot understand and see love, they cannot figure out where love comes from.

Go ask a scientist if he knows where love comes from, he’ll never be able to answer you; he knows it’s there, that when a child is born it is love, and that when people die and they see a smile on their faces, it’s love that they’re seeing, but they can't explain this.

The child comes into the world with a tiny body that is truly perfect; he has everything, he's healthy: he is love.

A being that is decrepit is nothing but bones, and yet, there's love on his face: they can't understand since everything has been destroyed, his cells are all cancerous; they ask themselves how is it that this person can still be alive, and they discover that there's still love: it’s inexplicable.

That’s because love comes from God; love is invisible, love is giving: it gives nourishment to life because life is love.

Our soul needs love; through your human will, remove movements of love from life, from your life: the soul will be in agony, the soul will suffer – and yet, it belongs to God! How is it that it suffers when it belongs to God? Because God of Love gave it to us. He gave us life, he gave us a soul, and love is free.

Love is free, love gives itself, offers itself, abandons itself; love does not demand, does not steal; love does not cheat, does not manipulate, does not dominate; love is a movement of freedom.

Therefore, we have received matter, we have received life and we wanted to choose; we wanted to choose to do our will and our will, which knows good and evil, is always faced with a choice, and when it chooses to live for the 'self', it chooses to live for matter, and the soul – life – suffers.

The soul would very much like to receive from God, for it was created to adore, to contemplate, but it doesn’t have, it doesn’t have that freedom – we prevent it from having it; it’s as if we were taking a chain and we were wrapping our spiritual life with refusals: we’re making our soul suffer – it is life.

We made Jesus suffer, he's the Life; all of us together, we made the Life suffer; all of us together, we were in that movement of love in Jesus and Jesus took, took within himself our soul as if it had been his soul, his only soul. He felt all the refusals, all the restraints: his soul was in agony.

If we were to ask our Jesus of love, “Jesus, did you suffer more in your soul or in your flesh?” he would say, “In my soul,” for the Flesh was subjected to what matter was doing to the soul.

Our physical suffering comes from the fact that we don’t have graces; if we refuse to behave as children of God, our soul suffers, it is in a state of impurity, it is in a state of agony, it cannot receive the nourishment it needs: eternal life, life of splendour, life of adoration, of contemplation, a giving life.

The soul that receives from God gives; our matter, our flesh receives graces from life to keep us pure, but when we’re in a state of sin, our soul suffers and our soul doesn’t give us graces so that we can have a healthy heart, mind, speech, sight, hearing or action.

If we don’t receive graces to have a healthy mind, we’ll live with depression, we’ll have phobias, we’ll know fear, we’ll be incapable of giving ourselves to God; our spirit, ‘our mind’, will be manipulated by errors, by lies that come from Satan and from all the fallen angels.

You see, our thoughts need graces; let’s keep ourselves in purity of thought, and our soul will be inundated with graces and our spirit will receive its nourishment constantly: Matter, which is in its movement of love, Pure Matter, which is in its Eternal Matter.

Our mind, our thoughts, will be the thoughts of Jesus, will be the thoughts of love, and all those who are within us, and in whom we are, will also receive graces: nourishment for their thoughts.

It’s the same thing for our sight. If our gaze is impure and what we see comes to us from the outside, like scenes of obscenity, abuse, scenes of violence, of indifference, scenes of anger, scenes of fear, and all impure scenes, then our gaze will be impure. Therefore, our soul, our soul will suffer, it will be ashamed of what it sees, it will feel that it is immersed in such impurity, and then, it won't receive, for we will prevent it from receiving its nourishment: the love of Jesus.

It’s the same thing for inner gazes. When, within ourselves, we visualize impure scenes, which come to us and that we keep within us, well, we’re doing to our soul what our external gaze is doing to it.

It’s the same thing internally and externally, and our soul will suffer because of all this; we won't receive graces of purity to keep us in the eyes of Jesus. Therefore, we will have illnesses, illnesses that are in relation to our sight and there are many, many of them.

It’s the same thing for our hearing. If we use our hearing, which must be for God, for things that are impure – and our hearing, it is always active, we hear the slightest sound – if that sound enters us and it’s impure, this gives rise within us to thoughts, gazes, words, feelings, movements, and this makes our soul suffer, and our soul, it doesn’t receive graces, we don’t receive graces, and it’s the same for those who are in us.

We must belong fully to Jesus, we must be attentive to Jesus; when we aren't attentive to Jesus, that’s because our hearing is impure, and then, we live the consequences of this: we have illnesses because of this and the illnesses are in relation to our hearing.

It’s like when someone takes an apple, and that apple has a little hole in it, and whoops, there's a worm inside it; then, the person eats around the worm and is very careful to avoid biting into the brown spot.

When he agreed to take the apple, the apple looked very tasty, but when, with his eyes, he inspected the apple – whoops, there was a worm – he noticed it. Who is telling him that there's a worm? Is it bruised because it fell? But it’s because there's something coming out of that little hole – it’s sort of brown, quite grainy, and this is a sign that there's life inside there, something that has eaten, and consequently, we can see its waste; on the outside, we see its waste.

And so, our hearing is like this – there's something that has entered us, that has lodged itself there, that is alive, but that leaves scars, leaves its waste behind, and as it doesn’t belong to us, well, it hurts.

The apple and the worm that entered it… the worm doesn’t belong to the apple and the apple doesn’t belong to the worm, but the worm has made it its home, and whatever it ate, well, it digested it easily.

And so, are we able to know if what we’ve heard will be well digested by us? It can make us very sick; if it’s impure, it’s 100% certain that it will make us sick; this is what God wants to explain to us simply.

Whatever we hear becomes alive within us and it carves out its path, it embeds itself wherever it wants to, and once it is nicely embedded, well, it does its work, it does its work, and if it’s impure, it makes us sick.

It’s the same thing for whatever is in relation to speech. Speech must serve God, and therefore, must serve matter: what we are. It is in harmony with us, and so, the sounds that emerge from us by movement must be at the service of what we are: we are alive, we were made for love, we were made to give.

Therefore, if words don’t give love, then we’ll be in an impure movement and the soul won't be in its movement of love; we won't receive graces so that we might be able to use the power of speech; we will serve ourselves, therefore, our speech will poison us.

As we received speech in order to serve but instead we use it for impurity, it becomes, for us, a movement that returns to the place from which it came: it makes itself heard, but it is internal. It returns to the place from which it emerged because it doesn’t want to serve, it wants to serve itself, and as it wants to serve itself, it enters the place from which it emerged, and as it enters the place from which it came, it becomes filled with acid, it becomes sharp, it becomes bitter, it becomes flavourless, it becomes cold, it becomes fearful, it becomes manipulative, domineering, filled with power, the power within us, a power that makes itself known within us, that makes itself heard within us; speech makes itself our master. Speech leads to illness when it is not in God. Are we able to realize, the more we hear, that we have been part of movements against us? When we carry out movements, actions, and those actions are impure, it’s that we’re using what belongs to God. We have hands, we have feet, we have legs, we have arms, we have a body, a head; everything is in motion, everything was made to be a giving movement, everything was made to be in a movement that receives.

We received movement in order to be the movement of Jesus: matter that gives, matter that loves, matter that receives everything from God in order to return everything to God in every movement. If only one movement, one action, is not in the grace of God, that movement becomes a movement that is irritating to matter, for matter needs tenderness, needs gentleness, needs humility, needs to be a gift of life, because movement is gentleness, movement is in Eternity.

Jesus is the Word, Jesus accomplishes the Will of his Father; our movements must accomplish the Will of God the Father in Jesus.

When we get up in the morning, we’re carrying out a movement in Jesus for God; when our eyes sparkle, we’re carrying out a movement of love in Jesus for God; when we go through the motions of eating, well, it’s as if that movement follows the rhythm of everything within us, and whatever is within us becomes movement in Jesus for God: we are movement in the Movement.

Carry out a single movement and all the movements of our flesh are set in motion; we cannot carry out only one movement without setting the Eternal Movement in motion.

You see, we are eternal movement: one movement nourishes another, one movement nourishes another – one movement. Therefore, when we give one movement, the other receives and gives back; that same movement gives and receives a movement – it’s as if all movements were set in motion: they give, give and give, nourish, nourish and nourish, love that gives, love that gives, love that never stops giving itself within our entire being.

Matter is in movement, the all is in movement, Jesus is the Movement.

When Jesus carries out a movement, well, he does so for all that is visible; the entire universe feels the effects of this – it is in movement, the movement is nourished by the Movement.

Let’s understand that Jesus need only be and all is; Jesus carries out a movement and the entire universe is in movement: we are in movement.

And so, it’s the same thing for our flesh – when we carry out a movement, everything is in movement. However, carry out your movements without Jesus, without love, then our soul is in agony – it needs love, it needs to see its God of love, to contemplate, to adore its God of love, Movement of love. And so, it doesn’t receive, we don’t receive; our movements are movements that return to us: I drown and you who are within me, I force you to be what I want you to be.

We make our flesh suffer along with the flesh of all those who are within it; we don’t receive what we need, but we obtain for ourselves, we obtain for ourselves things that belong to that which is a refusal of God.

Satan, pure spirit, spirit of darkness, all the fallen angels, pure spirits, spirits of darkness, see to it that we reject Jesus so they can feed our movements, our actions. They anticipate situations so that we might commit acts against God, and in that moment, we open ourselves up to movements that come to control our movements – when ‘we’, we refuse.

That is to say, that everything we are comes from God, everything we do comes from God, and what we set in motion is the Will of God and not our will.

When we accept to be movement in Jesus, God takes up all the room, but when we refuse this, when we refuse all this, then there are others who take up all the room.

We are matter. We need the movement of love in order to be love, but if we refuse the movement of love enabling us to be in movements of love, then we’re accepting to be a movement against love; we go against ourselves, and whatever comes to us, we accept it: we accept pride, we accept darkness.

God is enabling us to understand all this so we can grasp what is happening in our life, and what is causing our illnesses.

You see, the body needs many graces to remain in a state of purity, and anything that is pure is movement of love; therefore, we give ourselves love.

Everything is love, our feelings are love; we’re so in love with God that we take care of ourselves; we’re so in love with God that we rest; we’re so in love with God that we are in ecstasy before his Creation; we’re so in love with God that we don’t want his Creation to be impure: we take care of the earth, we take care of everything he created because what he created is for us, it is love.

Matter: we are matter, we look at matter and we love matter; whether it’s alive or inert, whether it’s animal or vegetable, matter is a movement of love to us.

We’re in love with Jesus, we’re infinitely in love with the matter that is Jesus; everything comes from God, everything that is visible comes from God – we cannot doubt this. Therefore, we enter into a feeling that never stops nourishing us with love, we enter into a feeling that never stops keeping us in that love.

We give what we are and we receive love, for all that was created gives us love, it’s alive, it’s from God, the Matter that nourishes matter.

Remember what God said when the earth tasted Abel’s blood: “This earth, created as pure matter, had never before tasted blood, the blood of a human.” When it tasted it, it became closed, it became closed to man and to woman. If they were receiving graces from God, then the earth would give: it was able to recognize unfaithfulness.

For those who were in the audience at Saint Étienne de Bolton, a place where there was a gathering, I believe God revealed this to us when we were there.

What God is doing for us is to bring about movements of love while always keeping us in his Will.

He won't give matter what it would like to have so it can be proud – he will keep it in his humility; he nourishes us with what we need, he knows that we are weak.

And so, God comes to reveal to us that the soul needs graces, and when we have feelings of pride, the soul doesn’t receive. Therefore, our feelings become feelings for ourselves and those feelings eat away at us, those feelings lead us to anguish, those feelings lead us to doubt, to such great distress that our whole flesh is shaken by it to the point of becoming paralyzed, to the point of no longer remembering, to the point of no longer being able to understand human language.

To be in impurity is to be sick, sick due to our lack of love. The soul is life. We need life to be in love; it receives graces to keep us in love and love is every one of us. We are matter, we are life.

And now, the Lord has just said, “Look at your watch.” Thank you, Lord.