Gathering of Love With God's Action in Plantagenet,

Through his Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus




2007-05-26 – Afternoon – Part 1


♪♪♪:                 You shall receive the Holy Spirit in your hearts, says the Lord.


                        Do not fear, I leave you my peace,

                        do not fear while in this world.


                        And deluges of the Holy Spirit shall burst forth,

                        and the living waters shall burst forth. 


                        You shall receive the great fire of joy,

                        you shall receive my power.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: “Spirit of love, Spirit of truth, welcome your children.

Open our hearts so we can welcome all our brothers and our sisters.

Through your almightiness, o Spirit of love, you give birth within each of us to the need to give ourselves.

O God of love, we run to them, we call them and we invite them to enter into us.

We accept to be the cradle of the world and to take all the world’s sufferings and to present them to you so that you may come to free us, to heal us of our lack of love towards ourselves.


Isn't it this illness that has cheated our life: this lack of love? We want to make an act of reparation.

An act of presence within you, o Holy Spirit, is a yes, a yes to the call of The Love.

Grace is upon us, grace takes us: we give that yes, that yes of a child on behalf of every one of us.

Every one of us, we are what you want us to be: an all in God's All.

Glory to you, Eternal God!”


A person in the room is praying in tongues.


 “Words of love allow you to hear, words of faith, of light.

It is like an echo from Heaven that speaks directly to our soul.

Thank you, Holy Spirit!

When you manifest yourself like this, we heal: these words are incomprehensible to us, but they are words that bring us life.

Together, we thank you for using us, for if only one of us allows you to pray through him or her, this is a healing for us.

Faith, faith turns us into children for those we love; only faith can give us this surge of love.

The language of the Holy Spirit is a language that comes from Heaven; it brings directly to us the flavour of love, it leads us to exhilaration.

In that moment, we’re so hungry to hear, so hungry to know; we allow ourselves to be enveloped by this movement, this movement of the Holy Spirit.

May each tongue pray under the power of the Holy Spirit, may each ear hear this language of love of the soul; may the soul receive, receive the power of God and may our body agree to let itself be taken up by this movement of love, movement that envelops us, movement that takes everything about us, leaving us only with our yes, a yes of a child who reaches out to God the Father, who runs to him to place his life at his feet – the life that comes from him, the life that always aspires to be in the Life, in the Life of Christ.

O Holy Spirit, you turn us into children of love, you turn us into children in the likeness of the Son.

What is more beautiful than the Heart of God that opens up and allows itself to be seen by all children! Nothing can be comparable to this moment of love, this moment that is reserved for us who are poor of heart.

Today is a moment of intimacy with you, o Holy Spirit.

You come to take us as we are; you ask us for nothing and you take everything.

You want us to welcome your gifts of love, you want us to be the fruit of every act of love.

There is only you who can enable us to understand that we are fruit in the hands of God; there is only you who can turn us into what we are.

Spirit of righteousness, of truth, of light, of warmth, you accept us in order to transform us.

The words we’re hearing are words emerging from us enveloped in God's power; these words guide us in our life; did our life not begin with Adam and Eve?

No movement can appear as filled with light as the one which is being revealed.

A movement that is light is a movement of truth, a movement that teaches us to recognize what we’ve become.

You make us go forward through our choices, you make us go forward so we can recognize that our life is the one made up of our choices.

O God of love, come and pierce the armour we have accepted, come and strip us naked so we can see and hear what only God knows and what has turned us into beings who cry, who are afraid, who are weakened, who have lost what you had given us.

Come, Holy Spirit, we are yours.

 In the laws of The Love, there is only one measure, and it encompasses all. And so, we agree to be what you desire in your hands.

What is within us, o God of love, let it rise up so we can heal from our bad habits.

Come, Spirit of love.”

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: When we allow the power of the Holy Spirit to flow within us, there are movements that occur, movements of healing.

At every moment, God is freeing us from what has imprisoned us.

We have become imprisoned beings and we haven’t been able to see ourselves as we really are.

Today, steps are being taken; today, we recognize that we’re children who need one another.

We’re walking towards our great purification in order to discover the importance of our life on earth with one another.

If only one agrees to let himself be taken up by the power of the Holy Spirit, then those who are within us will feel its fruit: God passes, God liberates.

There are so many movements which we have brought to our brothers and our sisters that have made them suffer.

Today, we agree to carry out acts of love and he is enabling us to understand that they are healing, that they are allowing themselves to be liberated.

We’re living in the night of darkness; all around us there are children who have lost their faith; all around us there are some of our brothers and sisters who no longer acknowledge themselves as children of God; they are turning to gods believing this is good for them.

We look at them and shake our heads; our shoulders are so heavy, we have difficulty raising our arms towards Heaven, our steps are so hesitant, for we are in pain. We’re afraid of tomorrow and at the same time we have hope in tomorrow: we want the Great Purification to come.

Yes, we cry out for the Purification, the Great Purification, to permeate us, for the Holy Spirit, in one movement, brings us within ourselves: we want this.

We want to know this movement of love so we can live as beings who are good to God, to ourselves, to our neighbour; we want the New Jerusalem, we want to go towards it.

“Let us taste this movement, Holy Spirit; make us enter within ourselves; we want to see the consequences of our choices before sin; we want to accept everything.

Stop making us wait, o Holy Spirit. See our children who are dying; see our young who are drugging themselves; see our teenagers who no longer think of you and who want to die: they’re dying through music, they’re dying through games, they’re dying through sexuality, and when all this chokes them, they want to stop living.

Look, o almighty God, at our brothers and our sisters: they know the ten commandments of God and they want nothing to do with them. They have children: they no longer want to baptize them.

When are you coming, when is our agony going to end, when are our tears going to stop falling in this valley, when will we have peace?

When we go to bed for the last time, will we have lived this moment, we who are aware of it because you have taught us? Will we experience this or will it be for everyone else? Do you hear our words? We want to do what you desire, we’re ready for anything.

I beg you, Spirit of love, we have the impression that if you don’t come right away, there will be more corruption, and our children will be in that corruption.

We are mothers, we are grandmothers, we are fathers, we are grandfathers… we look at our grandchildren: there are no longer any crosses in the places they enter; in the places they enter they speak against you. 

Are they going to let this world poison them? What can we do? Nothing. You told us so; you told us to not speak because when we speak, we are fanning the flames of the fire already lit by Satan.

We feel their hearts hardening towards us; they turn their backs on us; they are our children and they want nothing to do with us, they want to have fun, they don’t want us to pray anymore, they no longer want to hear speak of love, God's love. They want to hear about a calculating love, a possessive love, a love that is for the senses.

If you want our life, here it is, take it; but come, o Spirit of love, stop this suffering, these are our hearts that are speaking.

Why these words, Spirit of love, if not for the fact that you want to hear us cry out to you, if not for the fact that you want to nourish our heart so we can go on loving, loving, and loving unconditionally, with complete abandon?

We pray, we pray, we beg you to stop this suffering in our flesh, which is causing us to become ill.

We see our friends, our brothers, our sisters leaving us; we see our mother and our father dying in pain and with a smile because they have the rosary in their hearts, but us, we have the impression of only living the cross of the rosary.

O God of love, we want to love unconditionally, yes we accept everything.

Yes, only you know everything; yes, only you can lead us to where we must be; you, you see everything; you who know everything, you teach us at every step we take in this valley of tears.

There is light: you enabled us to taste that light, we can no longer live without it. You enable us to taste peace, that peace we so desired to know. There are words rising to our lips and these words are filled with love for our children, for those we love, for those who are victims of violence.

You have filled our hearts with mercy, with your grace; you have turned us into children who are yeses; you teach us to recognize your Volition, only your Volition, not ours.

You speak to us of purification as a movement of love. You take hold of us, you make us dive into a light that shows us the path to follow; and slowly, very slowly, we accept, we accept to go forward as you wish; we take our children’s’ crosses upon our shoulders, the crosses of our grandchildren and you come and fill our arms with hope.

You bring us comfort. Our minds become attuned to your Will, only your Will; our hearts fill with piety, wanting only to offer to God: movements of humility, of chastity, of obedience, of abandonment to your Will; you teach us to fear God with your love.

We see and hear God's wisdom; your gaze is upon us, that gaze filled with strength; this flows within us. You lead us to discover an endless love, a love that gives of itself without ever asking for what is not from God.

You are our life of love; you place faith in your power in our heart; you teach us to be true, to be sincere, to believe in the Divine Will for our glory.

At every moment, there are healings occurring within us, liberations are being felt by our flesh: fear moves farther away, there is no more room for doubt, acceptance is part of our daily life.

Light of our days, Rest of our nights, Flavour of our gazes, accept our outpouring of love, for what you are doing with us is for those we love, for our children, our grandchildren, for our brothers and our sisters.

Who can make us go forward if not The Love? You are The Love, you turn us into love; you enable us to know that language, that language of love that rises up from within us so others may hear it.”

Come, Holy Spirit, come into our hearts, permeate us, transform us, we belong to you, only to you.



♪♪♪:                 Come, Holy Spirit, to enkindle your Church,

                        come, Holy Spirit, to permeate the universe. (repeat)


                        Put kindness and wisdom in our hearts,

                        and turn us into children of light. (refrain)


                        Put youth and faith in our hearts,

                        and turn us into springtime for your people. (refrain)


                        Put prayer and peace in our hearts,

                        and turn us into an effervescence of unity. (refrain)


The Holy Spirit: You are so little! The Spirit of God takes you upon its wings and brings you, brings you to a place so beautiful where all is nothing but light, where water flows and sings a song, a song of love; where one’s gaze falls upon the brightness of the day, and the brightness of the day permeates, warms, appeases; where there is grass like a carpet that takes your steps and makes you go forward by placing the Spirit of God in your movements, a Spirit that brings all knowledge so that nothing can stop you.

The Spirit of God enables you to understand that God's child is in Christ and in the Father's love.

Christ is for you; he was given to you so that you could live your lives as children of God for eternity.

To be in Jesus is to live, it is to taste, it is to appreciate, it is to contemplate, it is to worship, adore, it is to serve, it is to return the Father's love endlessly, endlessly.

You are movement in the Movement; you are love; there, you are true, there is your place; all is permitted to you because you know God's love.

Nothing can stop you, for you are the arrow shot by God that will never stop: wherever you might go, wherever you may want to go.

The movements are movements of love; little children, let yourselves be taken – God heals, God liberates.

You desire this time when all children will be together to face their choices: so be it. You will know this movement; you have opened a door, that door had been presented to you.

Because you accepted: enter, enter into the movement of purification, movement that is necessary to you in order to prepare all those you want by your side.

What has begun will not stop: such is the Will of God.

Nothing here on earth will be able to stop what is: such is the Will of God.

May each one of you be in this movement of purification, may each one of you take God's graces – graces of abandonment, graces of light – so that you can live this movement in all your brothers and your sisters.

This is how it shall be the moment when they enter within themselves; they will know that you sustained the being they are; you shall be children of love present in their movements through the power of God, in God.

 What you shall live, my children, will bring you graces of joy, graces that will come from their recognition of your having given yourselves and, through their loving yes, you shall be in the presence of what they will live through Jesus.

Wherever you are is where you shall remain, wherever Christ is, you shall be: such is the Church.

Because in this very moment you are agreeing to give yourselves unconditionally, out of love, and without asking anything for yourselves, you shall receive the joy of abandonment.

Be completely love, my children.

Now, you shall hear what has already begun.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: This morning, the Holy Spirit spoke to us of the ‘self’, that ‘self’ that turns us into proud beings, vain beings; that ‘self’ is within us, that ‘self’ is part of our life.

Who saw to it that we were in that ‘self’ if not Satan? Who saw to it that we remain in that ‘self’ if not the temptations presented by demons? Who saw to it that we choose to live in that ‘self’ if not for the fact that, in the past, we have had brothers and sisters who nourished that ‘self’? Who saw to it that the ‘self’ lead us to want to live in that ‘self’ as if it were something normal? It is all those who show us how to live as a being who is proud of what he is.

Who sees to it that we are proud of what we are? Satan, Satan who has many faces, many names. We know him, but were we suspicious when we heard the gods, the pagan gods? And yet, there's only one God: “You shall adore one God, the one who is and ever shall be.”

But we heard, we accepted, we were unable to open our eyes, to hear, because our ‘self’ was preventing us from doing this. In our life, we have accepted gods who bear the shape of ugliness.

Who is like God? We know that God the Son came on earth, that he presented himself as a Being of beauty, gentle, humble of heart, filled with love, bearing the features of love, of movements of love.

And yet, our eyes accepted those deformed beings who are a combination of human and animal bodies. We accepted them in our life as something normal: in our life, we accepted beings who took themselves for gods, whose shapes were prominently sexual and we accepted them, saying that it was beautiful.

How many of us have these things in our homes unsuspectingly, saying, “They’re little goddesses, little fairies,” and none of this came from God? We have become blind, in our life, we have accepted what is against God.

We have looked at Jesus crucified, our God, our Love; he carried upon himself all our sins and this made him so ugly that our hearts would break when we would look at him from our interior; that’s our God, our God of love.

He has become what we have become: ugliness – because the moment we accept gods, we become as ugly as they are.

If our eyes don’t see what we’ve become it’s because God is protecting us, for we would drop dead and we would see what we’ve become. We would feel great pain, we would be incapable of forgiving ourselves and God doesn’t want this.

God has accepted to take what we are and to carry our ugliness so we can be strong; and us… our eyes turn to the gods, we wear Satan's works around our necks, we wear Satan's works on our fingers, we agree to behave like goddesses, like gods, wanting to be something other than what we are.

We are simple children and we behave like vain beings, adorning ourselves in order to enhance our looks to the level of goddesses and gods.

Who put this within us if not for the fact that we have contemplated our ‘self’? We wanted to nourish our ‘self’.

Who brought us this far if not for the fact that Satan presented himself to us and we saw nothing? We wanted to be in his likeness.

Satan is a foul being filled with ugliness.

We who are children of God, we who are tiny little ones who have a yes within us, we agreed to control our lives, we agreed to change conforming to the very image of his knowledge, to take his knowledge and to claim it as our own, for the moment we perform a single action, a single movement that is not of God, we are accepting to be what he is.

He wants to be in the place of the Son of God; he wants us to acknowledge him as God.

The Child who was by our side to lead us to eternal life, he wants us to scorn him so we can be with him in order to follow him to eternal death: this is his goal – there are no others and he has placed in our life all he could imagine that would lead us to our downfall, and we have used this in our life.

Anything that doesn’t bear graces comes from Satan; all those who have brought us knowledge that didn’t bear graces come from Satan.

Let’s not try to separate the good from the bad, for this is from the ‘self’, not from God.

God knows what is good for us; us, we don’t know this, for we don’t know the consequences of turning to what doesn’t bear graces.

God, he knows how far this will lead us and when God does something, it’s about each one of us in the Church on behalf of all God's children.

Can you see how many of us have followed people who carried a ‘self’, who brought us their knowledge wanting to help us while this didn’t bear God's graces? And so, we took what came with this and we went forward with it.

How many among us have taken books and have read books that were about knowledge gleaned from their studies while they had denied God, while they didn’t believe in God, while they were nothing more than pagans who believed in what they knew, and we followed this as if it were a rule; others followed as if it were natural since others were doing it; others followed this because it had been shown to them, and they didn’t ask themselves that many questions?

Well, we accepted anything that came to us through trickery, deceit: the Vain One. This became a source of pride to us.

Which humble child can call himself humble by accepting what doesn’t come from God, by accepting to see something good in all this? What good can we draw from what doesn’t bear graces? Grace comes from God.

How can we recognize grace? Grace bears the flavour of God, bears the beauty of God; grace can be recognized because it follows the movement of God in our life: it is nourishment.

Grace is nourishment and Jesus nourished us: Jesus has fed us his Flesh and Blood; this is what grace is.

Go and draw from the Word of Jesus – we will have all the nourishment we need – and this, for eternity. But if one single Word was not in Jesus, said by Jesus, lived by Jesus, there are no graces – it is false.

Either we are in Jesus or we aren’t in Jesus; we cannot have one foot in Jesus and the other in this world; this is impossible because Jesus cannot accept evil – this would be against The Love, against himself, against what he is.

Jesus is the all of the Father, the love of the Father, the breath of the Father, our breath, our love, our eyes.

Would Jesus deceive us? Would he say to us, “It’s not serious, I took all the consequences, you do not have to worry, I have taken everything”? This would be our mind talking because Jesus didn’t say that.

“Whoever sees me, sees my Father; whoever listens to me, listens to my Father. I am the Way, I am the Truth, I am the Life.” There is only Life in God the Father, in God the Son, in God the Holy Spirit; outside of God, there is no life.

And so we, when we accept a movement, a single little movement that isn't from God, we aren’t following in Christ’s footsteps, we’re not in Jesus; it’s wrong to think otherwise.

It is only through graces that we are able to understand that God loves us, that God wants us to be completely love.

God gives us everything we need.

When he created Adam and Eve, he put them in a place filled with delights, where all was nothing but beauty: the earthly Paradise, love.

It’s as if God had opened his hands and had deposited Adam and Eve, and he nourished them where they were.

The earth upon which they walked was nothing but grace; the trees around them, showing them that majesty, were nothing but graces; everything in the sky – the stars – was nothing but graces; everything that was colour was grace.

God filled the sky, the earth, the waters with his graces: all was nothing but grace, everything was for them.

God was holding them in his hands; all he had created was in God's hands; what could they ask for? Everything was granted to them! They lived, they were happy: all this was.

God wants to give this back to us; God wants to open his hands and invite us to enter into his Son, into his Life, to give everything back to us.

This was meant for us; is he going to take away what he gave us? No, God isn't like this; whatever he gives, he gives it for eternity; he gave us life and this is for eternity.

Let’s not refuse to go to his land of love; it is for us, it is being offered to us.

But God says to us, “Enter into my Son, do not live except in my Son, accept only what comes from me; then you can savour it, then you can live in my graces. Leave my Son, live in your ‘self’, and I cannot give you what you are refusing; you are the ones who are distancing yourselves, you are the ones saying no, no to God.

You see, if we know that a single movement being presented to us isn't in Jesus, then we’re saying no to God: “I don’t want your graces, I have what I need. I don’t need to pay attention to you, I am self-sufficient.”

It’s true that we don’t say these words out loud but we behave according to these words.

When we turn to something that looks like it might bring us consolation, that might be a way to heal us, that might be a way to bring us some joy, might be a way to experience happiness, well, since we accept all this, then we’re accepting to live in our ‘self’, but our ‘self’ has a name: it’s Satan.

What belongs to us is: yes. Yesterday, God said, “Here is your name: yes,” and all the rest is given to us.

But when we agree to live as children of God while wanting to turn to what doesn’t bear graces, well then, what we eat becomes what we are: our eyes, our ears, our words, our movements. Our feelings become pride, falsehood, betrayal towards ourselves: we’re lying to ourselves, we’re deceiving ourselves.

When someone deceives another, he doesn’t reveal himself – he deceives from behind the other’s back. When someone wants to defraud another, he behaves hypocritically without the other noticing – he's conning him. And well, this is what we’ve done to ourselves: we deceived ourselves and we hid ourselves; we defrauded ourselves and we conned ourselves.

If we believed that we were being healed, liberated, without this coming from graces willed by Heaven and by God, well, we behaved like Satan wanted us to behave.

Today, the children of the whole world are aware of the ‘self’; even those who are removed from society – the ‘self’ has reached them as well.

How is it that the ‘self’ has reached all the way to them? Well, the ‘self’ bears power within itself, the ‘self’ bears something within it that emerges and spreads, and that invades, and that enters, and that worms its way in, hides itself, that controls, that dominates, that imprisons, that suffocates, that kills.

This is what we’ve done: if only one ‘self’ is active, it will spread over the entire surface of the earth and attack all God's children.

Satan made the ‘self’ known to us, and this occurred long ago.

We know through the Spirit of God that this began when he tempted Eve, when Adam said yes; we bear the stain of this: the original sin.

Through Baptism, this was erased, but our flesh, it bears that stain.

That ‘self’ is in our flesh, and it wields its power over us; it makes us believe that we’re helping our neighbour, it makes us believe that this is good for us, it makes us believe that this comes from God.

Well, do you think that Satan, who put this in us, didn’t want this to happen? Yes, he wanted it – he put this in our flesh in order to use it.

Anything that comes from the ‘self’ serves Satan; it doesn’t serve God.

Would God need our ‘self’ in order to heal God's children, to liberate God's children? Would God need our ‘self’ to make us happy, to enable us to discover happiness, to lead us to eternal life? No.

God doesn’t need our ‘self’, God is God, he is the All within his All, he is the Almightiness, he is God, he has power over all that is living or dead.

Death is present; death is Satan but God has power over Satan, but it’s because of us, because of the ‘self’ inside us – we set him in motion.

God, in his love, will watch over us; God, in his almightiness, will keep us alive; God, in his eternal movement, will enable us to go forward despite our ‘self’.

What we are today: we’re children of God wounded by the ‘self’. What we are today: children who have developed that ‘self’, who have left room for Satan's manipulations.

Today, we live in the very presence of the Antichrist; he's in our life, he's in our thoughts, he's in our movements, he's in our words, in our heart, in everything we do.

Satan wanted to have an effect on us so that we would be only his; he used children of God to destroy us, he used what we are to put his poison in our hearts.

But God has always been there, God has always watched over us: the yes destroys the ‘self’; the yes prevents the ‘self’ from harming our brothers, our sisters; the yes opens doors for us so we can see, so we can understand what the Holy Spirit wants us to see and understand.

Mary’s fiat led us to the discovery of Christ’s image, for when Christ came on earth, he revealed himself to us and all those who looked at him saw the image of Christ, and that image is within us. We have the face of Christ within us, we have his movements within us, we have his Word within us.

Mary’s fiat was a movement of splendour for us; it was presented to the Trinity, and the Trinity received it, and it turned her fiat into a fiat that entered the yes of God: the yes of the Father, the yes of the Son, the yes of the Holy Spirit.

For God is The Love; he never refuses to give – he gives, gives and gives – and Mary received, received the splendour of the yes from the Trinity, the beauty of the yes, the yes that accomplished.

All we are has been accomplished; it’s up to us to carry on with our yes; it’s up to us to realize all the things we have accepted in our life that did not bear graces.

It’s up to us to ask the Holy Spirit to show us all the things that did not bear graces and that are in our life, and have been in our life.

What once was in our life and no longer is so today must emerge from us; in order to emerge – it is only through the power of the Holy Spirit that everything will rise to the surface and that everything will be given to Jesus, for Jesus has lived our consequences; this made him suffer.

All the choices we accepted in the face of sin, for there is sin when we accept what goes against our soul, must be given to Christ: we must not hesitate.

Everything we have seen, everything that has been part of our life’s knowledge has been there since the first ones who saw and accepted what was not grace.

Remember the children, the descendants of Cain who had to separate from those who were from Adam and Eve, from the children of the children of Adam and Eve – those who moved away looked at those shapes, those shapes that weren't human but that bore human traces; they accepted this in their lives; this did not bear graces.

Our eyes have met this; are we able to separate ourselves from them? The flesh of the flesh cannot be separated; it gives birth, it brings about creation, it brings about movement; we are movement, we’re not dead – not yet.

We are alive as long as there is life within us, as long as we say yes: “Yes, everything for you, Eternal God,” but our eyes have seen.

Don’t try to figure out if it’s in 2007 or if it was 6000 years before Jesus Christ; don’t try to figure out the years for it would be your ‘self’ doing this.

Let’s accept that we are children of God enlightened by the light of God; let’s stay the way we are: children.

If God wants to teach us a certain way: “Thank you, Lord.” If we discovered that the earth was billions of years old and that God told us that there were men 6000 years before Jesus Christ: “Yes, Lord, it’s in you that I believe,” and not in human knowledge.

Who’s to say that human knowledge wasn’t deceived by Satan? Are we going to rely on books, on research? The one who seeks finds what he wants to find; Satan will place along his journey all he's going to need.

Happy is the one who is poor in spirit – he accepts everything from God; he didn’t say, “Happy are the foolish.”

We are treated like fools because we believe in the words of the Holy Spirit; well, let’s rejoice if we believe in the Holy Spirit, in his words; he has the truth for us, he is Righteousness, he lacks nothing.

And so, if we’re fools in the Holy Spirit – alleluia! Keep us this way but let’s be wary of ourselves; let’s not be wary of God but of ourselves.

Because we have heard, we have heard words that came from demons who drew near to those women… those demons, who had taken a form similar to ours, approached those women, but beforehand, they had heard, they had studied, they had calculated. Their intelligence is superior to that of men and women. And so, they learned the language of God's children who wanted to follow God. They heard all this and they transformed: they put poison in those words to deceive those women in order to draw near to them, to seduce them, to sleep with them. Those words that the women agreed to hear, those words that were not rejected, entered them: in their flesh. Those words did not bear graces, those words were against God, against us, and our flesh remembers.

This is why we must be wary of what might emerge from our ‘self’ because Satan is very good at shuffling the cards.

How can we discern that those words come from a child of God, of the yes? Through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Words that come from the ‘self’, that have entered our flesh, and from age to age, from age to age, have succeeded in leading us to where we are today.

God told us, “Read the Bible, read the one filled with light.”

Why does he say, “Read the one filled with light?” Because he's the one who will fill us with light; we will be in tune with what we will read in the Bible.

A single word that doesn’t bear graces will be, like us, an arrow that will pierce us; we will feel a movement against the child of God who only desires to learn from God.

There will be like a movement that will allow itself to be set in motion within us; but beware to the one who will not allow himself to dive into that light.

This morning, the Spirit of God told us that we resist the inspiration of the Holy Spirit; the Holy Spirit himself told us that he's teaching us but that we’re resisting.

We must pray, we must ask Mother Mary to help us, we must be attentive to God in order to be able to live the Gospel, live the Word of God. It’s all right there for us, nothing is missing.

When we read the Gospel under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, everything enters within us; the more we give our yes, the yes of a child, a yes that allows itself to be taken by the Yes of Jesus, the more we heal and the more we allow ourselves to be liberated.

Only God is bringing about this movement because we are journeying towards graces; other movements of healing, of liberation are taking place.

When we return to the Word, toward grace – more nourishment, more nourishment, more nourishment – God's nourishment heals; we remain in him.

You see, it is only by turning to grace that we are able to understand what comes from God, what grace is.

Turn to God and God will nourish you. Remain as you are, don’t pray, don’t open up to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and nothing will be able to enter you; and you will find yourselves in front of a bible filled with errors and you will see nothing.

We must be tiny little children, we must be under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit; everything comes from God and nothing comes from us, absolutely nothing.

And now, he has just said, “Take a rest, my children.”