Gathering of Love With God's Action in Plantagenet, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus


2007-05-26 – Evening – Part 1



The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: What we have just lived is a movement of love: the Eucharist is a living movement in our life.

When we receive the Body of Jesus, when we receive the Blood of Jesus, what graces we receive! Within us, our entire being lets itself be transformed by God's power.

God welcomes the being that we are, but how many times does God receive that being who asks for nothing? God is there, wanting to grant him everything God wants for him.

God wants our love, God wants our life, God wants the lives of all those we carry within us in order to transform this world with his love, this world that is sick because of its choices before temptation: sin.

God enables us to go forward towards him so we can give the Church, a Church that thirsts for the truth, for justice, that wants to be reborn to life.

We carry our brothers and our sisters and when we go forward, we go forward with them. We present ourselves and they present themselves through our yes. They can't go forward on their own because they no longer have legs; they can't welcome Jesus because they no longer have their heads; they can't thank Jesus because their arms are paralysed, chained.

We who come to life the moment we receive Jesus, we must present all those we carry to him. Through us, they are revived; through us, God maintains his Church so it can continue to go forward.

We shout, we cry, we beg, and so, this moment is for us, this moment is a moment of love during which we must open our interior and say, “Take, Lord; heal, Lord; liberate, Lord. Here we are, we are all here and none of those inscribed in the Book of Life is missing. You, Lamb of God, you took our lives, you allowed yourself to be sacrificed on the altar out of love for each of us, for all those who are inscribed in the Book of Life: here we are, we are present.

If we are alive it is because you keep us alive, o God of love.

We believe in you, you are the One who has been able to open the Book of Life; none other could have done so, there was only you, you are the Life.

We come to you: look at what we are and take everything.

I came to you begging your mercy for my brothers and my sisters, who do not come to you, but you let your Blood flow and I tasted your Blood, you opened your Flesh and I entered your Flesh: here I am.

I cannot come to you without bringing with me all those I carry, for if I go forward without them, it would be without legs, it would be without my head, my arms would not be able to thank you, for see what they are – it is what I am: I am the Church, I am the one you love.

You look at your Church and you love it; you offer yourself up constantly on all the altars of the world on behalf of your Church, on our behalf.

Whether we are here or in another country, there is no difference for you because you take us wherever we are: you are God.

I love you, o almighty God, for all these words, these words that come from your almightiness.

Who would be able to turn his eyes towards his neighbour if it weren't for your gaze that you placed in mine, if it weren't for the fact that you have taken my heart and you nourished it with your surges of love? You make me go forward towards you who are the Light, who are my Nourishment.

Without you I am nothing; you are my life; my life belongs to you and you hold it in your hands. Look at it, my life… it is made up of nothing but sins, it is made up of nothing but unfaithfulness, it is made up of nothing but pride, but because you taught me to go forward towards you, I can now see myself as I am, and slowly, you teach me to love, to love as you love me.”

These surges of love are so flavourful for each of us!

God's Spirit has welcomed all our surges of love, he has known all our movements of love; in a single moment, he saw everything; nothing was hidden to him for he is the Saviour, he is the Redeemer, he is the One who put himself on the altar to nourish us, to make us real.

If today we have received the Body and Blood of Jesus, nothing comes from us, absolutely nothing except for that tiny yes enveloped in the Blood of Jesus, presented to the Father as his own yes.

Jesus Crucified is the yes, the yes that accepts everything, the yes that envelops our little yes to make it alive, to make it true.

And he looks at that yes, and he knows, he knows the value of that yes, that yes that agrees to be taken up by the One who knows everything, who sees everything.

From the first sin to the last one to be committed, he will cover that yes with his Blood, for our yes is our presence at the foot of the Cross, it is our presence that kneels the moment Jesus presents his Body and his Blood.

The ‘amen’ we say is the yes: that yes, our yes. At this moment, we are on our knees saying, “Yes, everything for you; I accept everything you present to me, for you know better than I what my life is about; my life in you is eternal, it has the flavour of love.”

This is the language of God that comes down upon us and invites us to go to him so we can let him envelop us in his unconditional love: eternal movement that cannot be stopped.

At this moment, we are living our eternity; in one single movement we live our eternity for we are receiving the Alpha and the Omega.

How sublime is this moment! We cannot be aware of all its effects, but know that it is present before us, and that Jesus is enabling us to enter this present moment: eternity.

All is movement in the Eucharist: Jesus is here, Jesus is giving himself.

Understand that this moment, for us, is a moment of love so great that it receives us with its strength, its power; for if we were to taste it with what we are at this moment, do you think we would remain alive in this body bruised by sin?

We approach with what we are: a Church in pain, a Church that is searching, a Church that wants the truth. Jesus’ Church wants the truth, it doesn’t want us to tell it a pack of lies.

We want to be true, we want to know the truth in all things, but because of our human will, because of these sufferings, how hesitant we are before the power of the Holy Spirit who reveals our sufferings to us!

Without God's power how can we agree to enter into the truth? This is impossible for us, for the truth is what we have accepted; we cannot do this without God's strength, this would repel us.

Only God is the Almightiness, only God is the Life.

We have agreed to be dead; how can we, who are dead, go forward at every moment towards the Life if it weren't for the Life that is keeping us alive? We are incapable of grasping the depth of what God is in the process of enabling us to live.

God's Spirit is upon us; through the almightiness of the Holy Spirit we enter into our lives: the flesh of the flesh, life that multiplies, that gives birth to God's children, life in the Church, all the lives within the Church in order to form but one life: the life of Christ, who died on the Cross, resurrected and glorified by the Father.

But we have not yet arrived at our glorification, not yet.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit we look at our lives, at those of our brothers and our sisters, at the one we carry within ourselves; those lives are linked to our life at this very moment in the movement of eternal Life.

Any look towards the past can only be taken through the power of the Holy Spirit, for if we look back without the power of the Holy Spirit, we will see nothing, we will be blinded by our memories, our memories that bruise our flesh, that push us away, that move us away from the truth, that make us suffer so much that we don’t want to see, that we don’t want to hear: we want to die.

We stir up the mud and that mud is the consequence of our choices before sin; we don’t want to see the sin, we want to see ourselves suffering so we can complain all the more, in order to give us a reason to doubt God's graces that keep us truthful, alive.

Whatever is in our life, we have made of it what we desired.

We are beings who accept the Body and the Blood of Jesus to heal, to liberate, but because of our memories, we remain doubtful, and when there are graces that heal us, we doubt our healing.

We doubt God, we doubt that he heals us, we complain that we suffer, but God is looking at us, and he constantly gives us his Body, gives us his Blood so we can go on living in eternity; he comes to meet us wherever we are.

If today we are hearing these words, words that inhabit us, it is because the Holy Spirit is enabling us to hear them. It is our life that we are hearing and God is preparing us to hear this by covering us with his graces of love, so we can be comfortably seated in our chair.

God is good to us, God is nothing but flavour to us.

You see, we are going forward in our purification.

How many among us have understood what we have just heard? Well, God, he does this for us; he takes our little yes and he envelops it in his Divine Will and all is accomplished; and the moment we are ready to hear, we hear, for all has been accomplished. And as all has been accomplished, we’re ready to hear something else, for what we have just heard has healed, healed wounds, liberated our flesh from slavery to sin.

Everything is love in God, everything is power in God, we are the Church, we are alive in the Church.

We walk upon an earth, an earth that belongs to us; we look at our poor earth… it gives us the fruits of our labours.

How many among us complain because we eat food that has no flavour left? We’re no longer able to taste the purity of the water for purity no longer exists. Everything is the consequence of our choices made for the sake of our excessive needs, and God keeps us alive with his graces. Through his almightiness, God blesses the fruits of our labours; without the graces of blessing we wouldn’t even be alive.

What Satan had planned was to kill us, to poison our life, and God, he blessed, he blessed what we agreed to poison: he maintains us by his almightiness, by his love.

But we are sinking further and further into the pit of our lives: we have touched the bottom of the barrel; it was necessary to go and taste all the bitterness that sinks to the bottom.

Whatever sinks to the bottom bears the taste of excessiveness; what is on the surface is gentler, lighter, but what is at the bottom seems viscous, seems hard; it has  no gentleness, it is so concentrated.  

Well, that’s our life. It was necessary for us to touch all those consequences of our choices, and there have been a lot of consequences in our life, and this goes all the way back to the first one who disobeyed God: “You shall work by the sweat of your brow and the earth shall give you the fruit of your labour; in pain you shall bring forth children and your husband shall rule over you.”

Man labours but his labour no longer bears flavour; he can no longer make his family happy; he can no longer give them his tenderness for he has no more tenderness. He is a stranger to himself, he has become lost in his work, his work that does not bear fruit, that has led him to discover the power of money, to forget himself by becoming dazed for he is disappointed in himself, so disappointed that he constantly raises his voice. Everything has become a source of disappointment to him; he no longer has anything to share: he is living the consequences of his choices.

And the woman, God's creature, made in order to bear God's creation, the one that was meant to give birth in pain but with God's grace, no longer wants to give birth or wants to but very seldom for she is afraid. She no longer believes in God, she is so in control of her person that she believes herself mistress of creation. She looks at man and she dominates him; she no longer needs his consideration, she has learned to take care of herself.

To her, love has become a love that must satisfy her; that love, she does not draw it from within herself, she seeks it and demands it from external sources.

She can no longer look at her child for she no longer acknowledges her presence before God: a woman who no longer regards her presence before God is incapable of looking at her child as being a child of God.  

She doubts her motherhood, she does not feel worthy of what she is for she bears the consequence of her power over herself and over man, because she dominates, whereas God wanted everything on her behalf: to give her his tenderness, his love, to grant her the most beautiful of things without her ever having to ask for it, for God wanted to fulfill her: because we women, we have refused, and so now we’re living the consequences of our choices.

Our children look at us, and they no longer obey their parents; they doubt they are loved; they no longer go to be hugged like a little child for they are in too much pain; what they have received are the consequences of our lives in the Church.

It was necessary for us to touch the bottom of the barrel for God to come to speak to us about love, to enable us to discover our presence among all our brothers and our sisters of the entire world.

God is loving to us, he doesn’t come to speak in order to lead each of us home to our little refuge. God wants to turn us into a refuge: the one that will welcome all his children.

It is very important to understand the Church: the Church is our refuge.

Jesus came on earth to build his Church; there are not two dwellings like the Body of Christ, his Church.

When we are gathered together, we’re not afraid. There is no doubt regarding what God is presenting to us; we are one Church and we are one heart – we beat at the same rhythm.

All this is for us in our lives and it is the power of the Holy Spirit who is coming to remind us of this, for all has been said.

We must gather together in the Church, wherever we are, in order to form holiness: we are holy through the Body and the Blood of Jesus.

When we receive the Body and Blood of Jesus, we receive Purity, and so God wants us to acknowledge that we come from him, for the greater glory of his Father.

God enables us to realize that every moment of our life is the Church: we are the stones and when we are together, nothing can make us move.

If in our life there have been moments when we didn’t understand what the Church was, God, he knew; God maintains us in his strength.

Today, we look at what the stones have become. There are holes in those stones but Jesus, he's the Mason: he's the one who repairs, he's the one who strengthens, he's the one who puts a substance in the mortar and that substance is a liquid, a liquid that holds things together like glue.

That mortar becomes so strong when God interjects his graces: it holds things together and what it holds is very strong. And when the north wind, the south wind, the east wind, the western wind blow to knock the stones down, they resist; if there's a sudden gust, they will resist; if there's a flood, they will resist, for God's graces are a source of strength to us.

When we look at this with all our brothers and our sisters, can you see how strong we are? We no longer consider ourselves as individuals, we’re together, we stay together, we’re strong and we go forward, the graces of one strengthen the other: when one falls, the other helps him up, and he calls on all the others so they can go forward together.

Let’s not look at the weaknesses of the world; Jesus has looked at them, Jesus has taken them upon himself. But rather, let’s look at our strength, let’s look at our life in the Church, let’s have faith in the Body and the Blood of Jesus. Jesus heals, Jesus liberates. The more we believe in this the stronger we will be before the temptation of sin.

Our flesh is subjected to sin: leave the flesh alone (without grace) and it will be attacked from all sides, nothing will protect it.

That little, little, little yes will call out to the others, but for this to happen, we must hear, we must hear God's love within us, we must savour God's presence within us: he is giving himself to us.

Wake up! We want the prompting of the Holy Spirit? We have received it, we have received the Body and the Blood of Jesus.

Jesus cannot separate himself from the Holy Spirit, he cannot separate himself from his Father: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit is God: only one God.

When we accept to be what we are – the Church – the Church becomes a movement to us, it becomes a gathering, and that gathering took place the moment the Holy Spirit descended as tongues of flame to permeate the Church.

Do you think that we weren't there? We were present, and this movement is happening over, and over, and over again.

At the Pentecost God reminds us of what we received; we must delight in this, we must give thanks for what we have received.

How come we’re still waiting and waiting? What we should be waiting for is the return of the triumphant Christ; this is what we should be waiting for, this is what Jesus announced to us. Jesus said, “I shall send you the Paraclete; I must go to my Father in order for you to receive.”

All has been accomplished, all is there, but because of our ‘self’, because of our pride, we have allowed the consequences to enter into us, and these consequences have whipped us.

We are incapable of savouring this movement during the Pentecost: Pentecost of love, living Pentecost, true Pentecost, Pentecost of light, Pentecost filled with flavour for all God's children.

God has not left us without his gifts of love, without his fruits; they are part of our life, they are there.

Our spirit of this world has led us to no longer live this moment of love, this moment of revelation.

The Holy Spirit has manifested himself to some of his children, but to children who are suffering, but also to children who were agreeing to be instruments: the Holy Spirit has shown his almightiness.

How many were healed during the time of the apostles? How many were liberated? His Church received this power, and it’s still there.

But due to human will we have doubted this power that is in our lives, in the Church; due to our choices, due to all we have accepted, we the children who have evolved, the children who claim to be part of an age where everything is energy, where everything is power, power created by man, power created by pride: we have become so blind!

Look, look at what we’ve done! We have judged the Church, we have looked at our Church and we have contemplated the consequences of our choices, but we have passed them onto those who nourish us with the Body and Blood of Jesus: we have accused Christ, we bore our own sins before us and we said we were not involved in this.

If only one of us has had a single thought against a priest, then that thought was against us. Because of this we have lived blindly: while sitting in judgement.

Because we judged the priests as incapable of remaining in Christ, well then, Satan came to punish us: “I,” he says, “I know who he is, I know he took all your sins, I know you are blind because I placed temptations before you and you entered into those temptations even though you had received everything, even though Christ gave himself up on the Cross, and you have not been faithful to your own redemption. Because of this, an opening was created and I entered. You do not deserve to live in the light, and so, live in my darkness.”

You see, Satan hates us; Satan wants to maintain us in his death because we have accepted death: we have accepted temptations, we have agreed to judge Christ, we have accepted to put him on the Cross yet again, and we bear the consequences of this.

We are incapable of living the Pentecost; we don’t deserve it but God was aware of the little souls, God kept his Church alive and God preserved that little fire that was under the ashes; he took care of it. He enveloped that little fire in his graces of love so that we did not extinguish it.

He granted us his Mother yet again; she came to reveal herself to us, her, the Immaculate One. She is the Queen of Heaven, the Queen of Angels. She who was crowned by the Trinity has come yet again to ask us to listen to her Son, to ask us to consecrate ourselves to her Immaculate Heart in order to be protected so we can go to her Son.

Yet again, Mother Mary pronounced her Fiat; yet again, Mother Mary came to us begging us to have faith in her Son, to have faith in her Church: her Son.

Slowly, some children said their yes; slowly, some children said, “You are right, Mother Mary, show us how.” And Mother Mary took our wounds away, she came to apply a gentle balm upon our lives through her presence, through her love.

Through her continuous appearances, Mother Mary was coming to hold us in her arms while we, yet again, caused her Son to fall, for every time we spoke against a priest, even had a single thought against a priest, we caused her Son to stumble yet again, we threw stones at her Son, we re-opened wounds, we caused his loving Blood to be shed yet again.

And again and again, Mother Mary never stopped interceding on our behalf until we were led to where we are today.

If we are here today, that’s because Heaven values us, we’re worth the trouble. If we’re worth the trouble, well then, Alleluia!

Did you know that we don’t even know why God loves us so much? What have we given to God? Our life! It belongs to him. Our yes! He sent us Jesus who is the Yes.

Why does God love us? Leave that up to God, that’s up to God, and let’s welcome that unconditional love.

The most beautiful part of this movement for us humans is that we learn, we learn to say ‘I love you’, to believe in that ‘I love you.’

We had to say the first true ‘I love you’ to Jesus; Jesus took that ‘I love you’ and he turned it into his own ‘I love you’, and we discovered the Father, we discovered the Holy Spirit, we discovered his Mother who is our Mother, and we discovered that we were worthy of being loved.

At that moment, we looked at those around us and we loved, and this went even further: we loved those we can't see and who are with us: isn't this the prompting of the Holy Spirit?

This is the Pentecost – this is discovering the Church; this is looking at the consequences of our choices before sin; this is savouring his mercy and this is believing in our immortality: this is what the Pentecost is about.

This is what we are: true beings. We aren’t wise yet but we will become so through Jesus, in Jesus.

We are the path that leads all children of God to him.

Jesus is the Way and he makes of us a path – we bring to that path all our brothers and our sisters of the entire world.

When we say ‘brothers and sisters’, they are our children, our grandchildren, our mother, our father, our aunt, our uncle, cousin, nephew, niece; these are all our brothers and our sisters, the Church, life.

If we are here, in this movement of love, that’s because God knew that we needed this moment.

And so, the power of the Holy Spirit is in our lives: God acts, acts through our prayers, acts through our yeses.

There are people here who have been in God's movement and we could ask all of you to come and bear witness to what Jesus does in your life.

But there are three people who have received, and these three people weren't chosen by me – it was the Holy Spirit. We are not aware of what they will say, and I don’t know any more than you do, but this is through the almightiness of the Holy Spirit: all comes from God.


This is to show us what the Holy Spirit does for each one of us, and he doesn’t do so for only a few people… he does this even for our own children, for those who are with us on earth. Sometimes, the Holy Spirit acts in order to show us his action so we can go on.

Three people approached me this weekend when I arrived, and these three people said the same thing; these three people said the exact same words and they received the same answer: “When God shall ask you, you will have your say.”

And so, these three people know who they are. Do I need to say their names? This is only according to what God wants for your brothers and your sisters and not more.

Even before I came here I had been told there would be testimonials of God's action, and I didn’t know how this was going to happen; this was none of my business.

God has prepared everything; I have never heard these testimonials, they belong to them, it is up to them to bear witness if they wish to do so.


To be continued in Part 2.