Gathering of Love With God's Action in Plantagenet, Ontario,

Through his Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus



2007-05-26 – Afternoon – Part 2


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Thank you, Mother Mary.”

The Spirit of God wants to make us to understand what we have not understood, but each one of us must participate, each one of us must open his or her heart to God's call, to God's love for our brothers and our sisters.

We shouldn’t educate ourselves in order to nourish the ‘self’, but rather to obtain graces in order to nourish ourselves.

And so, if there's someone who would like to begin by asking a question, please stand up and come to the microphone because questions are important.


Q.  Yes, my question is if there are fallen angels who sleep with women, can they have children? Because fallen angels come from pure spirits and so they shouldn’t have sperm.


R.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Spirit of God is the Almightiness; the Spirit of God is in all children who undertake to live their lives only in God.

When man was created, God breathed his Life into him, and life was born: man was complete, man was love, he carried life within himself.

Everything that was on earth was life, everything that moved was life.

Man was multiplying through the Will of God; all of God's creation was in a movement of life; all that was from the vegetable kingdom was multiplying and all that was from the animal kingdom was multiplying: God was pouring his love over all that was living.

When the vile spirits fled far away from the face of God, they followed Satan; the spirits that regretted having left the light and beauty took one last look at the beauty they had just left, and because they took that last look, God said to them, “You shall be witnesses, you shall be witnesses of the transgression of unfaithfulness,” and they wandered and wandered about.

And God gave love to all creation: everything was in God, everything was nothing but beauty in God. The vile spirits that were wandering looked at what was around them, and they were suffering, and they were suffering because they were ugliness, because they no longer had God's beauty.

God is the Creator: no being except God can create. Everything that is on earth is God's creation.

The human being cannot create; he can make something from what has been created. It is the same for spirits – they cannot create, but they can inhabit in order to transform; and so, those spirits inhabited animals and they transformed the animals by having relations with them.

Matter is living; matter must be obedient to God; matter comes from what God created; but matter has no life, matter is inert. Spirits can permeate matter, they can inhabit what is not life.

The animal has life through the Will of God; God put life in the animal; it is a movement within God's movement in order to multiply, in order to reproduce.

The spirit that inhabits the animal controls it; the spirit that inhabits the animal can turn it into a species that obeys what he asks of it.

And so, those demons inhabited those animals. They had a kind of relation with them and they brought about other species of animals, and these animals no longer had the same appearance as before. They had a different appearance, and that is when the transformations took place – transformations took place, transformations took place.

So, those beings that were inhabiting animals had a certain appearance – the appearance of animals that were able to stand, the appearance of animals that were able to move about, to be similar to what they could see around them.

They were becoming beings inferior to what they had been and therefore, they could not be a species from God's creation for they were letting themselves be transformed because the demons inhabited them.

They were becoming tall; they were becoming strong for strength was within them. Their abilities were numerous: they were agile, their eyes were eyes that saw everything, their ears were tuned in to everything in their environment, they could fashion objects, they could go forth as human beings could for they stood on their hind legs.

The more time went on, the more they developed; they became like giants. And all this turned those beings into beings that were very attractive to those who had let themselves fall into the trap.

The spirit[1] is a being superior to man.

The human cannot understand what inhabits the spirit but the spirit can make out what the human wants for he knows how to observe. He knows how to do the same things for he is skilful at imitating him. He learns quickly, for his mind is sharp. The speed at which he learns is beyond anything human beings can understand; his agility is beyond anything humans beings can understand: he used what had been created in order to transform, to deceive, to draw near, to seduce.

When woman let herself be seduced, he was able to draw near to the woman because he had assumed an attractive appearance: transformed.

There was life in what he (the spirit) possessed, and what emerged came into contact with what had once been, and through their power with what he had brought about[2].

Since they succeeded in transforming animals, they succeeded in inhabiting to the full extent of their power: this is what seduced woman.

It is woman who bears the flesh; it is woman who nourishes the flesh[3]. What they placed within her was inferior, and there it found a place where it could engender a form of life[4], and this merged with woman, and this entered her because she was, within God's creation, more perfect than you.

You, the women of today, you have lost strength; you have lost what God had placed within you because of your life choices, because of the consequences.

She was giving birth to children while grappling with what she was: a being that, a short while before, had been created by the power of God. Years and years and years went by, and today, you carry the consequence of everything those women accepted from one year to the next.

Your children come into this world, my beloved, with illnesses; your children come into this world with weaknesses; all that you are living, my children, is the consequence of your life choices.

The human being has strength from God when he is in God's graces; the human being, when he loses God's graces, lives by his own strength: God sustains him.

It is God who chooses, it is God who gives life.

I, Spirit of God, did not want those women to give birth to beings that bore evil; but those women, my children, were creatures of God, they carried life within them.

They took part in great unfaithfulness. Today, they are in eternal death, for what they received cannot be extinguished: God's life – they either came to know eternal life or came to know eternal death.

When the spirits transformed the animals by possessing them, it was as if they came closer to resembling the human being in order to deceive him; and what they were depositing in humans was like placing the life of God within the life of God because animals had been created by God – they had not been created by demons. Demons cannot create, and so they took what belonged to God and they transformed it so much so that they came close to resembling man: what they did… they deceived God's children.

They deceived those women by taking on an appearance that did not belong to them, and when those women went to those vile beings – we cannot call those vile beings animals or demons for they were possessed – it wasn’t the angels who slept with the women. It was what they had transformed – they possessed, they were possessing: they are the ones who approached the women.

This brought about a race that was inferior to God: which caused those beings inferior to God to have relations with men, to have relations with women.

From year to year, they intermingled; from year to year, this poison was in them, deceit was in them; they were cheating, they were cheating life because life was disloyal to life.

Those women were not meant to be unfaithful to God, but they were unfaithful to God. And so, they lived the consequences of their unfaithfulness, for their children did not bear the grace of God, their children were like animals.

Their sins before God were so great that God decided to destroy those children for they did not deserve to live. Those children went as far as turning to children who were faithful to God: the children of Adam and Eve.

For years, for hundreds of years, they intermingled.

There was only Noah who walked before God, Noah’s family, because Noah spoke to them of God, showed them how to be faithful to God.

They had weakness in their flesh, for they carried the ‘self’: pride. Because of Cain’s sin they also bore unfaithfulness to God.

A mark had been imprinted upon Cain and all Cain’s descendants bore that mark.

When they mingled with those who did not have that mark, their children became impure, for the mark of Cain was meant to remind them of the unfaithfulness of Cain’s lineage: “You shall bear the consequences of what you have been; because you did not respect my child, your children will not be respected.”

There are always consequences before the choices we make in sin.

Cain bore that consequence and because of what Cain had done, all of Cain’s descendants bore it as well.

Remember that God said, “No hand shall strike you, it shall strike your children,” for this is what God was revealing to him through that mark on his forehead.

You see, for whatever we do, the flesh of the flesh bears the consequences. Therefore, Cain’s children were in those consequences while standing before a child of God.

God could have prevented inferior beings from having relations with unfaithful children who bore that mark, but God said, “You shall be witnesses of disobedience, of unfaithfulness; people shall speak of you, they will remember that the one who kills his brother kills his own life.” 

It was Cain who carried out that act against himself; it wasn’t God, it was Cain.

God loved his child, loved Cain, but he was the one who stood before his choice and who had to bear its consequences.

All that is in the Bible, in the Old Testament, read it again and you shall see to which extent men have destroyed themselves through their own choices: they did it themselves!

God was sending them prophets so they could correct their behaviour, so they could always be faithful to God, but because of their stubbornness, they did not remain faithful to God.

Remember Saul… Saul didn’t want to obey God completely although he had been anointed by God. Why this unfaithfulness, why turn to the gods, for this is what he chose? He was supposed to choose his God, for he had been chosen to be a witness to faithfulness towards God, but he was not so.

And so, God withdrew his almightiness and he gave it to a child to show us that he is the only Master of his power.

Saul was meant to be part of his movement of love, he was supposed to be faithful to God, he was supposed to be God's word, but he was not so. Because he was not so, God took another child, and what once belonged to Saul, God gave it to David to show men that all that comes from God does not belong to men.

The Spirit of God nourishes those who have the Spirit of God.

Children who are unfaithful to God do not deserve love, pure love; only the Son is deserving of pure love: the Son, his Beloved.

Through this, he was revealing that we, who have received life from God, love from God… he was revealing that he would remove: life from the one who was unfaithful because of his choices.

When he took it from Saul to give it to David, he was showing us: “I gave you life; if you want my Life, go die in my Son. But whoever remains in his own life loses his life.”

Saul wanted to remain in his ‘self’; he did not want to remain faithful in all things to God; he made a choice and therefore, he lived the consequence of this.

David was God's chosen one: “People of love, if you are faithful to your God, God shall give you his Son, he shall anoint you as he anointed his Son.”

To us, David is faithfulness to God who gave us his Son, Jesus.

God withdraws his spirit of love from those who are unfaithful; and so, from those women who were unfaithful as children of God, God withdrew his spirit of love from them; because they wanted to amuse themselves with a race inferior to God, God withdrew his spirit from those women.

How is it that those women were attracted to animals? How is it that those women weren't able to see? That’s because God knew their hearts, God knew of their unfaithfulness, God knew to which extent they were letting themselves be seduced by those beings inferior to them.

Those beings drew near to them; they showed them seduction, they showed them how to seduce man, how to behave as inferior beings. Don’t forget that those beings inferior to women were possessed by demons and the demons had an evil spirit.

And so, they were showing those women how to seduce, how to apply make-up, how to fix their hair, how to be part of that movement to attract man. They were teaching them power, the power of seduction: everything had been thought out.

They didn’t turn to those inferior beings from one day to the next – they seduced them, and the women let themselves be seduced because the more they let themselves be seduced, the further they fell into great sordidness.

God withdrew his Spirit of love and they became like those beasts: a being inferior to what they were.

Today, how many women behave like beasts, wanting to seduce man, wanting to control him, using their assets to attract man? What they have in their flesh existed before because this comes from those women.

All this is to enable us to understand that what they accepted within themselves created impure fruits that do not bear the grace of God.

Those beings came into the world and formed a race that was tall, very strong, very skilful, and they were handsome, for they resembled those who were from God.

How can we, we who are here, understand what happened if it weren't for the Holy Spirit putting these words within us, if it weren't for our yes that lets itself be enveloped by the Yes of Jesus, if it weren't for the fact that Mary is by our side?

Can we women understand our suffering? We bear children in our womb, we want to give them the best; our flesh nourishes the flesh, the flesh grows, the flesh develops. It is difficult for us to imagine that women could have turned to beings that did not carry life (in God), but a semblance of life, a deception.

What came into the world through those women was so due to the consequence of sin; they bore the consequence of sin in their womb; the beings they gave birth to were sin: which is what turned faithfulness into unfaithfulness.

All that was pure became impure; all that was justice became evil, unjust; all that was truth became lies; all that was beautiful became ugly; all that was charity became hatred; all that was sharing became selfishness.

They were bearing everything in themselves: they stole, they raped, they killed, they took away life.

How can we as women give up our child? How can men, who give life, open the wombs of mothers to take a child and offer it to gods, while dancing and rejoicing? Are we capable of understanding this? That’s impossible, it’s unimaginable to us. If it weren't for God's power, we would reject all this.

Are we able to reject all of it now that we know that within Sodom and Gomorrah’s walls there were beings who had relations with animals, had relations amongst themselves, gave children up to gods, lived in evil, raped, stole, killed, as if this were something quite normal? This is to show us the truth, for what these children were, were like those children who lived before them.  

They were refusing God's grace and so they were behaving like animals; all their works had nothing but a foul smell, all their words were nothing but lies.

Vanity, vanity – they were what they were accepting.

They idolized animals; they had become what they were idolizing: animals, because in the past, they had loved animals more than themselves.

Those women had loved what they were seeing more than what they were: a loving body made of flesh in order to create.

Because we received flesh in order to create, we received everything in order to recreate God's movement.

 “Oh! Unfaithfulness, learn to recognize God's power and no longer show yourself to us.

Come, Holy Spirit, come and tear away from us that which has wounded us through the flesh; with your movement of love, come and crush any movement that reveals itself to us through our senses; come and put your Fire of love into our entire flesh so that it can be purified by your love.

Divine Christ is in us and because he is in us, we die in him; take everything, o God of love.

These consequences are no longer for us, they are yours; the choices before the sin of unfaithfulness are yours, God of love.

You alone are the Purifier; there are no others except you.

Teach us to always turn to the sacraments in order to keep us in this movement of purification. Amen, Lord.”


All: Amen.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Are there more questions? Now, it’s ten past five – we have until five thirty, right Noëlla?


Q.  Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, kind Holy Virgin, I give you my yes; what do you want me to do?


R.  The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: God expects each one of us to be faithful to the ten commandments of God.

God expects each one of us to live his Word – the Word that was given from age to age – to be little children and to believe: faith comes from God.

When God reveals, we must accept what he reveals to us through his almightiness.

To recognize his almightiness is to recognize the he's the only one who can bring comfort, healing, complete liberation.

Recognizing that we are in the movement of healing and liberation leads us to dive into the teachings of Jesus – the ones that were given to us by Jesus himself and revealed to us through the power of the Holy Spirit. For to hear and to understand nothing, to listen and to grasp nothing does not make us go forward – it is the Holy Spirit who makes us go forward.

We are the Church, we are in the perpetual movement of eternal life; all this is in God.

What has been cannot be conceived by the human being; no human being can understand what the Spirit of God knows.

It is the same for what is evil: the spirit of evil cannot be analyzed by human beings for a spirit is a being superior to us, a spirit is a being that was created to serve, to contemplate God, to love God when it is a good spirit.

But when the spirit is a spirit of unfaithfulness, he is evil; all the power he received was transformed into evil and the power of God's spirits is so powerful, so great.

The spirit of evil – it takes us where we don’t want to go. When there is unfaithfulness, it manipulates, it makes us do things we don’t want to do. We are incapable of resisting because we are living the consequence of unfaithfulness.

The spirit of evil knows what we don’t know; it can take something already created and transform it into something above what we are: its power is equal to that of evil.

We who are here, we cannot even understand the power of evil, but we can, through our suffering, realize that they have power and that this power has succeeded in deceiving God's children, in leading us to destroy one another.

We have taken part in destroying life; today, in the world in which we live, people speak of abortion as if it were a right for women.

We kill our children, we kill our own flesh: kill your own flesh and you will disappear.

Satan wants to make the human race disappear, and in order to make the human race disappear he has to control the human race. To control the human race, the human race must be in sin, and for it to be in sin, it has to experience temptations. When it experiences temptations, the spirit of evil has control.

You see, today, there are abortions everywhere, everywhere. This has spread all over the planet. Where there were none before they now speak of performing them; why? Because we don’t stop killing the flesh: the flesh destroys the flesh; and so, we’re contributing to this worldwide massacre.

Only faithfulness to God will stop this massacre because due to Cain’s sin, we bear the consequences of this: this is in our flesh.

God is coming to heal what we have become because of the spirit of evil; God is coming to take what we are and transform it into a being of love for us.

As long as we won’t learn to love ourselves, we won't respect the flesh of the flesh.

How can you expect those who are far from God to respect the flesh of the flesh? Let’s respect the being that we are; let’s respect our children; let’s love the flesh of the flesh, and this will be multiplied.

Only God can speak to us like this, for the moment when the Spirit of God speaks, he heals, he gives us graces; we don’t destroy ourselves, we accept the gifts of healing from the Holy Spirit.

Each one of us becomes a being of love, instruments in the hands of the Holy Spirit.

Yesterday, the priest said that we are apostles, that we are priests. Well, God uses us to go to them to allow his graces of healing and liberation to flow over them.

Is this not the Great Pentecost? We must live it intensely and the more this happens, the more we will live the Great Pentecost: we will live it!

It’s as if we were dead during this Great Pentecost, and so, we need to come back to life in order to taste it.




[1] Spirit: angel.

[2] The transformed species was still inhabited by the forces of evil. It possessed a certain power: any contact with darkness becomes abnormal, amoral, unhealthy. Therefore, what had been animal in the beginning became, through the spirits inhabiting it, a being that was no longer in a position to behave as it had originally: it was a lifeless being in a state produced by the power of evil.

[3] Woman is in the movement of life for the creation of life. She was created to give what she is on the inside, and she gives what she receives. Everything that God has placed within her must serve the flesh that is living. Therefore, her flesh is procreative by the Will of God; then there is movement of life. Woman is movement of life through God, for God. She is a source of nourishment for the flesh she carries. What she is in her flesh becomes to her and to the flesh she is carrying, a state of love for her God. The flesh acknowledges that it comes from God and matter is loyal to the One who created it. It is not master of itself, it is nothing but matter: life is within matter because the Creator gives it life through spiritual life. If we take possession of the flesh, we take possession of what belongs to God; we force the flesh to obey someone other than the One who is its Creator. Woman is life through The Love; she must remain faithful to The Love in order to nourish the flesh that is within her by the Will of God.

[4] The animal species is inferior to the human species. If a human and an animal have intimate relations between themselves, it is the human who consents to this, for the human is superior to the animal. At that moment, there is a metamorphosis of the state of God’s child – this is indisputable. Therefore, there is evidence enough to say that degradation takes place. It is inconceivable that a superior species, which is the human species, have intimate contact with an inferior species. If this were so, there would be a deterioration of the species, which is to say that the human species demeans itself more than the animal species: what the animal lacks in order to be similar to the human is, consequently, diminished in the human, and as he is superior to the animal and he consents to turn towards inferiority, he carries this weakness within himself as well: he behaves lower than an animal – he is therefore inferior to the animal. It is not the animal that demeaned itself, it is the human, for the animal does not have the judgement of the human. The human becomes someone of great sordidness: a child of evil.