Gathering of Love With God's Action in Plantagenet, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, the Girl of My Will in Jesus



2007-05-26 – Evening – Part 2


Well, the first person to come to me was Denis.


Denis: It’s a surprise for me to speak to you tonight.

I felt like telling you my story, but for those who know me, I'm more used to telling my story one on one. In a large group I have trouble speaking; I'm not a good speaker; that’s just how I am.

For many years I carried a huge burden: an overindulgence regarding sex; I had trouble with my chastity, a lot of trouble, and I used to say to myself, “How will I ever be able to get married one day if I can't have any control over this?”

And I even spoke to a psychologist about it; the psychologist, he used to tell me, “Denis, you’re absolutely normal. It isn't because you have a girlfriend that you won't look at a pretty girl when she walks by.”

Consequently, he was relieving me of my guilt but I was asking myself if this was real or false guilt.

This can become very subtle because a lot of men feel what I feel.

Many men will say, “Ah! I love women!” but they don’t chase women because of this.

I have always been faithful to my girlfriends, and I was always faithful to my wife throughout the seven years I was married to her even though I had offers – no, I was faithful.

But my conscience was always reproaching me: “Ah! You see, you looked at that one that just walked by; you'll never be a good husband, you'll never be faithful.”

Because in the Bible it says… when Jesus answers the Pharisees who were trying to trick him – anyway, I don’t really remember, I can't cite the passage word for word so I’ll just tell it to you as it comes to me – it’s that Jesus said, “You say that you must not commit adultery, but if you have just one thought in your heart for a women other than your wife, then you have already committed adultery in your heart.”

Wow! In those days, almost everyone, except for the great saints, agreed to say, “Well then, who does not commit sins?”

I'm probably a little like a lot of people, maybe not any worse or any better than most people, maybe I'm just average.

But what I want to bear witness to you tonight is that the Lord said to me, “Denis, you were not created to be average.”

I think that none of us was created to be average, we weren't created for fleeting pleasure.

It isn't for nothing that we’re all here; what are we looking for? Perfect happiness.

Do we all agree? Is there anyone here who isn't looking for happiness? I'm pretty sure that no one would have come here to basically torture himself; he's coming here to free his spirit instead.

The Pentecost is the Holy Spirit; the Holy Spirit is a Spirit of liberation.

And so, what I want to tell you in a few words – sometimes I ramble on, sorry about that – is that by praying, by listening to Francine, the Girl of My Will, group prayers are also very important, and the rosary, an anointing that I received from Jacques Lavallée, who brought me oil from Mary (Jacques has loved Mary since he was 2 years old) and because I wanted that anointing, and because every time I had a sin in my heart, I would go to repent at the foot of the Cross. But the sin would always come back, the temptation, the loss of control of my senses, so to speak.

The Lord could see that I was ready to receive something more: a gift, a gift that only he could give me, not a psychologist.

You know, what psychologists do is they enable you to function well with your problems. To function… nice word, eh? Things seem to be going well but the psychologist doesn’t free you, he doesn’t free you of your fears, he doesn’t free you of your real or false guilt.

You don’t know where you are anymore, but finally, it’s gets to the point where it tortures you, and it follows you around, and then we say to ourselves, “I'm married, but am I really happy with my girlfriend or my wife?” – she's not your girlfriend anymore once you’re married, right?

And then, that liberation happened.

It was during my last retreat with the Girl of My Will, last March 25, when I got home and after the anointing from Jacques on my forehead with Mary’s oil – an oil that oozes from I don’t know where… I can never remember when Jacques explains it to me; it’s a long story – but the important thing is that through Mary’s oil and through my desire, in my heart, there was Mary who was overseeing all this along with the Holy Trinity, and when I got home, I had only one thing in my heart: I want to read about Mary, about Mary’s apparitions in Medjugorje, I want to fill myself up with this and I read this every night, from one to two hours, and what happened was that I was completely, completely, completely, completely, completely freed of the loss of control of my thoughts and it goes all the way down to my roots.

 And when we talk about roots, our roots are extremely deep that even Jesus has spoken about this in the past – that even fasting and praying are not enough to get rid of certain demons.

Because, let’s call it what it is – this is what had entered me; and then what we accept in our heart ends up stuck there, and it’s really hard to get rid of it; it’s as if it forms a hard shell.

And so, I was liberated from this.

I apologize for having taken so long; I don’t know if I did what I was supposed to do well, but…

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, Denis, thank you.

Only God can be the All of what we are.

When we go forward in our life, yes, Spirit of love, when we’re riding through life, we must recognize who’s holding the reins.

If we’re the ones holding the reins, well, there's another person who holds onto them very tightly – he's the one who wants our life, to manipulate it, to lead it where we don’t want to go.

But when we give our reins over to Jesus, gently, he shows us how to walk; he shows us how to look at things; he shows us how to listen, how to act.

He doesn’t take our reins to keep us in our infirmity or in our shortcomings; he teaches us, like a tiny little child, to go forward with love. This is what God does – he lifts us on our feet: “Go forward, I am here, do not be afraid, have faith in me.”

This is what he does with us.

And so, slowly, God wants us to savour one more movement, but this movement is given, is given by the almightiness of God.

When Denis spoke, it was God who was showing him that he could do it, how he was an open book for his brothers and his sisters so that we could learn.

We need to hear the truth, we need to listen to what God does in our life, for what happens inside him, well, it’s for us too.

If he receives healings, then we receive healings as well.

Alleluia, Lord.


All: Alleluia, Lord.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: There's one more person and it’s… but then, she must agree to it and God will respect that. Thank you, Eva.


Eva: Maybe I shouldn’t have said what I said, but anyway, I’ll tell you tonight.

Whenever I would speak to the Lord, I would say a yes of love; I would always ask Mother Mary to lead me to her yes of love so she could take me to the yes of love – not to the yes, but to the amen in Jesus’ soul – because I would say to myself… I had read that the Will, Jesus, the Will of the Father, he would always accomplish it through his amen that he had given to the Father.

And so, tonight, she was talking about the yes and she was always talking about the yes of Jesus.

And so, I said, “My Jesus.” I was sitting in my chair and I said, “My Jesus, your amen and your yes, are they the same thing, my Jesus?”

Francine doesn’t say a thing, and then she adds ‘amen’ after saying the yes of Jesus, she adds her amen.

So, I said, loudly, “Thank you, Jesus,” because he had just given me the answer to the question I had just asked him through Francine, without Francine knowing what I had said to the Lord.

So, when I heard that, because she was talking to us, you know, that’s why I give thanks to the Lord because he really listens to what we ask him.

This week, well, I went through something difficult; a friend who was supposed to come with me changed her mind.

So, I said to myself, “Lord, how am I going to manage everything to get the money I need to go there?” And so, the Lord made me sell a little air conditioner I wasn’t using anymore, and so I put the money in an envelope that I was going to give to the person who was going to bring me here.

When I got in the car, I said to the Lord, “I give you all of this, my God, because, in any case, my God, I entrust all this to you.”

And so, when I got in the car, he didn’t say a word, he took fifty dollars and he gave it to me. He said, “No, we’re sharing between the two of us.” He said “half and half.”

I said, “Ah! Lord, I thank you, my God.” And so, the Lord had taken care of another situation.

So, the Lord really opened my eyes, then he opened my heart.

I live the tenderness of the Lord so strongly and in such a present way that I can't keep anything in my heart that could hurt Jesus; I can't keep it in my heart.

This afternoon when you spoke, I wasn’t feeling right and so I said to one of my friends: “Go to the chapel, I have to see a priest.”

To the priest, I wrote on a piece of paper, “Can you meet with me? I have something important to tell you.” The priest said yes; I went to see him.

There can't be anything in me – not because I think the Lord hasn’t forgiven me but because I don’t want there to be anything – I'm afraid of losing him and of hurting him: I think this is the fear of God.

And, when I want to go to the adoration, I always… I always say, “Lord, I don’t know how to adore, I don’t know how, I don’t know how to come to you, and to pray to you.”

And so, the Lord said to me, “But you’ve been praying to me for years; listen a little more when I speak to you – I've been speaking to you for years.”

And so, I was really happy to know that I knew how to pray.

You know, one time, I spoke to you about this, I said, “My Jesus, teach me to pray.” I'm always talking to him: I pray, I listen to him more now, that’s all.

And so, this week, the Lord made me understand the following during the adoration: he dwells in my heart, my soul, and he loves me as I am.

I didn’t set out to do anything extraordinary; he's there, in my soul, in my heart, in my life, and I belong to him heart and soul.

But this week, I lived this very profoundly.

When I arrived here – I told you because you know this – I always go to kiss Jesus.

And so, I give him thanks for all the wonderful things he does, for the friends he put in my life and who journey with me because we’re in love with him.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, thank you, Eva. Thank you, Lord.

The Heart of Jesus is a loving Heart; he gives to us constantly.

What a gift we have just received: the sincere love of a child who was nourished by the love of the Son.

We are all called to live this and this is what our children will live: the heart of a child, a sincere heart, a heart that wants to belong only to Jesus.

We all aspire to be true beings for Jesus.

Well, to be true is to want to live in purity, just like Denis and just like Eva.

If at this moment we were to listen to our heart, we would hear speak of love, we would hear speak of truth, of purity, of acceptance.

Yes, God enables us to discover that we must accept ourselves as we are.

To accept ourselves as we are is to see ourselves through the eyes of Jesus and to love ourselves through the eyes of Jesus; what he's asking us isn't complicated, it’s like being tiny little children: this is what God expects of each one of us.

Yes, he said, “Your faith shall be so great that you will be able to move mountains,” but we’re not the ones moving mountains, it’s Jesus, not us.

We put all our faith in Jesus and there you go, the mountain moves: that is what the love of Christ is all about.

It’s being together in faith; it’s being together; it’s that Jesus is taking care of us and he places along our path people who can help us.

Yes, every one of us is here to help others.

To discover that God has helped us is to discover that we can help others through our life because we have suffered, and we have been comforted by the almightiness of the Holy Spirit.

What Denis discovered, what Eva discovered, is the prompting of the Holy Spirit; they didn’t resist it, they said yes.

You see, the Pentecost is always active.

Now, for the third person, she can come forward only if she wishes to do so; it’s not up to us to choose.

She carries a healing in her heart after she had been waiting years and years for that moment.

She doesn’t know we’re talking about her but she can recognize God's action; to forget oneself on behalf of others is to discover oneself: this is Colette.

And so, let’s support her; come and sit down, and support her; Colette, we were talking about you.

(Another person comes forward thinking this was about him.) We were talking about Colette.


Colette: I knew they were talking about me in the beginning because my heart starting beating; I don’t know why but it hasn’t stopped beating since you talked about this.

I received the grace of going to listen to the Girl of My Will in Jesus in Saint Janvier. I don’t know when it was but it was the last time she was there; it was about one month ago maybe, five weeks.

There was a line of people waiting to talk to her, and usually, you go to the end of the line but I didn’t feel like doing that.

I went to see her and I butted in, waiting for her to finish talking to someone else. There was woman who signalled to me to go to the end of the line but I didn’t budge from there.

When the woman left, I said, “Speak, Lord, your servant is listening.”

That’s right, eh? That’s what I said. I can't remember a thing she told me, but he told me that I spoke loudly.

So, okay, I accepted this, and once I got home, I said to myself that I probably did talk too much because it’s true that I speak loudly.

But later on I realized something and I said, “It’s true” as I was talking and getting out of the car and I said, “He told me I would receive a healing.” But how was I going to figure that one out with the life I had lived; I had no idea.

But at 5:20 in the morning, I dreamed that I was going along the railroad in Lac Saint-Jean, in Métabetchouan behind my house, with my husband; we were on our way home.

We experienced something together as a couple as others would normally experience but that I could never experience, because at the age of two and a half – my father admitted it to me – I was abused for several years, and then raped and almost beaten to death.

When I got married I wasn’t like Denis – to me it was like dying. Nothing was going right, it was as if no one could touch me, and anyway, this really messed up my life as a couple.

But when I dreamed that with my husband, we came together and it worked, something that I had never experienced, for me it was like a confirmation that Jesus had healed me from the incest I had experienced as a little baby.

So then I picked up the phone, I called Guy Harvey – I know he's up at that time – and I told him all about it. He said, “Is everyone going to find out about it?”

I answered, “Don’t worry about it.” But it’s tonight that everyone’s hearing about it. You have no idea what it’s like to live again after 62 years.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: When the Holy Spirit permeates us, we can't resist, eh? It’s so wonderful to taste this!

Can you imagine when we’ll all be together, talking about the wonders of God, healed, liberated, nothing in our flesh that can affect us: to be free.

One day, two priests were talking together; they were asking themselves if they could understand freedom since Saint Augustine had his opinion regarding freedom and also Saint Thomas Aquinas.

They were discussing amongst themselves, not finding an answer. And so, they stopped and looked at each other waiting for an answer. What emerged was the Cross: this is what freedom is all about.

It’s in the Cross that we taste freedom: a cross of love, a cross that takes what we are and cleanses everything.

The Cross is our freedom, we have been liberated by the Cross: everything is a movement of love for us.

When we look at this movement, we find ourselves once again loved unconditionally by God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.

We taste freedom; we place ourselves in the hands of Christ, and all is accomplished.

Our healing becomes something that is present before us: we have been liberated, the Cross has liberated us.

When we embrace the Cross, when we love the Cross, we heal, we accept the graces God wants to grant to us.

Whether it’s a wounded heart, whether there are wounds caused by our lack of faith in the Power, whether there are wounds that have affected us in the deepest part of ourselves, God has liberated, has cut our chains, has brought life to our life of suffering: we have been liberated by the Cross.

It’s up to us to love it, it’s up to us to go to Jesus, to take that Cross, to look at it and to accept it: to accept our life of suffering, of sinners, saved by Christ – this is healing.

Everything becomes a movement of love to us, movement of the Holy Spirit; he enables us to understand what is in our life, he shows us, he enables us to grasp it, he grabs hold of us, and when he envelops our entire being, our soul sings, sings for God, dances for God, worships its God.

And so, Laurent?

Can you see the Church?


Laurent: Several years ago, I would make lists of songs: what’s the next one going to be, which one are we going to sing?

Today, I'm resigned: I don’t make a list. Today, I ask the Lord, “You tell me, what do you want us to sing?”

I heard, you heard: The Cross of Love.


♪♪♪:                 Thrust towards the heavens to show me from where I come,

                        you are the finger of God that dictates to me the path of true happiness,

                        which is the way of the cross, so that my heart may abandon itself with faith. (Refrain)                                          


            Ref.     O Cross of love, o Cross of Jesus-Christ,

                        protect us, dispel our night,

                        o Cross of love, o Cross of Jesus-Christ,

                        protect us, light up our lives


                        Light in the night like a star from the heavens,

                        your brightness leads me to the very Heart of God

                        o Cross of love, when I am in the darkness

                        be my aid, revive my spirit. (Refrain)


                        By the shadow of the Cross is the Virgin Mary,

                        just like at Golgotha, she lovingly prays for her children

                        who reject the cross, for her children who have lost their faith. (Refrain)