Gathering of Love With God's Action in Plantagenet, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus




The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: When people gather together, it is willed by God; this gathering is always willed by God. It is God's will that his children gather together so he can fill them with his graces, and when God gathers his children together, he doesn’t only bring together those who are here. God is the one who knows all his chosen ones. All those who are inscribed in the Book of Life are being brought together by the Eternal One: just as it is the Eternal One who gives life, just as it is the Eternal One who chooses every life, it is only the Eternal One who gathers his children together in Christ.

Christ carries out the Will of God the Father. He received everything from God the Father. All that Jesus does has already been accomplished before his Father. When the Son of God came on earth, all had already been accomplished: his death, his resurrection and his glorification had been accomplished.

Let’s remember the words Jesus said to Pilate. Pilate said, “You know, I can either condemn or save you,” and Jesus answered, “You can do nothing unless my Father's wills it.” By these words, Jesus was letting us know that everything had been accomplished. And let’s also remember the last words Jesus said to his Father: “All is accomplished.” This was the Divine Will speaking to the Divine Will. And so we, we are in that same movement; God has prepared everything for us: our purification, our Great Purification. Do you think that God doesn’t see what's happening on earth? God, he knows everything as everything is within him. Therefore, we are fulfilling ourselves in the Will of God.

What we received these past few days has been meant for us throughout the ages. He knew that we would be full of questions regarding what we were experiencing. And so, the Lord is saying that this time has been accomplished; soon, another time will begin. Let’s observe the signs – we are the signs willed by God. We are little signs but we are nevertheless signs. It’s up to God the Father to reveal his Will to us whenever he chooses to do so. There will be other movements for us following the ones we have just lived.

We must never forget that Heaven is asking us to go on living our passion to the end. As long as we are not living in our glory, in the Glory of the Son, as long as we have not yet been resurrected, we will persevere to the end. Remember that, when Jesus died, he brought all sins unto death. In that moment, everything was accomplished: God's mercy was before every movement. Now, all movements must be immersed in God's mercy. This means: all our choices before sin, all the consequences of the choices we made before sin – as long as there is even one of these movements that is not before God's mercy, we will not be resurrected. Right now, at this moment, we’re getting a taste of what it means to emerge from the tomb, aren’t we? Well, we will go on feeling this movement of healing and of liberation.

God is calling on us to always be obedient; we can only be obedient if we receive graces. Who was it who obeyed to the very end if not the Son of God and the Daughter of God? The Son of God obeyed up to his death, and Mother Mary obeyed up to her Son's death, and she obeyed throughout her entire life on earth, to the very end. Mother Mary, she went as far as to accompany her Son to his death, she accompanied him to his death.

She was not meant to die. She's the only human who did not come to know death and who, from the moment she was conceived, was with the Father in a state of perfection. Anything we might imagine about Mary is so small in comparison to what will be revealed to us. We must ask our Mother in Heaven and our Mother on earth – because she was our Mother on earth – for graces of obedience.

The Mother of God is in the Son and the Son is in the Mother; they were never separated one from the other; everything was done by the power of the Holy Spirit. She earned that right because she bore the Eternal Life, the Eternal Flesh, in her womb. In that moment, Mother Mary came to know every one of us. The mystery in which Mary was immersed was, to her, filled with moments of wonder, for she knew what God was going to do for us. The Mother of God is the place we must turn to – she is the altar of the Life. Remember what we heard yesterday and that we tried to understand: woman, the altar of life that bears life, the Eternal Life who takes in his hands everything she bears and presents it to God the Father.

Therefore, when we turn to Mary, we’re turning to the altar of life: she receives us, and her Son receives everything she holds within her as though it were the most precious of all living things because he recognizes his Father's offering. We are his Father's choice; we are the life of his Life, willed by God the Father; therefore, the Son gives his Father what belongs to his Father.

When we turn to Mary, we are, therefore, on the altar, we are the offering. As we are the offering, we must place our requests in that offering and, in that moment, it is the Son himself who takes what belongs to his Mother and who presents it to his Father. When the Father sees his Son's offering, which was borne by his beloved Daughter, he welcomes that offering; all is accomplished as this is the Will of God. Mary is the Will of God because she bore the Word. She was prepared for what she was to become: a living altar, a perfect altar that was to bear the Perfection. This is the reason that Mary gives us graces – graces of obedience, graces of love, graces of surrender, graces of poverty, graces of humility, graces of piety: everything that is granted to us through Mary prepares us to become an offering that is worthy.

Mary always reminds of us the Ten Commandments of God the Father; Mother Mary always reminds us to listen to her Son's teachings; and Mother Mary takes care to grant us graces so that we might live those teachings. When we say our rosary, we are addressing Mother Mary in order to obtain the graces that Heaven wishes to grant to us. Mother Mary doesn’t take her Son's place, just as the Son doesn’t take his Father's place. She does as asked in and through what she is: movement of love, movement of perfection, of accomplishment.

She is the altar of life, and therefore, the altar of life receives all that comes from Eternal Life. As she continuously receives from Eternal Life all that is destined for eternal life, she therefore distributes to us, we who are life, all that is meant for us. When Mother Mary received the Eternal Flesh, the Pure Flesh, in her womb, she came to know all flesh, and by this movement, Mary came to know what every life required in the way of graces.

Mother Mary saw all the refusals we would utter towards God, towards the Divine Will. Mother Mary witnessed the attacks of the evil spirits, who hounded the lives that belonged to her Son: Mother Mary looks upon us with love, she knows every one of us. Mother Mary experienced Satan's attacks, and therefore, Mother Mary is aware of how painful this is: Heaven permitted that its beloved Daughter come to know suffering caused by Satan. When Mother Mary would cry, she was crying over us; she knew how much Satan tormented her children. She knew all this, Mother Mary, and she was ready to do anything in order to return to her Son all the lives that were his.

Mother Mary loved her Son so much! Even though she knew such things, her love was so perfect that everything she was doing for us, she was doing it for her Son: she regarded us as life in her Son. To Mother Mary, we were all movements of suffering because she could see to which extent our flesh was subjected to sin because of Satan, and our lives – our souls – were suffering: the life of her Son. Mary would pray on her knees for us; she would take our sufferings upon herself as if they were her own sufferings; she would cradle us, she would comfort us, for she was comforting her Son, she was cradling her Son. Not for a single moment did Mother Mary have a thought that could have harmed us – she would never have hurt her Son. And we are life in her Son, our flesh is the Flesh of the Eternal Son; we are the Flesh of her Son, and therefore, she would look upon all of us as being the work of The Love. She loved God the Father, she was his Daughter. She considered every one of us as the work of God the Father, and so, she joined with her Son to make an act of reparation – the perfect work that we once were in her Son had become an imperfect work, which caused Mary to suffer.

This is why, when we turn to Mary, when we present ourselves to Mary, we are on the altar. She has prepared us to be an offering of love to her Son: she opens her hands and she presents who we are to her Son, and her Son takes that offering and presents it to his Father. You see, when we are as Mother wants us to be, then we are a good offering. This is the reason that it is said that the Son refuses nothing to his Mother. It is also said that the Father refuses nothing to his Son, for the offering contains no human interest – all becomes celestial: our thoughts soar towards Heaven – our sight, our hearing, our words, our actions, our feelings. There isn't a single thought, gaze, sound, word, action or feeling that bears the human will: human will that is wounded, suffering, that doesn’t want to see itself.

The human will is like a movement that is constantly shutting everything else out. When it is fully abandoned, then Eternal Life is the one that gives: the Life that turns towards life, life that gives itself to the Life so that the Life may give to life. We who enter into the Life, who turn to Mary, and Mary who gives to the Life of the Son of God, and the Son of God who returns his Life to God the Father – eternal movement – we live for the glory of God, we return to God what belongs to God. When we live in this way, we allow ourselves to be healed by the Life, and it isn't only our lives that receive but all lives.

How can a life ask for something without putting all it has into it? Given that Mother Mary came to know all lives and given that she knew she was within every life, Mother Mary, the Mother of the Life, wants us to live this movement of love; so, we are the life of all our brothers and our sisters of the whole world. When we, we place ourselves upon the altar by turning to Mary so that everything can be done through Mary, she, Mother Mary, reminds us that we are part of the lives of all our brothers and our sisters of the whole world. Let’s not forget what we learned yesterday regarding our hearts – we now know that our heart is the Heart of the Son, it is no longer our own, and that it contains all the world’s children: life.

How can we not believe that everything has been accomplished? It is our flesh that must move forward; it is our flesh that will see and hear; it is our flesh that will be witness to words, to actions and feelings, for isn't our flesh eternal? If, in this moment, there are those whose flesh is in its final rest, they haven’t disappeared for it has been said that bones will once again be covered with flesh and that they will be resurrected. Therefore, they will see and hear once again; they will be witness to words, to movements and to feelings, so that the flesh may give thanks to the Eternal Flesh forever. Can you see this beautiful movement that we are going to live for eternity? This must be accomplished to its very end.

God the Father will not neglect a single movement that will lead us to the discovery of this grace, which we are called to live eternally: grace that comes from God the Father and will be returned to God the Father. The Mother of God, who bestows all graces, will feel that joy, and the Son, the Son who has received everything, will be able to present those graces continuously to his Father, and the Father shall be in his movement of love, for he is the Movement of love. And as he is the Movement of love, he cannot prevent himself from being a constant Movement of love, and therefore, he will multiply graces so we can return those graces to him. And if there are those who think that we’ll be bored for eternity… no! We will be the Father's joy – the Father who sees his Son, the Son who looks at him, Eternal Movement, Holy Spirit who lives: Movement that gives and gives, that receives, that is forever the Light. We will become light through the almightiness of the Holy Spirit. And so, let’s be faithful to what we are going to live.

Heaven is revealing sources of great joy to us, but Heaven is also revealing to us that we will have to live our passion fully, enveloped in Mary's protection, under the watchful eye of Jesus, with the power of the Holy Spirit, always within the Will of God the Father. We have to live all this, but since everything has already been accomplished – even if we have just heard this – we will remain in a state of great peace in spite of Satan's attacks, and we will get through it. There are many tribulations! Do you think that these tribulations won't become three, four, five times worse? This has been proclaimed to us and we will live this. But we have nothing to fear – Heaven has told us everything beforehand so that we can be filled with prayer, so that we can have faith in our faith. What is to come will be revealed to us when God the Father's wills it so, but he's telling us that these things are for us.

Did the Son flee from the Cross, his Passion, when he knew all about them? He was with his Father. And we, we are with his Son, and everything will happen according to his Father's will. Therefore, let’s not be afraid! He put Benedict XVI at the head of the Church – a man who is loyal in all ways to his Son's Word, a Pope who loves Mary! Therefore, we have nothing to fear. Recently, here in Canada, we have witnessed God's love for us: Monsignor Ouellet has withstood a barrage of insults and humiliations; he is a role model to us, a source of reassurance to us. And we, where are we in all this? Are we for him or against him?



All: For him.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: That’s the right thing to do! But he needs to know that we’re behind him. When David went to fight God's enemies, he placed himself at the front, but he knew that his army would obey him, he could depend on his army. And so, Monsignor Ouellet needs to know that he can depend on us, that we won't give up and that we won't slow down: we belong to God, he belongs to God, and we are united.

And we have a weapon in our hands: the rosary. So let’s hold our weapon of love in our hands and this will show him that we haven’t given up. Let’s do what we need to do, in the present moment, with faith, knowing that God is there. In this way, we will be that army moving forward: he will feel it! This is what Heaven desires: prayer and faith that all will be accomplished. Let’s not overwhelm him with our opinions; he's had enough of the public’s opinion! He knows that God's children are on his side; he knows how to recognize all those who have faith in God, in his laws. As he's fighting for the laws of God, we must be firm regarding what we believe in. David always had a man within his army who would report to him what his army thought of him. And it was Jesus, the Son of the living God, who would say to that designated person: “You, go serve my Father”; and it will be the same for us. And there's nothing preventing us from writing upon our hearts, “Monsignor Ouellet, we’re on your side.”

Remember the story from yesterday! Are we going to write a letter to Heaven when Heaven knows everything? So, let’s turn towards Heaven and say, “I love you, Father of love.” This is what we must say! And now, let’s thank Heaven for everything we have just heard; let’s thank Heaven for everything we have received throughout these hours, and these hours didn’t begin on Friday night – they go back to the moment when God gave us life so that we could come on earth to carry out our mission. Let’s be truthful beings before him, let’s be God's army; and in order to be part of God's army, we will have to carry a weapon: the rosary. This is what we need, and God hasn’t made us aware of any other weapons – this is the only one, and it’s so simple: talk to Mary and ask her to pray for us.

 ‘Hail Mary’ – isn't this what the children were trying to do by writing a letter?

‘Full of grace’ – I know who to turn to: and didn’t they too want to write their addresses down?

‘Blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus’ – you see, I know where I belong: wasn’t this their telephone number?

‘Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners’: isn't this like when they climbed that mountain?

‘Now and at the hour of our death’: isn't this like raising our eyes up to Heaven and hoping that everything is for Heaven?

When they looked up and saw that flash of lightening, they knew where to look, and it was Heaven itself that answered them: “Amen, my children. I love you.”

Amen, Lord.


All: Amen, Lord.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, Lord.