Gathering of Love With God's Action in Plantagenet, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus




The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: The Lord told me that he loves us very much and that he wanted to continue to envelop us in his love.

When I was about to come here, at one point, I closed my eyes and he said, “Go, I am eager to speak to them.” And so, if he wants to speak to you, I will close my eyes.


Jesus: Little children of love, you have heard teachings and these teachings have awakened much joy within you; these teachings are for all those who do not come to me and for you as well.

You are all gathered into little groups and I teach you. I speak to you about me, I speak to you about you, I speak to you about your neighbour – this is life in God: my Life is love, my Life is a path that leads you to love.

Little children, you will soon leave to go home; you will be with your families once again, you will return to your work, you will be among people who do not hear the teachings. I am turning you into witnesses to my action.

When you come to hear your life from within you, I place movements of love within you, I place movements of life within you so that you might be life to those who do not believe in eternal life, for all those who do not believe in me, who do not believe in eternal life.

One cannot want eternal life if one does not die in me, Jesus Eucharist; all those who do not come to receive my Flesh, all those who do not come to receive my Blood, cannot have eternal life: understand this.

The reason I am teaching you is so that those children, when they will see their lives, may come to me, may choose The Love, and then, they will taste, they will taste my Flesh, they will taste my Blood, for I shall nourish them, I shall nourish them with my Flesh, I shall nourish them with my Blood.

What they will feel within themselves is me; they will feel how much I love them, they will feel how much I have given myself on their behalf. They will be in the very presence of their life, and their life is you, my children. They will taste my Flesh, they will taste my Blood, and they will know that I gave myself up out of love for them, they will know that you gave yourselves out of love for them, for their flesh will be in me, Jesus, because the moment they say, “Yes, yes, Jesus,” they will see, they will see all I have done for them.

I shall enter their entire being and they will eat of my Flesh; they will know that every movement has been a movement of mercy; they will know that you have loved them despite their flaws, despite their bitter words towards you, despite their doubts regarding your presence in me. All this shall be done by the power of God.

My justice will overlook nothing for God's justice is immutable; my Father is the Justice and all shall be done in love.

When there is a judgement, my children, that judgement is passed in The Love. Therefore, this is done in the Light and the Light is me.

How is it possible to understand this movement, my children? In fact, the child who receives my Flesh, he feels joy while he is on earth, a joy so great that his entire being is bursting with excitement. Everything he sees, he sees it with love, he feels love, he remembers my mercy, he remembers his movements of love, his surges, he remembers every movement that took place when he received my Flesh, when he drank my Blood.

All this is present and this is done in God's justice; God's justice, my children, is eternal.

Have you ever asked yourselves why a child who is dying sees his life in an instant? How can he see his life in an instant if it isn't because I am the Alpha and the Omega, if it isn't because he is in me, in the Life, and he sees his life in Christ? I eat his flesh and he eats my Flesh. He is in me and I am in him; I do everything for him; it is up to him to do everything for me: behold, this is judgement.

What you have just experienced, my children, is a movement of love. How can I not tell you that I love you? You taste my Body, you taste my Blood. There is so much love inside you that your entire being is transforming into an eternal movement.

Yes, my children, your movement is in the Alpha and the Omega; you are living a moment of eternity and all your inner being, my children, is in the very presence of all that has been, is, and shall be. Such is the union between you and me: you are no longer, you are me, you enter Eternity; nothing can compare to this movement.

I am the The Holy Eucharist: I take you, I have you live my life, I have you taste my joy; I lead you to where you, with your flesh, are not able to go, but your soul, which is pure, your soul, which is filled with joy for its God, sees and feels that your life is in Eternity.

Oh, children of love! You have brought with you all the children who, today, have not received my Body, have not received my Blood; you have brought with you all children, from the first to the last, so that they might be present before this eternal movement, for when they will see themselves in their movements of life, they will see this moment.

I have you live all this out of love so that they might belong to me as you, you belong to me; you belong to me and they belong to me; as long as they remain in that moment of awe – eternal life – they will be with me, with you.

You see, little children of love, there are still many movements within you of which you are not aware; it is little by little that I reveal them to you.

My Flesh is eternal, my Flesh cannot be extinguished, it does not disappear, for if my Flesh disappears then you disappear, if my Blood disappears then you disappear. Therefore, all those who do not believe in the Holy Eucharist, in the presence of my Body and of my Blood, are unable to understand their lives; they are blind and deaf. Did I not say this yesterday, my children? You see, I knew you were so tired!

I love you, my children; trust only in me.

There are so many illnesses in the world because my children no longer want to follow the Ten Commandments of God, because my children no longer want to nourish themselves with my teachings, because my children do not want to come to receive my Body and my Blood in a state of grace, of purity, and this leads to many, many illnesses.

There are so many errors in the world; you are living in total confusion. Satan, my children, uses my children, my chosen ones, to create confusion in your lives, in the lives of all those you carry within you.

Little children of love, leave everything up to God; do not make yourselves suffer by listening to this world. The people of this world are suffering, they are incapable of understanding what they see and what they hear, for what they see are their lives, and what they hear are their lives.

This world is a world of idolatry; the people of this world adore themselves. They believe they know whereas they know nothing. The people of this world adore everything around them, like when they say, “I adore (love) eating pork.”

You see, little children, they are incapable of understanding what is happening, they are incapable of understanding what they are living, because their thoughts are thoughts of this world; they only have eyes for this world, ears for this world, while their words poison them, their actions bring them illnesses, and their hearts are without love, without love towards themselves. They claim to want to go to their neighbour in order to help while they are not even capable of helping themselves: they are wrong – one cannot help one’s neighbour if one does not help oneself.

Help yourself and Heaven will show you; love yourself and Heaven will show you; say your yes and Heaven will open you up to the Life. Heaven will force no child to be what he does not want to be, but Heaven will always have its eyes upon him in order to lead him where he must go.

Heaven, little children of love, is the path, the path that leads you where you must go. If you must follow a path of suffering, it is because you have chosen suffering. So that God can show you that he loves you – if you have chosen indifference, you will suffer because of indifference – but one day, when you will feel yourself in your own coldness, you will cry out to God – this is because God will have used your suffering.

You see, little children of love, God is always there, he is always ready to welcome your yes.

Now, I shall open my eyes for such is my Will.

What you will receive, little children of love, is a movement of love.

Many among you have walked with God; many among you have been healed by my teachings; many among you have witnessed God's action; many among you are still looking for answers, are still wandering about in uncertainty. And so, my children, I myself will ask other children to be by my side so that all might be in the action of the Holy Spirit.

And so, the Lord said to me, “Shut your eyes once again, and open your eyes.”


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Many of us have been together since the beginning, when I began to hear. Others have joined us as well, but through the teachings of Jesus, the fact remains that we must always sustain one another in order to move forward, to move forward towards purification.

We listen to the conversations of this one and that one; sometimes we discover, “But why is she still in that suffering while I'm no longer in that suffering? Why does so and so behave that way when that isn't what Jesus is asking?”

And so, now, we will give testimonials of God's action through his teachings – what the teachings have brought to each one of us, and not only to each one of us, but also to our families.

Monique, can you come here, please?


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Monique, how many years have you been listening to the teachings of Jesus through the instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus?


Monique:  Since February of 2004.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Did this bring about any changes in your life?


Monique:  Many.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Can you give a testimonial of a few of them?


Monique: Well, I ask Jesus to help me, to enlighten me so that I can say the things he wants me to say, to be able to be in his Will.

Well, to a great degree, it has helped me to become abandoned. I had many difficulties with this because there was suffering in my family, and I would often go see Francine and Jesus would say to me, through her, “I want you to abandon yourself,” and with that suffering, when I would go home, it was hard.

Because I have to say that, when I was young, I was raised in a very, very strict environment and it was a difficult childhood. As a result, I developed an anxious nature and I had to abandon myself quite a bit, and I still abandon myself a lot.  

And especially when the Lord would say to us, “Ask for graces of strength, of light, of peace,” and I can say that the Lord asks me things that, maybe, he doesn’t ask others – we’re all different – but I have so much strength to do the things the Lord asks me to do.

Especially in my parish, and in the beginning, when I was forced to become involved and take over, I didn’t want to, and at one point, in front of the tabernacle, Jesus said to me, “The fact that you took care of that parish because everyone was leaving has lifted a weight from my Heart.”

So I could see that he was asking me to do this, and so, that’s when I stopped fighting it, and I said, “Give me the joy of being at your service, and give me strength.”

And I ask for strength quite often, and people ask me, “How do you manage to do all this?” I say, “I can't understand it; it’s the Lord who gives me the strength to do it and I do it happily.”

And also, when the Lord had said in a teaching, “You come to the parish, you don’t want to be alone; it is your wounds that bring this about, because I am there, in the parish, I am there; even if no one is there, I am there.” As for me, this really struck a chord in my heart and from that moment on, I stopped complaining because there was no one else. I said, “I know that you’re there, Lord; I only come for you, and if others show up, all the better.”

And this also helped me greatly to understand that we shouldn’t force our children, because we’ve reached this point through certain graces, and they’ve reached another point through certain graces, and since the Lord says, “There will come a time when we will be able to talk to our children,” I've been waiting for that time. I just say a few little things now and then, but my example, I believe, means a lot to them, and it’s really important to put a lot of love into it.

I always, always welcome them. I always say to them, “This is your home; no matter when, day or night, you’re always, always welcome in your home,” and I try to be the lamp that is lit, that is to say: to be humble, to be little, to be filled with love, to have open arms, and to be myself and not someone else.

Anyway, I didn’t know what to say but this is what the Lord had me say.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Monique, did you find that in the teachings of Jesus?


Monique: By listening, like today, to teachings and when I write them down… I'm a ‘transcriptionist’ – thank you, it was the Lord who asked me to do this – I listen, I write, and I read at the same time. Then, I correct them before sending them to Monique Pepin, and doing this makes me… it isn't the same thing as when we’re here.

I thank the Lord because this has brought me much light, and shown me many things to understand.

For example, I was transcribing Notre-Dame du Cap and I spoke to Francine, and she said that she didn’t remember what she had said. I'm pretty sure that it was the Lord and the Virgin, on the entire CD, and the Virgin was speaking – and I have a great love for Mother Mary – and the teachings she gives do so much good to my heart, because she says to us, “My little children of love, if you only knew how much I love you,” and that CD is filled with love. And she tells us to be obedient to the teachings of her Son, Jesus.

The Lord often tells us this, but that time it was even stronger, especially concerning idols, and the Virgin spoke about this. And so, this helped me to understand a lot more.

As for me, I'm very, very happy and this enriches my life a great deal.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, Monique. Jacqueline, can you please come up, Jacqueline? I'm not the one who is choosing, it’s the Lord.

What have the teachings brought to your life? How have the teachings affected your life? How many years have you been listening to these teachings?


Jacqueline: Since the beginning, because I knew you before you began doing all this.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Can I help you, Jacqueline?


Jacqueline: Yes, please.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: In the very beginning, were you an extremely anxious person?


Jacqueline: I have always been.



The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Ever since you have been hearing the teachings, has this helped you?


Jacqueline: It has helped me enormously; it has helped me to understand many things about life.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Has there been suffering in your life or have you been a person living a quiet life and in whose life everything was: “Oh! There’s a little problem, but that’s okay”?


Jacqueline: I can't remember what you said.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Are you a person who, like many others, has known suffering in your life?


Jacqueline: There has always been suffering in my life, great suffering. 


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: And I can bear witness to the fact that she has quite a bit, Jacqueline. But who helped you to get through all this, and to show us another side of you, as you are today, full of confidence?


Jacqueline: Before, I had built a wall so that no one would notice anything, and today, I don’t pay attention to that wall anymore. I give everything to Jesus: the causes, choices and consequences, and sometimes, up to fifty times a day for the same thing.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Jacqueline is a person who tapes everything and she has all the teachings. Do you listen to them?


Jacqueline: Most of the time, I wait until they’ve been put on the internet (website) so that I can, as God, my almighty God, asked me to, check if the transcriptionists have made mistakes or forgotten something.

So, I take the time to see if there are any mistakes and to really understand the teaching – this is very important to me. So, I wait for them to appear on the internet to do both at the same time: to read the teaching and to listen to the tapes at the same time.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, Jacqueline; I love you.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Now, I'm going to ask Nicole – this is always regarding the teachings.


Nicole: Well, I'm very surprised to be asked to speak. As for me, what happened to me recently, between the first retreat and this one, was that I had been looking for a job for a while. I already have two diplomas and I went back to school last year – it isn't easy when you’re older – and so, what happened was that I had applied for a position. I was called for an interview the following day, and I was very, very nervous.

I went to the interview and it went very, very well, and they said to me, “We’ll call you at one o’clock this afternoon,” and up to one o’clock, a quarter to one, I was positive the job was mine and finally, one o’clock came, one fifteen, and then, I said, “Okay, I didn’t get it… I wonder why?” And then, I said, “Ah! Okay.” I got down on my knees, I prayed and then, I said, “I just have to make sure I don’t get discouraged because if I didn’t get this job, something better will come along.”

I went about my day and I have three children, and that job, I needed it.

Well, it didn’t work out. I managed to get through the day and it went well; I didn’t feel the weight of disappointment the way we usually do when we’re really disappointed, and the next day, I got up, and I said to myself, “Okay, may your Will be done, Lord.”

And I was really, really courageous – I don’t know how come, it just happened. I went back to my computer, sat down, and wrote another letter of introduction for another job, and another job, another position, because I didn’t have a job and I had three children at home.

Without thinking about it, I spent the entire morning working, really concentrating, and all of a sudden, at two o’clock in the afternoon, my cell phone rang. I thought, “What’s this? Something must be up with one of my children.”

It was the principal of a school who was asking me to go to an interview at three o’clock that afternoon, and then, she said, “Are you available, are you free?” I said yes, and at three o’clock, I was there.

And it’s a school, well, for those of you who know Gatineau, it’s in the area where there are government workers and parking spaces are very, very rare; there was one spot across the street from the school.

And so, I said, “My God, thank you very much,” and I went in. And so, I went to another interview there and it really went very well.

They said to me, “You were referred by the previous school” – where I had been interviewed. Afterwards, they asked me to wait about ten minutes.

And it’s a private school, a religious school, and so, there was a cross and so, I said once again, “May your Will be done,” and I felt very, very calm. After ten minutes, the principal came in and she said to me, “We’re offering you the position.” I couldn’t believe it! “Oh, my God! Oh, my God, thank you, God!” And it was better than what I would have had at the other place because, at the other place, it was a position until Christmas, in French, whereas now they were offering me a full time position for the whole year, and it’s a position teaching ethics and religious science, and I have never taught that, and geography.

You know, it’s going really well, it’s going extremely well; I'm less nervous than I am now, in front of you, but in every classroom at a private religious school, in every classroom, at the back of the room, the Virgin Mary is there.

And sometimes, I teach girls who are very, very bright – it’s a private school – and I say to myself, “Okay, you have to help me now…” and things are going very well, very, very well.

I'm really happy and I have the Lord to thank for this.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, Nicole. Now, I'm going to ask Lucille, Lucille, who is my sister. How long have you been following The Girl of My Will in Jesus?


Lucille: Well, we began in the fall; we spoke to each other in the beginning. After my husband died, well, that’s when I began slowly.

And then, the teachings! What I received came to me through what I heard.

I was very sad, for example, during those years, wasn’t I? It hasn’t been easy for me – I had to give. To give up my will in those days wasn’t about the cause, choices and consequences – it was to give, give and give: and that’s how I began.

And during that time, I was also suffering because I had a lot of back pain; I had been in some pretty bad accidents in ’74, ’75 and ’76, a metal corset and so on, and I was in a lot of pain.

But then, Francine was asking for me. At that time, it was Marcel who used to drive. In the beginning, there was Lise and me, and I didn’t want to go too far because I was too afraid of being in tremendous pain, and so on.

And Francine, well, she said, “We’ll be careful! You'll come and you'll bring your pillows,” and so on. Anyway, we would also talk about the good Lord. I would say, “I will give, I will give.” And so, I was always thinking about it: I would give back. And, you know, things were going well. Sometimes, I would be in pain but I still had to offer it and it slowly, slowly diminished.

I said, “Ah, Lord, yes, this is something to think about.” And at one point, while we were talking, I was telling Francine, “Things are going better.”

And the doctors were saying to me, “Well, that can't be.” I wasn’t able to stand for hours, to sit or lie down for hours; I was always moving around, always, always. Because on one side, I had a bone graft, and I don’t have one on the other side. I had returned to work and the graft came loose on one side; it shifted downwards and a fourth operation was required but there were no guarantees; I would have been in a wheelchair.

Anyway, during that entire time with Francine, the more time went by, the better I got. But then, Francine…


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Francine or The Girl of My Will in Jesus?


Lucille: Well, she's my sister; I talked to her, I would tell her about it, and then the teachings… it’s true that after we start listening to them… She would say to me, “Lucille, you should listen to the teachings.” I said okay. And so, I would listen. I would listen but I didn’t think they could heal people!

But it was when I started listening as well, and going on the trips, the more time went on, the more time I spent listening: sometimes two, three hours.

Then, I said, “I love you, my God.” So, anyway, that’s when I started to listen. As soon as I feel pain, whenever something comes up, I get some CDs because I need them, they’re my medicine. 


Audience: (Someone speaks but it is inaudible.)


Lucille: Oh, not necessarily! I listen to them just about anywhere, and, in any event, I need them – I even bring them with me to my cottage, in my car.

Throughout all this, there's been a lot of healing. I even suggest this to my grandchildren, to my granddaughters because one of them went to college, and she was very sad, and she had trouble…

I would say, “You have to give, you have to give. Give, give to Jesus, this belongs to him.” And she would look at me, “Oh, come on!” “Yes, you'll see, everything will be okay. Have faith!”

 – Because, for the first year, she stayed with me to help me after my husband died. Anyway, thank goodness, she came over to sleep every night. Every once in while, it’s nice to have a chance to talk, and we would talk about Jesus, I would talk to her about him. Anyway, through all this, she's coming back to see me these days – because we had stopped seeing each other.

Now, she says to me, “Oh, things aren't going well with my boyfriend.” “Well, have you given it?”

And then, she looks at me. “Well, don’t forget that you have to give it.”

And then, she would give it: “Hey, I did okay on my exam, it went well.” “Oh, really!” And then she would be happy.

Anyway, I see all these things.

Oh! It’s really true – we have to listen to the CDs!

Then, this summer, something happened to me: I was at the cottage with my daughter, and while we were talking, I see a child – there were children having fun at the bottom of the hill. I bend over, I look down, I look, and as I'm looking… a few years ago, my father had a cottage, and at his cottage, there were these chairs! I don’t know why, but all the chairs had four legs and so, I hit my toe on one of them and it broke; that can't be fixed, eh?

And so this time, what happened was that, as I was bending over to get up and go over to see, there was a chair and I wasn’t looking. And suddenly, I see the chair, and I don’t know how it happened but anyway… I think, I have a feeling that – only the Lord knows for sure – but it was when I bent over, my toe, it was dislocated and I broke it.

And I …, but we had received teachings about when we experience pain and what should we do, right? So, I took a deep breath, and then Sylvie, my daughter, looked at me. Then, I turned white, white, and I sat back down, and the toe, it really, really swelled up and it hurt!

So, she said to me, “Mom, I'm going to…” but we didn’t have any ice; so, I said, “Bring me a bucket of cold water, let the water run and we’re going to…” And then, I gave, I gave.

Afterwards, it wasn’t that bad, and I put my leg up. I said, “We’re leaving tomorrow morning, Sylvie; we’ll go home and I’ll put some ice on it.”

Then the foot turned purple, it was really swollen, and it throbbed – it was awful, it wouldn’t stop. Anyway, I kept my foot up on a pillow all night long. The next morning we went home, and once we got there, I said, “Lord, you have to do something.” I said, “I'm all alone.”

And that afternoon, I said, “Oh! My God, what should I do?” And to me, God, the Father! Jesus, yes, but the Father! I don’t know, but he has a huge effect on me! I said, “Oh, my God!”

And then, I said, “Oh, I have to get a CD.” I said, “I’ll just pick one without looking,” and he was the one who was speaking, and so, I listen to it. I lie down flat on the floor and I put my foot on the living room table, and I listen to the whole thing. Afterwards, it was better, and then, I said, “Okay, I have to make supper.”

I get up, I leave, I walk, but I didn’t notice it right away, and when I get to the kitchen, I go back to the living room – “Well, well, I’ll keep on going. Hey, my God, my foot doesn’t hurt anymore!”

And the toe had healed! I'm telling you, it had healed!

“Oh! Father of love, I love you, I love you. I could say this to you all the time. It’s too bad you aren't here because I would like to hug you.”

But this is what I always do – I always listen. Whatever happens, I always listen!

And my back, too – it’s going really well because I've been here for hours, and apart from getting up to go to the washroom, that’s it.

The teachings, yes, they heal! Yes, we have to give all the time! And also, whatever happens: the causes, choices and consequences – always, always. Thank you.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you, thank you, Lucille. Now, I will ask someone most of you know: Michel. I'm not the one who’s choosing Michel, it’s Jesus.


Michel: Okay then… today, I had a feeling you were going to ask me, when you were talking a little earlier.

What the Good Lord has been doing for me in my life since 2001… it was through the first book that I came to know Francine.

I was a guy who prayed, I would go to mass once in a while but not every week. I was living with a woman at the time, we weren't married – and, oh boy, this is bringing back a lot of feelings! Then, at one point, in the second book, I said, “My God, it sounds like Jesus talking.” And so, we said, “Okay, let’s go see her one more time,” and we went.

And in the second book, Jesus wrote – because, in those days, Francine used to write dedications in the books – and he said: “I am giving you graces of unity, in me you shall be.”

After, this started to affect me a little more, and I had spoken to a priest afterwards, and he told me I could ask for an annulment of my marriage – back then, I got married out of obligation.

And so, at one point, we were both thinking about our life together, and then, I go to Cap-de-la-Madeleine to confession… I was going to confession to ask for forgiveness because I was living in sin, and a priest who… He said, “Why don’t you ask for an annulment of your marriage?” He said, “You can ask for one, after everything you’ve been through…” He told me I could ask for one.  

Because a lot of things happened to me in my life; I won't go into any details, but coming home from mass two days later, I was thinking and I said to Maryse, “Should we go ahead and ask for an annulment of my marriage?” And so, we asked for an annulment, and it worked, everything worked out.

The Good Lord… my first wife said yes, and everyone else – they were all over the province… after 23 years of separation, people are scattered all over the place. And people didn’t know why we had separated, but everyone, everyone cooperated in our obtaining the annulment and, in addition, Jesus gave us the opportunity to remain celibate during that whole time, you know?

And after that, everything took place in nine months, and it went as well as it could possibly go. Finally, we got married two years ago, on September 24th in Sainte-Anne de Beaupré.

Twelve years ago, before I met Maryse, I went to see St. Anne. I was so unhappy back then, and with Christmas coming… and in those days, I had a girlfriend who was jealous, and I broke up with her and then I… with the work I do, I can't have a jealous girlfriend. Anyway, the result was that I went to see St. Anne.

There were three women from St-Ferréol-des-Neiges who came to our place for treatment. For those of you who don’t know me, I'm a massage therapist, and when I saw Maryse, I said, “I'm keeping you for dessert!” I was pretty macho in those days!

And there were things that she… She went through a lot of things at my place, you know – like when she saw a picture of my old girlfriend on the refrigerator and other little things in the apartment. And that’s how we…

After that, I went to work at her place; she asked me to go to St-Ferréol – there were about a dozen clients, it was worth it to go for a weekend, and so I went.

During the night, her father came to talk to me. He said, “Be careful with my daughter.” And her father is dead. I told her mother that her father…. and I told her that I was going to be her future son-in-law. That’s how everything happened in our lives, anyway.

As for me, I was in the occult – I was a card reader, I did all those things and I did drugs, I drank, I'm an alcoholic, a drug addict.

Anyway, the Good Lord brought me back to him gradually, and the more time goes on, the more I work with the Good Lord instead of working with knowledge that didn’t come from me.

And so, I try to walk with the Good Lord as much as possible, and things are going better and better thanks to Jesus and the teachings we’ve received. Thank you, Jesus.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Yes, Michel, thank you. The next name that is coming to me is Mr. Noël, yes.


Jean-Noël: Hey now, the Lord is asking me for a lot.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Oh, now Jean-Noël won't fall asleep.


Jean-Noël: What do you want me to tell you about?


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: What do the teachings of Jesus mean to you?


Jean-Noël: Well, I met you thanks to Jacqueline, in 2002. And since then, I have been collecting everything about you from day one until today. It’s this high, the pile of teachings from the internet and from elsewhere; I have to admit that I haven't read them all, maybe about 3/5 of them. Anyway, I benefited a lot from them, but I spend a lot of time reading; I love to read, and so, I have grown internally, spiritually. This is especially true for one thing in particular, because like many other people, I have had problems in my life. After having known prosperity, wealth, and all that, I got married, and I lost everything.

But God had given me four children, of whom I gained custody when they were still very young – three boys and one girl, who, at the time, ranged from age four to ten – and I raised them thanks to the Lord, with the Lord's help.

Then, with time, the children grew up. Once they became adults, my God, the children began to have certain personal problems. This affected me quite a bit; it was taking its toll on me.

I would read; I had read the books – from the first and the second volumes, I understood quite a bit. I had even asked for a dedication in the first book. The Lord said, among other things, “Surrender everything to me.” At the time, that was all very well but – surrender everything to me!

And I couldn’t understand… I could see a certain sense of freedom in my children, who were causing me many worries, because even if all four of them are believers, well, one has marital problems, another is living with someone, and so on. And so, it’s thanks to the teachings that I finally understood what “Surrender everything to me” meant.

The day I understood this, grasped it, I said, “Lord, you want them, take them, and you can keep them if that’s what you want.” And since then, I don’t have a single worry regarding them. They’re always with me, as they say, but I say, “In his own time, God will know when to take them all,” especially since, at their Baptisms, I had consecrated each one of them to the Holy Virgin. And so, I said, “Mother Mary will do her part, and Jesus will do the rest.” Voilà.


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Thank you. Everything we are receiving is a nourishment for our time, just like the Apostles received nourishment for us.

But it’s difficult to understand this nourishment when we open the Bible; it’s written in parables, isn't it Michel (the deacon)? With much inwardness. But us, we’re people who have lived in the outside world; we were taught what others were able to teach us, and this wasn’t always something we were able to understand.

Me, when I would read the Bible, I would read it but I didn’t understand it, however, I loved, loved Jesus. I didn’t criticize Jesus; no matter what happened to me, I would never have dared say, “Lord!” Oh, no, even that would have been too much in my life. Thanks to mom and dad, you know, I had so much respect for God; God was above us, we bow our heads and we shut up, even in our thoughts.

For most of us older people, you know, at home we had respect for God, we didn’t discuss God, we did what he told us to do. The Ten Commandments were respected, and this made us suffer a lot, suffer a lot because we didn’t measure up to God's Ten Commandments. This, this was painful, and we didn’t talk about it, but we asked God for forgiveness every night. This is what we learned at home: “Ask God to forgive you if you have offended him.” So, we asked for forgiveness.

And I was also lucky enough to meet a man, Maurice, my husband, the only man I was able to go out with because dad, you know, he didn’t want me to date.

So, at eighteen, I met my husband and he was also from a big family, and he also saw things the same way as I did. And he never went to Communion if he knew he had caused God pain. He would go to confession just like us – this was how we had been raised: “If you cause pain to God,” – well, it wasn’t to Jesus, you know, they would say ‘God’ – “go to confession.” The nuns also kept us in this way of thinking.

We didn’t suffer because of this; it led us to always love God, not to judge God, and to accept what was to come. We didn’t ask ourselves questions; we didn’t ask God whether a certain thing was okay or whether it wasn’t; we didn’t judge the priests; the priests would talk – “It’s okay, he's a priest.”

We weren't able to have thoughts like: “This is allowed, that isn't allowed to a priest; oh, no, a priest is a priest. He has the right to speak. If he's strict, that’s because we deserve it!”

At home, my father was strict and I assure you that we deserved it. When we were loud and we were supposed to be quiet, he would say to us, “Come downstairs, show me your hand.” Ouch, a good… with the strap, eh… and then, “Show me your other hand.” We would go back upstairs crying: now we’ll sleep better.

That’s how it was; we didn’t judge our father, we didn’t judge our mother; that’s how we were raised. And then, when we became teenagers, well, we would study – there was no way we could watch television: “You’re going to do your homework, and then you’re going to study.”

But that’s how it was; we were full of joy, we were a family, we would sit around the table and we would talk, and talk, and talk, and it was about what had happened during the day, but it was joyful. It was when we went out into the world that we began to suffer.

In our family, there were thirteen of us – that was plenty, eh? We had a lot friends over at our house, and it was when we went out into the world that we began to suffer. But I was protected by my husband; we weren't people who went out often, and for me, that was enough.

As for me, the messengers, I didn’t know anything about messengers, what is to come – the New Earth, and all that – ah, I spent the first 30 years with my husband without knowing anything about this, and I was happy, I was happy. I didn’t know what the return of Jesus in hearts was, but, on the other hand, I knew that I would die and would present myself before him, and appear before him to be judged – not to judge myself, but that I was going to be judged, hey! This would make me say an act of contrition every night.

I never would have dared to go to bed without saying an act of contrition in case I died during the night; this is what we had been taught at home. If we told mom or dad a lie, at confession, he didn’t know about it but we did. We would go to confession, and this hasn’t changed.

How many times did my husband and I (before we were married) find ourselves at the home of one of my sisters, or another sister, or another one, always with other people so that we were never alone – it was hard!

Don’t you think that a boy and a girl who love each other, who spend time alone with nice music, don’t have temptations? We had them, and so we would force ourselves, you know… I'm telling you, we would go play cards – what else were we supposed to do? – to be with other people.

And anyway, when he drove me home and it was time to get out of the car, we hadn't seen each other all night – we hadn't had the time! We kept busy trying to not be alone together, but that, that was normal because my father wouldn’t have wanted a pregnant daughter, oh boy! He would say to us, “Don’t come home with a bun in the oven!” Wow! There was no way we could ever do that!

But all this led us to following God's Ten Commandments; yes, we had certain ideas but we would snap out of it – it was out of the question!

I got married; do you think that my husband and I didn’t have any disagreements between us? We had a lot!

Oh, we began to live like people in a soap opera – what were those books called… oh, yes, Harlequin Romances. That was back when I was about 45 years old. Oh, boy! I was beginning to have a bit of time to myself, what with the children, the daycare, the construction, and then… one summer, one summer, I said, “I'm taking a break.” I read one book, two books, and at the end of the sixth book, I felt sick to my stomach. It was always the same thing, and what’s more, I would go to bed with my head filled with ideas.

Yes, someone had given those books to me; it was a young girl who had given them to me, one of my daughter’s friends; I had filled a green garbage bag with books. Boy! I would have had enough to last me the whole summer, you know! I put the bag out on the curb.  

All that, it was what I was living; it led me to always want to behave myself.

Oh, then I decided that I wanted to help people! Oh, yes, Life Style! Anyway, they were health products – vitamins. It wasn’t the network that I was interested in, it was the vitamins! If they were good for me then they had to be good for others! They were natural products. But, with those natural products, there was always, always that famous network: money, money!

Consequently, it led me to something else; it led me to something else because when you enter a network, it’s funny but you have a reputation – everyone seems to know you: hey, you should go and see over there!

Another network approached me and it was like those dishes, those satellites… um, no, no, no, oh, yes, that’s it, it’s something like Express Vue – I don’t know if that was the name, but it was similar to a satellite, okay?

Oh boy! We were listening to everything they were saying. One day, I go to the office and in those types of networks, they say that we’re helping everyone – we’re helping them!

And so, one time, I went to the office and the lady was finishing a conversation with someone, and she swore as she hung up the phone because the person had refused. Therefore, I got my answer. I was sincere, I really wanted to help. I had even – there was a song my father used to sing and that song went: I'm so unhappy, I'm so unlucky, I wonder why I'm here, I’d rather be dead than alive…

So I made up my own words: Ah, I want to help, give me work, I want to help my brothers and my sisters, that’s what my life is all about, that’s what your life is all about.

And that was it! So, it was as if he had prepared me for something because, in that moment, when I heard that person, I left because she didn’t love her brothers and her sisters. That was in God's commandments – someone who blasphemes against his brothers and his sisters doesn’t love his brothers and his sisters – and you don’t love them with money, through networks.

And from that moment on, I refused to be part of a network, absolutely any network… Avon and all those things. I had understood that it wasn’t through those things that we’re able to help our brothers and our sisters, and that’s how it ended.

After that, that’s when we bought that famous apartment building, which is rented by our family today! We’re all together, we’re happy.

Anyway, that’s how things were. Then, my sister died and the Lord came for me – he must have heard my song. But I never asked to hear the Lord, never; I never asked to teach – ah, what was I supposed to teach people, anyway? I'm not educated, and my way of speaking wasn’t very good.

Those who were with me in the beginning know this; there are some who have been with me since 2001, right, Jacqueline? My pronunciation isn't the same, my manner is different, everything is different. It was Jesus who transformed the being that I am, and this happened through the teachings: I don’t read, I don’t watch TV, I don’t listen to the radio, I'm always alone with Jesus or with my children at home. Nothing, nothing outside of Jesus instructs me: he instructs me constantly.

Yesterday, a nun came; she said, “Me, it’s as if I'm in the desert, I feel nothing.” And so, I said, “Well, you’re very lucky, you have faith, you have absolute faith, you have a faith that is complete; to love Jesus as you love him, while feeling nothing, while seeing nothing, while not smelling any odours, what faith you have! Keep that, don’t ask for more, for you have everything, you have absolutely everything!”

I said, “Me, I would like to go back to the past.” Yes, I would like to go back to that kind of faith: I never smelled anything, I never received messages, I didn’t hear anything; all those mystical people, I didn’t know anything about them and yet, I have always loved Jesus, I have always loved God the Father, God the Holy Spirit.

How many years spent saying, “Holy Spirit, increase my faith, increase the faith of my children.” I would name them one by one, and I would add ‘future husband, future husband, future wife’. That was enough for me.

It was saying Hail Mary’s while I filled the clothesline with clothes – that was my life! But that was my life and it was good: it would have led me to my judgement with my act of contrition, you know, going to confession, going to Communion, behaving myself, my Ten Commandments – I followed them.

You know, when I was a teenager, I had thoughts of suicide too. Oh, yes, there was suffering, we all suffer, and sometimes: “Ah, I’d be better off throwing myself under a truck rather than be like everyone else.” I had trouble in school, and so on, and to a teenager, it’s also really important to be loved.

And we never feel loved, but God, I only had to think of God, and whoops! That would put me back on the right track and then, I would ask for forgiveness: that, that was my life.

Today, the Lord is always present; he teaches me all the time, all the time, all the time!

Do you know what it’s like to have the Lord always teaching you? I go out for a walk, I'm looking around, and whoops, here comes a teaching. There I am, looking up at the sky – here comes a teaching. I shut my eyes, and there I am, resting – here comes a teaching. I wake up in the middle of the night, and I would like to close my eyes, go back to sleep – here comes a teaching. It’s always like this, there's always a teaching, it’s always, always: “Give yourself. Do you love me?”

“But of course, Jesus, I love you.” “Give me everything, abandon yourself,” because the Lord knows that I must give my yes in order to be abandon, in order for me to live for my brothers and my sisters and not for myself, not for my family, not for my grandchildren, but rather, for all my brothers and sisters of the whole world.

There's suffering in my home too; I left in tremendous pain, and it hurt so much! When I lost my husband, I got psoriasis, I lost most of my hair. The Lord said, “I won't take away your physical pain.”

When I left for New Brunswick, I was in a lot of pain and I gave it, I gave it, I gave the cause, choices and consequences, I prayed, I did a novena, two novenas, eh… I had the time to pray, and well – my head is still covered in psoriasis.

This, this is part of our lives, this is part of us. God gives and God asks; the more he gives, the more he asks – these two go together.

But the teachings… do you know what the teachings do? They flow within us like sap that heals, that liberates; they flow within us like a light, they flow within us like a flood of love that leads us to hope that is so great that it enables us to move forward.

Every time I hear the teachings of Jesus, to me, they’re something that heals. I hear them at the same time as you do, but I don’t savour them as I would like to savour them, and so I listen to them again.

My goodness! I'm filled with wonder every time. I always say to myself, “This is the most beautiful teaching of all, Lord!” No, there's more – I always say the same thing and it’s always the most beautiful one.

Yesterday, I don’t know what happened… well, let’s say that there was a teaching yesterday, and I was saying to myself – when the Lord finished, I knew that the Lord wanted to give, he wanted to give, and he wanted to give more – and so, I said to the Lord, “I'm not meeting your expectations, am I, Lord?”

So, I got to my room, and I had received a crucifix from Léonard, a friend of mine from Bouctouche – sometimes I have trouble with certain words – he gave me his crucifix. On his crucifix, the heart smells, smells like flowers – not always, but sometimes there's an odour.

And so, yesterday, when I arrived, I said hello to my sisters; I said, “Did you say your prayer?” They said, “Yes, we went to say it in front of your crucifix, the crucifix.” And so, I said, “Okay, I'm going to say my prayers.” I knelt down and I said my act of contrition, I said my prayers, and I kissed the wood: oh, what a smell!

I said, “Jesus, it isn't only your Heart,” because when I kissed the Heart, I had said to Léonard, “Ah,” I said, “there's a little smell,” and he said, yes. He said, “Sometimes it doesn’t smell at all, and other times, there's a smell.” Therefore, it wasn’t only the Heart that had a smell, but the wood, the whole cross, so much so that they (my sisters) got up because the smell was so strong.

Then I knew, I knew that the cross itself had that smell – we were that cross. The cross is our life, it’s our pain, which Jesus bore on his shoulders.

And then, when Jesus spoke yesterday, he spoke about our suffering, the suffering of our brothers and our sisters, and he was saying, “You did what I asked you to do.” Therefore, he was giving me a reward as if to say to me, “Keep your peace, and continue to give yourself.”

Because everything we needed to hear, we heard it; the teachings are ‘healing’, are ‘liberating’, and they’re for us.

I'm not the one who’s talking, it’s God; it isn't Francine, she has nothing to do here in front, Francine: all she has to do is come and sit down, and she listens as well.

Because she's suffering like you, she has to give her children like you, she always needs to hear the teachings in order to keep her tongue where it belongs – in her mouth – Francine has no need to speak.

It’s God, it’s the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is every one of us; he's the heart of every one of us in the Heart of Jesus, who is speaking, and we heard him very well yesterday.

And so, we’re going to stop here because he's saying, “Josée of love, you are my tiny little daughter and I take care of you. I will give you everything you need so you can give these teachings to my children; my children are hungry, you know, my children are thirsty.

And you, my little Noëlla of love, you receive much through this.

Children of love, these recordings are so important for you, but think a little about my daughter, Noëlla – she welcomes every one of you because I am the one who requested this. And when you contribute in a financial manner to this establishment, you are doing so for me and not for Noëlla; you are doing so because I want to welcome my children.

Noëlla of love, always keep this place for God's children, for all those who spread the truth, only the truth, through Benedict XVI.” Amen.