Gathering of Love With God's Action in Plantagenet, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus


2011-10-08 – Afternoon  Part 1 


The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: You have prayed, we have been in God. When we support one another, everybody receives. We received from you and you received from us what God wanted us to receive. When we will enter within ourselves by the power of God, when that Wind will blow upon us and we will enter into a state of rest, all will be accomplished. We will be The Love’s action, for God will come over us and he will give us his eternal love, and his eternal love is righteous. God's love is an eternal justice. It makes the weak strong and overthrows the rich; it instructs the little and it keeps the intelligent in ignorance. Such is the justice of God.

God is telling us these things so that we can understand that when God's justice will be upon us, we will come before what we are, we will come before everything we are: soul, flesh, human will. Our human will will not remain apart from us – it will be with us, in us, and it is with the human will that we will judge ourselves.

But yesterday God spoke to us of his mercy. He wants us to understand his eternal love for each one of us. He asked us… – we will continue with the questions and answers like this morning, okay? – what did he ask us yesterday? Yesterday, he asked us to be like a little baby. And in order to be a tiny little baby, well, we have to give up everything that may have contributed to turning us into adults. It was through our mind that we grew up, through our gazes, our hearing, our words, our actions and our feelings. It was with all this that we made choices, it was with all this that we made ourselves suffer and that we made our neighbour suffer. As we have suffered, as we have made others suffer, it was God who suffered first and foremost. And so, he's expecting absolutely everything from us so that we don’t suffer too much.

There are those who say, “Ah! Me, I'm afraid of the three days of darkness.” They forget that there are three days and three nights! So, let us remain in the daylight, let us remain in God's light; it will go by much faster. For this to happen, we must consent – as we did last night, right? – to wanting to live mercy, to entering into it, to knowing it. We must accept everything from God. When we have a thought that doesn’t nourish love, that isn't joy, that isn't peace, well, we must give it to God. And in that moment, should I also refuse? I will now let God speak so we can all hear what the Lord wants to tell us.

Jesus: What you are, you are so for your Lord. What enabled you to become children who are free is my Cross. I carried you in my battered flesh, I enabled you to taste my Precious Blood. You moved forward on earth, protected from everything that wanted to take you to hell. You have cast my laws of love far from you in order to do evil. When you were on the ground and you were getting back up, you turned to my laws of love. I would speak to you, and once again, you listened to me. You are the ones who distanced yourselves – not God. It was you who left my laws of love behind; it was not my laws of love that distanced themselves from you. Realize that it was you who chose what was against you. When you were returning to my laws of love, I took you into my Precious Blood and then, you ate at my table: I nourished you.

When you began to behave badly once again, you left your home and you wandered about in a world without faith, without love for God. At night, when you were tired, you would return home and I was waiting for you. I had prepared a fire to warm you; I had a blanket ready to wrap around you, and my words, my words said to you, “I am your God and my Heart is attentive, ready to listen to your every word. Tell me about your day.” Although I knew what you were going to tell me, although your words did not come out as I wanted them to, I never went ahead of your will. Your freedom was so important to me. I would ask my angels, “Go, and when he goes out, stay close to him, very close to whisper ‘I love you’s’ in his ear.” Those ‘I love you’s’ were giving you courage, strength, to come back home. At times, you delayed your return and as I waited for you one month, two years, three years, twenty years, forty years, I yearned for you. I knew, I knew that you would come back, for my love for you was so strong. 

Today, you want to know if you must refuse the tempters. Yes, you will refuse them. During the most difficult moments of your day, you will refuse the tempters, who will do all they can to prevent you from living this preparation. There are still a few days left before you enter and see, enter and hear, enter and see yourself in order to give to God what he expects from you. At first, you will not know how to behave. “Should I give causes, choices and consequences? Should I add a refusal? I need to say so many words in order to behave well!” I told you that there are still a few days left before the breath of the Holy Spirit will have you enter within yourself. This is like butterflies, butterflies that flit about, that land here and there. They open their wings and they never fly very far, but all of a sudden, you no longer see them. I, I will show you. You will see, you will not move away from my Will, and without your realizing it, the Wind will blow upon you and you will enter. All this will happen in a Will of love.

It is very important that you live these few days. No, do not calculate how many days – leave that up to God. God is speaking to you so that you can live these remaining days with your human will, while trusting in his mercy. You must allow my mercy to prepare you; you must enter my mercy. I will teach you to not keep within you the words I wanted you to say to me. I will teach you gently to listen, and you will understand that this moment was chosen for love. Everything that you are, you are so for my Father, you are so for The Love.

My mercy is important to you. When you give me your thoughts, when you come to talk to me and you trust in me, I, I take everything you give me and I give you my mercy, and you give me what I have been expecting for so long – this is the child trusting in God. There is a price to pay for this, and the price is surrender; it is to surrender fully to God's mercy. You lied, you stole, you killed; you cheated, you asked for forgiveness, you received forgiveness from God; you received the Flesh and Blood that nourished your soul and you give me, once again, what has remained in your flesh; and I give you my mercy, which cleanses your flesh.

Prepare for this moment of love. I want to cleanse you, I want to let my mercy flow over you so that the marks in your flesh may no longer make you suffer. They will still be there, but I will take them. Did I not take everything upon myself? It is up to you now to give your consent to leave everything to me. Your life is in me and my Life is in you. Do not believe the liars of this world – they are not telling the truth. Only God is truth, and I say to you that I, I will cleanse your flesh with my mercy. And then, once you come face to face with your thoughts, with your gazes, with the things you have heard, with your words, with your actions and your feelings, you will leave everything to me and I and my mercy will be, to you, the judge of what you are in and through your flesh.

You must keep your soul pure. You must be a child who is righteous, loyal, faithful towards his state as a child of God. The soul receives many graces and graces keep you before God, before his love. Forgiveness, you must live forgiveness. I, I know that others have made you suffer. You must not forget that I have always waited for my children, and to which extent my love has appeared before them so they could find their way home. But of course I sent my love – it was in the heart of a child who smiled at you, who told you that God was there, who told you that Mother Mary was asking you to pray with your heart: that is my love. My love was such for all God's children. It was there for you. It is important that you accept everything from God, it is important that you live this forgiveness. A child has lied to you? A child has been jealous of you, has spoken against you, has judged you? A child has tried to take your life? You forgive. You must always forgive. Did I not say this to my apostles? To always forgive is to always accept healing and deliverance.

How your soul rejoiced at receiving so much love from its God! Have faith that God knows what he is saying. Do not think: “How am I ever going to forgive myself when I have not forgiven those who have hurt me?” It is in that moment that I want you to give to me. I will take everything and I will wrap you in my mercy. When you will feel my love, you will go to the priest so that your soul might be in sanctifying grace. Your flesh needs this to avoid panicking. You must remain at peace, filled with joy and love. This path is before you; it is up to you to choose your freedom and to grab onto it. I am speaking to you gently so that you, you might be gentle towards yourself. One day, you will see. You will meet all those who accepted my mercy and for whom mercy became their judge because they accepted my mercy. All must take place as God wills it.

What you are living, you are living it for me and not for what you want to be. Therefore, leave to God what belongs to God. If you find these words too complicated, that is because you must abandon yourself. A tiny little child does not need to analyze everything. He listens to the voice and he trusts in it. I am The Love; I come to speak to you of love. When I speak to you of love, do you not know that I also speak for all those you carry within you? Do you consent to letting others pass before you? “Yes (audience).” Do you love your children enough, your grandchildren, your father, your mother, your brothers, your sisters, the family of God? Do you consent to letting them pass before you? “Yes (audience).” May your consent be sincere, for your consent will be a movement of light for you.

Be movement of love for your brothers and your sisters in and through everything that you become. They need you, they need your yes, they need to lean on someone who is true. At this moment, they are afraid to come to me, they are afraid of being judged. At this moment, they are indifferent towards my laws of love, towards me. At this moment, they do not believe in God, they no longer believe in God. At this moment, they believe that whatever cannot be explained does not exist. To them, mystical life does not exist. They need you, they need every one of you. When you will live the days following this day with love, peace and joy, when you will give me everything, absolutely everything while being aware of what you are living, they will be standing in front of you, and you behind them. And my mercy, which will judge you, will flow from you to them, for they will be standing before my light and you, you will be behind them, sustaining them.

Now, my children, do you accept to take what they are? “Yes (audience).” Do you love them to the point of taking everything? “Yes (audience).” Do not forget, my children, that God's mercy will be your judge. You, therefore, will be the sinners. Such is the Will of God. The children of the yes are your brothers, are your sisters. They will have to look at themselves. They will need, they will need my mercy to avoid judging themselves too severely. My little children, as you will take everything, I will show them the love you have for them. They will be like you – they will see themselves as you will, and they will accept themselves as you will. They will be afraid and you will comfort them. You will take on their sufferings within your flesh to protect them. I will show them that your suffering is their suffering and that your love is their love. They will feel sustained by you.

The moment they feel unworthy of God's love, I will show them that my mercy has taken everything from you. They will see what you have consented to become out of love for them. Hope will be with them. When they will no longer be able to look at me because they feel ashamed, when they will hesitate to pronounce their yes, I will have them feel your support, your gaze filled with love for God, your ears that agreed to listen only to God, all the gestures you agreed to make out of love for them. They will know this and you, you will take everything from them. Their shame will be upon you and my mercy shall be your judge. You will raise your heads and, tearfully, you will say, “My Lord and my God.”

Children of love, yes, these days are days of graces for you. I am placing before you my Will, which is to have you in me, in my sacred mercy. Give me all of yourselves. People will laugh at you, my children; they will disparage you, they will judge you as being ‘enlightened’; some will be rejected so severely that people will no longer want to frequent you. All this because of my Name, because of everything your God is revealing to you at this very moment. You will live the Passion, my children, to the very end. Do not be afraid, God is with you. My Mother holds you by the hand. This time is for you. This is a time of light, a time of joy, a time when The Love has hearts burst with joy. God will lead you, my children, along the path you must travel.

Are you ready to continue, my children? “Yes (audience).” You will have moments of doubt regarding the words you are hearing, and through that suffering, you will ask God's mercy to take everything. At other times, you will be afraid. You will turn to my mercy, my children. I, your God, am telling you these things so that you may live them with full knowledge of the facts. It is out of love for your neighbour that you will have to live this. You who have been prepared, you who have accepted to be among the last, you have heard and have loved hearing God's teachings, you have moved forward together, for God has kept you together. At times, you will feel betrayed by one another. Immerse yourselves in my mercy. Live it, my children. Be good to who you, you are before God, for God.

I love you, my children. Do not learn what you have just heard by heart. Leave to God what belongs to God. It is God who teaches you. You will listen to this teaching again, my children, and the more you listen to it, the more you will enter my mercy. This is a source of light for you. Now, my little children of love, you need to stand up, and sing with Marie-Ève, my voice of love.

♪♪♪   Hymn.