Gathering of Love With God's Action in Plantagenet, Ontario,

Through His Instrument, The Girl of My Will in Jesus  

2011-10-07 – Evening   Part 1


Jesus: In every one of your hearts flows the Source of Life. The Word is that of God. Every word must bear God's imprint. It must nourish, it must dwell within the being of love. All that you are, you must be so for God, only for God. You are made of God's love.

My little children, what are you doing with what I have given you? These times are times of grace, these times are times of light. Look and you will see, you will see that Heaven is with you on earth. The Kingdom of God must be in your hearts. You must live the Will of my Father on earth. Because you do not live my Father's Will on earth, you suffer. The people of this world are suffering because they reject my Father's Will. You who have been instructed by the Word of Life, you who are moving forward in a time when others do not see, you are here tonight that you may hear what you need to hear in order that the whole world might understand.

What is it that the whole world must understand? That this is God's time for the very Great Purification of the flesh. A flesh that has been forewarned is a flesh that opens itself up. The flesh is alive, the flesh understands what it wants to understand. The flesh belongs to God; the flesh does not belong to you. It was given to you that you might carry out works, and those works must be good works for God. What you are, you must be so in actions. When you fulfil your calling in doing your work, when you fulfil your calling in doing what you must do daily, in prayer, this must be done for God, for my Father. Everything must rise up towards my Father.

Children of love, did I not say this when I came to earth, as I walked among the people of the earth? Are my words not living? My words are living, for you are hearing them by the power of God. Children of the Divine Will, I have chosen for you: she is an instrument in the hands of the Divine Will. Everything she hears emerges by my Will and everything she is, she is so for me. These two instruments are mine so that you, you may witness my action. I have been preparing you for many years, my children, for what is to come.

There is talk of events; there is talk of what the earth will undergo, but people do not want to talk about me. If people are hearing about events, if people are preparing to live these events, that is because Heaven has spoken. Satan will not instruct you but he will see to it that things become muddled. Today, the people of earth are troubled by events. They live in fear, the fear of disappearing from the surface of the earth. The earth belongs to my Father; it does not belong to Satan, but the people of earth have decided to not listen to the Creator. Everything had been given to them, everything had been presented to them, but they said, “No, I want to walk this earth as an independent being; I want to walk this earth according to my own knowledge, my will.” And man walked and woman walked. Such was their choice.

Even today, the people on this earth walk in their human will, and they walk in fear. They do not understand that what they are doing is against them. There are upheavals all over the world because man is suffering his consequences. Man and woman are full of themselves; they do not want to believe in the Living Word; they cast aside the Bible, they cast aside what is living. Through the prophets, man received what he needed to know from Heaven.

I am warning you once again, my children, that the time you are living has come to an end. Your time in your human will has come to an end. Listen to my Voice, which emerges and makes itself heard. Such is my Will. I, the Son of God beloved by the Father, am speaking in your presence, my chosen children. I, the chosen Son, the Elect, chosen to come to earth, have spoken to you of my Father's Will and I do my Father's Will. What is, is of my Father's Will. May he who believes enter this grace. May he who refuses remain in his darkness. Everything that you are, you must be so for God, and everything that you want to be for yourselves remains within you, within your 'self'.  

My children, after having spent so much time talking and talking to you, what have you understood? Only the little have allowed their interior to remain open. Those who did not want to put themselves before God, those who were putting their human will aside, wanting to believe only in He Who Is, are the little ones. You, my children, have all stood before my Will. There are those among you who have done their will. Through suffering, they have understood that they had to do what needed to be done in order to enter the grace of the Light. You are all present, my children, before the One who speaks through these instruments. It is I, the Son of God, the Beloved of the Father, the Resurrected One, who am saying these words to you.

The time that Heaven had granted to you is now over. These fragments of time that remain will carry with them a reminder in order that you may realize that this is being accomplished. Heaven has given this time to you. Heaven has guided you and it has shown you the way. I am calling all children of the earth to listen to the Voice of the Lord. I am calling all children who have received and who must give. Be the first to hear what is. I will strike the heart, I will enter and I will reveal the light. May all those who hear these words be enveloped in my Will. I will now tell you about what is.

You shall hear a great Wind. You shall enter your homes. This Wind will make itself known to you. It will take hold of you from within. You will feel a great gentleness. You will feel a sense of restfulness come over you. You will remain in that rest without worrying. Not one of those who will allow this to come over them and who will come to know this rest, will worry about those they love, for they will know that God has prepared everything. From the old to the young, you will all be in this movement of love. I am revealing to you, my children, what is, so that you may be the all of my All, in my All. No one will escape this movement of love.

All of you, my chosen ones, all over the world – everything will happen in your hearts. Everything is for God. Come forward, children of love, and have no fear. Heaven is opening itself up to you; Heaven is speaking to you; Heaven is telling you about what is. Do not think that this is fiction. Do not believe those lies. I am telling you the truth for I am the Truth. You will know that everything is real when you will have surrendered to this movement. At this very moment, it is a movement of love for you and it is enabling you to experience this knowledge. Who can enable you to experience such knowledge? You who have yearned for this, be in this present revelation.

It is I who lead you to this knowledge; it is I who lead you into the present. My present is within me. I give myself to you – you, give yourselves to me. Be in this movement, my children. Do not lose a single instant outside this present, for when you lose a moment of this present, it is because you are still asking yourselves questions. It is I who come to find you wherever you may be: outside the present. It is I who lead you to knowing and experiencing the present.

Who is in eternity? Only God. Who is Eternity? God. Whoever believes in me has eternal life. Whoever believes in what I say is in eternity. Whoever remains outside this eternity is not present; he remains in his own will. I am leading you to live these moments of presence. Knowledge, o knowledge, become a reality to these children. I am stopping this moment of knowledge in order to teach you.  

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: What we have just heard is what the Lord expects of us. The Lord is preparing us for that moment. That moment will happen – such is the Will of God. Who is able to analyze these words from God? No one. We have experienced suffering, we have lived so distantly from our God, our only God. Today, the Church is suffering greatly because the human will has entered the Church. We are to accept everything as the Lord so desires.

If we take a look at ourselves today, we will realize how much our flesh is suffering, how difficult it is for our flesh to believe what we have just heard. We’re all here, listening to words that come directly from Heaven, and how do we react? We’ve been waiting for this moment for thousands of years! The people of God is awaiting its liberation – the people of God is us. We form but a single people. We are all God's created ones. We come from our God and our God is announcing to us that the time has arrived and how are we behaving? Let us look at ourselves: we want to believe this, we’re trying very hard to believe this. We’re behaving against our nature, we’re living against our nature. If we were living according to our nature, something would escape from us that we wouldn’t be able to hold back – our amen, our amen, your Will!

My life has been accomplished. Now, I will see my whole life… but we observe that there are still tiny fragments of time that must come to pass. This is the price we must pay. If we had immersed ourselves in that faith, as God had asked of us, we would have all said our amen with one heart, with a single heart: the Church.

We have all been instructed for many years. God has spoken to us in our hearts, which formed but a single heart. Words emerged from us that healed us, that liberated us; but we still carry some inside us – don’t we? – for we didn’t allow to emerge from us what we should have allowed to emerge. Since this is the way it is, we will have to live this, and God is warning us: we will be tortured by everything we are. “Is this really true? This isn't real? Is it time now? How is this going to happen? Am I really going to hear that Wind? The Wind that I will hear, couldn’t it be a wind that is trying to mislead me?” We will recognize it; we will recognize it by the peace that will permeate us. Who apart from God is able to give us peace?

Audience: No one.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: And so, we will know. It’s up to us to prepare ourselves. We have to remember that this can happen at any moment now. Are we ready? We must remain beings of love, love, love, love before our God, love for what God has made of us – God created me, God created us.

Everything that we are, we are so because God willed it. I have my character and that character must answer to God. I must use it for the greater Glory of God. God has looked upon me and he created the being that I am for his Glory. What I am, I am so for God. He is the one I must serve and I must not serve myself. I must not adore myself, but adore my God. I must not pity myself, but rather consecrate myself only to God. I must open myself up for God and whatever I am, I must be so fully. I must fulfil my calling at every moment, because my fulfillment is God's work for me. I have hands and so these hands must serve God; and what they must create in and through God, through graces, is constantly being presented to God.

The present, the future and the past are in my hands. That is what I will present to God, and today is the day I accept this; today is the day I accept the works I have accomplished. I will not deceive myself and I wouldn’t want to be deceived by anyone else. I will therefore look at who I am and love who I am; and if my works are not the works I would have wanted to carry out, I now know who I am: a child of God. I have always needed God, but those moments when I didn’t turn to God, I give them to him today. I have always been for my God; my works have not always been for my God. Today, I will give back to God every good work – to sing the Glory of God; the bad – to cry out for God's mercy. I am a child of God and I see myself as a child of God. He loved me to the point of giving up his Life for me, so that one day I might look upon my works. He knew my works before I accomplished any of my works, and his Blood enveloped me.

This is who I am. And when I enter my thoughts, whether they are good or bad, those thoughts belong to God – am I going to hold back these thoughts? Today, I know that they don’t belong to me, that these thoughts belong to God and that they give themselves fully to the One who knows their content. Everything belongs to God. My words belong to God – past, present and future – they belong to God. I will not take on a burden that belongs to God. He took everything there was in and of me, and today, I consent with my intelligence, with my yes, to giving everything to him, for everything is presenting itself in this very instant that I am living: I am presenting myself before my God, I have presented myself before my God, and I will present myself before my God, for I am a child of the Divine Will. I form an all with everything that I am, for I consent to this.

My God is my judge: “I beg you, o my God, judge me; don’t let me judge myself. I give you everything, my Master! By giving you everything, o my Master, you will take everything.” And now, what will become of me? I will be like a baby and a baby cannot judge itself. God takes everything upon himself. God will go as far as this and God has warned us that he will go as far as this. “I will take everything, and with my strength, my children, I will accompany you. You will never be alone.” Aren’t these the words that our God, our Saviour, had me write? Who has read “Love for all My Children”? Have you or have you not read them? Have you read volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4? If you haven’t read them, then you’re going to read them! Your eternal life depends on it! Have we understood the Bible, from the Old Testament to the New Testament? Who here has understood it? Raise your hand – don’t raise your hand if you only understood part of it. Who here has understood it well enough to live it on earth as in Heaven? No one? Well, thank you – at least you’re not liars.

The four books, those four volumes – call them whatever you like – were written by God himself, by Heaven. Even when Mary was speaking, she was speaking because Heaven willed it. When a soul would speak, it was because Heaven willed it. That is God – from the cover to cover – in all four books. And the instrument that I am is confirming this to you: “May I die instantaneously if this is not the truth! Before God, before my Saviour, before God the Father, before God the Holy Spirit, before the Virgin Mary, before all the saints in Heaven, before all the souls in purgatory, may I die and go to hell if I am telling lies.” You didn’t understand my last word: lies. “If I am telling a lie, may I go to hell for eternity!”

All that was written, be it an ‘I’ or an ‘and,’ was dictated by God. And what has been written is that God will be with us and his Passion will be with us, all the way up to the last person who will have to give his answer, whether it’s a yes or a no. All those who are going to live that moment – and no one among those alive on earth at that time will escape this – will be in the Passion of Christ. And so, when God says, “Be like a baby,” a baby has nothing of his own. Therefore, let us learn to give everything to God, and you must start now if you haven’t already started – thoughts, what you see, what you hear, words, actions, feelings – everything must be given to God. We must die, we must die in Christ; we must give him everything.

Believe in what you are hearing. That moment, which we have just heard about, is real. I heard these words and I repeated them. You heard these words just as I did, and they are true. We must give because we haven’t uttered our ‘Amen!’ Can you see that we must give? We must do what is to be accomplished. These moments are very important and this is becoming known all over the world. We aren’t the only ones who are privileged. Yes, it is a privilege to have heard our Lord. Don’t pay any attention to the sound of the voice that is speaking. If he decided to use my voice, then that’s his business. What is important is that he has spoken: “I am the Living Word.” This is what is present: the Word, the Word of God. We must place ourselves in Mary's hands so that we can live these tiny, tiny, tiny fragments of time of the little, little, little time we have left.

You know, some of our friends have cancer and are dying. How are they living their final moments? Most of them live only the final seconds because the flesh is being tempted. It continues to hope that it will remain on earth. This is the human will making the flesh suffer: you’re leaving your children behind… you’re way too young to die… you’re not ready... you have lots of projects… it isn't time yet… The human will makes the flesh suffer because the human will listens to whom? To the one who doesn’t want the flesh to surrender – Satan, the liar, who sends his acolytes who make the flesh suffer. But at a certain point, the flesh will have to answer with its last breath. And with that last breath comes lightheadedness: air is no longer entering the body. Now the flesh knows that it is living its final moment on earth. It cries out, but no sound emerges. And so, it allows death to enter, for it can no longer resist. Now, death has taken over the flesh: ‘You have not been faithful to your eternity; I am revealing your choice to you.’ Isn't this the same choice we have made? Let’s not forget that God had warned us: “If you turn to the knowledge of good and evil, you will surely die.” In that moment, death presents to the flesh the choice it has made. 

What the human being needs to know is that when death comes for the flesh, there's still a little time. It’s in that moment that the human being, with his soul, must make a choice: God or me. This is the same choice that was presented to Adam and Eve: God or me. On earth, we said, ‘me.’ But then, we must leave this earth; and when it is time for us to live that moment, that is when the flesh leaves this earth: we find ourselves before the truth. God says to us, “I gave you life. Will you give me what I have given you?” And it’s up to us to choose: yes or no. If the person who is dying and is living this moment says, “Yes, here’s my life,” then he obtains eternity, but if he says ‘no,’ then he obtains eternal Death for eternity.

We must give everything to our God so that when the time comes to make that choice, we may be freed of everything. When we will enter within ourselves by the power of God – isn't this what he said earlier? – we will enter our interior and we will have to look at everything that has been part of our lives, absolutely everything. And all those who see this will have to make a choice: “I will show you your life, and you will see it in and through what you have agreed to become.” Do you believe in God's mercy? “Yes (audience).” Well, let’s turn to God's mercy. Right now, at this very moment, let’s take refuge in God's mercy, because if we wait for that moment when we will enter within ourselves, then that’s when everything will begin.

Now, he is giving us a little bit of time. “Oh! I’ll go and give everything to God's mercy! This will be like a guarantee!” This is the kind of thing we say, right? I’ll make sure that I say yes for every action, for everything I see, for every thought… You have understood, right? For every feeling, for every word. Yes, yes, yes, yes! And so, if I have given all these things to Jesus, and he gives me his mercy, well that is what I will present myself with when that moment arrives. Isn't this the greatest movement of mercy? God's mercy will be… he said it last time: huge, huge, huge, huge, huge, huge, huge. Yes, God's mercy will be immense! And, in this very moment, this is what God is teaching us.

Jesus came on earth to teach and he is still teaching us. We must give everything to Jesus in order to receive everything from Jesus: the great mercy of God. Are you going to continue worrying about your children? How many among you are worried right now? Your shoulders are carrying a heavy burden! Leave to God what belongs to God. You are present and, at the same time, you are not present. I can feel this, and at the same time, I can feel that you are taking a step backwards! Stay here with us!

Children of the Divine Will, let’s remain united! Let’s be one heart; and don’t separate your hearts into a thousand pieces because we will be aware of this. If God is allowing us to know this, then God is also allowing us to sustain one another. We know this for the sole purpose of remaining united. At this very moment, we are allowing God to instruct us. Don’t lose a single second, a fraction of a second. Allow yourselves to be taken up by the power of God. And what we’re hearing is very important. God's mercy wants to make itself known so that we can accept it. We are in the Precious Blood of God; we have never left the Precious Blood of God.

When Jesus shed his Precious Blood on the Cross, it was over us that it was flowing. We have all been purified by God, but have we all lived in full awareness of this? We are only able to give proof of this through small actions: I forgave, I smiled, I encouraged someone, I sustained someone. Whenever we did anything that was good, it was because God was purifying our flesh, but there are still those moments when we lacked faith. This led us to telling lies, to being afraid, to becoming angry, to distancing ourselves from the sacraments, and led us towards things that made us suffer over and over again. God maintains us in his Precious Blood because we need him. We need to be purified in our soul and in our flesh in order to live that moment of mercy.

When we are enveloped in the Precious Blood of Jesus, when we are standing before what we have done and that did not come from God, then we give, we give to God what belongs to him and he takes it, he takes it, our God, and he wraps us in his mercy. We must persevere to the very end. A fear? I give it to you. A worry? I give it to you. A doubt? I give it to you. A memory from the past? I give it to you. We must do this unceasingly. We must divest ourselves of our old carcasses.

This is a moment that all God's children would have liked to experience. When he said, “Now, it is time,” how did you live this – that moment? My eyes were shut, you know… And now, what if we sing an amen? But we really have to sing it!

♪♪♪       Amen, amen, amen, amen, amen.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: Shout it out! Shout it out – with your gestures, with your eyes, with your words! Don’t just rock from side to side – give it all you’ve got!

♪♪♪       Amen, amen, amen, amen, amen.

The Girl of My Will in Jesus in the Holy Spirit: No one will force you to say it. You alone will live that amen. Every day, you will live that amen. In this moment, it is according to the measure of the choice you have made. Live that amen! That amen is not fictional – it belongs to us, it emerges from our hearts! If you’re not doing this, that’s because it doesn’t want to emerge from your hearts – your flesh is holding it prisoner! Are we going to go on living in this bruised flesh? We want nothing more to do with it! We want to believe, we must believe!

Be like children! It’s the adults who are not crying out amen! Come on, close your eyes and say, “Oh, I'm a few days old; I'm crying because I have just emerged from my mother’s womb!” Do you need a smack on your bottom? We’re alive! Don’t you think that the apostles would have shouted out their amen? Well, I'm going to shout out my amen!!!

♪♪♪       Amen, amen, amen, amen, amen.